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Magneto-inductive Position Sensor Micro-BIL

... analog position feedback for miniature grippers

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inductive Micro-BIL
Position Sensor for analog position sensing
Output signal Ua voltage 0...10 V or
Output signal Ia current 4...20 mA
Working range sa 0...10 mm
Linear range sI 0...10 mm

active surface

300 mm


Ordering code BIL ED0-B010P-02/30-S75

Field strength axial Hn 10 kA/m typical
3dB width of axial field distribution, typical 2.5 mm
(axial field strength typ. parallel to active surface)
Rated operational voltage Ue 24 Vdc
Supply voltage UB at Ua 15...30 Vdc, at Ia 10...30 Vdc
Ripple 10 % of Ue
Rated insulation voltage Ui 75 Vdc
Rated sensing distance se 5 mm
Load resistance RL at Ua 2 k, at Ia 500
No-load supply current I0 at Ue 30 mA
Protected against polarity reversal yes
Short circuit protected yes
Ambient temperature range Ta 10...+70 C
Repeat accuracy RBWN 30 m
Non-linearity 0.3 mm
Temperature coefficient TK typical +4 m/K

No. 151262 Edition 072006 0705 Product specifications,

availability, and pricing are subject to change without notice.
in the optimal range min. +2 m/K
from 10...+50 C max. +10 m/K
Supply voltage indication yes
Programming indication yes
Degree of protection per IEC 60529 IP 67
Housing material PA fiberglass reinforced
Connection connector
Recommended connector BKS-S 74/BKS-S 75
Wiring diagram
0...10 V output

4...20 mA output

Connect to either voltage or current output. To use the Micro-BIL a Output curve
magnet is installed in the
Micro-BIL is the solution for gripper. A button is provided
continuous position sensing for calibrating to various
on pneumatic miniature magnetic field strengths.
grippers with T-slot. The The technical data refers to
analog output signal allows reference measurements.
you to sense end-of-travel Different grippers with USA
and intermediate positions differing magnetic field Balluff Inc.
of gripper jaws absolutely strengths may affect the 8125 Holton Drive
and without contact. technical data. Florence, KY 41042
Phone: (859) 727-2200
Toll-free: 1-800-543-8390
Fax: (859) 727-4823

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