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1. Fainting due to Epilepsy or any Other Reason. In any type of fainting, press hard with finger the point GV 26 (below
the nose) or K 1 (on the sole) or the ear lobe. All three points may be pressed depending upon response of the patient. If
known that fainting is due to low blood pressure, use GV 26 and if due to high blood pressure, use K 1.

2. Sun Stroke, Urine Retention, Child Awakens due to Fear. K 1 is very important point for above emergencies. Press
3. Water/Insect/Air in Ears or Any Emergency of Ears. Press SI 19. To locate the point, upon opening the mouth, it will
be found in depression just next to tragus of the ear. In case of water/insect/air in a particular ear, keeping the point pressed
with the finger, tilt the head so that the ear faces downwards.

4. Lack of Oxygen. A person may feel soffocated in a crowded and closed space or in an enclosed space due to lack of
proper ventilation and may have difficulty in breathing. By pressing Lu 4, the person starts getting additional oxygen, thus
reviviving him/her. The point can be located by touching the straightened arm with the tip of the nose. The point is where the tip
of the nose touches the arm.

5. Insect Bite. Press K 6 & /or apply black colour on the point. The point is located in depression one thumb width (use
patients thumb to measure) below the mid point of outer malleolus (ankle bone on big toe side).
6. Toothache, Facial Paralysis, Frequent Urge of Urination. Press Lu 7. The point is located on the frontal lateral side of
arm just proximal to the bony prominence & about 1 thumb width short of the wrist crease.

7. Difficulty in Exhaling, Difficulty in Speaking, Nose Bleeding. Press Lu 11 with probe/jimmy or a blunt object. The point
is located near the outer and proximal corner of thumb nail.
8. Sudden Loss of Voice. Massage points H 4, 5, 6 and 7. The points are located on the front medial side of arm as shown
in the diagram.

9. Food Enters Wind Pipe, Difficulty in Inhaling, Heart Attack. Press H 9 with probe/jimmy or a blunt object. The point is
located near the inner and proximal corner of small finger.
10. Travel Sickness. A person may suffer from nausea and vomiting or other problems during travel. Press P 6 or GB 34 to
prevent the problem. P 6 is located on front centre of arm, two thumb widths proximal to wrist crease (use patients thumb to
measure). GB 34 is located on the lower inner corner of head of fibula bone on the leg. Fibulas head can be felt on the outer
side of leg below the knee.

11. High Blood Pressure. Apply blue colour below left thumb nail.

12. Low Blood Pressure. Apply red colour below left thumb nail.
13. Stage Phobia, Unable to Face Crowd. Apply orange colour below nail of left ring finger.

14. Nausea and Vomiting. Apply green colour in centre axis of palm just below (towards fingers) the prominent raised portion
of palm.

15. Heat Stroke. Apply green colour around nail of left thumb.
16. Cold Attack. Apply light blue colour around nail of left thumb.


Legend: Tonification by white byol magnets - . Sedation by yellow byol magnets - .

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Abdomen (lower) colic & spasm Sp 4

2. Acne (eruptions of papules on skin) K 2

3. Adenitis (inflammation of a gland)

Adenitis of lumbar, thigh, knee GB 30

Swollen glands of neck CV 19
Scrofula (TB of cervical lymph node) CV 19
Adenitis - acute P7. Liv 3
Tumour CV 4. CV 12
Tumour or swelling on neck GB 20
Popliteal (area behind knees) adenitis UB 55

4. Ageing to slow down St 36

5. Affections of eyes, nose, ear, brain GB 20

6. Alcoholism

Acute St 45
Chronic CV 6

7. Albuminuria (presence of serum albumin in urine) K 3. CV4. Sp 6

8. Allergy

General Liv 3. Sp 10. GV

Allergy to food smell (symptoms loss of appetite, 14 .
nausea, hiccups, Lu 1

9. Amnesia (memory impairment)

General Lu 7
Recent memory poor H 9

10. Anemia (deficiency of red blood cells/haemoglobin) UB 15. UB 67

11. Animal/insect bite K 6. GB 36 /red

12. Anger

Short tempered due to liver fire Liv 2

Below 20 years of age, due to kidney deficiency K 3. UB 23
Old age, due to spleen deficiency Sp 6. St 36

13. Angina (chest pain due to oxygen deficiency in heart H 9. H 7.

muscles, may radiate to arm) Male - Sp 4 (L) , P
6 (R).
Female - Sp 4 (R) ,
P 6 (L).
14. Anus inflammation UB 50

15. Aortitis (inflammation of aorta) H 7. P 9

16. Aphasia (defect/loss of power of expression) SI 3

Sudden loss of voice H 5

17. Appendicitis (inflammation of appendix)

Acute St 36 1/2. St 37
Chronic Liv 2

18. Arms Problem

Shoulder pain & adduction problem (inability to Lu 2

bring arm
closer to the body) LI 1. Lu 2. Lu 6
Shoulder pain & inability to raise arm Lu 2
Upper arm pain Lu 6
Elbow extension/flexion problem Lu 5. Lu 6
Elbow pain TW 5
Elbow spasm TW 4, P 6
Elbow paretic limpness Lu 6
Fist- inability to close Lu 7
Palm hot LI 3
Hand pain

