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Procedure of CPU-PSU Patching

As of 11/20/14

1. Pre-Patching:

Identify the PSU patch # and patch ID

Download the patch file

Copy the patch file to staging folder in P drive MCDOAS >> Oracle CPU-PSU >> WLS XX.X.X.X

Unzip the patch file

Review the README file

Copy the xml and jar files from P drive to the patch download directory in server

Proceed the Patch Conflict Detection

Contact customer to schedule the Action Date.

Check the Control-M backup list if needed

Contact STORAGE group to back up the $Oracle_Home if needed

Stop the NetIQ alerts if needed

Open RFC

2. Patching:
Please note that the following names of server, folder, file, version, Patch ID, Patch number etc are
used for demonstrated sample. You should replace the name(s) as needed.

For Example: PSU Patching on apxapn01

Shut down the WLS servers on APXAPN01

Contact Storage group to do the server backup if needed.

Log into server.

Change to bsu directory and rename the xml file.

Ensure the xml file and jar file in the proper folder.

Execute >./ report command and check network status: >netstat an |grep 7001

Start PSU patch upon completion of server backup by Storage group.

Execute the following command:

>./ install prod_dir=/oas/Oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3 patchlist=<Patch ID> -verbose

Check the status of Result: Success in the last statement.

Start up the WLS servers:

3. Post-Patching:

Add the following security entries to the weblogic.policy

cd /oas/Oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3/server/lib
Backup the current webloic.policy file before you modify
e.g. cp p weblogic.policy weblogic.policy2014Nov08
Use Vi mode to add security entries to weblogic.policy file. See

grant codeBase "file:${weblogic.home}/../../patch_wls1034/patch_jars/-" {

permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "oracle.discoverer.connections", "read";
grant codeBase "file:${weblogic.home}/../../patch_wls1035/patch_jars/-" {
permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "oracle.discoverer.connections", "read";
grant codeBase "file:${weblogic.home}/../../patch_wls1036/patch_jars/-" {
permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "oracle.discoverer.connections", "read";

Execute >./ report command to verify the PSU version installed:

Check network status for port 7001 again:

Open URL: admin console to check the app servers. Startup app server(s) if needed.

Check the APEX application:

Check the EM console for services status.

Check the log files.

Contact DPSS user to test and verify applications (by email and phone call).

Close the tickets.

PSU patching operation is completed successfully.