22:04:09 From just me : awsome

22:04:21 From peter : i saw a show where people actually switch bodies
acroos galaxies
22:04:31 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : indeed recycled stargate actors lik
e with sanctuary which goes into abnormals and inner earth
22:04:45 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : who ?
22:04:47 From Sandra : any news re yrft?
22:04:49 From Susanna.C : the fifth eliment was on yesterday
22:04:51 From suzanna cat : LOL
22:04:54 From VIOLET : what are you talking about?
22:04:54 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : who cray cray more than us?
22:04:56 From Zachary : who are we talking about?
22:04:59 From Susanna.C : i saw the comments
22:05:01 From Delina : Who's that person?
22:05:05 From peter : who
22:05:07 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : who? i missed it?
22:05:10 From pauline Jamieson : just got here who we talking about
22:05:12 From dawn : who?
22:05:14 From Susanna.C : she was wayyyyy out there
22:05:18 From pauline Jamieson : lol
22:05:18 From L La : don't think its me!!
22:05:23 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lol
22:05:26 From peter : no i cant ignore NOW
22:05:28 From Burma Christie : we can't ignore lol
22:05:30 From maddtom . : Dark Matter for DLhttps://piratebay.red/s/?q=d
22:05:34 From James : Don't fee the trolls?
22:05:38 From Norm : Ignore the people behind the curtains
22:05:40 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : watch dark matter and Sanctuary and
22:05:41 From James : *feed
22:05:41 From peter : i have A tool in mine
22:05:45 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : and go
22:06:08 From Donna : too early
22:06:18 From just me : Dani flip your ash
22:06:19 From Donna : to be morning :)
22:06:26 From Anastasia Mantani : love yaaaaaaaaaa all
22:06:31 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hi Lisa! Hi Dani!
22:06:44 From Kristin : the only real sane show
22:06:46 From Zachary : me
22:06:49 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao
22:06:52 From Tracey Ledebur : so many leaps in consciousness
22:06:54 From Norm : and from LeeLoo
22:07:02 From Susanna.C : don't even know how i found you girls
22:07:06 From Zachary : been on the ride for 3 years tho
22:07:07 From Jerry Ledebur : my favorite ride
22:07:18 From Tracey Ledebur : wheeeeeeee!
22:07:22 From Zachary : hweee!
22:07:28 From Shannon : I joined because of the waiting room talk!
22:07:29 From pauline Jamieson : lol
22:07:33 From Susanna.C : last july i think
22:07:39 From Earl Thibert : hehe
22:07:42 From Tracy Jackson : love the disempowering of the fuckery .
22:07:45 From Tracey Ledebur : beyond the beyond
22:07:45 From sarahrobertson : SAME!
22:07:45 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Round and round and round we go!
22:07:47 From casie : October for me
22:07:50 From Zachary : all of it is irrelivant if its in the construct
22:07:54 From Joo Lee : me too
22:07:57 From Jina Fergus : I was just thinking irrelevant.
22:08:07 From peter : last March for me almost 1 year
22:08:12 From James : Yeah, I get that, all the fuckery is just white n
22:08:14 From Anastasia Mantani : found you last spring...mandela for m
22:08:22 From Jina Fergus : #itsallahollogram
22:08:40 From suzanna cat : LOL
22:08:41 From vlatka : i have to pee and I so want to hear what
22:08:45 From Jina Fergus : script my ass
22:08:52 From peter : can we talk about TIME and What the fuck is happe
ning with it?
22:08:52 From Tracey Ledebur : a hollographic carnivale!
22:08:59 From Henk Reintke : no script D
22:09:04 From suzanna cat : magic roundabout
22:09:17 From peter : i am in a presonal time machine lately
22:09:26 From peter : personal
22:09:27 From Kristin : we are at the tipping point. So close
22:09:27 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao Kaplow!!!!!
22:09:31 From Susanna.C : i think am seeing rips in time
22:09:35 From Karl from Canada : i want to say something on the mandela
effect and how it is affecting individuals possibly on a weekly basis without t
hem realising it happened..
22:09:43 From Susanna.C : and see thinks coing through it
22:09:46 From Tracey Ledebur : whooshing of da hook
22:09:48 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : too kaplow internally to even bothe
r with the external lol
22:09:48 From Susanna.C : things sorry
22:09:52 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I go back to the days with Blog Ta
lk Radio when OPPT Filings were first released: OPT-IN Show...
22:10:16 From peter : i have no one here thanks Ladies
22:10:16 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : We hit 200! Now what?
22:10:19 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : no soup for you
22:10:22 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lol
22:10:26 From L La : TY SO MUCH LISA
22:10:26 From Zachary : haha
22:10:27 From Julianne : LOL Rosemary
22:10:27 From Jerry Ledebur : OPRT usually hits in the low 200s
22:10:27 From Anastasia Mantani : my cat came in I closed the window he
comes in from...2 hrs later he tapped on the window to come in ...lol
22:10:30 From Tulla Hills : hahaha!!!
22:10:35 From peter : lol
22:10:42 From peter : really????????????
22:10:42 From Karl from Canada : i remember seeing 220 as an average in
the zoom group
22:10:44 From Merce Garrido : me too Joseph and even before with Lisas´ i
22:10:44 From Burma Christie : I don't have many around here to chat wi
th...I agree Lisa
22:10:48 From Martian mud-monkey : TY Lisa
22:10:49 From suzanna cat : ne nahne nahhhhhh
22:10:49 From Jayling : right Jerry, I normally see it around the 229 m
ark or so
22:10:56 From Susanna.C : what have you experienced ladies
22:11:14 From Tracy Jackson : process is a good word
22:11:18 From Martian mud-monkey : chat to me burma....i have no one ei
22:11:19 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : 111 pacific time :D
22:11:19 From Merce Garrido : but today it won´t be abel to be more for i
t was to expensive for Lisa
22:11:29 From d : 2211 here
22:11:38 From Tracey Ledebur : 411 here
22:11:42 From Zachary : 411
22:11:51 From peter : tracey EST
22:11:51 From Merce Garrido : yup here also 22:11
22:11:55 From Susanna.C : 22.11 here
22:11:57 From Burma Christie : 414
22:11:58 From Anastasia Mantani : 911 here lol
22:11:59 From Holly Lindin : 1.11 :D
22:11:59 From pauline Jamieson : 21.11
22:12:00 From dawn : 3:11
22:12:13 From peter : centered time maybe
22:12:18 From shona : 21.12
22:12:29 From Norm : Friday was a helluva day for me - inadvertently di
dn't wear my heavy coat and over chilled my normally very healthy body mid day,
subsequently the body was doing all sorts of weird crap & I had to swap a Sympho
ny ticket that evening to Sunday afternoon. Returned home and slept the clock a
round twice - the concert yesterday was good - now mostly recovered
22:12:30 From Johnny : weekends are blurring into weekdays
22:12:30 From Tracey Ledebur : friday night the energies started moving
22:12:32 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : like our intra vertebral spaces exp
anding and contracting with the electromagneti
22:12:32 From Jean Lindsay : 8.09
22:12:35 From just me : times up
22:12:35 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : and gravity
22:12:51 From just me : 11:11
22:12:51 From Kenneth Lembo : There are no words
22:12:52 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : 4:12 for me: EST
22:13:08 From jennifer : 3:11 central
22:13:11 From Julianne : yep
22:13:14 From Tracey Ledebur : it's all quantum from this point on meth
22:13:15 From just me : daylight savings time?
22:13:15 From sarahrobertson : I heard/read something the other day of
us being in the time of no time but can’t remember where i heard it. I thought of
the show before last.
22:13:15 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
22:13:20 From Susanna.C : i had that exitement feeling last weekend
22:13:25 From Jerry Ledebur : agree Tracey
22:13:30 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : like a spiral revisiting items at t
imes and seeing things toootally differently
22:13:32 From peter : and past experiences being understood by being br
ought back to them
22:13:38 From Susanna.C : something is about to happen
22:13:40 From Kristin : solar eclipse energy was amazing
22:13:44 From Tulla Hills : despair
22:13:45 From dawn : Lisa, you speak for so many people
22:13:47 From peter : bigtime with my past
22:13:51 From Burma Christie : like the movie Arrivel
22:13:52 From sarahrobertson : Been crying lately for no reason
22:13:57 From Tulla Hills : yep
22:14:01 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : tears lasted from 2005 to 2017 to m
e so far
22:14:06 From just me : been there done that
22:14:11 From Jean Lindsay : A few friends of mine are now at the stage
of let me outta here
22:14:12 From Merce Garrido : yeap
22:14:14 From peter : it hurts to see what I have done
22:14:15 From Loma : definately makes sense to me NO TIME, I ve been li
ving in timelessness as much as possible for awhile now....some tears have been
comming too!!!
22:14:15 From dawn : sobbing
22:14:18 From Connie Townsend : this is what the eclipse was all about,
22:14:22 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : huge somatoemotional release
22:14:23 From Kristin : crying is a form of release
22:14:25 From Amber Moksha : constantly
22:14:29 From Merce Garrido : oh yes - had today a trigger
22:14:35 From sarahrobertson : Yes
22:14:35 From Sandra : yep daily
22:14:37 From peter : but I feel like I am there in the past
22:14:40 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : layers of years of trauma genetic a
nd otherwise
22:14:40 From Susanna.C : are ppl telling you this ?
22:14:40 From suzanna cat : Been like that for years
22:14:42 From Steph A : went through this ages ago and it does get bett
er and you do conme out at the other end
22:14:50 From Burma Christie : it s us healing
22:14:50 From Debbie Horn : yes tears over the tinest thoughts
22:14:51 From L La : crying to balance emotional body!
22:14:52 From peter : or should have died?
22:14:56 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : tricked
22:15:02 From Cindy : yes Steph
22:15:02 From Karl from Canada : some things you read can set you off a
s you think them so sad it feels so intense
22:15:04 From Tracey Ledebur : had that all a week ago...mega...so happ
y it s finally shifted here
22:15:04 From Burma Christie : at the deepest level
22:15:07 From suzanna cat : empty
22:15:12 From James : Always had a lck of trust
22:15:13 From Aaron Woffinden : fear, blame, hostility, shame
22:15:18 From just me : raise your frequency
22:15:27 From Tulla Hills : shame
22:15:29 From Susanna.C : think i been there a couple of months ago
22:15:31 From Merce Garrido : why Just?
22:15:35 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : and how its huge ripping the band a
id off
22:15:43 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : for those ignoring it
22:15:45 From dawn : the inner journey can be scary
22:15:46 From Jerry Ledebur : gotta work through it
22:15:49 From Tracey Ledebur : there is a light at the end of it all...
22:15:52 From Tracy White U.K : i need to cry but can’t
22:15:56 From Connie Townsend : You have to Face Your Fears
22:16:02 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : thats why a lot of people are losin
g their shit
22:16:03 From Burma Christie : what effects the heart, effects the body
22:16:06 From James : Acclimatizing to what?
22:16:08 From Aaron Woffinden : renormalizing?
22:16:08 From Norm : yup - the Friday experience was much purging - lit
erally of stuff I was eating, but not continuously, - it wasn t a nausea flue s
ymptom - just intermittent - and extreme fatigue
22:16:11 From Jerry Ledebur : acclimate to the newness
22:16:18 From Kristin : tracy, use some onions to push tears out :)
22:16:24 From Mia: house of Kelley : Me neither, Tracy - just down in t
he dumps, borderline depressed, but can’t cry :-(
22:16:25 From L La : lovffing...loving/laughing
22:16:29 From just me : plasma?
22:16:36 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : different water densities organs wi
thin the overall body we are part of micro/macro
22:16:39 From Debbie Horn : get choked up and tears over sentimenal mem
es on fb
22:16:39 From Holly Lindin : I went through exactly this in December.
Lost all passion for everything that I love SO very much, I couldn’t work ‘cause of
less motivation than I’ve ever experienced, and I would dissolve into tears for no
reason whatsoever randomly throughout the day and night! VERY intense energies
. And it was especially weird ‘cause I literally woke up one day and didn’t wanna g
et outta bed. It lasted for about two and a half weeks. And then, just as quic
kly as it started, I woke up one day, and suddenly I was excited and back to wor
k and motivated and passionate again! It really felt as though someone had turn
ed off a switch for me and then turned it back on a few weeks later!
22:16:41 From Tracy White U.K : totally Mia
22:16:47 From Connie Townsend : My crystal is pointing at me and the li
ght is reflecting the colors pink and blue :)
22:16:52 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : cymatics
22:16:55 From L La : align
22:16:56 From Holly Lindin : Everything from my childhood (stuff I’d alre
ady cleansed and moved on from) came up too and was super sad and disappointing.
22:16:58 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : wringing you out
22:17:00 From Susanna.C : getting rid of your shit
22:17:03 From Tracey Ledebur : purge and purify
22:17:04 From phillip s : Adjust and retune frequencies
22:17:04 From Jayling : awesome Connie :)
22:17:05 From just me : unity
22:17:05 From Jenny Thomas : Harmonising.
22:17:05 From James : Take a big energetic dump?
22:17:08 From Amber Moksha : align yep
22:17:13 From peter : i have found that binural beats at 536hz helps ce
nter me
22:17:14 From Zachary : mhm
22:17:16 From casie : no more crying as of new year, purging physically
, serious hot flashes, and skin issues i never had before last yr
22:17:17 From Loma : It is EXACTLY raising your frequency Lisa
22:17:19 From sarahrobertson : More dreams
22:17:19 From Tracy Jackson : i m finally not feeling depressed. i
am looking so very forward to going home .
22:17:22 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : Shuman takes the shit out of the hu
man lol
22:17:27 From Kenneth Lembo : old bggage releasing can t take it with y
22:17:39 From Susanna.C : harmonizing the energies
22:17:40 From Norm : membrane, or veil
22:17:42 From cuba perkovic : how many participants can be in the room
now ? only 200 ???
22:17:43 From Chris Breakspear : lol rosemary
22:17:43 From Jeff Gates : Get rid of trapped energy
22:17:48 From just me : take a dump
22:17:50 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : take a shower before jumping into t
he pool
22:17:54 From just me : sort of say
22:17:55 From d : max 200
22:17:57 From Tracey Ledebur : a place to strip and redress ourselves
22:18:01 From cuba perkovic : ok thanks
22:18:02 From Jean Lindsay : lisa \i watched the Dark Crystal again the
other day and the colour that the crystal exudes is used to control the "pods"
is pink.
22:18:03 From Joo Lee : spring cleaning
22:18:04 From peter : i didnt even remember some of the shit I have bee
n dreaming lately
22:18:05 From Kristin : solar eclipse energy helped with deep release
22:18:08 From Kenneth Lembo : shit
22:18:13 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : fluid dynamic baby lmao
22:18:21 From dawn : yep, chest pain has released
22:18:22 From Elizabeth Rose : Whoa! Me too! and my mom
22:18:22 From Tracey Ledebur : distilled water helps tons
22:18:23 From Jina Fergus : mucus machine
22:18:25 From pauline Jamieson : mucus thing started with me again
22:18:26 From Earl Thibert : yep yep
22:18:28 From Susanna.C : yes
22:18:28 From Dawn Hart : hot flashes
22:18:29 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : the inner tsunamis
22:18:30 From just me : tears for fears
22:18:30 From Jaqueline Raye : YES
22:18:31 From Carn DW : coughing..
22:18:32 From Chris Breakspear : yep
22:18:32 From Cindy : yes
22:18:33 From evelien : yep
22:18:33 From Nancy Lynn : anyone else with sore jaw and kind of ear ac
22:18:34 From sarahrobertson : yes
22:18:34 From Zachary : my mom is having back pain
22:18:34 From Jayling : sinus
22:18:35 From peter : sore legs
22:18:35 From Elizabeth Rose : mucus indeed
22:18:36 From Connie Townsend : mucus going on 3 months now
22:18:37 From Tracy White U.K : tom tits for 2 days
22:18:37 From A : yes
22:18:37 From Blair Bierman : mucus started again, here
22:18:43 From maggie : yep for months now
22:18:43 From Caterina : no mucs here
22:18:45 From casie : mucus here
22:18:45 From Tracy Jackson : yup
22:18:47 From peter : numb legs actually
22:18:50 From Jina Fergus : yes chunky
22:18:50 From Bae : yes lots of sinus, mucus
22:18:52 From Angela Cope : hot flashes and I m 61
22:18:52 From suzanna cat : THROAT AMD SINUS FOR AGES NOW
22:18:52 From dawn : not like Max Spiers?
22:18:55 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : just tar from old years of smoking
22:18:56 From Susanna.C : my son says he has that black mucus
22:18:56 From sarahrobertson : black specks in my mucus that i cough up
22:18:58 From Loma : some "heart pain" too
22:19:03 From Delina : OH my GOD I ve had the worst week of Divertic
ulitis ever!
22:19:27 From Dawn Hart : my neighbor went into the hospital with colon
issues and he is 25
22:19:32 From Susanna.C : yes i have the black specks
22:19:35 From just me : my fu------ ears ring sooo much
22:19:38 From James : Its a trap
22:19:38 From casie : this week started chest pressure feeling
22:19:45 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : it conducts toxins out of the body
but the body has to be open to release it
22:19:53 From peter : is it that gel we talk about
22:19:58 From Burma Christie : the ringing in the ears...is off and on.
22:19:59 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : viscous compliance
22:20:02 From suzanna cat : SPOTTY MULDOON
22:20:02 From Zachary : yeah ear ringing all over
22:20:04 From cuba perkovic : Lisa I like your hair <3
22:20:08 From Karl from Canada : my ears have been ringing like crazy t
his week along with skin itching like crazy
22:20:15 From A : yes to skin issues
22:20:17 From Jeanette Edwards : zits
22:20:18 From Kristin : mucous is stuck suppresssed negative emotions
22:20:18 From Jayling : ear ringing went off the charts last night, so
much louder than ‘normal’
22:20:19 From L La : organ waste= mucous. more dancing fix for mucous
22:20:19 From casie : eaes finally seem to have stop ringing
22:20:20 From Carn DW : yes! skin. I had a fungi rash!
22:20:21 From peter : YA pimples and I am 54
22:20:25 From Gem : Yep itching is unbearable
22:20:32 From just me : i cant hear myself think
22:20:32 From peter : wtf
22:20:32 From Dawn Hart : I have them on my skin too
22:20:37 From Jean Lindsay : you still look lovely though Dani :)
22:20:39 From Connie Townsend : this is gross, but when I cough, globs
of muscus has flown out of my mouth.
22:20:40 From Aaron Woffinden : major skin issues, heals very fast
22:20:42 From maggie : yes spots at 50 its a joke
22:20:43 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : biggest organ of detoxification is
the skin….also same layer emboylogicaly that forms the brain
22:20:44 From AnthonyS : yes itching dry flaky skin
22:20:46 From sarahrobertson : I am getting hives constantly
22:20:52 From Karl from Canada : not spots as i remember, more a liquid
22:20:54 From Dreamcatcher <3 : i feel in limbo with the construct and
the waiting room ...i agree with others no more heavy negative energy
22:20:55 From pauline Jamieson : Same here @ Maggie
22:20:57 From Carn DW : yes!!
22:21:00 From Jeanette Edwards : yup
22:21:00 From Gem : and sneezing
22:21:01 From jennifer : yes me for sure
22:21:01 From phillip s : lol
22:21:02 From Nancy Lynn : yep me too , age 54
22:21:04 From Connie Townsend : I’m 54 and breaking out OMG
22:21:05 From Chris Breakspear : yep zits & im 45
22:21:05 From Tracey Ledebur : using salt scrubs with coconut oil helpi
ng me
22:21:06 From cuba perkovic : Dani you look like a girl <3 and Lisa is
different I mean you look also great
22:21:07 From Angela Cope : both thumbs are peeling
22:21:11 From Jina Fergus : exactly D it gets pushed out
22:21:12 From pauline Jamieson : Yes Connie me too
22:21:15 From Susanna.C : heat flashes
22:21:16 From Jayling : yup, over 60 here and they’ve been popping up out
of nowhere
22:21:21 From Alison White : 51 and picking pimples like a 14 year old
all weekend long
22:21:22 From Burma Christie : we need to get all this shit out
22:21:23 From Dawn Hart : hot flashes too
22:21:24 From Burma Christie : l OK
22:21:27 From Chantelle Kennedy : lots of mucus left ear is out of cont
rol ringing feeling faint and chest very heavy
22:21:27 From Holly Lindin : The last two weeks, I’ve been dealing with a
few bruises that I never remember creating (like bumping into stuff), and one i
n particular won’t go away and never changes. Has anyone dealt with anything like
22:21:29 From jennifer : absolutily
22:21:30 From Kristin : dry skin brushing helps detox it
22:21:36 From shanman : take sulpher pills for the skin detox ,
22:21:46 From Burma Christie : cupping helps
22:21:53 From Gem : and still very dizzy - especially when out of the
22:21:55 From casie : i have had to go to dr over how bad my skin has b
ecome after 46yrs good skin
22:21:55 From pauline Jamieson : Im taking homeopathic Graphites
22:21:56 From Norm : I need to drink more water on a regular basis, ano
ther friend posted some historic info in their FB page about Water = Liquid Elec
22:22:06 From Bae : so, like a purge since it s coming and healing fast
22:22:09 From Susanna.C : should you take something because isn t this
suposse to come out
22:22:09 From Lou Whom : the skin is know a the 3rd lung
22:22:12 From Jean Lindsay : yes Holly - i ve had a bruise on my leg fo
r 2 years - nothing appears to wrong only the bruising.
22:22:14 From suzanna cat : MINE DONT HEAL QUICKLY
22:22:17 From peter : OH Mumps outbreak here in Toronto WTF
22:22:20 From A : yeah i been getting dizzy a lot
22:22:24 From just me : sweat like a pig
22:22:27 From Amber Moksha : apple cider vinegar and baking soda
22:22:28 From Jeanette Edwards : cut my finger cooking yesterday and it
s almost healed today
22:22:29 From jennifer : yes didstilled all the way for 10 years now
22:22:32 From Tracy White U.K : i’ve lost weight without even trying????
22:22:33 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : when i did a heavy metal detox it i
n 2006 it came out like pewter colored metal that came out of my thighs as i swe
ated in my white long johns. I freaked but was thankful that wasn’t floating aroun
d may body any more.
22:22:34 From Jina Fergus : all you can drink!
22:22:38 From d : suzzane message me later and i can help!
22:22:39 From Carn DW : convo is making me feel ill.. eww
22:22:40 From Dawn Hart : I have lost weight too
22:22:40 From Holly Lindin : Jean, that is super weird! I’ve never exper
ienced that. I’ve been wondering because it’s so weird if it was some sort of alien
-connected something-or-other.
22:22:44 From Tracey Ledebur : breathing focus ..so helpful too
22:22:46 From Amber Moksha : lemon juice in my water or apple cider in
my water all the time
22:22:52 From Holly Lindin : Because it’s just so weird. :P
22:22:52 From Jeanette Edwards : I lost 20 pounds
22:22:55 From Burma Christie : a lot of odd spiritual stuff lately
22:23:01 From maggie : cold night sweats to the point I have to dry mys
22:23:01 From Jeanette Edwards : yes
22:23:02 From Zachary : yup
22:23:02 From casie : yes
22:23:05 From Burma Christie : things being knocked over
22:23:06 From A : yes
22:23:09 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : indeed freaky stuff sometimes
22:23:09 From dawn : yes, shadows
22:23:13 From Jeanette Edwards : energy
22:23:14 From Elizabeth Rose : @D What about the WITCHES cursing DONALD
22:23:19 From ArkaSol - : loosing weight a lot in past 10 years...from
a12 size jeans down to a 2 Perite aize now
22:23:21 From Jeanette Edwards : feel it
22:23:25 From peter : WTF I dont see them but I hear and feel them
22:23:26 From Dawn Hart : I have always had those experiences
22:23:28 From just me : black satillites in the sky
22:23:28 From Jeanette Edwards : yup
22:23:30 From jennifer : just when im about to go into rem sleep i hear
someone call my nae!!!
