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Volume 50 - Issue 18

March 1, 2017
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Life is garbage. We tried to
create less for a week. P6
2 Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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24 heures par jour, 7 jours par semaine.

Vivre sans violence est un droit !
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As-tu besoin d'information sur les ressources et les
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Veux-tu parler en toute confidentialité ?
Es-tu proche d'une femme qui vit de la violence ?

La ligne d'écoute et de soutien
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 NEWS 3

Academic accommodation services stretched thin
Since 2012, the number of students registering with disabilities at Ryerson Academic Accommodation Support has increased by 65 per cent

By Raneem Al-Ozzi said burnout affects members of her and programs, which makes accom-
team in different ways. She added modation even more difficult.
After a projected increase of stu- that sometimes students’ stories af- “There’s a priority of ensuring
dents with disabilities requesting fect her even after her work day is access for students to learning, but
academic accommodation, staff at done. Because of this, she has taken there’s also a priority of ensuring
Ryerson Academic Accommodation time for self-care to cope with the our academic standing and integrity.
Support (AAS) are concerned about burnout. That’s what our faculty members are
inadequate resources. Kloke, who has worked at AAS entrusted with.”
According to AAS, the number for four years, said that although Halliday said communication and
of students registered with dis- the numbers are overwhelming, a secure connection between AAS
abilities is increasing at an annual they are manageable—but AAS may and Ryerson faculties is essential in
rate of approximately 12 per cent. not be able to maintain the same order to implement appropriate ac-
Next school year, the number of level of support if the issue is not commodation.
students registered with AAS is addressed. AAS and SLS want an addition of
expected to exceed the 3,000 mark, “I hope for more facilitators so five more student accommodation
at 3,119 students (a number equiv- that we’re able to provide a level of facilitators, professional help at the
Christina Halliday, director of Student Learning Support. PHOTO: JOSH CAMERON
alent to the entire undergraduate service that is beyond maintenance,” front desk to help ease their intake
population at OCAD University in “We’re beholden to the province, chronic health conditions, accord- Kloke said. process and more resources for their
2016). the students and the institution to ing to the World Health Organiza- She said given the increase of test centre.
Based on AAS’s annual 12 per do that work.” tion. the number of registrants, AAS AAS is currently looking into
cent rate of increase, each student AAS’s services include counselling, An assessment conducted in fall will become limited in terms of the changing the delivery of their pro-
accommodation facilitator’s case- developmental and navigation ser- 2016, facilitated by Ryerson’s hu- number of appointments they can grams and services by meeting stu-
loads are expected to reach 600 or vices, creating and facilitating more man resources department, looked schedule and wait times will also dents’ needs online or by phone.
more students by next year. The accessible environments for students into AAS staff workplace satisfac- increase. Ryerson is putting together
caseload, which is the number of with disabilities on campus. tion. Halliday also said staff burnout its budget plan for the upcoming
students a facilitator works with, AAS accommodates students The results showed that while causes absences. “When a facilitator school year, and SLS has asked for
ranges between 300 to 400 students. with disabilities, including learning AAS staff members reported a high is on sick leave, we have to mobilize more resources. Halliday said if they
If a staff member is away for even a disabilities, sensory impairments, level of eagerness to do their work our already stretched resources to are successful, they will be formu-
short amount of time, it has a sig- brain injuries, mental illness, medi- and participate in broader projects, respond to the needs of that facilita- lating an action plan within the next
nificant impact on the services pro- cal and physical disabilities. they also expressed high levels of tor’s caseloads.” few months.
vided to students. From 2012 to 2017, AAS saw a 65 burnout and fatigue. This is especially an issue during Halliday also confirmed AAS will
“Ryerson has a legal obligation per cent increase in the number of A separate assessment, facilitated exams and midterms, when aca- be releasing a blog series on the fu-
to make its education accessible to students registered. by AAS, analysed the rates of sick demic accommodation services are ture of disability services at Ryerson
students with disabilities. We’re Additionally, according to a 2013 leave within its staff and found that in higher demand. this week.
doing a job in this department report by the Higher Education AAS front-line employees (those AAS test centres offer accommo- “The intention of the series is
that’s about making sure our stu- Council of Ontario, the rate of stu- who work directly with students) dated tests for students who need for people to get inside the work
dents have access and making sure dents identifying with disabilities is had a significantly higher rate of sick them. In the 2015-2016 academic of AAS, to understand what the ac-
students with disabilities are in- increasing in Ontario. Worldwide, leave compared to the rest of the de- year, 19,266 accommodated exams commodation process is, to under-
cluded,” Christina Halliday, direc- the total number of people who partments and sub-units. were delivered. stand what it feels like and what’s
tor of Student Learning Support identify as having a disability is on Sarah Kloke, one of six academic Halliday said AAS doesn’t have involved in implementing that pro-
(SLS) at Ryerson, said. the rise, in part due to an increase in accommodation facilitators at AAS, a “direct connection” with faculties cess with students,” she said.

