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The Obelisk

A Killiney Newsletter
March/April 2017 Vol. 6 Issue 2 1Name:
Whos Who in Holy Trinity Parish
The Revd Canon Niall J. Sloane Rectors - Trevor Jones
Holy Trinity Rectory, Killiney Road, Peoples - Caroline Elliott-Kingston
Telephone: 01 285 2695 To be appointed
Rectors - Alleyn Manley Peoples - Paul OBrien
The Venerable Gordon Linney SELECT VESTRY
The Revd Canon Ben Neill Rector; Churchwardens; Glebewardens; Bryan
The Very Revd Victor Stacey Burdett; Chris Hurley; Clive Christie; Eric Brown;
Helen Irwin; Helen Middleton; Lewis Purser; Peter
LAY READER EMERITUS Hayes; Sandra Moore; Simon Brown; Stefanie
Ruth Heard OBrien; Stephen Rhys-Thomas
Sandra Moore, 087 6291568 Clive Christie
Rector, Hazel Kinmonth, Sandra Moore, Nigel Teggin Chris Hurley
Frank Hughes, 2042737
Helen Middleton
Zandra Laing HON. F.W.O RECORDER
Helen Middleton
Clive Christie Zandra Laing
CHURCH REVIEW Paul OBrien Helen Irwin
Marianne Irvine
BIBLE READING FELLOWSHIP NOTES David Millar Lewis Purser June Hurley
The Rector
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Rector (Editorial), Zandra Laing (Co-ordinator), Dorothy Barrett (Distribution), David & Jaqui
Dingemans & Rosemary Teggin (Photos), Reads, Sandyford (Production),
Trevor Jones (Advertising ~ 2855159 or 0872303987)

The May/June edition of The Obelisk will appear at the beginning of May.
Deadline for submissions is 15th April. There is no newsletter for July/August.

Cover Image: The Obelisk, Killiney. Photo:

Holy Trinity Parish Office, Killiney Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin A96 HD62
Tel: 01 2852695 Email:
From the Rector

Dear Parishioners,
Lent & Easter
As we continue our journey through Lent and Holy Week towards Easter, I
encourage you to take note of the services that are being held during this period.
I am delighted that Bishop John McDowell will be joining us during Holy Week as
we meet in local cluster of churches. Full details on the back cover.
Readers & Intercessors
Following the census last year we are delighted to have a substantial addition of
new names to the readers and intercessors list. Thank you to all have put
themselves forward for this important ministry. If we have included your name
in error please contact me and I will remove it.
Easter General Vestry
The Easter General Vestry is in essence the AGM of the parish. Every three
years (this being one of them) we make some important appointments. I invite
you all to attend this important event in the life of the parish.
Plans are underway for our Fete on May 13th. Helpers, donations and raffle
prizes would be very gratefully received. Please contact me if you would like to
find out more and thank you to the committee for their preparations.
A happy and joy-filled Easter to you all!
With every good wish,


3 7-8 pm, Holy Trinity Rectory
The Select Vestry

Easter General Vestry

At the time of going to press plans are being made for the Easter General Vestry
on Sunday 2nd April following morning service. All welcome.
This year as well as the presentation of the annual accounts we will be electing
Peoples Churchwarden and Glebewarden, A new Select Vestry, Diocesan
Synods Representatives and Parochial Nominators.
The newly elected officers will be commissioned as part of the liturgy on Palm
Sunday. A full report of elections will be published in the next issue of The

20/20 Vision
Will be launched at the Easter General Vestry. Please pray for this important
work in the life of our parish.

Parking opposite Church

Car users are kindly reminded to note that the parking spaces directly opposite
the church should be offered to those with limited mobility (alternative parking is
available in the Carry Centre and on Killiney Hill Rd).

Select Vestry
The Vestry will meet at 8.00pm in the Carry Centre on Monday 27th March.


