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AC Static GK Capsule2016

Static GK Capsule Volume 2

SUPERLATIVES (WORLD & INDIA) .........................................................................................................2
FIRST EVER (WORLD & INDIA) ...............................................................................................................5
WORLD GEOGRAPHY .................................................................................................................................8
INDIA GEOGRAPHY ...................................................................................................................................13
INDIAN POLITY ...........................................................................................................................................31
INDIAN CULTURE ......................................................................................................................................37
SPORTS ..........................................................................................................................................................40


Superlatives of World

Longest/Largest/Bigg Name & Location Longest/Largest/Biggest/ Name & Location

est/Smallest Smallest
Biggest Bell Great Bell, Moscow Largest Continent Asia
Biggest Cinema House Roxy, New York Largest Coral Formation The Great Barrier Reef,
Biggest city(area) Mount Isa, Australia Largest Country(area) Russia
Biggest Flower Raffesia(Java) Largest China
Biggest Library Library of the congress Largest Dam Grand Coulee, USA
Biggest Museum British Museum, London Largest Delta Sundarbans, India
Brightest Planet Venus Largest Democracy India
Brightest Star Sirius Largest Desert Sahara, Africa
Broadest Strait Davis Strait Largest Diamond The Cullinan
Busiest Canal Baltic White Sea Canal Largest Diamond Mine Kimbarley, South Africa
Busiest port Rotterdam, Netherland Largest Gulf Gulf of Mexico
Coldest Place Vostok, Antarctica Largest Island Greenland
Deepest & Biggest The Pacific Largest lake(artificial) Lake volta, Ghana
Deepest lake Baikal, Russia Largest lake(fresh water) Lake Superior, USA
Driest Place Atacama Desert, South Largest lake(salt water ) Caspian Sea
Farthest Planet Neptune Largest land animal African Elephant
Fastest Animal Cheetah Largest Mammal Whale
Fastest Bird Peregrine Falcon Largest Mosque Masjid-al-Haram, Saudi
Highest Capital city La Paz, Bolivia Largest Palace Imperial Palace, China
Highest City Wen Chuan, China Largest Park National Park, Greenland
Highest lake Titicaca, Bolivia Largest Peninsula Arabia
Highest Melting Point Tungsten Largest Planet Jupiter
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Highest Mountain Peak Everest, Nepal Largest Railway Platform Grand Central Terminal,
New York
Highest Mountain Himalayas Largest River Basin Amazon Basin
Highest Plateau Pamir, Tibet Largest river by volume Amazon
Highest Volcano Ojes del Salado, Chile Largest Sea Caspian Sea
Highest Waterfall Salto Angel Falls, Largest Sea bird Albatross
Hottest Planet Venus Largest Stadium Strahov Stadium, Prague,
Largest Archipelago Indonesia Largest Volcano Mauna Loa, Hawaii
Largest Asian Desert Gobi, Mongolia Lightest Gas Hydrogen
Largest Bay Hudson Bay, Canada Lightest Metal Lithium
Largest Bird Ostrich Longest & Deepest Rail Seikan Tunnel, Japan
Largest Church Basilica of St. Peter, Longest & Largest Canal Le Rove Tunnel, France
Rome(Vatican city) Tunnel
Largest Tokyo, Japan Narrowest Strait Chaliks
Longest Animal Blue Whale Nearest Planet Mercury
Longest Corridor Rameshwaram temple Rainiest place Cherrapunji, India
Corridor, India
Longest Day June 21 Shortest Day Dec 22
Longest Epic The Mahabharata Slowest animal Snail
Longest Jump animal Kangaroo Smallest Bird Humming Bird
Longest life- Tortoise Smallest Continent Australia
Longest Mountain Andes, South America Smallest Planet Mercury
Longest Non stop train Flying Scoutsman Tallest Animal Giraffe
Longest poisonous King Cobra Tallest Building Bhurj Khalifa, UAE
Longest port Tallest Minaret Great Morocco
Hassan Mosque
Longest Railway Trans-Siberian Railway Tallest Minaret(free Qutub Minar, India
Longest Railway Lower Zambeji, Africa Tallest Statue Statue of Liberty, New
Bridge York,USA
Longest Railway Gorakhpur, UP, India Tallest Tower Tokyo Sky Tree, Japan
Longest River Nile Wingless Bird Kiwi
Longest River Dam Hirakud Dam, Odisha, Longest Wall Great wall of China
Longest Strait Tartar Strait Longest wing spread bird Albatross
Longest Tunnel(road) Laerdal, Norway Most Intelligent Animal Chimpanzee

Superlatives of India

Longest/Largest/Highest etc Name & Location

Biggest Cave temple Ellora, Maharashtra
Biggest Hotel Oberai- Sheraton, Mumbai
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Biggest Mosque Jama Masjid at Delhi

Biggest Stadium Yuva Bharti (Salt Lake) Stadium, Kolkata
Deepest River Valley Bhagirathi & Alaknanda, Uttarakhand
Fastest Train Shatabadi Express running between New Delhi
and Bhopal
Highest Airport Leh, Laddakh
Highest Award Bharat Ratna
Highest Battle Field Siachin Glacier
Highest Dam Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand
Highest Gallantry Award Param Vir Chakra
Highest Gateway Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur
Highest Lake Devtal Lake, Gadhwal (Uttarakhand)
Highest Peak Karkoram-2 or K-2
Highest Peak in the world is Mount Everest, Nepal
Highest Railway Station Ghum (W. Bengal)
Highest rainfall Mawsynram, Meghalaya
Highest Road Road at Khardungla
Highest Tower Kutab Minar at Delhi
Highest Watefall Nohkalikai Falls in Shora, Meghalaya
Largest Animal Fair Sonepur, Bihar
Largest Auditorium Sri Shanmukhanand Hall, Mumbai
Largest Cave Amarnath, J&K
Largest Cave Temple Kailash Temple, Ellora Maharastra
Largest Church Saint Cathedral,Goa
Largest Delta Sunderbans Delta
Largest Desert Thar, Rajasthan
Largest District Kutch district, Gujarat
Largest Dome Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur
Largest Fresh Water Lake Kolleru Lake, Andhra Pradesh
Largest Gurudwara Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab
Largest inland salt lake Sambhar lake
Largest Lake Wular Lake, Kashmir
Largest Lake (Saline Water) Chilka Lake, Orrisa
Largest Man- Made Lake Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand Dam)
Largest Museum India Museum at Kolkata
Largest Planetarium Birla Planetarium, Kolkata
Largest Populated City Mumbai
Largest Port Mumbai, Mahrashtra
Largest Public Sector Bank State Bank of India
Largest River Island Majuli, Assam
Largest River without Delta Narmada and Tapti
Largest State (Area) Rajasthan
Largest State(Area) Rajasthan
Largest State(Population) Uttar Pradesh
Largest Zoo Zoological Garden at Alipur, Kolkata
Longest Beach Marina Beach, Chennai
Longest Canal Indira Gandhi Canal or Rajasthan Canal
Longest Cantilever Span bridge Howrah Bridge, West Bengal
Longest Dam Hirakud Dam, Odisha
Longest Electric Railway Line From Delhi to Kolkata via Patna
Longest Highway NH-7 from Varanasi to Kanyakumari

AC Static GK Capsule2016

Longest Platform Gorakhpur(UP)

Longest Railway Route From Assam to Kanyakumari
Longest River Ganga
Longest River Bridge Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Patna
Longest River in India The Ganges
Longest Road Grand Trunk Road
Longest Tributary river of India Yamuna
Longest Tunnel Jawahar tunnel, Jammu & Kashmir
Oldest Church St. Thomas Church at Palayar, Trichur (Kerala)
Smallest State (Area) Goa
Smallest State (Population) Sikkim
State wise largest area under forest Madhya Pradesh
State with longest coastline Gujarat
State with longest coastline of Andhra Pradesh
South India
Tallest Statue Statue of Gomateshwar, Karnataka


First in the world

First in Name of the Person

First men to climb Mt. Everest Sherpa Tenzing Norgay & Sir Edmund Hillary
First man to reach North Pole Robert Peary
First man to reach South Pole Ronald Amundsen
First religion of the world Santosh Dharma
First country to print books China
First country to issue paper currency China
First country to start Civil Services China
First President of United States of America George Washington
First prime Minister of great Britain Robert Walpole
First secretary general of United Nations Trigve Li
First country to make education compulsory Prussia
First country to win the world cup Football Uruguay (1930)
First country to make a constitution United States of America
Pakistans fist Governor General Mohammed Ali Jinnah
First Summit of NAM was organized in Belgrade (former Yugoslavia)
First European to visit China Marco Polo
First men to fly an aeroplane Wright Brothers
First person to sail around the world Ferdinand Magellan
First country to send human to Moon United States of America
First country to launch satellite into space Russia (former USSR)
First country to host the modern Olympic Greece
First President of the Republic of China Dr. Sun Yat-sen
First city to be attacked with Atom bomb Heroshima (Japan)
First Radio Telescope Satellite was Japan
launched into space by
First Russian (Soviet) Prime Minister to V.I. Bulganin
visit India
AC Static GK Capsule2016

First University of the world Taxila University

First man to set foot on the Moon Nell Armstrong (U.S.A)
First man to go into space Major Yuri Gagarin (USSR)
First Space Shuttle Launched Columbia
First space ship landed on mars Viking I (July,1976)
First woman Prime Minister of England Margaret Thacher
First woman Prime Minister of any Muslim Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
First woman Prime Minister of a country S. Bhandarnayake (Sri Lanka)
First woman cosmonaut in space Valentina Tereshkova (USSR)
First woman to climb Mt. Everest Junko Tabei (Japan )
First deaf and dumb to cross the Srait of Taranath Shenoy (India)
First woman president of UN General Smt. Vijayalakshmi Pandit (1953)
First European Invader of Indian soil Alexander, The Great
First woman to reach the North pole Ms. Fran
First woman to reach Antartica Caroline Michaelson
First man to draw the map of earth Anexemander
First man to compile Encyclopaedia Aspheosis (Athens)
First eldest man to climb Mt. Event Richard Wass
First Asian to win Wimbledon Trophy Arthur Ashe (U.S.A)
First man to win Nobel Prize for Literature Rene F.A. & Suilt Pradhom (France )
First man to win Nobel Prize for Peace Jin F. Dunant (Switzerland) & Frederic Peiry
First man to win Nobel prize for Physics W.K. Roentgen (Germany)
First man to win Nobel prize for Chemistry J.H. Wenthoff (Howlland)
First man to win Nobel Prize Medicine A.E. Wonn Behring (Germany)
(Medical Science)
First man to win Nobel Prize Economics Ranger fish (Norway)& John Tinbergen
First woman President of a country Maria Estela Peron (Argentina)
First Space Tourist (Male) Dennis Tito
First Space Tourist (Female) Mrs. Anousheh Ansari
World's longest hunger striker Irom Chanu Sharmila

First In India

First Persons
The first President of Indian Republic Dr. Rajendra Prasad
The first Prime Minister of free India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
The first Indian to win Nobel Prize Rabindranath Tagore
The first President of Indian National Congress W.C. Banerjee
The first Muslim President of Indian National Badruddin Tayyabji
The first Muslim President of India Dr. Zakir Hussain
The first British Governor General of India Lord William Bentinck(1833-1835)
The first British Governor General of Bengal Lord Warren Hasting(1774-1885)
The first British Viceroy of India Lord Canning
The first Governor General of free India Lord Mountbatten
The first and the last Indian to be Governor General C. Rajgopalachari

AC Static GK Capsule2016

The first man who introduced printing press in India James Hicky
The first Indian to join the I.C.S Satyendra Nath Tagore
Indias first man in Space Rakesh Sharma
The first Prime Minister of India who resigned Morarji Desai
The first Indian Commander-in-Chief of India General Cariappa
The first Chief of Army Staff Gen. Maharaj Rajendra Singhji
The first Indian Member of the Viceroys executive S.P.Sinha
The first President of India who died while in office Dr. Zakhir Hussain
The first Muslim President of Indian Republic Dr. Zakhir Hussain
The first Prime Minister of India who did not face the Charan Singh
The first Field Marshal of India S.H.F. Manekshaw
The first Indian to get Nobel Prize in Physics C.V.Raman
The first Indian to receive Bharat Ratna award Dr. Radhakrishnan
The first Indian to cross English Channel Mihir Sen
The first Person to receive Jnanpith award Sri Shankar Kurup
The firs Speaker of the Lok Sabha Ganesh Vasudeva Mavalankar
The first Vice-President of India Dr. Radhakrishnan
The first Education Minister Abdul Kalam Azad
The first Home minister of India Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
The first Indian Air Chief Marshal S. Mukherjee
The first Indian Naval Chief Vice Admiral R.D. Katari
The first Judge of International Court of Justice Dr. Nagendra Singh
The first person to reach Mt. Everest without oxygen Sherpa Anga Dorjee
The first person to get Param Vir Chakra Major Somnath Sharma
The first Chief Election Commissioner Sukumar Sen
The first person to receive Magsaysay Award Acharya Vinoba Bhave
The first person of Indian origin to receive Nobel Hargovind Khurana
The first Chinese traveller to visit India Fahein
The first person to receive Stalin Prize Saifuddin Kitchlu
The first person to resign from the Central Cabinet Shyama Prasad Mukherjee
The first person to receive Nobel Prize in Economics Amartya Sen
The first Chief Justice of Supreme Court Justice Hirala J. Kania
The first Indian Pilot J.R.D. Tata (1929)
The first lady to become Miss World Rita Faria
The first woman judge in Supreme Court Mrs. Meera Sahib Fatima Bibi
The first woman Ambassador Miss C.B. Muthamma
The first woman Governor of a state in free India Mrs Sarojini Naidu
The first woman Speaker of a State Assembly Shanno Devi
The first woman Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi
The first woman Minister in a Government Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
The first woman to climb Mount Everest Bachhendri Pal
The first woman to climb Mount Everest twice Santosh Yadav
The first woman President of Indian National Mrs Annie Besant
The first woman pilot in Indian Air Force Harita Kaur Dayal
The first woman Graduates Kadambini Ganguly and
The first woman Airline Pilot Durba Banerjee
The first woman Honours Graduate Kamini Roy, 1886
The first woman Olympic medal Winner Karnam Malleswari, 2000
The first woman Asian Games Gold Medal Winner Kamlijit Sandhu
The first woman Lawyer Cornelia Sorabjee
The first woman President of United Nations General Mrs Vijaya Laxmi Pandit
AC Static GK Capsule2016

The first woman Chief Minister of an Indian State Mrs Sucheta Kripalani
The first woman Chairman of Union Public Service Roze Millian Bethew
The first woman Director General of Police Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya
The first woman Judge Anna Chandy (She became judge in a
The first woman Cheif Justice of High Court Mrs Leela Seth (Himachal Pradesh
The first woman Judge in Supreme Court of India Kumari Justice M. Fathima Beevi
The first woman Lieutenant General Puneeta Arora
The first woman Air Vice Marshal P. Bandopadhyaya
The first woman chairperson of Indian Airlines Sushma Chawla
The first woman IPS officer Mrs. Kiran Bedi
The first and last Muslim woman ruler of India Razia Sultan
The first woman to receive Ashoka Chakra Nirja Bhanot
The first woman to receive Jnanpith Award Ashapurna Devi
The first woman to cross English Channel Aarti Saha
The first woman to receive Nobel Prize Mother Teresa
The first woman to receive Bharat Ratna Mrs Indira Gandhi
The first woman to receive Jnanpith Award Ashpurna Devi
The first women head of Indian Cost Accounting Aruna Sethi
First Wax statue of a Living Indian Mahatma Gandhi at Madame
First Chinese pilgrim to Visit India Fa-hien
First Exclusive internet magazine Bharat Samachar
First Miss India to participate in Miss Universe Indrani Rehman
First President of Indian National Congress W.C. Bannerjee, 1885
First Muslim President of the Indian National Badruddin Tayyabji
First Judge in International Court of Justice Dr. Nagender Singh
First Graduate in Medicine Soorjo Coomar Goodeve Chukerbutty
India's First University Nalanda University
India's First Open University Andhra Pradesh Open University
India's First Lok Sabha Member to be elected with a P.V.Narasimha Rao
First Indian to reach Antarctica Lt. Ram Charan
First British to Visit India Hawkins
First Test tube baby of India Indira (Baby Harsha)
First Post Office Opened in India Kolkata(1727)

List of Some Places with its Surname

Surname Country/Place Surname Country/Place

Asia paris Lahore , Pakistan City of roses Chandigarh
Africa in Miniature Cameroon City of smoke Osaka , Japan
Bengal sarrow River damodar , WB, City of steel in india Jamshedpur
Blue mountains Nilagiri hills , India City of temples Bhubaneswar
Britain of the East Japan Costliest coast Coast Rica
Britain of the South New Zealand Coffee port of the Shantos ( Brazil)
Battle field of Europe Belgium Dark continent Africa
Backbone of england Pennine Mountians Dead Heart of Africa Chad
Back bone of italy Apenninine Mountians Dairy of northern Denmark
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Big apple Newyork Evergreen forest Western Ghats
City of Cycles Beijing Eighth Continent Madagascar
City of Eternal Springs Quito (Ecuador) Emerland island Ireland
City of Sky Scrappers New York (USA) Empire city Newyork
City of Magnificent Washinton DC Eternal city Rome
Distances City of Music Varanasi
City of Golden Gate San Francisco (USA) Eye of greece Athens
City of Seven Hills Rome (Italy) Electronic city of india Banglore
Cockpit of Europe Belgium Forbidden city Lhasa (Tibet)
Concentration Camp of Equatorial Guinea Friendly island Tonga
Copper Country Zambia Front door of australia Darwin
City of factories Knapur (U.P) Garden city of england Kent(Englans)
City of festivals Madurai , tamil nadu Garden city of world Chicago , Usa
City of dreaming spires Oxford , england Garden city of india Banglore
City of golden temple Amritsar , India Garden of europe Italy
City of magnificent Chennai Garden of south india Thanjavur
City of palaces Kolkatta , india Garden of gods Colorado (USA)
cock pit of europe Belguim Gate way of india Mumbai
City of pope Rome Garden provice of Natal
south africa
City of seven islands Mumbai Gateway of tears Jerusalem
City of snow Canada George cross island Malta
City of arbian nights Baghdad, Iraq Grnaite city Aberdeen (Scotland)
City of motor cars Detroit , Michigan Great white way Broadway ( Newyork)
The City that Never Sleeps Cairo Granery of india Punjab
Golden city Johannesburg , South Gift of the Nile Egypt
Golden penisula Thailand Granery of south india Andhrpradesh
Hermit kingdom Korea Granery of tamilnadu Tanjavuur
Herring pond Atlantic Ocean Granery of kerala Palakkad
Horn of africa Somalia Gribraltar of the indian Aden
Holy city Jerusalem Golden state California , Usa

International Organisations And Their Headquarters

Organisations HQ
Amnesty International London Commonwealth of Nations London
APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Forum) Singapore
ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) Jakarta
FAO(Food and Agricultural Organization) Rome
IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Vienna
IBRD(International Bank for Reconstruction and Washington
ICAO(International Civil Aviation Org) Montreal
ICJ (International Court of Justice) The Hague
IDA(International Development Association) Washington
ILO(International Labour Org) Geneva
AC Static GK Capsule2016

IMF (International Monetary Fund) Washington DC

IMCO(Inter-governmental Maritime Consultative org) London
IMO(International Maritime Organization) London
International Standards Org Geneva
Interpol(International Criminal Police Organization) Lyon, France
ITU(International Telecommunication) Geneva
NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Brussels
OECD (Org. for Economic Cooperation and Dev.) Paris
OPEC(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) Vienna
OPCW( Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical The Hague
Organization of Islamic Cooperation Jedda
SAARC(South Asian Association for Regional Coop.) Kathmandu
Transparency International Berlin
UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade & Geneva
UNDP(United Nations Development Programme) New York
UNEP(United Nations Environmental Programme) Nairobi
UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Paris
UNHCR(United Nations High Commissioner) Geneva
UNICEF(United Nations International Childrens New York
UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Dev. Org) Vienna
UNITAR(United Nations Institute for Training and New York
UNO (United Nations Org) New York
UPU(Universal Postal Union) Berne
WHO (World Health Org) Geneva
WMO (World Meteorological Org) Geneva
World Bank Washington DC
World Intellectual Property Org Geneva
WTO(World Trade Org) GATT Geneva
List of International Lines /boundaries

Name of the lines/Boundaries Between Contries

Line of Actual Control India & China on the Northern Border
Line of Control India and Pakistan
Durand LineHU Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Radcliffe Line India and Pakistan (its includes Banladesh Line)
Blue Line Isreal & Lebanon
Purple Line Israel and Syria
Green Line Israel and its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria)
MasonDixon line Maryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial America
Curzon Line Poland & Russia
Military Demarcation Line(MDL) North Korea and South Korea.
Armistice Line North Korea and South Korea.
McMohan Line India & China
Maginot Line France & Germany
Mannar haime line Russia & Finland
Oder Nisse Line Germany & Poland( aftermath of World War II)
Hindenburg Line Poland & Germany(at the time of First World War)
Sigfried Line East France & Germany (at the time of second world war)
16 Parallel North Angola and Namibia
17th Parallel Line North & South Vietnam
20 ParallelLine Libya & Sudan

10 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

22 Parallel Line Egypt & Sudan

25 Parallel Line Mauritania & Mali
26 Parallel Line Western Sahara & Mauritania
31 Parallel Line Iraq & Iran
35 Parallel Line US it serves as border b/w Tennessee/Mississippi,
36 Parallel Line US it Forms forms the southernmost of the state of Missouri
38 Parallel Line North & South Korea
40 Parallel Line US it serves as border b/w Nebraska & Kansas
41 Parallel Line US it forms the border b/w wyoming/utah border,
42 Parallel Line US it serves as border of new york & Pennsylvania Border
43 Parallel Line US it serves as border of b/w State Nebraska & state of south
45 Parallel Line US it forms the boundary b/w Montana & wyoming
49 Parallel Line USA & Canada

Some Important Monuments of the World

Monuments Country Monuments Country
Taj Mahal India Angkor Wat Cambodia
Eiffel Tower France Chichen Itza Mexico
Stonehenge United Kingdom Pyramid Egypt
Saint Basil's Cathedral Russia Parthanon Greece
Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy Kremlin Russia
Statue of Liberty United States of America Opera House Australia
Borobudur Indonesia Imperial Palace Japan
Christ The Redeemer Brazil Wailing Wall Jersalem