19. Arterial Tension

To decrease Liv 5
To increase Liv 5

20. Arthritis (inflammation of joints) K 2

Rheumatoid pain LI 8

21. Ascites (effusion & accumulation of serous fluid in CV 7. St 34

abdominal cavity)
22. Asthma (recurrent attack of breathlessness along with
Lu 2. Lu 6. CV
Acute bronchial asthma (sudden onset) 22.
Chronic bronchial asthma (breathlessness even at rest Lu 5. UB 13
sitting position) H 5
Cardiac asthma (breathlessness on exertion) K 6 . K 7
Renal asthma (difficulty in inhalation) Liv 3
Asthma caused by Liver (lips and nails turn black) Lu 11. Sp 10
Allergic asthma (due to allergy, breathlessness &
sneezing, Sp 4. Liv 13
possibly eosinophilia)
Asthma caused by spleen (excess phlegm, gas in

23. Atony (lack of normal tone or strength)

Chronic lack of tone SI 4

Atonia of orbicularis (mouth) muscles St 45
Atonia of duodenum H 5
Atonia of large intestine LI 4
Atonia of small intestine SI 2

Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Back problems

Backache GV 10
Back stiffness GV 1
Lower back pain K 3
Upper back pain, due to chronic deficiency of lungs UB 13

2. Bathing problem any type, i.e., itching , sweating, etc. K 2

3. Belching St 34

Belching loud P 7
4. Bad breath P 7

5. Bleeding anywhere in body Sp 6. Lu 6

6. Blood chemistry disorders UB 17

7. Blood pressure

Hyposystole (weak or incomplete cardiac systole) H 9

Hypotension (low blood pressure) P 9. H 7
Hypertension (high blood pressure) GB 20

8. Blood disorders

Azotaemia (excess urea & creatinine in blood) St 25

Hemophilia (hereditary hemorrhagic disease in which blood TW 5
fails to clot) Sp 15. UB 20
Leukemia (blood cancer)
Platelets count reduced (to increase) TW 5
Thickness of blood (to cause aspirin effect) TW 5
Leucocytemia (excess white blood cells in blood) LI 11
Acetonemia (excess ketone bodies in blood causing Liv 8

9. Bone disorders

Fracture- to heal quickly GV 3

Abscess of bone/tooth Sp 5
Rickets (bones deformity, etc in children due to vitamin D Sp 5
deficiency) UB 67
Arthritis of foot SI 3
Dislocation (disunion of bones) UB 11
Promote bone formation in children & prevent bone
degeneration in elderly

10. Body pain - only at night LI 15. TW 15

11. Brain tumor (growth of mass in brain) UB 6 or UB 8

opposite side
12. Brain fag (Brain fatigue causing nervous weakness & GV13
13. Bronchitis (inflammation of bronchus)

Acute UB 13
Chronic Lu 5. St 40

14. Breathlessness

Acute dyspnea (difficult breathing) CV 14. P 9

Painful dyspnea CV12.
Dyspnea with nervous cough CV 6

15. Burn injuries to provide immediate cooling effect. CV 7

Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Cancer (malignant tumor) anywhere in body - gives pain UB 12. LI
relief 11.
St 36
2. Cellulitis (inflammation of soft or connective tissues) CV 6

3. Choleriform (a disease resembling cholera) SI 7

4. Cheeks inflammation SI 10

5. Chest oppression H5

6. Chilblain (recurrent localized itching, swelling, pain & Lu 9

redness of fingers/
toes/ears due to mild frost bite)

7. Coma (state of deep unconsciousness that cannot be aroused) GV 19

8. Common Cold

Due to exposure to cold

Due to exposure to heat
Lu 7
Lu 11

9. Coldness

Ice cold extremities/bones GV 14

Cold bones K7
Cold feet Liv 3
Ice cold feet K 7
To prevent the consequences of chilling GV 10 (salt
Joints pain due to cold wind moxa)
Chills & cold feet St 37
Chills Sp 1
Chills - excess CV 9
CV 6

10. Colic (acute abdominal pain)

Colic & diarrhea with flatulence CV 3

Hepatic/nephritic colic (colic due to liver/kidney UB 23
11. Constipation chronic St 42. CV 8

12. Cough

Bronchitis, due to UB 12
Eosinophilia, due to UB 17
Chronic cough Lu 11
Cough with profuse, white sticky phlegm Lu 5
Dry hacking (haltingly) cough CV 16
Nervous cough with dyspnea (cough with difficult CV 6
breathing of nervous origin) GV 11
Spasmodic cough (cough along with muscular contracture) GV 10
Spasmodic cough with dyspnea (cough along with
muscular contracture Lu 1
and breathing difficulty)
Whooping cough (barking cough mostly affecting

13. Cramps (painful, spasmodic muscular contracture)

Cramps - general Liv 2. Liv 3

Cramps in abdomen CV 4
Cramps along with abdominal distention CV 9
Cramps in calf/forearm GB 44
Writers cramps (cramps affecting finger muscles after SI 4. UB 15.
prolonged writing) H 3

14. Cyanosis skin (bluish discoloration of skin due to oxygen/ Liv 3

hemoglobin deficiency)

Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Deaf-mutism (deafness & dumbness) GV 15

