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, find f ´(x).

ln x - ln y = f (x, y). If x = 1 and y = 1, f (1, -1) = ? sin-1 x + sin-1 y = ?

ellipse and hyperbola. 18 are given below. u = 5i .Questions which required to find the equation of parabola (essentially the same as the exercises in the book). Questions which required to find the equation of hyperbola (essentially the same as the exercises in the book). Physics Out of about 30 questions that appeared in the test.5k. .j + k and v = λi .) circle parabola hyperbola pair of intersecting lines =? Differentiate sin-1 x wrt . Questions involving two equations (parametric) with following options: (Solve these by comparing to standard parametric equations of circle. Find the value of λ so that u and v are parallel. parabola.j .

) cannot flow through inductor resistor capacitor all of these The dimensions of G (gravitational constant) are [ML2T-2] [M-2L2T-2] [M-2LT-3] [M-2L3T-2] A particle of mass m is moving with velocity v. what should be its velocity to keep the wavelength same? 0. Direct current (D.C.25v 0.5v v 2v A heater dissipates a power of 400 W and the potential difference across it is 110 V. increases 16 times. If its mass is doubled. is quadrupled. the centripetal force Fc is doubled. .If the threshold intensity Io is 10-12 Wm-2 and the sound level of a sound is 70 dB. then the value of intensity I of that sound (in Wm-2) is 10-7 10-5 10-11 10-3 If the velocity v of an object moving in a circle is doubled. remains the same.

is lost due to work done against friction as compared to its initial K. at the top of the inclined plane? 8% 10 % 11 % 12 % Three planes (1. If its resistance is doubled. 2 and 3) dropped 3 balls with the same initial velocity. its speed is 20 ms-1.If the potential difference is changed to 220 V keeping its resistance constant. What percentage of its K. 2nd moving towards left and third . one moving towards right. E. It moves under the action of the gravity and at the bottom of the slope.6 eV 2.5P P 2P 4P Threshold wavelength of metal is 4300 å. The plane 1 is moving horizontally. what will be its power dissipation? 400 W 800 W 1600 W cannot be determined A copper wire with resistance R is applied with a potential difference V and the power dissipation across it is P.8 eV 3. Calculate its work function in eV? 2.0 eV cannot be determined A body of mass m is at the top of a 200 m high inclined plane. what will be its power dissipation? 0. the plane 2 is 90o upward in the direction of plane A and the plane C is 90o downward in the direction of plane 3. What will be the velocities of the 3 balls at the moment they strike the ground? ORThree planes. E.

moving down. it becomes mechanically disturbed. Electromagnetic waves cannot pass through: metal wood water glass A nozzle has a diameter of 2 cm. Their velocities will be: v1 = v2 = v3 v1 > v2 > v3 v1 > v2 < v3 none of the above If the pressure on a gas is doubled and its Kelvin temperature is halved.5 cm none of these . its resistance decreases. its resistance increases. It ejects water a rate of 3 cms-1.05 cm 0.001 cm 0. it show NO EFFECT. throw three balls at the same altitude at a point where they start their respective motions. what is the change in its volume? decreases ¼ times no change (remains constant) doubles quadrupled If a pure semiconductor is doped with a trivalent impurity. What will be the radius of the nozzle if it ejects water at a speed of 10 ms-1? 0.

Find the length of the pendulum? 1. 12 V 18 µC.5 mm from the objective? 110 -110 -220 220 A capacitor A of 3 µF is connected with a 12 V volt battery. Calculate the total charge and potential difference in the circuit? 36 µC. and an eye piece of 25. What is its magnification. the battery is removed another capacitor B of 6 µF is connected in the circuit in parallel with capacitor A.5 cm 45 cm 90 cm 180 cm A microscope has an objective lens of 10 mm focal length. If the diameter of resistor B is twice that of the resistor A.7 cm 6.2 cm 12. After charging the capacitor A.4 cm none of these A person has a height of 180 cm. What should be the height of a plane mirror so that the person can see his full image? 22.A pendulum has frequency of 2 Hz. the resistance RB of resistor B is what fraction of the resistance RA of resistor A? ¼ . 6 V answer cannot be determined none of these Consider two resistors A and B of the same material and the same length. if the object is in sharp focus when it is 10.0 mm focal length.

what will be the speed at another point where the diameter is twice that at the first point? 0.8 1/3 A potential difference of 400 V applied across a bulb generates a power of 20 W. what will be the change in the volume of 4 dm3 gas at constant pressure? 2 dm3 6 dm3 8 dm3 None of these The cross product of two parallel vectors is undefined 0 1 O Two balls are such that after an elastic collision.½ 0.25 ms-1 96 cms-1 1.13 ms-1 None of the above If the temperature is increased from 273 K to 546 K. both of them are stopped to rest. the power will become 40 W 60 W 80 W None of these Water passes through a pipe of different cross sections. What will be the conditions of their masses and velocities? . If the potential difference is increased to 800 V. If the diameter at one point is 10 cm and water flows out at a speed of 100 cms-1.

both (a) and (b) None of these If the focal length of an objective in a telescope is increased. decrease. its frequency: . become infinity. In an isothermal process. type of the material of the atom. Velocities and masses do not matter. An atom liberates different wavelengths in its spectrum. what is the distance of the object from the mirror? 50 cm 75 cm 100 cm None If the length of a pendulum is doubled. what is the change in internal energy? ΔU < 0 ΔU = 0 ΔU > 0 None of the above If the magnification of a concave mirror of focal length 20 cm is 4. Both of them would have different mass but same velocities. remain constant. which depends on the characteristics of that atom.Both of them would have same mass but different velocities. its magnification will increase. The collision did not take place.

is increased by a factor of . remains same. Answers: Mathematics (b) 4 (c) 1 Cannot be determined. . (a) > N/A N/A cos 2x N/A λ=0 Physics .is decreased by a factor of is halved.

com. (a) metal (c) 0.(b) 10-5 (b) quadrupled (c) capacitor (d) [M-2L3T-2] (b) 0. (a) increase.5v (c) 1600 W (c) 2P (b) 2. (a) the characteristics of that atom. 12 V (a) ¼ (c) 80 W (a) 0. try yourself. send it in to entrytests@gmail.2 cm (c) 90 cm OR (d) 180 cm (the answer is controversial) (d) 220 cm (a) 36 µC. (If you get the right answer.25 ms-1 (c) 8 dm3 (d) O (c) The collision did not take place.) (a) vA = vB = vC (a) decreases ¼ times (c) it becomes mechanically disturbed. .5 cm (b) 6.8 eV Answer not known.

.(b) ΔU = 0 (b) 75 cm (a) is decreased by a factor of .