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NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program

Brandon Watson – (512) 520-7248
NEA-Dallas Board of Directors
President Angela Davis
CALENDAR 6500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 520
Vice President Mary D. Smith
Dallas, Texas 75206
VP of Teacher Affairs Delna Bryan
2/9/17 DISD Board Briefing-11:30 a.m. VP of DISD ESPs Sheila Walker
Monday – Friday Secretary Vivian Bryant
2/10/17 DCS Safety Summit Treasurer Peggy Rodgers-Pickron
8:30 am – 5:00 pm NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2017
2/17/17 General Membership Social [Closed Saturday, Sunday & all DISD holidays]
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm TSTA Help Center 1-877-ASK-TSTA
El Ranchito Looking Forward to Region 4D IN THIS ISSUE
610 W. Jefferson Blvd. House of Delegates
Dallas, TX 75208 By NEA-Dallas
2/18/17 Region 4D House of Delegates We are excited and ready to go with all of the delegates that were voted Page 2
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm on at last month’s General Membership Meeting! Our Region 4D HoD will
DCS Technology & Training Center be held February 18, 2017 here in Dallas, TX. Our TSTA HoD will be held DCS Set to Host Safety Summit
5151 Samuel Blvd. Malinda McKee Raya Staley in Houston, TX this year from April 7-8, 2017 at the Omni Houston Hotel. Page 2
The final HoD is the NEA Representative Assembly that will be held from
Dallas, TX 75228 TSTA Staff Office Manager Lobby Day - March 13, 2017
June 30th - July 5th in the wonderful city of Boston, MA. The NEA RA is the
(214) 923-2768 – cell (214) 821-2061 world’s largest democratic decision-making body with upwards of 9,000 Page 2
2/20/17 Student Holiday / Staff Development delegates in attendance from all over the United States and the world.
We look forward to having our delegates in attendance for these events.
Three Dallas ISD schools nominated for Blue
2/21/17 DCS Board Meeting @ 1 p.m. The future of the organization will be decided there, and each of them will Ribbon status
have a vote! This is one of the best ways to become involved in YOUR
NEA-Dallas neadallas1
Page 3
organization. We are so glad you decided to be a part of it this year!
2/23/17 DISD Board Meeting @ 6 pm Teachers reminded to vote now for
TSTA Help Center textbooks and instructional materials
1-877-ASK-TSTA Page 3 NEA-Dallas 2017-2020 Board of Directors
College Board honors Dallas ISD at board meeting for
AP successes February General Membership Social Page 3
BY THE HUB ON JANUARY 27, 2017 NEAMB Signature Discount Come join us for our General Membership Social. Appetizers, Tea, and College Board honors Dallas ISD at board
AT&T gives discounts to organizations like corporations, government Soda will be provided. meeting for AP successes
Dallas ISD was recognized at the Jan. 26 board meeting for being agencies, military branches, unions, associations, and colleges/universities,
who then pass them along to their employees, members, or students.
Page 4
one of 433 schools to land on the College Board’s 7th Annual AP® When: Friday, February 17, 2017
District Honor Roll.
When you enroll in the AT&T Signature Discount program, through your CALENDAR OF EVENTS
organization-and have a qualified wireless service agreement- you'll save on Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm See some important dates and times for upcoming
To be included on the 7th Annual Honor Roll, Dallas ISD had to, your monthly service charge for qualifying plans.
since 2014, increase the number of students participating in events for the current month.
Where: El Ranchito
Advanced Placement while also increasing or maintaining the As an AT&T Signature Discount member, you’ll receive: Page 4
610 W. Jefferson Blvd.
percentage of students earning AP Exam scores of 3 or higher.  Dallas, TX 75208
Reaching these goals shows that Dallas ISD is successfully
15% off qualified wireless plans & services NEAMB Signature Discount
 20% off eligible wireless accessories Page 4
identifying motivated, academically prepared students who are RSVP: Raya Staley (214) 821-2061 or
For more information and details go to the website listed below:
ready for AP.
Union Member discounts available at
A Message from the President DCS Set to Host Safety Summit Three Dallas ISD schools nominated for Blue Ribbon
By Angela Davis Dallas County Schools transports over status
We would like to CONGRATULATE & RECOGNIZE our
75, 000 students safely to and from
We are well on our way into 2017 and the school each day. BY THE HUB ON JANUARY 13, 2017 newly elected
second semester of the school year. I hope you Dallas County Schools is set to host an NEA-Dallas 2017-2020 Board of Directors
are continually reminded what an integral part inaugural Safety Summit on February Three Dallas ISD schools have been nominated for the national
you play in the life of the students you 10, 2017. The Summit will bring together a wide-array of experts 2017 Blue Ribbon Schools award. The middle schools at both
encounter daily. You are inspiring our future leaders and in pupil transportation and student safety that will discuss some Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy (BOMLA) and Irma Delna Bryan
educators! We want each of our members to know we are of the key issues facing this ever-changing industry. Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, as well as President
partners in your efforts to provide the students of DISD the safe, "Our goal is to share innovations, create open discussion and the Dallas Environmental Science Academy (DESA), are the
positive public education experience they deserve. provide solutions in pupil transportation and safety in the Dallas ISD nominees.
