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Term 1 Inquiry- How Can I Be a Good Sport and a Good Sort?

Big idea: To grow and use P.R.I.D.E. in how I play and work

Learning Intentions:
Children will-
Find out how to be a good sport that someone wants to play with

Be able to confidently choose and play at lunchtime

Use strategies to find someone to play with

Be able to problem solve when things dont work

Be able to identify and manage emotions

I can
Be a good sport in games and play

Choose from a range of activities at playtime/lunchtime

Use a range of strategies to solve problems at playtimes

Talk about my feelings and how to manage them

Keep a journal either through drawings, writing or seesaw that reflect on
Year 1-Learning Maps, self assessment- lunchtimes etc

AOs: C1- explore/share ideas about relationship C3- Interpersonal skills (level 2)
B2-variety of equipment and play environments (Level 1, 2) A3- safety D3
L2:contribute to and use simple guidelines and practices that promote physically
and socially healthy classrooms, schools, and local environments
Unpacking and developing the iLearn model

Model Focus Student Planning Process


Exposure to What is What is play?

a range of this What is a game?
experiences, learning
How did lunchtime
Sho using all the about?
senses go? What did you
What do I play? What issues
Immerse already did you have?What
students in know? can you do to fix
content, it?
wonderin Challenging game
and skills gs do I as a class - what
have? worked / what do
Purpose and we need to work
Why will
relevance on?
this be
Motivation, useful? Learning map -
excitement, around play / what
enthusiasm can the change
priority be linked
Find out what
to? - self - what
they know changes can I
and can do make to myself to
already - make me a good
make sort to play with
About me sheets
to tell about self

Support What are Grow my P.R.I.D.E -

students to my why? Happy
build on the learning lunchtimes at
immersion to goals? school and happy
identify what What am I interactions in
they need to learning? class
know or be
What is Lunchtimes - What
able to do
the can I do? Who can
Further outcome? I play with? What
support What will I do I do if it goes
students to be able to wrong?
make explicit do?
Can I teach/learn
(inspired by What do I a game?
immersion) need to
with prior know and
learning, be able to
their learning do?
How will
experiences this make
Make links to difference
how this to my life
learning is or the
meaningful lives of
to their lives others?
and the lives
of others

Experiencing What do I Play shed?

, hands on, need to
Year 1
learning learn?
through Constant use of PRIDE
What is
doing, trying language-explicit links,
the best
Explicit way to
teaching and learn Timetabling-
learning about Discovery Time-
this? Friday afternoon,
games for Team-
students Who can
thinking - help me
rich content, learn
multi- what I
grouping), 10 min
sensory, need to
daily- exploring
specific that know?
caters for a
Am I on playground
range of
track? equipment (hoops,
playground etc)
Who can I
Clinic and
share my Feelings-
new identifying, wider
for target
learning variety, Te Reo,
with? deeper
Opportunitie understanding of
s to review different common
and emotions,
comprehend recognising
what has emotions in self
been learned and others

Opportunitie Playing- what do

s to share
what has we like in a friend?
been learned
Set a criteria es- reflections,
for success growth mindset,
fixing our
PRIDE) peer
Learning Maps

About Me sheets
(for home to fill in)
How to use the PE
shed- monitors,
experimenting with
Equipment crate-
assorted items to
explore and expt
with and create
games for
Role play- joining
games, not playing
with someone,
following rules
Playing their
games- unpacking
aspects of games,
teaching simple
new games
Te Reo Kori

Year 2 &3 ideas - keep

P.R.I.D.E. on top as a
reflection tool / good sort
reflection journal &
seesaw to track
development B2 Positive
Attitudes: participate in
and create a variety of
games and activities and
discuss the enjoyment
that these activities can
bring to them and others