22:23:34 From Jean Lindsay : weird |||||Holly
22:23:34 From Aaron Woffinden : yes the people on the periphery
22:23:34 From Dawn Hart : since I woke up especially
22:23:37 From jennifer : name
22:23:39 From Karl from Canada : movement out of the centre of my eyes
22:23:40 From Loma : definately 4d beings and others
22:23:42 From Debbie Horn : i hear someone breathing next to me and it
stops when i look towards it
22:23:49 From Chris Breakspear : yep
22:23:49 From Holly Lindin : Right Jean? I wonder what it’s connected to
22:23:49 From Earl Thibert : yep
22:23:49 From Candice Polglase : yusss
22:23:52 From dawn : yes
22:23:52 From Zachary : yep
22:23:53 From Jeanette Edwards : on the head
22:23:53 From Gem : Hearing things that are definitely not normal and a
ctually so loud it sounded like a PSA system going off
22:23:54 From Susanna.C : i have that hearing all sorts if things seein
g those rips and beings come out
22:23:54 From Jina Fergus : yep
22:23:55 From Norm : I love distilled water - but lost my source a coup
le years back - when our Natural Foods store switched to a large DeIonizer machi
ne instead of their former water distiller processer.
22:23:56 From Tracy Jackson : not me
22:23:56 From A : yep
22:23:57 From Shannon : Touched- feels like cold water!
22:23:58 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yup
22:23:58 From Tracey Ledebur : yes...got tapped on the neck the other d
22:24:00 From Earl Thibert : yep
22:24:03 From Jeanette Edwards : back
22:24:03 From casie : hearing name called
22:24:05 From Jeanette Edwards : arms
22:24:05 From kristel tempest : yep
22:24:08 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : wind blowing in face
22:24:10 From Chris Breakspear : yep on my leg
22:24:12 From Burma Christie : and feel that someone is present in the
22:24:13 From Jayling : I watched a little boy vanish before my eyes on
Friday afternoon, security cameras even confirm the disappearance
22:24:15 From Gem : And not in english either - very foreign language
22:24:15 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : over third eye
22:24:15 From maggie : like spider webs on your face
22:24:16 From Beth Crabb : yes like i m being worked on at night
22:24:19 From sarahrobertson : hearing voices, music, seeing shadows or
people or animals that are long passed.
22:24:22 From Anastasia Mantani : this freaks me out...not ready for th
is conversation...
22:24:26 From peter : hear someone get up Nothing! sit down hear it aga
in, get up Gone again
22:24:26 From just me : our wallmart was tottaly out of distilled water
22:24:27 From L La : yes..constant companions!
22:24:30 From Holly Lindin : I’ve been getting buzzing on my crown chakra
for a few weeks, which is also something I’ve never experienced before. It’s like
the excited feeling you get in your stomach when something fun is about to happe
n, but with my head! :P
22:24:31 From jennifer : yes... i hear them as in going to sleep talkin
g clear as say
22:24:32 From ArkaSol - : smell smoke in mynhouse where no one smokes
22:24:44 From jennifer : day
22:24:44 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : tickling inside on top of skull lik
e static
22:24:50 From Holly Lindin : Yes Rosemary!
22:24:54 From Holly Lindin : It’s much like static!
22:24:55 From Trish : clingy animals
22:24:55 From Jean Lindsay : yep
22:25:04 From Shannon : Have had a hard time holding onto things, too--
dropping them. Like balance is off too
22:25:05 From peter : whats with that left right exit stuff that yellow
rose talks about
22:25:09 From Holly Lindin : Or kinda like the pins and needles from yo
ur leg falling asleep. :)
22:25:18 From Debbie Horn : off balance
22:25:20 From James : yeah, I get that
22:25:21 From Zachary : mhm
22:25:25 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : spinal alignments are wild I’ve been
bumping into walls like I’m on a cruise ship going all over the place on the dance
floor lol
22:25:25 From Burma Christie : off kilter
22:25:30 From pauline Jamieson : off kilter
22:25:31 From sarahrobertson : YES!! I feel that way too!
22:25:37 From Tracey Ledebur : i ve been floating in pink energy since
that call...seeing pink everywhere now
22:25:39 From Debbie Horn : yes
22:25:48 From Debbie Horn : yes
22:25:53 From Susanna.C : i had a nap and it felt like my body was doin
g a wave motion
22:25:59 From just me : faces in the clouds
22:26:03 From Debbie Horn : breathing
22:26:10 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yes
22:26:10 From Dreamcatcher <3 : i get the chills/tingle alot
22:26:13 From kristel tempest : yes
22:26:16 From Tulla Hills : yes
22:26:16 From Zachary : yup
22:26:16 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : spot now bing
22:26:17 From casie : yes
22:26:17 From peter : i wish I could feel energies like that
22:26:17 From Holly Lindin : Oh yes with the manifestation!
22:26:18 From Susanna.C : yes
22:26:18 From kristel tempest : and ye
22:26:19 From Tulla Hills : and yes
22:26:19 From Jeanette Edwards : yup
22:26:19 From AnthonyS : yes
22:26:20 From L La : yes n yes
22:26:20 From Julianne : yes
22:26:21 From dawn : manifest is quick
22:26:22 From Henk Reintke : yes
22:26:23 From Burma Christie : the manifest is off the charts
22:26:23 From jennifer : yes manifesting like crazy
22:26:23 From Jean Lindsay : pretty well
22:26:24 From Tracey Ledebur : yes..manifesting like crazyy since frida
22:26:24 From Candice Polglase : yuss
22:26:26 From A : yes
22:26:32 From Jean Lindsay : always Dani
22:26:32 From Karl from Canada : That Mandela effect Lisa is what i wan
ted to mention... i think it happens alot to people and they don t realise it...
i have been driving when it happens and i don t recognise where i am for a few
seconds then i seem to syncronise with my new state and i suddenlt know where i
22:26:37 From Melanie Worland : manifesting is fast
22:26:39 From sandi : thumping in right ear & manifest
22:26:46 From cuba perkovic : Lisa is it like a breeze wind ???
22:26:54 From Susanna.C : there is this spot on my back as if something
is attached to it
22:26:55 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yes
22:26:59 From Tracey Ledebur : yes...felt just like a finger tip
22:27:00 From Burma Christie : also someone present strong
22:27:01 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : a hairs breath away
22:27:02 From Jeanette Edwards : blowing on my face
22:27:04 From Dawn Hart : yep
22:27:06 From Norm : LOL - I can observe manifesting in certain aspects
/topics but others seem to remain obstructed
22:27:07 From Susanna.C : and its a push pull feeling
22:27:08 From Kristin : angels ? :)
22:27:08 From Zachary : back of the next just now
22:27:08 From Burma Christie : presences *
22:27:08 From sara ann hume : Ive been able to touch spirits physicall
y for 12yrs, I always have spirits around me, when they try to enter me they a
lways come from the right. I get touched all the time :-)
22:27:10 From Zachary : neck
22:27:15 From sarahrobertson : I am constantly getting what feels like
energy that starts in my lower back and shoots up my spine out of my head and th
en down my legs and out my arms. very intense
22:27:16 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : blowing on the face and top of the
22:27:17 From Debbie Horn : i feel their breath on me
22:27:21 From jennifer : narrative falling away
22:27:22 From peter : i have procognitive abilities like crazy though,
I hear phone before it rings i can tell what people are going to say before they
say it, just in the past month or so
22:27:26 From Renee : yes. at night
22:27:32 From Melanie Worland : BTW, I said to Jayling, ME s show up af
ter these shifts....was it where is Carmen Diego or SanDiego? Now shows SanDieg
o...not in my timeline
22:27:33 From dawn : D, there are 200 in room, can Lisa get in
22:27:37 From L La : its a support system from..….out there!!!!!
22:27:43 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : rain just kicked up a notch over he
re big time
22:27:51 From peter : lisa is still here
22:27:56 From dawn : ok
22:27:58 From Anastasia Mantani : freaks me out still...can t hack it..
.not ready do it. what if it is negative energies?
22:28:27 From stoxygirl : Has anyone seen the Glade commercial? A woma
n goes through a wall of water to the other side. She is in a long white hallwa
y with many doors than she goes to another room where the room is pink. It’s wil
d, the commercial depicts what Lisa sees!
22:28:31 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : we all felt the crazy dreams that n
22:28:45 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : its all good here
22:28:46 From Jean Lindsay : wow
22:28:50 From Anastasia Mantani : the energy...the tapping
22:29:00 From pauline Jamieson : wow
22:29:00 From Anastasia Mantani : the others so to speak
22:29:01 From Susanna.C : i think this is a faith matter
22:29:09 From Jeanette Edwards : keep dreaming about ice breaking falli
ng through
22:29:09 From cuba perkovic : stoxy can you put a Link for that commerc
ial please ?!
22:29:09 From Susanna.C : trust it or not
22:29:12 From Zachary : can your next doing be collapsing the matrix"no
22:29:13 From sarahrobertson : Totally have been thinking of you guys t
his past week/end because of all of these energies that I have been feeling and
not sure what is going on! But have felt you guys
22:29:17 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : its just like the number synchronic
ity but more personal
22:29:26 From kristel tempest : though normal for my house hold to have
multipie energies engaging with the whole family but it has been more prodomina
te lately with things moving people calling our names, knocks on the door and
tapping moving wind stuff etc.... interesting that we are all feeling it
22:29:33 From dawn : the veil is really really thin
22:29:34 From stoxygirl : I looked for it, I couldn’t find it. I saw it
on TV
22:29:40 From Tracy White U.K : i get a pins and needles tingling sensa
tion but only in my back and i know something is near
22:29:46 From Susanna.C : the veil is thin yes
22:29:47 From Karl from Canada : i have slept like crazy this last few
days.... can t help it
22:29:50 From kristel tempest : nope
22:29:51 From alisontaylor : Randy Maugans with Smuel Asher - he has be
en taken to an alternative negative feeling reality and can get out of it by say
ing He does not consent. Others are there an confused. Happens in dreamtime at
22:29:54 From kristel tempest : no negative
22:29:55 From Susanna.C : thats the rips am meaning
22:29:55 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : a lot of old fears are coming up to
be released
22:30:00 From sara ann hume : Im getting a weird tapping noise in my e
ars lately as well as the tones
22:30:01 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : mirroring back
22:30:02 From L La : CLEAR your space, push outwards
22:30:03 From casie : no neg
22:30:05 From Zachary : i feel like im in a box
22:30:06 From Steph A : it s been nice here for a good while, no negati
ve things around
22:30:07 From Susanna.C : they are trying to come through or connect
22:30:12 From Shannon : Saw the Schmuel interview with Randy too...very
22:30:16 From kristel tempest : yep
22:30:16 From Zachary : and that box is opening
22:30:17 From Candice Polglase : so much awesomeness follows and confor
mation comes through for me
22:30:17 From Holly Lindin : Challenge is an opportunity! :D
22:30:19 From Amber Moksha : exactly, yet some folks here, likely are s
till clearing energy around the program of good/bad
22:30:26 From Anastasia Mantani : I think it is still my baggage...stil
l working through it and it scares me...problem with trust
22:30:26 From Zachary : but its sooo slow
22:30:29 From Shannon : But the touching I m feeling is not negative.
Feels playful
22:30:34 From just me : is the ringing due to harp
22:30:40 From Amber Moksha : exactly
22:30:40 From Connie Townsend : Trust that gut feeling
22:30:44 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : dream interpretations always say th
at everything is a mirror or aspect of ourselves to heal
22:30:44 From Burma Christie : and live in the now
22:30:45 From sarahrobertson : Exactly, Lisa. I feel the truth in that
22:30:46 From Nancy : ARPS = angular rotation of particle spin
22:30:48 From Candice Polglase : so true about trusting your abiliites
22:30:51 From Anastasia Mantani : working through it
22:30:59 From Norm : I participated in the first two Tapping Conference
s - which were very uplifting. It no longer seems to have anything new for me c
ompared to many blessings of Peak Experiences - thought the first 2 years were v
ery good for me.
22:30:59 From Henk Reintke : I smel roosses all the tym
22:31:02 From casie : trusting myself first question everything else
22:31:03 From Alison White : The touches and movement I have been feeli
ng around me has felt like my cat that passed 2 month ago. So I have a warm feel
ing that she simply wants to stay near me.
22:31:04 From sandi : agree with Lisa....trust biggest thing
22:31:05 From Jeanette Edwards : anxiety
22:31:07 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : i smell gardenias alot
22:31:09 From Susanna.C : hey Henk
22:31:13 From Cindy : You can lick this Anastatia
22:31:15 From Cindy : lol
22:31:18 From Holly Lindin : Awww, as a kitty mama Alison, that’s wonderf
ul. :)
22:31:29 From phillip s : fork in the road
22:31:36 From Aaron Woffinden : wow
22:31:37 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : surprise!!!!
22:31:43 From Alison White : Henk I have been smelling perfumes as well
randomly in places that there should be no scents..
22:31:46 From Cindy : yes Allison
22:31:46 From dawn : all these are just the party favors
22:31:52 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : right still in the effects fluid dy
namic wise
22:31:56 From Alison White : Thanks Cindy!
22:31:57 From peter : didnt see it here in the north
22:31:58 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : farctica
22:32:00 From Anastasia Mantani : love you people...you are my lifeline
22:32:05 From Burma Christie : lol Dani
22:32:09 From Amber Moksha : again... even the eclipse is just part of
this hologram
22:32:09 From Henk Reintke : hi Susanna
22:32:10 From Tulla Hills : what is this about evacuation
22:32:12 From Zachary : the eclipse that they said wouldnt happen for a
nother 70 years 2 years ago
22:32:13 From peter : heard that too
22:32:17 From ArkaSol - : exlipse while people are entairtained by the
Oscars.... hum!!!
22:32:18 From sarahrobertson : Alison White- I get that too!! they remi
nd me of my grandmothers
22:32:18 From Zachary : 68 years early
22:32:18 From kristel tempest : hmmmmm interesting!!!
22:32:21 From Jayling : I caught footage of a dragon flying across the
face of the sun yesterday morning
22:32:23 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : not confirmed
22:32:26 From Candice Polglase : pppftt
22:32:29 From Amber Moksha : elcipse is programing
22:32:31 From Susanna.C : we do need something like a pill to make thin
g plosible to us but we don t need it anymore
22:32:32 From Sam : Been pooring rain here in the san diego mountains
22:32:32 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : just farctica ness
22:32:33 From Alison White : Yes Sarah!
22:32:34 From dawn : put that info to the side until confirmation
22:32:34 From Lou Whom : tracks to GLP forum I call BS
22:32:34 From Karl from Canada : and that special forces are moving in
to antartica...
22:32:36 From Blair Bierman : rare
22:32:37 From Tulla Hills : rare
22:32:41 From sara ann hume : Ive been in a misty static bubble for ab
out 12yrs, I can see it swirling around me all the time and I can see the air to
o :-)
22:32:42 From peter : well they are making pepsi commercials there now
22:32:42 From Donna : i saw some about evacuating one place
22:32:43 From sarahrobertson : VERY RARE
22:32:43 From kristel tempest : they were few and far between
22:32:43 From Burma Christie : it was rare
22:32:44 From suzanna cat : RARE
22:32:46 From Anastasia Mantani : once a decade
22:32:48 From Amber Moksha : right....
22:32:48 From Susanna.C : but we have to start trusting it
22:32:49 From James : yeah, kinda rare
22:32:50 From A : yep
22:32:50 From Cindy : omg yes Lisa that is right!!
22:32:54 From Donna : due to a massive crack
22:32:55 From casie : right!!!
22:32:55 From Susanna.C : its us doing it
22:32:57 From Burma Christie : makes me think it s a blue beam thing
22:32:57 From just me : theres oil spills in the clouds
22:33:00 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : all these rare events speeding up t
ime opening up rifts in the time space continuum
22:33:01 From Amber Moksha : it is just more fucking programing distrac
tion shit
22:33:04 From sarahrobertson : And the “Blue Moon”
22:33:05 From Gem : Yep eclipses were a very out of the ordinary event
22:33:06 From L La : QUICKENING!
22:33:07 From Cindy : comet
22:33:07 From Anastasia Mantani : it is constant nowadays
22:33:08 From kristel tempest : it is rediculous really lol
22:33:10 From peter : ya and jupiter transision
22:33:11 From Donna : comet
22:33:11 From Moksha James : comet?
22:33:12 From Norm : with respect to March, there have been a couple of
Net Articles claiming that mid March Trump is supposed to begin disclosure of "
expotic technologies" to the general public
22:33:14 From sarahrobertson : or the super moons… what the fuck?!
22:33:15 From Burma Christie : with all the stars off and the sun and t
he moon
22:33:16 From Chris Breakspear : distraction distraction distraction
22:33:16 From Candice Polglase : agree amber
22:33:16 From Holly Lindin : Maybe so much is reported to be happening
in Antarctica to make us look THERE instead of somewhere else. ?
22:33:16 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : trifecta
22:33:18 From Melanie Worland : I am focusing on Astral Travel again...
I think that space we were in was void...I think had I not grounded before we we
nt...I dunno what would have happened as I went into a "realm" with a lake, GINO
RMOUS fish .... but my vessel can t go beyond there.
22:33:21 From Jayling : penumbral eclipse
22:33:22 From Burma Christie : blood moon too
22:33:23 From kristel tempest : yep D
22:33:23 From H. Andrew : Very rarely when I was younger, now almost ev
ery month!
22:33:24 From Anastasia Mantani : lunar transit my arse
22:33:25 From ArkaSol - : or may be falres and eclipses were happening
but main media didn t report it at all
22:33:26 From peter : jupiter transit
22:33:27 From A : and new weather events like atmospheric rivers
22:33:33 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lunar eclipse full moon and comet t
22:33:41 From just me : moonn dogs then next moon cats
22:33:46 From Donna : #itsahologram
22:33:47 From Jean Lindsay : you are right - I can recall being told in
primary school - don t look at the sun directly during THE eclipse and it was a
big event - I am in my 60 s
22:33:51 From Cindy : wow Melanie I just caught a bit of that! sounds a
22:33:58 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : now solar eclipse in same month but
on the date of the new moon?
22:34:05 From Loma : There several large "bodies in our inner solar sys
tem causing eclipses of earth,moon,sun and other planets
22:34:08 From Burma Christie : I took a picture of the halo around the
sun this am
22:34:12 From M : Yes this one was going to be a once in a 400 years, b
ut we will see it again in 2046???
22:34:15 From sarahrobertson : People are dumb and believe it
22:34:16 From ArkaSol - : rosemary...also atbthe time of the Oscars...
22:34:18 From Tulla Hills : exactly roesmary!
22:34:22 From just me : the gold ring around the back of the moon
22:34:26 From Norm : mid this year, I m supposed to be able to watch th
e next Total Solar Eclipse
22:34:26 From M : The light dimmed during the eclipse and that s about
22:34:28 From Zachary : yeah lol
22:34:28 From peter : ya eclispe was like once in a lifetime event
22:34:28 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : time is speeding up in the loop of
purgatory in the show lost as it were
22:34:31 From Amber Moksha : exactly... they were a big deal because...
. it was far and few inbetween
22:34:38 From kristel tempest : yeah right !
22:34:44 From Sam : I remember making those boxes
22:34:46 From sara ann hume : wow this chat is flying by
22:34:50 From Karl from Canada : don t forget we are able to see eclips
es from all over the world due to the internet, we didn;t have that when we were
22:34:56 From Tracey Ledebur : maybe its eclipses from all the timeline
s at once
22:35:00 From VIOLET : back then they only talked about total" eclipse
22:35:01 From Holly Lindin : If “time” is collapsing and expanding, maybe t
he eclipse times are collapsing and expanding too.
22:35:03 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : their deadline is 2018
22:35:04 From just me : dracos are dipshits
22:35:09 From Gem : When we were young the tech was probably working we
ll - if it s breaking down it s probably dying hence things are happening random
22:35:15 From peter : what programmer told them that
22:35:20 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : integrate or disintegrate
22:35:22 From Loma : When were they told?
22:35:25 From Jina Fergus : …then you flew yourself up to Nova Scotia to
see a total eclipse of the sun….
22:35:31 From James : shit og get off the pot, ha ha ha, does that make
up all floaters?
22:35:35 From Cindy : lol Jina
22:36:02 From Jean Lindsay : Carly Fergus lol
22:36:07 From peter : watched tron last last lol wtf
22:36:16 From peter : last night
22:36:40 From Holly Lindin : “All the world’s a stage.” :)
22:36:48 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : indeed
22:36:54 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lifting of the skirt
22:37:04 From Norm : Mid year I think all I need to do is to travel abo
ut an hour north to be in direct alignment with the full eclipse shadow
22:37:07 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : like a cancan dance
22:37:07 From Zachary : i that to happen
22:37:07 From just me : you can take it
22:37:16 From Zachary : i cant take it
22:37:20 From Zachary : can**
22:37:28 From peter : the sean bond interview on Jayppe he had a simila
r dream
22:37:38 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yes
22:37:40 From just me : sending love
22:37:55 From Jean Lindsay : once again "what dreams may come":
22:37:58 From kristel tempest : hmmm Lisa very interesting!!!!!
22:38:00 From Jina Fergus : love that
22:38:05 From just me : pink is love
22:38:12 From Susanna.C : had this dream that i moved from one world to
another , the other world were just appartments and this world was really grey
of color and dull
22:38:13 From Tracy Jackson : thank you for sharing that
22:38:14 From peter : sean bond is saying the opposite
22:38:19 From Norm : @peter I heard the concluding 1/2 hour of Sean Bon
d s interview with JP
22:38:26 From Susanna.C : and i was empty
22:38:27 From Gem : That was a beautiful movie Jean
22:38:39 From peter : i heard it all
22:38:43 From Jean Lindsay : it sure is :)
22:38:43 From Jayling : What did you ask, Lisa?
22:38:45 From peter : run from the dream
22:38:52 From Karl from Canada : Seen this Dani http://www.disclose.tv/
22:38:59 From peter : do not consent
22:39:08 From peter : to be in the dream
22:39:08 From Susanna.C : my dream ?
22:39:15 From Jayling : of which, the vanishing boy or what I say is a
dragon going across the face of the sun
22:39:21 From Holly Lindin : “Merrily merrily merrily merrily . . .” :P
22:39:23 From Jayling : lol
22:39:27 From Jina Fergus : Peter come on down...
22:39:42 From Sandra : that was the interview with randy maugans re do
not consent in dream
22:40:05 From Alison White : Yes Sandra I listened to Randy’s interview t
22:40:07 From Sandra : they are coming into dream time
22:40:14 From dawn : wow
22:40:17 From Arch Stanton : Any news from Yellow Rose For Texas?
22:40:18 From Susanna.C : that world wasn t very nice no
22:40:22 From Joo Lee : schimil guy that Randy interviewed said that
22:40:25 From Susanna.C : felt vacant
22:40:26 From Donna : that s not the same sounds very 4D shit
22:40:30 From Susanna.C : as if i was alone
22:40:41 From Shannon : I heard that interview....he said it was to ret
rap us.
22:40:41 From Norm : TY Peter, I recall that part of the interview, goo
d to hear it repeated
22:41:02 From just me : you can change them
22:41:05 From Zachary : yeah!
22:41:11 From Candice Polglase : agree d
22:41:11 From maddtom . : me too d ...dreams galore...can t remember up
on awaking...
22:41:11 From Susanna.C : dreams are of the charts
22:41:16 From Jina Fergus : Yes and you can call them out
22:41:19 From Kya : I’ve been having them… last one I was being force fed m
22:41:21 From Jaqueline Raye : he was saying that it was like alien mem
ories … the scaring of abduction didn’t work so they are changing it up
22:41:21 From Donna : no never had that
22:41:23 From Mia: house of Kelley : Is that the interview with Randy &
22:41:27 From Amber Moksha : yep.... and i immediatly wake up...
