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Ansari 1

Brandon Ansari

Professor Almendarez


27 February 2017

All Teachers Matter

It seems as if modern society requires entry exams for most primary, secondary, or higher

education to label their students in certain categories of academic excellence or even academic

illiteracy. Many schools are beginning to use these exams to determine if students are accepted

into their system. This is especially worse within public school systems as these school systems

are free and open to the community, not to only a specific selection of students. This problem is

shown throughout the book, Life on the Boundary written and composed by Mike Rose, and

within the documentary, Waiting for Superman. Within these individual stories throughout the

documentary and book, I have realized that I have experienced these exams and sources of

testing that places me in a category that does not truly define me. Learning within a classroom

has better prepared me for future classes and future experiences in the career field. Having the

classroom experience with great teachers allowed me to learn specific techniques and receive

helpful feedback to write excellent analytical essays because of their experience working with


Learning in a classroom environment is beneficial for me thanks to the teachers I was

able to take advantage of. Their expertise allowed me to ask questions and receive feedback that

enhanced and improved my essay writing. A major key to essay writing that teachers have taught

me has to be the proper structure to have a flowing and analytical essay. That structure includes,

the topic, quote, and analysis. Within this body paragraph structure, there were recommended
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transitions and ways to flow into the most important chunk of the essay, which would be the

analysis because that certain part would explain our thesis and tie everything that I am trying to

prove together into one piece. Teachers would always advise the same thing every year, Use

transitions to help your essay flow! and, boy, were they right. My essays following the advice

allowed to have more understanding as to what I was saying and trying to reach out. My

sentences had more structure and my points seemed more valid, all because of these proper

transitions. Some of my transitions included basic transition words to flow from one point to

another. Another source of transition would be the way my essay was structured itself. For

example, I would start off with a topic and transition into an example of my topic and my point,

then I would transition into the quote for evidence, and lastly tie everything together with my

analysis. As for the intro paragraph, the proper structure would be to start off with a attention

grabber, also known as the hook. This had the job of making sure the reader is interested right

away. Then transition that into what you will be talking about in the essay, also known as the

connector, and to properly tie in the hook into the connector for better flow and easy

understanding. Then the next step would be to transition into the thesis and the main focus of the

essay with the point you are trying to prove. Using these transitions helped guide my essay so the

reader can easily comprehend what I am trying to prove.

Another reason why working in a classroom experience was beneficial because I was

able to receive feedback from the teacher or professor and have a second opinion as to how my

essay needed improvement. For example, drafts were turned in for peer editing and for teachers

to check for improvement, and sometimes these drafts are used in a way to make sure the student

is not slacking. Once collected, the teacher would usually make the paper bleed, making the

grading seem harsh and scary. Once the teacher is finished giving their feedback, the paper is
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usually filled entirely with marks that half of the time are not even legible. The marks will scare

students and it has scared me before many times, but then I came to realize that these marks are

entirely beneficial for editing and enhancing the essay for a better grade. Sometimes, I like to

think of it as a way having the teacher writing my own essay to get a better grade for free, but in

reality their advice helps you think for future improvement on other essays and helps entirely

with the current essay.

The efforts of using classrooms and providing the classroom experience with effective

teachers not only helped me, but has helped the entire nation within the past century of

schooling. For example, in the book Life on the Boundary, Rose provides statistics of public

education in the past century saying, In 1890, 3.5 percent of all seventeen-year-olds graduated

from high school; by 1970 the number was 75.6 percent, comparing Americas major

improvements in these schools (Rose 6). Even though public education and the experience in the

classroom all revolves around a passionate and caring teacher, graduating from high school

became more of a norm rather than students seeing school as a waste of time. As I keep

mentioning, students rely on a good teacher who shows passion to teach and help students

succeed into the next level; this is where the classroom experience takes place. With this statistic,

it has proven that students are more interested in graduating in recent times compared to the past.

This could be a result from proper classroom teachings.

Although I learn better within a classroom experience as well as statistics proving that

students are learning more in the classrooms, some students feel the system is corrupt due to

teachers who are not passionate at all. For example in the documentary, Waiting for Superman,

the public schools of education around America in weak neighborhoods tend to fail and are not

as sufficient in the classroom experience. People believe that the schools are failing because of
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failing neighborhoods, but some also believe that neighborhoods are failing since the public

schools are failing to teach. The controversy can go back and forth and it shows that all students

learn differently or have different experiences, but ultimately, students that receive proper

education with a great teacher end up having the best classroom experiences beneficial towards

their future and graduation.

Having that classroom experience in primary school, as well as college, has definitely

helped me succeed in school, thanks to the teachers and professors who have helped get me to

this point. It is important that these students receive proper education and go to schools with

proper teachers because this is where they shape their lives for the future. The public system

needs to change to hire teachers with more passion and experience rather than seniority. Even

though seniority shows more experience in a teacher, schools fail to look at their actual

performance inside the classroom. A classroom experience will always revolve around an

amazing teacher.