Students feeling targeted by TTC inspectors
By Olivia Bednar Today, there are 80. ing with it.”
The fine for not carrying a student “Now, every time I’m on the
With more fare inspectors on the TTC ID can be as much as $235. streetcar, I’m anxious,” he said. “I
TTC, a higher number of students But this can be an inconvenience paid. I bought my fucking Metro-
are receiving expensive fines for not for a lot of students who don’t have pass. But I’m on the streetcar feeling
having proper post-secondary iden- extra time or money. like a fare evader, feeling anxious,
tification. Adhib Hasan, second-year elec- which I think is fucked up.”
The post-secondary student Me- trical engineering student, was Third-year business student
tropass costs $116.75. TTC bylaws stopped by TTC officials who Tina Duong said that her experi-
state that the pass is only valid with asked him for his proof of pay- ence led her to believe that going
a TTC Post-Secondary Photo ID. ment. When Hasan showed his through the hassle of getting the
The card must be purchased for Metropass, fare inspectors told him card is worth it.
Over 2,000 TTC fines were given to students in the past year. ILLUSTRATION: DEVIN JONES
$5.25 at Sherbourne Station, which to show his post-secondary photo Duong said she was given “a
is open for select hours from Mon- ID, which he didn’t have. His Ry- a fine for not having his ID. 114 complaints in 2016 about fare hard time” for not having her post-
day through Saturday, or through erson student card, as well as his On the same trip, he said he wit- inspections, 27 of which were allega- secondary photo ID with her last
the Ryerson Students’ Union at the international student card, were nessed two girls without valid proof tions of harassment, discrimination, fall. She said she heard officials say
beginning of the school year. A stu- both deemed unacceptable proof of of payment get off with warnings or human rights issues. to each other “What should we do
dent card is not considered a valid enrolment. He was fined $195. from inspectors. One claimed she Green said that in order to ensure with her?”
substitute. “I knew about the card,” Hasan lost her transfer, while the other’s racial profiling does not take place, “It was like I wasn’t there,” Duong
According to TTC spokesperson said referring to the ID. “But it’s not proof of payment had expired. fare inspectors are “trained to do their said. “Like they were trying to make
Stuart Green, 509 warnings were like you’re driving a car and you’re “They were two very attractive job in a neutral and unbiased way.” fun of me.”
issued to students for not having a speeding.” white girls,” Don said. “Without ex- He added that random inspection Ultimately, they let her off with a
post-secondary photo ID and 2,068 Hasan, an international student plicitly accusing them, the thought is the nature of the system. “It’s all warning, but Duong said it “was kind
actual fines were given out over the from Bangladesh, says his tuition did cross my mind that there is quite randomized. That’s just the of a spit in the face.”
last 12 months. This could be, in part, expenses are about double what something that enabled them to get way the system works.” “They told me to go to Sher-
due to the increased number of fare someone living in Ontario would off [and not] me. I’m brown, I’ve got Don said he never filed a com- bourne and just ‘take the damn pic-
inspectors on the TTC. When the pay. a beard, I don’t look like a million plaint with the TTC because he ture,’” Duong said. “I think it’s not
fare inspector program was created in Himel Don, fourth-year biomedi- bucks.” didn’t want to go through “the only a waste of money, it’s a waste
2014, there were only 17 inspectors. cal student, said he was also charged According to the TTC, there were whole bureaucratic process of deal- of time, and a waste of plastic.”
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Olivia “Teeny Weeny” Bednar
Raneem “Eazy” Al-Ozzi
Sylvia “Wordburg” Lorico
JJ “GG” Stramz
Sophia “WP” Smith
Emerald “EZ” Bensadoun
Matt “McJesus” Collins
Editor-in-Chief Andrej “Two Games” Ivanov
Nicole “The Hard Thing” Schmidt Ben “Mah Boy” Waldman
News Blanchette
Alanna “BURN” Rizza Brenda “Traditional Grit” Molina-
Sarah “IT” Krichel Navidad
Jacob “DOWN” Dubé Hilary “Toronto Fury” Punchard

Photo Playing the role of the Annoying Talk-
Devin “Tupperware” Jones ing Coffee Mug this week is
Izabella “Fallen Leaves” Balcerzak the right wing. Sure, there are huge dif-
Keith “Make me Another Cover” ferences between the racist nationalism
Capstick of Marine Le Pen and the “Canadian
values” of Kellie Leitch, but ... oh hey,
Online wait. THERE ISN’T ANY dIffER-
Sierra “Dirty Billy” Bein ENCE. Both are racist ass-hats who
Farnia “Komodo Dragon” Fekri clearly should be shut the fuck down.
Lee “Marmite” Richardson The other commonality that all of the
right shares is a dangerous blitheness
Features about the circumstances of other people.
Karoun “Trashy” Chahinian They lack compassion or imagination
to see what they are doing to others
Arts and Life and by extension, our civil societ-
Annie “Get Jazzy” Arnone ies. There is clear evidence that most
right-wing parties are so careless with
Sports truth and lessons learned that they

WANT TO DRIVE PROGRESSIVE Daniel “Up all Night” Rocchi

Biz and Tech
are repeating the very same shit the
wee weasels were up to in 1980s, with
catastrophic consequences. In England,

SOCIAL CHANGE? Justin “Bad Jokes” Chandler

they are having problems in hospi-
tals (in all of the country that is not
London and its suburbs). When david
Sidney “Noon-arinoo!” Drmay Cameron’s government started making
cuts to pensions, poverty initiatives
Fun and hospital budgets, they forgot that,
Skyler “T3’s” Ash due to cuts made under Thatcher to the
countryside’s local non-governmental

Become a Community Worker. Media
Thomas “Drug Peddler” Skrlj
organizations, there was no extra in
the kitty. Because the Tories did NOT
Carl “Eyelashes” Solis remember the cuts they made 40 years
ago, they made new cuts thinking there
The Community Worker (Fast-Track) program at George Copy Editor was still money at the local level. Now
Brown College will teach you how to work with Igor “Saucy Minx” Magun the hospital beds are full of seniors suf-
fering from malnutrition because the
marginalized communities. General Manager Tories could not give a rat’s ass about
Liane “Desk Yoga” McLarty the consequences of what they did, are
You’ll study a range of issues including: doing and are going to do.
Advertising Manager
Chris “Kenya Blend” Roberts The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s largest and
, Social Justice only independent student newspaper. It
, Food Security Design Director is owned and operated by Rye Eye Pub-
J.D. “Crispy Fried Pork” Mowat lishing Inc., a non-profit corporation
, Immigration and settlement
owned by the students of Ryerson. Our
, And much more! Intern Army offices are on the second floor of the
Zadie “Reduce” Laborde Student Campus Centre. You can reach
This program is designed for students who have an existing Nathalie “Reuse” Rodriguey us at 416-979-5262, at
Sierra “Recycle” Bellmore or on Twitter at @theeyeopener.
diploma or degree.

Now accepting applications for May 2017 Remember when the RSU created
a new general manager (GM) posi-
it only seemed fair to reach out to
the person taking over her position
tion and received a lot of heat over to see what’s up.
it? They claimed it was for finan- However, our interview request
cial reasons, but speculators ac- was denied by RSU president, Obaid
To learn how you can make a difference, visit cused them of having an alternative Ullah, because he said he “does not
agenda. see the impact” of the story.
Well, here we are. It’s been about Does this seem weird to anyone
a year and the GM they initially else?
hired, Natasha Campagna, quit. We Now you know. Cheers, my dears.
spoke with her when she started, so -Nicole Schmidt, Editor-in-Chief
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 NEWS 5