22:41:31 From sarahrobertson : A lot of my dreams have been in the wood
s/underground and all weird.
22:41:44 From Carn DW : no, not had that
22:41:44 From Cindy : have never had that
22:41:46 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : big crazy dreams this week with the
theme of dying and someone trying to get me to rush and go with them and gettin
g really upset when I was too slow or didn’t want to…….kind of like the archon janeway
22:41:50 From Shannon : Mia, it was with Shmuel Asher and Randy
22:41:52 From Amber Moksha : i feel that my big present self... just wa
kes me up
22:41:57 From Candice Polglase : and also having very symbolic dreams,
obvious messages
22:41:58 From Cindy : I don t remember my dreams and haven t for a long
long time
22:41:58 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : just last night
22:41:59 From Susanna.C : had several dreams about moving from one worl
d to another and nither worlds were better
22:41:59 From Jean Lindsay : I feel like that in this so-called reality
and my dreams also.
22:42:02 From just me : no one can control you
22:42:06 From Joo Lee : tjey are tryintg to re-contract with us...we
must Not Consent.
22:42:09 From Jayling : Lisa, I have the dragon ready, but it may be ha
rd for folks to see
22:42:14 From shanman : movie dreamscape
22:42:17 From Jaqueline Raye : He said that stealing people during drea
ms more effective than real invasion senario
22:42:17 From Kya : but the meat was a trick of perception.. I hadn’t eat
en of it.. just showed up in my hands chewed into
22:42:23 From Donna : no
22:42:23 From just me : no
22:42:24 From Zachary : not since i entered
22:42:24 From Tulla Hills : no
22:42:25 From Burma Christie : no
22:42:27 From sandi : no
22:42:27 From Aaron Woffinden : no
22:42:29 From karen2uk : No
22:42:30 From sara ann hume : no
22:42:30 From Tracey Ledebur : no
22:42:33 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : trying to lure me with rubies in hi
s pockets was really weird symbology
22:42:35 From Candice Polglase : not lately, in the past yes
22:42:37 From James : Don t think i ve gone through any membrane
22:42:37 From wayne fries : no tech
22:42:37 From Connie Townsend : I’m no dreams at all
22:42:37 From AnthonyS : no
22:42:38 From Holly Lindin : No manipulated dreams that I’ve noticed.
22:42:39 From Norm : Mis House - Peter is discussing the JP interveiw p
rogram from Sunday Feb 26 "Ever Beyond" with guest Sean Bond
22:42:41 From Shannon : Dreamed I was in a house waiting for Lisa, but
it didn t feel manipulated. That was why I joined.
22:42:45 From Rick : no
22:42:48 From Susanna.C : i don;t know if they are manipulated to be ho
22:42:50 From peter : thats what i took from it lisa
22:42:56 From Zachary : hasnt happened since
22:42:58 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : weird shit
22:43:00 From maddtom . : me too...no tech....just trying to fuck with
us moving thru
22:43:00 From teddy : hardly ever dream :(
22:43:07 From Jina Fergus : I used to have those dreams but not anymore
, not for weeks.
22:43:07 From just me : god so true
22:43:10 From Jean Lindsay : yes had a few of those unfortunately
22:43:10 From Earl Thibert : i havce not had a dream like that
22:43:14 From phillip s : no
22:43:16 From Alison White : The guy in Randy’s interview is fully in the
God/belief programming so he had a different experience in his dream IMO
22:43:17 From just me : then it changes
22:43:18 From Amber Moksha : the last few days i have not had any dream
22:43:18 From Joo Lee : it s part of a new construct. to get people to
22:43:21 From L La : I GO thru awake, not dreaming,
22:43:21 From Loma : Yes D I had a dream,like someone showing me a movi
e and trying to make me beleive it was true....it was quite obvious, though
22:43:23 From Cindy : no no dreams
22:43:23 From Jeanette Edwards : no
22:43:26 From Mia: house of Kelley : Ah, OK. Thanks Shannon. I’ve heard a
ll 6 so p’raps can’t recall what was said. I have a head like a sieve :-(
22:43:28 From Gem : Think I m stll being attacked
22:43:31 From Shannon : To be fair, Shmuel didn t investigate the place
he was in. Just scared, and I efel he s prone to that.
22:43:31 From Toye Elizabeth : i agree. no
22:43:34 From Norm : Mis House - you can find it from the Current Archi
ves page of the wolfspriitradio web site
22:43:35 From dawn : ive had a dream about planes crashing
22:43:37 From peter : my dreams have all been "re-living past event" dr
eams lately
22:43:45 From phillip s : in the pink is clean and ours
22:43:45 From Shannon : This was number 7, Mia. Just came out.
22:43:46 From just me : the awakeing
22:43:47 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : gem blaze like a sun and they go ru
nning for the hills
22:43:51 From just me : now
22:43:52 From Jina Fergus : I want some
22:43:53 From Burma Christie : coffee abuse lol
22:43:54 From Tulla Hills : that looks so yummy, lol!
22:43:55 From Renee : loved ones turning on me
22:43:58 From peter : sorry typing fast
22:43:58 From A : weird flood dream
22:44:05 From Candice Polglase : i type with one finger on ipad
22:44:08 From phillip s : yep busy
22:44:10 From peter : i type fast than i talk
22:44:10 From Shannon : I was waiting for you, but you took a while to
show up!
22:44:14 From kristel tempest : yep D has been in my dreams this weeken
d too
22:44:16 From peter : faster
22:44:16 From Tracy Jackson : do you actually have to feel going thro
ugh the membrane?
22:44:20 From Rick : loved ones & old stuff dreams
22:44:21 From Jayling : want to see what I say was a dragon? I have it
ready now but may be hard for you all to see
22:44:25 From just me : loved ones turned evil then turned good months
22:44:28 From dawn : maybe you were
22:44:29 From L La : dreamscape is enviro like Doingscape..
22:44:36 From Jaqueline Raye : that dream was about being in an old hou
22:44:39 From Candice Polglase : please share jayling
22:44:39 From Shannon : There was a train station in the house, btw, an
d public bathrooms.
22:44:39 From Mia: house of Kelley : Thanks Shannon. I’ll get that downlo
aded then ;-)
22:44:40 From Tracey Ledebur : definitely wanna see Jayling
22:44:41 From Amber Moksha : Jayling is ready to share
22:44:43 From James : Are many people waking up exhausted?
22:44:46 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao
22:44:46 From peter : better than turning evil from good
22:44:47 From kristel tempest : lol
22:44:50 From Joo Lee : I woke up seeing all the planets aligned.
22:44:53 From Johnny : dani in my dream we camped together in a blue fo
22:44:53 From maddtom . : Schmuel Asher has too much scholaring to be t
22:44:53 From pauline Jamieson : I can’t keep up with it lol
22:44:56 From Cindy : yes
22:44:58 From Susanna.C : me am waking up like that
22:44:58 From pauline Jamieson : oh yes
22:44:58 From Shannon : Mee!!!!
22:44:59 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : every day dude
22:44:59 From Amber Moksha : Jayling is standing by with her screen sha
22:44:59 From Jaqueline Raye : and sore
22:44:59 From sarahrobertson : Yes
22:44:59 From Rick : I Am
22:45:00 From suzanna cat : YES
22:45:01 From kristel tempest : yep
22:45:01 From Lynn E Thompson : Haha and then there s me on finger hunt
and peck er 
22:45:01 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : fuck
22:45:04 From Donna : it s very palpable tracey
22:45:04 From Zachary : no sleep here
22:45:04 From Norm : LOL - memory of a past, or a Future LIfetime, more
Mandela effects?
22:45:05 From Matt Poulos : i could barely get myself up sat morning
22:45:05 From Connie Townsend : sore muscles when I awake
22:45:05 From Henk Reintke : yes
22:45:07 From Amber Moksha : bring on Jayling
22:45:08 From AnthonyS : yea
22:45:08 From peter : or up every hour on the hour
22:45:08 From Cindy : sleeping but not long enought
22:45:09 From Holly Lindin : Yes! Can never get enough sleep!
22:45:11 From Candice Polglase : everyday exhausted upon waking
22:45:11 From Susanna.C : as if am working my you know what of in my dr
22:45:11 From Chris Breakspear : not sleepig much
22:45:11 From Jeanette Edwards : keep waking up
22:45:13 From sarahrobertson : NOT sleeping and also being super tired
22:45:14 From Donna : sleep bwahahahahaha
22:45:14 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Chat is just scrolling up and away
22:45:14 From maddtom . : Ype back to not sleeping...
22:45:15 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : fucking tired of mental gymnastics
22:45:18 From Lynn E Thompson : slow typist
22:45:19 From just me : myan chant planets are alinged
22:45:20 From phillip s : the thing to take from this is we are ALL DRE
22:45:21 From Donna : what is ithat?
22:45:26 From Amber Moksha : open your mic up Jayling
22:45:29 From Burma Christie : feel like I am working in my dreams lol
22:45:29 From Candice Polglase : breathwork me thinks!
22:45:30 From Amber Moksha : say hi
22:45:32 From Anastasia Mantani : always tired constantly sleeping
22:45:32 From Jerry Ledebur : had an awesome weekend here
22:45:33 From Steph A : not sleeping properly but better than I was. Al
ways knackered
22:45:33 From Susanna.C : i worked on my kitchen lol
22:45:34 From Tracey Ledebur : amazing weekend here too....rejuvenating
22:45:38 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao donna about sleep
22:45:38 From Susanna.C : looks nice now
22:45:44 From peter : like the float in brazil
22:45:47 From Henk Reintke : 3 am too 1pm
22:45:54 From phillip s : which I think dreaming is about prepping
22:45:56 From L La : insomnia had tons of details to hold onto!
22:46:02 From Charlotte Mays : Donna.... this is just a dream....your s
till sleeping
22:46:03 From sara ann hume : I had a dream last year with Lisa and Dan
i where we saw 4 full moons in broad day-light :-)
22:46:07 From sarahrobertson : Anyone have more body aches????
22:46:13 From Zachary : YES!!!!
22:46:13 From Tulla Hills : yes that feeling!
22:46:13 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
22:46:18 From peter : like a first date lisa
22:46:21 From Donna : o.o char
22:46:26 From kristel tempest : lol yep Lisa
22:46:28 From Julianne : yep satruday
22:46:31 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : Dolphins sleep with only one side o
f their brain the other side stays awake to swim and come up for air…….cymatics brai
n tivities
22:46:32 From Susanna.C : i feel this reality is in a stotter
22:46:33 From Christine : yep
22:46:34 From phillip s : trying to burst out
22:46:36 From Matt Poulos : i have digestive problems, never had this e
xcept when coming back from other countries
22:46:43 From Susanna.C : it goes forth and back at the moment
22:46:44 From Norm : My exhaustion was almost a collapse on Friday even
ing - then I slept the clock around about 18 hours
22:46:48 From Donna : that sounds about right rosemary lol
22:46:52 From Donna : i can relate
22:47:08 From just me : its love enjoy your famiy
22:47:09 From Susanna.C : i don t even feel something is doing it
22:47:18 From Susanna.C : i think we arre doing it
22:47:20 From Holly Lindin : Oh no worries A! It’s funny you wrote to me
though ‘cause I had one a few weeks ago just two hours before the Oroville Dam bu
rst! I love hearing that your dream was positive! I don’t think anything is goin
g to be smooth from now on, but I have nothing but good, positive feelings about
where we’re heading. :)
22:47:21 From phillip s : very cool D
22:47:23 From sara ann hume : yes
22:47:27 From Donna : this dream sucks, char...where is my romance
22:47:27 From Jaqueline Raye : I feel like old/alternative versions of
myself are draining my energy … I am cutting cords to all versions of me which are
not positive
22:47:28 From Rick : same here
22:47:31 From Jina Fergus : https://youtu.be/wlwnbcxBuzI
22:47:36 From Aaron Woffinden : ASSencion symptoms
22:47:36 From Chris Breakspear : my sotmach having fiework show by soun
d of it
22:47:39 From just me : constipation
22:47:40 From Carn DW : windy
22:47:44 From Susanna.C : lol
22:47:45 From sarahrobertson : The feelings that Lisa and Dani are talk
ing about remind me of how my body feels when I am on LSD but I have been having
the same feeling without the LSD, lately
22:47:47 From Chantelle Kennedy : yes definitly digestive problems here
22:47:48 From Amber Moksha : yeah
22:47:50 From sara ann hume : i take ginger and drink ACV
22:47:58 From Burma Christie to d(Privately) : finally got my perio
d lol 2 months I skipped
22:48:12 From Holly Lindin : Yes, definitely digestive issues, which is
a brand new thing for me!
22:49:12 From Tulla Hills : wow!
22:49:13 From sara ann hume : I see it
22:49:21 From Susanna.C : interesting
22:49:29 From Donna : i saw flaps
22:49:33 From Jerry Ledebur : great capture Jayling
22:49:40 From Tracey Ledebur : i see wings flapping too
22:49:43 From Matt Poulos : i saw it
22:49:43 From Zachary : i see it
22:49:49 From Matt Poulos : no wings though
22:49:51 From Britt : It could be a bird
22:49:52 From Chantelle Kennedy : i cant see it either 
22:49:53 From dawn : I saw it, faintly
22:49:55 From Shannon : He s really moving out! Think how fast that is
, whatever.
22:49:57 From Anastasia Mantani : I see it
22:49:58 From Candice Polglase : that is awesome! saw wings
22:49:59 From maddtom . : really faint....but is the dragon HUGE or wha
22:50:00 From kristel tempest : i can see it clearly
22:50:03 From maury : I saw it.
22:50:04 From Henk Reintke : its dher
22:50:05 From Susanna.C : i saw it what was it ?
22:50:05 From Chris Breakspear : just a dot for me
22:50:06 From James : very small, but visible
22:50:07 From Jina Fergus : circle itJayling
22:50:09 From Jerry Ledebur : I could see it well
22:50:14 From Delina : I can see it too
22:50:19 From peter : my screen has 27 sun spots
22:50:23 From Chantelle Kennedy : i am on mynphone tho and half blind l
22:50:25 From Karl from Canada : i thought it might be a bird in the di
22:50:37 From Carn DW : and thats a dragon?
22:50:47 From pauline Jamieson : Yes i see it
22:51:09 From Susanna.C : does a tree make sound when it falls and no o
ne is that to hear it ?
22:51:12 From Jina Fergus : flapping
22:51:15 From peter : it went into the hole
22:51:19 From Zachary : me too
22:51:23 From peter : hole in one!!!
22:51:31 From Susanna.C : what i mean is we see things when we are made
aware of it
22:51:33 From just me : its a dragon no dought
22:51:37 From Charlotte Mays : is tht a dragon
22:51:51 From Britt : a moth?
22:51:55 From kristel tempest : it does display a flapping motion it s
22:51:59 From Shannon : Just barely flapping, but the thing was fast
22:51:59 From Susanna.C : it was a dot
22:52:00 From Jayling : I called it a dragon :)
22:52:04 From Norm : TY for sharing Jayling. I will be happy to watch
the greater resolution on youtube
22:52:07 From phillip s : it was big if distances are what we are told
22:52:07 From Karl from Canada : it could be a bird in the distance, do
n t forget it was seen through a telescope or a long distance lens
22:52:09 From just me : dragons are in the clouds
22:52:12 From Holly Lindin : It’s definitely interesting Jayling! If you
upload to YouTube, I’m sure I’ll study it more closely. How big could whatever tha
t be (the “dragon”) actually be?!
22:52:14 From peter : golf ball
22:52:15 From Carn DW : crow777 sees similar bird things
22:52:17 From Donna : say what
22:52:19 From peter : in the hole!!
22:53:00 From Susanna.C : hmmmm
22:53:41 From Susanna.C : movies seem to change alot
22:53:45 From peter : motion sensor cameras?
22:54:10 From just me : deminsional changes
22:54:19 From Zachary : show us
22:54:22 From peter : i have motion sensor activated cameras and they d
o shit like that
22:54:23 From James : Did the kid disapper, or was it a time screw-up?
22:54:29 From Johnny : did they have black eyes?
22:54:29 From Susanna.C : why do you have camera s around your house ?
22:54:35 From A : He went into another reality maybe
22:54:41 From Charlotte Mays : I saw it and it was freaky! he DOES dis
22:54:44 From Holly Lindin : Perhaps A!
22:54:44 From Jayling : He disappeared right in front of my eyes, and t
he cameras confirm it. lol
22:54:48 From Zachary : wtf
22:54:51 From just me : in callie
22:54:52 From Jina Fergus : noooooo
22:55:01 From Jerry Ledebur : a;ways san diego in my reality Mel
22:55:01 From Blair Bierman : it was always sandiego, here
22:55:01 From Holly Lindin : Always “Carmen Sandiego” for me ‘cause I remembe
r the theme song from the TV trivia show.
22:55:05 From peter : i remember san diego
22:55:07 From Charlie Ann : It s was San Diego for me
22:55:08 From Karl from Canada : i used to have 4 cameras around my hou
se... lots of wildlife recorded as well as storms
22:55:09 From Tulla Hills : i remember Sandiego
22:55:10 From Tracey Ledebur : always been sanDiego here
22:55:11 From phillip s : with you Melanie
22:55:12 From Shannon : I remember Sandiego, but that s just my reality
22:55:13 From Hextilda Lemon : sandiego here
22:55:14 From sarahrobertson : Sandiego for me always
22:55:15 From Zachary : my brother played that game every day for weeks
and weeks
22:55:15 From Jina Fergus : Diego for sure
22:55:17 From A : always Sandiego
22:55:20 From Belinda : yes diego...
22:55:20 From Karl from Canada : carmen san diego
22:55:21 From Tracy Jackson : sandiego ... because of the song
22:55:21 From Arch Stanton : san diego yes
22:55:21 From M : for me always San Diego
22:55:22 From Aaron Woffinden : always san diego
22:55:23 From Brenda : diego
22:55:24 From Jeanette Edwards : no
22:55:24 From Zachary : it WAS DIEGO
22:55:26 From kristel tempest : Diego for sure
22:55:26 From Jayling : And within 3 minutes he reappeared from down th
e road. Very trippy day Friday was.
22:55:26 From Caterina : sandiego here
22:55:27 From just me : diego
22:55:29 From Jayling : Diego
22:55:30 From Beth Ann : No Way...diego
22:55:32 From Kya : song goes Where in the World is Carmen San Deigo
22:55:32 From Zachary : diego
22:55:37 From peter : always is split
22:55:38 From Tracey Ledebur : yes Kya
22:55:44 From Mary s iPad : diago
22:55:45 From maddtom . : What is the age break do9wn for remmebering..
..? diego san diego
22:55:47 From Aaron Woffinden : yes the song
22:55:47 From peter : cock cox last week
22:55:48 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : San Diego... always for me!
22:55:50 From Susanna.C : i guess the mandal effect is still there
22:55:54 From Beth Ann : ;)
22:55:56 From phillip s : more time imigrants have arrived
22:55:57 From Susanna.C : mandala
22:55:59 From Elizabeth Rose : Carmen San Diego
22:56:04 From Zachary : my borther played that game so long
22:56:09 From Zachary : and it was diego
22:56:11 From just me : time lines are the same lifes exept split and b
ehind or foward
22:56:14 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao phillip
22:56:18 From Norm : LOL If its Friday it must be Belgium"
22:56:19 From Karl from Canada : can i come in and mention something ab
out how mandela effects can be happening frequently without us realising..
22:56:22 From Candice Polglase : the hologram is crashing, AGAIN!
22:56:31 From Holly Lindin : Here’s the song from the 1991 TV show (this
is what I remember): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1EIUP8tvbE
22:56:33 From Zachary : burn and crash and ccrash and burn hologram
22:56:37 From Jeanette Edwards : lol
22:56:41 From Susanna.C : lol
22:56:41 From dawn : up hill both ways, sounds like when I was in schoo
22:56:42 From phillip s : lol
22:56:43 From Donna : lol
22:56:48 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : like bill cowboys joke i used to wa
lk to school in the snow up hill…..both ways!
22:56:48 From Aaron Woffinden : ♫WHERE♫in the world♫is carmen san diego♫
22:56:51 From kristel tempest : lmao
22:56:52 From peter : were they in new brunswick on magnetic hill?
22:56:53 From Tracy Jackson : looking forward to my husband waking
22:56:54 From Shannon : Dawn, lol!
22:56:55 From Anastasia Mantani : Hehe
22:56:59 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : bill cosby/s joke
22:57:02 From Susanna.C : lol tracey
22:57:10 From just me : draco crashes
22:57:13 From Donna : lol
22:57:13 From A : Karl, yes, I remember my first mandela effect was in
22:57:13 From Blair Bierman : lmao
22:57:14 From pauline Jamieson : lol
22:57:15 From Zachary : hahahahaa
22:57:16 From Donna : !!!!
22:57:16 From Tracy Jackson : ha!
22:57:17 From phillip s : put up a WALL
22:57:17 From Holly Lindin : We can’t be timeists!
22:57:20 From Holly Lindin : :P
22:57:20 From Earl Thibert : lol
22:57:21 From Beth Ann : bwahaha
22:57:22 From Tulla Hills : the ultimate distraction
22:57:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : That Lamp post in Chrlonicles of
22:57:23 From pauline Jamieson : class lol
22:57:26 From Susanna.C : crazy
22:57:26 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : and are our bills from the other ti
meline done and paid lmao
22:57:27 From Aaron Woffinden : timeist.. lol
22:57:27 From peter : build a time machine wall and make the draco pay
22:57:29 From just me : in
22:57:30 From Jeanette Edwards : in
22:57:31 From just me : in
22:57:33 From Susanna.C : sex and the city
22:57:33 From Jeanette Edwards : 4
22:57:33 From Zachary : 5
22:57:34 From dawn : 4
22:57:34 From just me : 4
22:57:35 From Holly Lindin : 4 altogether
22:57:37 From Donna : lol
22:57:37 From Jerry Ledebur : there was no car
22:57:38 From Norm : Immigrant Ban on all BOTS - LOL
22:57:38 From pauline Jamieson : 4
22:57:40 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Four
22:57:41 From Charlie Ann : 4 seater
22:57:43 From Susanna.C : 4
22:57:43 From just me : 4
22:57:43 From Beth Ann : In and 4
22:57:44 From just me : 4
22:57:44 From just me : 4
22:57:45 From Zachary : 4?
22:57:47 From Carn DW : silver leg
22:57:48 From phillip s : rofl
22:57:48 From sara ann hume : 4
22:57:49 From Amber Moksha : trump will turn into a muslim hispanci
22:57:49 From Susanna.C : and luc am your father
22:57:50 From Belinda : 4
22:57:51 From Donna : 8
22:57:51 From jennifer : 4
22:57:52 From Cindy : 4 and sex in the city
22:57:53 From kristel tempest : 4
22:57:55 From Burma Christie : I had a client today telling me about an
out of body experience...my massage client
22:57:55 From Aaron Woffinden : 4
22:57:56 From Anastasia Mantani : 4
22:57:59 From Charlie Ann : no silver leg!!!!
22:58:01 From Chris Breakspear : 3 & a half
22:58:01 From Donna : next mnth 12
22:58:02 From Zachary : it WAS all gold
22:58:02 From Jeanette Edwards : gold leg
22:58:06 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao gold leg
22:58:07 From Donna : not a car it s a bus
22:58:07 From maddtom . : if there were 4 who was driving?
22:58:08 From jennifer : 4
22:58:10 From Tulla Hills : no silver leg!
22:58:10 From Anastasia Mantani : what car he was on foot!