Rivers of Major World Cities

Name of the Name of the Name of the Name of the Name of the Name of the
Rivers Cities Countries Rivers Cities Countries
Nile Alexandria Egypt Rmac Lima Peru
Amstel Amsterdam Netherlands Thames London England
Tigris Baghdad Iraq Manzanares Madrid Spain
Chao Phraya Bangkok Thailand Yarra Melbourne Australia
Danube, Sava Belgrade Yugoslavia St. Lawrence Montreal Canada
Spree, Havel Berlin Germany Moskva Moscow Russia
Bogot Bogot Colombia Seine Paris France
Senne Brussels Belgium Moldau Prague Czech Republic
Danube Budapest Hungary Tiber Rome Italy
Ro de la Plata Buenos Aires Argentina Neva Saint Petersburg Russia
Nile Cairo Egypt Mapocho Santiago Chile
Hugli Calcutta India Tiet So Paulo Brazil
Barada Damascus Syria Han Seoul South Korea
Yamuna Delhi India Huangpu Shanghai China
LIffey Dublin Ireland Sumida Tokyo Japan
Saigon Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Danube Vienna Austria
Pearl Hong Kong China Vistula Warsaw Poland
Liwung Jakarta Indonesia Sava Zagreb Croatia
11 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Dnieper Kiev Ukraine Limmat Zrich Switzerland

Tagus Lisbon Portugal Sihl

Parliament of countries

Country Parliament Country Parliament

Afghanistan Shora Austria National Assembly
Andorra General Council Bahamas General Assembly
Albania People's Assembly Bahrain Consultative Council
Azerbaijan Melli Majlis Bangladesh Jatiya Sansad
Algeria National People's Assembly Belize National Assembly
Angola National People's Assembly Bhutan Tsogdu
Argentina National Congress Bolivia National Congress
Australia Federal Parliament Brazil National Congress
Brunei National Assembly Kuwait National Assembly
Botswana National Assembly Laos People's Supreme Assembly
Britain Parliment (House of Common's Labanon National Assembly
and House of Lords)
Bulgaria Narodno Subranie. Lesotho National Assembly and Senate
Cambodia National Assembly Lithuania Seimas
Congo Rep. of National Legislative Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies
Democratic Council
Colombia Congress Libya General People's Congress
Canada Parliament Malaysia Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara
China National People's Assembly Maldives Majlis
Chile Chamber of Deputies and Senate Madagascar National People's Assembly
Comoros Legislative Council and Senate Mongolia Great People's Khural
Costa Rice Legislative Council and Senate Montenegro Federal Assembly
Crotia Sabor Mozambique People's Assembly
Cuba National Assembly of People's Myanmar Pyithu Hluttaw
Czech Chamber of Deputies and Senate Nepal Rashtriya Panchayat
Denmark Folketing Netherlands The Staten General
Ecuador Natinal Congress New Zealand Parliament (House of Representative)
El Salvador Legislative Assembly Oman Monarchy
East Timor Constituent Assembly Pakistan National Assembly & Senate
Ethiopia Federal Council and House of Paraguay Senate & Chamber of Deputies
Egypt People's Assembly Philippines The Congress
Fiji Islands Senate & House of Representative Papua New National Parliament
France National Assembly Poland Sejm
Finland Eduskusta (Parliament) Romania Great National Assembly
Germany Bundestag (Lower House) and Russia Duma & Federal Council
Bundesrat (Upper House)
Guyana National Assembly Serbia Federal Assembly
Greece Chamber of Deputies Senegal National Assembly
Hungry National Assembly Seychelles National Assembly
Iceland Althing South Africa House of Assembly
India Sansad Spain Cortes

12 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Indonesia People's Consultative Assembly Sweden Riksdag

Iran Majlis Saudi Arabia Majlis Al Shura
Iraq National Assembly Sudan Majlis Watani
Israel Knesset Switzerland Federal Assembly
Italy Chamber of Deputies and Senate Syria People's Council
Japan Diet Turkey Grand National Assembly
Jordan National Assembly USA Congress
Korea(North) Supreme People's Assembly Vietnam National Assembly
Venezuela National Congress
Korea(South) National Assembly Zambia National Assembly

Important Food Festivals Around The World

Name of the Festivals Name of the Countries

Alba White Truffle Festival Alba, Italy
Abergavenny Food Festival Wales, UK
Baltic Herring Festival Helsinki, Finland
Chinchilla Melon Festival Australia
Chocolate Festival London, UK
International Mango Festival New Delhi, India
Ivrea Orange Festival Ivrea, Italy
Maine Lobster Festival Rockland USA
Maslenitsa Festival Moscow, Russia
Melbourne Food & Wine Melbourne, Australia
Mistura Food Festival Lima, Peru
Monkey Buffet Festival Lopburi Province, Thailand
Oktoberfest Munich, Germany
Onion Eating Festival Spain
Orange Festival Poland
Pancake Festival Moscow, Russia
Potato Festival Sweden
San Francisco Street Food San Francisco, USA
Tomato Festival Spain
Vegetarian Festival Thailand


Indias World Heritage Sites

Name of the Heritage sites State

Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctuary Assam
Manas Wild Life Sanctuary Assam
Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Bihar
Humayun's Tomb Delhi
Qutb Minar and its Monuments Delhi
Red Fort Delhi
Churches and Convents of Goa Goa
Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Gujarat
13 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Group of Monuments at Hampi Karnataka

Group of Monuments at Pattadakal Karnataka
Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi Madhya Pradesh
Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka Madhya Pradesh
Khajuraho Group of Monuments Madhya Pradesh
Ajanta Caves Maharashtra
Ellora Caves Maharashtra
Elephanta Caves Maharashtra
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Maharashtra
Konarak Sun Temple Odisha
Keoladeo National Park Rajasthan
Jantar Mantar, Jaipur Rajasthan
Great Living Chola Temples Tamil Nadu
Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu
Mountain Railways of India Tamil Nadu
Agra Fort Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Sikri Uttar Pradesh
Taj Mahal Uttar Pradesh
Mountain Railways of India West Bengal
Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand
Sundarbans National Park West Bengal
Western Ghats Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra,
Hill Forts of Rajasthan (Ranthambhore), Rajasthan

List of 25 cultural Heritage Sites

Name of the Site Location Year

Agra Fort Uttar Pradesh 1983
Ajanta Caves Maharashtra 1983
Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi Madhya Pradesh 1989
Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park Gujarat 2004
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Maharashtra 2004
Churches and Convents of Goa Goa 1986
Elephanta Caves Maharashtra 1987
Ellora Cave Maharashtra 1983
Fatehpur Sikri Uttar Pradesh 1986
Great Living Chola Temples Tamil Nadu 1987
Group of Monuments at Hampi Karnataka 1986
Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu 1984
Group of Monuments at Pattadakal Karnataka 1987
Hill Forts of Rajasthan Rajasthan 2013
Humayuns Tomb, Delhi Delhi 1993
Khajuraho Group of Monuments Madhya Pradesh 1986
Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Gaya Bihar 2002
Mountain Railways of India Darjeeling, West Bengal 1999
Qutb Minar and its Monuments, Delhi Delhi 1993
Rani-ki-Vav (the Queens Stepwell) Gujarat 2014
Red Fort Complex Delhi 2007
Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka Madhya Pradesh 2003
Sun Temple, Konrak Orissa 1984
Taj Mahal Uttar Pradesh 1983
The Jantar Mantar, Jaipur Rajasthan 2010
14 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

List of Seven Natural Heritage Sites

Name Of the Site Location Year

Great Himalayan National Park Himachal Pradesh 2014
Kaziranga National Park Assam 1985
Keoladeo National Park Rajasthan 1985
Manas Wildlife Sanctuary Assam 1985
Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand 1988
Sundarbans National Park West Bengal 1987
Western Ghats Covers Four states 2012

List of Important Temples & Its Location

Name of the Temple State

Kamakhya Temple Guwahati, Assam
Sukresvara temple Assam
Mahabalipuram Temple Tamil Nadu
Meenakshi temple Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Brihadeeswarar Temple Tamil Nadu
Kanchipuram Temple Tamil Nadu
Srisailam Temple Andhra Pradesh
Tirupathi Temple Andhra Pradesh
Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple Kerala
Shabarimala ayyappa temple Kerala
Gomateshwra Temple Karnataka
Virupaksha Temple Bangalore (Karnataka)
Golden temple Amritsar, Punjab
Somnath temple Gujarat
Siddhivinayak Temple Maharashtra
Mahabodhi Temple Gaya, Bihar
Amarnath Temple Jammu & Kashmir
Markandeshwar Temple Haryana
Konark Sun Temple Odisha
Birla Mandir Jaipur

Highest Mountain Peaks Statewise

State Peak Range/Region
Andhra Pradesh Arma Konda Eastern Ghats
Arunachal Pradesh Kangto (shared with Tibet) Eastern Himalaya
Assam Unnamed peak near Laike Dima Hasao District
Bihar Someshwar Fort West Champaran District
Chhattisgarh Bailadila Range Dantewada District
Goa Sosogad Western Ghats
Gujarat Girnar Junagadh District
Haryana Karoh Peak Morni Hills
Himachal Pradesh Reo Purgyil (shared withTibet) Western Himalaya
Jammu and Kashmir(claimed) K2 Karakoram
Jammu and Saltoro Kangri Karakoram

15 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Jharkhand Parasnath Parasnath Hills

Karnataka Mullayanagiri Western Ghats
Kerala Anamudi Western Ghats
Madhya Pradesh Dhupgarh Satpura
Maharashtra Kalsubai Western Ghats
Manipur Mount Iso (Tenipu) Senapati District
Meghalaya Shillong Peak Khasi Hills
Mizoram Phawngpui Saiha District
Nagaland Mount Saramati (Shared Naga Hills
Odisha Deomali Eastern Ghats
Punjab Unnamed point on the Naina Devi Rupnagar District
Rajasthan Guru Shikhar Aravali
Sikkim Kangchenjunga (Shared Eastern Himalaya
Tamil Nadu Doddabetta Nilgiri Hills
Telangana Laxmidevipalli Deccan Plateau
Tripura Betalongchhip Jampui Hills
Uttar Pradesh Amsot Peak Shivalik Hills
Uttarakhand Nanda Devi Garhwal Himalaya
West Bengal Sandakphu (Shared with Nepal) Eastern Himalaya

National Parks In India

State Name of the Park
Campbell Bay National Park
Galathea National Park
Andaman and Nicobar Mahatma National Park
Islands Saddle Peak National Park
South Button National Park
Andhra Pradesh Sri Venkateswara Park
Arunachal Pradesh Namdapha National Park
Namdapha Tiger Reserve
Pakhui Tiger Reserve
Kaziranga National Park
Assam Manas National Park
Nameri National Park
Bihar Valmiki National Park
Chhattisgarh Kanger Ghati National Park
Achanakmar Tiger Reserve
Indravati Tiger Reserves Udanti
& Sitanadi Tiger Reserve
Blackbuck National Park
Gujarat Gir Forest National Park
Marine Gulf of Kutch park
Haryana Sultanpur National Park
Great Himalayan National Park
Himachal Pradesh Pin Valley National Park
Dachigam National Park
Jammu and Kashmir Kishtwar National Park
Salim Ali National Park
Jharkhand Betla National Park
Palamau Tiger Reserve
16 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Hazaribagh National Park

Bandipur National Park
Karnataka Kudremukh National Park
Nagarhole Tiger Reserve
Bhadra Tiger Reserve
Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve
Biligiri Ranganatha Swamy
Temple Wildlife Sanctuary
Bannerghatta National Park
Eravikulam National Park
Kerala Periyar National Park
Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Silent Valley National Park
Kanha National Park
Madhav National Park
Madhya Pradesh Mandla Fossils National Park
Pench National Park
Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
Sanjay-Dubri Tiger Reserve
Satpura National Park
Chandoli National Park
Maharashtra Melghat Tiger Reserve Pench
Tiger Reserve
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project
Sahyadri Tiger reserve
Nagzira-Navegaon Tiger Reserve
Bor Tiger Reserve
Navegaon National Park
Manipur Keibul Lamjao National Park
Meghalaya Balphakram National Park
Mizoram Blue Mountain National Park
Dampa Tiger Reserve
Bhitarkanika National Park
Odisha Nandankanan Zoological Park
Satkosia Tiger Reserve
Simlipal National Park
Punjab Harike Wetland
Desert National Park
Keoladeo National Park
Rajasthan Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
Ranthambore National Park
Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve
Sariska Tiger Reserve
Sikkim Khangchendzonga Park
Guindy National Park
Tamil Nadu Gulf of Mannar National Park
Mudumalai National Park
Anamalai Tiger Reserve
Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger
Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
17 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve

Palani Hills National Park
Kasu bramanda Reddy National
Telangana Park
Kawal Tiger Reserve
Nagarjunsagar Srisailam Tiger
Mrugavani National Park
Uttar Pradesh Dudhwa National Park
Pilibhit Tiger Reserve
Jim Corbett National Park
Uttarakhand Nanda Devi National Park
Rajaji National Park
Valley of Flowers National Park
Buxa Tiger Reserve
Jaldapara National Park
West Bengal Neora Valley National Park
Singalila National Park
Sundarbans National Park

Atomic Power Plants

Name of the Plant State
Kaiga atomic power plant Karnataka
Kakrapar atomic power plant Gujarat
Madras atomic power plant Tamil Nadu
Narora atomic power plant Uttar Pradesh.
Rajasthan atomic power plant Rajasthan
Tarapur atomic power plant Maharashtra
Kundankulam atomic power plant Tamil Nadu
Gorakhpur atomic power plant Haryana
Chutka atomic power plant Madhya Pradesh
Mahi Banswara atomic power plant Rajasthan
Kaiga atomic power plant Karnataka
Kovvada atomic power plant Andhra Pradesh
Mithi virdhi atomic power plant Gujarat.

Important Hydropower plant

State Name of the Plant
ANDHRAPRADESH Nizam Sagar Dam-Manjira River
Prakasam Barrage-Krishna River
Srisailam Dam-Krishna River
Dharoi Dam-Banas River
Dantiwada Dam-Sabarmati River
HIMACHAL Pandoh Dam-Beas River
PRADESH Bhakra Nangal Dam-Sutlej River
Nathpa Dam-Sutlej River
Gobind Sagar, Reservoir-Sutlej River
Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir

18 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

JAMMU & KASHMIR Salal Project-Chenab River

Chutak Hydroelectric Project
Dumkhar Hydroelectric Dam-Indus River
Uri Hydroelectric Dam-Jhelum River
JHARKHAND Maithon Dam-Barakar Rive
Chandil Dam-Subarnarekha River
Panchet Dam-Damodar River
KARNATAKA Tunga Bhadra Dam-Tungabhadra and Krishna River
Linganamakki dam-Sharavathi River
Alamatti Dam-Krishna River
Harangi Dam-Cauvery River
Ghataprabha Reservoir-Ghataprabha River
KERALA Banasura Sagar Dam-Chalakudy River
Malampuzha Dam-Malampuzha River
Idukki Dam-Periyar River
Mullaperiyar Dam-Pennar River
Neyyar Dam-Pennar River-Kerala.
MADHYA PRDESH Barna Dam-Barna River
Indirasagar Project-Narmada River
Narmada Dam Project-Narmada River
Gandhi Sagar Dam-Chambal River
Tawa Reservoir-Tawa River
MAHARASTRA Koyna Dam-Koyna River
Bhatsa Dam-Bhatsa and Chorna rivers
Wilson Dam-Pravara River
Girna Dam-Girna and Godavari River
Radhanagari Dam-Bhogawati River
ODSIHA Jalaput Dam
Balimela Reservoir-Sileru River
Indravati Dam-Indravati River
Hirakud Dam-Mahanadi River
RAJASTHAN MBisalpur dam-banas river
TAMILNADU Vaigai Dam-Vaigai River
Krishnagiri Reservoir
Pechiparai Reservoir-River Kodayar
Vidur Reservoir
Perunchani Dam-Paralayar River
Periyar Reservoir-Periyar River
Stanley Reservoir-Kaveri River
Mettur Dam-Kaveri River
Bhavanisagar Reservoir-Bhavani River
Parambikulam Reservoir-Parambikulam River
UTTARPRADESH Parichha Dam-Betwa River
Rihand Project-Rihand River and Son River
Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Dam-Rihand River
Tehri Dam-Bhagirathi River

19 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

List of Thermal Power Plant

Name of the Plant State

Simhadri Super Thermal Power Plant Andhra Pradesh
Dr Narla Tatarao TPS
Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station
Pynampuram Power Station
Rayalaseema Thermal Power Station
Simhapuri Thermal Power Station
Hinduja Thermal Power Station
Meenakshi Thermal Power Station
Barh Super Thermal Power Station Bihar
Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power Station
Nabinagar Super Thermal Power Project
Barauni Thermal Power Station
Kanti Thermal Power Station
Sipat Thermal Power Plant Chhattisgarh
Korba Super Thermal Power Plant
DB Thermal Project Ltd.
Jindal Megha Power Plant
Hasdeo Thermal Power Station
Lanco Amarkantak Power Plant
Dr Shyama Prasad Mukharjee Thermal Power Station
KSK Mahanadi Power
Bhilai Expansion Power Plant
Bhawnendra Singh Deo Power Plant
Badarpur Thermal Power Station New Delhi
Rajghat Power Station
Mundra Thermal Power Station Gujarat
Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project
Wanakbori Thermal Power Station
Essar Power Gujarat Ltd.
Gandhinagar Thermal Power Station
Ukai Thermal Power Station
Surat Thermal Power Station
Sabarmati Thermal Power Station
Kutch Thermal Power Station
Akrimota Thermal Power Station
Sikka Thermal Power Station
Dhuvaran Thermal Power Station
Panipat Thermal Power Station Haryana
Rajiv Gandhi Thermal Power Station
Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram Thermal Power Station
Faridabad Thermal Power Station
Amarkantak Thermal Power Station
Chandrapura Thermal Power Station Jharkhand
Koderma Thermal Power Station
Patratu Thermal Power Station
Bokaro Thermal Power Station
Jojobera Thermal Power Plant
Tenughat Thermal Power Station
Raichur Thermal Power Station 20 | P a g e Karnataka
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Udupi Thermal Power Plant

JSW Vijayanagar Power Station
Bellary Thermal Power station
Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Station Madhya Pradesh
Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project
Sant Singaji Thermal Power Plant
Dada Dhuniwale Thermal Power Plant
Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station
Satpura Thermal Power Station
Amarkantak Thermal Power Station
Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station Maharashtra
Tirora Thermal Power Station
Amravati Thermal Power Plant
Bhusawal Thermal Power Station
Trombay Thermal Power Station
Khaperkheda Thermal Power Station
Parli Thermal Power Station
Nashik Thermal Power Station
Koradi Thermal Power Station
Wardha Warora Power Plant
Dahanu Thermal Power Station
Paras Thermal Power Station
CESC Chandrapur Thermal Power Station[17][18][19]
Talcher Super Thermal Power Station
Sterlite Jharsuguda Power Station
Vedanta Jharsuguda Captive Power Plant
Angul Thermal Power Station
National Aluminium Company Captive Power Plant
Kamalanga Thermal Power Plant
Ib Thermal Power Station
Talcher Thermal Power Station
Hirakud Captive Power Plant
Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal Power Plant Punjab
Guru Hargobind TP
Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant
Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Plant Rajasthan
Kota Super Thermal Power Plant
Raj West Lignite Power Plant
Chhabra Thermal Power Plant
Barsingsar Thermal Power Station
Giral Lignite Power Plant
VS Lignite Power Plant
Neyveli Thermal Power Station II Tamil Nadu
Vallur Thermal Power Station
Tuticorin Thermal Power Station
Neyveli Thermal Power Station I
NTPL Thermal Power Station
Mettur Thermal Power Station
North Chennai Thermal Power Station
Muthiara Thermal Power Station
IL&FS Thermal Power Station
Ennore Thermal Power Station
Tutiorin (Pvt) Thermal Power Station21 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Neyveli Zero Lignite Power Station

NTPC Ramagundam Telangana
Kothagudem Thermal Power Station
Kakatiya Thermal Power Station
Ramagundam B Thermal Power Station
Rihand Thermal Power Station Uttar Pradesh
Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station
NTPC Dadri
Anpara Thermal Power Station
Obra Thermal Power Station
Rosa Thermal Power Plant
Feroj Gandhi Unchahar Thermal Power Plant
Parichha Thermal Power Station
Tanda Thermal Power Plant
Harduaganj Thermal Power Station
Panki Thermal Power Station
Mejia Thermal Power Station West Bengal
Farakka Super Thermal Power Station
Kolaghat Thermal Power Station
Bakreshwar Thermal Power Station
Durgapur Steel Thermal Power Station
Budge Budge Thermal Power Plant
Santaldih Thermal Power Station
Durgapur Thermal Power Station
Sagardighi Thermal Power Station
Bandel Thermal Power Station
Durgapur Thermal Power Station
Titagarh Thermal Power Station
CESC Southern Generating Station
New Cossipore Generating Station
Mejia Thermal Power Station West Bengal
Farakka Super Thermal Power Station
Kolaghat Thermal Power Station
Bakreshwar Thermal Power Station
Durgapur Steel Thermal Power Station
Budge Budge Thermal Power Plant
Santaldih Thermal Power Station
Durgapur Thermal Power Station
Sagardighi Thermal Power Station
Bandel Thermal Power Station
Durgapur Thermal Power Station
Titagarh Thermal Power Station
CESC Southern Generating Station
New Cossipore Generating Station

Important Lakes

Name of the Lakes Notes

Wular Lake Wular Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia and the
largest in India, is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Loktak Lake Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in northeastern India,

22 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

located in Manipur.
Da mdama Lake Damdama Lake is one of the biggest natural lakes in Haryana.
Dal Lake The Kashmir valley is blessed with exotic natural beauty of
landscape and water bodies, out of them one of the best is Dal Lake
Pichola Lake Lake Pichola is an artificial fresh water lake situated in Udaipur city
in Rajasthan.
Gurudongmar Lake Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. This
fresh water lake is located northeast of the Kangchenjunga range in
Chilka Lake Chilka Lake is the brackish water lake and is the largest coastal lake
in India. The Chilka Lake in situated in Orissa and is Asias largest
inland salt water lagoon.
Vembanad Lake Vembanad Lake is Indias longest lake and is the largest lakes in the
beautiful state land of God, Kerala
Bhimtal Lake The pride of Bhimtal is a beautiful lake which offers magnificent
vistas for tourists. The lake is larger than Nainital lake, uttarnachal
Upper lake Upper lake is the largest artificial lake in Asia, situated in City of
Lakes called Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Kolleru Lake and Pulicat Lake Two major lakes for number of migratory birds in India, AP

Major Sea Ports

The nine coastal Indian states Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,
Orissa and West Bengal are home to all major and minor ports of India.
Sea Ports in India Top 10 busiest and the largest Sea Ports
Name of the Port State Name of the Port Country
Kandla Port Gujarat Shanghai China
Nhava Sheva Maharashtra Ningbo-Zhoushan China
Mumbai Port Maharashtra Singapore Singapore
Marmagao port Goa Rotterdam The Netherlands
Panambur Port Karnataka Tianjin China
Cochin Port Kerala Guangzhou China
Port Blair Andaman Qingdao China
Tuticorin Port Tamil Nadu Qinhuangdao Port China
Chennai Port Tamil Nadu Busan South Korea
Vizag Port Andhra Pradesh Hong Kong China
Paradip Port Orissa
Haldia port West Bengal