2. Diabetic neuropathy (disorder of nerves due to diabetes) St 40

3. Diabetes P 8

Along with increased muscle tone TW 4

Along with weight loss K3
Along with decreased urine & dry skin/mouth/tongue K1
Along with impotency/itching in genitals K2

4. Diarrhea (loose stools)

Chronic diarrhea St 25
Acute diarrhea Sp 4

5. Diaphragm disorders

Spasm K 3
Blockage, causing heavy breathing LI 6
Heaviness & discomfort UB 12

6. Diphtheria (acute infectious disease marked by formation of CV 18. Lu

gray-white pseudo membrane within nose, throat or larynx) 11

7. Disequilibrium physical, causing unstable gait CV 18

8. Drooling (flow of saliva outside of lips) St 4

9. Dysentery (frequent stool containing blood & mucus along St 25. St
with inflammation 37
of intestines)

10. Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) K 7. K 2

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Ear disorders

Otorrhoea (discharge from the ear due to infection) CV 6

Hardness of hearing, tinnitus (noise in the ears) & TW 10
vertigo TW 20
Red and swollen ear lobe SI 19
Inflammation of external ear canal

2. Epistaxis (nose bleed) CV 1

3. Epilepsy (disturbance of electrical activity of brain St 40

resulting in unconsciousness,
abnormal motion phenomena, etc)
UB 62
Epilepsy seizure during day K6
Epilepsy seizure during night
4. Eosinophilia (increase in number of eosinophils in blood) UB 17

5. Expectoration (coughing up and spitting out of material

from lungs)

Fetid (foul odor) & excess expectoration CV 5

To expel phlegm from chest St 40

6. Eye disorders
All affections GB 20
Blurred vision & declining eye sight aged St 36
Cyst of eyelid SI 7
Cataract (opacity of eye lens) CV 6. GB 37
Blepharo conjunctivitis (inflammation of eye lids & GB 37
conjunctiva) LI 1
Conjunctivitis (inflammation of conjunctiva) - acute GV10. GB 37
Glaucoma (increase of intra ocular pressure) Ly 2a
Infection/inflammation GB 43
Inflammation of external corner of eye GB 37
Optic nerve shrinkage K 5
Myopia (near sightedness) GV10
Mydriasis (dilation of pupil) SI 4
Trachoma (a contagious diseases of conjunctiva & GB 44 (opposite
cornea) side)
Inability to open eyes LI 1. GB 37
Night blindness (due to deficiency of vitamin A) SI 18
Uncontrolled twitching of eye muscles St 8
Intense eye pain/continuous uncontrolled
twitching/uncontrolled movement
of eye ball/exophthalmos (abnormal protrusion of eyes)

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Face discoloration

Blackness of face (due to kidney problem) K 1

Congested scarlet face GV 19
Cyanosis (blueness due to oxygen deficiency) Liv 3

2. Facial tics (spasmodic, involuntary, repetitive muscular Lu 5

contraction of face)

3. Fear/Phobia

Fear of closed space (claustrophobia) Lu 3. Lu 8

Fear of crowd (agoraphobia) Lu 3
Fear of cold UB 12
Fear of dark
Fear of examination/stage K 10. P 7
Fear of water H 7
Fear of wind CV 22. UB 12
Fearful child UB 12
Terror in children K 1
Nocturnal terror Lu 11
Fear and excessive restlessness GV 20
K 2

4. Female diseases

Miscarriage (premature expulsion of fetus from uterus Sp 4

before completion
of pregnancy) CV 4
Uterine fibroid, fibroma in breast CV 3
Frigidity (non arousal of sexual desire in a female) CV 7
Inflammation in pelvic area, ovary, urethra or vagina K 9
Problems of pregnancy K 5
Stopping or insufficiency of menses Lu 7
Uterine bleeding CV 3
Lack of lochea discharge during labor CV 2
Menopausal syndrome Liv 2. CV 3
Menorrhagia (excessive menstruation) UB 22. Liv 5
Oophoritis (inflammation of ovary) CV 14
Tympamium with pain(gas and pain in intestines CV 3
during pregnancy) CV 3
Predated menstrual cycle Liv 6
Prolonged menstruation LI 11
Post dated /excess menstruation CV 2
Irregular menstrual cycle St 44 (moxa)
Non normalization of dilated uterus after delivery CV 5
Dysmenorrhoea along with vertigo TW 5
Acute burning sensation in urethra/vagina CV 14. LI 4
Painful child birth (for painless delivery) CV 3
Acute discomfort during pregnancy CV 4
Intense pruritus (itching) /burning in vagina St 17
Chronic uterus complaint Sp 4 . Liv 8
Breast cancer SI 1. GB 41
Uterus prolapse GB 21
Insufficient lactation after delivery SI 1
Sensation of cold after delivery GB 41
Agalactia (absence or failure of milk secretion) Liv 1
Breasts ulcer Liv 8
Hemorrhagic discharge - continuous Liv 8
Painful period GB 41. GB 21.
Atrophy of genitals, SI 1
Mastitis (inflammation of breasts) GB 34
Nipple pain Liv 5
Genital pain K 3. K 7. Liv 5.
Leucorrhoea (whitish discharge from vagina) St 25. CV 4
Liv 11
Delayed or difficult birth UB 67
Mal positioning of fetus Liv 5
Metritis (inflammation of uterus) Liv 5
Vagina prolapse/shrinkage

