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EleciroVoice 8

Variable-D Dynamic
Reduced proximity effect
Small camera profile
little off-axis coloration
Supercardioid pattern
Hum-bucking coil and steel case
Bass roll-off switch
Extremely rugged and reliable

reduces proximity effect from the Single-D

Description and Applications Architects' and Engineers'
microphone's typical 15 dB at 100 Hz to less
The Electro-Voice RE15 is a Variable-D than 5 dB at 100 Hz.
dynamic supercardioid microphone created A "hum-bucking" coil has been added to the The microphone shall be a Variable-D
specially for the most exacting professional RE15 (see Figure 4), in addition to its screw- supercardioid dynamic type with wide range
applications. Utilizing the major technologi- machined steel outer casing, to ensure rejec- response uniform from 80-15,000 Hz. Prox-
cal breakthrough of Variable-D design (a tion of hum under all conditions. When a imity effect shall be 10 dB less at 100 Hz
means for deriving directionality), the RE15 dynamic microphone is subjected to ex- than with comparable Single-D designs. Re-
features a degree of directional control so tremely heavy magnetic fields such as those sponse at any angular position away from
effective that frequency response is virtually caused by ac currents due to heavy stage the major axis shall be essentially similar to
independent of the angular location to the lighting, proximity to power transformers, the response on the major axis, attenuated
sound source. The result is a microphone that or many other conditions which occur un- uniformly at all frequencies by an amount
generates little or no off-axis coloration, yet der remote operation, it has a tendency to appropriate to that angular position. Attenu-
provides greatest possible rejection of un- pick up hum. The hum-bucking coil in the ation at frequencies from 100-4,000 Hz (re-
wanted sounds. A supercardioid, the RE15 RE15 gives an additional 25 dB of hum ferred to major axis signal value) shall ex-
provides its greatest rejection at 150 off axis. rejection. Hum pickup level is -125 dB ceed 25 dB at 150 from major axis in any
This assures greatest rejection in the hori- (re: .001 gauss field). plane. Attenuation above 4,000 Hz shall ex-
zontal plane when the microphone is tilted ceed 20 dB. Attenuation at 180 from major
Using the mechanical nesting concept of
in its most natural position _30 from hori- axis in any plane at frequencies from
design-by means of which the internal
zontal (as on a boom or floor stand). (Typi- 100-4,000 Hz shall exceed 15 dB. Above
transducer parts are nested one within an-
cal cardioids provide greatest rejection at 4,000 Hz, attenuation shall exceed 12 dB.
other-the RE15 transducer is a nearly solid
180.) An easily operated "bass-tilt" switch Polar characteristic shall be sufficiently uni-
mechanical structure that is highly resistant
corrects spectrum balance for boom use and form in all planes so that it is, effectively, a
to damage from shock. The exclusive non-
other longer-reach situations. supercardioid of revolution.
metallic Electro-Voice Acoustalloy dia-
An additional advantage of the unique Vari- phragm is virtually unaffected by extremes An integral passive filter network shall be
able-D design is the near elimination of of atmospheric conditions. A carefully de- provided such that when filter switch is in
J proximity effect. All Single-D microphones signed steel outer case provides excellent "on" position, low-frequency response shall
exhibit a proximity effect (bass boost) when magnetic shielding and additional mechani- be so deviated from "flat" response that a fall
the microphone is closer than 12 inches to cal protection. Finish is a fawn beige. of 6 dB from 1,000 to 100 Hz shall be ef-
the sound source. The RE15 Variable-D fected. With switch in "off" position, micro-
RE 15 Variable-D(R! Dynamic Supercardioid Microphone

