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SEMESTER/SESSION: 2 / 2015-2016

A. Students are required to make groups of 5 6 persons.

B. First stage of the project require students to make a proposal for their programming project, which include all
the element throughout the courses. Each groups require to present their proposal to their lecturer at WEEK

C. After acceptance of proposal, the groups require to conduct the programming project, including coding and
providing final report of the project. Complete compiling C++ code and full report for the project MUST
submit at the WEEK 12.

D. Presentation of the project is on the WEEK 13.

Proposal (10%)

1. Description of the project.

2. Algorithm - Pseudocode/Flowchart.

C++ Coding Project (10%)

1. Compiled code in C++ file

2. List of code save in NOTEPAD.

* File is submitted via CD.

Project Report (10%)

The full report should comprises of:

a) Cover Page
b) Introduction
c) Description of hows the program work (shows how do you declare the variables, process involve, user
manual and etc.)
d) Conclusion
e) Appendices (Pictures/Minutes of Meeting/Proof of Discussion/Raw Data)

Presentation (5%)

Each group require to present their project at WEEK 13, after the submission of their complete report. They need
to demonstrate their program during the presentation. The groups may present their project by POWERPOINT
presentation or VIDEO presentation. 10 minutes is given for the group that present using POWERPOINT. Any
group that select VIDEO presentation, duration of the video is between 5 7 minutes. Q & A session will take
about 5 - 10 minutes.