5. Fainting SI 8

6. Finger contracture small finger H 8

7. Fistula(an abnormal passage between two internal organs St 25. Sp 5

or between an
internal organ & body surface)

8. Fissure (any cleft or groove) CV 12

9. Fits of weeping Lu 3

10. Fontanel (a soft spot on an infants skull) retarded CV 6


Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Gastro intestinal tract disorders

Aerocoly (large intestine distention due to gas) CV 17

Aerophagia (habitual swallowing of air) CV 17
Sluggish digestion St 41
Chronic dyspepsia (indigestion) CV 14
Dyspeptic eructation (belching with burning in chest & CV 5
throat) CV 2
Eructation (belching) immediately after food CV 6. CV 12
Enteritis (inflammation of intestine) Sp 4
Duodenal enteritis (inflammation of duodenum) CV 4
Enterocolitis (inflammation of small intestine & colon) CV 17
Hepatitis (inflammation of liver) UB 21. St 21
Acute gastritis (inflammation of stomach) UB 21
Chronic gastritis GB 40
Hepatic deficiency (sluggishness & contracture of liver) CV 5
Hyperacidity in stomach Liv 6
Any liver problem St 45
Congestion in liver SI 3
Intestinal obstruction causing stoppage of food movement LI 4
Intestinal occlusion (narrowing /closure) St 25. UB 21
Intestinal parasites UB 21
Intestinal rumbling UB 15
Aerogastria (gas formation & distention of stomach) CV 3
Gastric heaviness St 45
Indigestion H 9 (press)
Food in wind pipe CV 7
Burning sensation in throat, chest & abdomen Lu 1
Aversion to food and its smell CV 9
Cramps & distension of stomach CV11
Hard and stretched abdomen CV 3
Flatulence (gas in stomach/ intestines) with colic
(abdomen pain), diarrhea
(loose stools)

2. Ghost possession P5

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Hair fall UB 54

Graying of hair St 39

2. Head Problems

Headache top/vertex GB 41
Head - heaviness GV 1
Head - shaking GV 1

3. Headache
Intermittent, aggravates on walking/touching
Frontal with heat in head, cold feet and red eyes CV 4
St 41

4. Hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of body) Liv 6 (on good side)

5. Heart problems

Continuous heart pain CV 4

Chronic cardiac disorders CV 14
All acute valve affections, i.e.,stenosis (narrowing), H 7
insufficiency, etc P 7
Hypertrophied (enlarged) heart CV 12
Palpitation violent H 7
Arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) H 5. GV 25.
Bradycardia (slow heart beat, i.e., less than 60 per H 9. K 7
minute) H 6 (R) .
Alternatively, use
Pacemaker problem (inability of sino atrial node & original EAV point
other heart H 6a (R)
cells to properly initiate heart beats) P 7
UB 64
Left ventricle hypertrophy (enlargement) H 7. P 7
Myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscles)
Tachycardia (abnormally rapid heart beat)

6. Heel pain (tatalgia) St 43

7. Hiccup

General St 40. St 34
Constant UB 17

8. Hip joint disease, i.e., pain in hip & leg, leg thinned CV 6
out & lengthened

9. Hoarseness of voice CV 16

10. Hotness of palms

Hotness of palms without sweating P 9

Hotness of palms along with other diseases Lu 8

11. Herpes zoster (eruption of groups of small vesicles TW 6. GB 31

along the course of a nerve or nerves along with
neuralgic pain, caused by chicken pox virus)

12. Hunger

Voracious (excessive) hunger TW 4. CV 5

Quick satiation of excess hunger with little food UB 21
Excess food intake due to laptin hormone St 45
deficiency & weight gain Sp 3
Anorexia (lack or loss of appetite) due to dieting UB 15
Lack of appetite H 7
All disturbance of appetite Sp 15
Excess & frequent hunger (bulimia nervosa)

13. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Along with palpitation H 7

Due to tension GB 20
Due to Liver fire Liv 3. LI 11
Due to anger /wind Liv 2
Due to kidney disorder K 1

14. Hypothermia (temperature below normal) Liv 4. GV 14/ red

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Inability

Impossibility of raising the arm TW 15

Inability to raise arm along with pain in Lu 2
shoulder & fore arm Lu 3
Intolerance of horizontal position Lu 6
Inability to clench fist/inability to bend or
stretch elbow/inability Lu 1
to lift arm up to head.
Inability to lie supine (on back)

2. Infants diseases
Vomiting out of milk CV 16 or CV 17 (moxa)
Venereal disease (sexually transmitted GB 36
disease) TW 19 (moxa)
Vomiting UB 21 or brown color
Vomiting & loose motion GV 15
Cerebral palsy (motor disorder due to brain
damage, Sp 4 or brown colour on
mostly during delivery) original point
Severe gastro enteritis (inflammation of
stomach & CV 8 (moxa)
intestines) P 8 /moxa
Mouth ulcer, halitosis (foul odor in mouth), GV 20 (finger moxa).
gingivitis P 9. H 9
(inflammation of gums) Lu 10
Biological clock disturbance (sleep during Lu 10. UB 13
day, awake & cry GB 36
during night) St 7 . GB 40
Indigestion & fever St 42
Chronic cough
Pigeon breast (prominence of sternum bone
on chest)
Frequent awakening & crying
Marasmus (emaciation due to mal
nutrition/mal absorption)