International Airports in India

State City Airport Name

Andaman & Nicobar Islands Port Blair Veer Savarkar International Airport
Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam International Airport
Assam Guwahati Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International
Bihar Gaya Gaya International Airport
Delhi New Delhi Indira Gandhi InternationalAirport
Goa Goa/td Goa International Airport/Dabolim Airport
Gujarat Ahmedabad Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International
23 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Jammu & Kashmir Srinagar Srinagar Airport

Karnataka Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport
Karnataka Mangalore Mangalore International Airport
Kerala Kochi Cochin International Airport
Kerala Kozhikode Calicut International Airport
Kerala Thiruvananthapura Trivandrum International Airport
Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Raja Bhoj International Airport
Maharashtra Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Maharashtra Nagpur Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International
Manipur Imphal Tulihal International Airport
Odisha Bhubaneswar Biju Patnaik International Airport
Punjab Amritsar Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport
Rajasthan Jaipur Jaipur International Airport
Tamil Nadu Chennai Chennai International Airport
Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Coimbatore International Airport
Tamil Nadu Madurai Madurai Airport
Tamil Nadu Tiruchirapalli Tiruchirapalli International Airport
Telangana Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Chaudhary Charan Singh International
Uttar Pradesh Varanasi Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport
West Bengal Kolkata Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International

Banks Head Quarters & Taglines


Canara Bank Bangalore Together we can.
Vijaya Bank Bangalore A friend u can bank upon
State Bank of Mysore Bengaluru Working for a better tomorrow.
Indian Bank Chennai Your Tech Friendly Bank
Indian Overseas Bank Chennai Good people to grow with
Oriental Bank of Gurgaon,Haryana Where every individual is committed
State Bank of Hyderabad Hyderabad Modern.Innovative.Dependable
Andhra Bank Hyderabad Where India Banks
State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur The Nation banks on us.
Karur Vysya Bank Karur Smart way to Bank
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Karur The changing face of prosperity
Federal Bank Kerala Your perfect Banking Partner
Ratnakar Bank Kolhapur,
Allahabad Bank Kolkata A tradition of trust.
UCO Bank Kolkata Honours Your trust
United bank of India Kolkata The bank that begins with u
City Union Bank Kumbakonam Trust and Excellence since 1904
Corporation Bank Mangalore,Karnatak Prosperity for all
Karnataka Bank Mangaluru, Your Family Bank across India
Syndicate Bank Manipal,Karnataka Faithful and Friendly
SBI Mumbai The banker to every Indian.
Bank of India Mumbai Relationship beyond banking.
Central Bank of India Mumbai Central to you since 1911.
Dena Bank Mumbai Trusted Family Bank
Union Bank of India Mumbai Good people to bank with
IDBI Bank Mumbai Banking for allAAo Sochein Bada
24 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

NABARD Mumbai Revitalizing rural India through urban support

Exim Bank Mumbai Together towards Tomorrow.
ECGC Mumbai You Focus on Exports.We cover the risks.
Axis Bank Mumbai Badhti ka naam Zindagi
ICICI Bank Mumbai Hum Hai Na,Khyal Apka
YES Bank Mumbai Experience our expertise
HDFC Bank Mumbai We understand your world
IndusInd Bank Mumbai We make u feel richer
Kotak Mahindra Bank Mumbai Lets make money simple
Nainital Bank Nainital, Banking with personal touch
Punjab & Sind Bank New Delhi Where service is a way of life
Punjab National bank New Delhi The name you can bank upon
Bharatiya Mahila Bank New Delhi Empowering Women,
Empowering India
State Bank of Patiala Patiala Blending Modernity with Tradition
Bank of Maharashtra Pune One family One Bank.
Jammu&Kashmir Bank Srinagar,J&K Serving to Empower
State Bank of Travancore Thiruvananthapuram A long tradition of trust.
Catholic Syrian Bank Thrissur, Support all the way.
Dhanlaxmi Bank Thrissur, Tann.Mann.Dhan
South Indian Bank Thrissur, Experience next generation Banking
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Tuticorin Be a step ahead of life
Bank of Baroda Vadodara,Gujarat India's International Bank.

List of Important Institutions in India

Name of the Institute Location

Central Hindi Institute Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru, Karnataka
Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Central Institute of English and Foreign Language Hyderabad, Telegana
Institute of Central Indian Language Mysore, Karnataka
Commission of Scientific and Technical Words Terminology New Delhi
Indian Institute of Social Sciences and Research New Delhi
Institute of National Sanskrit New Delhi
Rashtriya Bal Bhavan New Delhi
Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit Vidyapeeth New Delhi
Council of Indian Philosophy Research New Delhi and Lucknow
Indian Council of Higher Research Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
National Sanskrit Vidyapeeth Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Environmental Institutes
Rehabilitation Institute of Social Forestry and Ecology Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
G. B. Pant Himdoya Environment and Development Institute Almora, Uttarakhand
Institute of Indian Plywood Industry and Research Bengaluru, Karnataka
Institute of Lumbering Science and Technology Bengaluru, Karnataka
Institute of Indian Forest Management Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Institute of Forest Research and Human Resource Development Chindwara, Madhya
Institute of Forest Genetic Tree Breeding Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Indian Forest Research and Education Council Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Institute of National Science & Technology Faridabad, Haryana
25 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Arid Zone Research Institute Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Institute of Rainforest Jorhat, Assam
Indian Forest Survey Jorhat, Assam
Indian Botanical Survey Kolkata, West Bengal
Indian Anthropology Survey Kolkata, West Bengal
Central Pollution Control Board New Delhi
Central Museum Authority New Delhi
Forest Productive Centre Ranchi, Jharkhand
Himalayan Forest Research Centre Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Defence Institutes
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering School Baroda, Gujarat
Air Force Technical College Bengaluru, Karnataka
Hindustan Aeronatic Limited Bengaluru, Karnataka
Indian Air Force Training Centre Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Officers Training Academy Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Indian Military Academy Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Air Force Academy Hyderabad, Telagana
National Defence Academy Kharagwasala, Pune
Naval College of Engineering Lonavala, Maharashtra
Directorate General N.C.C New Delhi
Directorate of National Cadet Core New Delhi
College of Military Engineering Pune, Maharashtra
Institute of Armament Technology Pune, Maharashtra
Defence Management Institute Sikandrabad, Uttar Prdeash
Military College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Sikandrabad, Uttar Prdeash
Art and Culture
Allahabad Museum Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Indira Gandhi National Human Museum Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Nav Nalanda Mahabihar Bihar
Kala Chitra Foundation Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Salarjanj Museum Hyderabad, Telangana
Jawahar Lal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy Imphal, Manipur
Asiatic Society Kolkata, West Bengal
Indian Anthropology Survey Kolkata, West Bengal
Indian Museum Kolkata, West Bengal
Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Asian Studies Institute Kolkata, West Bengal
National Science Museum Parishad Kolkata, West Bengal
National Modern Art Technique Kolkata, West Bengal
National Library Kolkata, West Bengal
Raja Rammohan Rai Library Foundation Kolkata, West Bengal
Ram Krishan Mission Sanskrit Institute Kolkata, West Bengal
Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata, West Bengal
Central Buddh Education Institute Leh, J & K
National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Institute of National Museum History for Art Conservation and New Delhi
Science Museum
Indian National Archives New Delhi
Central Secretariat Library (1981) New Delhi
Cultural Institute and Training Centre (1979) New Delhi
Delhi Public Library New Delhi
Gandhian Recollection and Philosophy Recollection New Delhi
26 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Indira Gandhi National Art Centre New Delhi

Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi
National Drama Vidyalaya New Delhi
National Museum New Delhi
National School of Drama New Delhi
Nehru Memorial Museum and Library New Delhi
Sahitya Academy New Delhi
Sangeet Natak Academy New Delhi
Khudabaksh Oriental Public Library Patna, Bihar
Rampur Raja Library Rampur, Uttar Pradesh
Institute of Indian Diamond Surat, Gujarat
Central High Tibetean Educational Institute Varanasi, Uttar Prdeash
Food and Civil Supply
Indian Standard Bureau Delhi
Indian Examination House Kolkata, West Bengal,
Health and Family Welfare
National Yunani Institute Bengaluru, Karnataka
National Siddh Institute Chennai, Tamil Nadu
National Ayurvedic Institute Jaipur, Rajasthan
National Homeopathic Institute Kolkata, West Bengal
Central Health Education Bureau New Delhi
National Medical Science Academy New Delhi
Morarji Desai National Yog Institute New Delhi
National Ayurvedic Vidyapeeth New Delhi
National Natural Medical Institute Pune, Maharashtra
Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd. Rasoyni ,Maharashtra
National Aluminium Co. Ltd. Bhubaneswar,Orissa
Plastic Engineering and Technology Institute(Sepate) Chennai, Tamil Nadu
South India Textile Research Association Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
North India Cloth Research Institute Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Pesticide Technology Institute Gurgaon, Haryana
Indian Jute Industry Research Association Kolkata, West Bengal
Silk and Art Silk Mills Research Association Mumbai, Maharashtra
Indian Bureau of Mines Nagpur, Maharashtra
Hindustan Antibiotic Ltd. Pune- Pimpri, Maharashtra
Wool Research Institute Thane, Maharashtra
National Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. Trombay, Maharashtra
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Udaipur
Law and Justice
National Justice Academy Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel National Police Academy Hyderabad, Telangana
Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narain National Crime and Justice Institute New Delhi
Labour Bureau Institute Chandigarh and Shimla
Central Education Media Institute Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Director General of Mines Security Dhanbad, Jharkhand,
Institute of Central government Training and Research Kolkata, West Bengal
Central Labour Board Nagpur, Maharashtra
V. V. Giri National Labour Institute Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Mass Communication

27 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Satyajeet Ray Film and Television Institute Kolkata, West Bengal

Film Department Mumbai, Maharashtra
Indian Committee of Children Film Mumbai, Maharashtra
Testimony Board of Central Movie Mumbai, Maharashtra
Directorate of Publications and Visual Publicity New Delhi
Directorate of Regional Publicity New Delhi
Institute of Indian Film and Television Pune, Maharashtra
National Film Archieves Pune, West Bengal
Institute of Science and Technology
Science Expansion (Vigyan Prasar)New Delhi
Institute for Plasma Research Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Physical Research Laboratory Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Indian Science Academy Allahabad, Gujarat
Indian Astro physics Institute Bengaluru, Karnataka
Jawahar Lal Nehru Developed Scientific Research Centre Bengaluru, Karnataka
Indian Science Academy Bengaluru, Karnataka
National Biological Science Centre Bengaluru, Karnataka
Liquid Crystal Research Institute Bengaluru, Karnataka
National Biology Centre Bengaluru, Karnataka
Physics Institute Bhubaneshwar
Life Science Institute Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
Institute of Physics Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
Indian Oceanic Technical Institute Chennai, Tamil NAdu
Harish Chand Research Institute Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Project Directorate, Integrated Coastal and Sea Coast Management Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Institute of Mathematical Science Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Sea- biotic Resources and Ecology Centre Cochin, Kerala
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Cosmic Rays Research Institute Gauribidanur, Karnataka
National Antarctic and Ocean Research Centre Goa
Indian National Oceanic Information Service Centre Hyderabad, Telegana
Survey Training Institute Hyderabad, Telegana
Director of Atomic Mineral Investigation and Research Hyderabad, Telegana
Nuclear Fuel Campus Hyderabad, Telegana
D. N. A. Finger Print and Centre Hyderabad, Telegana
Biotic Resources and Continuous Development Centre Imphal, Manipur
Indian Uranium Corporation Ltd. Jaduguda, Jharkhand
Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. Jaduguda, Jharkhand
Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology Kocchi, Kerala
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science Kolkata, West Bengal
Indian Science Congress Association Kolkata, West Bengal
Bose Institute Kolkata, West Bengal
N. N. Bose National Fundamental Science Centre Kolkata, West Bengal
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre Kolkata, West Bengal
Saha Nuclear Physics Institute Kolkata, West Bengal
Birbal Sahani Institute of Paleo botany Lucknow, Uttarakhand
Centre of National Mental Research Manesar, Haryana
Indian Institute of Geomagnetism Mumbai, Maharashtra
Heavy Water Board Mumbai, Maharashtra
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai, Maharashtra
Deptt. of Atomic Energy Mumbai, Maharashtra

28 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai, Maharashtra

Vishveshraiya National Technical Institute Nagpur, Maharashtra
Aryabhatta Research Observatory Nainital
Indian National Science Academy New Delhi
Indian National Engineering Academy New Delhi
National Institute of Reservation New Delhi
National Plant Genome Research Centre New Delhi
National Earthquake Science Data Centre New Delhi
Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council New Delhi
Shri Ram Institute of Chemical Research New Delhi
Shri Ram Chennai Research Institute New Delhi
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Pune, Maharashtra
Centre of National Cell Science Pune, Maharashtra
Agarkar Research Institute Pune, Maharashtra
S. V. National Technical Institute Surat, Gujarat
Sri Chitra Triunal Medical Science and Technical Institute Tiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Hindustan Zinc Limited Udaipur, Rajasthan
Rail Wheel Factory Bengaluru, Karnataka
Chitranjan Locomotive Works Chitranjan, West Bengal
Indira Gandhi National Flying Academy Furshatganj (U. P.)
National Water Sporting Institute Goa
Indian Tourism and Travel Management Institute Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala, Punjab
Central Inland Water Transport Corporation Kolkata, West Bengal
Marine Engineering and Research Institute Kolkata., West Bengal
Marine Engineering and Research Institute Mumbai, Maharashtra
Lal Bahadur Shastri Coastal Research and Higher Study Institute Mumbai, Maharashtra
Maritime Training Institute Powai Mumbai, Maharashtra
Fire Service Training School Narainpur (Kolkata), WB
Civil Aviation Security Bureau Delhi New Delhi
National Aviation Management and Research Institute New Delhi
Fire Training Centre New Delhi
Indian Inland Waterways Authority Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Integral Coach Factory Perambur, Kapurthala
Diesel Locomotive Works Varanasi, Uttar Prdeash
Hindustan Shipyard Limited Visakhapatnam, Andhra
Water Resources
Central Water and Electric Research Centre Kharagwasala ,Pune
Central Soil and Material Research Centre New Delhi
National Project Construction Corporation Ltd. New Delhi
National Hydrology Institute Roorkee,Uttarakhand
Multi- disabled Strengthen Institute Chennai, Tamil Nadu
National Rehabilitation Training and Research Institute Cuttack, Odisha
National Blind Institute Dehradun, Uttarakhand
National Orthopedic Disabled Institute Kolkata, West Bengal
Aliyawarjung National Hard of Hearing Institute Mumbai, Maharashtra
Physically Disabled Institute New Delhi
National Public Cooperation and Child Development Institute New Delhi

29 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

National Mental Disabled Institute Sikandrabad,Uttar Pradesh

Youth Work and Play
Laxmibai National Physical Education Institute Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Rajeev Gandhi National Youth Development Institute Perambur, Tamil Nadu
National Thermal PowerCorporation New Delhi
Electric Finance Corporation Ltd New Delhi
High Level Telecommunication Training Centre Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Advance Level Telecommunication Training Centre Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
National Telecommunication Finance and Management Academy Hyderabad, Telegana
Bharat Ratna Bhim Rao Ambedkar Telecommunication Training Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Telecommunication Engineering Centre New Delhi


Indian Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is headquartered in the Capital, New Delhi.It has 3 Regional headquarters at
Mumbai, Chennai and Port Blair.
1 District Headquarters in each of the nine coastal states and 2 in the Union territories of Andaman
and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands.
4 Coast Guard Stations, one each at Vadinar, Okha, Tuticorin and Mandapam.

The Indian Army is organised into seven commands Indian Air Force is organised into seven command

Command Headquarter Command Headquarter

Western command Chandigarh Western command New Delhi
Eastern command Kolkata Central command Allahabad
Northern command 56 APO Eastern command Shillong
Southern command Pune South western command Jodhpur
Central command Lucknow Training command Bangaluru
Army Training Command Shimla Maintenance command Nagpur
South Western Command Jaipur Southern command Thiruvananthapuram

Indian Navy is organized into following command

Command Headquarter
Eastern command Vishakhapatnam
Southern command Kochi
Western command Mumbai

Productions of crops in india highest as per states

States Crops
Andhra Pradesh Vegetable Oil Production, Shrimp
Arunachal Pradesh Shifting Cultivation, Fruits
Assam Tea, Silk
Bihar Potato
Chhattisgarh Paddy
Delhi Wheat

30 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Goa Cashewnuts
Gujarat Cotton ,Sugar
Haryana Wheat And Rice
Himachal Pradesh Fruit & Vegetables
Jammu And Apples, Cardamom
Jharkhand Lac Production
Karnataka Coffee(Chitmanglore), Silk
Kerala Spices, Rubber, Ginger
Madhya Pradesh Pulses , Oil Seeds
Maharashtra Cotton ,Sugarcane
Manipur Horticulture,Jute
Meghalaya Ginger
Mizoram Maize
Nagaland Oilseeds,Rice
Odisha Coarse Cereals,Jute
Puducherry Coconut Cultivation
Punjab Wheat , Cotton , Sugar,Millet
Rajasthan Coarse Cereal,Pulses
Sikkim Maize, Millet, Wheat, Barley, Oranges,
Tea And Cardamom
Tamil Nadu Flowers ,Rice , Horticulture
Telangana Fruits ,Cotton, Sugarcane, Mango And
Tripura Potato, Sugarcane, Mesta, Pulses And
Uttar Pradesh Rice ,Wheat ,Maize , Potatoe, Oilseeds
Uttarakhand Basmati Rice, Wheat Soybeans,
West Bengal Jute ,Rice, Potato

Indian Constitution is the framework of duties and rules of different Indian governing bodies
and its people.
After the independence of India in 1947, it took 2 years 11 months and 18 days to build the
Indian constitution.
26 November 1949 India adopted its constitution and it came into effect on 26 January 1950.
The day (26 January) is celebrated as the republic day in India. Because on that day Indian
constitution came into effect and India became a sovereign, democratic republic country.
To commemorate the PurnaSwaraj declaration of independence of 1930, the date 26 January
was chosen.
Indian constitution was drafted by the Constituent Assembly and Dr.
BhimraoRamjiAmbedkar is called the father of Indian constitution. Constituent Assembly
had 13 different committees.
Indian constitution is the longest written constitution. It contains 448 articles in 22 parts, 12
schedules and 118 amendments. Indian constitution was hand written and was both in Hindi
and English. The original copies of the constitution are preserved in a secure way.
31 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Many principles of Indian constitution were influenced from different countries constitution.
Such as separation of powers among the majorbranches of government was adopted from the
constitution of United States, directive principle of state policy was adapted from Ireland.

Important Articles Of Indian Constitution:

Aticles For
Article 1 Name and Territory of the Union.
Article 14 Relates to Right to Equality
Article 17 Abolishes the practice of untouchability
Article 18 Prohibits the state from conferring any title.
Article 19 Deals with six freedoms of Indian citizens namely, freedom of
speech and expression
(d) freedom of movement throughout the territory of India
(e) freedom of residence and settlement in any part of India
(d) Freedom of occupation
Article 21 Provides protection to life and liberty to all persons
Article 21A Right to elementary education.
Article 22 Affords protection against arbitrary arrest & detention
Article 23 Prohibits the traffic in human beings and beggars. (making a
person work without wages or adequate compensation)
Article 24 Prohibits the employment of children below 14 years.
Articles 25-28 Relates to Right to freedom of religion
Article 32 Right to Constitutional Remedies described as The heart and
soul of the Constitution by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
Article 36-51 Relates to Directive Principles of State Policy.
Article 39A Free legal aid
Article 40 Deals with the formation of Panchayats
Article 44 Uniform Civil Code for the Citizens.
Article 45 Free and compulsory education to all children below 14 years of
Article 50 Separation of Judiciary
Article 51 Promotion of International peace & security
Article 51(A) Relates to list of Fundamental Duties
Article 74 Council of Ministers to aid and advice the President
Article 110 Definition of Money Bills.
Article 112 Annual Financial Statement (Budget)
Article 123 Power of President to promulgate ordinances during recess of
Article 262 Adjudication of disputes relating to waters of Inter
Article 312 All India Services
Article 315 Public Service Commissions for the Union and for the states.
Article 324 Relates to the Election Commission
Article 352 Gives provision regarding emergencies
Article 356 Proclamation of Presidents Rule in the states.
Article 368 Amendment of the Constitution by the Parliament
Article 370 Special status to Jammu and Kashmir

32 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

The borrowed features of constitution from different countries

Australia Concurrent list

Language of the preamble
Provision regarding trade, commerce and intercourse
Canada Scheme of federation with a strong centre
Distribution of powers between centre and the states and placing. Residuary Powers with
the centre
Ireland Concept of Directive Principles of States Policy(Ireland borrowed it from SPAIN)
Method of election of President
Nomination of members in the Rajya Sabha by the President
Japan Law on which the Supreme Court function
U.K. Nominal of Head President
Cabinet System of Ministers
Post of PM
Parliamentary Type of Govt.
Bicameral Parliament
Lower House more powerful
Council of Ministers responsible to Lowe House
Speaker in Lok Sabha
U.S. Written Constitution
Executive head of state known as President and his being the Supreme Commander of the
Armed Forces
Vice- President as the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha
Fundamental Rights
Supreme Court
Provision of States
Independence of Judiciary and judicial review
Removal of Supreme court and High court Judges
USSR Fundamental Duties
Five year Plan
Germany Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the emergency

Some Important Official Books

Green Book Official reports or publications of Italy & Iran.

White Book The official publications of Portugal, China & Germany.
Blue Book Any official report of the British government.
Yellow Book The report or publication of the French government.
Orange Book Official report of the government of Netherlands.
White Paper The authoritative recital of facts issued by the government stating its views on a
Grey Book Report of the government of Belgium and Japan.
Joint Paper The joint report of two or more than two governments.

