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NAME: Courtney Wade

Lesson Shermans March To the Sea

8th grade
Level: Social Studies

Description of Learning Goals, Standards, Objectives
CC/GPSs: SS8H6 The student will analyze the impact of the Civil War and
Reconstruction on Georgia.
State the importance of key events of the Civil War; include
Antietam, the Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg,
Chickamauga, the Union blockade of Georgias coast,
Shermans Atlanta Campaign, Shermans March to the Sea, and

National Technology Communications Tools Students:

Use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, and
Standards interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.
: Use a variety of media and formats to communicate
information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.

Long- Students will understand the importance of Shermans march
Term and the impact it had on the American Civil War.
Goal or

ABCD At the end of the unit, the student will be able to explain
s or
in detail about the American Civil War.
Outcomes Students will be able to give dates, names of important
: people, as well as significant places.

Description of Assessment
Assessme Testing the knowledge of the students over the content
nt Plan:
learned will let the teacher know if they understood the
An activity presentation will show and prove if the
students have retained the information given on
Shermans march to the sea.

Description of Activities with Technology and Materials

Activity Background information from previous week lessons on the
Design: National Presidential Election of 1864.
starter Working back from initial videos of a burning city, to capture
and their attention and tell what Sherman is known for.
lesson Begin to explain the connection between Abraham Lincoln, The
connectio Union, and Sherman.

Dividing the classroom into two sides one for the
Teacher Confederate and the other for the Union and a few people
in between who were undecided or living in one area
activities: rooting for the opposing side.
We will discuss the feelings/ideas of both sides, focus on
the main players and their roles in the war.
Lets make a huge timeline on the board with actual
pictures of the people and places involved.
Followed by a video on Shermans march to the sea.
Also a small clip of Gone with the wind so they can see
the time period and the panic Sherman brought to
We will do most of this lesson as a class but break off into
Technolo smaller groups to come up with strategies to win the war.
gy What strategies, materials, etc. are you using to teach children
Connectio with exceptionalities?
n: 1. Timelines/Outlines
2. Concept Maps
and 3. Venn Diagrams

I will provide handouts of the timeline, the actual pictures to

add to our classroom timeline, and the videos.
Reflection on Lesson Design
Future Answer the following questions:
Actions :
I used the whats your objective handout to create my lesson
plan and follow the Georgia Performance Standards Rules.

Carefully plan out each individual activity and make sure they
follow the standards so my students will learn and be prepared.

I would add more activities because I think the topic could go so

many different ways. It was more than just the surface of
Sherman burning down everything.

Using the visual aids in technology assisted in conveying the

message of the lesson because it was more in depth and gave a
picture to the textbook readings.