3. Infection chronic GV 14

4. Inflammation

Auditory meatus (external ear canal) TW 22. SI 19

Neck TW 13
Larynx TW 3
Upper limbs UB 36
Lacrimal gland GV 24
Internal inflammation - any where in body Sp 6. LI 11
Heart Sp 4 K 2
Spleen Sp 13
Pelvis St 28. St 29
Kidney K 2a (original)
Vagina Sp 9
Ovaries K 15
Parotid gland LI 2
Uterus Sp 6
Testicles Sp 4
Labia major K 10
Cecum GB 20. GB 29
Abdomen (lower) GB 23
Urinary tract
Anus St 28. St 29
Hip/buttocks UB 50
Sub maxillary gland UB 51
Throat LI 10
Thyroid gland Lu 11
St 44

5. Influenza (acute viral infection of respiratory St 25


6. Inguinal trouble, i.e., pain, knot, hernia St 45. Sp 6

7. Immunity weak, to enhance TW 15

8. Intoxication

Intoxication by drugs UB 13
Intoxication by carbon dioxide (suffocation Lu 3
due to oxygen

9. Injury - peripheral nervous system/sacro - GV 3

coccygeal region

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Jaundice (disease marked by yellowness of sclera & skin) Sp 15

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Larynx Problems

Laryngitis (inflammation of larynx) Ly 4a (original)

Paralysis St 42. Sp 4

2. Legs Problems

Calf pain St 45
Foot pain St 45
Foot drop, walking difficulty St 42
Soles hot UB 67
Legs cold GB 37
Feet pain/numbness/heaviness UB 61
Leg pain St 31. St 45
Leg - inability to raise St 31
Knee pain with sound St 45
Knee bending problem Liv 7
Knee arthritis UB 15. Lu 3
Knee pain & swelling UB 23
Buttocks - any problem UB 51
Thigh - any problem UB 54
Calf - any problem UB 57

3. Liver abscess St 45

4. Limpness of muscles legs, elbows, eyes, etc. SI 7

5. Lithiasis (formation of stones) GB 40. GB 25

6. Lumbar Problems

Pain along with difficulty in bending UB 51

Pain radiating to scrotum St 39
Pain acute/severe UB 56

7. Lungs heaviness/burning CV 5

8. Lumps/Knots

Lumps in thyroid, uterus St 40

Knots/swelling in lymph gland TW10
Lumps/knots below skin St 40
Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Male diseases

Painful erection at night CV 2

Fatigue due to masturbation GV 6
Erotic mania (excessive sexual thoughts) CV 7
Chronic masturbation habit GV 3
Orchitis (inflammation of testis) UB 22. Liv 6
Maturing problem CV 6
Hypertrophy (enlargement) of prostrate UB 28
Insufficient sperms K 2
Excessive Sexual desire (satyriasis) GV 13
Interrupted intercourse (inveterate onanism) GV 3
Shrunken testicles/ascended testis/impotency St 29
Neuralgia of scrotum CV 7

2. Measles (rubeola)

Acute LI 4
Chronic GV 6

3. Memory problems

Forgetfulness Lu 7. H 9.
Forgetfulness recent Lu 7
Inability to comprehend H 9
Poor memory Liv 1
Memory recall problem Lu 11
Inability to forget LI 11

4. Meniers disease (deafness, tinnitus & dizziness due to ear GV 20. GB

disorder) 43

5. Mental diseases

Despair (sense of hopelessness) GV 9

Apathy (lack of feeling or emotion) K 7
Demoniac possession (possession by ghosts) Lu 5 or GV
Distraught (mental restlessness)
Excess excitability 6
Erethismus (tendency to make mountain out of mole hill, GV 10
resentful) GV 19
Hallucination (a false sense perception of sight/ touch/ CV 5
sound/smell/ taste) GV 1
Hypochondriasis (morbid anxiety of ones health) Liv 8
Intolerance GV 13
Irritation GV 12
Desire to kill GV 11
Maniac state (disordered mental state of extreme GV 11
preoccupation with something) Lu 9
Mental Disorder GV 10
Negligent UB 65
Neurosis (an emotion anxiety disorder caused by GV 11
unresolved conflicts) St 40
Over excitement GV 13
Psycho - neurosis SI 3
Exaggerated reflexes CV 7
Semantic disturbance (inability to comprehend/use words) GV 11
Sadness GV 15
Extravagant speech GV 19
Suicidal tendency CV 6
Inability to coordinate thoughts GV 12
Timidity H 7
Lost sense of values Lu 7
Fear of death LI 5
Spastic (uncontrolled/unjustified) laughter P 8
Uncontrolled seizure of laughter Lu 3
Laughter incessant/loud Lu 3
Depression, forgetfulness, confusion Lu 7
Depression, crying - frequent K 4
Depression/sadness, grief, worry GV 16
Depression, anxiety, aloofness GV 25
Insanity St 40. GV 13
Brain power, to improve P4
Hysteria (mental disorder marked by lack of control over
acts & emotions)
Presence of mind reduced
6. Mouth, lips, throat problems