Hospital Visiting
The Rector would appreciate being told if parishioners are in hospital or
going into hospital, and will be pleased to offer pastoral support.
A selection of prayers is available from him or in Church.

Youth & Children

Baptism Bag
Lisa Doyle (Sunday Club Leader) recently
presented to the
Rector a Baptism
Bag. This resource
will be given to
The Club meets on the families in advance of
3rd Sunday of every a baptism to help
month during term time. think and reflect on
The next gathering will be the sacrament. It is
on Sunday 19th March, particularly helpful
there will be no meeting where there are
in April. older siblings who can
New members in Sunday also interact and
Club always welcome! engage with what
their younger sibling
and parents are preparing for.
Thank you Lisa!

When I look at you, I realize who I am,
you take me in, I feel warm inside.
When Im in the dark, you life me up,
you're more than a friend,
Read about the youre the best Family you could be.
Easter story: This is from deep inside my heart to you all,
St John 20: 118 youre the best family you could be.
Jill OSullivan (11)
Clubs and Societies

The Killiney Winey Dineys

Next gathering on Thursday 6th April at 6:45pm in Le Pastis, Blackrock. Further
expressions of interest or queries may be addressed to Zandra Laing or the

Bible Study and Prayer Group

This year we will be looking at figures in the Bible. The next meetings will be
held on Tuesday 28th March and Tuesday 25th April at 10.30am in the Carry
Centre. All are very welcome to attend. Further expressions of interest may
be addressed to the Rector.

SILK - Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney

On Wednesday March 15th the Ladies are having a cinema evening.
On Wednesday April 19th - topic and venue to be confirmed.
For more information please contact Judy Jones - 2855159

Table Tennis
The table tennis meets every Monday at 8pm in the Carry Centre. If you are
interested in trying out table tennis, you would be very welcome (and we will
even lend you a bat!). For more information contact Linda Franck (086

Ladies Guild
The Guild will meet next on Tuesday 14th March (speaker: Joan Millar) and
Tuesday 11th April (speaker: Caroline Elliott-Kingston) in the Carry Centre at
2.30pm. All Welcome.

Clubs and Societies

The Y Club (Killiney Mens Society)

Thursday March 23rd - Tal on wealth & inheritance management
Thursday April 27th - Title to be confirmed - time and venue to be confirmed
Both meetings at 8pm. All Gentlemen are very welcome to attend. More
information from Paul OBrien, Nigel Teggin or the Rector.

Flower Guild
Thank you to the Flower Guild for decorating the Church for Christmas (and
throughout the year). The next major festival will be Easter.

Service & Social

The next gathering will be on Sunday 9th April at 3pm in the Carry Centre.
Please contact Joan Whyte or the Rector for more information.

Sheep Thrills Made in Ireland

Every Thursday at 11am in the Carry Centre.
Like us on Facebook -
Our community based textile group are busy knitting Easter Chicks and plan to
have a sale in the Victoria Tea Rooms Killiney Hill on the 1st weekend in April
in aid of PURPLE HOUSE cancer support. More details to follow. We have a
busy group every Thursday and have interesting plans ahead. We will not turn
anyone away. Contact Joan @0872460078 no joining just turn up 3

WoolIf anyone has any spare wool, Sheep Thrills would be delighted to pick
it up for use for our Thursday sessions. Contact Joan @ 087 2460078

Photo Gallery - Tree Planting (see page 26)

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The Obelisk is produced five times per calendar year. It is circulated to every
household in Holy Trinity Parish, Killiney through a dedicated team of deliverers.
Copies are also distributed to numerous businesses and public buildings in
Killiney, Dalkey and the wider area. Each issue is also made available online
(Website - and Facebook).

There is no charge for the Obelisk as the Rector and Select Vestry see it as a
means of mission and ministry to a wide audience. The cost of producing a high
quality product is covered by income generated from advertising.

