Optimist Regatta Ephraim Yacht Club, Ephraim, WI July 25, 2010 SAILING INSTRUCTIONS

The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012.

Competitors may enter by delivering a completed registration form and an originally executed Waiver and Release signed by a parent or guardian to the Ephraim Yacht Club ("EYC") between 0900 and 1000 on Sunday, July 25, 2010.

Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located at the EYC.

Signals made ashore will be displayed from the flagpole located at the EYC. If a postponement is signaled ashore, the warning signal will be made not less than 30 minutes after flag AP is lowered. This changes Race Signals AP.

Drawing for EYC members to use EYC-owned boats: 0945 hours at the EYC. EYC members who drew a boat on July 11 and who are on time for the July 25 drawing will automatically be assigned a boat. Any remaining boats will be drawn by any eligible EYC members attending the drawing. Competitors’ meeting: 1000 hours at the EYC. Warning signal for the first race: 1100 hours. Subsequent races will be held as soon as possible after the end of the previous race. An on-shore lunch break between races may be verbally announced by the race committee. . Up to 5 races will be held. No races will be started after 1430 hours. The class flag for the Optimist class will be a Yellow flag.

The racing area will be the waters of Eagle Harbor.

Marks will be yellow, orange or pink inflatable buoys. The course will be as set forth on Exhibit A, which shows the course, course designation, the marks in order and the rounding direction of each mark. It is not required to pass inside or outside of the start / finish line except when starting or finishing.

The starting sequence shall be the Sound-Signal Starting System as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing,

Attention Warning Preparatory

At least five short 3 long 2 long 1 long, 3 short 1 long 3 short 2 short 1 short 1 short 1 short 1 short 1 short 1 short

Time before start
no specific time; competitors are alerted to upcoming three minute signal 3 minutes 2 minutes 1 minute, 30 seconds 1 minute 30 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds 5 seconds 4 seconds 3 seconds 2 seconds 1 second 0


1 long

The starting and finishing lines will be between the Race Committee boat flying an orange flag or an "RC" flag, and a pink, orange or yellow inflatable buoy, or a pin mark with an orange flag. Individual recalls will be signaled by hail from the race committee, and no code flag "X" is required to be flown for individual recalls.

The time limit for each race will be 30 minutes for the first boat to sail the course in accordance with rule 28.1. Any boat finishing more than 20 minutes after the first boat finishes shall be scored “Time Limit Expired” (“TLE”) and will be awarded points equal to one more than the number of boats starting that race. This changes rule 35.

RRS 61 will be changed to require a boat to inform a race committee finish or mark set boat promptly after finishing of its intention to protest another boat and provide the sail number of the protested boat. Written protests must be delivered to the Principal Race Officer within one hour after the race committee signal boat docks. The protest time limit and a list of protests received will be posted on the official notice board. Hearings will be held as soon as possible after racing each day at the EYC.

Five races are scheduled. All scores will count. One race constitutes a regatta. 13 EQUIPMENT AND MEASUREMENT CHECKS A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the IODA class rules and sailing instructions. Competitors are reminded that Optimist class rules require:


a correct size PFD with whistle attached by a lanyard must be worn at all times while Racing


a 28’ bow line free of knots with a 6” bowline in the end), adequately secured to the maststep and led through a bow loop. c) a mast tie down system d) 3 good airbags e) an adequate bailer f) a boom bridle that is secured within 10cm of boom g) competitors must have been born on or after January 1, 1995. 14 COMMUNICATION, COACHES AND COACH BOATS Communication to competitors, whether verbally, or by radio, cell phone or other form of electronic communication is not allowed when competitors are Racing. Coach and spectator boats must stay clear of the race course until all competitors are no longer Racing. 15 SAFETY An adult (Parent, guardian or designated adult) is responsible for the safety of the each sailor. It is the sole responsibility of this adult to decide if the sailor should sail in the weather and sea conditions that might arise during the event. The designated adult shall accept full responsibility for all actions of the competitor during any activity related to the event. This includes on-shore activities before, during, and after the regatta. The adults supervising the competitors are ultimately responsible for all risks.

Exhibit A – Course