SECC 2011 is unique paperless census

The last caste that happen in India is 1932

Total households in the country -- 24.39 crore
The total households in villages -- 17.91 crore
Households are considered as deprived in rural area -- 10.69 crore
33 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

villages belong to SC/ST categories -- 21.53% or 3.86 crore

Highest number of SC population -- Punjab (36.74%)
Highest number of ST population --Mizoram(98.79)
Highest mobile penetration state in rural areasUttaraPradesh
Lowest mobile Penetration state in rural areasChattisgarh
How many rural household earn below 5000 rupees month--13.34 cr
Many rural household earn 10000 and more--1.48 cr
State has highest number of manual scavenger Tripura
State has zero manual scavenger Delhi
Rural households in the country pay income tax--4.58%
Households in rural areas are landless -- 5.37 crore or 29.97%
State landness household is higher Kerala
States with the lowest rates of landlessness -- J &K and Himachal Pradesh
Families in villages that live in one room with kaccha walls and roof - 2.37 crore or 13.25%
House holds in rural areas has land line phone -- 17.85 lak or 1%
House hold having mobile phone in village--12.24 cr or 68.35%
illiterate number of people in rural areas--3.1 cr or 17.31%
rural household having refrigerator --1.97 cr or 11.04%
Rural household paying income tax in india-- 6%
Rural people have considered deprived or poor--8.96 cr
No adult member in household between age 18 and 59 in rural areas --65.15 lac or 3.64%
Female headed house with no adult male between 16 and 59 in rural areas --- 68.96 lac or 3.85%
Member with no other able bodied adult member ----7.16 lac or 040%
Households with no literate adult above age 25 years in areas -- 4.21cr or 23.52%
Rural household with one salaried member -- 2.50 cr
Average size of a rural Indian household -- 4.93
Highest size of a rural Indian household -6.28 UttarPradesh
Lowest size of a rural Indian household --3.86 Andhrapradesh
How many percent of trans gender in rural population -- 0.1%
Highest rural illiterate Rajasthan
Lowest rural illiterate Kerala
The percentage of Scheduled Caste (SC) households paying income tax -3.49%
Scheduled Tribe (ST) tax-paying rural households --3.34%
Manual casual labour in rural areas-9.16 cr
Cultivation in rural areas--5.39cr

(Religion)Census 2011
Total Population in 2011 is 121.09 crores
Hindu 96.63 crores (79.8%)
Muslim 17.22 crores (14.2%)
Christian 2.78 crores (2.3%)
Sikh 2.08 crores (1.7%)
Buddhist 0.84 crores (0.7%)
Jain 0.45 crores (0.4%),
Other Religions & Persuasions (ORP) 0.79 crores (0.7%)
Religion Not Stated 0.29 crores (0.2%).
Population Census -2011
It has been conducted every 10 years, beginning in 1871.
Census 2011 were released in New Delhi on 31st March 2011
Union Home Secretary GK Pillai and RGI C Chandramouli.
Census 2011 was the 15th census of india & 7th census after Independece
The motto of census 2011 was Our Census, Our future.

34 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Total estimated cost of the Census was INR2200 crore (US$350 million).
First census in 1872.
Present Registrar General & Census Commissioner C.Chandra Mouli
Total Population 1,210,569,573 (1.21 Billion)
India in 2nd rank in population with 17.64%. decadal growth & China is 1st rank with decadal
growth 19% (over 1.35 billion)
World Population is 7 Billions
Increase in population during 2001 2011 is 181 Million
Population 1210.19 million [Males 623.7 million (51.54%) Females 586.46 million (48.46%)

Top Populous of the Country

1. Uttar Pradesh--19, 98, 12,341
2. Maharashtra--11, 23, 74, 33
3. Bihar--10, 40, 99,452
4. West Bengal--9, 12, 76,115
5. Andhra Pradesh--8, 45, 80,777

Least Populous of the Country

1. Lakshadweep - 64,473
2. Daman and Diu - 2,43,247
3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli - 3,43,709
4. Andaman and Nicobar Islands - 3,80,581
5. Sikkim - 6,10,577

Population Highlight
Highest Populous UT-Delhi
Least Populous UT-Lakshadweep
Highest Populous state--Uttar Pradesh
Least populous state--Sikkim
Highest urban Population in india (state& UT)--Maharashtra 4,11,00,980
Lowest urban Population in india (state& UT)--Lakshadweep 26,967
Highest Rular Population in india (state& UT)--Uttar Pradesh 13,16,58,339
Lowest Rular Population in india (state& UT)--Lakshadweep 33,683
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 Males) Sex ratio in India--943
Highest sex ratio in state--Kerala (1084)
Lowest sex ratio in state--Haryana (879)
Highest sex ratio in UT--Pondicherry (1037)
Lowest sex ratio in UT--Daman and Diu (618)
Child (0-6 years) sex ratio--914
Highest child (0-6) sex ratio in state--Mizoram (971)
Lowest child (0-6) sex ratio in state--Haryana (830)
Total Person Literacy Rate--74%
Males--82.14% ,Females--65.46%
Highest Literacy Rate in State--Kerala (94%)
Lowest Literacy Rate in State--Bihar (61.8%)
Hightest Literacy Rate in UT--Lakshadweep (91%)
Lowest Literacy Rate in UT--Dadra and Nagar Haveli (76.24%)

35 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Union Budget 2016-17:

No change in personal Income Tax slabs

4-month compliance window for domestic black money holders; tax, interest on them at 45%
Relief for tax payers who earn below Rs 5 lakh and Ceiling of rebate u/s 87A raised to Rs 5,000
from Rs 2,000.
House rent deduction raised from Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000.
One-time dispute resolution scheme for retro tax cases,Penalty, interest waived,
High level committee headed by revenue secretary to oversee creation of fresh liability using retro
tax law.
Corporate tax for new manufacturing units fixed at 25%.
Clean energy cess increased from Rs 200/ton to 400/ton on coal, lignite and peat
First home buyers to get additional deduction of Rs 50,000 oninterest for loan up to Rs 35 lakh; cost
of house should not be more than Rs 50 lakh
To achieve fiscal deficit of 3% of GDP by (2017-18)
Fiscal deficit target 3.9% in 2015-16, 3.5% in 2016-17
Revenue deficit to be 2.8% in 2015-16
Current account deficit for 2015-16 at USD 14.4 billionor 1.4% of GDP
Forex reserves at highest at USD 350 billion.
Budget lists 9 transformative pillars including doubling farm income by 2022, infrastructure,
investment, reforms
Highest ever allocation of Rs 38,500 crore for MGNREGA
Certain equipment for dialysis exempt from basic customsduty, Excise CVD
Govt to circulate Model Shops and Establishment Bill,small retail shops may remain open for 7 days
100% rural electrification by May 1, 2018.
Govt to pay EPF contribution of 8.33% of new employeesfor first 3 years.
Start-ups to get 100% tax exemption for 3 years exceptMAT which will apply from April 2016-
To give statutory status to Aadhaar Programme.
Infrastructure outlay at Rs 2.21 lakhcrore.
Rs 35,984 crore earmarked for farmer welfare; to spend Rs86,500 crore on irrigation in 5 years
Rs 20,000 crore irrigation fund to be set up under NABARD
Rs 2,000 crore for LPG connection to poor; scheme for MPGconnection for women
Stand Up Indiagets Rs 500 crore.
Roads and highways allocation at Rs 55,000 crore, also NHAIcan issue tax free bonds.

Highlights of the Railway Budget 2016-17

Theme of the Budget:

Overcoming challenges Reorganize, Restructure Rejuvenate Indian Railways: Chalo, Milkar Kuch
Naya Karen
Three pillars of the strategy:Nav Arjan New revenues, Nav Manak New norms, Nav Sanrachna
New Structures.

Financial Performance
2015-16- Savings of Rs. 8,720 crore neutralizing most of the revenue shortfall, expected OR 90%;

36 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

2016-17- Targeted Operating Ratio or 92%, restrict growth of Ordinary Working Expenses by
11.6% after building in immediate impact of 7th PC, reductions planned in diesel and electricity
Revenue generation targeted at Rs. 1, 84,820 crore. Investments and Resources
Process bottlenecks overhauled including delegation of powers to functional levels;
Average capital expenditure over 2009-14 is Rs. 48,100 crore, average growth of 8% per annum.
2015-16 investment would be close to double of the average of previous 5 years.
2016-17 CAPEX pegged at Rs. 1.21 lakh crore;
Implementation through joint ventures with states, developing new frameworks for PPP, etc.
No hike in passenger fares.
Action has been initiated on 139 budget announcements made last year.
Eliminate all unmanned level crossings by 2020.
Swacch Bharat: 17000 biotoilets and additional toilets in 475 stations before the close of this
financial year.
Increased quota for senior citizens and women travellers this year.
Wifi at 100 stations this year and 400 stations next year.
Enhanced capacity of e-ticketing system from 2,000 tickets/min to 7,200/min. Supporting 1.2 lakh
concurrent users now, as opposed to 40,000 earlier.
All major stations to be brought under CCTV surveillance in a phased manner.
Deen Dayal coaches for long distance trains for unreserved passengers. These coaches will include
potable water and higher number of mobile charging points.
IRCTC to manage catering service in phased manner. Local cuisine of choice will be made available
to passengers.
Cleaning of toilets by requests through SMS.
Children's menu, baby foods, baby boards to be made available for travelling mothers.
GPS-based digital display in coaches for showing upcoming stations.
Will open cancellation facility through 139 helpline number.
Introduce bar-coded tickets on pilot basis to tackle menace of ticketless travel.

Indian Culture
Festivals Of Indian States

States Festivals
Andhrapradesh Dasara Festival,Gangamma Jatara,Gowri Habba,Ugadi,Vaikunta Ekadashi
Assam Ali Ai Ligang,Ambubachi Mela,Baresahariya Bhaona,Bathow puja,Bihu,Bohag
Bihu,Bihuwa dance,Brahmaputra Beach Festival,Bwisagu,Dehing Patkai
festival,Jonbeel mela,Kaziranga Elephant Festival,Magh Bihu,Porag,Rongker
Arunachal Siang River festival,Ziro,Solung,Nyokum,Lossar,Dree,Boori
Pradesh Boot,Loku,Sanken,Reh,Myoko,Budhha Mahotsava,Choekhor,Tamladu,Mopin
Bihar Chhath,Jivitputrika,Patliputra natya Mahotsav,Patna Sahib Mahotsav,Rajgir
Mahostav,Sama Chakeva
Chandigarh Baisakhi,Festival of gardens,Teej
Chhattisgarh Bastar Dussehra,Bastar Lokotsav,Dadaria,Gaur Maria Dance,Madai ,Rajim Kumbh
Goa Shigmo,Bonderam,San joao,Panjim/Margao
Gujarat International Kite festival,Modhera,Kutch Mahotsava,Bhavnath Mahadev fair
Haryana Lohri,Basant Panchami,Gangore,Baisakhi,Teej,Nirjala Akadashi,Guggapir
Himachal Pradesh Dham,Kullu Dussehra,Mandi Shivaratri ,Sati pradha
J&K Hemis,Lohri,Vaishno devi
Jharkhand Karma,Sohari,Sarhul,Chhath puja,Jityya Bhaiya Dooj
37 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Karnataka Karaga,Dakkebali,Gowri Habba,Kanakadasa Jayanthi,Madikeri Dasara

Mahamastakabhisheka,Mailara Jaatre ,Mysore Dasara
Kerala Onam,Thiruvathira,Vishu
MadhyaPradesh Chethiyagiri vihara,Madai,Bahgoriya,Nimar utsav,Dhrupad samaroh
Maharashtra nant chaturdashi,Bhau, beej,Gudi Padwa,Pola,Shayani Ekadashi,Vat purnima
Mizoram Chapchar Kut ,Mim Kut ,Pawl Kut
Nagaland Horn Bill,Nazu,Sekrenyi,Tuluni,Yemshe,Sankarni,Rengma Ngadah
Odisha Chaiti,Dhanu,Kalahandi,Ghantapatua,Jagaddhagtri,Raja praba ,Ratha
Punjab Maghi,Lohri,Basant,Holi,Vaisakhi,Rakhri,Teeyan - yatra(puri),Samba Dashami
Rajasthan Baneshwar,Gangaur,Pushkar,Teej,Urs
Sikkim Saga Dawa,Lossong,Losar,Dasain,Tihar,Gutor cham
Tamil Nadu Brihadeeswara Temple car festival,Jangura Habba Erwadi Santhanakkodu,Mattu
pongal,Panguni Uthiram,Thaiusam,Thimithi
Telangana Bathukamma,Bonalu,Sammakka Saarakka Jaathara,Peerla panduga
Tripura Ker,Garia Puja
Uttarakhand Phool Dei,Harela and bhitauli,Olgia,Khatarua,Bat savitri,Janopunya,Chippla
WestBengal Bhadu,Haldia Utsav,Jagaddhatri,Poush Mela

Folk Dances

States Folk Dances

AndhraPradesh Kuchipudi(Classical),Ghantamardala,Ottam,Thedal,Mohioniattam,Kummi,Siddhi
Chhattisgarh Goudi,Karma,Jhumar,Dagla,Pali,Tapali,Navrani.Diwari,Mundari.
Arunachal Mask Dance,War Dance.
HimachalPradesh ,Jhali,Chharhi,Dhaman,Chhapeli,Mahasu,Nati,Dangi,Chamba,Thali,Jhainta,Daf, Sti
Ck Dance.
Goa Mandi,Jhagor,Khol,Dakni.
Assam Bihu,Bichhua,Natpuja,Maharas,Kaligopal,Bagurumba,Naga Dance,Khel
Gopal,Tabal Chongli,Canoe,Jhumura Hobjanai.
West Bengal Kathi,Gambhira,Dhali,Jatra,Baul,Marasia,Mahal,Keertan
Keral Kathakali(Classical),Ottam Thulal,Mohini Attam,Kaikottikali,Tappatikali,Kali
Meghalaya Laho,Baagla.
Manipur Manipuri(Classical),Rakhal,Nat Rash,Maha Rash,Raukhat.
Nagaland Chong,Khaiva,Lim,Nuralim
Orissa Odissi(Classical),Savari,Ghumara,Painka,Munari,Chhau,Chadya Dandanata.
Maharashtra Lavani,Nakata,Koli,Lezim,Gafa,Dahikala,Dasavtar Or
Karnataka Yakshagan,Huttari,Suggi,Kunitha,Karga,Lambi.
Gujarat Garba,Dandiya Ras,Tippani Juriun,Bhavai.
Punjab Bhangra,Giddha,Daff,Dhaman.
Rajasthan Ghumar,Chakri,Ganagor,Jhulan Leela,Jhuma,Suisini,Ghapal,Panihari,Ginab
Mizoram Khanatm,Pakhupila,Cherokan.
Jammu&Kashmir Rauf,Hikat,Mandjas,Kud Dandi Nach<Damali.
TamilNadu Bharatnatyam,Kumi,Kolattam,Kavadi.
Uttar Pradesh Nautanki,Raslila,Kajri,Jhora,Chappeli,Jaita.
Bihar Jata Jatin,Bakho Bakhain,Panwariya,Sama
Haryana Jhumar,Phag,Daph,Dhamal,Loor,Gugga,Khor,Gagor.
38 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Jharkhand Chhau,Sarahul,Jat Jatin,Karma,Danga,Bidesia,Sohrai

Uttarakhand Gadhwali,Kumayuni,Kajari,Jhora,Raslila,Chappeli

Major Tribes of India

Tribal Group State

Abors Arunachal Pradesh, Assam
Adi,Aptanis Arunachal Pradesh
Angami Nagaland
Badagas Nilgiri (TN)
Baiga Madhya Pradesh
Bhils Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, some in Gujarat and
Bhot Himachal Pradesh
Bhotias Garhwal and Kumaon regions of U. P.
Bhutias Sikkim
Chakma Tripura
Chenchus Andhra Pradesh, Orissa
Chutia Assam
Dangs Gujarat
Gaddis Himachal Pradesh
Garos Meghalaya
Gonds Madhya Pradesh. Also in Bihar, Orissa and A.P.
Gujjars Himachal Pradesh
Irula Tamil Nadu
Jarawas Little Andamans
Jaintias Meghalaya
Kanis Kerala
Kancharis, Karbi Assam
Khas Jaunsar-Babar area in U.P.
Khasis Assam, Meghalaya
Khonds Odisha
Kol Madhya Pradesh
Kotas Nilgiri (Tamil Nadu)
Kuki Manipur
Lepchas Sikkim
Lushais Mizoram
Murias Bastar (Madhya Pradesh)
Mikirs Assam
Mundas Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal
Nagas (Angami, Sema, Ao, Nagaland, some in Assam and NEFA region.
Tangkul, Lahora)
Oarons (also called Kurukh ) Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal.
Onges Andaman and Nicobar islands
Rabhas Assam
Rengma Nagaland
Santals Birbhum region in Bengal, Hazaribagh, Purnea in
Sema Nagaland
Sentinelese Sentinel Island, Andaman and Nicobar
Shompens Andaman and Nicobar
Tagin Arunachal Pradesh
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Todas Nilgiri (Tamil Nadu)

Uralis Kerala
Warlis Maharashtra
Zeliang Nagaland

Important Stadiums List

Name of the stadium Location

Assam Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium Pune, Maharashtra
Barabati Stadium Cuttack, Orissa
Barkatullah Khan Stadium Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Bhim Rao Ambedkar International Sports Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh
Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium Ranchi, Jharkhand
Buddh International Circuit Greater Noida, UP
Chand Astroturf Stadium Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Dadaji Kondadev Stadium Maharashtra
Dhyan Chand National Stadium Delhi Dhyan
Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Taleigao, Goa
Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Cricket Stadium Guwahati,
Eden Gardens Kolkata, West Bengal
EMS Stadium Kohzikode, Kerala
Fatorda Stadium Margao, Goa
Feroz Shah Kotla Delhi
G. M. C. Balayogi Athletic Stadium Hyderabad, Telengana
Green Park Stadium(Cricket) Kanpur, UP
Guindy Race Course Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Hawla Indoor Stadium Aizawl, Mizoram
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh
Holkar Stadium Indore,Madhya Pradesh
Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati, Assam
Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium Cuttack Odisha
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi, Kerala
JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Kanchenjunga Stadium Siliguri, West Bengal
Khuman Lampak Main Stadium Imphal, Manipur
Kishore Bharati Krirangan Kolkata, West Bengal
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium Bengaluru, Karnataka
M.A.Chidambaram Stadium Chennai, TN
Mahalaxmi Racecourse Mumbai, Maharashtra
Mangalagiri International Cricket Stadium Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh
Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium Chennai,Tamil Nadu
MGR Race Course Stadium Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Salt Lake Stadium Kolkata, West Bengal
Sardar Patel Stadium Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Sector 42 Stadium Chandigarh, Punjab
Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Raipur, Chhatishgarh
Cricket Stadium
Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru, Karnataka
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Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru, Karnataka

Thyagaraj Sports Complex Delhi
Wankhede Stadium Mumbai, Maharashtra

Cricket Stadiums
Name of the stadium Location
Nehru Stadium Indore / Pune
Brerbon Stadium Mumbai
Roop Singh Stadium Gwalior
Wankhede Stadium Mumbai
Baramati stadium Cuttack
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium New Delhi
Mohinul Haq Stadium Patna
Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium Hyderabad
Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium New Delhi
Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore
Motera Stadium Ahmedabad
Green Stadium Kanpur
Sardar Patel Stadium Ahmedabad
Gandhi Ground Stadium Amritsar
Chepauk Stadium and Chidmberm Chennai
Motibag Stadium Brudra
K.D. Singh Babu Stadium Lucknow

Famous Sports Personalities

Name of the Persons Countries Sports

Lionel Messi Argentina Football
Diego Maradona Argentina Football
Sir Donald Bradman Australia Cricket
David Campese Australia Rugby Union
Jack Nicklaus Australia Golf.
Rod Laver Australia Tennis.
Shane Warne Australia Cricket.
Severiano Ballesteros Golf.
Eddy Merckx Belgium Cycling.
Pele Brazil Football.
Ronaldhino Brazil Football.
Aryton Senna Brazilian Motor Racing
Emil Zatopek Czechoslovakia Athletics.
Ian Botham England Cricket.
C.B.Fry England Cricket.
David Beckham England Football.
Lewis Hamilton England Motor Racing.
Steve Davis England Snooker.
W.G. Grace England Cricket.
Haile Gebreselassie Ethiopia Athletics.
Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia Athletics.
Abebe Bikila Ethopia Athletics.
Paavo Nurmi Finland Athletics.
Bernard Hinault France Cycling.
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Jacques Anquetil France Cycling.

Serge Blanco France Rugby Union.
Michael Schumacher Germany Motor Racing.
Steffi Graf Germany Tennis.
Andy Murray Great Britain Tennis.
Bill Shankly Great Britain Football.
Bobby Moore Great Britain Football.
Chris Froome Great Britain Cycling.
Chris Hoy Great Britain Cycling.
Fred Perry Great Britain Tennis.
Henry Cooper Great Britain Boxing.
Mo Farah Great Britain Athletics.
Nick Faldo Great Britain Golf.
Paula Radcliffe Great Britain Athletics.
Roger Bannister Great Britain Athletics.
Sebastian Coe Great Britain Athletics.
Sir Steve Redgrave Great Britain Rowing.
Stirling Moss Great Britain Motor Racing.
Dhyan Chand India Hockey.
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore India Shooting
Balbir Singh Sr India Hockey.
Pullela Gopichand India Bedminton.
Vijay Kumar India Shooting.
Yogeshwar Dutt India Wrestling.
Sachin Tendulkar India Cricket.
Sushil Kumar India Wrestling.
Leslie Claudius India Hockey.
Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav India Wrestling
Vijender Singh India Boxing
Gagan Narang India Shooting
Kapil Dev India Cricket
Mahesh Bhupathi India Tennis
Leander Paes India Tennis
Saina Nehwal India Bedminton
Jwala Gutta India Bedminton
Rohan Bopanna India Tennis
Sania Mirza India Tennis
Don Bradman India Cricket
Sunil Gavaskar India Cricket
Prakash Padukone India Bedminton
Sachin Tendulkar India Cricket
Fausto Coppi Italy Cycling
Usain Bolt Jamaica Race
Asbel Kiprop Kenya Athletics
Tegla Laroupe Kenya Athletics
Hicham El Guerrouj Morocco Athletics
George Best Ireland Football.
Grete Waitz Norway Athletics.
Imran Khan Pakistan Cricket.
Manny Pacquiao Phillipines Boxing.
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Football.

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Eusebio Portugal Football.

Jose Mourinho Portugal Football.
Nadia Comaneci Romania Gymnastics.
Jonathan Edwards Wales Rugby Union.
Maria Sharapova Russia Tennis.
Alex Ferguson Scotland Football.
Eric Liddell Scottish Athletics.
Rafael Nadal Spain Tennis.
Seve Ballesteros Spain Golf.
Bjorn Borg Sweden Tennis.
Martina Hingis Switzerland Tennis.
Roger Federer Switzerland Tennis.
Johan Cruyff Netherlands Football.
Serguei Bubka Ukraine Athletics.
Tiger Woods US Golf.
Muhammad Ali US Boxing
Carl Lewis US Athletics
Billie Jean King US Tennis
Jackie Joyner Kersee US Athletics.
Al Oerter US Athletics.
Babe Didrikson Zaharias US Golf.
Babe Ruth US Baseball.
Bo Jackson US Baseball.
Bob Beamon US Athletics.
Chris Evert US Tennis.
Greg Lemond US Cycling.
Jim Thorpe US Swimming.
Jimmy Connors US Tennis.
Joe Dimaggio US Basball.
John Mcenroe US Tennis.
Kelly Slater US Surfing.
Lance Armstrong US Cycling.
Magic Johnson US Basketball.
Mark Spitz US Swimming.
Martina Navratilova US Tennis.
Michael Johnson US Athletics.
Michael Jordan US Basketball.
Michael Phelps US Swimming.
Gareth Bale Wales Football.
Gareth Edwards Wales Rugby Union.
Brian Lara West Indies Cricket.
Sir Viv Richards West Indies Cricket.
Sir Gary Sobers West Indies Cricket.
Monica Seles Yugoslavia / Tennis.