Inflammation of mouth GV 12
Dry mouth with aversion to drinking GV 11
Dryness in mouth & pharynx Lu 9
Dry mouth with great thirst TW 4
Blisters on lips & mouth due to fever CV 24
Difficulties in mastication TW 20 (moxa)
Violent contracture of lips TW 21
Red rimmed mouth ulcer LI 7
Lock jaw TW 22
Food stuck in throat CV 16
Sanguinolent saliva (bloody tinge in saliva) SI 15
Uncontrolled flow of saliva St 39
Food/ water in wind pipe H 9 (press)
Sialorrhoea (Excess salivation but mouth feels dry) CV 7
Stomatitis (generalized inflammation of the mouth cavity) St 42
Bitter taste in mouth CV 2
Bitter taste in mouth with nausea & dizziness CV 3

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Nausea & vomiting St 21. St 34

2. Neck stiffness P 7, TW 5

3. Nephroptosis (downward displacement of kidney) GB 25

4. Nerve problems

To tonify the nerves deeply GV 6

Neuritis Sp 2

5. Neuralgia (paroxysmal pain along course of a

GB 40
Axilla neuralgia GB 7
Cranial neuralgia Lu 7
Trigeminal neuralgia Lu 7. UB 9. St 3. St
Facial Neuralgia 4. H 3
Cheek neuralgia GB 43
Frontal neuralgia UB 2. St 8
Temple neuralgia GB 1. GB 37
Ocular (eye) neuralgia UB 9. St 2.
Dental neuralgia CV 24. LI 2. LI 5. St
Lower teeth neuralgia 3. UB 14
Upper teeth neuralgia St 5. St 6. St 7. LI 16
Neck neuralgia SI 18
Occipital neuralgia GB 7. LI 10
Scrofula neuralgia TW 12
Intercostals neuralgia LI 14
Chest neuralgia Lu 9. Lu 2
Breast neuralgia Liv 3
Shoulder neuralgia Liv 3. Lu 4
Scapula neuralgia UB 5. LI 3
Thoracic nerve neuralgia Lu 5. LI 4
Dorso lumber neuralgia UB 11. SI 17
Sacral neuralgia UB 13
Lumber neuralgia UB 27. UB 28. UB30
Uterus neuralgia Liv 1. GV 2. GV 3.GB
Abdomen neuralgia 38
Epigastrium neuralgia Liv 1. GB 26. GB 27.
Lower abdomen neuralgia CV 3
Genital neuralgia UB 28
Scrotum neuralgia St 23
Inguinal neuralgia St 26. UB 28. UB 53
Leg neuralgia UB 47
Lower limb neuralgia CV 7
Thigh neuralgia St 45
Thigh inner muscle neuralgia Sp 6. K 6
Thigh skin neuralgia GB 39. K 8
UB 59
Knee neuralgia Liv 8
Popliteal neuralgia GB 30. GB 31.GB 32.
Calf neuralgia GB 34
Fibular neuralgia St 34. St 35
Ankle neuralgia UB 53.
Foot dorsum neuralgia GB 37. UB 53
Wrist neuralgia GB 35. GB 36
Arm neuralgia GB 37
GB 42
Radial nerve neuralgia SI 10. SI 11
Arm anterior surface neuralgia Lu 3. LI 3. LI 12.
LI 14. LI 15. TW 3
Arm neuralgia with intercostals neuralgia Lu 8
Shoulder posterior surface neuralgia Lu 9. SI 1. SI 2. Sp
Scapula to wrist neuralgia 1.
Scapula to elbow neuralgia LI 13
Forearm neuralgia Lu 9
Forearm to neck LI 2
Elbow neuralgia LI 6
Finger neuralgia LI 11
Ring & little finer neuralgia SI 1. SI 2.TW 1. St
Ring finger neuralgia 18.
Index & middle finger neuralgia TW 1
Thumb neuralgia LI 11. TW 5
Base of thumb neuralgia
H 7 (opposite side)
Palm & finger neuralgia TW 5 (opposite side)
Palm neuralgia P 7
Lu 7
Lu 7, LI 6 (opposite
Lu 9, LI 5(same side)
SI 7
LI 13
6. Nose Disorders

Rhinophyma (chronic skin disease of nose GV 25

marked by redness &
swelling) UB 64 , K 4
Nose bleed UB 58
Nose blocked GV 25
Allergic rhinitis (inflammation of nose due to

Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Occipital headache/heaviness GV 16

2. Oedema (swelling)

Pitted edema of face & neck GB 40

Tendency to edema H 9
Edema of lungs UB 13
Pitted type edema - anywhere CV 9
Edema of abdomen, face, limbs along with borborygmas St 43
(rumbling noise in