The RSU’s future is split Nine RSU
For the first time since 2008, the RSU has a split-slate executive team. What does this mean for student politics?
By Keith Capstick positions
T he Ryerson Students’ Union
(RSU) elections have come and
gone. Now, we have our first split-
slate executive team since the 2007-
2008 academic year. Members of the
Elevate and Spark slates are joining
political forces to run the RSU. But By Alanna Rizza
what the hell does that even mean?
The past three years of political Nine Ryerson Students’ Union
action at Ryerson have been riddled (RSU) board of directors positions
with ideological swings—complete have been deemed vacant due to
with full-slate sweeps, obnoxious members failing to attend regularly
concerts and tent city protests. scheduled board meetings.
Whenever one group takes power, According to RSU bylaws, a di-
another mounts a comeback and rector shall be deemed vacant if the
shifts the focus onto itself, and now members fail to attend two board
they’re all mixed together. meetings without notice, or if they
RSU president-elect Susanne miss three meetings with notice.
Nyaga, who ran with Elevate, said RSU president Obaid Ullah sent
she thinks this is a good thing for Incoming prez Susanne Nyaga and incoming VP education Daniel Lis. PHOTOS COURTESY SPARK AND ELEVATE. ILLUSTRATION: KEITH CAPSTICK
an email to the board members on
the union’s future. Feb. 28 to let them know he would
“I’m excited. I want to work to- slate for vice-president equity. “I’m excited to be able to offer sources and the enhancement of the be enforcing this bylaw.
gether meeting the needs of students
and centralize Ryerson students in
their own union,” Nyaga said. “I’m
S park’s slate is the “two-years-
and-three-concerts-later” amal-
gamation of the Transform slate
sorts of insights or knowledge that
I have but beyond that I haven’t re-
ally been involved,” Hoilett said.
union’s institutional memory. Na-
tasha Campagna, who was initially
hired for the job, has since resigned.
In order to make the vacancy of-
ficial, the chair of the board, Ullah,
has to enforce this bylaw.
excited to put in a lot of hard work that swept Unite Ryerson (the pre- “But I really do hope that we’re able This means her replacement, Sid Ullah said he didn’t enforce this
and ensure that we stay transparent decessor of Elevate and Connected) to carve out a positive relationship Naidu, will be starting fresh with before because “things got busy.”
and accountable through it all.” in the 2014-2015 RSU election. between the RSU and the CFS and this new executive. Last month’s motion to impeach
This is a sentiment Nyaga’s fu- Now, this lineage is largely di- see how to bring more work of the vice-president student life & events
ture teammate and vice-president vided by one thing: the prospect federation onto campus next year.” Harman Singh also delayed him
education-elect Daniel Lis mirrors. of working with and remaining a So, if split-slates are such a good “... In terms of from following through, he said.
But, he also said the outcome of the member of the Canadian Federation thing, what could possibly go all of the power In the email, Ullah said he would
election has him “conflicted.” of Students (CFS), a national advo- wrong? being held by the be meeting with some board mem-
“Obviously I have my own pref-
erences and the team I ran with, I
hoped they’d get the positions,” Lis
cacy group to which the RSU pays
an annual membership fee of about
A be Snobar was vice-president
student life and events the last
time the RSU was governed by a
president, things
need to be spread out
bers to reassess the situation because
he understands there may be “valid
reasons” as to why they were absent.
said. “But Susanne and Camryn are During The Eyeopener’s in-house split-executive in the 2007-2008 more amongst the There are 37 total spots on the
both very qualified people and I’m election debate, Nyaga said she’d be school year. He said that usually executive” board, but at the time of publication,
looking forward to working with willing to work with the CFS next they are a good thing if “the leader- there were only 22 official members
them.” year, but added she’d like students ship is able to overlook the hostili- remaining.
to be the deciding factor on the re- ties.” This points to the relationship Veto power that lands in the According to the meeting atten-
lationship. Lis also shares this opin- between the president and the vice- hands of the president is another dance records, the members whose
“Snobar said that ion, but maintains that he’d like to presidents as a key factor of a suc- concern Lis has. He said he’d like positions are deemed vacant in-
usually split slates see the relationship reevaluated. cessful split-slate. to propose a change at the RSU’s clude: Anna Stevenson, Chrys Sag-
are a good thing if “I still think we need to reconsider “In my year, it was the president spring annual general meeting. et-Richard, Abisola Asha, Naveed
the leadership is our relationship and I would like to that acted as the management rep- “I don’t like that that exists,” Lis Khan, Dilsah Ruken Izol, Angelo
see the students be posed a question resentative or representation of the said. “If it doesn’t change at the Robb, Marzia Riaz, Nasrudin Mu-
able to overlook the about it and see what their opinion staff,” Snobar said. “That dynamic AGM then let’s hope human re- min, Betty Wang and Carolyn Qin.
hostilities” is,” Lis said. didn’t work because the unionized sources does a good job. There’s Five board members also col-
He was a part of the committee supervisors were pro-CFS and they a couple things in the bylaws that lectively resigned on Feb. 6 due to
that drafted a report on behalf of the were unionized—so am I as a man- need to change in terms of all of the the current RSU executive team not
Lis compares the incoming exec RSU asking for reform within the agement rep coming in and going to power being held by the president. fulfilling their duties, according to
team to a federal minority govern- CFS in September. change that—I can’t. And you have Things need to be spread out more their resignation letter. The letter
ment, as opposed to the majorities Previous RSU president and cur- a president who’s pro-CFS, [it turns amongst the executive.” specifically cited Ullah and Singh’s
we’ve seen in previous years—less
efficient, but more representative of
the population.
rent CFS-Ontario Chairperson Ra-
jean Hoilett said he hopes this new
executive is able to comprehensively
into] a lot of politics.”
Snobar suggested that the new
general manager position at the
A ll things considered, both Nya-
ga and Lis pointed to commu-
nication as the factor that will most
lack of transparency and communi-
cation with 6 Fest refunds.
The board members who resigned
“From a political standpoint represent all the students that voted RSU will work to curb any tensions, contribute to the success of next were Anthony Esguerra, Michelle
[split-slates or minority govern- in the election. as they’re now responsible for a year’s RSU executive team. Park, Nav Marwah, Sandra Bahoua
ments are] not as necessarily effi- “I think that it’s important for all large part of the union’s human re- “Communication is key. I have and Michael Foppiano.
cient, but they’re considered to be of the students that were elected in sources and staff management. worked with some great groups and However according to the bylaws,
much more fair,” Lis said. “What I this year’s election to really work to- During Transform’s year, contro- some not so great groups, which Bahoua’s position was considered va-
expect is a bigger exchange of ideas gether to pull together the ideas the versy followed an audit that ended have allowed me to best understand cant before her resignation, as she
and more compromises on things ... students rallied behind to get them with then-president Andrea Bartlett the importance of communication, missed four meetings with notice.
I do see it as a positive thing, or at elected,” Hoilett said. “To have a vi- eliminating the union’s Executive effective communication,” Nyaga According to bylaws, when a po-
least I’m trying to.” sion for the students’ union that is Director Communication and Out- said. “Regardless of what each mem- sition on the board becomes vacant,

