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Nicolas Villegas Angel
Profile Mechanical Engineer with two years of experience in Machinery Design and Process Automation redesign    Objective Personal Data Date of Birth: August 13, 1979 Birthplace: Medellin, Colombia 0 Passport N CC98668922 A position in a business environment where I can continue developing my Engineer and business skills

Experience Jun 2008 to Dec 2009 Just Post It Medellín - Colombia Director    Responsible for constituting a publicity enterprise for outdoor campaigns. Designed and manufactured an innovative advertising mobile frame. Directed public campaigns for different kind of products.

Feb 2008 to May 2008 Plasticos Darma Medellín - Colombia Production Assessor – Production Department    Responsible for production lines redesign improving the efficiency of the order’s costumers income to the production plan. Produced a format for the company’s web page where the costumer could fill his order online. The order info was designed to be able to enter automatically in the production plan. Eliminated dead times inside the production plan making it 33% more efficiently .

July 2007 to Oct 2007 Alimentos Ceape. Entre Rios - Argentina Mechanical Engineer – Machine Designer     Responsible for designing and building an automatic machine. Designed and drafted the machine in Auto Cad 3D. Built main chassis and principal mechanisms. The packing line process had a 60% efficiency increase. packing

   

Nov 2005 to Oct 2006 Applitech Inc. Paradise Island – Bahamas Mechanical Engineer — Job Site Supervisor – Atlantis Hotel Responsible for the telescoping forklift driving and maintenance. Responsible for the yard, maintenance of machines, tools and delivery of materials. Trained Bahamian personnel for scaffolding construction. Supervised scaffolding for optimum safety on job site.

Jan 2003 to Sep 2003 Ingeneumatica S.A. Medellín - Colombia Mechanical Engineer – Machine Designer     Responsible for designing and building a platens automatic threading machine. Designed and modelled the machine in Auto Cad 3D. Manufactured the entire machine. The company didn’t have enough volume of platens for pipe assembles. The automatic machine enabled the company to get, in two days, the volume of platens required for one month.

Education  Bachelor of Science with Mathematics Emphasis 1984 – 1996 Colegio San Jose de la Salle Medellin, Colombia Primary and Secondary School Mechanical Engineering 1997 – 2003 Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Medellin, Colombia 5 years professional engineering degree

Additional Assets          Lecturer, VIII Technical Seminar on Mechanical Engineering, UPB Lecturer, VI Technical Seminar on Mechanical Engineering, UPB Wizard, V Technical Seminar on Mechanical Engineering, UPB Wizard, IV Technical Seminar on Mechanical Engineering, UPB Fibers and resins: Unsaturated polyesters: Process and Applications, UPB Aircraft, Design theory, UPB Autocad Modeling 3D, UPB Telescoping Forklift Operator Licence. Training & Compliance Group Inc. Nassau, Bahamas Forklift Truck operator Licence. Certificate II in Transport and Logistics. ABLES Vocational Training. NSW Australia

Language skills   First Language: Spanish Second Language: English. IELTS 05/06/2010 Overall Score 6.0

References  Edgar Araya Production Manager ALIMENTOS CEAPE - Entre Rios, Argentina E-mail: jefeprod@uapar.edu Tel 0054 (343) 4910010 (Argentina) Jorge Angel Manager APPLITECH INC - Miami, USA www.applitechinc.com E-mail: jorge@applitechinc.com Phone: 001 (305) 2348111 (Miami) Roque Maya Advisor INGENEUMATICA SA - Medellin, Colombia Phone: 0057 (4) 2351236 (Medellin)

Felix Villegas Gutierrez C.I. COMFORT JEANS SA - Medellin, Colombia Sales Manager Tel 0057 (4) 3515146 (Medellin) Sergio Palau Angel IND ARCHITECT – Medellin, Colombia Tel 0057 (4) 3542054 (Medellin)