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Only true specialists
are capable of
achieving top results.
So Balluff has
expanded its product
range with optosensors
designed for an equally
wide range of
applications. We will be
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optosensors for your

Tubular Sensors in
Metal Housing
2.1.2 BOS 12M
2.1.7 BOS 18 overview
2.1.9 BOS 18M
with potentiometer
2.1.14 BOS 18M with teach-in
2.1.17 BOS 18M
high-precision laser
2.1.21 BOS 18M rugged
sensors for machine
2.1.24 BOS 18E in stainless,
sensors for the foods
Tubular Sensors in
Plastic Housing
2.1.27 BOS 18K
with potentiometer
2.1.30 BOS 18K with laser
Tubular High
Performance Sensors
2.1.34 BOS 30M
Small Sensors
2.1.37 BOS 6K, BOS 15K
2.1.38 BOS 6K with teach-in
2.1.42 BOS 15K
with potentiometer
Block Style Sensors
2.1.46 BOS 25K, BOS 26K,
BOS 35K overview
2.1.47 BOS 25K
with potentiometer
2.1.51 BOS 26K precision
2.1.54 BOS 26K laser
2.1.57 BOS 35K
rugged sensors
High Performance
2.1.60 BOS 36K, BOS 65K
2.1.61 BOS 36K compact
2.1.65 BOS 65K versatile


or 4-pin M8 user-friendly. selection – Thru-beam with test input and alarm output – Approvals 2... Sensitivity setting a small 3.C.3 Accessories Optosensors page 2... the control lines means angle). available in two mechanical where no other sensor Automatic caibration using variations (straight and right will fit.2 .1. teach-in means less and less potentiometer and the attention needs to be paid number of various form to the sensors. And the optical per. control line This series features: – Dynamic teach-in – Red light – Two housing variations – Background suppression (straight and right angle) – Approvals – Cross-talk protection – Line-controlled N. Optoelectronic Small Sensors Sensors BOS 6K.1 2. BOS 15K 2.O. the BOS 15K is formance of these miniature the sensor can be installed the ideal size for the most sensors is amazing.3. For at virtually inaccessible common applications in electrically connecting the locations... Dynamic using an easily accessible connector. page 6.37 ./N. Red light and packaging machinery and sensors we have selected background suppression handline and assembly both a fixed cable as well as make the sensor extremely equipment.2 . factors make this sensor The special features include: ideal for installing in machines and systems of – Teach-in button plus small and medium size. BOS 15K Small sensors have a clear BOS 6K BOS 15K advantage: they are easier to install and they can be For the tightest spaces the Somewhat larger and installed in many locations BOS 6K series is ideal. BOS 6K 6 Connectors .

The BOS 6K is ideal for: – Packaging machinery – Handling and assembly technology – Specialized machines – Printing and paper machinery Features Diffuse PNP o/p 25. g. Diffuse values referenced to Kodak gray card with 90 % Connector orientation reflection. e..41. of wires × conductor cross section Recommended connector Weight Emitter type Light spot diameter Hysteresis (18 %/18 %) Gray value shift (90 %/18 %) Sensors supplied standard with 2 m o/p = Light-on/dark-on cable.300 mm energetic (i.300 mm energetic – Dynamic teach-in possible NPN o/p 5.5 m polarizing filter design) NPN o/p 2.100 mm HGA – Teach-in button plus NPN o/p 25.40 and 2. without stopping the Retroreflective machine) PNP o/p 0.. NPN o/p 0.. Other lengths on request.1.38 page 2.... characteristics and accessories see 2. IP 67 protection Protected against polarity reversal Short circuit protected Permissible capacitance On/off delay (standard) Frequency of operating cycles f (standard) Utilization category Output Output function Permissible ambient light Sensitivity/range adjustment Function indicator (receiver sees light) Contamination indication Ambient temperature range Ta Degree of protection per IEC 60529 Insulation class Housing material Material of sensing face Connection No. Optoelectronic Sensors BOS 6K Series Diffuse sensing range Retroreflective sensing range Thru-beam sensing range Applications Its high performance specs allow the BOS 6K to be used virtually anywhere. glass detection teach-in button..5 m polarizing filter. glass detection – Ergonomic design (e.5 m polarizing filter – Multi-function display Thru-beam visible from any direction PNP o/p 6 m receiver – Uses highly-visible NPN o/p 6 m receiver red light 6 m emitter – Pushbutton light on/dark on setting/control line Supply voltage UB – Versions with 3.or 4-pin Voltage drop Ud at le M8 connector or with Rated isolation voltage Ui 2 m cable Rated operational current le – Solid workmanship with No-load supply current I0 max.1. .. For wiring diagrams. Retroreflective values referenced to R1 reflector.1... mounting PNP o/p 2.5 m polarizing filter.100 mm HGA control line PNP o/p 5.