S park and Elevate represent a
lineage. They’re new and filled
with fresh faces, but are carrying on
comprehensive and is inclusive of all
of the different people that engaged
in this past election.”
reach, resulting in Gilary Massa,
who held that position, being laid
off during her maternity leave. The
ber is working on we need to ensure
that the whole exec, and board, team
is up to date and informed.”
Ullah will perform a search in con-
sultation with the RSU executive
committee to appoint new mem-
the torch for their respective side of He also said that Nyaga contacted position was eliminated in favour of bers. He will then recommend the
Ryerson’s political spectrum. Nyaga him as a past RSU president to get a non-unionized general manager With files from Alanna Rizza and suggested members to the remain-
ran last year with the RUConnected some insight on her new position. that would help with human re- Sarah Krichel ing board.
6 FEATURES Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The average canadian produces 4 lbs of solid
waste daily. Sarah Krichel lived waste-free
for a week to find out if
it’s a sustainable lifestyle
for a busy student

here’s this catchy alliteration everyone knows. It’s numbers the marine population by a 6:1 ratio, which might campus for 17 hours every day, give or take.
the one you pride yourself in when you throw your be even more concerning. Scientists have also found that It’s not easy for me to prepare meals each the morning, so
empty Coca-Cola can into the recycling slot in a every documented species of sea turtle has consumed plas- I eat out at least three times a day and I buy those packaged
Toronto garbage bin, or when you return your glass bottles tic, and one million birds are killed annually because of gar- double-chocolate vegan cookies from Balzac’s on a regular
to a beer store. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. bage. basis.
But I’ve always thought that humans are primarily self- I may have been carrying around a travel mug, but that On my very first day of trying to be waste-free, I learned

ish. My pessimistic mentality started with the suit-wearing, didn’t mean I wasn’t still contributing to those statistics. that living this type of lifestyle is a gradual process. I al-
briefcase-holding capitalist on Lakeshore Avenue West, ne afternoon, amidst all of the environmental hor- ready had my top two necessities, toothpaste and eyeliner,
taking the last sip of his Starbucks macchiato. As he ap- ror stories on my Facebook feed, I came across a but I ran out of shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
proached the recycling bin on the sidewalk, I had a glimpse video of a girl who was able to fit all of the trash I was faced with two choices: to make my products or buy
of hope. she produced over a six-year them. It was a classic di-
I was on the 501 streetcar and turned my head to see if the period into a single mason lemma of time vs. money.
cup’s next stop was the recycling bin. Instead, I saw it laying jar. For a brief second, hu- “I was faced with two choices: Mondays are always com-
on the sidewalk, inches away from the bin. I took a sip of manity seemed to have rekin- to make my products or buy plete chaos for me and I
my still-warm black coffee from my tall silver mug and as I dled some sort of environ- them. The classic dilemma of couldn’t find any ingredi-
swallowed, I felt good about doing my part in supplying a mentally-friendly flame. time vs. money” ents in my refrigerator or
helping hand to the ground I call home. I try to take a travel The zero-trash, zero-waste cabinet to make products.
mug wherever I go, I bring my own tote bags to grocery movement (or minimalism But what I did find was 20
stores and I even shame those pesky plastic bottle users. on crack, as it’s been previously labelled) is not as well- minutes to spare. I ended up at LUSH in the Eaton Centre.
Then I learned I’m a complete fucking hypocrite. known as other environmental initiatives, like veganism or “What products do you have that aren’t packaged?” I
North America is the highest-ranked continent for both composting. The goal seems simple enough: reduce your asked an employee with a sleek buzzcut and facial piercings.
waste consumption and production. According to a 2011 waste production as much as you can. Plastic bags, pack- “Wait, why do you ask?” she replied enthusiastically. I
study from Environment Canada, the average person pro- aged products, wrappers, disposable hygienic items, you went on to explain my seven-day waste-free challenge, and
duces about 4 lbs of solid waste every day—that’s 1,344 lbs name it—the consumption of these items are factored out she pointed me towards their eco-friendly offers. We spent
per year, which makes for about 30 million tonnes of col- of your day-to-day life. the next 20 minutes ranting about how difficult it is to shop
lective waste annually. Comparatively, Americans produce So, for seven days, I tried to live waste-free. From Mon- ethically, whether it be packaged hygienic products or Grail
slightly more waste per person (4.62 lbs daily). Those in day to Monday, I would be cutting back my consumption sneakers that have suede on them. The worst.
Mexico only produce half of that, at 2.2 lbs. rates by a huge amount. As a student who spends two hours Going waste-free is about more than feeling like a rich
The amount of plastic floating around in the ocean out- of my day commuting, I’m out of my house by 7 a.m. and on hippie—it’s about dismantling a culture that has developed
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 FEATURES 7

style when she started to make drastic changes. mug, which proved to be the weapon of the week.
As a student, she said the key to maintaining her lifestyle ccording to Karina Maynard, sustainability en-
is time management. Hayes spends her Sunday and Monday gagement coordinator at Ryerson, the campus has
evenings preparing tupperware containers of veggies, rice, taken big initiatives to implement environmentally
chili and curry that help get her through the week. conscious movements. In 2012, the Sustainability Matters
For me, the growling in my stomach for vegan and fresh program was created to unify operations and empower the
bulk foods was indicative of one thing: privilege plays a big community to be more sustainable. Since then, organic
role in successfully living a zero-waste life. bins have been added to the ServiceHub, there has been
I was at the Loblaws on Carlton and Church streets, ready increased bicycle parking, more electronic record-keeping
to start my “ethical” shopping trip. As I walked through the and the establishment of a rooftop farm that provides hy-
vegetable aisle, the main thing on my mind was how much per-local food to the school’s food services and community.
easier it would be to just buy my usual excessively packaged Maynard believes students can individually assess their
avocado sushi (it was on sale that day). situation and decide what ways are best for them to be en-
Instead, I had to look past the price tag. Clueless, con- vironmentally conscious. She suggests alternative means of
fused and in search of packageless products, I was limited transportation, changes in diet and taking small steps to-
to two sections: fresh produce and bulk. Everything else wards living waste-free. “The important thing is to real-
in the store was either wrapped in paper or plastic, so I ize that we are part of an ecosystem and we have to work
left with flax seeds, almonds and a big head of lettuce. This together and do our part to ensure a sustainable future,”
isn’t my usual go-to meal, per se. In the long run, bulk- she says.
buying is collectively cheaper, but the impact on my wallet On Feb. 7, Tangir, who makes her own deodorant, lip
was heavier in the moment and it was hard to ignore that. balms and toothpaste, held a workshop in collaboration
Most days, I woke up frustrated, thinking about how with the Environment and Urban Sustainability Students’
hungry I was going to be all day because of not having Association to teach students how to make homemade
time to cook a decent meal or products.
go shopping. The thought of “The important thing is to Tangir says that there is
having to eat another bowl of realize that we are part of a sense of empowerment
overly sweet, soggy oatmeal or an ecosystem and we have when people come to-
bland almonds for lunch gave to work together and do our gether to create their own
me a headache. part to ensure a sustainable products, and realize they
On top of that, I wouldn’t future” don’t need to rely on cor-