Our 2017 Legislative Session is in full swing. One of the top topics educational environment," said Larry Duncan, Board President,
is School funding, which is a real emergency. Although the Texas Dallas County Schools. "We'll be inviting state-wide influencers The Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced that 26 Texas
Supreme Court declared the state’s school funding system barely and leaders in transportation and education to share ideas and Sheila Walker
public schools have received nominations. The prestigious Executive Vice President
constitutional, serious issues of adequacy and equity still impact best practices in keeping students safe." award is a program of the U.S. Department of Education and
the quality of our children’s education. DCS is bringing in a panel of experts from multiple industries to recognizes exemplary schools where students are performing at
• Currently, the state pays for only 43 percent of basic public lend their knowledge toward several topics involving student
high levels. All schools that have been nominated for the 2017
education costs, leaving property taxpayers to pay the rest. When safety, including developing a safety culture, protecting students
honor were selected as exemplary high performing schools as
federal funding is included, the state pays for only 38 percent. in the 21st century, implementing innovations in pupil
transportation and considering challenges and opportunities in measured by state assessments. Each school has an economically
• A substantial amount of “state” funding includes local school student safety. disadvantaged population of 22 percent or greater.
property tax dollars collected from wealthier districts and Hope Lee
Dallas County Schools is a leader in school bus safety in the state. Vice President of Teacher Affairs
transferred under the outdated “Robin Hood” school finance law Through its Student Safety Program, which includes stop-arms The nominated schools must now complete a rigorous
to property poor districts. cameras on every bus, there has been a reduction in the number application process through the U.S. Department of Education.
• Moreover, not all of our local school tax dollars are spent on of stop-arm violations in Dallas. Its entire fleet is also equipped Announcements of the national award winners will be made in
education. Because of increases in local property wealth, some with seat belts and interior bus cameras to monitor student September. Schools that receive the award are recognized at the
$3.2 billion of local school property taxes are returned to the behavior, and they can also monitor every bus through GPS. DCS Blue Ribbon Schools awards ceremony in Washington, D.C.
state’s general fund and will likely be spent on other state budget drivers have also received extensive emergency training and
items during this session. have instant radio communications and a panic button if help is Each of the campuses credited the hard work of their students,
Carmen Behrend
• The $3.2 billion generated by local taxpayers was paid for their needed. teachers, staff and community for helping secure the nomination. Vice President for DISD ESP Affairs
schools and it should be spent on schools, and not used to balance The Safety Summit will be held at the Dallas County Schools
Technology and Training Center at 5151 Samuell Boulevard, In 2011, Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School and DESA
the state budget!
Dallas, Texas, 75228. received a Blue Ribbon.
• An adequate and reliable state investment in school funding
would hold the line on school property taxes and meet the
demands of school enrollment growth of 80,000 students a year.
But that goal will be hard to achieve if school tax dollars continue Teachers reminded to vote now for textbooks and instructional
to be diverted to other purposes while some state leaders refuse Lobby Day materials Lonnie Richardson
Vice President for DCS ESP Affairs
to address critical school funding needs. March 13, 2017 It’s time to select textbooks and instructional materials for
• Per-pupil funding in Texas is about $2,700 less than the Career and Technical Education (CTE), Languages Other than
national average, and teacher pay is about $6,300 less than the NEA-Dallas is heading to the state capital to let our legislatures English (LOTE), and Mathematics (Algebraic Reasoning and
national average. know that we have specific concerns that are important to us Statistics) content areas. Teachers of those content areas are
this session. For all Dallas ISD and Dallas County Schools invited to cast their votes through Thursday, February 23. To
• Our economic future relies on investing in our public schools. begin the voting process, teachers should visit Curriculum
employees, this is your chance to learn more about issues that Vivian Bryant
Respected Texas economist Ray Perryman says the long-term Central at, and select the Instructional
return for each additional dollar the state invests in public will be affecting you for the next 2 years. You will also have the Secretary
opportunity to meet with your legislators as a voting constituent Materials Adoption Process icon, and follow the step as
education is about $50, including increased earnings and outlined. Go here for a flyer with more information. Remember,
productivity and reduced social costs. to discuss important issues such as school finance, payroll
your vote impacts the students of Dallas ISD and your vote
deduction, and school transportation.
• The diversified Texas economy is still generating billions of counts!
additional dollars from existing revenue sources. In addition to
This is your opportunity to HELP make a difference in public
the $3.2 billion of local education tax funds now being diverted,
the Rainy-Day Fund alone will have a balance of about $12 billion
Peggy Rodgers-Pickron
by the end of the next two-year budget cycle. Treasurer
Reserve your seat on the bus today, by completing the
As educators, we must maintain a close relationship with our commitment form, attach a $25.00 check or money order and
legislators. NEA-Dallas is asking you to take a stand by marking return it to NEA-Dallas by February 28, 2017.
your calendars and participating in our Lobby Day scheduled for
Monday, March 13, 2017 in Austin, TX. The new officers term will begin on June 1, 2017