22:58:10 From Zachary : c3po ffs
22:58:11 From pauline Jamieson : lol
22:58:19 From Jeanette Edwards : i have a action figure all gold
22:58:24 From Tracey Ledebur : and mirror mirror NOT magic mirror
22:58:24 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : who’s on first whats on second i don’t
know who’s on third
22:58:34 From jennifer : vampire squerrles
22:58:37 From Cindy : yes Tracey
22:58:44 From pauline Jamieson : Yes Tracey
22:58:47 From Susanna.C : interview with a vampire
22:58:49 From Moksha James : Statue of Liberty moved back to Ellis Isla
22:58:51 From Beth Ann : step to the right
22:59:01 From Tulla Hills : yes...a vampire!
22:59:05 From josie : WHOOP!!! I’m in :-) Hi everyone xx
22:59:09 From maddtom . : Hu is on first...http://www.totalprosports.com
22:59:18 From Susanna.C : there were more so why with the vampire ?
22:59:26 From Chris Breakspear : sleeping while driving ... big no no
22:59:26 From phillip s : thebest thing is we are all laughing about th
ese mandella twitches
22:59:28 From Jeanette Edwards : yup
22:59:29 From Norm : LOL Moksha - is that what David Copperfield did to
the statue?
22:59:31 From Susanna.C : she wouldn t have writen that
22:59:31 From peter : ya that happened to me a few weeks ago too Karl
22:59:32 From just me : fake realiy
22:59:35 From Mariea gill : I m going to leave the meeting and will wat
ch the replay later. Bye everyone.
22:59:41 From Beth Ann : the Vampire! !
22:59:43 From Alison White : That happens to me very often Karl in the
last 4 months!
22:59:43 From Jean Lindsay : bye
22:59:46 From maddtom . : Mandela stuff is laughable...nothing to see m
ove along
22:59:51 From Burma Christie : bye
22:59:51 From Pamela C : Oh Yeah hadthat happen
22:59:53 From Tracy Jackson : bye
22:59:57 From Johnny : I do that walking down the hall in my house late
22:59:58 From A : bye
22:59:59 From James : yeah, I ve had that displaced feeling a couple of
23:00:10 From peter : driving on Steeles Avenue and I had no idea where
I was for like 5 seconds
23:00:10 From Susanna.C : no it s a sign something is happening tom
23:00:15 From Zachary : me too
23:00:15 From shanman : yup
23:00:17 From Charlie Ann : My cousin freaked last time I saw her. Hadn
t seen her for a decade. In her timeline her youngest is 5 years older than my
oldest. In my timeline and now still. The are 3 months apart. Same age. She comp
letely freaked out over this.
23:00:18 From Pamela Stefaniotis : Many times chris but never while dri
23:00:20 From garydavis : GLITCHES IN THE MATRIX
23:00:22 From A : Yes, I ve had that many times
23:00:39 From Holly Lindin : Oh wow, Charlie Ann! Do you remember it t
he same way your cousin does?
23:00:44 From Mary s iPad : yes
23:00:46 From Burma Christie : yes just happened to me coming home from
work today.
23:00:48 From Tulla Hills : I got lost trying to drive to my bank the o
ther day it was so fucking weird
23:00:58 From Burma Christie : new buildings
23:00:59 From pauline Jamieson : Wow Charlie no wonder she freaked
23:01:00 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : merging memories happening all the
time for me
23:01:01 From Charlie Ann : No. I rememebr them being the same age.
23:01:10 From peter : ya like that Karl
23:01:12 From James : uvaj ed
23:01:13 From Donna : i ve had both
23:01:16 From Lee : Cant believe I finally got in,hello every one.
23:01:17 From sarahrobertson : that was me walking into a supermarket i
n my local town. I knew I had just shifted into something different. It was so i
23:01:18 From phillip s : focus our observation
23:01:19 From Tracey Ledebur : like there s a buffering
23:01:23 From A : One time I woke up and looked at the clock and didn t
recognize what numbers were. All I saw was lines and dots, then the memory came
back and I synced again
23:01:26 From H. Andrew : That has happened to me this year. Driving al
ong a well travelled route and not recognizing it at all and gradually recalling
the route.
23:01:26 From Holly Lindin : That’s amazing. I think those are the most
important Mandela Effects - the personal ones.
23:01:28 From Candice Polglase : well, if space and time has spiralled
out from the original neautral cell, maybe we are spiralling back in! shedding
23:01:28 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : the directors cut
23:01:30 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lol
23:01:30 From just me : for me things were misplaced then repaced
23:01:32 From Susanna.C : what am wondering is why we see it , i mean d
o ppl that are not awake don t see it ? and why is that we do
23:01:34 From Holly Lindin : That’s amazing A!
23:01:36 From sarah Harvey-Vojciak : yes I understand iv had this exper
23:01:37 From Henk Reintke : peps look at me as I came from mars
23:01:40 From Burma Christie : maybe jumped a timeline.
23:01:43 From just me : like entire buildings
23:01:46 From peter : we see the cut in the video tape
23:01:53 From Zachary : yup
23:01:53 From Tulla Hills : yes
23:01:59 From James : switching narratives?
23:01:59 From Zachary : i remember not recognising my car
23:02:06 From Charlie Ann : Her memory was that I was in High School wh
en her son was born.
23:02:08 From kristel tempest : I have lived on the same street for ove
r 30 years and this year i noticed a brand new giant tree at least 40 years old
just off on a neibours yard that not only was never there but it is the oddest
shape as well I know it was swear up and down that it was never there before.
having played hide and seek in that yard etc...
23:02:16 From Burma Christie : rebooting lol
23:02:24 From Loma : I "get lost" for up to 15 sec. driving around Sant
a Fe fairly often
23:02:25 From peter : buffering>>>>>>>>
23:02:27 From Susanna.C : i saw a lil childerens farm apear near a raod
i have driven lots of times , it was never there
23:02:33 From just me : there is twenty mins of real time and space tha
t you can remember at times
23:02:34 From Holly Lindin : Maybe all possible narratives exist at onc
e, but we tap into different ones at different times based on where we’re at in ou
r consciousness.
23:02:35 From Beth Ann : me too house
23:02:36 From garydavis : Stuff happening outside of the program.
23:02:42 From Burma Christie : yeah buffering...
23:02:45 From Tulla Hills : for me it happens out of my house
23:02:46 From Alison White : Happens to me driving more often
23:02:46 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : 202
23:02:49 From Susanna.C : i mean a farm where kids can pet farm animals
and such
23:02:51 From Charlie Ann : I have a few personal ME s.
23:02:56 From just me : yes buffuring
23:02:57 From Jean Lindsay : I used to laugh about the feeling urging m
e sideways to the left as I had thoughts of too bad if I wanted to turn right -
23:03:01 From Holly Lindin : That’s fascinating about the tree Kristel Te
23:03:02 From Tracey Ledebur : merging with our other fractals maybe
23:03:05 From sara ann hume : i get pushed from the right, its like i
m pissed up and falling around and have to grab something so i dont fall over
23:03:06 From Chris Breakspear : had things tilt 90 degrees
23:03:09 From Burma Christie : the queen song got me
23:03:09 From peter : reminds me of a start trek NG episode where alien
s had riker in a hologram
23:03:10 From Zachary : my hand is raised
23:03:16 From Burma Christie : and changed on my cd
23:03:17 From Renee : i feel the whossing when i walk through certain
doorways in my home
23:03:18 From Johnny : its a feeling like when you wake up from a nap a
nd your not really sure where you are
23:03:24 From Holly Lindin : Same here Burma. It sounds so incomplete
23:03:32 From Tulla Hills : I only see changes outside of my house
23:03:40 From kristel tempest : yep Holly ! right , its weird i tell
23:03:40 From Candice Polglase : bufffffering
23:03:44 From Burma Christie : yes absolutely Holly
23:03:47 From peter : it freaky and nscarry
23:03:51 From Holly Lindin : :)
23:03:52 From Susanna.C : and why are just certain things different ?
23:03:53 From Charlotte Mays : confused at a stop sign because it was a
light yesterday, and getting completely lost on a daily route, happens ALOT her
23:03:56 From Burma Christie : it mad me upset for a bit lol
23:03:57 From just me : if you travel more than 100 miles you expierinc
e it
23:03:58 From Anastasia Mantani : hey. I have a new plant pot next to m
y desk at work. my colleagues swear it was always there
23:03:59 From Charlie Ann : Oh, there is residue of the Queen song
23:04:08 From jennifer : zero point!!
23:04:08 From Henk Reintke : thk Karl
23:04:09 From peter : video splices we can see
23:04:10 From Holly Lindin : Understandable Burma!
23:04:10 From dawn : thank you
23:04:12 From Holly Lindin : :)
23:04:15 From Anastasia Mantani : ololol
23:04:17 From Susanna.C : we are the champions
23:04:24 From Jina Fergus : yum
23:04:34 From Burma Christie : I listened to that song when I was young
23:04:35 From Susanna.C : and the world lyric is gone
23:04:39 From Burma Christie : ugh right
23:05:04 From Charlie Ann : if you listen to the original, the ending i
s now gone. If you watch the ending to Mighty Ducks. at the end of the credits,
the end of the original song is played with the ending in tact!
23:05:06 From kristel tempest : wild Zachery
23:05:07 From just me : halagram changes
23:05:15 From Susanna.C : zachery ! your so cute
23:05:20 From Susanna.C : sorry had to say that
23:05:24 From Burma Christie : awww Zack
23:05:37 From Holly Lindin : That’s amazing Zachary!
23:05:38 From L La to d(Privately) : hi D ...Tool is my go to for s
anity atm, even if I don t play it, I still hear it anyway! estrange! Leña
23:05:42 From Zachary : hahha
23:05:46 From Cindy : these things never happen to me
23:05:49 From Susanna.C : :)
23:05:54 From d to L La(Privately) : hahahahahh!!!
23:05:55 From Donna : ohhh orpt hook up chat
23:05:59 From Holly Lindin : Just a little tap on the shoulder to remin
d us this is all a dream/construct/simulation, etc. I love hearing about others’
experiences. :)
23:06:06 From Susanna.C : no donna
23:06:11 From Chris Breakspear : hit the panick button .. haha - panick
my reality just changed
23:06:13 From Donna : damn it
23:06:15 From sandi : wow Zack!
23:06:17 From Susanna.C : can be his mon jeesh
23:06:20 From Jeanette Edwards : creepy
23:06:20 From Jina Fergus : it happened this last Friday
23:06:21 From sara ann hume : crow777
23:06:22 From Susanna.C : mom
23:06:22 From garydavis : Moon waves
23:06:24 From Donna : i ws excited just crushed me susz
23:06:26 From Burma Christie : luner wave
23:06:28 From sara ann hume : lunar wave
23:06:36 From Susanna.C : lol
23:06:39 From just me : night waves
23:06:39 From Jayling : The sky seems to be rendering for me too
23:06:41 From Tracey Ledebur : like loading graphics
23:06:41 From Susanna.C : he is cute tho
23:06:42 From kristel tempest : YEs lisa i get that every morning when
I wake up!
23:06:43 From Charlie Ann : refreash rate.
23:06:54 From Aaron Woffinden : anti aliasing
23:06:56 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : today is lunar wave day after all L
unes ;)
23:06:56 From just me : blue sky at night
23:06:58 From Susanna.C : sorry zach
23:06:59 From Jerry Ledebur : yes Tracey - loading graphics
23:07:12 From Susanna.C : bad donna lol
23:07:13 From Holly Lindin : “Looney” wave. Everything’s CRAZY lately! ;)
23:07:22 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : pituitary gland activation day ;)
23:07:36 From Lee : I have noticed that tree lines have moved,and you c
an see my neighbors house top,that you couldnt see before.
23:07:38 From Charlotte Mays : Donna is delerious
23:07:40 From just me : light bulbs and shields
23:07:40 From Beth Ann : omg
23:07:41 From Donna : lol
23:07:44 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : riding the saddle in the brain gidd
y up ;)
23:07:57 From kristel tempest : OMG ZACH i know this drem tooo I had a
lmost the same one
23:07:58 From Susanna.C : sometimes you want to cuddle ppl
23:07:58 From Donna : but how romantic!
23:07:58 From peter : is that an intercom on the wall? how old is our h
23:08:02 From peter : hahaha
23:08:06 From Loma : Lisa, are you seeing the "heat waves" version of t
he space around you lately?
23:08:09 From Matt Poulos : have you looked into the russian scientist
who talks about spiders?
23:08:10 From Susanna.C : only sometimes lol
23:08:17 From Kya : I like “You Have No Power Over ME”
23:08:20 From sandi : no concent always good!
23:08:21 From Zachary : mhm
23:08:25 From Jean Lindsay : talking to spiders - whoa
23:08:27 From Charlie Ann : Close up footage of the moon. It looks like
it is underwater. Different from the luna wave, refresh rate
23:08:32 From kristel tempest : I did
23:08:34 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : I’m seeing the heatwave watery starga
te visions
23:08:40 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yes
23:08:44 From Zachary : yes
23:08:49 From karen2uk : Yep
23:08:53 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : along with the electrons sparklings
23:08:56 From sarahrobertson : Seen that shit since summer
23:08:57 From Susanna.C : there are portals opening up
23:08:59 From kristel tempest : I see that every morning when I wake u
23:09:00 From just me : in arizona its thatway at night and its cold
23:09:01 From Tracey Ledebur : sparkling particles everywhere
23:09:02 From James : scoobt doo ending
23:09:03 From Charlotte Mays : i did months ago, reality flapped into a
deck of cards into my hands, and i was in a black space, then i t threw them up
and reality came bac into space
23:09:03 From Shannon : I see those flickering heat wave things. Have
for years, especially at twilight
23:09:05 From Connie Townsend : I can’t see the moon anymore at night???
23:09:05 From Susanna.C : sometimes just seconds
23:09:07 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : the electrons are dancing more than
23:09:09 From Susanna.C : but they do
23:09:10 From Donna : i will be seeing some shit if i don t get a nap t
23:09:10 From just me : light splits
23:09:11 From kristel tempest : yep
23:09:12 From dawn : anyone have info on what is going on with Venus?
23:09:13 From Jeanette Edwards : silver
23:09:14 From peter : i am getting a head ache people anyone else?
23:09:17 From Tulla Hills : yes
23:09:17 From karen2uk : sparklies - yep
23:09:19 From Loma : yes sparkles too
23:09:20 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : vibrating faster in the fluid dynam
ic cymatic
23:09:21 From Johnny : my sparkles and orbs are getting more solid
23:09:24 From Henk Reintke : yes
23:09:28 From Beth Ann : SPARKLY EVERYWHERE
23:09:35 From Karl from Canada : sparklies all over the place
23:09:36 From Kara Mia : headache non stop last 3 days
23:09:37 From A : yes
23:09:38 From Chris Breakspear : ha da wek long mgraine headache a whi
le ago
23:09:39 From Norm : something like the raster bands on old analog TV s
ets - Yes I know I m showing the years of my life experience - LOL
23:09:40 From Susanna.C : it s only very short like a flash
23:09:40 From Beth Ann : yes yrs
23:09:43 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : swimming in trajectro
23:09:46 From Tracey Ledebur : yes...like a glitter world
23:09:47 From Jean Lindsay : me also kara
23:09:47 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : if you focus on one
23:09:49 From Carn DW : only when i roly poly
23:09:49 From Donna : i want to see sparkles
23:09:49 From peter : bad head ache owie
23:09:49 From sarahrobertson : I am seeing a lot more orbs. Constantly
thru-out the day
23:09:53 From just me : lights turn to planes
23:09:53 From Shannon : Yes, that shimmering. D, I see it all the time
23:09:53 From Charlotte Mays : d can I have what your on?
23:09:54 From Kya : like waves
23:09:54 From sandi : yep
23:09:58 From Jayling : To clarify the dragon vs bird footage, the sola
r filter only captures the surface of the Sun, so the flyer across the face of t
he sun was close to it, not in our atmosphere
23:09:59 From Pamela C : It s the golden sparle gang
23:10:04 From Tulla Hills : like stars for me
23:10:05 From Karl from Canada : eyesight is going to shit too
23:10:08 From Susanna.C : lol
23:10:08 From shanman : binary stream
23:10:09 From Zachary : hahaha
23:10:09 From Rick : head aches on center-top
23:10:11 From Donna : me too
23:10:15 From kristel tempest : yes sparles and waves, welcome to my w
orld since child hood, lol I suspect most of us are like this lol
23:10:16 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : watery dream
23:10:18 From Susanna.C : think i need it too
23:10:22 From Donna : luny bin sharing meds
23:10:22 From peter : me too top center
23:10:25 From Lee : good meds
23:10:30 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : liquid light bioluminescence
23:10:35 From Kya : I just see waves across physical things only if I f
ocus on them
23:10:39 From Chris Breakspear : tadpoles of light i call them
23:10:42 From L La : membraneous mosaic rubix, saw it slowing by our wi
23:10:43 From Beth Ann : Rosemary, yes!!
23:10:45 From Charlotte Mays : my sparkles are so profound I was having
to peer around them to see to drive today
23:10:47 From kristel tempest : npoe
23:10:48 From karen2uk : yes, yes, yes
23:10:49 From Loma : Nice Rosemary
23:10:52 From Zachary : i want to walk out
23:10:53 From kristel tempest : yep
23:10:53 From Kya : maybe just seeing the frequencies of those objects
23:10:56 From Zachary : XD
23:11:00 From peter : arch! arch!
23:11:02 From Tracey Ledebur : the facade is crumbling
23:11:06 From Shannon : I think capable of seeing it more.
23:11:08 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : tadpoles of light ues
23:11:15 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : little teensy comets
23:11:15 From cuba perkovic : fck very hard video game
23:11:15 From kristel tempest : exactly D!
23:11:23 From just me : your real put he world is funny
23:11:24 From Zachary : killscreen on tetris
23:11:24 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : We re all tripping our asses off!
23:11:26 From Toye Elizabeth : we are breaking out
23:11:29 From Donna : how i ve been seeing the world for 3 years
23:11:32 From garydavis : yes, breaking down, hologram glitches.
23:11:33 From peter : i wish I was Picard and could just call for the a
23:11:36 From just me : yes driving fast
23:11:37 From Burma Christie : looks like white noise
23:11:37 From Shannon : Not feeling connected to the environment?
23:11:38 From Donna : i m not moving it is
23:11:40 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : computer Arch
23:11:41 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lol
23:11:41 From Chris Breakspear : rendered
23:11:43 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
23:11:49 From Cindy : maybe the energy waves that are coming in are cha
nging our dna so we can see more than the tiny amount we always have??
23:11:50 From phillip s : as we except the concept of holigram we are i
ncreasing our ability to see the construct warts and all and with our attention
it is being fragmented ...like the double split experiment.. our focus is disrup
ting it
23:11:50 From sandi : yes, exactly!
23:11:50 From maddtom . : yep...especially when walking "downtown"\
23:11:53 From Susanna.C : thats what i feel with the news , seeing thro
ugh it more and more
23:11:56 From sarahrobertson : I feel that it is a program, especially
when you listen to language. Someone is “wired” wrong, something doesn’t “compute,” things
like that. Shit just feels weird and off.
23:11:57 From peter : nope
23:11:57 From Aaron Woffinden : like it doesn t feel quite real
23:11:57 From jennifer gray : in at last!!! whats going on???
23:11:58 From Karl from Canada : how are people feeling in their lives.
... knowing that this is a construct is everyone able to function in work and re
lationships etc...
23:11:59 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : Data Report?!!!
23:12:00 From Charlotte Mays : your wearing those new goggles virtual
23:12:01 From Zachary : once you hit lvl 27 it moves too fast and you c
ant get any more tetrises and the game locks up and crashes
23:12:03 From Johnny : alfred hitchock vertigp
23:12:03 From Loma : can anyone see through one thing to another behind
23:12:04 From Shannon : Lisa, yes.
23:12:06 From Kara Mia : green screen
23:12:08 From kristel tempest : yes
23:12:08 From Tracey Ledebur : all weekend had that!
23:12:09 From Susanna.C : lol
23:12:10 From Nancy Lynn : it s like putting on a VR headset, it will m
ake you see it the way you are trying to explain
23:12:10 From cuba perkovic : yesssssss
23:12:11 From garydavis : yes
23:12:11 From sarahrobertson : yes
23:12:13 From L La : playing thru the flesh body eyes
23:12:15 From Zachary : theyre rushing it
23:12:18 From Cindy : maybe the energy waves that are coming in are cha
nging our dna so we can see more than the tiny amount we always have?
23:12:23 From Toye Elizabeth : maybe it has to do with the more of us t
hat break out at the same time
23:12:25 From Zachary : mhm
23:12:25 From Beth Ann : I feel like I have more vision..I am seeing sp
ectrums of light that I have never seen before, and it started last summer, also
people s colors as well
23:12:26 From M : I first felt that when I was 8!!!! in my mom s cousin
s car...
23:12:27 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : new glasses for geordi laforge ove
r here please
23:12:30 From H. Andrew : the scernery being rendered on the fly, but v
ery poorly done
23:12:38 From Blair Bierman : lmao
23:12:39 From peter : lol
23:12:42 From Tracy White U.K : scooby doo
23:12:42 From just me : like goole maped out things with a quess
23:12:43 From Jean Lindsay : I always feel as though I am an observer l
ooking through a viewer and feel as though I m walking like a puppet from Thunde
23:12:56 From Cindy : maybe the energy waves that are coming in are cha
nging our dna so we can see more than the tiny amount we always have?
23:12:56 From Jean Lindsay : hopefully i m not - lol
23:12:57 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : pass scooby the doobie
23:12:58 From peter : wtf that cow has a twin
23:12:58 From Zachary : reality buffering
23:13:05 From Karl from Canada : how are people feeling in their lives.
... knowing that this is a construct is everyone able to function in work and re
lationships etc...
23:13:05 From sarahrobertson : Hahaha! I get that feeling at times
23:13:06 From Lee : Ferris wheel
23:13:10 From Chris Breakspear : cow clones lol
23:13:14 From garydavis : matrix black cat, men in black next.
23:13:14 From Jayling : glitches and breaking down
23:13:18 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : I’m feeling it like we can be able to
do that very soon
23:13:19 From Joo Lee : LOL Rosemary!
23:13:23 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : we are doing it accidentally now
23:13:24 From Beth Ann : yes yes..
23:13:29 From L La : very kool, Lisa
23:13:39 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lol
23:13:39 From phillip s : there is no spoon
23:13:40 From Zachary : thoery?
23:13:43 From just me : were in a box
23:13:48 From Donna : tunnelling
23:13:49 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : cymatics like a dolphin
23:13:49 From Cindy : we only usually see a small spectrum I think the
energy we are getting is changing our dna
23:13:51 From Aaron Woffinden : magic
23:13:52 From Beth Ann : the infection does not exist
23:13:54 From Joo Lee : pass by the scooby doobie! lol
23:13:56 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : zooming it
23:13:57 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lol
23:13:57 From L La : you are a free being!!!!
23:13:58 From Holly Lindin : I envision a box too Just Me!
23:14:00 From Beth Ann : NO WORDS
23:14:03 From Anastasia Mantani : my cat came in twice yesterday.....
23:14:05 From just me : box
23:14:06 From Tulla Hills : and everything tastes like chicken
23:14:07 From Holly Lindin : A white room filled with boxes, each one w
ith a construct inside.
23:14:13 From Tracey Ledebur : i felt like i was triggering folks out a
nd about this weekend...like they got all glitchy when i started talking to them
23:14:26 From jennifer gray : Hah Tulla xx
23:14:41 From Jerry Ledebur : indeed TRacey
23:14:42 From Charlotte Mays : reminds me of the old twilight zone when
the kid put the parents in the tv
23:14:42 From L La : same Tracey,
23:14:55 From Cindy : wow Anastasia that is cool
23:14:57 From Tracey Ledebur : all i could do was laugh LLa lol
23:15:17 From Holly Lindin : YES JJ!
23:15:21 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
23:15:23 From Holly Lindin : I feel that way too.