Cups And Trophies(Associated With Sports/Games)

Sport Cups and Trophies

Hockey Aga Khan Cup, Begam Rasul Trophy (women's), Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Gold Cup, Lady Ratan Tata Trophy (women's), Gurunanak Championship
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(women's), Dhyanchand Trophy, Nehru Trophy, Sindhia Gold Cup,

Murugappa Gold Cup, Wellington Cup etc
Football Beghum Hazarat Mahal Cup, BILT Cup, Bordoloi Trophy, Colombo Cup,
Confederation Cup, DCM Trophy, Durand Cup, Rovers Cup, BC Rai Trophy
(National Championship), FIFA World Cup, Jules Rimet Trophy, Kalinga
Cup, Santosh Trophy (National Championship), IFA Shield, Scissor Cup,
Subroto Mukherjee Cup, Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy, Todd Memorial
Trophy, Vittal Trophy, etc.
Cricket Anthony D' Mellow Trophy, Ashes, Asia Cup, Benson and Hedges Cup,
Bose Trophy, Champions Trophy, Charminar Challenger Cup, CK Naidu
Trophy, Cooch - Behar Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Gavaskar -
Border Trophy, GD Birla Trophy, Gillette Cup, Ghulam Ahmand Trophy,
Hakumat Rai Trophy, ICC World Cup, Irani Trophy, Interface Cup,
Jawaharlal Nehru Cup, Lomboard World Challenge Cup, Mc Dowells
Challenge Cup, Merchant Cup, Moin-ud-Dowla Cup, Nat West Trophy,
Prudential Cup (World Cup), Rani Jhansi Trophy, Ranji Trophy, Rohinton
Baria Trophy, Rothmans Cup, Sahara Cup, Sharjah Cup, Sheesh Mahal
Trophy, Sheffield Shield, Singer Cup, Sir Frank Worrel Trophy, Texaco Cup,
Titan Cup, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Vijay Merchant Trophy, Vizzy Trophy,
Wisden Trophy, Wills Trophy, World Series Cup.
Table Berna Bellack Cup (men), Corbillion Cup (women), Jai Laxmi Cup (women),
Tennis Rajkumari Challenge Cup (women junior), Ramanuja Trophy (men junior),
Travancore Cup (women), Swathling Cup (men), etc
Badminton Aggarwal Cup, Amrit Diwan Cup, Asia Cup, Australasia Cup, Chaddha Cup,
European Cup, Harilela Cup, Ibrahim Rahimatollah Challenger Cup, Konica
Cup, Narang Cup, SR Ruia Cup, Sophia Cup, Kitiakara Cup, Thomas Cup,
Tunku Abdulrahman Cup, Uber Cup, World Cup, Yonex Cup etc
Basketball Basalat Jha Trophy, BC Gupta Trophy, Federation Cup, SM Arjuna Trophy,
Todd Memorial Trophy, William Jones Cup, Bangalore Blues Challenge
Cup, Nehru Cup, Federation Cup etc.
Bridge Basalat Jha Trophy, Holkar Trophy, Ruia Gold Cup, Singhania Trophy, etc
Polo Ezra Cup, Gold Cup, King's Cup, Prithi Cup, Schneider Cup etc.
Athletics Charminar Trophy, Federation Cup etc
Air Racing Jawaharlal Challenge Trophy, King's Cup, Schneider Cup etc
Billiards Arthur Walker Trophy, Thomas Cup etc
Boxing Aspy Adjahia Trophy, Federation Cup, Val Baker Trophy etc.
Golf Canada Cup, Eisenhower Trophy, Muthiah Gold Cup, Nomura Trophy,
President's Trophy, Prince of Wales Cup, Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, Topolino
Trophy, Walker Cup, World Cup etc
Chess Naidu Trophy, Khaitan Trophy, Limca Trophy, Lin Arec City Trophy, World
Cup, etc
Horse Beresford Cup, Blue Raiband Cup, Derby, Grand National Cup etc.
Netball Anantrao Pawar Trophy, etc
Rugby Bledisloe Cup, Calcutta Cup, Webb Ellis Trophy, etc
Shooting North Wales Cup, Welsh Grand Pix etc
Volleyball Centennial Cup, Federation Cup, Indira Pradhan Trophy, Shivanthi Gold
Cup, etc
Yatching America Cup, etc

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Sports Number of Sports Fields

Baseball 9 Polo, Football, Hockey Field
Polo 4 Sketing, Boxing Ring
Kho Kho 12 Golf Course
Kabaddi 7 Swimming Pool
Hockey 11 Karate Mat
Football 11 Table Tennis Board
Cricket 11 Baseball Diamond
Netball 7 Cricket Pitch
Volleyball 6 Athletics Track
Baminton/Tennis 1 or 2 Shooting, Archery Range
Baseketball 5 Cycling Vellodrome
Corquet 13 or 15 Tennis, Badminton, Net Ball, Court
Volley Ball, Squash, Kho-Kho,

Sports Related Terms

Name Terms
Athletics Baton,Bell lap,Cross country,Decathlon,Discus throw,False start,Field,Foul,Hammer
Throw,Heptathlon,High Jump,Hurdles,Javelin,Lane,Lap,Long Jump,Marathon,Middle
distance,Pole vault,Photo Finish,relay,Record,Shot put,Sprint,Starting
blocks,steeplechase,Track,Track and field,Triple jump
Badminton Alley, Back Alley, Base Position, Baseline, Center Line, Center Position, Divorce Area,
Forecourt, Long Service Line, Service Court, Short Service Line, Side Alley, T (T-
Junction), Tape, Test Mark, Tramline,Angle of Attack, Angle Of Return, Attack, Back and
Front, Bird On, Clear, Deception, Defense, Diagonal, Doubles, First Serve, Footwork,
Free Point, Front and Back, Game Point, Hand In, Hand Out ,Help, Hit, Level
Doubles, Match Point, Mixed Doubles, Offense, Patty-Cakes, Placement, Rally, Receiving
Side, Rotation, Second Serve, Serving Side, Setup, Side by Side, Sides Singles,
Unforced Error, Touch, Toss, Up,Ace, Air-Shot, Attacking Clear, Kill, Backhand,
Block, Carry, Clear, Closed Face, Cross Court, Cut (Slice), Dab, Danish Wipe, Defensive
Clear, Double Hit, Drive, Drive Serve, Drop, Drop Serve, Flick, Flick Serve, Forehand,
Hairpin, Halfcourt Shot, Holding a Shot, Jump Smash, Lift, Lob, Long Serve, Net Shot,
Offensive Clear, Open Face, Pace, Passing Shot, Pop-Up, Push Shot, Round-The-Head,
Serve, Short Serve, Smash, Slice (Cut), Sling, Spin Serve, Stroke, Throw, Toss Serve,
Wood Shot,Backhand Grip, Backswing, Balk, Dead Bird, Fault, Feint, Flexible Wrist,
Flight, Follow-Through, Foot Fault, Forward Swing, Frying Pan Grip, Hammer Grip,
Home, Let, Locked Wrist, Love (Luv), Lunge, Match, On-Guard Stance, , Player,
Poaching, Rush A Serve, Setting, Stance, Straight Games, Sweetspot, Thumb-Up Grip,
Tipping, Turnover, Waist
Baseball Balk,Battery,Bunt,Change-up,Cleanup,Count,Diamond,Double Play,Error,Fly ball,Foul
Ball,Full Count,Ground ball,Hit and run,Hit for the cycle,Lead Runner,Load the bases,
On-deck,Pinch hitter,Pinch runner,Pitch around,Pitch out,Position Player,power
hitter,Relay,Reliever or relief pitcher,Runners at the corners,Scoring position,Strike
Basketball assist,alley-oop,backboard,,buzzerbeater,cherry-picking,double,fast break,field goal,full -
court press,key,pick and roll,posting up,run-and-gun,sixth man,triple
threat,turnover,hops,beat,dime,bounce,bounce pass,wing,downtown,triple-
double,strongside and weakside,elbow,baseline,brick,power dribble,chickenwing,draft,lay
up,MVP,no look pass,overhead pass,slam dunk,

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Billiards Angle Shot ,Backspin ,Bank Shot,Bed of Table,Break Shot,Bridge ,Call Shot,
Chalk,Clean the Table,Cue Ball,Curve Shot ,Cushion ,Diamonds,Foot Spot ,Frozen Ball ,
Head Spot ,Hug the Rail ,Jump Shot ,Leave,Open Table,Rack ,Run the Table
,Scratch,Shaft,Sharking,Sights,Slate,Snooker,Solids,Stripes,Cannon,Baulk,long jenny,short
jenny,frame,spider,short and long rest, in-off
Boxing Knock out, Round, Ring Stoppage, Punch, Upper-cut, Kidney punch, Timing, Footwork,
technical knockout,sucker punch,standing eight count,southpaw,rabbit punch,parry,neutral
Chess Gambit, stalemate, move, resign, checkmate, international master, Grand master
,accept,active defense,advantage,attack,back rank,backward
pawn,badbishop,berserker,castle long,castle short,centre
break,check,checkmate,chessmen,cross-check,double attack,double check,draw,knight on
the rim,master,mate,minor piece,rank,
Cricket Toss, Run, Wicket, Pitch, Stump, Bails, Crease, Pavilion, Gloves, Wicket Keeper, Over,
Maiden over, Follow On, Rubber, Ashes, Catch, Bowled, Stump out, Run out, L. B. W; Hit
Wicket, Not out, No ball, Wide ball, Dead ball, Over Throw, Bye, Leg by, Cover drive,
Late cut, Hook, Glance, Stroke, Shot, Pull, Sixer, Follow Through, Turn, Googley, Spin,
Yorker, Bouncer, Hattrick, Round the wicket, Over the wicket, Seamer, Boundary line,
Slip, Square leg, Runner, Cover, Gully, Long on, Silly point, Midwicket, Mid on, Forward
short leg, Deep/mid-wicket, etc.
Cycling Sprint, Time trial, Point race, Track Race,attack,blocking,bonk,breakaway,bridge the
gap,criterium,drafting,drop,field sprint,gap,jump,kick,hammering,take a flyer,stage
race,pull off,pull,pull thorough,nep-pro,hook
Football Goal, Kick, Head, Penalty kick, Dribble, Off side, Hattrick, Foul, Left out, Right out,
Stopper, Defender, Move, Side Back, Pass, Baseline, Rebound, Comer bick, back
pass,attacker,free kick,goal line,goal kick,kick off,midfielder,yellow card,wingers,volley
Golf ace, albatross, double eagle, all square, approach putt, apron, ball mark, ballooning, beach,
birdie, blind shot, bogey, bunker, caddy, chip, Claw grip, condor, dogleg, dub, flag, Four-
Ball, Mulligan, off the deck, peg, sand trap, tee shot ,bail out,birdie,caddie,chop
shot,divt,duffer,jungle,par,sand wedge,snake,
Gymnastics Aerial, Back Handspring, Back Somersault, Double Back, Double Twist, Flyaway, Front
Hip Pullover, Front Pike Somersault, Front Split, Front Walkover, Gienger, Handstand,
Hip Circle, Miller, Pike, Rudi, Straddle, Swedish Fall, Tsukahara, Tuck, Whip Back
Hockey Centre, defender, forward, half, penalty-stroke, penalty corner, push-in, free-hit, striking
circle goal, goal-line, touch-line, goalkeeper, offside, foul, stick, carry, dribble, tiebreaker,
trapping, etc
Polo Mallet, bunker, chukker, handicap, goal, sixty yarder, etc.
Shooting Bag, bulls eye, marksmanship, plug, skeet
Swimming Add Up, Anchor, Approved Meet, Backstroke, Banner, Beep, Bonus Heat, Bottom,
Breaststroke, Bullpen, Bulletin, Cap, Carpool, Cards, Check-In, Check-Out, Course,
Dryland, False Start, Freestyle, Gun Lap, Heats, Jump, Lane Lines, Paddle, Parka, Pool,
Pull Buoy, Relays, Split, Stroke, Yardage etc.
Table Backhand, Backspin, Block, Chop, Closed, Dead ball, Doubles, Drive, Drop shot, Expedite
Tennis rule, Forehand, Inverted, Let, Lob, Long pips, Loop, Match, Medium-long, Open, Penhold,
Pips-in, Pips-out, Push, Receive, Seemiller, Serve, Set, Shake Hands, Short, Sidespin,
Skunk, Smash, Topspin etc.
Tennis smash, cross-court, passing shot,backhand, forehand,slice, topspin,serve, drop shot, lob,
down-the-line, deuce, tie-breaker, set, game, grand slam, ace, volley, etc.
Volleyball Assist, Attack, Attack line, Back row attack, Block, Block assist, Campfire defense, Carry,
Center line violation, Chester, Coach kill, Cover the hitter, Cut shot, Deep dish, Dig,
Facial, Fish, Floater, Friendly fire, Free ball, Heat, Husband-and-wife-play, Jedi defense,
Just, Jump serve, Kill, Kong, Line shot, Lollipop, Mintonette, Monument valley, Net
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violation, Paint brush, Pancake, Pepper, Prince/Princess of whales, Quick set, Rainbow,
Red card, Redwood, Roof, Screening, Service ace, Set, Shank, Side out, Six-pack, Sizzle
the pits, Spike, Strong side, Stuff, Tandem, Tip, Tool, Trap set, Tuna, Whale, Yellow card
Weight Bulking, shredded, Six pack, Feeling the Burn, Power Rack, Smith Machine, Muscle
Lifting Memory, Pump and Toners, Cardio Bunny, Plateau, Vascularity, Supersets, Drop
Sets/Strip Sets, Periodization, Pyramiding, Standard Plates and Bars etc.
Wrestling Freestyle, Hal Nelson, Point, Heave, etc.


Inventions & Inventors

Invention Inventor Invention Inventor
Adding Machine Pascal Magnetic Tape Fritz Pfluemer
Airplane Wright Brothers Microphone Charles Wheatstone
Automobile Ferdinand Verbiest Microscope Z.Janssen
Ballpoint Pen C. Biro Motion of Planets Johannes Kepler
Barometer E.Tprricelli Motor Car(Petrol) Karl Benz
Bicycle K.Macmillan Neon Lamp G.Claude
Blood Groups Karl Landsteiner Newtons Law of Galileo Galilei and
Motion Isaac Newton
Bohr Electron Theory Penicillin Sir Alexander Fleming
Boyle Boyles Law Periodic Table Dmitri Mendeleev
Computer Charles Babbage Photon Albert Einstein
Cosmic Rays R.A. Millikan Principle of relativity Galileo Galilei
Dalton Atomic Theory Quantum Mechanics Max Born
Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel Radio Marconi
Dynamite Alfred Nobel Radium Marie Curie
Dynamo Michael Faraday Raman Effect Sir C.V. Raman
Electric Light Bulb Thomas Edison Refrigerator J.Harrison and A. Catlin
Electricity Benjamin Franklin Structure of Atom Ernest Rutherford
Electromagnetic Field James Clerk Maxwell Telegraph Pavel Schilling
Electric Iron H.W.Seeley Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Electromagnet W.Sturgeon Telescope Galileo
Electromagnetic Theory Heinrich Hertz Television J.L. Baird
Electron J.J. Thomson Theory of Atom John Dalton
Gramophone Thomas Alva Edison Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein
Geometry Euclid Thermometer Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
Insulin Frederick Banting Transformer and Michael Faraday
Electric Motor
Jet Engine Sir Frank Whittle Type Writer C.Sholes
Law of Gases Gay Lussac Watch A.L.Breguet
Lift E.G.Otis X-rays Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen

List of Important awards and their fields

Name of the Award Field

Nobel prize Peace, Literature, Economics, Physics, Chemistry,
Medical science
Grammy Awards Music

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Man Booker prize Authors of Novels

Tansen Award Music
Pulitzer Prize Journalism and Literature
Lenin Peace Prize Peace and Friendship
Ashok Chakra Civilians
Dhanvantri Award Medical Sciences
Kalinga Science
Lalit Kala Akademi Award Arts
Kalidas Samman Classical Music, Classical Dance and Arts
Magsaysay Public Service, Leadership, Journalism, Literature
and creative arts and international understanding
Bowelay Award Agriculture
Sangeet - Natak Akademi Music, dance and Drama
Merlin Magic
Dhanwantri Medical science
Shaurya Chakra Civilian or Military Personnel
Param Vir Chakra Military
Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Science and Technology
Sahitya Akademi Award Literary
Bhatnagar Science
Juliet Curie Award Peace
R.D. Birla Award Medical sciences
Right Livelihood Award Field of environment and social justics
Abel Maths
Bhartiya Jnanpeeth Award Literary
Vyas Samman Literature
Bharat ratna Art, Science, Public services, Sports
Sahitya Akademi Award Books in Indian Languages and Ebnglish
Oscar Awards Film
BAFTA Awards Television, Films, Video Games and Animation
Dada sahib Phalke Film
Ekalavya Award Sports
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Sports
Arjuna Award: Sports
Dhyan Chand Sports
Dronacharya Award Sports
Kolanka Cup Sports
Ekalavya Award Sports

Agricultural Revolutions
Protein revoultion - higher productivity(Techonology driven 2nd green revolution)-coined by --
Modi & Arun jaitely
Green Revolution-Food grains
Green revolution "word" COINED by " william s.goud" - UK
White Revolution or Operation Flood-Milk production-"VARGHESE KURIEN "
Yellow Revolution-Oil Seeds production-" Sam Pitroda
Black Revolution-Petroleum Production
Blue Revolution-Fish Production-"DR.ARUN KRISHNAN".
Brown Revolution-Leather/non-conventional(India)/Cocoa production
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Golden Fiber Revolution-Jute Production

Golden Revolution-Fruits/Horticulture development/Honey Production--"NIRPAKH TUTEJ"
Grey Revolution-Fertilizer
Pink Revolution-Onion production/Pharmaceutical (India)/Prawn production--"DURGESH
Father Of Induced Breeding -"PROF.HIRLAL CHAUDRI"
Red Revolution - Meat & Tomato Production -"VISHAL TEWARI"
Round Revolution-Potato
Silver Fiber RevolutionCotton
Silver Revolution-Egg/Poultry Production-"INDIRA GANDHI"
Evergreen Revolution-Overall development of Agriculture--Started in 11th plan (2007-2012)
Father of Telecom revolution - sampitroda
Father of poultry revolution - B.V.RAO

Fathers of Various Fields

Name of the Father Name of the Field Name of the Father Name of the Field
Father of Physics Albert Einstein Father of Ayurveda Charaka
Father of Zoology Aristotle Father of Botany Theophrastus
Father of Law Cicero Father of Blood groups Landsteiner
Father of Statistics Ronald Fisher Father of Video game Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr.
Father of Modern Antoine Lavoisier Father of Trigonometry Hipparchus
Father of Biology Aristotle Father of Taxonomy Carolus Linnaeus
Father of Homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann Father of the Green Norman Ernest Borlaug
Father of History Herodotus Father of Mathematics Archimedes
Father of Electricity Benjamin Franklin Father of Electronics Ray Tomlinson
Father of the Indian Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Father of Search engine Alan Emtage
Father of Algebra Diophantus Father of the Green M.S Swaminathan
Father of Geometry Euclid Father of Economics Adam Smith
Father of Internet Vinton Cerf Father of Nanotechnology Richard Smalley
Father of Medicine Hippocrates Father of C language Dennis Ritchie
Father of Robotics Al-Jazari Father of Architecture Imhotep
Father of Robotics Nikola Tesla Father of Surgery (early) Sushruta
Father of Microbiology Louis Pasteur Father of Periodic table Dmitri Mendelee

Some Famous Companies

Companies Name HQ
Airbus France(Aircraft Manufacturer)
Posco South korea (Steel company)
Boeing USA (Aircraft)
Fiat Italy (Automobiles)
Nissan Japan (Automobiles)
Toyta Japan (Automobiles)
Honda Japan (Automobiles)
BMW Germany(Automobiles)
Audi Germany (Automobiles)
Volkswagon Germany(Automobiles)
Hyundai South korea(Automobiles)
Ford USA(Automobiles)
Suzaki Japan(Automobiles)
Renault France(Automobiles)
Volvo Sweedon(Automobiles)
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Ashoka Leyland India

Samsung South korea( Electronics and electrical)
Hitachi Japan ( Electrical Appliances)
LG South Korea( Electronics and electrical)
Whirlpool USA ( Electrical Appliances)
Ericssion Swedon (Telecom)
Nokia Finland (Telecom)
Motorola USA (Telecom)
Vodaphone Uk,Britain (Telecom)
Barclays Bank UK (Finance)
Deutsche Bank Germany(Finance)
Goldman Sachs USA (Finance)
Accenture Ireland (IT)
Infosys India (IT)
TCS India (IT)
WIPRO India (IT)
Apple USA (Electronic Appliances)
Google USA (IT Services)
Yahoo USA (IT Services)
Sony Japan (Electronic Appliances)
Intel USA (Hardware)

Important Days

January February
Date Day Observed Date Day Observed
Jan 4 World Braille Day Feb 1 Indian Coast Guard Day
Jan 10 World Hindi Day Feb 2 World Wetlands Day
International Day of Zero Tolerance to
Jan 12 National Youth Day Feb 6
Female Genital Mutilation
Jan 15 Indian Army Day Feb 10 National Deworming Day
Rashtriya Balika Diwas/National Girl
Jan 24 Feb 13 World Radio Day
Child Day
World Leprosy Day
Jan 25 National Tourism Day Feb 20 World Day of Social Justice
National Voter Day
Indian Republic day
Jan 26 Feb 21 International Mother Language Day
International Customs Day
International Day of Commemoration
Jan 27 in Memory of the Victims of the Feb 22 World Thinking day
Jan 30 Martyrs Day Feb 24 Central Excise Day
Jan 31 World Leprosy Eradication Day Feb 27 International Polar Bear Day

March April
Date Day Observed Date Day Observed
Mar 1 Zero Discrimination Day Apr 2 World Autism Awareness Day
International Day for Mine Awareness
World Wildlife Day and Assistance in Mine Action
Mar 3 Apr 4
National Defence Day World Rat Day
International Pillow Fight Day
Mar 4 National Security Day Apr 6 International Day of Sport for
50 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Development and Peace