We thank our advertisers for supporting us and ask that you support
them. Advertising/promotion offers an outstanding opportunity to efficiently and
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If you find yourself looking for a service or product why not consult the Obelisk
for some ideas and if you find yourself availing of a business listed in this
production - please mention where you saw it first - The Obelisk

For further information about advertising please contact Trevor Jones on


Diocesan Employment Bureau

Situated in Taney Parish Centre, it is our hope that it will be of help to many
who find themselves without work for a variety of reasons. Full details from
the Rector.

From the Archives - recognise anyone?

The Obelisk 21
Diary Dates

March 2017 April 2017

1 Ash Wednesday (Lent begins) 1 Select Vestry Dinner
3 World Day of Prayer 2 General Easter Vestry
14 Ladies Guild 7 GKNS closes for Easter
15 SILK GKNS service in St Matthias
16 GKNS Board of Management 9 Palm Sunday
17 St Patricks Day Holy Week begins
19 Sunday Club 9 Christian Aid Tea
23 Y Club 9 Service & Social Group
25 Feast of the Annunciation 11 Ladies Guild
26 Mothering Sunday 14 Good Friday
26 Irish Standard Time begins 15 Easter Flower Decorating
27 Select Vestry 16 Easter
28 Bible Study Group 19 SILK
24 GKNS reopens
25 Bible Study Group
26 Table Tennis Finals
27 Y Club

Why the different colours?

Liturgical colours are those specific colours which are used for vestments and
hangings within the context of Christian liturgy.
Gold: Easter Day, Christmas Day & Trinity Sunday
White: Feast Days / Saints Days / Maundy Thursday / Eastertide
Purple: Lent & Advent
Red: Pentecost / Saints Days (Martyred) / Holy Week
Green: Ordinary Time

Calendar for March
1 Wednesday 20.00 Service for Ash
2 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
5 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
The First Sunday in Lent 10.45 Parish Communion
Genesis 2: 15-17, 3: 1-7 Reader Mike Wride
Romans 5: 12-19 Reader Fiona Mansergh Wride
Intercessor The Rector
6 Monday 20.00 Lenten Study Course,
St Pauls, Glenageary
9 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
12 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
The Second Sunday in Lent 10.45 A Service of the Word
Genesis 12: 1-4a Reader Baptismal Party
John 3: 1-17 Reader Baptismal Party
15 Monday 20.00 Lenten Study Course,
St Pauls, Glenageary
16 Thursday St Patrick obs 10.30 Holy Communion
19 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
The Third Sunday in Lent 10.45 Parish Communion*
Exodus 17: 1-7 Reader The Rector
Romans 5: 1-11 Reader Pam Gordon
Intercessor Rosemary Teggin
20 Monday 20.00 Lenten Study Course,
St Pauls, Glenageary
23 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
26 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
Mothering Sunday 10.45 Family Service
Exodus 2: 1-10 Reader Baptismal Party
Luke 2: 33-35 Reader Baptismal Party
27 Monday 20.00 Lenten Study Course,
St Pauls, Glenageary
30 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

Calendar for April
2 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
The Fifth Sunday in Lent 10.45 Parish Communion
Ezekiel 37: 1-14 Reader Georgina OBrien
Romans 8: 6-11 Reader Trevor King
Intercessor The Rector
3 Monday 20.00 Lenten Study Course,
St Pauls, Glenageary
6 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
9 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
Palm Sunday 10.45 A Service for Palm Sunday
15.00 Service and Social Group
Holy Monday to 7.15 Holy Week Services
Maundy Thursday 20.00 As announced
14 Good Friday 7.15 Ante - Communion
20.00 Service for Good Friday
16 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
EASTER DAY 10.45 Festival Eucharist
Jeremiah 31: 1-6 Reader Jean Burdett
Acts 10: 34-43 Reader Brian Burdett
Intercessor Henry Irvine
20 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
23 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
The 2nd Sunday of Easter 10.45 Family Service
Acts 2: 14a, 22-32 Reader Sunday Club
John 20: 19-31 Reader Sunday Club
27 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
30 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
The 3rd Sunday of Easter 10.45 Morning Prayer
Acts 2: 14a, 36-41 Reader Jennifer Gill
Luke 24: 13-35 Reader Stephen Gill

READERS: If you cannot read on the appointed day please arrange a swap
with someone else and let the Churchwardens know.