1. Revisiting rules /
names / things to
play with in PE
shed at lunchtime /
lunchtime options
& issues
2. Explore the PE
shed - choose
equipment to
make up a game -
free for all? Then
teach, reflect and
refine eg unpack
what is a game?
How to improve
that game - trial
different changes /
who needs a
model? / explicit
links to lunchtimes
3. Equipment crate -
all have the same
equipment to
create a games
4. Equipment that
doesnt look like
equipment - eg
bands, rope,
chickens, spiky
ball, noodles
5. Teaching of new
games - from
teachers / links to
English with
groups to read
instructions &
practice then
teach to the class
eg kiwidex type
6. Link to writing
instructions /
laminate them as a
class set that could
get used
7. Playground
problem solving -
scenario cards that
include winning &
losing / role play /
youtube clips of
being a good sport
/ use Lees links to
the weekly
P.R.I.D.E. plan /
Integrity /
Respect /
8. Adverts for why
they are good
sorts - what makes
you a good sort to
play with / you
would like to be
my friend
because.../ what I
am looking for in a
friend - links to
C3 / speed dating -
sit with profiles
and talk to each
other & listen -
checklist to record
on of who you
might hook up with
at playtime / on
external window to
look at if I have a
problem I can look
to see who I can
play with if I want
to play netball etc
9. What skills do we
need to develop
further to play
10.After lunch class
meetings? With an
explicit focus eg a
problem that got
solved, a new
game - oral
language Sheena
Cameron book will
have some good
ideas / use these
moments for the
next role play or
problem solving
time / could have
an anonymous
post box for
problems that then
could get
explored / revisit
Learning Maps

Put the Am I Year 1

learning into ready to
Apply Every playtime /
action.acro put my
ss a few learning
contexts or into Revisit Learning
settings action? Maps
Who can Co-construct what
Students help me a game needs to
think about with the have / groups to
how to use action/ create game to
their new learning teach others /
learning teach game -
Lets do
Students alternative sports
For me
whether they Year 2 & 3 ideas
need more this now
knowledge or means.I 1. Every playtime /
skills before can.I lunchtime!
they can know
2. Revisit Learning
action their
learning Maps
3. 4 way competition
with R6, 7, 13, 14
to apply skills / 4
way football - see
photo - 4 teams on
the field at time so
1 team from each
class is vs each
other / then teach
juniors the game
4. Co-construct what
a game needs to
have / groups to
create game to
teach others /
teach game -
alternative sports

Acknowledge Did I Ongoing through whole

and achieve year
celebrate the the
learning/ outcome/
challenge challenge?
Reflect on I did this
what skills cause I
and know how
dispositions to..and
the have how to
used and
I now
how well
they have know.
used them What
against the went well
set criteria in the
Reexamine learning
and reflect process?
on whole What
process didnt go
Reflect on so well
your and how
wonderings can I
Thinking or
about your develop it
thinking in the
(metacogniti future?

Opportunitie What Ongoing through whole

s for would I do year
students to differently
feed in ideas next
about their/ time?
the next
Is there
Supporting opportunit
that learning y to go
can go on at back and
school or do a part
outside of differently
This can be wondering
the s do I
beginning of have
more. now?
What do I
want to

(acknowledging Silverstream School for this model)

Ideas from sport this morning - relationships / PRIDE basics revisited /

growth mindset - introduced or revisited
Playground issues on top for Juniors / games during class time they
could play at lunchtimes / PE shed / celebration afternoon? / element of
choice / making up own games - teaching others / after lunch reflections
- use seesaw as a tool / girls resilience needed to build up - skills for
them / setting up new friendships or celebrating trying new things or
playing a new game - how can we track it? / sociogram before and after
this unit as evidence of widening social circles / what if I have no one to
play with today / could we suggest some alternatives to the PE licence
system? / visit the PE shed - what can we use at playtimes - having a go
at things during class time so they know what they can use at playtimes
- role play / pick some equipment from the shed - then in groups have
to make up a game to use the equipment with and teach the class -
what does a game need? What PE movement skills do you need to be
able to play the game with success? Younger kids can just explore the
PE skills involved / what do we need to be able to play these games
better? Eg catching or shooting hoops - these are the skills we can
bring into fitness / crate of equipment - what could you create as a
game for this equipment - whole class doing the same equipment but in
different groups to come up with a game - agency & collaboration /
rules for safety - eg helmets or scooter track / could fitness be skilled
based and linked to the game we are learning or planning up / links to
english - writing about our games or friendships or feelings / I
statements - being able to articulate how you are feeling / art
activities / dealing with winning and losing / Debs idea of velcro name
to put under a heading of what they played today - by selves etc / use
of peer mediators / what is it about me that will make others want to
play with me? / end of term celebration - teach a buddy class a game
you have worked on / possible rotation of classes to teach each other
instead of assembly possibly? / how are students going to show student
agency by monitoring their use of PRIDE - how can they track deliberate
examples of when they used it? / can we be more explicit with our
discovery time so that it links in here too / reading links - shared
reading on topic / paper passed around the class or group to add things
that make you good to play with / bio bags / need to communicate to
the seniors who run the lunchtime games the types of games that
juniors like to play