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Kirit Yagnik, India

Translator: Dr.Murli Padbidri

ur Rishis have given many
secrets in the Nadi books which

Kirit Kanyaiyalal Yagnik is born on show astounding results on

applying to the horoscopes. Sri R.G.Raos
30th June 1966. He started his book on Bhrigu Nandi Nadi mentions
astrological journey as young as 1998 about a rule regarding Retro. Jup under
horoscope no. 40.
with paramparic astrology and palmistry,
sarvatobhadra chakra and then in 2007
he started with KP astrology. In 2013 he Native will gain fame in a place other
shifted his passion to nadi astrology by than his native place.
joining the Saptarishis Astrology Nadi
Which means that natives having Retro.
classes in Mumbai. He is an avid learner Jup can have increase in their income and
and wishes to remain a student of growth in fame when they have shifted
astrology though he is a professional from their native place. When such
astrologer. natives continued to live in their native
place, they did not get income and fame
which they deserved [it does not mean that
everyone having retro Jupiter should shift
from their native birth place as other yogas
can also dominate in the chart, which is very
difficult to determine with our current knowledge SA Editor].

Some example horoscopes with Retro Jup are being given. Those who left their native
place gained in income and status. Those who stayed in their home town did not gain but
there was gain when they shifted to another place. They lost their wealth when they
returned to their native place.

Ex.1. Male 16/09/ 1950 02:00 am Morbi , Gujarat

The native born in Mithun Lagna has retro. Jup in the 9 th house. The native was employed
in Govt. College and had to move from his home town. He had a comfortable life so long
he was away from his home town. After retirement when he returned to his home town,
all his savings was spent in medical expenses. The native shifted to Rajkot, away from his
home town and started afresh as a goldsmith, his ancestral profession. His income
increased gradually .He is now leading a comfortable life.

Ex.2. Male 12/09/1974 04:02 pm Mumbai

Retro. Jup is in 2nd house in Kumbha rasi of this native born in Makar lagna. He is a
respectable person in Jhaveri Bazar, Mumbai. He shifted to Dubai and earned a lot of
money and fame. After his return to Mumbai, he is unhappy. This is due to the effect of

Ex. 3. Male 10/08/1948 9:49:00 am Mumbai

This horoscope belongs to the father of the native of example 2. He too went to Dubai
with his son. He earned a lot of money and fame there. A few years back, he returned to
India. Since then he is unhappy. The native has Virgo lagna. Retro .Jup. is in 3rd house. It
gave him name and money when he left his home town and unhappiness on return to his
Ex.4. Female 27/07/1960 17:50:00 Hyderabad

Retr. Jup occupies her Sagittarius Lagna. This lady shifted to Mumbai from Hyderabad.
That resulted in increase in her income. Presently, she is earning Rs.1,50,000/- a month.

Ex. 5. Male 22/09/1961 21:17:00 Colombo (Srilanka)

The native was born in Aries lagna. Retro Jup is in the 10th house in debilitation. He left
his birth place and settled down in Dubai. He earned a lot of money and fame.

For the observation of the readers, some birth details of the natives who have retro.Jup and
who moved away from their birth place are given. Each of them earned good money and
1). 01.10.1986 , 00.35 , Ahmadabad, now native is in Bangalore.
2) 20.05.1983 , 16.10 ,Borivali, Mumbai , now native is in Dubai .
3) 09.10.1970 , 16.55 , Sholapur, now native is in Pune .
4) 01.08.1984 , 10.10 , Dholka (Gujrat), now native is in Mumbai .
5) 06.06.1970 , 03.07 , Mumbai female, now native is in USA

Some examples of natives who have retro. Jup in their horoscopes and who remained in
their place of birth are also given. They failed to earn money and fame and remain

1) Female 02.10.1986 , 04.12 , Mumbai

2) Female 30.01.1992 , 11.05 , Mumbai
3) Male 21.12.1988 , 11.25 , Mumbai
4) Male 05.03.1968 , 02.50 , Mumbai
5) Male 13.01.1971 , 11.04, Sandad ( Gujarat )

Readers are requested not to take this verbatim but kindly test this with the composite
approach and post their results in the guest book section of the magazine.