3. Osteitis (inflammation of bone) Sp 5

4. Osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone due to pyogenic CV 6

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Pain

Acute pain CV 6 or CV 3
Pain aggravated by cold water & inhibited by hot CV 6
fomentation Liv 2
Piercing pain (aggravates on movement) TW 6
Ribs pain UB 57
Calf muscles pain St 43
Chronic heel pain (Tatalgia) LI 7
Pain of entire arm St 34
Pain in hip, knee, leg along with cold feet SI 8
Dislocation of shoulders with severe pain GB 33
Sciatica pain accompanied by weakness UB 59
Inflammation of ankle joint GB 25
Intercostal/lumbar neuralgia GB 42
Inflammation of dorsum of foot GV 26
Acute lower back sprain St 38
Perifocal inflammation of shoulder TW 2
Pain & swelling of fingers UB 63
Pain in bottom of foot Lu 5
Inflammation - anywhere P 9, H 7
Sudden inflammation of brain & spinal cord St 42
Pain in dorsum of foot

2. Parkinsons disease UB 7. UB 15
(chronic disease of nervous system marked by tremors, or
rigidity & peculiar gait, etc.) UB 15

3. Portal hypertension (high B.P. in portal vein) Liv 1

4. Pneumonia UB 13

5. Paronychia (skin infection near finger/toe nail) CV 9

6. Phlegm- excess St 40. Sp 9

7. Piles

Chronic CV 6
Hemorrhagic (bleeding) K 7

8. Pituita (acute, thick nasal discharge) GB 39

9. Poornima/amavasya problems CV 6 - start

two days prior

10. Poisoning

Carbon mono oxide poisoning Lu 3

Food Poisoning K 9

11. Precocious senility (unusually early physical and mental GV 4

deterioration associated with old age)

12. Problems after bathing K 2

13. Progressive muscular atrophy (gradual decrease in size of SI 3

muscular tissues)

14. Prostate gland enlargement (symptoms frequent Liv 4

urination at night, drop by drop urination)

Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Raynauds disease (vascular disease mainly affecting Lu 9
fingers/toes & marked by numbness, inflammation &
2. Rectum problems

Sudden anal prolapse CV 8 (moxa)

Inflammation of anus UB 50

3. Resuscitation (restoration of life) after drowning CV 1 (press)

Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Scoliosis (lateral curvature of vertebral column) UB 64

2. Sciatica

Lumber pain & pain at back of leg UB 60

Lumber pain & pain on lateral side of leg GB 30 . GB

3. Sebaceous glands(glands situated below skin & secreting CV 2

sebum & opening into hair follicles) inflammation

4. Sickness in morning TW 4. CV
5. Sinusitis (inflammation of paranasal sinus) LI 4. Ly 3

6. Skin diseases

Erysipelas (redness &swelling of skin with fever& other St 41

systemic symptoms) K 2. GB
Furuncle (boil) 38
Furunculosis (occurrence of many boils at a time) LI 11
Pustules (small, elevated, pus containing lesions of skin) GV 6
Dry, hot skin CV 13
Any type of skin disease UB 54. LI
Abscess of uterus neck 11
Pain in skin, aggravated by touch of cloth CV 2
Throat abscess St 15
Bone abscess H 5
Vaginal pruritus (itching)
Urethra/vulva pruritus Sp 5
CV 7. Liv
Intense pruritus whole body 5
Simple pruritus whole body CV 3. CV
Infection & itching in groin 7.
Ulcers anywhere in body Liv 5
Urticaria (transient appearance of slightly elevated red/pale CV 3
patches on skin) K 2
Prickly heat Sp 11
UB 65
Formication (sensation of insect crawling on skin) St 32. UB
Proud flesh (granulated mass over an abscess), boils, 65
fissures, chaps Sp 10 . UB
CV 15
SI 4, H 5

7. Sleep Disorders

Insomnia (inability to sleep) GV 19. K 6

Hypersomnia (excessive sleep) UB 62
GV 19. K
Chronic insomnia 6 ,
To cause a patient to sleep UB 62
Insomnia of the aged CV 6. CV
Insomnia due to fear 12
Pacing the whole night/ inability to lie down Liv 10
Dream disturbed sleep CV 6
Nightmare CV 7
UB 52
Sp 1
St 45
8. Somnambulism (sleep walking) Sp 5

9. Spasm (contracture)

Esophageal spasm GV 11
Gastric spasm St 40
Internal spasm Liv 2
Violent spasm or contracture of the stomach GV 8
Spasm of the lower extremity GB 32

10. Speech problem

Aphonia (loss of voice) H 5

Weak voice Lu 9
Inability to comprehend speech SI 3
Extravagant speech GV11

11. Spinal marrow disorders K 7

12. Spine Problems

Spine excessive extension GV 16

Strengthen/straighten spine in case of chronic backache Sp 3
Lumbo sacral pain/ tail bone pain GV 19 .
GV 20
Spinal T.B. UB 13. CV
13. Spleen disorders

General disorders Sp 15
Splenomegaly/inflammation of spleen Liv 7. Sp
Splenomegaly along with malaria 15
Liv 13
14. Stomach disorders

Gastritis (inflammation of stomach) - acute/chronic St 25

Pain severe St 34
Distention due to gas, chills Sp 15
Distention & pain due to gas Sp 3, St
15. Stool disorders

Fetid (foul odor) stool with undigested matter Lu 1

Discoloured stool Liv 6
Discolored stool with golden yellow urine UB 23
Enteriform (semi solid) stool with mucous CV 4