23:15:25 From Candice Polglase : agreeee
23:15:33 From A : i agree
23:15:33 From L La : or try for an explanation s!
23:15:42 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : cymatics change shape according to
23:15:48 From Melanie Worland : yes, i get that alot
23:15:48 From Aaron Woffinden : like an unraveling...
23:15:48 From Chris Breakspear : yep
23:15:55 From Cindy : it is the frequencies changing us
23:15:56 From A : reminds me of the animus in assassin s creed
23:15:57 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : different snowflake patterns lol
23:16:05 From Karl from Canada : YES i notice every time i have a nap..
23:16:05 From Beth Ann : brainwaves..
23:16:06 From Johnny : whoa just had a black flying snake out of the co
rner of my eye outside my studio
23:16:07 From Anastasia Mantani : he came in I closed the window he com
es from...and then a couple of hours later tapped the window to come in...lol
23:16:08 From jennifer gray : yep meditating
23:16:09 From Zachary : exactly!
23:16:14 From Kara Mia : so are we vibrating faster than the construct
can construct, JJ?
23:16:14 From Shannon : D, I agree. After awakening, and anytime outsi
de at twilight.
23:16:21 From just me : room yes
23:16:21 From shanman : refresh rate
23:16:21 From Karl from Canada : usually a forced nap... so tired i can
t stop it
23:16:22 From Chris Breakspear : probly why the headaches as your brain
re syncs
23:16:23 From kristel tempest : YES!!!!
23:16:26 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : one and the same?
23:16:34 From Susanna.C : what does the projection ?
23:16:35 From Colin Watson : yes retuning
23:16:37 From just me : diffrent rooms for diffrent folks
23:16:42 From A : yes, makes sense
23:16:45 From Melanie Worland : I feel like its a glimpse of another di
23:16:48 From Sony : Good point, JJ....thanks!
23:16:48 From peter : or we are trying to stay sane and catch up
23:16:50 From Donna : both
23:16:50 From maddtom . : the tech cannot influence...in the room there
isno tech
23:16:53 From Aaron Woffinden : multifaced indeed
23:16:59 From Donna : it is shifting
23:17:00 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : my outer world changes as my inner
world/physical body heals and changes in my personal expe
23:17:01 From Loma : Yes JJ our frequency increasing beyond the "system
" The system will not keep up.
23:17:03 From Tracey Ledebur : definitely feels like people are glitchi
ng out trying to keep up with my frequency
23:17:04 From Donna : as are we
23:17:05 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : projection
23:17:06 From Cindy : D wave computer
23:17:06 From Carn DW : Yes Anastasia.. Same thing happened to me and t
he cat last night!
23:17:09 From Zachary : the cpu
23:17:10 From Candice Polglase : our intelliect and heart cant be kept
up with by the construct!
23:17:13 From L La : solfeggio tones.....to expand consciousness
23:17:13 From Lee : would that be the same as the sun on the horizon ca
sting a shadow straight down from a cloud?Refraction of the sun off the dome?
23:17:21 From Zachary : quantumn ai supercpu
23:17:26 From Joo Lee : Lisa, you re out of focus
23:17:37 From just me : thats the buzz
23:17:39 From dawn : Like on the show The 100?
23:17:39 From Susanna.C : but how come we are seeing the virus ?
23:17:43 From Sony : Yes! Lisa...on point
23:17:43 From Donna : lisa your phasing out
23:17:59 From Candice Polglase : yussssss
23:18:01 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : like certain bacteria can’t live abov
e a certain ph level frequency
23:18:02 From Candice Polglase : heart!
23:18:04 From Anastasia Mantani : carn it didn t even phase me lolololo
l...nothing like that phases me no more lol
23:18:06 From Cindy : default
23:18:09 From Jayling : Don’t leave without us, Lisa!
23:18:22 From Kara Mia : like introducing antibiotics to fight an infec
23:18:23 From just me : time travel
23:18:23 From peter : i think we are creating and NOW we are realizing
we are in control
23:18:26 From Charlotte Mays : shes behind a curtain of sparkles Donna!
see you are still asleep
23:18:30 From phillip s : maybe the construct AI is experiencing Mandel
la events as well ...
23:18:33 From Susanna.C : but it doesn t
23:18:34 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : A little blurry, Lisa...
23:18:37 From Russ : I am learning that if i want to understand what is
going on with stuff I look to computer terminology and understanding. Like a te
chnician. That helps explain so much when i use that tech y talk.
23:18:37 From Carn DW : lol.. same here. I forgot until you said!
23:18:44 From Sony : Great observations!
23:18:47 From Susanna.C : it never did not in my life time
23:18:47 From Zachary : makes perfect sense
23:18:49 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : reseting home o stasis ;)
23:18:53 From peter : creating gives me a headache though
23:18:57 From Donna : no i m not in my dreams your nice to me char
23:19:04 From Gem : So is where we are moving to Earth 2.0?
23:19:18 From Karl from Canada : that is my question too
23:19:26 From Susanna.C : sorry full off Q but why are we still seeing
what we do
23:19:26 From just me : almost there
23:19:28 From Karl from Canada : what is next, what are we moving too o
r into
23:19:37 From peter : where/when are we moving
23:19:38 From Shannon : Yes
23:19:39 From Candice Polglase : yusssss
23:19:39 From Zachary : yes
23:19:40 From Jina Fergus : yes
23:19:40 From garydavis : yes
23:19:40 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
23:19:41 From sarahrobertson : yes
23:19:42 From phillip s : yep
23:19:44 From Kara Mia : yes
23:19:44 From sara ann hume : yes
23:19:44 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : where ever we go there we are keeps
coming up indeed yes
23:19:46 From Jeanette Edwards : sort of
23:19:50 From Sony : Yes!
23:19:52 From Zachary : yes it does
23:19:53 From sandi : yes good job explaining....Lisa
23:19:54 From Susanna.C : still seeing the shit
23:19:55 From Chris Breakspear : it was designed to suck
23:19:59 From Aaron Woffinden : apparantly aramaic was
23:20:01 From JJ : what if our viral contribution is being purged
23:20:01 From Donna : wasn t listening lisa too busy watching you phase
23:20:04 From sarahrobertson : I see in pictures
23:20:05 From Kya : I’m not going where they want me to go
23:20:11 From Holly Lindin : We need to start painting our experiences
- that’ll probably be more succinct than trying to put them into words! :)
23:20:19 From Aaron Woffinden : apparantly aramaic was build to handle
explaining these concepts
23:20:20 From just me : you are doing fine Lisa
23:20:23 From L La : English designed to suppress truth
23:20:34 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : dolphin speak cymatic projections i
n pictures like moving slide shows….. i like that communication
23:20:37 From Sony : I don t think we are moving...things will simply f
all away or stop...
23:20:39 From Susanna.C : i do believe that
23:20:41 From Cindy : We only see a small spectrum of light! Is it the
frequencies that our changing our Dna so we are seeing more now??
23:20:42 From Tracey Ledebur : agree...and we are gaining momentum meth
23:20:42 From JJ : And our language has been coorupted, on purpose
23:20:43 From A : Agreed, we won
23:20:46 From just me : the trump card
23:20:47 From Aaron Woffinden : we won
23:20:52 From Susanna.C : but am wondering why am still seeing what am
23:20:52 From peter : we are slow dancing in a burning room
23:20:52 From Candice Polglase : it is over! game over!
23:20:53 From Holly Lindin : That makes sense to me Cindy! :)
23:20:54 From Donna : we did
23:20:59 From Jean Lindsay : |Any news on seeing past March Lisa?
23:20:59 From phillip s : oh yeh we are in control... we just need prac
23:21:04 From Cindy : We only see a small spectrum of light! Is it the
frequencies that our changing our Dna so we are seeing more now?
23:21:12 From Candice Polglase : agree phillip!
23:21:18 From Cindy : Thanks Holly I think its the frequencies changing
23:21:21 From Loma : some does,but at a certian level of frequency your
baggage ,codes,fears etc will not translate with you
23:21:22 From James : makes me wonder if the limitations of the english
languge are deliberate. eg. very few words about consciousness
23:21:22 From Donna : GAME OVER thank you for playing EA RTH Plane T
23:21:22 From Jina Fergus : it’s forcing us to deal with those pieces we
are still holding on to.
23:21:23 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : the Framework lol
23:21:24 From Henk Reintke : msm wil do the job for us
23:21:28 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : :0
23:21:29 From dawn : agents of shield?
23:21:30 From Karl from Canada : i am not wanting to function within th
is reality anymore... i have no desire to interact with it...
23:21:43 From Sony : @Donna...yes!
23:21:45 From Karl from Canada : THE FRAMEWORK...!!!
23:22:01 From Kya : For those of us who are sensitive to all frequencie
s, can feel all frequencies of everything, down to the foods we eat, I think we
are beginning to be able to see frequencies now
23:22:07 From Karl from Canada : AVATARS IN THE REAL WORLD???
23:22:07 From just me : smart phones
23:22:10 From Susanna.C : this can not be just a monday feeling
23:22:14 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : dark matter has a framework for the
recreation of the prisoners on the moon base when they meet some new team mates
in season two i believe Dani
23:22:25 From Jean Lindsay : What about the theme of "virtuosity" ?
23:22:26 From Burma Christie : gotta go...have a good show
23:22:36 From Holly Lindin : Bye Burma! Have a beautiful day/night!
23:22:38 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : the dominators yes
23:22:42 From peter : bye burman
23:22:47 From Susanna.C : been breaking my head to break down the matri
x to be able to move on
23:22:49 From Jina Fergus : by Burma
23:22:54 From Shannon : Kya, I agree. Have never been visual, but mayb
e I m becoming that way.
23:22:59 From Tracey Ledebur : flashback of Total Recall
23:23:10 From just me : like lost at the end
23:23:12 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : the hero gen on Voyager the hunters
get the holodeck teck to satisfy their blood lust
23:23:22 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : in jail on the moon base
23:23:24 From josie : UNDER THE DOME series too (it was shite but had p
ods and virtual reality avatar stuff)
23:23:27 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : in solitaie
23:23:30 From Jerry Ledebur : yes, Tracey - memories bleeding back thro
ugh to the now
23:23:43 From Kya : I’ve always just felt, been empathic.. most of my lif
e, the “majority” couldn’t hear the words coming out of my mouth
23:23:51 From phillip s : fax it across
23:23:52 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : clone transfer transit
23:23:53 From dawn : yes
23:24:04 From Zachary : lol
23:24:04 From Karl from Canada : that would have to be quantum too as i
t happens instantly
23:24:04 From just me : its a game
23:24:09 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : virtual Skype lol
23:24:11 From Donna : unless your killed dani
23:24:11 From dawn : onlly if you don t die
23:24:19 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : if you die your memories are lost
23:24:25 From peter : or stories of clones
23:24:27 From Maria Davis : hey beautiful people........... just in as
the 200 limit
23:24:30 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : i have many of those dreams
23:24:31 From Alison White : Im having deja vu….. Didn’t the show start wit
h this discussion of this show?
23:24:31 From Cindy : stasis
23:24:32 From Donna : right rosemary
23:24:38 From Kara Mia : hi Maria
23:24:46 From just me : 4400
23:24:47 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : so replicate our personal realities
23:24:48 From Jeff Gates : The kickers is if your clone doesn’t make it b
ack, you don’t get uploaded those memories in those 3 days
23:24:48 From garydavis : Could the veils/membrane’s, be just programming
to keep us confined. And we can beat the program by creating ahead of the game/
23:24:48 From sandi : invasion of the body snatchers
23:24:49 From Kya : I think that is where the rest of our souls are- ou
r whole soul
23:24:50 From Shannon : Dreamed I woke up and realized I was in slavery
....tried to wake everyone else up, but got caught and went on the run. That wa
s my wakeup experience in 2006
23:24:51 From phillip s : reminds me of the movie John Carter and how h
e was on Mars whilst his body was on earth in a cave
23:24:51 From Susanna.C : the memories are just the story you lived in
the construct
23:24:51 From Beth Ann : my daughter, and it freaks me out for her, sh
e has sleep paralysis
23:24:51 From kristel tempest : I gotta go beauties see you next week
23:24:52 From Johnny : the OA
23:24:52 From Karl from Canada : and timetravel shows too
23:24:53 From M : It s like uncosciously we know we are in pods.
23:25:00 From Amber Moksha : that was my dream i shared on lmh months a
go now...
23:25:06 From Kya : we are only soul sparks/ pieces of our full soul he
23:25:06 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : we are the clones you’re looking for
23:25:14 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao
23:25:16 From Susanna.C : there not even real
23:25:19 From James : Dani, it looks like they are going to make a TV s
eries about the book Altered Carbon, by Richard K Morgan. it is all about transf
erred consciousness, either into stolen bodies, or synthetic bodies
23:25:20 From Kara Mia : g nite Kristel
23:25:21 From jennifer gray : bye krystel xxx
23:25:26 From Tracey Ledebur : organic tech vs artificial tech
23:25:30 From peter : ya but to them its JUST a SHOW
23:25:32 From Susanna.C : they
23:25:32 From kristel tempest : bye bye
23:25:42 From Susanna.C : pls woman spelling
23:25:48 From dawn : 2045
23:25:51 From peter : lol spelling
23:25:52 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : nope i keep my body every time than
k you very much.
23:25:55 From James : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altered_Carbon_(TV_
23:25:58 From Karl from Canada : that could be a shift to transhumanism
23:25:59 From Sony : @Rosemary...you may not be far off...
23:26:07 From Susanna.C : peter lol
23:26:07 From Aaron Woffinden : READY PLAYER ONE MOVIE
23:26:15 From Holly Lindin : Bye Kristen! Lovely day/night! :)
23:26:16 From Karl from Canada : consciousness into a android body
23:26:25 From Susanna.C : clown
23:26:26 From peter : hahaha
23:26:27 From Chris Breakspear : duno about waking up more like program
23:26:28 From Kara Mia : agree Karl
23:26:40 From peter : jj the sage of the construct
23:26:47 From Kya : “They” think they can take our consciousness and move i
t into whatever and wherever they want.. they still don’t take into account the hu
man soul
23:26:49 From Susanna.C : you prob have your funny pants on today
23:27:00 From peter : nylons on
23:27:08 From phillip s : is it the quantum AI construct catching up wi
th our conscious thinking and ideas.. it is not restricted by tick tock so it ca
n place our ideas back into this construct through telly vision
23:27:10 From Beth Ann : I just keep telling myself, I have already be
en here, already done this work....I am here NOW
23:27:11 From Susanna.C : omg so kinky
23:27:15 From Tracey Ledebur : they want us to be puppets, not consciou
s players
23:27:15 From peter : hahaha
23:27:15 From just me : beem me up
23:27:21 From Kya : they think the consciousness lives solely in the br
ain, not the soul
23:27:21 From Aaron Woffinden : MANDELLA EFFECT = MANDELBROT FRACTAL
23:27:22 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : in the show killjoys the scar backs
are called that because they cut themselves to make sure they are still bleedin
g red and not the green ai goo on their show
23:27:24 From Susanna.C : bad peter lol
23:27:26 From Kya : interacting with the brain
23:27:33 From Jeanette Edwards : give me the red pill
23:27:33 From Holly Lindin : That was me! :P
23:27:43 From Holly Lindin : You’re welcome. :)
23:27:48 From Aaron Woffinden : WOAH
23:27:55 From peter : give me a blali
23:27:56 From Maria Davis : go Holly
23:28:05 From Aaron Woffinden : what was that?
23:28:08 From Holly Lindin : :)
23:28:10 From Tulla Hills : I just see Lisa going blurry
23:28:14 From Aaron Woffinden : egyptian picture!!!!!
23:28:17 From Susanna.C : ?
23:28:28 From Jayling : Lisa is phasing in and out of this reality ;)
23:28:32 From Karl from Canada : it is Lisas internet trying to vary th
e resolution due to an unstable internet connection
23:28:33 From M : I still don t understand why we need to exit the pods
all togethr if this doesn t need us anymore to wake others up.
23:28:34 From Henk Reintke : you ar stil one your foon to be connecktit
wit the hife
23:28:39 From Susanna.C : i see her fine
23:28:39 From Aaron Woffinden : lisa!!!!! that looks like the eqyptian
90 degreee dimention picture
23:28:50 From cuba perkovic : I dreamed Dani today afternoon
23:28:50 From Donna : DON T LEAVE ME
23:28:56 From just me : time travel back Lisa
23:29:00 From Donna : *grabs lasso
23:29:01 From Beth Ann : :)
23:29:04 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : we are the electrons phasing in and
out of parallel realities bilocating every millisecond :O
23:29:07 From Jeanette Edwards : no shes fading to me
23:29:10 From Tulla Hills : I was thinking about that picture last nigh
23:29:23 From Chris Breakspear : yeah deffo abit hazy there lisa
23:29:24 From Karl from Canada : will we even remember her if she depar
ts.. will the construct change to adapt
23:29:24 From Susanna.C : i guess we are in the same relaity as lisa
23:29:29 From Kara Mia : very true, Rosemary
23:29:31 From Susanna.C : reality
23:29:37 From wayne fries : does the show max out at 200 participants?
23:29:37 From Beth Ann : Oh my gosh..
23:29:38 From cuba perkovic : ohhhh i will write wait I am in bed
23:29:39 From Susanna.C : spelling woman !
23:29:43 From Sony : @Rosemary...could be...
23:29:48 From Blair Bierman : yes, wayne
23:29:50 From Donna : yes
23:29:52 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Interesting note about March 4th:
Until 1937, it was Inauguration Day for U.S. Presidents at the beginning of a 4-
year term... then January 20th became Inauguration Day. Suppose the end of this
holographic construct interrupts the Trump administration and all bets are off a
fter that!
23:29:56 From Jayling : I went backwards and felt going upwards
23:29:57 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yrs
23:29:59 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yes
23:30:00 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
23:30:00 From Tulla Hills : yes
23:30:00 From just me : no
23:30:01 From Chris Breakspear : yea
23:30:01 From Susanna.C : sorry i missed that
23:30:01 From Zachary : maybe a bit
23:30:04 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yes
23:30:06 From Jeanette Edwards : no
23:30:12 From M : I m losing balance and I m not an old lady, but my fe
et don t see, to work properly.
23:30:13 From Beth Ann : there are 3 angles..
23:30:15 From Jeanette Edwards : lol
23:30:15 From Aaron Woffinden : haha
23:30:20 From Melanie Worland : i did that during our doing...
23:30:20 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : gyroscope elevator feel
23:30:21 From Chris Breakspear : omg that was in my head
23:30:23 From Shannon : Crazy Stuart Wilde used to say the Morph was at
a 90 degree angle from us. Anyone remember that?
23:30:23 From suzanna cat : THAT JUST BROKE MY DREAM... VOGUE.. TURN TO
23:30:26 From phillip s : oh the words are so so in our moment
23:30:38 From jennifer gray : my knees have stopped feeling weak and wo
nky and now feel strong!
23:30:44 From Ann Callaghan : yes Shannon :)
23:30:48 From Janey Benson on fb : we can look it up ourselves..
23:30:48 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : i never liked it like clowns lol
23:30:49 From Susanna.C : loved that movie
23:30:51 From Jeanette Edwards : not in my reality
23:30:54 From Zachary : just make it homework
23:30:54 From cuba perkovic to d(Privately) : I dreamed that wea so
mewhere ? and making something new sistem ,and you are in cahrge like general
23:30:55 From M : in your reality maybe
23:31:00 From Jeanette Edwards : then again I m older
23:31:01 From Jeff Gates : is the fringe season 5 STEPS to the hidden p
ocket dimension, the same as the Time Warp STEPS
23:31:06 From Henk Reintke : aap noot mies
23:31:08 From Kya : the time warp song
23:31:12 From just me : tell us
23:31:13 From Sony : @Rosemary...I as well!
23:31:17 From cuba perkovic to d(Privately) : you rare like general
you say what to do
23:31:17 From Lee : every one needs to see it.
23:31:18 From Tracey Ledebur : yes...watching fringe now Jeff
23:31:22 From Blair Bierman : OH I love the pocket dimension!
23:31:22 From Susanna.C : aap noot mies ?
23:31:23 From Chris Breakspear : strap peter down
23:31:29 From Candice Polglase : probably
23:31:30 From Holly Lindin : Or the dance in “The OA".
23:31:35 From VIOLET : I was thinking that too Jeff
23:31:36 From Jeff Gates : I am serious
23:31:36 From Susanna.C : lol
23:31:40 From Janey Benson on fb : wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:31:42 From maddtom . : Time Warp lyricshttp://www.songlyrics.com/rock
23:31:44 From Susanna.C : dat is heeellllllll oud
23:31:45 From Jeanette Edwards : huh
23:31:54 From Jeff Gates : is the fringe season 5 STEPS to the hidden p
ocket dimension, the same as the Time Warp STEPS
23:31:55 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yes!!!
23:32:04 From Susanna.C : wat bedoel je henk ?
23:32:10 From Candice Polglase : when he goes into pocket dimension to
get child
23:32:20 From Jean Lindsay : yes they do
23:32:23 From Candice Polglase : the bald kid
23:32:26 From M : Me neither lol
23:32:27 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : like the escher reality they step i
nto to get the kid
23:32:27 From phillip s : we have homework dam
23:32:27 From Tina : i remember that
23:32:28 From Jeff Gates : yes
23:32:29 From Donna : jeff are you still depressed the show is over?
23:32:33 From Blair Bierman : i do :)
23:32:33 From M : oh ok
23:32:36 From Jina Fergus : let us know next week
23:32:37 From Chris Breakspear : randy maugans was saying bald guy from
fringe was standing by trump @ inaugaration
23:32:38 From Sony : In that weird apartment...
23:32:40 From Zachary : fringe is the best
23:32:42 From Candice Polglase : the observer child
23:32:47 From Donna : depressed not the right word lol
23:32:56 From Karl from Canada : actually Walter does a lot based on mu
23:33:01 From Donna : the OLD man!
23:33:10 From Jeff Gates : yes, Donna, I want a season 6
23:33:11 From Jina Fergus : time is fleeting
23:33:12 From maddtom . : Time warp lyricshttp://www.songlyrics.com/rock
23:33:14 From Kya : I know that song by heart and don’t see how
23:33:22 From jennifer : the dance at CERN!!!
23:33:33 From Donna : the black goo called
23:33:36 From jennifer : CERN RITUAL DANCE
23:33:50 From jennifer : KALI DANCE
23:33:57 From jennifer gray : REALLY!!!!
23:34:08 From peter : i used watch this every friday night at the roxy
on danforth
23:34:16 From phillip s : is this how they have made new versions or ti
me lines when the void comes
23:34:21 From Donna : not real
23:34:24 From Cindy : Susan falls to the right did you see that?
23:34:24 From Donna : astral
23:34:34 From Donna : all seeing eye
23:34:37 From jennifer : WATCHING YOU
23:34:46 From Donna : they grabbed you
23:34:47 From peter : lets do the time warp again!!!
23:35:00 From Tracey Ledebur : so wild
23:35:02 From Donna : this is so blatant its ridonculous
23:35:03 From jennifer : THEY DO THE DANCE AT CERN!!!
23:35:08 From jennifer : KALI DANCE!!!
23:35:13 From Sony : Wow...what if we are voyeaurs?!
23:35:36 From Donna : the astral realm sony
23:35:42 From Jeff Gates : In True Blood, they step into a FAE pocket d
23:35:43 From Sony : ..."voyeaurs"...
23:35:45 From Holly Lindin : I think dancing has a huge impact on so ma
ny things. When you look at tribes and their rain dances and ritualistic dances
, I feel there was something they understood that we’ve forgotten. Well, had cond
itioned out of us anyway.
23:35:46 From Susanna.C : this is a world beound worlds
23:35:50 From just me : the hoky poky
23:35:52 From Britt : wow
23:35:54 From Lee : i had forgot that
23:35:56 From Maria Davis : Ok, who was singing it??!!