Coeliac? Communicants who are Coeliac, please inform the Rector or a

Churchwarden and gluten-free bread can be arranged.

Lent 2017

Ash Wednesday
The solemn season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 1st March. A service of
Preparation will be held in Holy Trinity at 8pm.

Mondays in Lent
Throughout Lent we will be teaming up with our friends in St Pauls, Glenageary
where Dean Victor Stacey will be leading us through a study of John Pritchards
book Something more. More details on page 23.
The gatherings will take place every Monday in Lent (excluding Holy Week) at
8pm in St Pauls Parish Centre. All welcome.

Count your Blessings

A booklet Count your Blessings will be available for use during Lent. The 40 days
of Lent begin on Ash Wednesday and end on Easter
Eve. The Sundays during Lent do not count as days of
denial and abstinence. Daily during Lent the booklet
outlines blessings and thoughts to consider and pray
about and small financial contributions to be given.
The proceeds of the Count your Blessing devotional
appeal may be for your own pocket (eg Holiday fund,
etc) or you may like to donate it to parish funds!!
You may like to keep this appeal booklet on your
kitchen table with a jar beside it for your
contributions. Perhaps you might like to see the days
task over breakfast and see if you can carry it out
successfully during the day. We hope you will enjoy
our devotional appeal and that God will bless each one of us as we pray and
work together in these 40 days.

Nambiti Game Reserve
A world apart, the wonder of nature hits home. Transported from everyday concerns, our
ranger Rheinhard and trusty land cruiser carry us over rough terrain. Dry rocky tracks cross the
Bush. Acacia trees gnarled and distorted and low bushes with sharp white thorns dot the
landscape. A sparsity of colour, relieved occasionally by clusters of small blue, white and yellow
flowers, delicate butterflies and birds with bright plumage. We spot the African Hoopoe Bird
whose Zulu name Umzolozolo is the name of our Lodge, one of ten scattered over the Nambiti
Game Reserve. We come across different birds from time to time, Canaries, Guinea fowl and
Egyptian geese, a Golden Weaver bird weaving his nest which if his mate rejects he will start
again and occasionally a hovering vulture. A Secretary bird stalking through the undergrowth on
long legs is on the lookout for breakfast, snakes, which he will trample to death. At night we spot
owls and night jars, scrub hares scampering away like large bunny rabbits, a lone jackal crossing
the road and the bright eyes of a bushpig in the undergrowth.
Tall brittle grass awaits the joy of the summer rains as do the dry dams and riverbeds. Nutrients
in the grass depleted now will be restored again to nourish the many varieties of Antelope. We
come to recognise Eland, tall and majestic, Kudu with their large ears lined as if with pink satin
and small sweet Impala and Duiker. We find Water Buck where they feel safest close to water,
Steenbok and Blesbok who run heads nodding as if to clear some minor irritation, Red
Hartebeest and Nyala whose faded white stripes will gleam with health and strength once more.
These beautiful creatures will often freeze as we approach as if to pose for a photograph,
confident in their camouflage. When pursued Kudu will lift their tails exposing a white spot which
acts as a decoy then drop their tails suddenly to confuse their predators.
A family of Warthogs delight us exiting their burrow. Mother tail aloft like a tour guides umbrella
is confident that her charges will follow. Warthogs, diurnal animals share their burrows with
their nocturnal neighbours, Porcupine and Aardvark. Zebra and Wildebeest feed together, the
Zebra crop the long grass while the Wildebeest graze in their wake. We humans could learn
from this co-operation! We become accustomed to seeing tall, elegant, beautifully marked giraffe
popular as companions as they can spot approaching danger.
Ostrich black and brown, male and female respectively move on long legs across our path
guiding their vulnerable chicks. The female ostrich sits on her eggs during the day camouflaged on
the brown earth and the male by night.
Leopards, Cheetah and Hyena eluded us despite a night drive but close proximity to lions thrilled
us on several occasions. On our first trip out we got up close and almost personal with two
adult brothers nick-named Blondie and Darkie, then a little later through the Bush grapevine or
rather the rangers co-operation we approached the two big boys again but now in the company
of a lioness and her two young sons. She had killed an Eland calf but only Darkie the dominant
male got to partake of it. Blondie, dominant where mating is concerned is thought to be the
father of the two young males. We meet again some days later and in the absence of Blondie and
Darkie find the young boys feasting on the remains of a Wildebeest while their mother watches
at a distance, growls from the youngster still feeding discourage us from approaching too close.
We see Hippo both in and out of water and note a pink secretion on their skin around their
eyes known as Blood Sweat, a natural sun screen. Hippo can appear sluggish and sedentary but in
Spirit Skoda, the New Home for Skoda in South Dublin
Co Dublin
Forthcoming Events