Mar 8 International Women's Day Apr 7 World Health Day
Central Industrial Security Force
Mar 10 (CISF) Raising Day, World Kidney Apr 12 World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day
World Consumer Rights Day
Mar 15 Apr 17 World Haemophilia Day
World Contact Day
Mar 18 National Ordinance Factories Day Apr 18 World Heritage Day
International Day of Happiness
World Day of Theatre for Children and
Mar 20 Apr 20 United Nations Chinese Language Day
Young People
World sparrow day
International Day for the Elimination of
Racial Discrimination
World Poetry Day
Mar 21 Apr 22 World Earth Day
International Day of Nowruz
World Down Syndrome Day
International Day of Forests
Mar 22 World Water Day Apr 23 World Book and Copyright Day
World Day for Animals in Laboratories
Mar 23 World Meteorological Day Apr 24
National Panchayati Day
World Tuberculosis Day
International Day for the Right to the
Mar 24 Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Apr 25 World Malaria Day
Violations and for the Dignity of
International Day of Remembrance of
the Victims of Slavery and the
Mar 25 Transatlantic Slave Trade Apr 26 World Intellectual Property Day
International Day of Solidarity with
Detained and Missing Staff Members
World Theatre Day World Day for Safety and Health at
Mar 27 Apr 28
World Drama day Work
Week of Solidarity with the Peoples Day of Remembrance for all Victims of
Mar 21
Struggling against Racism and Racial Apr 29 Chemical Warfare
Discrimination International Dance Day

May June
Date Day Observed Date Day Observed
Global Day of Parents
May 1 International Labour Day June 1
World Milk Day
May 2 World Naked Gardening Day June 2 International Sex Workers Day
World Press Freedom Day
International Day of Innocent Children
May 3 World Laughter Day June 4
Victims of Aggression
International Energy Day
May 4 International Firefighters' Day June 5 World Environment Day
International Midwives' Day
May 5 June 7 Cancer Survivors Day
World Asthma Day
World Red Cross Day
May 8 June 8 World Oceans Day
World Thalassaemia Day
World Migratory Bird Day
May 9 June 12 World Day Against Child Labour
World Fair Trade Day

51 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

May 10 Mother's Day June 13 International Albinism Awareness Day

May 11 National Technology Day June 14 World Blood Donor Day
May 12 International Nurses Day June 15 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
World Day to Combat Desertification
May 15 International Day of Families and Drought
June 17
World Telecommunication and
May 17 Information Society Day International Criminal Court Day
World Hypertension Day
World Day for Cultural Diversity for
May 21 Dialogue and Development June 20 World Refugee Day
Anti Terrorism Day
International Day for Biological International Day of Yoga
May 22 June 21
Diversity World Music Day
International Day to End Obstetric Public Service Day
May 23 Fistula June 23 International Widows' Day
World Turtle Day International Olympic Day
International Day against Drug Abuse
May 25 World Childrens Missing Day June 26 and Illicit Trafficking

International Day in Support of Victims

May 29 International Day of UN Peacekeepers
of Torture
May 31 World No-Tobacco Day June 29 National Statistics Day

July August
Date Day Observed Date Day Observed
July 1 National Doctor's Day Aug 1 World Breastfeeding Day
July 2 International Day of Cooperatives Aug 6 Hiroshima Day
July 6 International Kissing Day Aug 7 National Handloom Day
International Day of the World's
Indigenous Peoples
July 7 Global Forgiveness Day Aug 9 Nagasaki Peace Day
Kranti Diwas (Quit India Movement
July 11 World Population Day Aug 12 International Youth Day
July 12 World Malala day Aug 14 Pakistan Independence Day
July 15 World Youth Skills Day Aug 15 Indian Independence Day
World Humanitarian Day
July 17 International Justice Day Aug 19
World Photography Day
July 18 Nelson Mandela International Day Aug 20 World Mosquito Day
Aug 26 Women's Equality Day
World Hepatitis Day International Day against Nuclear
July 28 Tests
World Nature conservation day Aug 29
National Sports Day
Sanskrit Day
International Day of the Victims of
July 29 World Tiger Day Aug 30 Enforced Disappearances
Small Industry Day

52 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

September October
Date Day Observed Date Day Observed
Sep 2 World Coconut Day Oct 1 International Day of Older Persons
International Day of Non-Violence
International Day of Charity
Sep 5 Oct 2 World Farm Animals Day
National Teachers Day
World Smile Day
Sep 8 International Literacy Day Oct 3 World Nature Day,World Habitat Day
Sep 10 World First Aid Day Oct 4 World Animal Day
United Nations Day for South-South World Teachers Day, World
Sep 12 Oct 5
Cooperation Architecture Day
International Day of Democracy National Air force Day
Sep 15 Oct 8
Engineers Day World Sight Day
International Day for the
Sep 16 Oct 9 World Post Day
Preservation of the Ozone Layer
World Mental Health Day
Sep 18 Biosphere Day Oct 10
National Postal Day
Sep 21 International Day of Peace Oct 11 International Day of the Girl Child
World Alzheimer's Day Oct 12 World Arthritis day
International Day for Disaster
Sep 22 World Car Free Day Oct 13 Reduction
World Calamity Control Day
World Standards Day
Sep 25 World deaf day Oct 14
World Maths Day
International Day of Rural Women
International Day for the Total
Sep 26 Oct 15 Global Handwashing Day
Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
World White cane day
World Tourism Day
Sep 27 Oct 16 World Food Day
International Day for the Eradication
of Poverty
World Deaf Day Oct 20
World Statistics Day
World Osteoporosis Day
Sep 28 World Rapies Day Oct 22 World Energy Day
United Nations Day
Sep 29 World Heart Day, Oct 24
World Maritime Day Oct 30 World Thrift Day
World Cities Day
Sep 30 International Translation Day Oct 31
World Savings Day

November December
Date Day Observed Date Day Observed
Nov 1 World Vegan Day Dec 1 World AIDS Day
International Day for the Abolition
International Day to End Impunity of Slavery
Nov 2 Dec 2
for Crimes against Journalists World Pollution Prevention Day
World Computer literacy day
International Day of Persons with
World Radiography day
Nov 5 Dec 3 Disabilities
World Tsunami Awareness Day
World Disabled Day
Nov 6 International Day for Preventing the Dec 4 Indian Navy Day

53 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Exploitation of the Environment in

War and Armed Conflict
International Volunteer Day for
Nov 8 World services day Dec 5 Economic and Social Development
World Soil Day
Legal Service Day International Civil Aviation Day
Nov 9 World Orphans Day (Second Dec 7 World Choral Day
Monday of Nov) National Armed Forces Flag Day
International Day of
Commemoration and Dignity of the
World Science Day for Peace and
Nov 10 Dec 9 Victims of the Crime of Genocide
and of the Prevention of this Crime
International Anti-Corruption Day
Nov 12 World Pneumonia Day Dec 10 Human Rights Day
World Diabetes Day International Mountain Day
Nov 14 Dec 11
National Children's Day UNICEF Day
World Day of Remembrance for
Nov 15 Dec 14 National Energy Conservation Day
Road Traffic Victims
Nov 16 International Day for Tolerance Dec 15 International Tea Day
World Student day
International Day Against Violence
Nov 17 National Journalism day, World Dec 17
Against Sex Workers
Philosophy Day
Nov 18 World Adult day Dec 18 International Migrants Day
World Toilet Day
World Citizen day
Nov 19 Dec 19 Goas Libration Day
National Integration Day - India
(Indira Gandhi's birthday)
Universal Childrens Day
Nov 20 World Day of Remembrance for Dec 20 International Human Solidarity Day
Road Traffic Victim
Kisan Divas (Ch. Charan Singh's
World Television Day
Nov 21 Dec 23 Birth Anniversary)
World Hello Day
(Farmer's Day)
International Day for the Elimination
Nov 25 Dec 25 National Good Governance Day
of Violence against Women
National Constitution Day
Nov 26
International Day of Solidarity with Nov 5 World Tsunami Awareness Day
Nov 29
the Palestinian People


Country Currency Capital

Afghanistan Afghani Kabul
Albania Lek Tirane
Algeria Dinar Algiers
Andorra Euro Andorra la Vella
Angola New Kwanza Luanda
Antigua and Barbuda East Caribbean dollar Saint John's
Argentina Peso Buenos Aires
Armenia Dram Yerevan
Australia Australian dollar Canberra
Austria Euro Vienna
54 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Azerbaijan Manat Baku

The Bahamas Bahamian dollar Nassau
Bahrain Bahrain dinar Manama
Bangladesh Taka Dhaka
Barbados Barbados dollar Bridgetown
Belarus Belorussian ruble Minsk
Belgium Euro Brussels
Belize Belize dollar Belmopan
Benin CFA Franc Porto-Novo
Bhutan Ngultrum Thimphu
Bolivia Boliviano La Paz (administrative); Sucre (judicial)
Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka Sarajevo
Botswana Pula Gaborone
Brazil Real Brasilia
Brunei Brunei dollar Bandar Seri Begawan
Bulgaria Lev Sofia
Burkina Faso CFA Franc Ouagadougou
Burundi Burundi franc Bujumbura
Cambodia Riel Phnom Penh
Cameroon CFA Franc Yaounde
Canada Canadian dollar Ottawa
Cape Verde Cape Verdean escudo Praia
Central African Republic CFA Franc Bangui
Chad CFA Franc N'Djamena
Chile Chilean Peso Santiago
China Yuan/Renminbi Beijing
Colombia Colombian Peso Bogota
Comoros Franc Moroni
Congo, Republic of the CFA Franc Brazzaville
Congo, Democratic Republic Franc Kinshasa
of the Congolese
Costa Rica Coln San Jose
Cote d'Ivoire CFA Franc Yamoussoukro (official); Abidjan (de
Croatia Kuna Zagreb
Cuba Cuban Peso Havana
Cyprus Cyprus pound Nicosia
Czech Republic Koruna Prague
Denmark Krone Copenhagen
Djibouti Djibouti franc Djibouti
Dominica EastCaribbeandollar Roseau
Dominican Republic Dominican Peso Santo Domingo
East Timor (Timor-Leste) U.S. dollar Dili
Ecuador U.S. dollar Quito
Egypt Egyptian pound Cairo
El Salvador Coln; U.S. dollar San Salvador
Equatorial Guinea CFA Franc Malabo
Eritrea Nakfa Asmara
Estonia Kroon Tallinn
Ethiopia Birr Addis Ababa
Fiji Fiji dollar Suva
Finland Euro (formerly markka) Helsinki
55 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

France Euro (formerly French franc) Paris

Gabon CFA Franc Libreville
The Gambia Dalasi Banjul
Georgia Lari Tbilisi
Germany Euro (formerlyDeutschemark) Berlin
Ghana Cedi Accra
Greece Euro (formerlydrachma) Athens
Grenada East Caribbean dollar Saint George's
Guatemala Quetzal Guatemala City
Guinea Guinean franc Conakry
Guinea-Bissau CFA Franc Bissau
Guyana Guyanese dollar Georgetown
Haiti Gourde Port-au-Prince
Honduras Lempira Tegucigalpa
Hungary Forint Budapest
Iceland Icelandic krna Reykjavik
India Rupee New Delhi
Indonesia Rupiah Jakarta
Iran Rial Tehran
Iraq Iraqi Dinar Baghdad
Ireland Euro (formerly Irish pound Dublin
Israel Shekel Jerusalem
Italy Euro (formerly known as lira) Rome
Jamaica Jamaican dollar Kingston
Japan Yen Tokyo
Jordan Jordanian dinar Amman
Kazakhstan Tenge Astana
Kenya Kenya shilling Nairobi
Kiribati Australian dollar Tarawa Atoll
North Korea Won Pyongyang
South Korea Won Seoul
Kosovo Euro (German Mark prior to Pristina
Kuwait 2002)
Kuwaiti dinar Kuwait City
Kyrgyzstan Som Bishkek
Laos New Kip Vientiane
Latvia Lats Riga
Lebanon Lebanese pound Beirut
Lesotho Loti Maseru
Liberia Liberian dollar Monrovia
Libya Libyan dinar Tripoli
Liechtenstein Swiss franc Vaduz
Lithuania Litas Vilnius
Luxembourg Euro (formerly Luxembourg Luxembourg
Macedonia Denar Skopje
Madagascar Ariary Antananarivo
Malawi Kwacha Lilongwe
Malaysia Ringgit Kuala Lumpur
Maldives Rufiya Male
Mali CFA Franc Bamako
Malta Maltese lira Valletta
Marshall Islands U.S. Dollar Majuro
Mauritania Ouguiya Nouakchott
56 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Mauritius Mauritian rupee Port Louis

Mexico Mexican peso Mexico City
Micronesia, Federated States U.S. Dollar Palikir
Moldova Leu Chisinau
Monaco Euro Monaco
Mongolia Tugrik Ulaanbaatar
Montenegro Euro Podgorica
Morocco Dirham Rabat
Mozambique Metical Maputo
Myanmar (Burma) Kyat Rangoon (Yangon); Naypyidaw or Nay
Pyi Taw (administrative)
Namibia Namibian dollar Windhoek
Nauru Australian dollar No official capital; government offices in
Yaren District
Nepal Nepalese rupee Kathmandu
Netherlands Euro (formerly guilder) Amsterdam; The Hague
New Zealand New Zealand dollar Wellington
Nicaragua Gold cordoba Managua
Niger CFA Franc Niamey
Nigeria Naira Abuja
Norway Norwegian krone Oslo
Oman Omani rial Muscat
Pakistan Pakistani rupee Islamabad
Palau U.S. dollar Ngerulmud
Panama balboa; U.S. dollar Panama City
Papua New Guinea Kina Port Moresby
Paraguay Guaran Asuncion
Peru Nuevo sol (1991) Lima
Philippines Peso Manila
Poland Zloty Warsaw
Portugal Euro (formerly escudo) Lisbon
Qatar Qatari riyal Doha
Romania Leu Bucharest
Russia Ruble Moscow
Rwanda Rwanda franc Kigali
Saint Kitts and Nevis East Caribbean dollar Basseterre
Saint Lucia East Caribbean dollar Castries
Saint Vincent and the East Caribbean dollar Kingstown
Samoa Tala Apia
San Marino Euro San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe Dobra Sao Tome
Saudi Arabia Riyal Riyadh
Senegal CFA Franc Dakar
Serbia Yugoslav new dinar Belgrade
Seychelles Seychelles rupee Victoria
Sierra Leone Leone Freetown
Singapore Singapore dollar Singapore
Slovakia Koruna Bratislava
Slovenia Slovenian tolar Ljubljana
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands dollar Honiara
Somalia Somali shilling Mogadishu

57 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

South Africa Rand Pretoria (administrative); Cape Town

(legislative); Bloemfontein (judiciary)
South Sudan Sudanese Pound Juba
Spain Euro (formerly peseta) Madrid
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka rupee Colombo,Jayewardenepura Kotte
Sudan Dinar Khartoum
Suriname Surinamese dollar Paramaribo
Swaziland Lilangeni Mbabane
Sweden Krona Stockholm
Switzerland Swiss franc Bern
Syria Syrian pound Damascus
Taiwan Taiwan dollar Taipei
Tajikistan Somoni Dushanbe
Tanzania Tanzanian shilling Dar es Salaam; Dodoma (legislative)
Thailand Baht Bangkok
Togo CFA Franc Lome
Tonga Pa'anga Nuku'alofa
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago dollar Port-of-Spain
Tunisia Tunisian dinar Tunis
Turkey Turkish lira (YTL) Ankara
Turkmenistan Manat Ashgabat
Tuvalu Australian dollar Funafuti province
Uganda Ugandan new shilling Kampala
Ukraine Hryvna Kyyiv
United Arab Emirates U.A.E. dirham Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom Pound sterling London
United States of America Dollar Washington D.C.
Uruguay Uruguay peso Montevideo
Uzbekistan Uzbekistani som Tashkent
Vanuatu Vatu Port-Vila
Vatican City (Holy See) Euro Vatican City
Venezuela Bolivares Caracas
Vietnam Dong Hanoi
Yemen Rial Sanaa
Zambia Kwacha Lusaka
Zimbabwe Zimbabwean dollar Harare

List of Bird Sanctuaries in India

Name State
Atapaka Bird Sanctuary
Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary
Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh
Sri Peninsula Narasimha Wildlife Sanctuary
Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary
Najafgarh drain bird sanctuary Delhi
Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Goa
Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary
Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

58 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Kutch Bustard Sanctuary Gujarat

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
Porbandar Bird Sanctuary
Thol Lake
Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary Haryana
Khaparwas Wildlife Sanctuary
Gamgul Himachal Pradesh
Attiveri Bird Sanctuary
Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary
Bonal Bird Sanctuary
Gudavi Bird Sanctuary Karnataka
Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary
Magadi Bird Sanctuary
Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary
Puttenahalli Lake (Yelahanka)
Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary Kerala
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary
Mayani Bird Sanctuary Maharashtra
Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary Mizoram
Chilika Lake Odisha
Keoladeo National Park Rajasthan
Tal Chhapar Sanctuary
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary
Kanjirankulam Bird Sanctuary
Koothankulam Bird Sanctuary
Suchindram Theroor Birds Sanctuary
Udayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary
Vellode Birds Sanctuary Tamil Nadu
Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary
Bakhira Sanctuary
Lakh Bahosi Sanctuary
Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary
Okhla Sanctuary
Patna Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
Saman Sanctuary
Samaspur Sanctuary
Sandi Bird Sanctuary
Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary West Bengal
Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary

List of Wild Life Sanctuaries

59 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Spike Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Lohabarrack Salt Water Crocodile Sanctuary
Defence Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Cinque Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Flat Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Barren Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Andhra Pradesh Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary
Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve
Gundla Brahmeswaram Wildlife Sanctuary
Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary
Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary
Sri Venkateswara National Park
Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary
Sri Lankamalleswara Wildlife Sanctuary
Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary
Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary
Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary
Lanjamadugu Wildlife Sanctuary
Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary
Arunachal Pradesh Pakhui Tiger Reserve
Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary
Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary
Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary
Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary
Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary
Sessa Orchid Sanctuary
Kane Wildlife Sanctuary
Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
Assam Kaziranga National Park
Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary
Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary
Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary
Manas National Park
Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary
Nameri National Park
Orang National Park
Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary
Pabha Wildlife Sanctuary
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
Bihar Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary
Valmikinagar Wildlife Sanctuary
Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary
Chandra Prabha Sanctuary
Chhattisgarh chanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary
Semarsot Wildlife Sanctuary
Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary
Pamed Wildlife Sanctuary
Badalkohl Wildlife Sanctuary
60 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Gomarda Reserve Forest

Goa Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
Gujarat Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
Balaram-Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary
Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary
Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary
Gir Forest National Park
Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary
Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch
Barda Wildlife Sanctuary
Thol Bird Sanctuary
Himachal Pradesh Rupi Bhabha Sanctuary
Sechu Tuan Nala Wildlife Sanctuary
Tundah Wildlife Sanctuary
Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary
Pong Dam Sanctuary
Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary
Bandli Himachal Pradesh
Gobind Sagar & Naina Devi
Manali sanctuary
Jammu and Kashmir Karakoram Wildlife Sanctuary
Kanji Wildlife Sanctuary
Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary
Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary
Jharkhand Palamau Tiger Reserve
Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
Karnataka Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary
Nugu Wildlife Sanctuary
Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary
Arabithittu Wildlife Sanctuary
Adichunchanagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary
Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife
Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary
Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
Gudavi Bird Sanctuary
Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary
Melukote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary
Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary
Ranibennur Blackbuck Sanctuary
Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary
Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary
Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary
Kerala Periyar National Park
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary
Chimmony Wildlife sanctuary
61 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary
Madhya Pradesh Bori Wildlife Sanctuary
Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary
Phen Sanctuary
Ghatigaon Sanctuary
Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary
Karera Wildlife Sanctuary
Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary
Kheoni Sanctuary
Narsinghgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary
Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary
Ratapani Tiger Reserve
Snajay-Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary
Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary
Son Ghariyal Sanctuary
Sardarpur Sanctuary
Maharashtra Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project
Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary
Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary
Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
Chandoli National Park
Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary
Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
Mizoram Dampa Tiger Reserve
Odisha Badrama Sanctuary
Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary
Chilika Bird Sanctuary
Nalbana Bird Sanctuary
Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary
Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary
Simlipal National Park
Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary
Rajasthan Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary
Jaswant Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary
Keladevi Wildlife Sanctuary
Phulwari Wildlife Sanctuary
Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary
Sariska Tiger Reserve
Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary
Tal Chhapar Sanctuary
Todgarh Rawali Wildlife Sanctuary
Sikkim Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary
Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary
Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary
Shingba Rhododendron
Tamil Nadu Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve
Mudumalai National Park
Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary
62 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary

Shenbagathoppu Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife
Telangana Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary
Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary
Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary
Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary
Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary
Pocharam Forest & Wildlife Sanctuary
Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary
Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary
Tripura Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary
Uttar Pradesh Asan Bradge Bird Watching
Chandra Prabha Sanctuary
Kaimoor Sanctuary
Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary
Ranipur Sanctuary
Sohagi Barwa Sanctuary
Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary
Hastinapur Sanctuary
Okhla Bird Sanctuary
Sandi Bird Sanctuary
National Chambal Sanctuary
Uttarakhand Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary
Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary
Kedarnath Wild Life Sanctuary
Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
West Bengal Singalila National Park
Buxa Tiger Reserve
Murti Wildlife

List of Museums in India

Name Location State

Anthropological Museum Port Blair Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Samudrika (Naval Marine Museum) Delanipur
Bhagwan Mahavir Government Museum Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
INS Kursura Visakhapatnam
Victoria Jubilee Museum Vijayawada
Visakha Museum(Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam
Municipal Corporation Museum)
Salar Jung Museum Darushifa
Birla Science Museum Hyderabad
Nizam Museum Hyderabad
AP State Archaeology Museum or Hyderabad
Hyderabad Museum
Jawaharlal Nehru Museum Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh

Assam State Museum, Guwahati Assam

63 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Mayong Central Museum and Mayong

Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra Guwahati
Patna Museum Patna Bihar
Bihar Museum Patna
Gandhi Smriti Sangrahalaya Bhitiharwa
Gaya Museum Gaya
Maharaja Lakshmeshwar Singh Museum Darbhanga
Chandra Shekhar Singh Museum Jamui
Srikrishna Science Centre Patna
Bihar Police Museum Patna
Rajendra Smriti Sangrahalaya (Rajendra Patna
Memorial Museum)
Government Museum and Art Gallery Chandigarh Chandigarh
International Dolls Museum Chandigarh
Museum of Evolution of Life Chandigarh
Indian Air Force Museum Palam, Delhi New Delhi
Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum New Delhi
National Gandhi Museum New Delhi
National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi
National Handicrafts and Handlooms New Delhi
National Museum New Delhi
National Museum of Natural History New Delhi
National Rail Museum New Delhi
National Science Centre Delhi
Nehru Memorial Museum & Library New Delhi
Parliament Museum New Delhi
Teen Murti Bhavan New Delhi
Sanskriti Kendra Museum Delhi
Shankars International Dolls Museum Delhi
Goa Chitra Museum Benaulim Goa
Goa Science Centre Panaji
Goa State Museum Panaji
Naval Aviation Museum Vasco da Gama
Baroda Museum & Picture Gallery Vadodara Gujarat
Calico Museum of Textiles Ahmedabad
Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya Ahmedabad
Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad
Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum Ahmedabad
Kaba Gandhi No Delo Rajkot
Kirti Mandir Porbandar
Kutch Museum Bhuj
Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum Vadodara
Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad
Sanskar Kendra Ahmedabad
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Ahmedabad
Swaminarayan Museum Ahmedabad
Watson Museum Rajkot
Dharohar Museum Kurukshetra Haryana
64 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Library of Tibetan Works and Archives Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh

