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1. The presence of electric current is only made known by the effect it produces.

Three important effects are:

a. heating, electric shock & generation c. generation, chemical & electric shock
b. heating, magnetic & electric shock d. heating, magnetic & chemical
2. Out of the following, select the best conductor of electricity?
a. polyethylene b. ceramic c. china clay d. graphite
3. Which of the following conductors has the highest resistance?
a. manganin b. nichrome c. constantan d. steel
4. What is the size in square millimeter is the cable 250MCM size?
a. 118.656 b. 126.675 c. 112.565 d. 132.348
5. A copper bar inch by 4 inches by 20ft. If the resistivity of the copper bar is 10.37 ohm-cmf. What is the resistance of the copper
a. 17.3x10^-6ohm b. 125ohms c. 0.0052ohm d. 8.5x10^-5ohm
6. A one meter rod of 2cm diameter is drawn until its resistance is 100times the initial resistance, its length afterward is?
a. 10m b. 12.5m c. 100m d. 5m
7. A one meter of annealed copper 2.5cm in diameter is drawn until its resistance is 100 times the initial resistance, its diameter
afterward is?
a. 0.79cm b. 0.47cm c. 0.25cm d. 0.15cm
8. Suppose that you wish to fabricate a uniform wire out of 1gram of copper. The resistance of wire is to be 0.5ohm and if all of the
copper are to be used, what will be the diameter of wire? Specific resistance is 1.7x10^-8ohm-meter and mass density is 8.92x10^3
a. 270m b. 280m c. 260m d. 290m
9. A dc motor 120V has 100A rated current. The allowable voltage drop of 3% of input voltage. Find the maximum distance from the
supply if the wire has a diameter of 316mils and resistivity of wire is 10.4 ohm-cmf.
a. 580ft b. 316ft c. 178ft d. 203ft
10. A light bulb having a tungsten filament draws 0.5A at 110V. The cold resistance of the filament is 20ohms at 20C with temperature
coefficient of resistance for tungsten at this temperature of 0.005 per C. Determine the operating temperature of the bulb.
a. 1220C b. 520C c. 2520C d. 2020C
11. A 100V carbon filament lamp takes 1A when glowing with a filament temperature of 1615C. Calculate the momentary current when
the lamp is first switched on in air temperature of 15C. The temperature coefficient of resistance for carbon may be taken as -0.000265
per C at 15C.
a. 1.72A b. 0.65A c. 0.58A d. 1.94A
12. Find the work in kWh to lift 1 ton at height of 55ft for 10 sec. The motor gear efficiency is 51%.
a. 0.083 b. 83 c. 0.83 d. 830
13. A 24 volt battery delivers 15A to a motor load in 30 minutes per day. What is the energy delivered per month in kWh?
a. 6.2 b. 5.4 c. 7.31 d. 0.18
14. A certain process uses warm water at rate of 2liters per minutes. The water enters at electric heater at 25C to 50C. Assuming no
heat losses, what is the wattage of the heater?
a. 5125 b. 6250 c. 2420 d. 3488
15. It is a cell designed to produced electric current and can be recharged.
a. secondary cell b. chemical cell c. electrolytic cell d. battery
16. What is the watt-hour efficiency of storage battery?
a. AH output over WH input in recharge c. WH output based on AH input in recharge
b. WH output based on AH input in recharge d. AH output based on AH output in recharge
17. A 12V battery has 50A-hr capacity. The internal resistance is 0.1ohm. A 5ohm resistor is connected for 5 hours. How many amp-
hours are still left?
a. 38.23 b. 3 c. 41.24 d. 11.76
18. A 20ohm resistor is connected in series with a 4ohm resistor and connected across a 240V source. Determine the minimum value
of R if the power of R is equal to the power taken by the 4ohm resistor.
a. 7.95ohms b. 8.40ohms c. 7.64ohms d. 6.87ohms
19.Twelve resistance 1ohms each are arranged along the edge of a cube with junctions at corners. What resistance will be measured
between terminals of symmetrically opposite corners of the cube?
a. 6.5ohms b. 5/6ohms c. 5/9ohms d. 6.111ohms
21. Two batteries are connected in a parallel supply a load taking 60watts. First battery has 10.5V emf and 0.5ohm internal resistance
while second has 9V emf and 0.4ohm internal resistance. Find the resistance of the load/
a. 1.333ohms b. 1.444ohms c. 1.067ohms d. 1.557ohms
25. A lead storage battery is rated at 12V. If the internal resistance is 0.01ohm, what is the maximum power can be delivered to the
a. 1200W b. 7200W c. 3600W d. 1800W
26. A steel sheet 1m long and 30 cm wide is to be plated with 0.02mm copper. The density of copper is 8.9gr/cm^3 and it
electrochemical equivalent weight is 0.3292x10^-3gm/Coul. How long should the steel remain in an electroplating bath that contains
copper (Cu^+2) ions in which the current is 100A?
a. 541mins b. 145mins c. 27mins d. 54mins
27. In Flemmings right hand rule, which finger point the direction of current?
a. thumb b. index c. middle d. ring
28. A 120cm long conductor is carrying a current of 1.2A and is situated at right angles to the field of flux density of 0.65 Tesla.