go anywhere without my over- porations.
sized tote bag filled with my collection of various sized con- t’s Friday morning and my seven days are coming to
tainers and cutlery. an end. “Almost there,” I think to myself. I’m on my way
I was prepared for the unexpected, but it felt like I was to meet a friend at Kipling Station and I can’t help but
carrying around a kitchen. feel torn when I show my plastic Metropass to the bus driv-
Despite my efforts, I struggled to find support for this er. The thought is soon overshadowed by my main concern
kind of lifestyle at local grocery stores and restaurants— for the day: food.
both on and off campus. My containers remained empty. I walk down Gould Street on my way to The Eyeopener
Toronto is often looked at as a progressive city, but it is office to drop off a few things before heading back down
environmentally behind compared to other Canadian cit- the stairs towards Balzac’s, travel mug in hand. So far so
ies, like Vancouver and Montreal, which have waste-free good.
grocery stores where shoppers bring in their own contain- As the week went on, I felt less like I was doing some-
ers and bags when buying ethically sourced produce. thing productive and more like I was stepping over laser
One of the waste-free community’s biggest internet in- beams. Everything seemed riddled with uncertainty. Can
spirations is Bea Johnson, a French, California-based, zero- I use the napkin wrapped around my cutlery at breakfast?
waste blogger. Can I eat popcorn that my colleague made from a plastic-
Johnson told CCTV America that she, along with her en- wrapped bag? Even though I didn’t buy it, would it encour-
tire family, saved approximately 40 per cent of their usual age the packaged and processed foods culture and further
expenditures in a year by living entirely waste-free. It’s support the demand for it? Before I managed to calm my
surprising, based on the assumption that cheap, quick food trashless confusion, I looked down at my Balzac’s purchase
can’t be purchased because of its paper and foil packaging. and realized I inadvertently bought a double-chocolate veg-
But because overall consumption is decreased by bulk-buy- an cookie, wrapped conveniently in plastic. Dammit, Sarah!
through a market-based economy. A 2012 Forbes article ing and cooking in large amounts, waste-free ends up being I’m not alone in the struggle amongst some students
pointed out that a rise in recycling rates is incorrectly per- a cheaper route. who face these types of challenges daily. If you have zero
ceived as environmentally productive. As a result, con- The fact remains that bulk-buying and reusing house- time to cook, like myself, it’s difficult to ensure zero waste
sumers have reached a dead-end mentality, assuming mass hold items comes to a lesser dollar amount spent. However, from your rapid meal provider. If there’s one thing I’ve
consumption of recyclable packaged products is a positive most hungry and broke students would probably pick a learned so far, it’s that you can’t control everyone’s actions.
contribution to the environment. burger off the McDonald’s dollar-menu instead of scaveng- Only you have a say in what you choose to consume.
“On the surface, it’s still a good idea both to recycle ing for the nearest bulk store. Sometimes slip-ups happen. And that’s okay.
waste and to design products and packaging with the idea Sammy Tangir, a fourth-year EUS student, research as- Hayes has a refreshing mindset to offer. “I feel like every-
of recycling them in a closed loop,” Amy Westervelt from sistant at Ryerson and program leader at Evergreen Brick one is inherently good,” she says. “Voting with your dollar,
Forbes writes. “Unfortunately, in its modern-day incarna- Works, agrees that privilege plays a role, but says that peo- being able to push for change, supporting companies that
tion, recycling has also given the manufacturers of dispos- ple can still try to make small changes. are ethical and more zero-waste friendly … just keep push-
able items a way to essentially market overconsumption as Tangir gets up out of bed every day around 6:30 a.m. Her ing everyday for things to get a little bit better.”
environmentalism.” first instinct is to grab her tooth powder from the bath- It’s 12 hours after my last day, and I feel an odd mixture of
The answer to the paradoxical lifestyle of survival and si- room shelf. It’s tough to reduce waste when you live with liberation and guilt. The ease of ordering a tinfoil-wrapped
multaneous environmentalism is the first “R” in that catchy your parents’ habits, she says, but she makes do wherever sweet potato burrito from the Burrito Boyz on Dundas St.
three-word slogan: reduce. she can. She takes a drop of the natural concoction and is too familiar, but my first bite in is unexpectedly tainted
But students in Toronto are often hungry and on a bud- rubs it onto the wet bristles of her toothbrush. After she’s by shame. I finish my burrito and then toss the soggy foil
get, and it’s important to acknowledge those who are strug- dressed, she grabs an empty glass jar, fills it with herbal tea, into the garbage can. My culpable fingers curl as I walk out
gling to pay for tuition, textbooks, housing, phone bills and and heads to class. of the restaurant, but I’m mentally still there, visualizing

everything else that drools for dollar signs. Before I went to bed on my second night, I showered and the silver, crumpled ball making its way into an unsustain-
ourtney Hayes, third-year environmental and ur- used my package-free shampoo and conditioner bars for the able landfill. And I can’t help but feel sad.
ban sustainability (EUS) student, says growing up first time. The shampoo was foamier than I expected, but It may not be evident, but we owe the planet our promise
with animated films such as FernGully and Princess the conditioner dried out my hair. Although it was pricier, I to challenge our consumerist attitudes and take whatever
Mononoke, both with themes of coexisting with nature and could see myself making a permanent switch, replacing my action is within arm’s reach. Carry around a travel mug.
being environmentally conscious, influenced her to make usual Aussie bottled shampoo and conditioner. The next Grab your reusable tote bag. Bring your own cutlery to
more of an effort regarding her consumption choices. morning, apprehensive about the incessant growling of my school. Do what you can. You have an opportunity to help
She became a vegetarian three years ago and recently stomach for the day to come, I grabbed the only things I the ground you call home—don’t let it go waste.
chose to go vegan. Two months ago, on New Year’s Eve, could—a banana, an apple and a clementine—and ran out And for the love of God, please stop buying plastic water
she made the decision to gradually adopt a waste-free life- the door, but I had to go back because I forgot my travel bottles.
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 COMMUNITIES 8

Divided Daughters of Parliament Hill
Arezoo Najibzadeh is giving up her seat at a women in politics conference to take a stand against sexual violence in Canadian politics

