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# of months worked: 11 days in a week 7

Workdays: 220 weks in a year 52
Comfortable monthly salary: R 40,000.00 # days/month worked: 20 work hours 40
Very comfortable monthly salary: R 55,000.00 Total hours: 1,760 2080
Ambitious monthly salary: R 60,000.00 Hours/day: 8 less 500
Overhead rate: 1.9 Billable hours 1580

Experience based rates: Comfortable Very Comfortable Ambitious

1-4 years R 100.00 Total rate: R 76,000.00 R 104,500.00 R 114,000.00 R 93,812.50
5-9 years R 274.50 Daily rate: R 345.45 R 475.00 R 518.18 Benefits R 28,143.75
10-19 years R 525.00 Hourly rate: R 43.18 R 59.38 R 64.77 R 121,956.25
>20 years R 443.13
Base calculation, Comfortable R50k, V. Comfortable R60k, Ambitious R70k @ 1.75 overhead rate


Hourly fee = [average total package / available hours)] X [overhead factor x mark-up] / utilisation # of months to be worked: 11
Workdays: 220
# days/month worked: 20
Total hours: 1,760
Hours/day: 8
Overhead rate: 1.9
Mark-up: 1.3
Utilisation: 0.7

Utilisation Rate
Category fee earning staf Short Term Consulting Rate Long Term Consulting Rate
Directors / Partners / Specialist Consultants 0.7 0.85 Total Package 1: R 720,000.00 Hourly rate: R 1,443.51
Professional / Technical Staf/ (Senior Cons 0.85 0.95 Total Package 2: R 600,000.00 Hourly rate: R 990.64
Administrative / Secretarial Staf 0.95 None Total Package 3: R 89,000.00 Hourly rate: R 131.48


Tender Award R - # of months to be worked: 1

Workdays: 20
# days/month worked: 20
Comfortable monthly salary: R 40,000.00 Total hours: 160
Very comfortable monthly salary: R 50,000.00 Hours/day: 8
Ambitious monthly salary: R 60,000.00 Overhead rate: 1.9

Comfortable Very Comfortable Ambitious

Directors / Partners / Specialist Consultants 0 Total rate: R - R - R -
Daily rate: R - R - R -
Hourly rate: R - R - R -
Lost rate: R - R - R -
Other resources

Senior Consultants and Consultants

Professional / Technical Staf 0 Salary R - R - R -
Administrative / Secretarial Staf 0 Salary R - R - R -

Total Salary Costs 0 R - R - R -

Salary as % of Total Tender Award 0% 0% 0%

Travel Time


To be paid prior to starting work for a new client.
The first 11.8 hours of services provided @

standard per hour, will be deducted from the retainer. An invoice for services and expenses will be se

Half the regular hourly fee

Hotel charges are to be prepaid by the client.

Cost of travelling

If hotel or air travel costs are not pre paid by the client, a 10% service charge will apply.

Rental car, postage, international long distance phone charges (if any), photocopy charges, meals, tax
travel expenses will be billed at the conclusion of the trip.
Quoted fees are for work performed during normal working hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 6:00 pm P

For emergency assistance, jobs which must be completed over the weekend, or consulting outside of normal wo
Category of Fee Earning Staf Comparative Public Service S
Directors / Partners / Specialist Consultants 15 / 161
Professional / Technical Staf
(Senior Consultants and Consultants)
Administrative / Secretarial Staf


Salaries (total cost of employment) of fee earning staf, i.e. professional/technical staf
Salaries of non-fee-earning staf, i.e. administrative staf salaries
Telephone and communication
Rental of premises, including water, electricity and rates
Transport (not recovered directly from projects)
Paper, stationary, consumables
Audit, bank charges, interest, insurance
Office equipment
Training and development
Project direct expenses not recoverable
Other (i.e. Head office expenses)2
Nett overhead factor (before mark-up for profit)