23:36:00 From peter : you never saw that before??
23:36:05 From Jean Lindsay : agree Holly
23:36:06 From Aaron Woffinden : wow
23:36:07 From Maria Davis : I was singing along of course
23:36:07 From maddtom . : Walter steps into pocket universehttps://www.y
23:36:13 From Cindy : Susan Sarandon fell to the right when she fainted
23:36:15 From Jeff Gates : the observer dimension, you can see ALL
23:36:21 From Candice Polglase : your spaced out on sensation (mateix)
like your under sedation
23:36:22 From JJ : show the lyrics
23:36:31 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : in the show sanctuary Will has to d
o the sacred dance for Kali to stop the earthquakes in season two Kali was the A
vatar for a giant sea spider connected with other avatars from hollow earth
23:36:32 From Donna : YES jeff!!!!!!!
23:36:37 From sarahrobertson : anyone good with riddles?
23:36:39 From peter : i saw that every friday but i NEVER really saw th
23:36:45 From Holly Lindin : Just a note: I adore this chat room. :P
23:36:53 From Susanna.C : she is aware
23:36:54 From Maria Davis : D, do you want to read them?
I remember
a Show
s astounding
is a song people reference every
year for Halloween. FOX s 2016 production of the cult classic was released… See Al
knees in tight.
23:37:01 From Candice Polglase : hi maria!
23:37:01 From Loma : sufi dancing whirl,whirl
23:37:13 From Karl from Canada : not the same https://www.youtube.com/w
23:37:16 From peter : RUN WALTER!!!!
23:37:16 From Henk Reintke : Lisa your zoom is louw
23:37:16 From Jeff Gates : Voyeur, to see ALL
23:37:30 From Sony : @Jeff...exactly!
23:37:37 From Donna : fuck me
23:37:48 From Johnny : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbdhZZKvA5c&list
23:37:49 From Dawn Hart : I think they are talking about previous harve
sts and the tuck and pull through is being stripped of OUR memories but they get
to keep theirs
23:37:49 From Shannon : Is that the Hustle?
23:37:59 From Jayling : And turn yourself about (the Hokey Pokey)
23:38:00 From Janey Benson on fb : its all connected
23:38:02 From Lee : oh my god
23:38:04 From Donna : faaaarrrrrkkkkk
23:38:05 From Candice Polglase : lol gosh i love this! lol
23:38:05 From Susanna.C : lol shannon
23:38:06 From Moksha James : Holy Shit!
23:38:09 From sarahrobertson : wow
23:38:11 From Maria Davis : I think we should all try that ha
23:38:20 From Tracey Ledebur : wowzers
23:38:28 From peter : freaky shit babies
23:38:36 From Holly Lindin : I do too Maria! But part of me like, “Naahh
hhhhhh”. just in case. :P
23:38:36 From jennifer gray : Want the steps!
23:38:43 From Moksha James : lmao
23:38:43 From Jenny Thomas : It s hokey cokey.
23:38:43 From Loma : did the boy on the security video do a dance?
23:38:46 From Susanna.C : sooooooooo explain pls
23:38:48 From Donna : we are already doing them
23:38:50 From Mia: house of Kelley : Hokey Kokey in my reality Jayling
23:38:55 From Jeff Gates : these STEPS are the mechanism we need to get
the brain to accept it as REAL
23:38:55 From Karl from Canada : i just put it inDani
23:38:56 From James : Wow, get the right song going and entire dance pa
rties could desappear
23:38:56 From Susanna.C : we are not all in the uu room
23:38:56 From Janey Benson on fb : holy smokes
23:39:02 From Holly Lindin : Or the dance from “The OA”. I wonder what tha
t’s meant to open up. Considering it’s still Hollywood, the steps might not be “right”,
23:39:02 From Karl from Canada : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9thmB
23:39:04 From Jayne Judkins : hahaha! I need to write the steps down!
23:39:04 From Holly Lindin : ?
23:39:09 From Jayling : Seriously Mia? wow
23:39:10 From Donna : oh jeff you are on fire
23:39:15 From Sony : @Jeff...good point!
23:39:16 From Chris Breakspear : the ghosty pokey
23:39:16 From Toye Elizabeth : UU Flash Mob!!!
23:39:16 From Kara Mia : left brain, right brain?
23:39:17 From Karl from Canada : that was it Dani
23:39:20 From Jeanette Edwards : a dance
23:39:26 From Jerry Ledebur : I agree lisa - we a doing the dance
23:39:29 From Joo Lee : unlocking
23:39:37 From just me : mind conections
23:39:37 From Tracey Ledebur : dancing our way out
23:39:39 From Kara Mia : moving out of left brain logic to right brain
23:39:45 From Susanna.C : the right is the heart space
23:39:47 From Jeanette Edwards : like puppets for entertainment
23:39:48 From Johnny : Carlos Castanada brought back some interesting m
oves from the other side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbdhZZKvA5c&list=PLJD
23:39:50 From Holly Lindin : I was thinking that too Kara Mia!
23:39:54 From Dawn Hart : when you turn to the left and then step to th
e right is counter clockwise I would think is it not?
23:39:55 From Susanna.C : the feeling space
23:39:59 From jennifer gray : Yes Kara!
23:40:00 From Susanna.C : right brained
23:40:05 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : highly recommend this show !!! <3<3
23:40:06 From Donna : WE ARE COZZ THAT IS HWO WE ROLL
23:40:10 From Candice Polglase : party
23:40:11 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : https://123movies.is/film/sanctuary
23:40:15 From Donna : *how
23:40:17 From Dawn Hart : why?
23:40:20 From Zachary : :(
23:40:21 From just me : spirals gold blue white and red
23:40:23 From Dawn Hart : awwh
23:40:25 From Susanna.C : so if nothing goes left goes right
23:40:29 From jennifer gray : I tried for an hour!!!
23:40:35 From Moksha James : that is sad :(
23:40:41 From Kara Mia : i had to try for an hour too
23:40:43 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I just saw Walt in Fringe posted i
n the UU...
23:40:47 From Holly Lindin : I didn’t get in the first few minutes, but k
ept on keepin on. :)
23:40:53 From phillip s : 260 s
23:40:54 From Ollie and Dani : hokey pokey...hocus pocus
23:40:54 From Blair Bierman : look what you did, Lisa :P
23:40:59 From judithdickens : i have to go now.. one can come in
23:41:00 From Lee : took me awhile to get in
23:41:02 From Susanna.C : don t worry about it ladies
23:41:08 From Jayne Judkins : it took me a few trys to get in...so glad
I made it this week!
23:41:10 From Karl from Canada : here is walt again if anyone wants the
youtube linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9thmBsYT_k
23:41:11 From Susanna.C : ppl will see this anyway
23:41:11 From Donna : zoomapokey
23:41:21 From Jina Fergus : well hit it costs $
23:41:21 From jennifer gray : Can we pay a bit to help?
23:41:25 From Loma : a little fund raise to help Lisa to keep it at 300
23:41:28 From Jina Fergus : shit
23:41:28 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hocus Pocus... Disney witches!
23:41:35 From Susanna.C : lol
23:41:36 From Kara Mia : i felt like i dropped my ice cream cone when i
couldn t get in :-(
23:41:45 From Susanna.C : loved that movie
23:41:46 From Jeff Gates : 2241
23:41:46 From sara ann hume : just ask us to donate a few bucks, ill d
rop a few bucks in when i get paid next week :-)
23:41:54 From Teresa Blackburn : yes I feel so greatful to have just go
t in took a while
23:42:00 From Susanna.C : hickery dickey duck
23:42:01 From Aaron Woffinden : i ll donate a bit
23:42:01 From peter : yellow rose say the left is feminine and the righ
t bis masculine
23:42:02 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yes to the right
23:42:07 From Tulla Hills : right
23:42:13 From Sony : Yes, I would like to donate also!
23:42:15 From JJ : because she’s in australia
23:42:20 From Moksha James : we will need to offer support to those who
missed the show tonight, lol
23:42:21 From Candice Polglase : agree peter
23:42:24 From maddtom . : Lisa...your number please! I have it....tell
23:42:28 From Jeanette Edwards : depends there the couch is
23:42:28 From Janey Benson on fb : JJ :)
23:42:30 From JJ : toiolets swirl reverse
23:42:34 From Susanna.C : ok lisa so it is about going right
23:42:35 From Jeanette Edwards : where
23:42:36 From just me : fall out and second steps in
23:42:40 From Susanna.C : and that means the heart space
23:42:41 From jennifer gray : Yep Moksha xx
23:42:41 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : smacked into the wall on the right
walking through the hallway yesterday thank god it was there to keep me upright
23:42:47 From Lee : Lisa you havin internet problems?
23:42:59 From Joo Lee : she said Mandela stuff to the left
23:43:03 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : 242<3
23:43:05 From Susanna.C : there are right brained ppl and left brained
23:43:33 From phillip s : left is out of construct view maybe
23:43:39 From Karl from Canada : yes mandela effect is to the left
23:43:40 From Loma : Spin left= involution spin right=evolution
23:43:50 From maddtom . : no...always turn right
23:43:51 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : pretty soon its going to be complet
ely interconnected both sides of the brain people :D
23:44:06 From Holly Lindin : I feel very balanced there myself Rosemary
23:44:06 From Henk Reintke : N en S
23:44:06 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : very connected corpus collosum
23:44:08 From Susanna.C : i think so D
23:44:15 From Holly Lindin : More constructs! :)
23:44:16 From Susanna.C : right is heart
23:44:19 From nate johnson : it depends on which way the toilet water s
23:44:21 From jennifer gray : star source healing is crossing wrists an
d ankles to integrate left and right sid eof brain!
23:44:22 From Susanna.C : left is logic
23:44:24 From Kara Mia : interconnected brain, yes, that s why Walter t
urned in a circle...got both sides of brain interconnected
23:44:31 From Candice Polglase : division
23:44:32 From just me : if got. membrane conecting both sides at the sa
me tim
23:44:37 From Donna : i always fell the left until zero point
23:44:38 From just me : tim
23:44:47 From Donna : then started being pulled right
23:44:48 From just me : time sorry
23:44:51 From Henk Reintke : seen it
23:44:51 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : big brain event neurons growing and
connecting to morph new abilities
23:45:03 From just me : pink is the link
23:45:04 From di : Rock Horror show has ben decoded on yt
23:45:09 From d : same with me donna!
23:45:13 From jennifer gray : saw pink with eyes closed as woke up sat.
23:45:16 From Charlie Ann : If everything is backwards in this reality.
maybe we should try these dances opposite.
23:45:18 From Lee : left and right would be the opposite in a mirror
23:45:19 From Maria Davis : My hair was pink for a year,
23:45:19 From phillip s : pink is very very important discovery this la
st week
23:45:22 From maddtom . : NO pinkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9dqJRy
23:45:24 From Jeanette Edwards : yes
23:45:25 From James : not yet
23:45:26 From Janey Benson on fb : i used to think we were on a globe,
and it had shifted like the inuit say, but now I have no clue but back then afte
r a shift there would be lots of car accidents, it felt like we should go to the
right but the road was left
23:45:27 From Zachary : UYES
23:45:35 From Karl from Canada : Dani... whats your take on the 10 degr
ees weather in canada in february...???
23:45:35 From jennifer gray : it was beautiful
23:45:35 From M : Do I search for it rocky...decoded?
23:45:37 From Ann Callaghan : Everyone on my personal wall is seeing pi
23:45:38 From Tracey Ledebur : sensing /seeing pink pink pink all weeke
23:45:42 From Zachary : ive seen pink all over the place with my eyes c
23:45:49 From Joo Lee : is pink included in the basic color box?
23:45:51 From Earl Thibert : not yet
23:45:51 From Lou Whom : there is no pink spoon
23:45:52 From maury : I posted a picture i took a few minutes asgo in t
o the U.U. of some Geraniums I purchased two weeks ago along with a short story,
as usual. Anyway, the Papaya one most certainly looks pink to me and I said
so in the short story.
23:46:00 From AnthonyS : it turn multi colored for me
23:46:07 From Cindy : isn t pink the colour of the back of your eyelids
23:46:12 From Johnny : seeing the world through rose colored glasses
23:46:13 From Zachary : florida too
23:46:14 From Jeanette Edwards : or orange
23:46:15 From Susanna.C : purple skies in texus
23:46:16 From peter : pinky tuxedero
23:46:17 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : travelling through the sea of the r
ainbow spectrum in the fluid dynamic a lot of pink and lavender these days
23:46:19 From Dawn Hart : This is where I live
23:46:20 From phillip s : I see pink with eyes closed and electric blue
pixels around edges and it all waves iether across or in spirals moving outward
23:46:22 From cuba perkovic : today approximately 16:00 this afternoon
I had a dream ... we are in the field like a meadow but then it is converted i
nto a building / facility, and we make a new system / program / construct, and t
here was a big problem and many started to panic , and then you Dani came as li
ke General (army) -Someone who is the boss, and you re quickly siad : this puts
here ,delete this here,like making programm ?! .... and we have solved the prob
lem .... there was some other people from the UU but cant remember
23:46:25 From Jeanette Edwards : more like peach
23:46:28 From Lee : we had pink doves here today
23:46:29 From M : pink and purple skies and rarely a star
23:46:38 From Tracey Ledebur : rainbows coming up everwhere too
23:46:40 From Lee : pink breats
23:46:40 From Dawn Hart : we have had all kinds of wierd shit in Housto
n in the past 3 months
23:46:41 From Mia: house of Kelley : What about flamingos if there’s no p
23:46:42 From Charlie Ann : Pink has always given me a headache. I get
very aggitated with too much pink aobut
23:46:44 From Henk Reintke : whit ranboo
23:46:44 From Susanna.C : the sky here looked like more purple then blu
e lately
23:46:45 From Holly Lindin : I experienced yesterday a bright, flaming
RED behind my eyelids with my eyes closed and faced directly toward the sun for
the first time ever - it’s always BLUE when I direct my eyes to the sun and close
them. But red!
23:46:53 From just me : pink make you travel out
23:46:55 From Susanna.C : in the netherlands
23:47:03 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
23:47:04 From Zachary : i got rain on one side or the other of the hous
23:47:04 From sara ann hume : WSO You Tube channel show a lot of red ra
23:47:05 From Maria Davis : Pink makes you think!!
23:47:05 From Dawn Hart : Cross shaped chemtrail craft in the sky too
23:47:07 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : i had my hair purple and pink for t
he past six months and just last monday went to Blue topaz and Indigo violet
23:47:10 From Blair Bierman : well flamigoes are grey/white until they
23:47:14 From M : Bpearthwatch pointed out recently Jupiter used to be
called Nibiru... can you beleive it?
23:47:16 From Susanna.C : did you see that henk ?
23:47:25 From Susanna.C : not as blue as befor
23:47:31 From sara ann hume : pink to make the boys stink
23:47:38 From Susanna.C : but more blue/purple
23:47:44 From Janey Benson on fb : the jail in arizona does that...
23:47:47 From just me : pink is what was taught to me to get out and it
23:47:48 From James : boys stink anyway
23:47:52 From M : so they say
23:47:53 From sara ann hume : lol
23:47:53 From jennifer gray : calming -my bedroom pale pink
23:47:54 From Janey Benson on fb : orange is a sexual chakra color
23:47:55 From Charlie Ann : Pink room? That would drive me nuts. It agg
rivates me to death
23:47:56 From Aaron Woffinden : PINK has been historically suppressed b
y the patriarchy
23:47:58 From Holly Lindin : Rosemary - I went purple and pink about th
ree weeks ago for the first time ever! Always something I wanted to do but was
always scared to do so until now. :)
23:48:00 From Teresa Blackburn : no chemtrails of late... anyone else n
23:48:00 From phillip s : 12 flavours of rainbows http://www.livescienc
23:48:02 From Lee : I think they do that in some prisons Right?
23:48:03 From Susanna.C : boys stink ? lol
23:48:05 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : pink for boys and blue for girls fe
els right to me
23:48:06 From Tulla Hills : all the inmates wear pink
23:48:13 From Jayne Judkins : isn t the red sky methane or something li
ke that? WSO talked in great detail about that
23:48:14 From Dawn Hart : Spring/Houston/Galveston alot of neat atmosph
eric stuff
23:48:16 From just me : pink ties on trump
23:48:16 From Earl Thibert : we have not seen pink panther
23:48:17 From sara ann hume : :-)
23:48:23 From James : teeenage boys stink big-time
23:48:26 From just me : yes
23:48:27 From peter : lol no blue is moi and pink is for toi
23:48:29 From sara ann hume : lol
23:48:31 From M : hated my pink room as a girl, funny because I loved
pink the most so much I begged to have it painted white.
23:48:39 From Charlotte Mays : jessies night terrors and bi polar behav
ors stopped when i painterd her room pink
23:48:47 From Kara Mia : funeral colors
23:48:48 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : they are asking for forgiveness wea
ring purple
23:48:49 From Karl from Canada : ANYONE ANY THOUGHTS ON THE REALLY WARM
23:48:53 From Zachary : anyone seen hollary in a while?
23:48:54 From Kara Mia : she was grieving her loss
23:48:56 From Susanna.C : did anyone seen the oscars ?
23:48:58 From Janey Benson on fb : Prince died
23:48:58 From Dawn Hart : NASA is here in Houston too remember that
23:49:03 From Zachary : nope
23:49:04 From Susanna.C : it was weird
23:49:06 From jennifer gray : he wore red andshe wore blue saying makin
g purpe but doesnot make purple!
23:49:07 From sara ann hume : ive got a purple bedroom
23:49:09 From Ollie and Dani : child pedophilia and pink rooms
23:49:09 From Chris Breakspear : isss went all purple too
23:49:11 From Christine : The Purple People eaters...yuk
23:49:15 From Susanna.C : all politics
23:49:15 From Jayne Judkins : Karl...pole shift? just a guess...lol
23:49:18 From Britt : the queens aniversari was purple
23:49:19 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lemiwinks lols
23:49:23 From Zachary : lmao
23:49:24 From Holly Lindin : “Warm” Karl? In B.C. (Salt Spring Island), we
have had the coldest weather ever lately! After a very spring-y day yesterday,
we got a small BLIZZARD this morning. Blech! :)
23:49:25 From Lee : yes she did a video a few days ago
23:49:26 From Blair Bierman : lmao
23:49:27 From Jayling : egads!
23:49:27 From M : lololol
23:49:28 From Susanna.C : wrong winners it is wild
23:49:29 From Tracey Ledebur : what??? lmao
23:49:31 From Cindy : yuck
23:49:32 From Kya : when I was little, my room was painted pink and I w
ould only color with pink and purple crayons.. would always pick those out
23:49:33 From Chris Breakspear : lmao
23:49:34 From Susanna.C : she won t make it
23:49:37 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Purple Revolution: Enter George So
23:49:43 From phillip s : which clone is going to make it to 2020
23:49:47 From Aaron Woffinden : if were all still here by then
23:49:50 From Janey Benson on fb : a french friend posted a thing about
obama running for french president...
23:49:51 From Earl Thibert : if she lives that long lol
23:49:55 From Zachary : not a single clone will make it
23:49:57 From M : Mmmm do you really think people will watch it?
23:50:06 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : any asshole can co opt a perfectly
perfect color for their nefarious purposes but the boomerang effect is huge and
fast these days
23:50:07 From jennifer gray : royalty!
23:50:08 From Loma : There is a "new" color In the spectrum that many h
umans can see...it is like a pastel violet
23:50:09 From Tracey Ledebur : since Prince died
23:50:10 From Susanna.C : lets not creat this
23:50:14 From Chris Breakspear : she just don t know when to quit jeez
23:50:19 From M : My thoughts--lol
23:50:20 From Karl from Canada : ONTARIO IS 20-30 DEGREES WARMER THAN
23:50:21 From jennifer gray : not purple magenta
23:50:25 From Kara Mia : so purple is the middle ground between the two
23:50:26 From Cindy : the colour of royalty!
23:50:26 From phillip s : they want to turn our pink into their purple
23:50:27 From Britt : the qeen used purple for some event
23:50:33 From just me : i was just goin to say that
23:50:35 From Aaron Woffinden : crown chakra
23:50:36 From Susanna.C : purple is very spiritual color
23:50:39 From jennifer gray : purple more complex tha just red and blue
23:50:41 From Donna : LOL purple people eater
23:50:43 From dawn : mine too
23:50:43 From Zachary : same here its lisa
23:50:45 From sara ann hume : trying to merge it with the construct
23:50:46 From Britt : queen
23:50:46 From Karl from Canada : ITS LIERNET
23:50:46 From Blair Bierman : yes, me too, dani
23:50:47 From Tulla Hills : it is lisa
23:50:48 From Holly Lindin : WOW. I used to live there Karl (grew up t
here) - super strange that you guys are getting such warmth, and B.C.’s getting mo
re cold!
23:50:49 From James : Purple has always been the colour of royalty. has
n t it
23:50:49 From Lee : Its Lisa
23:50:50 From Jayne Judkins : yes D, she is lagging
23:50:51 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : yes Susanna Ultraviolet boom
23:50:55 From just me : purple is the eye of eve
23:51:04 From Zachary : yup
23:51:05 From phillip s : lol forget the ORANGE people now we have Lisa
23:51:08 From Kara Mia : speaking Japanese
23:51:12 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : they are begging forgiveness sublim
inally by just wearing it
23:51:12 From Kya : yes, purple has always been used to depict royalty
23:51:21 From Green : purple was alway a royal color dating back to at
least the egyptian rulers
23:51:24 From Susanna.C : it is the color of the crown chacra if am not
23:51:27 From Maria’s iPhone : yes Kya
23:51:29 From Kya : except in the east, where red and gold is used
23:51:32 From Tina : no pink, bring in the green, gold, translutent
23:51:32 From Karl from Canada : NO SNOW IN KISTON AND TORONTO AND ITS
23:51:38 From Tracey Ledebur : captivating
23:51:39 From Aaron Woffinden : pink = magical
23:51:45 From Holly Lindin : I’m happy to hear you guys are doing better
than us Karl. :D
23:51:46 From Zachary : pink/purple are my fav colors
23:51:49 From Susanna.C : pink is the color of love
23:51:52 From Cindy : pinkl is the colour of love
23:51:57 From Susanna.C : so it is claimed
23:51:57 From Dawn Hart : I have been wearing pink glitter nailpolish f
or 2 weeks now
23:51:58 From Cindy : yes Susanna
23:52:00 From Aaron Woffinden : pink = minus green
23:52:01 From Donna : purple - royalty - purple people eaters
23:52:02 From Tulla Hills : cool
23:52:02 From Chris Breakspear : purple - violet in particular works as
a filter
23:52:05 From Sony : Purple is highly sacredl in Catholicism....
23:52:06 From Donna : it doesn t
23:52:07 From Lee : we have had some beautiful skys here lately
23:52:07 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : its just watered down red lol
23:52:08 From phillip s : also pink is neither male or female it is bot
23:52:11 From Susanna.C : not red pink
23:52:11 From sara ann hume : so they cant mess with it then
23:52:12 From Holly Lindin : In the last month, I have a suddenly new f
avourite colour and can’t get enough of it. Every time I see it, knit or paint wi
th it, I feel VERY happy and connected. Mauve/Lilac!
23:52:14 From Loma : rediculous
23:52:16 From Karl from Canada : MAKES A CHANGE GUYS USUALLY -25 THIS T
23:52:17 From jennifer gray : how can we see it then?
23:52:21 From Kristin : pink is not in the rainbow. too
23:52:22 From James : pink is a weak red frequency ?
23:52:24 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : mercy
23:52:26 From Aaron Woffinden : PINK is what we see in the absense of t
he green wavelength
23:52:27 From maddtom . : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9dqJRyk0YM
23:52:29 From Tina : it would still have a freqancey, resonate every do
23:52:31 From Zachary : so purple bad?