By Emerald Bensadoun tures are women. In some commu-
nities, that number is as low as nine
On March 8, Arezoo Najibzadeh, a per cent.
Ryerson public administration and The idea to give up her seat came
governance student, will be giv- to Najibzadeh shortly after the pro-
ing up her seat at the international vincial portion of the conference at
Daughters of the Vote conference at Queen’s Park on Feb. 21.
Parliament Hill to illustrate a point By giving up her seat, Najibzadeh
about sexual violence against wom- hopes to make a statement against
en in Canadian politics. “sexual violence and the political
The application process for the system’s failure to support women
conference was tedious and only one going through it.”
delegate was chosen for each riding.
During the conference, 338 women,
including Najibzadeh, are planned
“Every time we
to take their seats in the House of
Commons, meet members of par- celebrate ‘being
liament, and attend meetings with together’ we should
committees and interest groups to The Daughters of the Vote Conference will take place on Parliament Hill on March 8. PHOTO: IZABELLA BALCERZAK
also think about the
further familiarize themselves with when it’s not.” Jansen received these comments and did not know how to address
Canadian politics. The event aims to women who are not Politicians like Alberta’s Member following her decision to leave the the situation aside from check-
celebrate Canadian women’s politi- there” of the Legislative Assembly, Sandra Conservative party because of alleged ing in with each other and talking
cal contributions, as well as inspire Jansen, are regularly attacked online sexism from other political leaders. amongst ourselves.”
the delegates to take on leadership and in-person based on gender-spe- Women in politics are accus- Najibzadeh Tweeted during the
roles within political institutions in “I owe it to every young woman, cific violence. tomed to receiving these comments event, “White girl talking about
Canada. It is run by Equal Voice, an or women in general, who have not On Nov. 22, 2016, Jansen stood and often have little support from stigma against right wing youth...
organization that is committed to been able to continue their role in in legislature and read comments the institutions they are a part of. it’s not stigma, it’s resistance against
electing more women to all political politics, or has not been able to en- she had received to bring attention The blog ‘Madame Premier’ tracks bigotry.”
offices in Canada. ter politics because of gender-based to the difficulties women in politics comments posted on various social Shortly after posting, Najibzadeh
According to Equal Voice, only violence or sexual violence, to not face. One person wrote, “Now you media platforms that attack Cana- said other young women identify-
26 per cent of elected members of take my seat while being present in have two blond bimbos in a party dian women premiers. ing as right-wing Conservatives at-
Canada’s national Parliament, the that room,” said Najibzadeh. “I feel that is clueless,” while another called Najibzadeh stressed the impor- tacked her on Twitter.
House of Commons, are women. like it will be much more meaning- her a, “Dumb broad,” and added that tance of portraying both sides of Tiller could not be reached for an
Additionally, less than 40 per cent ful to me than taking my seat and the NDP party is a good place for her women’s history in politics. She said interview regarding her comments.
of provincial and territorial legisla- pretending that everything’s alright to be “with the rest of the queers.” she hopes her decision will serve as a In response to the Twitter ex-
reminder to speak out against sexual change, Equal Voice National
violence both on and off of Parlia- reached out to Najibzadeh. “Daugh-
ment Hill, including at university ter of the Vote is about creating
campuses and public spaces. opportunities for respectful, mean-
“Every time we celebrate some- ingful dialogue and understanding,”
thing and every time we celebrate they wrote, adding that the conver-
‘being together’ we should also sation deserved a better forum than
think about the women who are social media.
not there and what we can do to Najibzadeh said several other
change that,” said Najibzadeh, re- delegates identifying as women of
ferring to other women she said colour said that during the event,
“couldn’t even bring themselves to they felt “tokenized,” and reduced to
apply to be a delegate.” “boxes that needed to be ticked off
Najibzadeh added that there were on a checklist.”
other shortcomings at the February “If we don’t address these differ-
Queen’s Park gathering. According ences and these historical instances
to Najibzadeh, what was supposed and contemporary instances of rac-
to be a historic event symbolizing ism, women of colour and margin-
diversity and inclusion, and a cele- alized people will continue to feel
bration of 100 years of women’s en- unwelcome, tokenized, and uncom-
gagement in politics, quickly turned fortable in those spaces,” Najibzadeh
into a “catty exchange of name-call- said.
ing and white feminism.” Najibzadeh said she sent an email
During the event, Kayla Tiller, a on Feb. 20 to Equal Voice to ask if
Western University student, stood they would be open to having ac-
up and asked how white women tive listeners in Ottawa during the
who experience stigmatization of conference and during the events to
being right-wing supporters could help mediate difficult conversations
make their way into politics. and topics.
“As soon as the words ‘stigma- “If we’re going to talk about poli-
tization’ and ‘right wing’ left her tics, if we’re going to be in a build-
mouth, I felt not only myself, but ing that holds a lot of meaning
the women who were sitting be- and symbolism for a lot of young
side me, tense up. Most of us were women,” she said. “We need to have
women of colour, some of us hijab mechanisms in place that will check
wearing, some of us queer,” Na- in with them, that will make sure
jibzadeh said. “As people who have they’re alright.”
been targets of hateful and discrim- Najibzadeh said she has not yet
inatory ‘right wing’ policies and at- heard back from Equal Voice and
titudes, we felt scared and uneasy, Daughters of the Vote.
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 SPORTS 9

An Olympic-sized gift
One Facebook message and four years later, Danelle
Im is a few months away from making hockey history
By Daniel Rocchi like Sidney Crosby and Patrick

Kane, the Republic of Korea has
anelle Im’s journey to the had to get creative just to ensure
2018 Winter Olympics that it can dress full—and hopefully,
in PyeongChang, South competitive—teams.
Korea began with a bizarre internet Korea’s men’s and women’s
message from an unknown sender. hockey teams are currently both
She didn’t trust the offer when ranked 23rd in the world, a fact that
she received it in 2013. After all, would normally make qualifying for
few hockey players ever get the the eight-team women’s and 12-
opportunity to play for a national team men’s Olympic tournaments
team. Even fewer have an Olympic all but impossible.
roster spot offered to them in a According to hockey’s global
Facebook message. governing body, the International Rams forward Danelle Im will play for South Korea’s first Olympic women’s hockey team in 2018. PHOTO COURTESY: HUNG LE

Im contacted her uncle, who Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), there
lives in South Korea, and had him are currently 233 registered male With her dual citizenship finalized women’s team. Im says Murray is
meet the man who sent her the hockey players and 259 female players in January, Im has now cleared making an effort to learn Korean, but
message in person to determine the over the age of 20 in South Korea, the last major hurdle before the she operates the team in English. It’s
legitimacy of the offer. in addition to about 2,100 junior culmination of what she calls a step- not a major hindrance for Im, who
The sender, her uncle later players. The City of Toronto’s official by-step process, one that she never is in the process of learning to speak
confirmed, was a representative of website lists 50 indoor rinks under dreamt she’d be a part of in nearly Korean, but many of her teammates