Advance Notice Summer Fete

The fete will be held on Saturday 13th May see page 30 for more information.

World Day of Prayer

This years service will be held on Friday 3rd March at 11am. The congregation of
the church of the Assumption, Dalkey will host the service which will be
followed by refreshments. All welcome.

General Synod
The General Synod meets annually in May. It is a meeting of representatives of all
dioceses in the Church of Ireland. The meeting lasts for three days and will be
held this year in Limerick from 4th 6th May.
On line you can view reports, news items and photographs to give you a flavour
of the life of the annual meetings of Synod. This will allow those who are not
able to be in Limerick, and visitors from the wider world, to feel part of our
There will be a twitter feed using the hashtag #coigs. This hashtag will also be
used for Facebook and Instagram as well as other social media outlets. See for more

Patronal Festival Sunday 11th June

The Annual Patronal Festival a special Parish
Communion will take place in Holy Trinity on
Trinity Sunday (11th June) at 10.45am.
Preacher: The Primate of All Ireland, the
Most Revd Dr Richard Clarke (pictured).
A special lunch is being planned afterwards
more details in the next issue.

Nambiti Game Reserve contd
fact can move with speed and make fierce and dangerous opponents, we keep our distance
when watching a spectacular sunrise adjacent to their watering hole.
White Rhino, sadly dehorned to foil the poachers outnumber the more elusive and aggressive
Black Rhino their hostile behaviour has protected them from the poachers and they retain their
horns. White rhino are grazers while black are browsers lifting their heads while feeding,
although their eyesight is poor they are more aware of danger. The white rhinos horns do grow
again with time. On the positive side the males no longer kill each other when they fight.
Dominant males have their own territory which they mark out by defecating and urinating. We
came very close to a crash of rhino one male with three females and also a mother with her
baby, named Kumba.
Elephants feed as they go and we saw them on the move. Large males breaking branches and
stripping bark. We came across Beefy (BFE) Big Friendly Elephant 48 years old, in musth full of
testosterone blocking our path, we wisely backed away and came across a younger male
drinking from a waterhole sucking up water with his trunk and throwing his head back tipping it
into his mouth better than any beer swilling bloke! He even stretched out his trunk towards us
to check us out. We also saw a herd walking in line mothers, youngsters, babies and all,
wonderful. Beefy often keeps his distance from the herd preferring his own company as he can
be intolerant of the young bulls but he also act as a mentor to them sharing his wisdom.
We have had to search for Buffalo but find them resting in long grass the large male lying a little
apart, perhaps his days are numbered as leader of the gang. He has become slow and grumpy,
heightened testosterone and adrenalin break down the cartilage in his knees and they become
very painful, no longer able to lead he gets pushed to the back where the trampled grass is un-
appetising. He makes the decision to leave the group and become a Dugga Boy Dugga is the
Zulu word for mud, standing in cool mud helps to ease his pain leaving the herd for a new
pathfinder to lead. Sadly the time has come for us to leave too but we take wonderful photos
and memories away with us. We hope the rains will come soon to sustain this vital habitat and all
its very special residents.
Peter & Suzanne Hayes