23:52:33 From Sony : @Dani...yes
23:52:34 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : healing and all seeing
23:52:56 From peter : Soros is a frak program, man that guy creeps me o
23:52:56 From Marie s iPad : if we could see love it would be pink
23:52:56 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : unless you were pure of heart and t
hey are anything but that
23:52:57 From Anastasia Mantani : pink is the absence of green!!!!!!!!!
23:52:57 From Jeanette Edwards : mr obvious
23:52:58 From Joo Lee : Jimi Hendrix & Prince wore Purple
23:52:59 From maury : I would like to say me too, Dawn, but that would
be untrue, a lie if you will. LOL
23:53:04 From jennifer : PINK LAKE IN AUSTRALIA
23:53:05 From James : leeloo?
23:53:05 From Sony : It is co-opted...as with everything...
23:53:06 From Janey Benson on fb : maybe it is a red and blue party joi
ning against trumps anti nwo side, making a new type polarity.
23:53:07 From Kara Mia : you re glitchy Dani
23:53:10 From dawn : really bad connection
23:53:10 From Tina : pink + blue = purple if they want purple do opposi
23:53:11 From Susanna.C : if we are the real ppl than they toke our col
or and used itfor their own
23:53:11 From jennifer gray : big 60s colour
23:53:14 From Karl from Canada : MY FAVOURITE COLOUR SINCE I WAS A CHIL
23:53:15 From Anastasia Mantani : pink is what you get when you remove
23:53:19 From peter : flamingos are pink
23:53:21 From Donna : zoom is so laggy right now
23:53:22 From Aaron Woffinden : yes anastasia
23:53:22 From Kya : they always take the good and truth and twist it to
be evil and for their means
23:53:24 From Mia: house of Kelley : http://www.todayifoundout.com/inde
23:53:27 From Kya : why propaganda works
23:53:31 From just me : Lisa your wearing pink
23:53:34 From cuba perkovic to d(Privately) : I put my dream in UU
room ,it is very instersting ,but I dont remember all ,love you and thank you f
or ALL girl <3
23:53:36 From dawn : better
23:53:37 From Susanna.C : don t leve yet
23:53:39 From Tina : all colours have a resonate
23:53:40 From Susanna.C : leave
23:53:40 From James : better Lisa
23:53:40 From Blair Bierman : it seems better
23:53:40 From Henk Reintke : yes
23:53:41 From Jean Lindsay : stopped raining here for the time being.
23:53:46 From Anastasia Mantani : pink is the absence of green...
23:53:46 From Holly Lindin : Way better!
23:53:46 From Loma : The reptilian "royal bloodline" co-opted "purple
23:53:47 From jennifer : LISA PINK LAKE IN AUSTRALIA
23:53:52 From Zachary : haha
23:53:53 From Christine : Violet flame has been popular with New Age...
23:53:53 From peter : its been great weather here in toronto for the pa
st week\
23:53:55 From Jerry Ledebur : we re all pink on the inside, aren;t we?
23:53:56 From dawn : I ve got pink on as well
23:53:57 From Kara Mia : i own zero pink
23:54:01 From Aaron Woffinden : jerry
23:54:02 From Susanna.C : am not a pink person aswell lol
23:54:10 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : any asshole can co opt any good thi
ng for their fuckery which will boomerang back on them just like being hoisted o
n their own petards, lol as shakespear would say
23:54:11 From Tulla Hills : I wear pink like everyday, lol
23:54:20 From A : i love the color pink
23:54:25 From Sophie Davis : Lol finally here.. Hello everyone :)
23:54:28 From Henk Reintke : looks to curly on me
23:54:31 From maddtom . : Hilary s alternate realityhttp://www.hillarybe
23:54:37 From Susanna.C : and everyone that is famous is dying ?
23:54:39 From Holly Lindin : Totally Rosemary! As long as we see the c
olour and appreciate it (instead of fearing it), it doesn’t really matter. :)
23:54:40 From Chris Breakspear : what they are evacuating from ?
23:54:43 From Moksha James : Newt Gingrich made a snowman, wtf?
23:54:45 From Maria Davis : I m back
23:54:48 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : exactly
23:54:49 From Susanna.C : and not even at a very old age
23:54:55 From Susanna.C : lololol
23:54:55 From Maria Davis : WHAT!!!!
23:54:55 From Jean Lindsay : hahaha
23:54:56 From Holly Lindin : Whaaaaaa?
23:54:56 From Chris Breakspear : nowaaaaaay
23:54:57 From Jerry Ledebur : merde
23:54:58 From Tina : thats a fucken freak show.. get me out of here
23:54:59 From James : lol
23:54:59 From Blair Bierman : why
23:55:00 From Dawn Hart : how retarded
23:55:00 From Sophie Davis : omg! really?
23:55:02 From Janey Benson on fb : yep
23:55:02 From Zachary : *headdesk*
23:55:03 From Jeanette Edwards : lmao
23:55:04 From Donna : lol
23:55:05 From Susanna.C : wow that is crazy
23:55:06 From jennifer gray : hahahaha
23:55:06 From Kara Mia : because they don t have enough refugees in Fra
23:55:06 From Lee : they can have him
23:55:07 From ArkaSol - : i painted 3 years ago the interior of my hous
e with pink ....and have lots of pink flowers in my garden...will show you in th
e uu room
23:55:07 From Loma : Noooooooooo
23:55:08 From Kristin : insanity at its height
23:55:10 From Cindy : he s working his way to africa
23:55:11 From Maria Davis : Dani, You can t make this shite up!!!
23:55:11 From garydavis : colours, shapes and symbolisim have some ene
rgy behind them from the elite through the ages.
23:55:11 From Earl Thibert : what the fuck
23:55:13 From sara ann hume : dear god give me strength
23:55:13 From Mia: house of Kelley : Well, they can fckn have him!
23:55:15 From dawn : theory: they are having a power struggle over who
controls the Arc of Gabriel
23:55:15 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : cosmic face palm
23:55:16 From Karl from Canada : ITS TRUE I SAW IT EARLIER THIS WEEK
23:55:16 From Tracey Ledebur : lol that is cray cray
23:55:16 From Holly Lindin : Because he did SUCH a great job ELSEWHERE.
23:55:19 From A : they want him to ruin France next, lol
23:55:20 From maury : Maybe he should run for the President of Kenya???
23:55:21 From Tina : there seems to be more idiots on the planet
23:55:27 From Jeanette Edwards : idiots
23:55:29 From nate johnson : desperation
23:55:31 From Susanna.C : they want us to reat
23:55:32 From Chris Breakspear : bend over france
23:55:33 From Susanna.C : creat
23:55:35 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : they are a fake website like the we
stworld website lol
23:55:36 From Henk Reintke : Le pen wil win
23:55:39 From Jayne Judkins : agree maury
23:55:44 From Donna : thisis going from a horrow show to a comedy
23:55:45 From Maria Davis : Paint the whole world pink and be done wit
h itt!
23:55:46 From phillip s : its working lol
23:55:47 From sara ann hume : this time-line is so fuckin bizarre
23:55:47 From Jayling : But did Hillary really have this website create
d or did someone else do it as a joke?
23:55:48 From Kara Mia : LOL
23:55:48 From Zachary : what??!!?!?
23:55:49 From M : Let s petition for fee ice-cream in every corner.
23:55:49 From jennifer : SERIOUSLY??
23:55:50 From just me : split realities at the same time
23:55:50 From Joo Lee : lol
23:55:51 From Sophie Davis : yep lol
23:55:52 From maddtom . : Obama French Prez?http://www.csmonitor.com/Wor
23:55:52 From Jerry Ledebur : so we need a news release to go to AP tha
t talks about Unfucker s Island......
23:55:53 From James : they re going full retard, never go full retard
23:55:54 From penny dietz : the dems have lost their shit
23:55:54 From Karl from Canada : PROBLEM IS IDIOTS BELIEVE THIS SHIT...
23:55:57 From Tina : they are keeping the awake in stress with this bs
23:55:59 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : can i braid your hair during your s
tay in port vayarta ma’am lol
23:56:01 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : nope
23:56:02 From Tracey Ledebur : whackiest comedy skit of all time
23:56:03 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : ove along
23:56:04 From Loma : a Horror
23:56:05 From Jeanette Edwards : jerry springer politics
23:56:05 From Lee : not my circus not my monkeys
23:56:08 From Tulla Hills : It s how you wrap your brain around the fa
ct we are in a hologram
23:56:09 From Zachary : yes. sadly
23:56:11 From jennifer : BIZARO WORLD
23:56:13 From Susanna.C : most be bots
23:56:17 From Melanie Worland : welcome to libtardia
23:56:17 From Zachary : hahha
23:56:19 From Maria Davis : I stay away from the news
23:56:19 From Kya : I doubt Obummer would ever leave the US even if tha
t were trye
23:56:21 From Kara Mia : yes, because the main stream media are all gra
duates of the Jerry Springer Journalism School
23:56:24 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : not the droids you’re looking for mov
e along
23:56:27 From phillip s : just take a step to the left
23:56:28 From Tina : yeah there are people buying into it like the bots
that they are
23:56:28 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Not my tent either!
23:56:29 From Holly Lindin : Perfect timing - the sun’s coming out now!
23:56:30 From Sophie Davis : haha
23:56:31 From Maria Davis : the only news info I get is when I see you
23:56:32 From Susanna.C : lol
23:56:32 From Dawn Hart : Obama is too busy trying to take Tru,mp down
23:56:38 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : shock and awe generation
23:56:39 From Rick : Don t feed the monkeys
23:56:42 From maury : News readers, one and all.
23:56:46 From Kya : he moved 2 blocks away from the white house in a m
ulti-million dollar mansion
23:56:53 From Tulla Hills : Jerry has more credibility these days, lol
23:56:55 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : don’t litter in the bushes lol pun in
23:56:58 From Dawn Hart : those are it
23:57:02 From dawn : Politico
23:57:10 From sara ann hume : it was funny
23:57:12 From just me : Trump is a paladium
23:57:12 From Sophie Davis : my news is from the birds on the wire here
in good old Mareeba! Lol!
23:57:15 From Susanna.C : must admite this is a really great show !!!!
23:57:21 From Holly Lindin : Paladium?
23:57:22 From Mia: house of Kelley : Washington Post probably
23:57:22 From James : they re all irrelevant
23:57:26 From Tracey Ledebur : hysterically bizarreness going on for su
23:57:34 From Teresa Blackburn : wanted to be sure to send out Love to
all you guys n thanks so much D n Lisa
23:57:35 From Jean Lindsay : Totally Dani
23:57:36 From Susanna.C : i think they are bots D
23:57:37 From maddtom . : Barack Obama a achevé son deuxième mandat de Présid
ent des États-Unis le 21 janvier dernier, pourquoi ne pas l’embaucher comme Président
pour la France ?http://obama2017.fr/
23:57:38 From Connie Townsend : people too busy to notice this
23:57:40 From Melanie Worland : that was just the "gaggle" not daily pr
ess briefing
23:57:44 From Jeanette Edwards : lol
23:57:44 From Sophie Davis : wtf!!!
23:57:48 From Tulla Hills : oh yeah, lol
23:57:49 From jennifer gray : outrageous
23:57:51 From iPhone : wtf
23:57:52 From Susanna.C : the witches thing lol
23:57:53 From dawn : not to kill, to bind
23:57:54 From Tina : idiots evil and would backfire on them
23:57:55 From sara ann hume : on their own heads be it
23:57:57 From Susanna.C : that was funny
23:57:57 From Henk Reintke : LOL LOL
23:57:58 From penny dietz : bush freudian slip
23:58:06 From Loma : -Really use black magic!!!!?????
23:58:09 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : boomerage effect folks what retards
and how irresponsible to tell ignorant people to take that fuckery on
23:58:11 From Sophie Davis : Oh dear!!
23:58:12 From Susanna.C : lol
23:58:15 From Zachary : black magick always burns you
23:58:15 From Dawn Hall : LOL Going to back fire
23:58:16 From Moksha James : LOL
23:58:18 From Tracey Ledebur : insanity
23:58:19 From Holly Lindin : Good luck with the karmic retribution! :P
23:58:21 From Susanna.C : crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
23:58:22 From Jeanette Edwards : sighs]
23:58:23 From Kara Mia : and they don t go to jail for that!
23:58:26 From jennifer gray : was binding not killing
23:58:26 From sara ann hume : murder by magic
23:58:27 From Zachary : good luck with that
23:58:29 From Sophie Davis : good way to compromise people
23:58:30 From just me : your soul lives
23:58:30 From Jeff Gates : Cliff high says the backlash will be HUGE
23:58:32 From Teresa Blackburn : who???
23:58:34 From iPhone : crazy
23:58:34 From Green : it was to bind trump and his supporters
23:58:34 From Tina : yeah and people were following it along with msm
23:58:35 From Elizabeth Rose : Lana Del Rey yes
23:58:36 From Susanna.C : she was implyed
23:58:37 From Blair Bierman : Vanessa Carlton, did also
23:58:37 From Loma : People will fall for it!
23:58:38 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : hoisted on their own petards transp
arent for all to see thankfully
23:58:38 From Lee : doesnt that come back to one who casts the spell?
23:58:40 From Janey Benson on fb : abuse of power
23:58:41 From Susanna.C : thats all
23:58:43 From Elizabeth Rose : I hop e it works
23:58:45 From Dawn Hall : I love cliffhigh
23:58:48 From maddtom . : shit make up ca nt this
23:58:50 From Tina : all evil is on clear display now
23:58:51 From Henk Reintke : 70 jear bits
23:58:52 From Karl from Canada : JIM STONE SAYS IT BACFIRED ON THE OSCA
23:58:55 From Maria Davis : the whole world is mad except for us in her
e ha
23:59:00 From Shannon : Lee, yes it does. 10 fold.
23:59:03 From Sophie Davis : HI Earl :)
23:59:07 From Jeff Gates : Ya Kari, saw Jim stone on it too
23:59:07 From Christine : Yay...Earl
23:59:10 From Maria Davis : Hi Earl
23:59:14 From Kara Mia : Hey Earl
23:59:15 From iPhone : sorry i was kicked off fir 15 min did we talk ab
out yrft?
23:59:27 From Lee : thanks shannon I thought so
23:59:31 From James : what s all the hooha with the oscars?
23:59:31 From Maria Davis : Is there another hour left of this chat or
have I got my timing wrong?
23:59:32 From Susanna.C : this is a f......... great we are watching
23:59:41 From maury : Not that I heard, IPhone
23:59:41 From Dawn Hall : Walk into on room with my family in it
23:59:41 From Susanna.C : show even
23:59:46 From Holly Lindin : No, I think we’re at the end Maria. :(
23:59:49 From Chantelle Kennedy : wjats going on with yrft?
23:59:50 From Lee : i used to practice wiccan
23:59:55 From Susanna.C : the world has gone to the next level of bonke
23:59:56 From Donna : is our healing intentions working?
23:59:57 From Dawn Hall : then come back in room same family
00:00:06 From Melanie Worland : wiccan?....hahahaha.....I think NOT...t
hey are uncomitted...nah, nothing is happening from their little fluffy bunny ex
00:00:18 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : a lot of knee shin and ankle releas
ing old adhesions for me, Earl, for what its worth
00:00:24 From Kara Mia : no positive intention gets wasted
00:00:25 From maddtom . : The Wiccan spell was focused around confusin
g the works of "people who lie", and then got directed at Trump, because they fi
gured Trump is lying about everything. Or at least they fantasized that. But it
How notand
take half
werea the
wit Oscars?
to know So
are.that the wrong winn
ing movie was announced. It does not get worse than that. In fact, that should b
e flatly impossible. Tell me, HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Perhaps a curse?
00:00:26 From Dawn Hall : everyone totally different Precepton form
00:00:29 From Donna : i would love to do a uu intention to heal earl
00:00:44 From Maria Davis : Thanks Holly xx
00:00:49 From Charlotte Mays : Awesome idea donna
00:00:50 From Sophie Davis : sounds good Donna, i m in :)
00:00:51 From Holly Lindin : Of course Maria! :)
00:00:52 From Teresa Blackburn : Beautiful Earl...☀
00:01:04 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : I;m in the process of it yes
00:01:08 From Loma : magic is magic...if it is used for harm....it is b
00:01:11 From Melanie Worland : THat happens when Real Witches get sick
of the liberal brainwashing violent BS
00:01:14 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : still in the process from age two n
00:01:21 From Jayne Judkins : That is awesome Earl!!
00:01:33 From Susanna.C : my tumb is been swollen 2 weeks and i can t
think of why
00:01:37 From Jean Lindsay : bye all :)
00:01:42 From Holly Lindin : Bye Jean!
00:01:44 From Susanna.C : hurts like crazy
00:01:44 From Kara Mia : g nite Jean
00:01:59 From Blair Bierman : chills, Earl :)
00:01:59 From jennifer gray : nite jean x
00:02:12 From Susanna.C : hey henk
00:02:16 From Holly Lindin : I’ve been noticing people who don’t think abou
t the things we all think about going through their own healing crises, and it’s f
00:02:17 From jennifer gray : cool earl
00:02:19 From Mia: house of Kelley : I got a really painful knuckle Sus
00:02:26 From Susanna.C : waar zit je in Nederland ?
00:02:28 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : cargo ship ….did you see any green ye
llow chartreuse lighting ?
00:02:28 From Henk Reintke : thanks Lisa and Dani. love you all in the
00:02:32 From dawn : wonderful Earl
00:02:32 From sara ann hume : the thing with this hex is they are basin
g it in the fiction and lies of the MSM so it wont work for them
00:02:36 From Charlotte Mays : Aging? I got grey in a weekend
00:02:38 From Mia: house of Kelley : <3
00:02:41 From Maria Davis : Time goes so quick in here
00:02:42 From Sophie Davis : take care Earl xo
00:02:45 From Susanna.C : thx earl
00:02:50 From Dawn Hall : Total chronic pain here some going on feel li
ke I am getting zap for wall socket wearing back brace tens machine numb patche
s ready to stick bobbypin wet in a socket LOL
00:02:51 From Jayne Judkins : yes it does maria!
00:02:52 From Susanna.C : get some rest :)
00:02:56 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : thanks Earl. <3
00:02:56 From Maria Davis : Hi Zachary
00:03:00 From Sophie Davis : Hi Zac :)
00:03:06 From sara ann hume : muggles
00:03:10 From peter : never were people
00:03:12 From A : yep, those bots are cray cray
00:03:13 From Donna : they re breaking down
00:03:15 From Cindy : too many vaccines
00:03:18 From Maria Davis : the muggles hahhahah
00:03:21 From Dawn Hall : I am living wiht a bot my husband
00:03:22 From Melanie Worland : Lorna, we all have duality.....without
the dark there would be no light..Not talking about Black Magic...very specific
practice, not the same as just a witch. I am white, but I have done negative in
tention/cast...NO killing
00:03:24 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : they are just that much more filled
with toxins
00:03:31 From Mercè Garrido : finelly I´m back
00:03:34 From Loma : What is MSM that y all are referring to?
00:03:37 From sara ann hume : sounds better than bots Maria
00:03:39 From Tracey Ledebur : backfiring bots lol
00:03:41 From Lee : their programs are breaking down
00:03:44 From Donna : i want to kiss mush zach s cheeks
00:03:47 From Holly Lindin : All by design for our reaction so they can
00:03:47 From dawn : it s a mad, mad, mad, mad world
00:03:51 From Blair Bierman : MSM= Main Stream Media
00:03:52 From Tracy Jackson : agreed
00:03:53 From Susanna.C : am owner of my own femal thingy lol
00:03:59 From Dawn Hall : Waking up physicallly hurts
00:03:59 From Maria Davis : yes good cheeeks ha
00:04:00 From Susanna.C : female
00:04:03 From Cindy : l Donna
00:04:05 From Jeanette Edwards : stupid
00:04:06 From Chris Breakspear : yeah sadly i think my ister is a bot
00:04:08 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : even chappi would get it
00:04:09 From Cindy : lol
00:04:10 From Connie Townsend : Exactly Zack, I’m seeing it first hand
00:04:15 From Chris Breakspear : sister*
00:04:30 From Karl from Canada : JIM STONE ALSO MENTIONS THAT dc IS SHO
00:04:34 From Mia: house of Kelley : MSM = mainstream madness
00:04:35 From sara ann hume : my niece is a muggle, sadly
00:04:35 From Kya : especially the MTV against white guys video and all
the other “everything and everyone is racist” now propoganda
00:04:39 From nate johnson : they "not" in to the system
00:04:48 From nate johnson : bot
00:04:52 From Maria Davis : this is manifesting city
00:04:55 From Cindy : lol Mia
00:04:58 From Cindy : yep
00:04:59 From Holly Lindin : Nate: Hee hee. :)
00:05:05 From Connie Townsend : lol
00:05:08 From Dawn Hall : What they putting in the water how many anti
depressants and chemical in it CHICAGO water city every one killing each othe
00:05:10 From Christine : all dem mice lol
00:05:11 From Tulla Hills : oh zoom <3 lol
00:05:13 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : they will continue to appear more a
nd more nuts as the cosmic silly putty stretches and separates lol
00:05:14 From Karl from Canada : MY ZOOM IS GOING CRAZY
00:05:20 From Elizabeth Rose : My Zoom is also messing up
00:05:30 From Kara Mia : maybe the bot "sanity" depended on the constru
ct remaining full power and now that it s cracking, so are they?
00:05:35 From Maria Davis : it s excitement causes tech to go weird
00:05:36 From Melanie Worland : One listen to Pelosi yes, they have los
t it
00:05:40 From joann jenkins : so is mine
00:05:41 From Teresa Blackburn : for me I m finding an awareness in soo
oo many even if unspoken.. like they see the truth
00:05:43 From Dawn Hall : Bots seem real but no empathy
00:05:51 From sara ann hume : the crazies really came out of the woodwo
rk when trump got in
00:06:01 From joann jenkins : can see no hear though
00:06:02 From Susanna.C : lol
00:06:14 From Mercè Garrido : yeap
00:06:15 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : shades of bot
00:06:16 From maury : Agreed, Dawn Hall. Lights seem to be on all righ
t but no one is home inside.
00:06:21 From Holly Lindin : I’m wondering if we’re changing the bots by ju
st noticing certain things ourselves. So they end up getting symptoms of things
breaking down around them but have nothing to explain it (the way we would).
00:06:22 From Chris Breakspear : i made the cash register in the local
shop go beserk yesterday - was so funny the woman baehind the couunters face was
a picture lolololol
00:06:25 From Jerry Ledebur : I think for the most part, the bots sho
w up if you look for them...if you don t they aren t around so much
00:06:36 From jennifer gray : yep Teresa
00:06:37 From Anastasia Mantani : http://gizmodo.com/if-the-color-pink-
00:06:43 From Susanna.C : i feel 911 wAS THE start
00:06:51 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : when i had more heavy metals in my
body i was more shades of bot than i am now imho lol
00:07:02 From AnthonyS : hive mind has been poping up alot
00:07:04 From Norm : LOL - I have just receiveed the 6th unidentified
telemarketer phone attemt for today - where they never leave a message
00:07:05 From Zachary : mhm
00:07:06 From Susanna.C : they overated their plan
00:07:07 From Holly Lindin : Rosemary - how did you cleanse heavy metal
s? What do you feel worked for you?
00:07:09 From Dawn Hall : I in the step where i feel pain but like bre
aking free form program breaking spider web coming off hurts like hell but the M
inds Waking up
00:07:19 From Moksha James : No time
00:07:23 From maury : November 21, 1963, Dallas Texas was the first sho
t across the bow.
00:07:28 From Mercè Garrido : yes Susanna for me it began even before Wak
o in1993
00:07:31 From Teresa Blackburn : seems an unspoken understanding....can
tell by behavior
00:07:44 From Kara Mia : cilantro for heavy metal detox
00:07:49 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : there was a clear liquid i put in t
he water i have to ask my sister. if you pm me later I can ask her to remind me
what it was called. It was awesome
00:07:53 From Mia: house of Kelley : D confused by DDDDDs - bwahahah!
