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Short Conversation

7. Woman : What do usually do in weekend?

Man : I usually play tennisball. I love it so much.

Woman : I like reading some kinds of magazines, if I have spare time.

What are they talking about ?

A. Sport
B. their hobbies
C. their habits
D. kind of sport

8. Man : Good morning, Id like to book a flight Garuda irline for a week
on October 21 in the morning to Japan?
Woman : Sure, no problem, we have it at that time.

What is being reserved?

A. A single room
B. Airplane ticket
C. Train ticket
D. Teathre ticket

9. Man : Could we meet at 8.30 a.m. tomorrow morning? I need to talk

about our trip to Korea.
Woman : Yes, sure. Where is it?
Man : At Amor Restaurant.

What are they doing?

A. Talking about their trip
B. Reserving a restaurant
C. Making appoitment
D. Having a meeting

10.Woman : Didnt Putri go on vacation last week?

Man : She planned it to, but she got a flu. She stayed home sick all
Woman : Im sorry to hear that. I know she wanted to get away and see
a new place.

What was happen with Putri?

A. Woman was not interesting anything
B. The girl got a trouble.
C. The lady got faver
D. She was unwell

QUESTION 11, 12 and 13 refer to the following tips

Shopping online has become a part of our lives. But some still worry that their credit card
details will be given to the wrong person.

Online shoppers,

These are tips how to shop online safely:

1. Ensure that you know the identity, location and contact details of the online retailer.
2. Find out more information about the retailers reputation.
3. Find out information about billing, guarantees, and delivery before you buy.
4. Read the sites privacy policy
5. Only use secure website if you are transferring funds via the site.
6. Use a credit card with online fraud protection.
7. Last, dont forget to record all your purchase details.

11.What does the tips tell us about?

A. How to save money on online shopping
B. How to shop online safely
C. How to make credit card online
D. How to transfer money online

12.What should people do first according to the tips?

A. Knowing the retailers detail information
B. Reading the privacy policy
C. Reading the catalogue
D. Using credit card protection

13.What will people supposed to do?

A. They will buy goods online
B. They will spend much money on shopping
C. They will shop online carefully
D. They do not want to know

The dolphin show is coming down town during this holidays. There will be
two dolphins acrobatic action, sea lions, cockatoo and many other animals
showing unique actions. The show will begin on the first day. We give you
and your family a special 25% discount for the first two days tickets. You
will enjoy our great performance and your children will get unforgettable
experience about this shows. So, be the first and enjoy it.
14.What is coming down town during the holidays?
A. A circus show
B. A dolphin show
C. A fish show
D. A clowns show

15.How much discount they will get for the first two days ticket?
A. 10 %
B. 15 %
C. 20 %
D. 25 %