the Korea Ice Hockey Association city management. Korea has 43. two decades as a hockey player. speak only a little English. The team
(KIHA). He was for real, and so As the host nation, South orn and raised in North has a translator for Murray, but Im Men’s Basketball
was his offer. Before long, Im Korea was expected to be given York, Im began playing says synergy with her teammates Feb. 17 - Rams: 77 Carleton: 82
found herself invited to Korea to automatic berths for the men’s and hockey when she was five comes easily on the ice. Feb. 18 - Rams: 94 Ottawa: 88
train with the national women’s women’s tournaments, but the IIHF or six, following in the footsteps “In the end, it’s hockey, and the (OT)
team that very summer—on the didn’t officially confirm Korea’s of her two older brothers. She language of hockey is the same.”
KIHA’s dollar. participation until September 2014. played road hockey with them and If that’s true, then Im’s long-time OUA Quarter-Final
At the time, the prospect of The decision to include both teams joined some of their house league friend and fellow Rams forward Feb. 25 - Rams: 87 Nipissing: 62
visiting her parents’ country of birth came after the KIHA announced a teams. Eventually, she went on Ailish Forfar thinks the Korean
was more exciting than playing in a four-year $20 million (USD) plan to to play midget and junior hockey women’s team has landed hockey’s
tournament that wouldn’t happen elevate its national hockey programs. for the Toronto Aeros Girls Rosetta Stone. WoMen’s Basketball
for another half-decade. While that project is intended to Hockey Association, winning a “She really knows the game well [Eliminated]
“The Olympics was a far ways strengthen the country’s internal Provincial Women’s Hockey League and responds well to anyone she’s Feb. 17 - Rams: 65 Carleton: 71
away and it was the whole notion of development of the game, the championship in 2011. put on the ice with,” says Forfar, (OT)
being able to go to Korea for my first KIHA has also been busy recruiting That year, Im’s interest in the who played with Im on their Feb. 18 - Rams: 56 Ottawa: 66
time as well [that] was very exciting,” North American-born players— subject, combined with the high championship-winning Aeros squad
says Im, who recently concluded her commonly referred to as imports— pedigree of the women’s hockey before reuniting at Ryerson. “[You OUA Preliminary Round
first and only season with Ryerson’s to bolster its rosters. program, led her to pursue a degree think] ‘Wow, she still appreciates the Feb. 22 - Rams: 78 York: 52
women’s hockey team. Im was one of several North in kinesiology and physical education game, I want to be on this girl’s line,
Four years and four overseas American-born players to receive at Laurier University. She won two she’s here to be a good team player.’” OUA Quarter-Final
summer training sessions later, a few an unexpected digital invitation Ontario University Athletics (OUA) Before this year, Forfar and Im Feb. 25 - Rams: 50 Windsor: 68
months are all that stand between from Korea’s governing hockey championships in four seasons with hadn’t played together since their
the Rams forward and the Olympic body, and many more have been the Golden Hawks. Im’s experience days with the Aeros. That changed

debut of South Korean hockey. recruited through other means. A from those championship runs when Forfar returned to Canada after
n North America, most of the New York Times article published should prove to be valuable for a three NCAA seasons at Dartmouth
Men’s Hockey [Eliminated]
OUA West Quarter-Final
popular conversation concerning in late February—which included young team set to make its debut on College and Im decided to go back
Feb. 15 - Rams: 2 Waterloo: 1
the PyeongChang Olympics a quote from Im—estimated that hockey’s biggest stage. to school, one year after graduating
Feb. 17 - Rams: 4 Waterloo: 5
has centred around the unlikely 20 per cent of the women’s team is The KIHA is taking its from Laurier.
participation of NHL players in the North American. preparation for 2018 extremely Having now played out her fifth
Feb. 18 - Rams: 3 Waterloo: 1
men’s ice hockey tournament—one Thanks to legal reforms that took seriously. According to Im, the and final year of OUA eligibility, Im
Ryerson wins series 2-1
of the Games’s marquee events— effect in 2011, obtaining Korean women practice five nights a week won’t be playing for Ryerson as she
due to disputes over the costs of citizenship and dual citizenship year-round, whether the imports completes an undergraduate degree
OUA West Semi-Final
sending players overseas. But while has become easier in recent years, are in the country or not. Practices in nursing. That degree, though, will
Feb. 22 - Rams: 2 Windsor: 4

