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Maria Ivezaj

Philosophy paper
ECE 1414

I believe that as an Early Childhood Educator, my job is to provide young

children with positive learning experiences. My role in guidance and development is very

important. Children have the right to receive the proper education and learning

experiences in the learning environment. I believe children are most compelled to learn

when they have opportunities to explore with materials and make choices in an enriched

environment. Education is a continuing process and the building blocks of learning are

developed early on in life.

Each child is a unique individual with infinite capacities for learning. My goal as

a childhood educator is to allow for a rich environment where they feel comfortable to

explore, trigger learning, and feel free to express themselves. When children are motivated

and encouraged to interact with their classmates and adults in positive ways, they feel

comfortable to explore and make more choices. Also I am a firm believer in the aspect of adult

scaffolding and that it tends to lack in the school system today. Teachers need to support the

childs current level of thinking and also challenge them to advance his or her abilities. In order to

accomplish this the teacher needs to build trust and empathy with the student to make them feel

free and open with the teacher and in the learning process. This will help the child too also gain

self-confidence. As a teacher I seek to form a close relationship with each child and their families.

I feel the childs first teachers are their parents. Theyre the ones that know the child best. I feel

that having a close relationship with the family helps me, as a teacher understand he childs

strengths and weaknesses better, as well as his or her interest. I strongly believe in striving to

form an environment where different cultural backgrounds are encouraged and welcomed in the

Early childhood learning occurs through play. Although play is quite fun for all

involved, children learn by doing and actively participating. As I stated above, children

who are given the opportunity to explore, are more comfortable to actively learn. It

allows for them to make choices and learn from mistakes as well. I believe children can

learn through different forms of play. Whether its, active play, quiet play, creative, or

dramatic play. Each child has their own way of expressing their strengths through

different ways. It is my role as a teacher to make the play environment safe for children

by creating and providing the proper materials indoor and outdoors. Also to continually

be creative in different types of play activities that provides for different learning


Lastly I feel that the active participatory learning aspect is necessary for cognitive

development. Young children learn best through self-initiated activity such as moving,

listening, searching, feeling and manipulating. Children are able to combine materials and

experiences to create new ideas and learning experiences. In doing so, this allows for

them to become active learners with the adult-scaffolding taking place. As theorist Jean

Piaget emphasizes, children learn best through activities they plan and carry out

themselves. They are intentional learners. It is my job to observe and support this by

creating interest areas in the learning environment. Teachers should encourage and

motivate young children to make their own choices, solve problems, and engage in

activities that contribute to their intellectual, social, and physical development.

As an early Childhood Educator provide young children with opportunities for

new learning experiences through play along with the freedom to explore and make

choices. I also seek to form close relationships with the students and their families in our
journey together. Finally, I will see each child as a unique individual who has infinite

capacities of learning.