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Magneto-inductive Position Sensor Micro-BIL

... analog position feedback for miniature grippers

MicroBIL_USA.pmd 1 7/12/2006, 7:56 AM

The The technical data refers to analog output signal allows reference measurements. 7:56 AM . and pricing are subject to change without notice. availability. 151262 · Edition 072006 · 0705 · Product specifications.5 mm (axial field strength typ.20 mA Working range sa 0. grippers with T-slot..pmd 2 7/12/2006.. you to sense end-of-travel Different grippers with USA and intermediate positions differing magnetic field Balluff Inc.. Florence..+70 °C Repeat accuracy RBWN ≤ ±30 μm Non-linearity ≤ ±0... +2 μm/K from 10. at Ia 10.10 V output 4... of gripper jaws absolutely strengths may affect the 8125 Holton Drive and without contact.10 mm active surface 300 mm button Ordering code BIL ED0-B010P-02/30-S75 Field strength axial Hn 10 kA/m typical –3dB width of axial field distribution..3 mm Temperature coefficient TK typical +4 μm/K No....30 Vdc. To use the Micro-BIL a Output curve magnet is installed in the Micro-BIL is the solution for gripper.. A button is provided continuous position sensing for calibrating to various on pneumatic miniature magnetic field MicroBIL_USA... +10 μm/K Supply voltage indication yes Programming indication yes Degree of protection per IEC 60529 IP 67 Housing material PA fiberglass reinforced Connection connector Recommended connector BKS-S 74/BKS-S 75 Wiring diagram 0.20 mA output Connect to either voltage or current output..10 mm Linear range sI 0..30 Vdc Ripple ≤ 10 % of Ue Rated insulation voltage Ui 75 Vdc Rated sensing distance se 5 mm Load resistance RL at Ua ≥ 2 kΩ. in the optimal range min.. Magneto- inductive Micro-BIL Position Sensor for analog position sensing Output signal Ua voltage www. – parallel to active surface) Rated operational voltage Ue 24 Vdc Supply voltage UB at Ua 15..10 V or Output signal Ia current 4. at Ia ≤ 500 Ω No-load supply current I0 at Ue ≤ 30 mA Protected against polarity reversal yes Short circuit protected yes Ambient temperature range Ta –10.+50 °C max.balluff. KY 41042 Phone: (859) 727-2200 Toll-free: 1-800-543-8390 Fax: (859) 727-4823 E-Mail: balluff@balluff.. technical data. typical 2.