ADAM CHURCH Ltd MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT To supply services relating to property DATE PARTIES


1. The Client Heath Management 2. The Agent Adam Church Ltd (Sneyd Park) Limited


The site/premises The Heath Hazelwood Road Sneyd Park Bristol BS91PY

known as

Starting on 1st May 2010 For a fixed minimum term of nine months FEE £1000.00 per annum

The above fee shall include the following •


Administration of The Client's day to day financial accounts including annual service charge budget estimations, sending rent demands and handling payments, supplying income and expenditure information, settling invoices and basic credit control. Distributing end of year accounts. day to day contractors, trades people, third party

• •

Inviting to tender, instructing and monitoring professionals and service providers. Visiting the property meter readings.

regularly to carry out basic inspections,

liaising with contractors

and taking


Organising, attending, chairing, office hours when available.

recording and distributing

minutes of meetings both in and out of

• • • •

Provision of a 24 hour emergency call out telephone Administration


of any buildings insurance claims under policies that are put in place by us. wit-h Companies House ancLperforming the duties of a C0'!lpany Secretary.

Filing statutorydocuments

Communicating with residents, leaseholders and any other relevant parties in respect of matters relating to the management of the property. services not included in the above fee Producing the end of year accounts. £350.00 (plus VAT) Contract Administration of any Major Works programme (including of The Landlord and Tenant Act. £7.5% of contracted works. Travelling and attending legal hearings. Fee to be negotiated. to carry out alterations. Minimum fee to applicant notices) that falls under Section 20

Additional • •

• •

Administering applications from leaseholder's £50.00 (subject to any additional legal fees).

Supplying, advertising for, employing, managing or paying any concierge, caretaker or permanent onsite staff. Fee to be negotiated. Providing hard copies of leases, notice of transfer, share certificates, reports or other documents to individual leaseholders.

• Notes 1.

The Client appoints The Agent to supply the services detailed in this agreement and is legally authorised to do so. This agreement may be terminated upon the expiration of the fixed term by either party. A minimum notice period of three months must be submitted in writing in order to terminate the agreement. In the instance that either party breaches the terms of this agreement or fails in their duties it may be terminated immediately by submissionof written notice. The Agent is entitled to review its fee to The Client. Any adjustments must be presented to and agreed by The Client in advance. This agreement does not relieve The Client of its statutory obligations. The Client authorises The Agent to c;ry the property. out anyactionwma1 rriaybe reqUired by law in-respect of -


3. 4. 5. <:> 6. 7. 8. 9.

The Agent agrees to perform its duties in compliance to all relevant legal frameworks. The Client indemnifies The Agent against any inaccuracies or errors in respect of forecasts of costs and professional third party reports, estimations or quotations. The Client authorises The Agent to issue any legal notices that may required. In the instance that a 'resident', 'tenant' or 'leaseholder' does not inform The Agent of a change of his addressThe Client agrees to indemnify The Agent for any action that may be brought against it as a result of failure to communicate. The Agent is entitled with advance consent of The Client to consult third party professionals including solicitors at The Client's expense. In the instance that The Agent arranges insurance policies on behalf of The Client it accepted that The Agent may receive a fee from the insurer or broker. It is agreed that formal notices may be deemed to be served by either party if sent to the other by first class recorded mail or by email if returned with a confirmation from the receiving party. Changesto this agreement may be required as a result of alterations to statutory law and both parties agree that such changes may from time to time occur. In.the_eY.enLthatThe Agent sells or passesits businessor portfolio to another party The Client accepts that the agreement will be transferred to the new pafty-amtto-contintle-to-be-bmIAG-by-itsterms. If The Agent changes its name, registered address or trading addressThe Client agrees that the terms of this agreement remain unchanged to be bound by them.





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