Shivalik Fossil Park Saketi
Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum of Central Kargil Jammu and Kashmir
Asian and Kargil Trade Artifacts
Dogra Art Museum Jammu
Ranchi Science Centre Ranchi Jharkhand
State Museum Jharkhand
Government Museum Bangalore Karnataka
Kempegowda Museum Bangalore
Visvesvaraya Industrial and Bangalore
Technological Museum
HAL heritage and Aerospace Museum Bangalore
Law Museum Bangalore
Regional Museum of Natural History Mysore
Folklore Museum Mysore
Jayachamarajendra Museum Mysore
Mysore Rail Museum Mysore
Government Museum(Shivappa Nayaka Shivamogga
Arakkal Museum Ayikkara Kerala
Teak Museum Nilambur
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Police Kollam
Krishnapuram Palace Kayamkulam
Indo-Portuguese Museum Kochi
Vallathol Museum, Thrissur Thrissur
Mural Art Museum Thrissur
Archaeological Museum, Thrissur Thrissur
Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum Thrissur
Indian Business Museum Kozhikode
Kerala Soil Museum Thiruvananthapuram
Napier Museum Thiruvananthapuram
Pazhassi Raja Archaeological Museum Kozhikode
Wayanad Heritage Museum Ambalavayal
Hill Palace Thrippunithura
Bharat Bhavan Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
Regional Science Centre Bhopal
Remember Bhopal Museum Bhopal
Central Museum Indore
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Bhopal
Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum Dhubela
Rani Durgavati Museum Jabalpur
Prince of Wales Museum (Chhatrapati Mumbai Maharashtra
Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya)
National Gallery of Modern Art Mumbai
Nehru Planetarium Mumbai
Nehru Science Center Mumbai
Ballard Bunder Gatehouse Mumbai
Bhau Daji Lad Museum Mumbai
Cavalry Tank Museum Ahmednagar
Coin Museum Nasik
65 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Cowasji Jehangir Hall Mumbai

Darshan Museum Pune
Joshis Museum of Miniature Railway Pune
Mahatma Phule Museum Pune
Mani Bhavan Mumbai
Nagpur Central Museum Nagpur
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum Pune
Raman Science Centre Nagpur
National Maritime Museum Mumbai
Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Museum Kolhapur
Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum (Kaneri Kolhapur
Math), Kolhapur
Manipur State Museum Imphal Manipur
Sekta Archaeological Living Museum Imphal
Mizoram State Museum Aizawl Mizoram
Odisha State Museum Bhubaneswar Odisha
Regional Museum of Natural History Bhubaneswar
Netaji Subhas National Institute of Patiala Punjab
Sports( National Institute of Sports)
Sanghol Museum Sanghol
Sikh Ajaibghar Balongi
City Palace Museum Jaipur Rajasthan
Albert Hall Museum Jaipur
Archaeological Museum Amer Jaipur
Govt. Museum , Ajmer
Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum, Udaipur
Govt. Museum,Bharatpur Bharatpur
Govt. Museum, Alwar
Govt. Museum Jodhpur
Mehrangarh Museum Jodhpur
Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum Jodhpur
Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Gangtok Sikkim
Gandhi Memorial Museum Madurai Tamil Nadu
Gass Forest Museum Coimbatore
Government Museum(Madras Museum) Chennai
Government Museum Karur
Government Museum Cuddalore
Government Museum Pudukkottai
Mahakavi Bharathi Memorial Library Erode
Regional Railway Museum Chennai
Railway Heritage Centre Tiruchirappalli
Government Museum Tiruchirappalli
Alampur Museum, Alampur Mahbubnagar Telangana
AP State Archeology Hyderabad
Museum(Hyderabad Museum)
Birla Science Museum Hyderabad
Salar Jung Museum Darushifa
Tripura Government Museum Agartala Tripura
Allahabad Museum Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur Sangrahalaya(Kanpur Museum) Kanpur
Government Museum(Mathura museum) Mathura
Sarnath Museum Varanasi
66 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Jhansi Museum Jhansi

Anand Bhavan Allahabad
Birla Industrial & Technological Kolkata West Bengal
Gurusaday Museum Kolkata
Indian Museum Kolkata
Malda Museum English Bazar
Rabindra Museum Kalimpong
National Museum Kolkata
Netaji Museum Kolkata
Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata

Important Palaces in India

State Location Palace Name

Assam Gurugram Ahom Rajas Palace
Bihar Madhubani Navlakha Palace
Darbhanga Nargona Palace
Chhattisgarh Jagdalpur Bastar Palace
Kawardha Kawardha Palace
Kanker Kanker Palace
Jammu & Ladakh Leh Palace
Jammu Mubarak Mandi Palace, Amar Mahal Palace
Karnataka Mysore Jagan Mohan Palace, Mysore Palace
Kerala Trivandrum Kowdiar Palace
Kochi Bolgatty Palace
Thrissur Shakthan Thampuran Palace
Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Jai Vilas
Maharashtra Kolhapur Shalini Palace
Pune Lal Mahal (Red Palace)
Pune Aga Khan Palace
Aurangabad Naukhanda Palace
Ahmednagar Farah Bagh Palace
Manipur Imphal Kangla Palace
Orissa Gaja Pati Brundaban Palace
Punjab Amrit Star Maharaja Ranjit Singh Palace
Rajasthan Jaipur Rambagh Palace
Jodhpur Umaid Bhawan
Udaipur Lake Palace, Monsoon Palce(Sajjan Garh Palace), Shiv Niwas
Bharatpur Laxmi Vilas
Bikaner Lalgarh Palace
Tamilnadu Kanyakumari Padmanabhapuram Palace
Telengana Hyderabad King Kothi Palace, Falaknuma Palace, Chowmahalla Palace
Tripura Agartala Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace
Melaghar Neer Mahal(Water Palace)
West Bengal Kolkatta Marble Palace

67 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

List of Countries Central Banks

Country Central Bank

Afghanistan Bank Of Afghanistan
Albania Bank Of Albania
Algeria Bank Of Algeria
Angola National Bank Of Angola
Argentina Central Bank Of Argentina
Anguilla Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Antigua And Barbuda Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Armenia Central Bank Of Armenia
Aruba Central Bank Of Aruba
Australia Reserve Bank Of Australia
Austria European Central Bank
Azerbaijan Central Bank Of The Rep. Of Azerbaijan
Bahamas Central Bank Of The Bahamas
Bahrain Central Bank Of Bahrain
Bangladesh Bangladesh Bank
Barbados Central Bank Of Barbados
Belarus National Bank Of The Rep. Of Belarus
Belgium European Central Bank
Belize Central Bank Of Belize
Benin Central Bank Of West African States
Bermuda Bermuda Monetary Authority
Bhutan Royal Monetary Authority Of Bhutan
Bolivia Central Bank Of Bolivia
Bosnia & Herzegovina Central Bank Of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Botswana Bank Of Botswana
Brazil Central Bank Of Brazil
Bulgaria Bulgarian National Bank
Burkina Faso Central Bank Of West African States
Burundi Bank Of The Rep. Of Burundi
Cambodia National Bank Of Cambodia
Cameroon Bank Of Central African States
Canada Bank Of Canada
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Cape Verde Bank Of Cape Verde
Cen. African Republic Bank Of Central African States
Chad Bank Of Central African States
Chile Central Bank Of Chile
China Peoples Bank Of China
Colombia Central Bank Of Colombia
Commonwealth Of Dominica Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Congo Bank Of Central African States
Congo Dem. Rep. Central Bank Of Congo
Costa Rica Central Bank Of Costa Rica
Croatia Croatian National Bank
68 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Cuba Central Bank Of Cuba

Curacao & St. Maarten Central Bank Of Curacao And St. Maarten
Cyprus European Central Bank
Czech Republic Czech National Bank
Denmark National Bank Of Denmark
Dominican Repl. Central Bank Of The Dominican Rep.
Ecuador Central Bank Of Ecuador
Egypt Central Bank Of Egypt
El Salvador Central Reserve Bank Of El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea Bank Of Central African States
Estonia European Central Bank
Ethiopia National Bank Of Ethiopia
Fiji Reserve Bank Of Fiji
Finland European Central Bank
France European Central Bank
Gabon Bank Of Central African States
Gambia Central Bank Of The Gambia
Georgia National Bank Of Georgia
Germany European Central Bank
Ghana Bank Of Ghana Henry
Greece European Central Bank
Grenada Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Guatemala Bank Of Guatemala
Guinea Central Bank Of The Rep. Of Guinea
Guinea-Bisseau Central Bank Of West African States
Guyana Bank Of Guyana
Haiti Bank Of The Republic Of Haiti
Honduras Central Bank Of Honduras
Hong Kong Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hungary Central Bank Of Hungary
Iceland Central Bank Of Iceland
India Reserve Bank Of India
Indonesia Bank Indonesia
Iran Central Bank Of Islamic Rep. Of Iran
Iraq Central Bank Of Iraq
Ireland European Central Bank
Israel Bank Of Israel
Italy European Central Bank
Ivory Coast Central Bank Of West African States
Jamaica Bank Of Jamaica
Japan Bank Of Japan
Jordan Central Bank Of Jordan
Kazakhstan National Bank Of Kazakhstan
Kenya Central Bank Of Kenya
Korea, Republic Of Bank Of Korea
Kosovo Central Bank Of The Republic Of Kozovo
Kuwait Central Bank Of Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan National Bank Of The Kyrgyz Repl.Abdygulo
Latvia Bank Of Latvia
Laos_(Lao Peoples Dem. Repl.) Bank Of The Lao
Lebanon Central Bank Of Lebanon

69 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Lesotho Central Bank Of Lesotho

Liberia Central Bank Of Liberia
Libya Central Bank Of Libya
Lithuania Bank Of Lithuania
Luxembourg European Central Bank
Macao Monetary Authority Of Macao
Macedonia National Bank Of The Rep. Of Macedonia
Madagascar Central Bank Of Madagascar
Malawi Reserve Bank Of Malawi
Malaysia Bank Negara Malaysia
Maldives Maldives Monetary Authority
Mali Central Bank Of West African States
Malta European Central Bank
Mauritania Central Bank Of Mauritania
Mauritius Central Bank Of Mauritius
Mexico Bank Of Mexico
Moldova National Bank Of Moldova
Mongolia Bank Of Mongolia
Montenegro Central Bank Of Montenegro
Montserrat Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Morocco Bank Of Morocco
Mozambique Bank Of Mozambique
Myanmar Central Bank Of Myanmar
Namibia Bank Of Namibia
Netherlands European Central Bank
New Zealand Reserve Bank Of New Zealand
Nicaragua Central Bank Of Nicaragua
Niger Central Bank Of West African States
Nigeria Central Bank Of Nigeria
Norway Norges Bank
Oman Central Bank Of Oman
Pakistan State Bank Of Pakistan
Palestine Palestine Monetary Authority
Papua New Guinea Bank Of Papua New Guinea
Paraguay Central Bank Of Paraguay
Peru Central Reserve Bank Of Peru
Philippines Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas
Poland National Bank Of Poland
Portugal European Central Bank
Qatar Qatar Central Bank
Romania National Bank Of Romania
Russia Bank Of Russia
Rwanda National Bank Of Rwanda
Samoa Central Bank Of Samoa
Saint Lucia Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
San Marino Central Bank Of The Republic Of San Marino
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
Senegal Central Bank Of West African States
Serbia National Bank of Serbia
Seychelles Central Bank of Seychelles
Sierra Leone Bank of Sierra Leone

70 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore

Slovakia European Central Bank
Slovenia European Central Bank
Solomon Islands Central Bank of Solomon Islands
Somalia Central Bank of Somalia
South Africa South African Reserve Bank
South Korea Bank of Korea
Spain European Central Bank
Sri Lanka Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Sudan Central Bank of Sudan
Swaziland Central Bank of Swaziland
Sweden The Riksbank Stefan
Switzerland Swiss National Bank
Syrian Arab Republic Central Bank of Syria
Tanzania Bank of Tanzania
Taiwan Central Bank of the Rep. of China
Tajikistan National Bank of Tajikistan
Thailand Bank of Thailand
Togolese Republic Central Bank of Togo
Tonga National Reserve Bank of Tonga
Trinidad & Tobago Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
Tunisia Central Bank of Tunisia
Turkey Central Bank of Republic of Turkey
Turkmenistan Central Bank of Turkmenistan
United Arab Emirates Central Bank of United Arab Emirates
Uganda Bank of Uganda
Ukraine National Bank of Ukraine
United Kingdom Bank of England
Uruguay Central Bank of Uruguay
United States Of America Federal Reserve
Uzbekistan Central Bank of the Rep. of Uzbekistan
Vanuatu Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
Venezuela Central Bank of Venezuela
Vietnam State Bank of Vietnam
Yemen Central Bank of Yemen
Zambia Bank of Zambia
Zimbabwe Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

List of Countries Stock Exchanges

Country Stock Exchange Country Stock Exchange

Argentina MERVAL Malaysia FTSE KLCI
Australia S&P/ASX 200 Malta MSE
Austria WBI Mauritius SEMDEX
Bahrain ALL SHARE Mexico IPC
Bangladesh DSE GENERAL Mongolia MSETOP
Belgium BEL20 Montenegro MONEX20
Bosnia & Herzegovina SASX10 Morocco MASI
Botswana BGSMDC Namibia FTSE JSE
Brazil BOVESPA Netherlands AEX
Bulgaria SOFIX New Zealand NZX 50
71 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Canada S&P/TSX Nigeria NSE 30

Chile IGPA Norway OSEAX
China SHCOMP Oman MSM 30
Colombia IGBC Pakistan KSE100
Croatia CROBEX Philippines PSEI
Cyprus GENERAL Poland WIG
Czech Republic SE PX Portugal PSI20
Denmark OMX Qatar QE GENERAL
Ecuador ECU Romania BET
Egypt EGX30 Russia MICEX
Estonia OMX TALLIN Saudi Arabia TASI
Finland HEX25 Serbia BELEX15
France CAC 40 Singapore STI
Germany DAX 30 Slovakia SAX
Ghana GGSECI Slovenia SBITOP
Greece ASE South Africa FTSE/JSE
Hong Kong HIS South Korea KOSPI
Hungary BUX Spain IBEX 35
India SENSEX Sweden OMX 30
Indonesia JCI Switzerland SMI
Ireland ISEQ Tanzania ALL SHARE DSEI
Israel TA-100 Taiwan TWSE
Italy FTSE MIB Thailand SET50
Latvia OMX RIGA Turkey XU100
Laos_(Lao Peoples Dem. LSXC United Arab Emirates UAE ADX
Lebanon MSCI Ukraine PFTS
Lithuania OMX VILNIUS United Kingdom FTSE 100
Luxembourg LUXX United States Of DOW JONES
Macedonia MBI 10 Venezuela IBVC
Vietnam VN

List of Important Cricket Stadium in the World

Australia Melbourne Cricket Ground, Mebourne
Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
The WACA, Perth
The Gabba, Brisbane, Queensland
Bangladesh Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, Mirpur,
England The Lords, London
Old Trafford, Manchester
The Oval, Kensington
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Headingley, Leeds
Rose Bowl, Southampton
72 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

New Zealand Eden Park, Auckland

Basin Reserve, Wellington
Pakistan Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
Karachi Cricket Stadium, Karachi
The Wanderers, Johannesburg
South Africa Newlands Cricket Ground, Cape Town
Port Elizabeth (St Georges Oval), Port
SuperSport Park (formerly Centurion Park),
Centurion, Gauteng
Sri Lanka Galle International Stadium, Galle
West Indies Queens Park Oval, Trinidad

List of Some Important Gardens in India

Name of the Garden Name of the location
Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden Kolkata, West Bengal
Auroville Botanical Gardens, Auroville, Tamil Nadu
Brindhavan Garden Mysore, Karanataka
Chambal Garden Kota, Rajasthan
Chashme Shahi Srinagar, J & K
Company garden Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh
Hanging Garden Mumbai , Maharashtra
Jallianwala Bagh Amristar, Punjab
Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden Gangtok, Sikkim
Jhansi Botanical Garden Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
Kalindi Kunj New Delhi
Lal Bagh Bangalore, Karnataka
Law garden Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Lloyds Botanical Garden Darjeeling, West Bengal
Lodi Garden New Delhi
Malampuzha Garden Palakkad, Kerala
Mughal garden New Delhi
Nishat Bagh Srinagar , J & K
Pilikula Botanical Garden Mangalore, Karnataka
Pinjore Garden Panchkula , Haryana
Rock Garden Darjeeling
Rock Garden of Chandigarh Chandigarh
Saharanpur Botanical Garden, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Sajjan Niwas Garden(Gulab Bagh) Udaipur, Rajasthan
Sarita Udyan Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Shalimar Bagh Srinagar, J & K
Sims Park Coonoor, Tamil nadu
The Royal Botanical Garden Howrah, West Bengal
Tulip Garden Srinagar, J & K

List of Important River Projects in India

Project River Related State

Bansagar Project Son Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh
Bargi Project Bargi Madhya Pradesh
Beas Project Beas Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan
Bhadra Project Bhadra Karnataka
Bhakhra Nangal Project Sutlej Punjab,Himachal Pradesh ,Haryana,
73 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Bheema Project Pawana Maharashtra
Chambal Project Chambal Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh
Damodar Ghati Project Damodar Jharkhand, West Bengal
Dulhasti Project Chinab Jammu & Kashmir
Durga Barrage Project Damodar West Bengal
Farakka Project Ganga, Bhagirathi West Bengal
Gandak Project Gandaki Bihar, Uttar Pradesh
Ganga Sagar Project Chambal Madhya Pradesh
Ghatprabha Project Ghatprabha Karnataka
Girna Project Girna Maharashtra
Hansdev Bango Project Hansdev Madhya Pradesh
Hidkal Project Ghatprabha Karnataka
Hirakud Project Mahanadi Orissa
Idduki Project Periyar Kerala
Indira Gandhi Canal Project Satlaj Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana
Jawahar Sagar Project Chambal Rajasthan
Jayakwadi Project Godawari Maharashtra
Kakrapara Project Tapti Gujrat
Kangsawati Project Kangsawati West Bengal
Kol Dam Project Sutlaj Himachal Pradesh
Kosi Project Kosi Bihar & Nepal
Koyana Project Koyana Maharashtra
Krishna Project Krishna Karnataka
Kunda Project Kunda Tamilnadu
Let Bank Ghaghra Canal Ganaga Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Ganaga Canal Ganaga Uttar Pradesh
Mahanadi Delta Project Mahanadi Odisha
Malprabha Project Malprabha Karnataka
Mandi Project Vyas Himachal Pradesh
Matatilla Project Betwa Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh
Mayurakshi Project Mayurakshi West Bengal
Minimato Bango Hasdeo Project Hasdeo Bango river Madhya Pradesh
Muchkund Project Muchkund Odisha, Andhra Pradesh
Nagarjunsagar Project Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Nagpur Power Project Koradi Maharashtra
Narmada Sagar Project Narmada Madhya Pradesh
Nathpa Jhakri Project Sutlaj Himachal Pradesh
Panam Project Panam Gujarat
Panama Project Panama Gujarat
Panchet Project Damodar Jharkhand
West Bengal
Pong Project Beas Punjab
Poochampad Project Godawari Andhra Pradesh
Purna Project Purna Maharashtra
Rajasthan Canal Project Sutlej, Vyas, Ravi Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana
Ramganga Project Ramganga Uttar Pradesh
Rana Pratap Sagar Project Chambal Rajsthan
Ranjeet Sagar Project Ravi Punjab
Rihand Project Rihand Uttar Pradesh
Salal Project Chenab Jammu & Kashmir
Sardar Sarovar Project Narmada Madhya Pradesh

74 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Sarhind Project Sutlaj Haryana

Sharawati Project Sharawati Karnataka
Sharda Project Sharda, Gomti Uttar Pradesh
Shivsamundram Project Kaveri Karnataka
Sutlaj Project Chinab Jammu & Kashmir
Tawa Project Tawa Madhya Pradesh
Tehri Dam Project Bhagirathi Uttarakhand
Tilaiya Project Barakar Jharkhand
Tulbul Project Chinab Jammu & Kashmir
Tungbhadra Project Tungbhadra Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
Ukai Project Tapti Gujarat
Upper Penganga Project Penanga Maharashtra
Uri Power Project Jhelum Jammu & Kashmir
Vyas Project Vyas Rajasthan, Punjab. Haryana, Himachal

Memorial Places of Famous Indian Leaders

Name Position Hold Memorial Name Meaning Location
B.R. Ambedkar Political leader and Chaitya Bhoomi Dadar(Maharashtra)
Chandra Shekhar Prime Minister of India Jannayak Sthal Place of Delhi
Peoples leader
Choudhary Charan Prime Minister of India Kisan Ghat Farmers Delhi
Singh Platform
Devi Lal Deputy Prime Minister of Sangharsh Sthal Place of Delhi
India Struggle
Giani Zail Singh President of India Ekta Sthal Place of Unity Delhi
Gulzarilal Nanda Acting Prime Minister of Narayan Ghat Ahmedabad(Gujarat)
I. K. Gujral Prime Minister of India Smiriti Sthal Place of Delhi
Indira Gandhi Prime Minister of India Shakti Sthal Place of Power Delhi
Jag Jivan Ram Deputy Prime Minister of Samta Sthal Place of Delhi
India Equality
Jawaharlal Nehru Prime Minister of India Shantivan Garden of Delhi
Krishna Kant Vice President of India Nigambhoot Ghat Delhi
Lal Bahadur Shastri Prime Minister of India Vijay Ghat Victory Delhi
Mahatma Gandhi Father of the Nation Raj Ghat Royal Steps Delhi
Morarji Desai Prime Minister of India Abhay Ghat Ahmedabad(Gujarat)
P. V. Narasimha Rao Prime Minister of India P.V. Ghat Delhi
K.R. Narayanan 10th President of India Ekta Sthal Karma Bhoomi Delhi
Rajiv Gandhi Prime Minister of India Veer Bhumi Land of Brave Delhi
Rajendra Prasad President of India Mahaprayan Ghat Patna(Bihar)
Shankar Dayal President of India Karma Bhumi Land of Duty Delhi

List of Important Indian Cities on Rivers

Name of the River Name of the City Name of the River Name of the City
Alaknanda Badrinath Kaveri Erode
Bhadra Bhadravathi Krishna Vijayawada
Brahmani Rourkela Krishna Sangli
Brahmaputra Dibrugarh Krishna, Koyna Karad
75 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Brahmaputra Guwahati Mahanadi Banki