The Carry Centre - Calendar of Activities

For booking enquiries please contact the Centre Manager,

Sandra Moore (contact details on page 2).

External Groups
Blossom Nursery School: Mon Fri 8.30am 1.00pm

Zumba Fitness Class: Thursdays 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Irish Dancing: Thursdays 4.30pm 7.00pm

Saturdays 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Slimming World: Tuesdays 4.30pm 9.00pm

Parish Clubs and Societies meet in the Carry Centre

(with the exception of the Choir & Flower Guild which meet in the Church)
Sunday Club 3rd Sunday monthly 10.45 am Lisa Doyle
ENGAGE (Youth Club) Saturday afternoons by arrangement The Rector
Bible Study Group 4th Tuesday monthly 10.30 am The Rector
Choir Sundays 9.30 am Frank Hughes
Flower Guild By arrangement Daphne Hall
KWD (Diners Club) Thursday evenings by arrangement Zandra Laing
Ladies Guild 2nd Tuesday monthly 2.30 pm Rosemary Teggin
SILK - Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney 3rd Wednesday monthly 8.00 pm Judy Jones
The Y Club (Mens Society) 4th Thursday monthly 8.00 pm Paul OBrien
Service & Social Group By arrangement Joan Whyte
Sheep Thrills (Textile Group) Thursday Mornings 11.00am Joan Millar
Table Tennis Monday 8.00 pm 24 Linda Franck
Notice boards for some of the organisations are located in the Carry Centre
Photo Gallery

35 Years Making Bespoke Kitchens And Furniture.

Alan Brown Design manufacture and install exclusive handcrafted fitted furniture
using the finest materials available and a Design service that is based on an excellent
working relationship with the client, quality over quantity is our belief.

Contact Alan on 012148590 : 0862435730 :


Based in Monkstown, we are a group of amateur artists from beginners to more
accomplished. There are typically three ten week terms between September and June
with an exhibition of work in June. Each member works at his/her own level with
individual tuition.
Places are available in classes on Tuesday
25 and Friday mornings, 10.00-12.30.
For further information contact or 0876875694.

Holles St: Well done and thank you to Sheena McGinley, Rebecca Hayes and
Karen Wilson from Holy Trinity, Killiney who organised a Coffee morning
recently in aid of Holles Street Hospital. Here they are presenting the cheque for
Tree Planting: As part of the 1 Million tress in 1 Day project
(, Holy Trinity was delighted to participate
on Saturday 11th February. Trees were planted in the Church, Centre and
School grounds. Thank you to all those who came along and helped out.
Pictures on page 10.
- to Linda Stewart on her engagement to Brian Dervan
- to Alison Brown on her engagement to Wulfie Thompson
- to Andrew and Gloria Kershaw on becoming Grandparents
Farewell to Student Reader: On Sunday 19th February our Student Reader,
Sean Hanily, joined us for worship and for an opportunity to say Thank you for
his time among us. At the end of the service the Churchwardens presented
Sean with a small gift. We congratulate him on his appointment as intern in
Rathfarnham Parish and pray for him as he prepares for his ordination as Deacon
on September 17th in Christ Church Cathedral.

A Most Remarkable Puzzle! TestYour Bible Skills...