16. Study & teaching problems

To comprehend teachings H 9
To teach with clarity Lu 11

17. Sunstroke GV 26. K

18. Suffocation

Suffocation in reclining position Lu 2

Suffocation - sudden, due to trachea obstruction LI 2
19. Suppuration (formation of pus)

General treatment CV 6
General tendency to suppuration TW 3
Osseous suppuration (pus formation in bone) CV 9. CV
20. Sweating

Sweating at night SI 3. H 6
Sweating on head while eating (due to stomach heat) St 41
To cause a patient to sweat Liv 10

21. Swelling

Swelling in body St 43
Swelling in Limbs St 37

22. Syncope (temporary loss of consciousness) CV 3

23 Synovitis (inflammation of synovial membrane) Liv 2 or K


Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Teeth (Including gums & jaws) problems

Inflammation of teeth Ly 2
Toothache - lower LI 3. St 44
Upper jaw pain/ inflammation/node LI 4 . GV 25
Mastication (chewing) problem TW 20. St6
Bleeding of gums St 44
Lower jaw pain St 44
Infection in teeth LI 6
Coldness in teeth LI 4. Lu 7
Protrusion of upper teeth Lu 5

2. Tuberculosis of lymph node GB 41

3. Terror in children GV 21


Excess thirst Sp 4
Excess thirst with dry throat LI 6
Intense thirst LI 4. TW 5
Continuous thirst H 9

5. Throat problems

Infection Lu 11
Occlusion (obstruction/stiffness) St 39. UB 17
Pharyngitis/sore throat (inflammation of throat) Ly 4b
External wind cold attack, due to (original)
External wind heat attack, due to Lu 7, LI 4
Internal heat, due to Lu 11
Paralysis Lu 10
St 42. Sp 4
6. Tongue disorders

Painful, swollen tongue H 9

Pale & stiff tongue LI 4
Puffy tongue Lu 7
Flaccid (having deficient muscular tone) tongue, inability TW 1
to speak

7. Tonsil disorders

Tonsil hypertrophy (enlargement) TW 4

Swollen ulcerated tonsils H 7
Tonsillitis (inflammation of tonsil) Lu 11
Inflammation- all five types of tonsils P 7

8. Torticolis/wryneck (stiff neck with torsion) GV 14. UB

9. Toxins to expel K 8

10. Travel sickness

Mountain sickness, i.e., breathlessness, dizziness, diarrhea. GV 12

Sea sickness, i.e., nausea, dizziness CV 14
Bus/car sickness, i.e., vomiting, dizziness GB 34
Aeroplane sickness, i.e., earache, deafness, dizziness TW 10
Motor cycle/scooter/cycle cramps Liv 3
Travel illness, i.e., falling ill during travel CV 14
Travel phobia, i.e., frequent motions, urination & H 7
palpitation before travel

11. Trembling any body part UB 15

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Ulcers

Ulcerating process in legs & feet St 35

Gastric (stomach) ulcer H 5
Varicose ulcer, i.e., ulcer on varicose veins Sp 5
Duodenal ulcer St 45

2. Urinary diseases

Anuria (absence of urine formation by kidneys) Liv 8

Glycosuria (presence of glucose in urine) GV 3
Hydronephrosis (distension of renal pelvis & calices GB 25
with urine
due to ureter obstruction UB 21
Oliguria (diminished formation of urine) UB 21
Polyuria (excessive excretion of urine) CV 4
Urethritis (inflammation of urethra) CV 7
Severe burning in urethra during/before/after urination CV 7
Pain due to urethral stone CV 4
Albuminuria (presence of serum albumin in urine) CV 6. Lu 9. LI
Incontinence of urine (inability to hold back urine) 6
Incontinence of urine - females (due to weak sphincter) Sp 8.
Prolapse of urinary bladder K 7
Bed wetting - children K 3
Retention of urine K 4.
Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Veins problems

Painful, varicose (distended) veins Sp 5

Varicose ulcer Sp 5
Varicose veins along with hemorrhoids (piles) GB 38

2. Vertigo

Vertigo (sensation of rotation) with tinnitus (noise in ears) TW 10

Vertigo without tinnitus TW 10

3. Vomiting

Acute vomiting CV 14
Vomiting along with convulsion (repeated muscular UB 21
contraction) CV 14
Vomiting during pregnancy

Sr.No Disease Treatment Point

1. Weakness

Emaciation (condition of being extremely lean) due Liv 8

to excess
acetone in blood CV 3
Asthenia (weakness) CV 6
Depletion of physical energy, i.e., weakness & GV 13
fatigue GV 3
Loss of physical & moral energy Sp 5
Physical & mental fatigue GV 13
Inadequate growth in spite of good diet CV 10
Nervous prostration, i.e., excess fatigue CV 6
Physical & mental weakness CV 4
Progressive emaciation
Profound physical & mental weakness

2. Weight loss (emaciation), in spite of proper diet CV4. CV 6. CV

Liv 8.
(all points can also be
used together)

3. Worms

Intestinal worms UB 67. Sp 10

Intestinal parasites St 25
Formication (sensation of small insects creeping) all St 32
over the body

4. Writers cramp (spasmodic contractions of muscles of H 3

fingers, hand & forearm, with neuralgic pain)

Sr.No Disease Treatment
1. Yawning GV 13

Lu 9. K 3