Chambal Kota Mahanadi Cuttack
Chambal Gwalior Mahanadi Sambalpur
Cooum, Adyar Chennai Meenachil Kottayam
Daman Ganga River Daman Mula, Mutha Pune
Ganga Mirzapur Musi Hyderabad
Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati Allahabad Narmada Jabalpur
Ganges Bhagalpur Narmada Bharuch
Ganges Haridwar Netravati, Gurupura Mangalore
Ganges Kanpur Noyyal Coimbatore
Ganges Patna Panchaganga Kolhapur
Ganges Varanasi Pennar Nellore
Ganges Farrukhabad Rapti Gorakhpur
Ganges Fatehgarh Rushikulya Brahmapur
Ganges Kannauj Rushikulya Chhatrapur
Ganges Kanpur Cantonment Sabarmati Ahmedabad
Ganges Shuklaganj Saryu Ayodhya
Ganges Chakeri Savitri Mahad
Ganges Hajipur Sharavathi Honnavar
Ghataprabha Bagalkot Shipra Ujjain
Girna River Malegaon Sutlej Ferozpur
Godavari Rajahmundry Tapi Surat
Godavari Nashik Thamirabarani Tirunelveli
Godavari Nanded Tunga River Shimoga
Godavari Nizamabad Tungabhadra Hospet
Gomti Jaunpur Ulhas Karjat
Gomti Lucknow Vaigai Madurai
Hugli Kolkata Vishwamitri Vadodara
Jhelum Srinagar Vrishabhavathi Bangalore
Kali Karwar Yamuna Agra
Kaveri Tiruchirapalli Yamuna New Delhi
Kaveri Thiruchirapalli Yamuna Mathura
Yamuna Etawah Yamuna Auraiya

Famous Sports Personalities in India

Archery Players
Arun Vishnu Chekrovolu Swuro Laxmirani Majhi
Abhishek Verma Deepika Kumari Limba Ram
Atanu Das Dola Banerjee Sandeep Kumar
Bombayla Devi Jayanta Talukdar Tarundeep Rai
Amit Kumar Saroha Kavita Raut P.T.Usha
Anilda Thomas Kheta Ram Ramkaran Singh
Anju Bobby George Khushbir Kaur Raut Deepa Mallick
Ankit Sharma KM Beenamol Renjith Maheshwary
Annu Rani(Javeline Lalita Babar Sandeep Kumar
Ashwini Nachappa M. R. Poovamma Sapna Punia
Baljinder Singh Mandeep Kaur Seema Punia Antil
Dharambir Singh Manish Singh Rawat Shiny Abraham
Dutee Chand Manpreet Kaur Soma Biswas
Gurmeet Singh Milkha Singh Srabani Nanda
76 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Inderjeet Singh Muhammad Anas Sudha Singh

Irfan Kolothum Thodi Neeraj Chopra Thonakal Gopi
Jinson Johnson Nirmala Sheoran Tintu Luka
Jyotirmoyee Sikdar Nitender Singh Rawat Vikas Gowda
Kavita Ramdas OP Jaisha
Badminton Players
Anup Sridhar H S Prannoy Prakash Padukone
Ajay Jayram Jwala Gutta Pulella Gopichand
Aparna Popat Kidambi Srikanth Saina Nehwal
Ashwini Ponnappa Manu Attri Siril Verma
Chetan Anand P. V. Sindhu Sumeet Reddy
Chirag Sen Parupalli Kashyap Valiyaveetil Diju
Dipankar Bhattacharya
Basketball Players
Anitha Pauldurai Geethu Anna Jose Satnam Singh Bhamara
Divya Singh Prashanti Singh Shiba Maggon
Body Builders
Prashant Sulunkhe Mamota Devi Yashmeen Manak
Bobby Singh Ram Niwas Yatinder singh
Deepika Chowdhury Sangram Chougule
Karauna Waghmare Shweta Rathore
Billiards and snooker
Aditya S. Mehta Ishika Shah Siddharth Parekh
Anushi Seth Michael Ferreira Sourav Kothari
Ashok shandilya Pankaj Advani Varshaa Sanjeev
Chitra Magimairaj Rupesh Shah Rahul Wilson Jones
Geet Sethi
Boxing Players
Ali Qamar Mandeep Jangra Sonia Lather
Devendro Singh Manoj Kumar Vijender Singh
Dingko Singh Mary Kom Vikas Krishan Yadav
Kavita Chahal Nikhat Zareen
Laishram Sarita Devi Shiva Thapa
Cricket Players
Ajay Jadeja G.R. Vishwanath Rahul Dravid
Ajinkya Rahane Gautam Gambhir Ravichandran Ashwin
Ajit Agarkar Harbhajan Singh Ravindra Jadeja
Ajit Chandila Irfan Pathan Rohit Sharma
Ajit Wadekar Javagal Srinath RP Singh
Anil Kumble Kapil Dev S. Srisanth
Anjum Chopra Kiran More Sachin Tendulkar
B.K. Venkatesh Prasad Madan Lal Shikhar Dhawan
B.S. Chandrashekhar Mahender Singh Dhoni Sourav Ganguly
Bishan Singh Bedi Manoj Prabhakar Sunil Gavaskar
C.G. Borde Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi Syed Kirmani
C.P.S. Chauhan Mithali Raj Virat Kohli
D. N. Sardesai Mohammed Azharuddin Virender Sehwag
Dilip Vengsarkar Munaf Patel Yuvraj Singh
Dinesh Kartik Murali Kartik Zaheer Khan
E.A.S. Prasanna Navjot Singh Sidhu
E.D. Solkar Pranav Dhanawade
77 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Car Racer
Aditya Patel Gaurav Gill Karun Chandhok
Armaan Ebrahim Jehan Daruvala Narain Karthikeyan
Chess Players
Abhijit Kunte Koneru Humpy Sandipan Chanda
Baskaran Adhiban Krishnan Sasikiran Subbaraman Vijayalakshmi
Dibyendu Barua Parimarjan Negi Swapnil S Dhopade
Harika Dronavalli Pentala Harikrishna Tania Sachdev
Hetul Shah Praveen Mahadeo Thipsay Viswanathan Anand
Humpy Koneru Rucha Pujari
Football Players
Aditi Chauhan Dr Talimeran Ao Pradip Kumar Banerjee
Baichung Bhutia Inivalappil Mani Vijayan Sunil Chhetri
Debjit Majumder Jeje Lalpekhlua Udanta Singh
Golf Players
Aditya Mehta Gagan Jeet Bhullar Jyoti Randhawa
Anirban Lahiri Gaurav Ghei Shiv Kapur
Arjun Atwal Jeev Milkha SIngh SSP Chawrasia
Aditi Ashok
Dipa Karmakar Kshipra Joshi Priti Das
Akshata Shete Mayank Srivastava Rakesh K Patra
Alok Ranjan Meenakshi Rohit Jaiswal
Ashish Kumar Mitali Dogra Roma Dilip Jogalekar
Ashok K Mishra Paromita Das Shephali Moulick
Debjani Samanta Partha Mondal Vivek Mishra
Diwja Asher Pooja Surve Vladimir Chertkov
Joy Prakash Chakraborty Praveen Sharma
Judo Players
Avatar Singh Kalpana Devi Rajwinder Kaur
Devender Pawaria L Sanatombi Devi Sachin Maan
Dhanpriyari Devi Malaprabha Jadhav Shamsher Singh
Garima Choudhary N Seema devi Yashpal Solanki
Harpreet Kaur Navjot Chana
Jasleen Singh Pincky Balhara
Hockey Players in India
Ritu Rani Helen Mary Saba Anjum Karim
Ajit Pal Singh Leslie Claudius Sardar Singh
Balbir Singh Sr Madhu Yadav Sreejesh Ravindran
Dhanraj Pillay Mamta Kharab Suraj Lata Devi
Dhyan Chand Pargat Singh Surya Shekhar Ganguly
Dilip Tirkey PR Sreejesh SV Sunil
Gagan Ajit Singh Rajpal Singh Gurbaj Sigh
Kabbadi Players
Abhilasha Mhatre Mamatha Poojary Rahul Chaudhari
Ajay Thakur Manjeet Chhillar Rakesh Kumar
Anup Kumar Mohit Chhillar Rohit Kumar
Lawn Tennis Players
Jaidip Mukerjea Ramanathan Krishnan Sania Mirza
Leander Paes Ramesh Krishnan Somdev Devvarman
Mahesh Bhupathi Rohan Bopanna Vijay Amritraj
78 | P a g e
AC Static GK Capsule2016

Prarthana Thombare
Mountain Climbers
Arjun Vajpai Harish Kapadia Premlata Agarwal
Arunima Sinha Krushnaa Patil Santosh Yadav
Bachendri Pal Kushang Dorjee Sherpa Tashi and Nungshi Malik
Balwant Sandhu Malavath Purna Tenzing Norgay
Bhupesh Kumar Mohan Singh Kohli
Rowing Players
Bajrang Takhar Inderpal Singh Paulose Pandari Kunnel
Dattu Bapan Bhokanal Kasam Khan Sandeep Kumar
Devender Khandwal Manjit Singh Sawarn Singh Virk
Squash Players
Anaka Alankamony Joshna Chinappa Ritwik Bhattacharya
Anuroop B. S Kumar Kush Saurav Ghosal
Cyrus Poncha Mahesh Mangaonkar Savita Punia
Dipika Pallikal Mamta Kharab Siddharth Suchde
Harinder Pal Sandhu
Bula Choudhury Niranjan Mukundan Sebastian Xavier
Khajan Singh Rehan Poncha Sharath Gayakwad
Kutraleeswaran Sajan Prakash Shika Tandon
Masudur Rahman Baidya Saloni Dalal Shivani Kataria
Mihir Sen Sandeep Sejwal Virdhawal Khade
Abhinav Bindra Jeetu Rai Prakash Nanjappa
Anjali Bhagwat Kynan Chenai Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
Chain Singh Mairaj Ahmed Khan Samresh Jung
Gagan Narang Manvanjit Singh Sandhu Sanjeev Rajput
Gurpeet Singh Pooja Ghatkar Vijay Kumar
Jaspal Rana
Table Tennis Players
Achanta Sharatha Kamal Mouma Das Soumyajit Ghosh
Chetan Baboor Poulomi Ghatak Vishnu Vardhan
Manika Batra Sharath Kamal Achanta
Weightlifting Players
Geeta Rani Manpreet Kaur Saikhom Mirabai Chanu
Harjeet Kaur Mohammed Asdullah Sanjita Khumukcham
Karnam Malleshwari N. Kunjarani Devi Sivalingam Sathish Kumar
Katulu Ravi Kumar Ngangbam Soniya Chanu Sudhir Kumar
KM Rachna Pratima Kumari Yumnam Chanu
Komal Wakale Renubala Chanu
Wrestling Players
Amit Kumar Dahiya Hardeep Singh Ritu Phogat
Aparna Bishnoi Khashaba Dadasaheb Sakshi Malik
Babita Kumari Narsingh Yadav Sandeep Tomar
Bajrang Punia Neha Rathi Sunil Kumar Rana
Dalip Singh Rana Palwinder Singh Cheema Sushil Kumar
Dara Singh Panne Lal Yadav The Great Gama
Dharmendra Dalal Rajinder Kumar Vinesh Phogat
Geeta Phogat Rajneesh Dalal Yogeshwar Dutt
Gobar Goha Ravinder Khatri
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Gulam Ravinder Singh

Wushu Players
L Budhchandra Singh Sanathoi Devi Uchit Sharma
Puja Tomer Surya Bhanu Pratap
List of Important founders of Journals and News papers in Olden days

Name of Journals/News Paper Name of the Founder

Al-Hilal Abul Kalam Azad
Al-Balagh Abul Kalam Azad
New India(Daily) Annie Besant
Commonweal Annie Besant
Vande Mataram Aurobindo Ghosh
Sandhya B.B. Upadhyaya
Mooknayak B.R. Ambedkar
Bahishkrit Bhara B.R. Ambedkar
Kesari Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Mahratta Bal Gangadhar Tilak,
Darpan(Marathi) Bal Shastri Jambhekar
Kavivachan Sudha Bhartendu Harishchandra
Kavi Vachan Sudha Bhartendu Harishchandra
Yugantar Bhupendranath Data and Barinder Kumar Ghosh
New India(Weekly) Bipin Chandra Pal
Bande Mataram Bipin Chandra Pal and later edited by Sri Aurobindo
Talwar(Berlin) Birendra Nath Chattopadhyaya
Rast Goftar(Gujrati) Dadabhai Naoroji
Voice of India Dadabhai Naoroji
Indian Mirror Devendra Nath Tagore
The Tribune Dyal Singh Majithia
Bombay Chronicle Firoze Shah Mehta
Swadesamitran(Tamil) G Subramaniya Aiyar
Sudharak G.K.Gokhale
Pratap Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi
Inquilab(Urdu) Ghulam Hussain
Hindu Patriot Girish Chandra Ghosh(later Harish Chandra Mukherji)
Hindoo Patriot Harish Chandra Mukherjee
India Gazettej Henry Louis Vivian Derozio
Som Prakesh Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
Bengal Gazette(Bengali) J.K.Hikki
Hindustan Times K.M. Pannikar
Vichar Lahiri Krishnashastri Chiplunkar
Punjabi Lala Lajpat Rai
Essays in Indian Economics M.G. Ranade
Hindustan M.M. Malviya
Nav Jeevan Mahatma Ghandhi
Indian Opinion Mahatma Ghandhi
Young India Mahatma Ghandhi
Harijan Mahatma Ghandhi
Kranti Mirajkar, Joglekar, Ghate
Comrade Mohammad Ali
Independent Motilal Nehru
Din Mitra Mukundarao Patil
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Navyug(Magazine) Muzaffar Ahmed

Samvad Kaumudi Ram Mohan Roy
Mirat-ul-Akbhar Ram Mohan Roy
Kudi Arasu Ramaswamy Naiker
Statesman Robert Knight
The Statesman Robert Knight
Bombay Times Robert Knight & Thomas Bennnet
Indian Socialist Shyamji Krishna Verma
Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq Sir Syyed Ahmed Khan
Amrita Bazar Patrika Sisir Kumar Ghosh and Motilal Ghosh
Prabudha Bharat Swami Vivekananda
Udbodhana Swami Vivekananda
Free Hindustan(in Vancouver) Tarak Nath Das
Native Opinion V.N. Mandalik
Hindu Vir Raghavacharya and G.S. Aiyar

Nicknames of Famous Personalities

Nicknames Name of the Person

Adi Kavi Valmeeki
Akbar of Kashmir Jainul Abdin
Andhra Kesari T. Prakasam
Anna C.N. Annadurai
Babuji Jagjeevan Ram
Banga bandhu Sheikh Mujibut Rahman
Bard of Avon William Shakespeare
Bengal Kesari Ashutosh Mukherji
Bengali Tiger,Punjab Kesari,Lal, Bal Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak
and Bipin Chandra Pal
Bihar Kesari Dr. Srikrishna Singh
Bihar Vibhuti Dr. Anugrah Narayan Singh
Bird man of India Salim Ali
C. R. / Rajaji Chakravarti Rajagopalachari
Chacha,Pandit ji Jawaharlal Nehru
Deen bandhu C.F. Andrews
Desert Fox Gen Ervin Rommel
Desh bandhu Chitta Ranjan Das
Desh Ratna, Ajatshatru Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Deshpriya Yatindra Mohan Sengupta
Enlightened One Lord Buddha
Father of English Poetry Geoffery Chaucer
Father of Gujarat Ravi Shankar Maharaj
Father of Medicine Hippocrates
Father of the Local Self-Government Lord Rippon
Father of the Nation,Bapu,Mahatma Mahatma Gandhi
Frontier Gandhi, Badshah Khan Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
Fuehrer Adolf Hitler
Flying Sikh Milkha Singh
G.B.S George Bernard Shaw
Grand Old man of Britain Willium E. Gladstone
Grand Old man of India Dadabhai Naoroji

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Grand old man of Indian Journalism Tushar Kanti Ghosh

Grandfather of Indian Films Dhundiraj Govind Phalke
Guruji M.S. Golvalkar
Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore
Haryana Hurricane Kapil Dev
Hockey Wizard Dhyan Chand
II Duce Benito Mussolini
Indian Machiavelli Chanakya
Iron Lady of India Indira Gandhi
Indian Einstein Nagarjuna
Jana Nayak Karpuri Thakur
King Maker Earl of Warwick
Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore
King Maker of Indian History Sayyed Bandhu
Kuvempu K.V. Puttappa
Lady with the lamp Florence Nightinga
Light of Asia Sreebuddha
Lion of Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah
Lion of Maratha Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Li-Kwan Pearl Buck
Little Corporal,Man of Destiny Napoleon Bonaparte
Little Master Sunil Gavaskar
Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan
Machiavelli of India Chanakya
Magician of Hockey Dhyanchand
Mahamana, Prince of Beggars Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya
Maid of Orleans Joan of Arc
Maiden Queen Queen Elizabeth I
Man of Blood and Iron Otto Van Bismark
Man of Peace Lal Bahadur Shastri
Martin Luther of India Dayanand Saraswati
Man of Destiny Napolean Bonaparte
Man of Iron Vallabhai Patel
Man of Peace Lal Bahadur Shastri
Morning Star of India Renaissance Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Mother Mother Teresa
Mysore Tiger Tippu Sultan
Napoleon of India Samudra Gupta
Neta Ji, Patriot of Patriots Subhash Chandra Bose
Nightingale of India Sarojini Naidu
Parrot of India, Tota-e-hind Amir Khushro
Poets Poet Edmund Spencer
Prince of Autobiography Babur
Prince of Builders Shahjahan
Prince of Martyrs, Sahid-e-Azam Bhagat Singh
Prince of Money Makers Muhammad bin Tughlaq
Prince of Pilgrims Hiuen Tsang
Payyoli Express P. T. Usha
Prince of Kolkata Saurav Ganguly
Punjab Kesari Lala Lajpat Rai

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Quaid-i-Azam Md. Ali Jinnah

Rajashree Purushottam Das Tandon
Sage of Kanchi Sankaracharya
Scourage of God Chengiz khan
Saint of Sabarmati Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Saint of the Gutters Mother Teresa
Shakespeare of India Mahakavi Kalidas
Sher-e-Kashmir,Lion of Kashmir Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah
Sparrow Major General Rajinder Singh
Strong (Iron) Man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Swar Kokila Lata Mangeshkar
Tau Chaudhury Devi Lal
The Little Master Sachin Tendulkar
Tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan
Tota-e-Hind Amir Khushro
Udanpari P.T. Usha
Uncle Ho Ho Chi Minh
Vishwa Kavi,Kaviguru,Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore
Young Turk Chandra Shekhar

List of Space Centres in the World

Country Name of the Space Centre

Belgium Liege Space Center
Euro Space Center
Canada John H. Chapman Space Centre
Telus World of Science, Edmonton
Germany European Space Operations Centre
Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre
European Astronaut Centre
France Toulouse Space Center Guiana Space Centre
Cannes Mandelieu Space Center
India Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
Space Applications Centre
Satish Dhawan Space Centre
Italy Broglio Space Centre
Japan Uchinoura Space Centre
Tanegashima Space Centre
South Korea Naro Space Center
Netherlands European Space Research and Technology
Norway Norwegian Space Centre
Philippines Mabuhaysat Subic Space Center
Mabuhaysat Zamboanga Space Center
Pakistan Sonmiani (space facility)
Tilla Satellite Launch Center
Russia Babakin Space Centre
Baikonur Cosmodrome
Titov Main Test and Space Systems Control Centre
United Leicester Space Centre
Kingdom Surrey Space Centre
Harwell Science and Innovation Campus

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Jodrell Bank Observatory

United States Goddard Space Flight Center
John C. Stennis Space Center
Kennedy Space Center
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and Space Center
Marshall Space Flight Center

List of Indian Missiles

Missile Name Orgin Type Range Speed

Air-to-air missiles
Astra India Air-to-Air Missiles 60 80 km Mach 4 +
K-100 Russia & Medium Range air-to-air missile 300400 km Mach 3.3
MICA IAF Air-to-Air Missiles
Surface-To-Air Missiles
Akash India Medium-range surface-to-air 30-35km Mach 2.5
missile to 3.5
Barak 8 Isreal/India Long Range surface to air Missile 100 km Mach 2
Trishul India Short Range surface to air missile 9km
Defence Missile
Prithvi Air Defence India Exo-atmospheric Anti-ballistic Altitude- Mach 5+
(PAD) missile 80km
Advanced Air Defence India Endoatmospheric Anti-ballistic Altitude- Mach 4.5
(AAD) missile 30km
Prithvi Defence Vehicle India Exo-atmospheric Anti-ballistic Altitude-
(PDV) missile 120km
Cruise Missiles
Nirbhay India Subsonic cruise missile(Ship, 1,000 -1500 Mach 0.8
submarine, aircraft and land) km
BrahMos Russia & Supersonic cruise missile(Ship, 290 km Mach 2.8
India submarine, aircraft and land) to 3 Mach
BrahMos II India Hypersonic cruise missile(Ship, 300km Mach 7
submarine, aircraft and land)
Surface-to-surface missiles
Agni-I India Medium-range ballistic missile 700-1250 km Mach 7.5
Agni-II India Intermediate-range ballistic 2,0003,000 Mach 12
missile(IRBM) km
Agni-III India Intermediate-range ballistic 3,500 km 56 km/s
missile(IRBM) 5,000 km
Agni-IV India Intermediate-range ballistic 3,000 Mach 7
missile(IRBM) 4,000 km
Agni-V India Intercontinental ballistic 5000 Mach 24
missile(ICBM) 8000Km
Prithvi I India Short Range Ballistic 150 km
Prithvi II India Short Range Ballistic 350 km
Dhanush India Short Range Ballistic 350 600
Missile(Tactical) km
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Prahaar(Pragati) India Short Range Ballistic 150 km Mach 2.03

Shaurya India Medium-Range Ballistic Missile 750 to 1,900 Mach 7.5
(MRBM) km
Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles
Sagarika (K-15) India Ballistic Missile 700 Mach 7+
K-4 India Ballistic Missile 3,5005,000 Mach 7+
K-5 India Ballistic Missile 6,000 km
Ashwin India Ballistic Missile 150-200km Mach 4.5
Anti-Tank Missile
Nag India Anti-Tank Guided Missile 4km 230 m/s
Helina(HELIcopter India Anti-Tank Guided Missile 7-8km
launched NAg)
Amogha-1 India Anti-Tank Guided Missile 2.8 km

Volume Details
Volume 1:

Gk capsule volume 1 released on July 2016.

Volume 2:

Gk capsule volume 2 released on 15th Nov 2016.

The new hook points are

1.Longest Strait, Longest Railway, Longest Bridge, etc in the Superlatives of world(, added
new 3 Heritage sites of India in Indias World Heritage Sites(p no:13) and first worldTsunami
Awareness Day Nov 5(p no 54).
2. we included some new gk facts like Gardens in India, Memorial places of Famous Indian
Personalities, Important River Projects, Founders of News paper in Olden day, Important Rivers on
Indian Cities, Famous Indian Sports Personalities, Space Agency and Indian Missiles(from 73)

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