Category fee earning staff

Directors / Partners / Specialist Consultants

Professional / Technical Staff/ (Senior Consultants and Consultants)
Administrative / Secretarial Staff

Hourly fee = [average total package/1000] X charge-out rate

Hourly fee
blic Service Salary Band

Column A All Overheads Column B Partial Overheads

1 1
0.24 0.24
0.05 Department provide
0.13 Department provide
0.05 0.05
0.03 Department provide
0.08 0.08
0.02 0.02
0.06 Department provide
0.02 0.02
0.08 0.08
0.14 0.14
1.9 1.63

Long Term
Short Term Consulting Rate
Consulting Rate
0.7 0.85
0.85 0.95
0.95 None
Table 1: Work Days and Hours
Item Days
Days in the year 365 per year
Work days r 220 available days in a yea
Weekends 2 X 52 Minus 104 days
Public holidays Minus 11 days
Annual leave 22 days

Sick leave 8 days

Total days 220 available days in a year
Minimum hours per day 8 hours
Total available hours in a year 1,760

Profit after tax = [30 / 130 x (1 - 0.30 - (0.70 x 0.125)) x 100] = 14.13%

Table 1: Work Days and Hours
Weeks Days Hours
Total time 52 260 2080
Annual leave 4 20 160
Public holidays 2 11 88
Sick leave 1 8 64
Time Available 45 221 1768

Training & meetings 2 10 80

Marketing and research 5 25 200
Chargeable time 38 186 1488

Chargeable time 186 = 0.84

Days available 221
days after their issuance. Interest shall accrue and a monthly finance charge of 2% will be applied to
the outstanding balance after 30 days. This late charge is applicable to the unpaid balance as of the
due date.

Clients are asked to provide valid credit card information. If payment is not received within 60 days o
receipt of invoice, the outstanding charges will be billed to the credit card.

Non-payment / Breach: If credit card information has not been provided, and payment becomes 60
days past due, all work on the project will stop until payment plus another retainer of $3,500.00 is
received. All future work will then be billed against a retainer at the current years rates.
Payment for services billed at reduced rates is due within 21 days of receipt of invoice, or standard
rates will be applied.

Fees must be paid promptly and in full regardless of a third partys failure to pay the client, opinions
expressed, or outcome of litigation. All agreements are between Aquatic Consulting Services and the
contracting client whose signature is affixed to this document not a third party, co counsel, or
insurance company, per this written fee schedule.

All contracts or agreements with Aquatic Consulting Services are entered into in the judicial district of
Avalon, California (Los Angeles County). If it is necessary to file a claim in order to collect on
outstanding charges, any legal proceedings will be brought in the California jurisdiction closest to
where Alison Osinski resides and Aquatic Consulting Services offices are located. Client submits to
such jurisdiction and waives any objection to venue and / or claim of inconvenient forum.
Any interest, penalties, reasonable attorney fees, time spent, Small Claims Court filing fees, collection
agency fees, or other costs incurred by Aquatic Consulting Services in an attempt to collect on past du
accounts will be added to the total amount owed by the client.
This agreement between Aquatic Consulting Services (Alison Osinski, Ph.D.) and the client listed below
will serve as a binding contract.

I am authorized to sign into an agreement and fiscally obligate my firm, company or organization, and
have read the attached fee schedule and terms, and agree to the fees, terms and conditions.

Client Signature _____________________________________

Name (Print) ________________________________________________________________________ Firm, Company

or Organization _________________________________________________________ Address
___________________________________________________________________________ City
Phone __________________________________

Zipcode _____________________
E-mail ________________________________

Project Name / Caption ________________________________________________________________ Credit Card

Authorization (Circle one):
Name on Credit Card (Print) ____________________________________________________________ Credit Card

Expiration Date (Month and Year) ________ / ________

Date ___________________

State ________
Fax ___________________________________

Master Card

CRV (Security Code) ________

American Express