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‘The Care ofthe Self Abo by Michel Foucault ‘Age of Reson The Onder of Things: An Atchsology of the Hur Sleces The Aral) of Krowlege ana The Discourse on Langage) The Birth of the Clin: An Avchacology of Medial Perction 1, Phere Rive, having slaughtered my thet, my ser, and my ‘other "A Cate of Pare inthe Nineteenth Canary Dispine and Punish: The Barth of the Prise ‘The Hoy of Sera, Volumes | and 2 Heelne Barta Bung the Resentiy Dacovered Mei of « ‘Ninetcnth Century French Hemaplvoate Power/Keowiedge Selected Inivews and Otber Weiigs, nis ‘The Foveaslt Reader (ied by Poul Rabnon) The Care of the Self Volume 3 of The History of Sexuality Michel Foucault Translated from the French ‘by Robert Hurley ia anton Books| “Tramlion Copight @ 1986 by Rando Hows, a. ‘lp med tet ad Pe ‘ne, Now York and simaseooy ix Cand y Ran ‘Tomo of Hie ea esl Teco gris rors iden, wee teach giatest ye Josie WGN GSI te Ispy eons (3) pvosnesunteg (3) Contents Transhator’s Acknowledgments vi sar ont Dreaming of Onc's Pleasures ‘Chapter 1 The Method of Artemidorus 4 Chamer2 The Anais 17 (Chaper 3 Dream and Act 26 Pax THREE. Self and Others 69 CChaper2 The Political Game 81 aan rou The Body 97 Chapter Galen 105 Guiles Ate They Gueu? Ae They Bau? 112 CChpter3‘The Regimen of Pleasures 128 raarsive The Wife 145 Chapter 2 The Question of Monopaly 168 Chapter 3 The Pleasures of Marriage 176, rawr six Boys 187 CChaper 2 Pscude-Lucian 211 Conclusion 233 Contents Notes 241 Index 267