QC....HA.5 m.33 µF 0.39 ..300 mm 25.. .3.+60 °C IP 67 IP 67 IP 67 [ [ [ ABS impact resistant ABS impact resistant ABS impact resistant PMMA PMMA PMMA connector connector 2 m cable....QA.14 mm² 120 g (with 2 m cable) 6 Connectors ..4 V £ 2..33 µF 0. .300 mm 25...4 V £ 2..30 V DC 10.3 £ 35 mA £ 35 mA £ 35 mA Accessories Optosensors yes yes yes page 2. 2..100/5.1 10.5 ms 1000 Hz 1000 Hz 1000 Hz DC 13 DC 13 DC 13 PNP/NPN PNP/NPN PNP/NPN o/p selecteble o/p selecteble o/p selecteble 5000 lux 5000 lux 5000 lux teach-in teach-in teach-in LED yellow LED yellow LED yellow LED green LED green LED green –20..... Small Sensors with Teach-in Sensors 0.30 V DC £ 2.5 ms 0...OC..100/5. Light spot diameter < 5 × 5 mm < 12 × 12 mm 20 × 20 mm 75 × 75 mm over entire sn over entire sn at 500 mm sn at 2 m sn Hysteresis <5% < 10 % Gray value shift < 10 % 2.5 m 0...5 m/2.5 m 0...... 6 m BOS 6K BOS 6K BOS 6K 25.33 µF 0. 300 mm.2 .5 m... yes yes yes 0....4 V 250 V AC 100 mA 250 V AC 100 mA 250 V AC 100 mA 2.1.300 mm 0.+60 °C –20.100/5.. ... red 660 nm red 660 nm red 660 nm see table see table see table see table see table see table see table see table see table .5 m/2... page 6.30 V DC 10.+60 °C –20....5 ms 0.5 m/2. BOS 6K Optoelectronic Range 100 mm..2 ...5 m 6m 6m 6m emitter receiver emitter receiver emitter receiver BOS 6K-PU-1HA-S 75-C BOS 6K-PU-1HA-S 49-C BOS 6K-PU-1HA-C-02 BOS 6K-NU-1HA-S 75-C BOS 6K-NU-1HA-C-02 BOS 6K-PU-1OC-S 75-C BOS 6K-PU-1OC-S 49-C BOS 6K-PU-1OC-C-02 BOS 6K-NU-1OC-S 75-C BOS 6K-NU-1OC-C-02 BOS 6K-PU-1QA-S 75-C BOS 6K-PU-1QA-S 49-C BOS 6K-PU-1QA-C-02 BOS 6K-NU-1QA-S 75-C BOS 6K-NU-1QA-C-02 BOS 6K-PU-1QC-S 75-C BOS 6K-PU-1QC-S 49-C BOS 6K-PU-1QC-C-02 BOS 6K-NU-1QC-S 75-C BOS 6K-NU-1QC-C-02 BLE 6K-PU-1E-S 75-C BLE 6K-PU-1E-S 49-C BLE 6K-PU-1E-C-02 BLE 6K-NU-1E-S 75-C BLS 6K-XX-1E-S 75-C BLS 6K-XX-1E-S 49-C BLE 6K-NU-1E-C-02 BLS 6K-XX-1E-C-02 2.. PVC BKS-B 74/BKS-B 75 40 g BKS-B 48/BKS-B 49 40 g 4 × 0..