00:08:00 From Chris Breakspear : lol
00:08:05 From Tracey Ledebur : I m seeing peoples facades just crumble
in front of me
00:08:06 From Holly Lindin : Thank you Kara - I’ve heard that, and I defi
nitely implement it!
00:08:14 From Kara Mia : yw
00:08:15 From Holly Lindin : Thank you Rosemary! I definitely will. :
00:08:15 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : cilantro works very well also yes i
craved salsa for years
00:08:17 From sara ann hume : no fixing, want out
00:08:26 From Kristin : 5D is new age lingo
00:08:28 From Dawn Hall : I feel like I made to a decompression tank si
tting in gettng all the yuck off before next step sitting in my tank cleansing
out yuck
00:08:30 From maury : That is basically the Lily, John Lamb Lash and Vi
cy Verenase storyline, Lisa.
00:08:34 From Sophie Davis : hahahah Zac
00:08:35 From Loma : Melanie it is the intention (each time one does ma
gic) that determines the "lightness" or "darkness"of each act. you can consider
yourself a white witch, yet do black magic.
00:08:36 From Tracy Jackson : no fixing. ... let s go
00:08:39 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : cilantro essential oil i would susp
ect work wonders
00:08:42 From Tulla Hills : right, I want a refund
00:08:47 From Chris Breakspear : thnx zach ... goodbye eveneing snack
00:08:48 From maury : Also George Kavassilas.
00:08:49 From jennifer gray : yep maury
00:08:58 From Dawn Hall : Dam Dani Sound good NY stlye KATS Dinner
00:09:10 From sara ann hume : we will just jump right back into another
00:09:11 From jennifer gray : yeh NOW kavasselis
00:09:14 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : we are living in the scifi movie we
always wanted to be in so live it up and laugh it up fuzzball ;)
00:09:15 From Kara Mia : lol Dani
00:09:16 From James : Trying to get the "awake" to re-invest in the hol
00:09:20 From maddtom . : Maury you gotl the list down....Yay! pass it
00:09:22 From Dawn Hall : the Holgraphic images are awesome lol
00:09:34 From maury : Yes, James. That is what they are trying.
00:09:43 From Connie Townsend : yes
00:09:43 From Susanna.C : oops got kicked of
00:09:46 From Shannon : Maury, could you clarify what you mean? Familia
r with those folks, but wondering which apect you re talking about
00:09:51 From Maria Davis : this is making sense
00:09:59 From Susanna.C : but it is diffecult ladies
00:10:04 From nate johnson : yup
00:10:04 From Tracey Ledebur : yep...tryna yank everyone back into thei
r storyline
00:10:09 From Mercè Garrido : Susanna just like me 2 hrs ago :/
00:10:11 From jennifer gray : lily has tried to be very clever
00:10:14 From Jeanette Edwards : band aids
00:10:24 From Susanna.C : we are still here needing to deal with thi sh
it but also we are wanting to go home
00:10:28 From Dawn Hall : Caragenic egg
00:10:29 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : how can you tell which is the organ
ic hologram or not its just so unclear
00:10:31 From Tracy Jackson : i don t see it either. agreed
00:10:36 From Chris Breakspear : i heard they already built a new one &
will try & get us to conseent to moving to it out of fear of invasion or some s
uch scenario
00:10:37 From Susanna.C : this is a very hard situation for most
00:10:40 From James : Good luck with that one. I m Australian, and coul
dn t be arsed about rinvesting.
00:10:42 From Holly Lindin : Rosemary - maybe by how it feels.
00:10:54 From Kristin : lily changed her storyline.
00:11:11 From maury : What Lisa and Dani are currently talking about, S
hannon. they focus upon the invasion of a true Earth by the bad guys but all it
needs is them kicked out and the true Earth which is here will arise.
00:11:11 From Moksha James : We have been manifesting good things happe
ning for each other in the UU room
00:11:11 From sara ann hume : I M REALLY OK WITH IT
00:11:11 From Mercè Garrido : what is the shock?
00:11:11 From Susanna.C : we need to deal with this
00:11:13 From Teresa Blackburn : for me out collective manic is creatin
g the home all new vibration
00:11:16 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao
00:11:17 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao
00:11:18 From Kara Mia : LOL
00:11:18 From Mercè Garrido : I didn´t listen as I was kicked out
00:11:19 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao
00:11:20 From jennifer gray : noy half kristen
00:11:20 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : lmao
00:11:20 From sara ann hume : I was glad it was a hologram
00:11:22 From Susanna.C : but how long does it take ?
00:11:22 From Jerry Ledebur : maybe things have changes so that it is n
ow an opt-OUT of the program situation instead of an opt-IN (so if you don;t opt
-OUT, you are IN by default)
00:11:24 From Shannon : Thanks Maury. I thought that might be the narr
ative you were talking about
00:11:35 From Susanna.C : we don t know
00:11:39 From maury : YW. shannon.
00:11:45 From penny dietz : What if we have created the Saviors and we
are now refusing to use our creation because we have a No Saviors meme?
00:11:47 From Susanna.C : but all ths shit is still going on
00:12:08 From jennifer gray : remember to save this chat folks
00:12:08 From sara ann hume : i wasnt connected
00:12:13 From dawn : this is difficult,
00:12:16 From VIOLET : smae for me Lisa
00:12:23 From Maria Davis : Can I ask that you get rid of the 200 limit
00:12:24 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : I’m still connected to my personal or
ganic sun imho
00:12:26 From Lee : mmaybe thats what kept us bound
00:12:27 From James : Would it be reasonable to assume most "real" huma
ns are awake by now, and all the still asleep are just bots?
00:12:27 From Mercè Garrido : yes and share the chat as I wasn´t there
00:12:28 From Moksha James : not the same earth maybe
00:12:29 From Mia: house of Kelley : Me too Karl
00:12:29 From Tracy Jackson : it so makes sense that this is a hologram
. i am releaved.
00:12:30 From Shannon : So this would also be the Goode/Wilcock scenari
o too....
00:12:33 From garydavis : Same for me D
00:12:38 From Dawn Hall : Learning it ok to let things go hard to let t
he people go feel like I am ripping wires off me and codes program it hurts
00:12:44 From Susanna.C : because well we are waiting on us ?
00:12:51 From Susanna.C : we are the ones
00:12:55 From jennifer gray : i tried the lily thing nothing clicked fe
lt forced
00:12:56 From maury : Could very will be, Shannon, I am not as currentl
y familiar with either of those guys.
00:12:58 From Norm : A Lifering
00:13:05 From Tulla Hills : yes
00:13:06 From Mercè Garrido : _/\_ thank you <3 for saving and sharing th
e chat <3
00:13:11 From sara ann hume : 2 way street
00:13:21 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : thats all bs
00:13:24 From Britt : lol
00:13:30 From Kristin : lily has a borrowed storyline. not original.
00:13:30 From jennifer : GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY
00:13:31 From Susanna.C : well am have been thinking about the leelou s
ciantist who will help us /
00:13:32 From jennifer gray : thomas whatshisname
00:13:32 From Tracey Ledebur : disconnected and floating in my pink pow
ered bubble enjoying my isness
00:13:32 From thahoketoteh : mother Earth is going through her cleansin
g cycle now. Similar to the women when they menstruate, she will bleed out all h
er old memories and clean herself
00:13:37 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : its all a metaphor for go within an
d work on your fucking bodies
00:13:40 From Holly Lindin : I’ve always seen the idea of “Age of Aquarius” t
o represent the power of the individuals awakening and then coming together as a
collective. As opposed to the Piscean Age way of things - having someone “higher”
to rely on.
00:13:41 From Dawn Hall : lol nope we need to do each one ourselves
00:13:42 From Christine : Saving the chat...lol
00:13:43 From Jerry Ledebur : yes Tracey!
00:13:45 From Teresa Blackburn : yes yes yes we are the ones from withi
n we glow
00:13:46 From sara ann hume : me too
00:13:47 From Susanna.C : that has been said
00:13:50 From Zachary : mhm
00:13:51 From Kara Mia : those memes make people lazy and passive
00:13:53 From Henk Reintke : me too
00:13:58 From Karl from Canada : MY ANALOGY HAS ALWAYS BEEN ME JUMPING
00:13:58 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : our own body is our fucking ship
00:14:03 From Susanna.C : so D what are you going to do then ?
00:14:05 From jennifer : you need to be saved
00:14:05 From Dawn Hall : Love that Dani I go with you
00:14:11 From Lee : well said Dani
00:14:14 From Holly Lindin : We are the heroes of this story! :)
00:14:25 From Dawn Hall : saving people
00:14:25 From Kara Mia : saving our souls
00:14:25 From Jerry Ledebur : save yourselves - the rest of the worl wi
ll follow
00:14:26 From maury : On the Lily thing I was into it heavy for about m
aybe nine months. Even spent four months, the last four months of it as an admi
nistrator in her group the ESG. Took me a while to work through that one for su
00:14:31 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : we are getting ourselves out of the
toilet bowl swirl
00:14:33 From Dawn Hall : save real people
00:14:33 From Susanna.C : no idea
00:14:39 From Tina : i feel its just different mind sets and programs,
not to do with deminsions
00:14:40 From Sony : There is nothing to save!!!
00:14:41 From Kya : our souls
00:14:45 From Susanna.C : are we saving this constuct ?
00:14:45 From Maria Davis : is this not a hollogram?
00:14:47 From Julianne : yep
00:14:48 From Karl from Canada : SAVE OURSELVES AND HOPE OTHERS FOLLOW
00:14:48 From Henk Reintke : no safeing but only oud
00:14:49 From Blair Bierman : I totally agree
00:14:49 From Mercè Garrido : yeap our souls <3
00:14:50 From Teresa Blackburn : we are creating our own hearts desire
00:14:51 From James : I wish they d save their breath
00:14:53 From Moksha James : Inner work only way
00:14:53 From Aaron Woffinden : I AGREE LISA
00:14:53 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : all metaphors for body parts !!!!
00:14:54 From sara ann hume : ourselves and each other
00:14:56 From Loma : when I "died" no seperate "things" existed.only li
ght and "music" in that dimension or frequency....a merging with the all.
00:14:58 From Connie Townsend : saving ourselves from another go around
on this shitty plane
00:15:00 From Kristin : agree maury.
00:15:01 From Susanna.C : omg
00:15:01 From AnthonyS : save eachother
00:15:01 From Jerry Ledebur : like the instructions to adults about oxt
gen on an airplane - put your mask on first
00:15:02 From Aaron Woffinden : i ll donate
00:15:03 From Mercè Garrido : ugh
00:15:04 From Jeff Gates : agreed Maury, that program was wild to depro
00:15:05 From jennifer gray : hurray!
00:15:06 From Sony : How can we help?
00:15:09 From Jayne Judkins : thank you Lisa!!!
00:15:15 From Holly Lindin : How to donate?
00:15:16 From jennifer gray : can we put in?
00:15:17 From Elizabeth Rose : tHAT S crazy expensive!
00:15:17 From James : Lisa if you have PayPal, I can donate
00:15:18 From dawn : yes, but when we save the planet aren t we saving
ourselves and the generations that follow
00:15:19 From Dawn Hall : How can we help
00:15:19 From Aaron Woffinden : how to donate?
00:15:21 From Maria Davis : Thank you
00:15:23 From Susanna.C : yes thank you lisa :)
00:15:24 From Dawn Hall : how to donate
00:15:24 From Moksha James : let uus donate
00:15:25 From Mercè Garrido : thank you soo much Lisa <3
00:15:27 From Jina Fergus : yes
00:15:29 From phillip s : timeline immigrants in the chat.. lol
00:15:36 From Maria Davis : ah thanks
00:15:36 From sara ann hume : ill throw a few bucks in for sure
00:15:38 From James : cool
00:15:39 From Chris Breakspear : but doesnt that mean we are then "crea
ting" the downfall of this planet
00:15:40 From Sony : Great...thank you!
00:15:41 From penny dietz : JOIN LMH
00:15:43 From Tina : humanity is in confusion because humanity hasn t b
een given truth of who they are
00:15:49 From jennifer gray : cool will do
00:15:52 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : time timeline immigrant thanks you
00:15:55 From Dawn Hall : OK Lisa everyboye send 1.00 cover and then so
00:15:56 From Maria Davis : yes everyone join LMH
00:15:57 From Holly Lindin : I appreciate all of you!
00:15:58 From Lee : by all
00:15:59 From Tracey Ledebur : excellent show ladies! big love to all o
f u! enjoy the dance!
00:15:59 From Karl from Canada : WHATIS THE PLANET CHRIS...??
00:16:00 From James : how do we join LMH
00:16:01 From Susanna.C : need the bathroom anyway lol
00:16:02 From Holly Lindin : Thanks for the chats!
00:16:05 From dawn : thanks everyone,
00:16:05 From Karl from Canada : WHAT ARE WE DESTROTING
00:16:06 From Connie Townsend : thanks all :)
00:16:08 From nate johnson : thank you!
00:16:08 From Meara Murtagh : Thanks
00:16:10 From Susanna.C : pls go lol
00:16:11 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Bye everyone!
00:16:11 From Tulla Hills : Mahalo <3
00:16:12 From Henk Reintke : love you alll
00:16:13 From phillip s : have a happy dreamy day
00:16:14 From Chantelle Kennedy : thanks ladies
00:16:15 From suzanna cat : THANKS LOVELIES 
00:16:20 From Tracy Jackson : you are all so awesome. thank you!!!!!!
00:16:22 From Mercè Garrido : yes - please <3
00:16:23 From sara ann hume : :-) <3 <3
00:16:24 From Gem : Thank you Lisa and Dani awesome as always Luv You
00:16:24 From jennifer : love you guys!!
00:16:29 From Susanna.C : thanks again ladies love you both
00:16:30 From maury : And the Rocky Horror one
00:16:30 From Holly Lindin : Happy, healthy days and nights to all you
powerful beings!!! <3
00:16:30 From Kara Mia : take care all (hugs)
00:16:31 From Blair Bierman : thank you, Lisa, Dani and everyone<3
00:16:32 From suzanna cat : 
00:16:33 From Jerry Ledebur : excellent show everyone - be awesome!
00:16:34 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : its on netflix
00:16:35 From Jayne Judkins : Yes, sending my love to all of the UU s a
nd Dani and Lisa
00:16:36 From H. Andrew : Good night /day everyone. Have a good one!!
00:16:38 From Melanie Worland : bye all..have a goood one
00:16:39 From Britt : thank you L&D
00:16:40 From Loma : keep shining all!
00:16:44 From Mercè Garrido : Thank you very much to you both <3
00:16:45 From VIOLET : Rocky
00:16:47 From Angela Cope : Thanks Lisa and Dani. Thank you everyone in
chat. Great show as always.
00:16:50 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thanks Lisa and Dani...
00:16:51 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : and kill joys and sanctuary is rele
00:16:52 From Maria Davis : Burning question What does M stand for in L
M Harrison
00:16:53 From Sophie Davis : well take care everyone til next time, tha
nks Dani & Lisa even though it was a short one for me :)
00:16:57 From suzanna cat : FAB UNFUCKERS 
00:16:59 From Dawn Hall : Dani Hair color beautiful and Lisa the color
your wearing soft comforting healing
00:17:05 From Susanna.C : pls post the urls
00:17:05 From jennifer gray : bye everyone crazy chat!
00:17:16 From Sony : Thank you, Dani and Lisa
00:17:19 From Anastasia Mantani : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S9dqJRy
there is no pink
00:17:21 From Susanna.C : thankies :)
00:17:22 From d : lol i just coloured my hair
00:17:26 From Maria Davis : Thanks for everyone
00:17:27 From maury : vimeo video quality is better than you tube anywa
00:17:28 From Lee : take care all.
00:17:30 From Aaron Woffinden : have a pink week
00:17:30 From Mercè Garrido : c you tomorrow on CI
00:17:31 From Kara Mia : have you stopped doin the Creative Imagination
00:17:32 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : https://123movies.is/film/sanctuary
00:17:35 From Moksha James : put a link in UU roomm for donate?
00:17:43 From Maria Davis : big gratitude to everyone, you are all wond
00:17:51 From Holly Lindin : Ditto Maria to you too!
00:17:56 From Dawn Hall : YOU to ladies yen and yang Beautiful complmen
00:18:01 From Dawn Hall : each other
00:18:05 From Shannon : Goodbye everyone! Loved the chat!
00:18:05 From Maria Davis : Aww Thanks Holly xxx
00:18:07 From Jayling : See you tomorrow Maria, but ya gotta stay awake
this time!
00:18:11 From Susanna.C : lolol
00:18:13 From Moksha James : lol
00:18:15 From Joo Lee : potty mouth
00:18:17 From Susanna.C : well you do D lol
00:18:18 From sara ann hume : geez
00:18:18 From Holly Lindin : Of course Maria! :D
00:18:18 From maury : No shit Dani.
00:18:20 From James : ha ha ha
00:18:22 From Blair Bierman : hahaha
00:18:22 From Julianne : LMAO
00:18:23 From Tulla Hills : hahaha!!!
00:18:23 From Chris Breakspear : hahahhahaahaaaaa
00:18:23 From Joo Lee : lol
00:18:25 From Susanna.C : lol
00:18:25 From Maria Davis : Jayling yes hahhahah I did fall asleep
00:18:26 From Zachary : hhahhahha
00:18:28 From Susanna.C : lmao
00:18:31 From Kara Mia : that s some serious fuckery
00:18:31 From Kristin : excellent
00:18:31 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : quote soho to them lol
00:18:34 From phillip s : to much fornication utilization constant lol
00:18:37 From Moksha James : u cannot compromise yourself D
00:18:37 From Aaron Woffinden : donate link: http://www.lisamharrison.c
00:18:38 From Mia: house of Kelley : Well, fuck ‘em
00:18:42 From Susanna.C : fuck fuck fuck
00:18:42 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : osho says fuck em
00:18:44 From Tulla Hills : im sorry Dani that is fucked
00:18:47 From Lee : well fuck
00:18:49 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : noooooo
00:18:52 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : nnnnooooooooo
00:18:53 From jennifer gray : fuckingridiculous
00:18:55 From josie : VidMe
00:18:55 From Maria Davis : Which site?
00:18:55 From Henk Reintke : fuck Dani
00:18:57 From Zachary : agree
00:18:58 From Jina Fergus : yeah
00:19:01 From Tulla Hills : skynet
00:19:02 From Dawn Hall : time to move Yeah exciting
00:19:03 From Susanna.C : fuckelicious
00:19:09 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : No Skynet...
00:19:10 From jennifer gray : yep
00:19:12 From sara ann hume : where you going
00:19:13 From Chris Breakspear : youtube shot itself in the foot .. wa
00:19:14 From suzanna cat : FUCK EM LOL
00:19:15 From Tracy Jackson : Fuck! that s one of the reasons i fuck
ing love you guys!!!
00:19:16 From Jayling : which site will you be using Lisa? I may migra
te also
00:19:18 From josie : VidMe is taking off
00:19:22 From Moksha James : good
00:19:23 From Susanna.C : i need to pee
00:19:24 From jennifer gray : me too
00:19:25 From Jina Fergus : yep me too
00:19:26 From Susanna.C : pls go
00:19:26 From Loma : good idea Lisa
00:19:29 From Mercè Garrido : yeap VidMe
FB secretly = NSAFrom Norm : isn t google secretly = CIA &
00:19:34 From Joo Lee : lisamharrison dot com
00:19:43 From Maria Davis : Dr Laupo guy is going to be using telegraph
00:19:46 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : thats a shame cuz thats my only two
outlets so far unemployed for two years unfortunately
00:19:47 From James : There s also one called "Minds"
00:19:47 From suzanna cat : THE MORE YOU SAY FUCK THE MORE YOUR THROAT
00:19:48 From Susanna.C : pls place the url
00:19:49 From Dawn Hall : can you spell it again
00:19:51 From josie : VIDME Lisa
00:19:52 From Jayling : Bit what?
00:19:53 From Susanna.C : on the sites
00:20:02 From James : lol suzanna
00:20:03 From Mercè Garrido : I ve hear of VidMe by Jay Weidner on one of
his interviews
00:20:05 From jennifer gray : bit chute
00:20:06 From sara ann hume : bitvid is another one
00:20:06 From Jerry Ledebur : bitchute.com
00:20:10 From Christine : Bitchute.com
00:20:14 From Jayling : thank you
00:20:20 From Kya : Vid.me is where all the you tubers are going to
00:20:25 From suzanna cat : I HAVE A MEME JAMES...LOL
00:20:26 From James : Minds.com
00:20:34 From Jina Fergus : there are alternatives
00:20:36 From Adam’s iPhone : speaking a design/code stuff, what ever hap
pened to Caleb Skinner?
00:20:37 From James : lol
00:20:39 From Maria Davis : Which one is Lisa going to?
00:20:39 From phillip s : start PinkVid
00:20:39 From Daniél G. : Minds.com
00:20:40 From Susanna.C : hope i remember in the morning
00:20:42 From sara ann hume : same kinda torrent site
00:20:46 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : exhausting
00:20:46 From Maria Davis : Pink vid hahahahha
00:20:47 From Karl from Canada : SOME GOOD VIDEO UPLOAD SITES STARTUP B
00:20:50 From Melanie Worland : wow, just telling Jayling I wanted off
FB and quit using Google....they are attacking channels with an opinion that var
ies with the brainwashing
00:20:51 From Dawn Hall : Which site everyone going too?
00:21:03 From sara ann hume : bitchute dawn
00:21:04 From Karl from Canada : LOOK OVER OLD Recommendations FOR YOUT
00:21:08 From Maria Davis : sell some mugs and t shirts
00:21:11 From maury : Use that one that Lisa uses, Dani. Sabre or what
ever the fuck it is.
00:21:11 From Karl from Canada : MANY NO LONGER EXIST
00:21:15 From Dawn Hall : Thanks I will go there
00:21:19 From Norm : wasn t youtube initially independent until purchas
ed by google?
00:21:19 From Aaron Woffinden : http://www.lisamharrison.com/donate/
00:21:21 From Mercè Garrido : there are also alternative to paypal
00:21:22 From Kya : Vid.me is actually being funded by the biggest yout
00:21:24 From Lou Whom : love you all g night
00:21:25 From Holly Lindin : <3
00:21:27 From phillip s : by
00:21:27 From garydavis : Thanks Guys
00:21:27 From Blair Bierman : bye<3
00:21:30 From sara ann hume : bye all
00:21:31 From Tina : bye <3
00:21:32 From Kara Mia : peace out
00:21:34 From jennifer gray : Bye kids xxxx
00:21:34 From Britt : <3
00:21:34 From Mercè Garrido : bye bye
00:21:35 From Susanna.C : nite nite mornign ladies
00:21:35 From Jerry Ledebur : peas everyone!
00:21:36 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : gyroscope
00:21:37 From Jina Fergus : love you
00:21:37 From Norm : TY LIsa and Dani and all here
00:21:38 From Cindy : night night
00:21:38 From Karl from Canada : BYE..!!! :-)
00:21:38 From Maria Davis : Thanks
00:21:38 From josie : BYE BELLAS :-)
00:21:40 From Holly Lindin : Love and gratitude! :D
00:21:40 From suzanna cat : 
00:21:40 From Maria Davis : byeee
00:21:41 From Joo Lee : ttfn
00:21:42 From Mia: house of Kelley : <3
00:21:42 From Jayling : byeee
00:21:43 From Aaron Woffinden : love,
00:21:43 From Rosemary Pelayo Paz : ly mua
00:21:43 From Moksha James : step to the left
00:21:43 From Maria Davis : xxx
00:21:44 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Bye!
00:21:46 From Susanna.C : bye
00:21:47 From cuba perkovic : thank zou girls