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Module 1: Basic Research Terms and

Concepts of Research

Module 1.3 : Scope of Nursing Research

The ability to conduct research is becoming an ever important skill. The
ultimate purpose of nursing is to provide high-quality patient care.
Clinical practice without research is practice based on tradition without
validation. Research is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing
treatment modalities, to determine the impact of nursing care on the
health of the patients or to test out theory. Nursing practice is
undergoing tremendous changes and challenges. In order to meet social
challenges and needs, nursing practice must be research based.

Research in nursing evolved predominantly when nursing education

became a part of higher education and was seeking its own body of
knowledge, different from that of medicine. Nursing research refers to
the use of systematic, controlled, empirical, and critical investigation in
attempting to discover or confirm facts that relate to specific problem or
question about the practice of nursing.
What is Research Work?
Research work is investigate or work systemically, to achieve or find out
the desired or new outcome of the process or methodology.

Research is motivated and guided by PROBLEMS.

Problems may be theoretical or practical, and antedate research

Research is a formal, systematic and intensive process of analyzing
problems through scientific means for purposes of discovery and
development of an organized body of knowledge(Abdellah,1986)

Is likewise a systematic collection and analysis of data to illuminate,

describe or explain new facts and relationships (Treece and

A way of dealing with ideas for purposes of clarifying , verifying and

confirming data (Polit and Hungler,1985)
Purposes of Research
General Purpose
To answer questions or solve problems, to observe in order to know, to
know in order to predict, to predict in order to practice and prescribe
accurately and in a professional manner (Polit and Hungler,1995)

Specific purposes
4.Prediction and Control
Scope of Research
The scope of your research is determined by your problem and your

So scope for research work is broad, you can also say, till human being
thinking about new or curious to know about new entity or discover
something new either from already exiting or from new entity, the scope
for research work is alive.

There are no intrinsic boundaries in scope, but each particular project

should aim at specific kinds of results, and probably also aim at some
specific communicable PRODUCT, such as a dissertation or a
publishable paper.
Scope of Research
The scope of research work(sow) should contain any
1. Milestones,
3.Deliverables, and
End products that are expected to be provided by the performing
The sow should also contain a time line for all deliverables.
A sow may contain many deliverables, but each should be
broken down into tasks and end products to specify what is
The Scope of Work (SOW) is the area in an agreement where the work to be
performed is described.
A Scope of Research Work
Problem Statement
Goals of the Agreement
Objectives of the Agreement/Deliverables
Nursing Research
Prior to Florence Nightingale ' the pioneer of nursing research, the
development of nursing research had relied on a few highly determined
individuals and was bound up with the professionalization of nursing, the
demands for suitable nurses' and the raising of educational standards for

Is viewed from two angles, as follow:

1. With nurses as principal investigator
2. Research on nursing care and With nurses as principal investigator

It is research intended to determine the causes and prevention of diseases,

the promotion of health in the growth and development processes, and the
rehabilitation of patients for a more productive life.
Nursing Research
Research on nursing care aims at:
Knowing the health care of individuals and groups and the biological,
physiological, social, behavioral and environmental factors that influences
health and disease in relation to nursing care.
Scope of Nursing Research
The scope of nursing research is to strengthen the body of knowledge in
nursing Practice in nursing Education and in nursing Administration.
The Area or Scope of Nursing Research
The area or scope of nursing research may be classified in the following

Research in nursing practice& clinical research

Research in nursing education

Research in nursing administration

Research in Nursing Practice/Clinical Research
The scope of clinical research ranges from:
Acute to chronic care experiences across the entire life span.

Health promotion and preventive care to end-of-life care

Care for individuals' families' and communities in diverse settings.

It is imperative for nursing research to take a farsighted approach in

order to have greater impact in the future.

For example' recent discoveries in the genetic basis of disease and

behavior may help nurse scientists to develop more effective strategies to
manage symptoms and tailor interventions
Research in Nursing Practice/Clinical Research
Clinical research
Based on biological' behavioral' and other types of investigations'
provides the scientific basis for the care of individuals across the life
span and occurs in any setting where nursing care is provided.

Health systems and outcomes research

It examines the availability & quality and costs of health care services
as well as ways to improve the effectiveness and appropriateness of
clinical practice.

Finally nursing education research

Focuses on how students learn the professional practice and
discipline of nursing as well as
How to improve educational strategies to prepare clinicians and
The care provided by nurses must be based on up-to-date knowledge
and research that supports the delivery of the highest standards of care

Nurses are developing their own professional knowledge base with

strong foundations built on research.

Nurses have a responsibility in some way to contribute to the

development of the professions knowledge through research.

Nursing as expanded view of health emphasizes health promotion'

restoration' and rehabilitation' as well as a commitment to caring and