-1QC-. Retroreflective BOS 6K-.....-1OC-. Optoelectronic Sensors BOS 6K Wiring diagrams Diffuse BOS 6K-.-1HA-. Sensing distance measured with lateral approach using reflector.. reflector BOS R-1 Kodak gray card 90 % reflection Sensing distance measured with lateral approach using Kodak gray card. 2. reflector BOS R-1 Kodak gray card 90 % reflection Sensing distance measured with lateral approach using Kodak gray card.1. Sensing distance measured with lateral approach using reflector... Retroreflective BOS 6K-. Diffuse BOS 6K-.....40 ..-1QA-.

page 6. Green LED flashes briefly Green LED flashes briefly and then comes full on.. settings. 2. Recommended accessories please order separately 6 Connectors .2 . If both and then comes full on.1. path. repeat settings..1 LED's flash together. Reflector Mounting bracket Connector BOS R-9 BOS 6-HW-1 BKS-B 74/BKS-B 75 2.. 3 sec until both LED's flash together. LED's flash together. Sensor is ready..2 . Hold button down for 1 sec.3 Accessories Optosensors page 2.41 .3. If both 2. 3 sec until both approx.. Hold button down for Hold button down for approx. repeat LED's flash together. Remove objects from beam Bring object into beam path. Hold button down for 1 sec.. Direct sensor at reflector/ receiver. Sensor is ready. Optoelectronic Small Sensors with Teach-in Sensors BOS 6K Diffuse Retroreflective/Thru-beam Direct sensor at object.

.270° – Flat window discourages Function indicator (receiver sees light) LED red dust accumulation Contamination indication LED green – Can be DIN rail mounted Ambient temperature range Ta –15. focussed BOS 15K-R-D12-P-S 75 Retroreflective PNP/NPN.. packaging machinery. Other lengths on request.30 V DC. PNP o / p 12 mm red light. 100 mm. PNP o/p 5m receiver BLE 15K-R-F5-P-S 75 5m emitter BLS 15K-R-G5-P-S 75 Supply voltage UB 10. of wires × conductor cross section – Object detection using Recommended connector BKS-B 74/BKS-B 75 fiber optics Weight 30 g – Parts counting in machine o/p = Light-on/dark-on design and conveying.. 5 m Series BOS 15K right angle Diffuse sensing range 12 mm/100 mm/500 mm Retroreflective sensing range 2m Thru-beam sensing range 5m Diffuse PNP/NPN.. BOS 15K Optoelectronic Range 12 mm. Sensors 2 m.+55 °C (fiber optic version) Degree of protection per IEC 60529 IP 66 Housing material ABS Applications Material of sensing face PMMA Connection connector – Direct object sensing No. 500 mm. filter BOS 15K-R-B2-P-S 75 Thru-beam PNP/NPN. Sensors supplied standard with 2 m cable. reverse No-load supply current I0 max.1.1..30 V DC Features Voltage drop Ud at le £ 1. characteristics and accessories see page 2.. For wiring diagrams.5 V Rated isolation voltage Ui 75 V DC – Supply voltage Rated operational current le £ 100 mA 10.44 and 2. £ 30 mA polarity protected Protected against polarity reversal yes – Output short circuit Short circuit protected yes protected Permissible capacitance 0. Connector orientation 2..42 . polariz. PNP o / p 500 mm BOS 15K-R-C50-P-S 75 PNP/NPN. assembly lines Retroreflective values referenced to R1 reflector..5 µF – Light-on/dark-on On/off delay (Standard) £ 1 ms selectable Frequency of operating cycles f (Standard) 500 Hz – Sensitivity adjustment with Utilization category DC 13 potentiometer Output PNP – Setup aid and stability Output function o /p selectable display with green LED Permissible ambient light 3000 lux – IP 66 Sensitivity/range adjustment potentiometer 0.1. and Diffuse values referenced to Kodak gray card with 90 % reflection. PNP o/p 2m red light.45. PNP o / p 100 mm BOS 15K-R-C10-P-S 75 PNP/NPN.