Calculate the force on the conductor.
a. 3.264N b. 0.936N c. 1.346N d. 1.587N
29. A core of annealed steel sheet is wound with 1500turns of wire through which a current of 40mA is flowing. If the length of the coil is
20cm, calculate the magnetic strength is Amp-turn per meter
a. 300 b. 350 c. 400 d. 450
30. A flat circular coil having 50 loops of wire on it has a diameter of 48cm. What current must flow in its wires to produce a flux density
of 0.005Tesla at its center?
a. 45.5A b. 38.2A c. 32.8A d. 40.5A
31. A substance of material having relative permeability of less than unity is classified as:
a. ferro-magnetic b. dia-magnetic c. para-magnetic d. none of these
32. Permeability in a magnetic circuit corresponds to ______ in an electric circuit
a. resistance b. resistivity c. conductivity d. conductance
33. A solenoid has a magnetic reluctance of 2.2x10^-3. It has 300 turns and a core area of 5 What is the flux density when the
current following is 1Amp?
a. 26300gauss b. 12200gauss c. 34200gauss d.21200gauss
34. A magnetic circuit consists of silicon steel of 3000 permeability and an air gap. The length of the steel core is 10cm and the air gap
is 2cm both have the same cross-section of A current of 1/2A flows through the windings to produce 2351 maxwell flux. How
many turns are there in the coil?
a. 4120turns b. 5000turns c. 2500turns d. 1250turns
35. A magnetic circuit consist of silicon steel of 3000 permeability of 10cm length and cross section of and an air gap of the
same cross section and of 2cm length. A 1/2A flows through 500turns. What is the field intensity at the air gap?
a. 250 b. 2262 c. 795 d. 156.7
36. Pole strength 160 and 192 are separated by a distance has a force of 19600dynes. What is the distance in cm? integer choices.
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4
37. A current of 2A through a coil sets up flux linkages of 4 webber-turns. What is the inductance of the coil?
a. 8H b. 0.5H c. 2H d. 1H
38. The direction of induced emf can be found by _____
a. laplaces law b. lenz law c. flemmings right hand d. kirchhoffs voltage law
39. A magnetic coil produces 100000maxwells with 2000 turns and with a current of 2A. The current is cut-off and the flux collapses in
0.01sec. What is the average voltage that will appear across the coil?
a. 20kV b. 2000kV .c. 200V d. 2kV
40. A 50mH inductance carries a current of 10A which reverses in 5 milliseconds. What is the average voltage induced in the inductor
because of this current reversal?
a. 100V b. 200V c. 400V d. 50V
41. A metal transport plane has a wing spread of 88ft. What difference of potential exists between the extremities of the wings, when the
plane moves horizontally with the speed of 150miles per hour? The value of the vertical component of the earths magnetic field is 0.65
gauss at the plane.
a. 0.12V b. 0.24V c. 12V d. 1.2V
42. Two coils of inductance L1=1.16mH, L2=2mH are connected in series. Find the total energy stored when the steady current is 2A.
a. 1.75mJ b. 6.32mJ c. 17.5mJ d. 63.2mJ
43. A non-magetic ring having a mean diameter of 30cm the cross section area is and uniformly wound with two conductors A
and B over one another. A has 90turns and B has 240turns. Calculate the first principle of mutual inductance between the core.
a. 10.62 b. 10.55 c. 11.52 d.11.00
44. When two inductors are connected in series aiding, their total inductance is 40mH, when connected series opposing the inductance
is 17.5mH. What is the value of mutual inductance?
a. 0.5625 b. 5.625 c.56.25 d. 562.5
45. Two coils of inductance 6 & 4 Henries are connected in parallel such that its coefficient of coupling is 41% with mutual inductance
opposes the self-inductance. What is the total inductance of the combination?
a. 0.94H b. 3.33H c. 1.43H d. 0.49H
46. When one coil of magnetically coupled pair has a current of 5A, the resulting flux 11=0.4mWb and 12=0.8mWb respectively. If
the turns are N1=500 and N2=1500, Find L1
a. 60mH b. 80mH c. 120mH d. 100mH
47. Equal amount of electrons are placed in two spheres 3cm apart in air. If the resultant force is 4kN, how many electrons does
spheres contains?
a. 1.44x10^14 b. 1.33x10^14 c. 1.25x10^14 d. 1.75x10^14
48. Four 3 pCoul spheres are in corners of a square 1cm on sides. Find the force in Newton?
a. 8.1x10^-10 b. 15.5x10^-10 c. 4.05x10^-10 d. 20.25x10^-10
49. Two similar charges of 250statC are situated on small spheres 15cm apart. What is the potential at poit midway between the
a. 16.7statV b. 25statV c. 66.7statV d. 33.3statV
50. A small sphere of mass 0.5 gram hangs by a thread between two parallel vertical plates 53mm apart, if the charge on the sphere is
25micro-coul, what potential difference between the plates will cause the thread to assume an angle of 30 with the vertical?
a. 24V b. 6V c. 16V d. 12V