phone shall be essentially "flat" from described in the individual product-line This warranty gives you specific legal rights,
100-15,000 Hz, with a 6-dB rise in response statement(s) below, or in the individual prod- and you may also have other rights which
from 50-100Hz. Output level shall be -56 dB uct data sheet or owner 's manual; (c) mal- vary from state to state.
(0 dB = 1 mW /10 dynes/cm2), and EIA sen- function resulting from use or operation of Electro-Voice Wired Microphones are
v sitivity rating shall be -150 dB. The dia- the product other than as specified in the guaranteed against malfunction from any
phragm shall be nonmetallic Acoustalloy product data sheet or owner's manual; (d) cause for two (2) years from the date of origi-
0. and shall have a shield to prevent dust from malfunction resulting from misuse or abuse nal purchase. In addition, the Limited War-
o reaching the diaphragm .
... of the product; or (e) malfunction occurring
v ranty for the acoustic system contained in
~ The case shall be made of steel. The micro- at any time after repairs have been made to these microphones shall apply for the life of
"0 phone shall have a maximum diameter of the product by anyone other than EVl Audio the product, defined as a period of ten (10)
0 Service or any of its authorized service repre-
=0 35 mm (1.38 in.), with 19 mm (0.75 in.) di- years from the date that the manufacture of
~ ameter shank, and a maximum length of sentatives. Obtaining Warranty Service: To the specific microphone has been discontin-
V 167 mm (6.57 in.). Finish shall be a fawn
obtain warranty service, a customer must de- ued. Any and all active electronics incorpo-
0. liver the product, prepaid, to EVl Audio Ser-
::J beige. Stand adapter shall be supplied. The rated in these microphones are guaranteed
Electro-Voice RE15 is specified. vice or any of its authorized service repre- against malfunction due to defects in mate-

Uniform Limited Warranty

sentatives together with proof of purchase
of the product in the form of a bill of sale or
rials or workmanship for a period of three
c (3) years from the date of original purchase.
~ Electro-Voice products are guaranteed receipted invoice. A list of authorized service The Limited Warranty does not extend to
representatives is available from EVl Audio cables, cable connectors, or switches. Addi-
o against malfunction due to defects in mate-
Service at 600 Cecil Street, Buchanan, MI
cU rials or workmanship for a specified period, tional details are included in the Uniform
:@ as noted in the individual product-line 49107 (800/234-6831 or FAX 616/695-4743). Limited Warranty statement.
~ statement(s) below, or in the individual prod- Incidental and Consequential Damages For warranty repair, service information, or
Ll'\ uct data sheet or owner's manual, beginning
Excluded: Product repair or replacement and
a listing of the repair facilities nearest you,
~ with the date of original purchase. If such
return to the customer are the only remedies
contact the service repair department at:
malfunction occurs during the specified pe- provided to the customer. Electro-Voice shall
616/695-6831 or 800/685-2606.
riod, the product will be repaired or replaced not be liable for any incidental or consequen-
For technical assistance, contact Technical
(at our option) without charge. The product tial damages including, without limitation,
Support at 800/234-6831 or 616/695-6831,
will be returned to the customer prepaid. injury to persons or property or loss of use.
M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Stan-
Exclusions and Limitations: The Limited Some states do not allow the exclusion or
dard time.
Warranty does not apply to: (a) exterior fin- limitation of incidental or consequential
damages so the above limitation or exclu- Specifications subject to change without no-
ish or appearance; (b) certain specific items
sion may not apply to you. Other Rights: tice.

Figure I-Frequency Response

5dB 0 0


-;- . -. .......
~ if' [- )
180 0
o r--...
w V, . ~
150 10
II: #
..... I~r r--
20 30 50 100
.- , . '
200 500

1K 2K 5K 10 K 20 K
RE 15 Variable-D'''; Dynamic Supercardioid Microphone

Figure 2--Dimensions
(1.38 in.)


167 mm
(6.57 in.)


(0.75 in.)

Figure3--Polar Response 0'

270' 1------11-+-+-+---i 1------1--+--+--+---i 90'


Figure 4-Wiring Diagram




1 2 3

t- - -----l------------------f
~I ~ I ~)
RE 15 Variable-D ,R) Dynamic Supercardioid Microphone "

(I) Frequency Response:
80-15,000 Hz
..c Polar Pattern:
o.... Supercardioid
Impedance, Low-Z nominal:
~ 150 ohms
'0 Output Level, (0 dB = 1 mW/IO dynes/
.:a.... cm 2):
~ -56 dB
(I) EIA Sensitivity:
::J -150 dB
~ Diaphragm:
'E Electro-Voice Acoustalloy
~ Case Material:
Sc Steel
167 mm (6.57 in.)
35 mm (1.38 in.)
Shank diameter:
19 mm (0.75 in.)
Fawn beige
Net Weight:
170 g (6 oz)
Accessories Furnished:
Stand adapter
Protective pouch
Optional Accessories:
307A suspension mount
313A shock mount
314 windscreen
340 security stud adapter
422A desk stand

600 Cecil Street, Buchanan, MI 49107

616/695-6831,616/695-1304 Fax
MICROPHONES-Dynamic EVI Audio, 1997 Litho in U.S.A. Part Number 534673 - 9733