page 6.+55 °C –15.+55 °C –15..5 V £ 1.....3 Accessories 500 Hz 500 Hz 500 Hz Optosensors DC 13 DC 13 DC 13 page 2.1.... PVC connector 2 m cable..43 .. PVC 4 × 0..30 V DC 10.3..34 mm² 4 × 0. with Potentiometer Sensors 2 m..270° potentiometer 0.270° potentiometer 0.. PNP/NPN selectable PNP PNP/NPN selectable o /p selectable o /p selectable o /p selectable 3000 lux 3000 lux 3000 lux potentiometer 0.. Small Sensors Optoelectronic BOS 15K Range 12.2 .1 £ 30 mA £ 30 mA £ 30 mA yes yes yes yes yes yes 0.270° LED red LED red LED red LED green LED green LED green –15.5 µF £ 1 ms 2... 500 mm.5 V 75 V DC £ 100 mA 75 V DC £ 100 mA 75 V DC £ 100 mA 2..34 mm² BKS-B 74/BKS-B 75 85 g (with 2 m cable) 30 g 85 g (with 2 m cable) 6 Connectors .5 µF £ 1 ms 0..2 .30 V DC 10.. 2.. 5 m BOS 15K right angle BOS 15K straight BOS 15K straight 12 mm/100 mm/500 mm 12 mm/100 mm/500 mm 12 mm/100 mm/500 mm 2m 2m 2m 5m 5m 5m BOS 15K-R-C10-02 BOS 15K-S-C10-P-S 75 BOS 15K-S-C10-02 BOS 15K-R-C50-02 BOS 15K-S-C50-P-S 75 BOS 15K-S-C50-02 BOS 15K-R-D12-02 BOS 15K-S-D12-P-S 75 BOS 15K-S-D12-02 BOS 15K-R-B2-02 BOS 15K-S-B2-P-S 75 BOS 15K-S-B2-02 BLE 15K-R-F5-02 BLE 15K-S-F5-P-S 75 BLE 15K-S-F5-02 BLS 15K-R-G5-02 BLS 15K-S-G5-P-S 75 BLS 15K-S-G5-02 10..5 µF £ 1 ms 0.+55 °C IP 66 IP 66 IP 66 ABS ABS ABS PMMA PMMA PMMA 2 m cable.5 V £ 1... 100.30 V DC £ 1.

when using and serves as a preventative Test–.5 mm > 1 mm > 2 mm Green stability display The "safe" range is therefore reached when The green stability display – the input signal is at illuminates in the "safe" 130 % or more of the range. Test– check of the thru-beam type must be at 0 V. interrupts the light pulses Therefore the output will not from the emitter and allows switch even though the test the function of emitter and input is activated.5 mm 1 mm 2 mm Range 0. The "threshold energy" at which a signal change is effected. The receiver output must switch each time when a voltage of 10.5 m 1m 2m Object size > 0. Optoelectronic Sensors BOS 15K Alarm output for receiver The alarm output is activated Mounting bracket (cable version only) if the receiver signal stays in (supplied) the alarm range for at least 3 The receiver is equipped seconds. 10. with an alarm output.30 V). is defined as 100 %. where the input threshold energy energy is at least 30 % over – the input signal is at or under the "threshold 70 % or less than the energy". stability output Recommended accessories (green LED) (red LED) please order separately stable light-on dark-on unstable switching threshold stable Connector BKS-B 74/BKS-B 75 2.30 V DC Slit apertures (Test+) or 0 V (Test–) is (supplied with present on the test input. stability (green LED) stable alarm unstable switching threshold Reflector BOS R-10 stable (supplied with retroreflective models) Test input for emitter axis causes the emitter signal to reach the receiver The test input for the emitter only weakly. thru-beam models) Contamination or mal- adjustment on the optical Slit width 0.44 . Any malfunctions caused by contamination or mechanical maladjustment are reported on this signal output (PNP open collector 30 mA) as a warning signal. Test+ must be at measure.... The test receiver to be checked function provides a remote (when using Test+.1. threshold energy.. if at all.

....3. Retroreflective BOS 15K-.2 .. Kodak gray card Kodak gray card 90 % reflection 18 % reflection N..O. N.-C50-.O..C..C. Thru-beam BLE/BLS 15K-. Diffuse BOS 15K-.O.C.C.. N..45 .3 Accessories Optosensors Sensing distance measured with lateral approach using Kodak gray card. N.. N.. reflector BOS R-10 reflector BOS R-1 Sensing distance measured with lateral approach using reflector.-B2-. emitter/ receiver 6 Connectors . Wiring diagrams Kodak gray card N...... page 6.. Diffuse with focused beam BOS 15K-. 2. page 2. Small Sensors Optoelectronic with Potentiometer Sensors BOS 15K Diffuse BOS 15K-. N. N. Sensing distance measured with lateral approach using Kodak gray card.. 90 % reflection Kodak gray card 18 % reflection N.-D12-. Sensing distance measured with lateral approach using Kodak gray card.. 2.O.2 . For the thru-beam sensor the maximum possible offset between emitter and receiver is measured.1. N.O.1 Kodak Kodak gray card gray card 90 % reflection 18 % reflection 2.C.-C10-.