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1. Contractor Name : DANWAY 4. Trades / Disciplines Involved In Work :

2. Work Location : LV SWITCHGEAR ROOMS in Engineer, Supervisor.

STG 10,20,GT 11, 21, 31, SEA WATER

3. Proposed Starting Date :

5. Brief Description Of Work To Be Undertaken : 6. Tools / Substance

Portable Tools
SYSTEM PANELS Hand Electrical Pneumatic
Hazardous Substances
Toxic Flammable Corrosive
Harmful Irritant
Environment Impact
Health & Hygiene Effect

Environmental Impact Health & Hygiene

Yes No Yes No

Hazardous waste Significant Dust Generation

Emissions Noise (above 85 DbA)
Discharge to sea or drains Hazardous substances (if yes attach list)
If answer to any of the above is yes, please circulate to If answer to any of the above is yes, please circulate to
Manager, Environmental Affairs Senior Occupational Hygienist

7. Person Completing The Work Method Statement :

Name : sulfeek Position : Proj.Engineer Company : Danway EME

Signature : Date :

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8. Approvals

Contractor Site Rep. Name Signature : Date :

EMAL Contract Admin. Name Signature : Date :

Area Owner Name Signature : Date :

Name Signature: Date:

EMAL EHS Department

The completed Work Method Statement must be submitted at least seven full working days prior to the
commencement of activities.
Where the Work Method Statement indicates the use of Hazardous Substances, a Material Hazard Data
Sheet must be attached.
After the Area Owners approval the Work Method Statement shall be forwarded to EHS department for
The approved Work Method Statement must be attached to the permit(s) to work and all persons involved
in the job instructed in its requirements.


The Risk Estimator chart should be used as an assistant for filling out the work
method statement.

Probability Low x1 Medium x 2 High x3
Low x1 Low Probability x Low LP x MS LP x HS
Severity 1 x 1 = 1 1x2 = 2 1x3 =3
Medium x2 MP x LS MP X MS MP x HS
2x1 =2 2x2 =4
2x3 =6
High x3 HP x LS HP X HS HP x HS
3 x 1 =3 3x2 = 6 3x3=9

Significant Risk = High Risk (6-9) or Medium Risk (3-4) in terms of probability and severity
Tolerable Risk = Risk reduced to an acceptable level = Low Risk (1-2)
Residual Risk = Risk remaining after implementing recommended control actions (usually very minor).

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9. Safety Analysis

Identified Hazard(s) Persons Precautions and Plan of actions To Be Taken To Severity x Probability =
Individual Activities To Associated With Activity Exposed To Remove / Control Hazards Risk
Complete Work. List In Hazard
Sequence of Activity Residual Risk
(Use Risk Estimator

Slip, Trips, and Obtain necessary permit before commencing the

Fall at the same task.
ground. Toolbox talk must be in place prior the task to
Emal rep., commence.
PREPARATION. Damage to Engr., Supv. Proper housekeeping should be done first, last
property due to un- Elec, and and always.
authorized and helpers Advance planning by contractor considering the
incompetent person. time consumption to receive the permit from EMAL
Ensure the operatives must be go through EMAL
and DANWAY safety induction.
VISUAL INSPECTION Working without Secure the premises and obtain permits before
OF 125VDC access. commencing the task.
CHARGER SYSTEM Extra care to be taken while open the panel.
PANELS Emal rep., Dont disturb internal arrangements of the panel.
Slips, trips and fall at
the same ground. Close supervision during visual monitoring. 3 x 4 = 12
Electrocution in Proper PPEs must be wear.
energized equipment Area must be isolated.
EMERGENCY NO. 02 509 2111 must be visible
Fatality inside/out of the area.

This sheet must be properly completed detailing all of the steps required to complete the job along with the sequence of events and each of the hazards
arising. Failure to properly complete the form will result in non-approval.

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(Additional sheets to be used as required)

9. Chemical Analysis (This form to be used as required)

Product Name

MSDS supplied Yes / No

Dangerous Goods Class

Hazardous Material Yes / No

Nature of Hazard Irritation / Carcinogen / Corrosive / Toxic / Other

Form Solid /Liquid / Gas / Dust / Vapour / Mist

Exposure Route Inhalation / Skin / Eye / Ingestion

Number of People Exposed

Duration of Exposure

Frequency of Exposure

Controls to be implemented

Estimate of Exposure Negligible / Marginal / High

This sheet must be properly completed detailing all the necessary information. Failure to properly complete the form will result in non-approval.

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