There are 30 books of the Bible in this paragraph. Can you find them? This is a
most remarkable puzzle. It was found by a gentleman in an airplane seat pocket,
on a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu, keeping him occupied for hours. He
enjoyed it so much; he passed it on to some friends. One friend from Illinois
worked on this while fishing from his john boat. Another friend studied while
playing his banjo. Elaine Taylor, a columnist friend, was so intrigued by it she
mentioned it in her weekly newspaper column. Another friend judges the job of
solving this puzzle so involving; she brews a cup of tea to help her nerves. There
will be some names that are really easy to spot. That's a fact. Some people
however will soon find themselves in a jam, especially since the book names are
not necessarily capitalized. Truthfully, from answers we get, we are forced to
admit it usually takes a minister or scholar to see some of them at the worst.
Research has shown that something in our genes is responsible for the difficulty
we have in seeing the books in this paragraph. During a recent fund raising event,
which featured this puzzle, the Alpha Delta Phi lemonade booth set a new sales
record. The local paper, The Chronicle, surveyed over 200 patrons who
reported that this puzzle was one of the most difficult they had ever seen.
As Daniel Humana humbly puts it, "the books are all right there in plain view,
hidden from sight." Those able to find all of them will hear great lamentations
from those who have to be shown. One revelation that may help is that books
like Timothy and Samuel may occur without their numbers. Also, keep in mind
that punctuation and spaces in the middle are normal. Achipper attitude will help
you compete really well against those who claim to know the answers.
Remember, there is no need for a mad exodus, there really are 30 books of the
Bible lurking somewhere in this paragraph waiting to be found.

Eco Congregation Ireland

Information leaflets are available in the Church and Carry Centre.

Wish List

The Rector and Select Vestry have drawn up a wish list (i.e. items or projects of
varying financial amounts that the parish desires to support and improve our
ministry) which may be useful for those who wish to present a gift in memory of
a loved one, or as a thank offering. If you would like to consider donating a gift
to Holy Trinity for the glory of God please speak to the Rector. Among the
items recognised are:
New tables for parish room in the Carry Centre Donation made THANK YOU!
A new Organ
Reserved Signs Donation made THANK YOU
New metal pointing on Church roof
Decoration of porch
Mugs for Carry Centre - Donation made THANK YOU!
New Sanctuary Mat
Brass Candelabra for Church
Pew Bibles
Clock for Vestry - Donation made THANK YOU!
CD player with remote control
Bike Racks
Tablecloths for Carry Centre
Outside light for rear of Church Donation made THANK YOU
Lectern candle stand
Defibulator for Church/Carry Centre - donation being explored
Lavabo for Church
New curtains for area behind choir
Lights for Choir
Lectern for Carry Centre

Parish Information
Flower Rota
March 5 Edie Berry April 2 Lent - No flowers
12 Lent - No flowers 9 Palm Sunday
19 Lent - No flowers 16 Easter Day
26 Melanie Purser 23 Flower Guild
30 Lisa Doyle

Organising your wedding

Weddings are very special occasions in the life of any family and
in the life of the church. When considering getting married
please check possible dates with the Rector before confirming
arrangements. It is expected that couples will make a regular
commitment to the life of the church in preparation for

The Parish Panels (Safeguarding Trust)

Responsibilities include:
- interviewing persons willing to serve as workers in the parish
- advising workers on their responsibilities in respect of the Code
- advising the Select Vestry in respect of its responsibilities
The Parish Panel Members are:
The Revd Canon N.J. Sloane (Rector)
Hazel Kinmonth
Sandra Moore
Nigel Teggin

The Parish Registers

Holy Matrimony What God has joined together
30th December (in Holy Trinity) Stefanie OBrien & Peter Feeney

Our sympathy and prayers are with all those who have been bereaved
remembering especially:
Jim Jones and his family on the death of his brother
Judy Jones and her family on the death of her aunt
Jaqui Dingemans and her family on the death of her father
Ros Christie and her family on the death of her aunt, Elizabeth Holmes.