international powerhouses like especially for foreigners whose and other team activities usually have to wait.
Feb. 25 - Rams: 1 Windsor: 3
Canada and the United States fret talents are deemed possibly helpful take place from 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. m has spent at least part of
Windsor wins series 2-0
over the availability of superstars for the development of the country. in order to accommodate players’ every summer since that fateful
work and school schedules. Facebook message training in
“It was amazing to see their Korea before returning to Canada WoMen’s Hockey [Eliminated]
commitment and dedication,” says for the school year. When she Feb. 16 - Rams: 0 Toronto: 3
Im as she recalls her first impression makes the trip this year, Im plans Feb. 18 - Rams: 6 Waterloo: 2
of the team’s training regimen. “It to remain there until the Olympics,
was really cool to see them doing taking a year off from her studies to Men’s volleyball
this every day, even without [many] focus on the team’s preparations. Feb. 17 - Rams: 3 Guelph: 0
games or anything to look forward It’s a major commitment, but Feb. 18 - Rams: 2 Waterloo: 3
to on the weekend. It was like a job she knows that other teams are
for them.” preparing with just as much fervour
But work ethic can’t completely as her squad. She doesn’t plan on WoMen’s Volleyball
erase one barrier that Im and her squandering her opportunity to face Feb. 17 - Rams: 3 Guelph: 1
teammates face: language. In 2014, off against the best of the best. Feb. 18 - Rams: 3 Waterloo: 0
Canadian-born Sarah Murray, “Being handed this opportunity— Feb. 25 - Rams: 3 Lakehead: 1
a former NCAA defender who it’s literally been given to me—is
won two national titles with the extremely humbling,” says Im. For more game coverage, visit
University of Minnesota Duluth, “That’s why I want to put up my best
Im spent her fifth and final OUA season as a Ram this year. PHOTO COURTESY: HUNG LE
became the head coach of Korea’s effort. This is a gift.”
10 BIZ & TECH Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Call me, beep me, if ya wanna charge me
A survey found that 46 per cent of Canadians pay fees for exceeding their data limits each month. How are students affected?
By Raneem Al-Ozzi “It’s a constant struggle to find a
balance between how much [data]
As Canada’s telecommunications you should use and when it is ap-
regulator reviews the country’s propriate to use it,” said Murray.
Wireless Code, Ryerson students Sometimes he has to decide whether
say cell phone data plans cost too to spend on wireless mobile services
much. or other bills, he said.
The Canadian Radio-Television According to the CRTC, Cana-
and Telecommunications Commis- dians under 30 spend an average of
sion (CRTC) put forward a survey in $114 a month on wireless mobile
September, which found that 46 per services, which include mobile data
cent of Canadians had been charged and mobile telephone plans.
for exceeding their data limits in the Charges can surprise customers
year prior to being surveyed. Karan Mann said he is not noti-
Colin Murray, a second-year Ry- fied of what charges he may incur
erson film studies student, said he when he travels.
tries to stay within his data cap, but The first-year Ryerson engineer-
has been billed hundreds of dollars ing student commutes from Bramp-
in overage fees on a family plan. ton and often uses his data to check
When he was younger, Mur- Ryerson students aren’t down with their data plans. PHOTO: DEVIN JONES
train schedules and study. He shares a
ray said his family was unaware of plan with his family, so data overages
the charges on data usage outside data caps and overage fees. dia and the campaign’s lead. “We Costa, who shares three gigabytes affect all his family members.
of Canada, and they were charged At a public hearing on Feb. 6, in know that people are going to be us- of data with two other people, said He said he has been charged for go-
$800. Gatineau, Que., consumer groups ing their mobile phones more, and she downloads content before she ing over his data cap before, but that
“I feel like half the time I do go told the CRTC that mobile phone when people have access to open leaves her home so she can browse he could not do anything about it.
over, they notify me but it seems lat- companies are violating the Wire- internet they are more innovative, pages offline on her commute to re- “If we do go over, they should
er than it should have been,” Murray less Code and rules need to be better and they come up with new and cre- duce her data usage. stop it. They should just block your
said. “I feel like they deliberately set enforced. ative ways to use the internet.” Costa said her phone company data once you hit the limit so we’re
you up sometimes.” A report released by the CRTC in will only notify her when she has not charged,” said Mann.
Murray added that people who “They don’t October showed the average amount used 95 per cent of her data, and be- CBC News recently reported on
aren’t knowledgeable about the of data downloaded by Canadians in- cause she shares her data with two a Telus customer who was charged
always send you a
telecommunications industry’s poli- creased by 40 per cent from 2014 to other people, only one of them will over $24,000 in roaming when his
cies are more susceptible to being notification, and other 2015. It also showed the average Ca- get the notification. Someone al- phone was allegedly stolen. Telus
charged for going over their limits. times it’s really late” nadian downloaded 93 gigabytes of ways goes over the cap, she added. reduced his charge to $1,224, but
Wireless Code under review data per month. Costa recalled one time when she said he should have reported the
The CRTC recently held con- The same report showed Canadi- had to pay $200 for going over her phone stolen earlier than he did.
sultations as part of a review into Data use on the rise ans aged 30 and younger spent three data cap. “They don’t always send Canada’s Wireless Code states
Canada’s Wireless Code, a code of OpenMedia, a communications times more money on wireless ser- you a notification, and other times that unless customers consent,
conduct for mobile wireless services. advocacy organization, launched a vices than Canadians aged 65 and it’s really late,” she said. “It’s upset- service providers must cut off cus-
The review, which began in Septem- campaign to bring an end to data older. ting, especially when you know tomers who accumulate $50 in data
ber, was in response to calls for more caps in September. According to data from U.S. tech- that other provinces don’t pay as overage charges and $100 in roam-
control over household data charges, “Canada can afford to be revo- nology company Cisco, global mo- much.” ing charges. But according to CBC
better rules regarding cancellation lutionary,” said Katy Anderson, a bile data traffic will increase by 800 In September, CBC News report- News, some customers say it can
fees, as well as more regulations on digital media advocate at OpenMe- per cent between 2015 and 2020, ed that in Manitoba and Saskatche- be too easy for one member of a
reaching 30.6 exabytes (30.6 billion wan, service providers Koodo, Fido, shared plan to approve data charges
WE SHOULD KNOW EACH OTHER gigabytes) per month by 2020. and Virgin charged $48 per month or for a child to do so on an adult’s
A monthly series to promote creative connections across generations in Anderson said people are less for plans offering unlimited Cana- device.
the Japanese Canadian Community likely to use mobile data and will da-wide calling, texting and 5 GB of Anderson said she hopes more
monitor and limit their usage habits data. In most other provinces, those stringent rules will come out of
Inspired by Joy Kogawa, this conversation series is designed to create a
because of data caps. plans were listed at between $90 and the February CRTC hearing, and
space for conversations with Japanese Canadians and the broader
She said the federal government $95 a month. advised students to be aware of the
JC community.
should ensure each cell phone com- wireless code.
St. Andrew’s Japanese Congregation and St. David’s Anglican Church in pany offers an option without data She also said it’s important people
Toronto are pleased to host a Japanese Canadian community-building caps. “I feel like [telecom come forward, speak out and take
project of public conversations called “We Should Know Each Other”. Canadians pay more part in discussions on social media
Join us for our next conversation on March 9, our guest will be filmmaker companies]
Tefficient, a telecom research about the challenges they are facing
and lawyer Chris Hope. On April 13, our conversation will feature comedy
firm, found Canadian mobile com-
deliberately set you up with telecommunication compa-
writer, actor, Mio Adilman, poet and writer Sachiko Murakami and writer sometimes”
and editor Kelly Fleck panies charge more for data than nies.
mobile companies in any of the oth- Tracking data use
Gatherings will be held at 7:00 p.m. at St David’s Anglican Church er 31 countries they analyzed. The CRTC’s Wireless Code pub-
49 Donlands Avenue. (Just north of Danforth, across from Donlands In Finland, half of all SIM cards When it comes to paying her lic opinion survey found 36 per cent
Subway Station)
have unlimited data. Finnish phone wireless mobile charges, Costa said of Canadians use tools to monitor
Each evening will start with a short talk or presentation by the guest operator DNA has the world’s high- that she doesn’t have a lot of lee- and track data usage.
speaker/s followed by a moderator led discussion with the audience. est data usage per SIM at 9.9 giga- way and will often give up the little Some phones allow users to re-
Space is limited so please pre-register for one or all of the sessions at the
bytes of data per month, tefficient things in life to make ends meet. strict background data (such as
“We Should Know Each Other” Facebook Page found. “As a student, I don’t work a lot syncing emails). Phones may also Amanda Costa, a fourth-year so- and so [my phone bill] makes a big have options to restrict data usage
or call the JCCC at 416-441-2345. cial work student at Ryerson, pays difference for my monthly spend- after a certain amount of megabytes
for her own phone bill, but said she ing,” she said. have been used.
Co-sponsored by the Greater Toronto Chapter of the NAJC, the Japanese
considers herself lucky. She lives Students often have low incomes To reduce data use, people can
Canadian Young Leaders of Toronto, the JCCC Heritage Committee.
with her parents who have been and will have to make the choice review the settings of certain apps
We welcome your ideas, your participation and your engagement in this using the same phone company between home and mobile internet. like Snapchat or WhatsApp to con-
initiative. We look forward seeing you there! for nearly two decades, meaning “In the absence of home internet, it trol what will automatically down-
For more information please go to our Facebook page or for inquiries her phone bill is lower than newer becomes important to have a high load when a person is using data
please contact: plans. data cap,” said Anderson. over WiFi.
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 *PUNCHLINE GOES HERE* 11

Young & Toothless This puzzle is as easy as
I got my wisdom teeth out. A few thoughts from me B-L-T! Simply complete
two hours after surgery and one week after surgery. thE sandwich-themed
extravaganza of a
crossword and submit it
to The Eyeopener office
(SCC 207) with your
name, contact info and
your favourite sandwich
for your chance to win
a $50 Tim hortons gift
card! I hope this puzzle
is a slice!

My actual teeth! Gross! Why is this in a paper?! PHOTO: SKYLER ASH

By Skyler Ash being “conscious enough”). They
had to crack one of the three teeth
Two and a half hours after surgery they gave me in half, so at least I got DOWN
It’s 2:33 p.m. and I’ve just had four to keep that. 1. When you’re living in the 1940s and someone wants to punch, they give you a “-------” sandwich
teeth removed. I’m not tyàtvt tired They’ll be a great addition to the 2. What you get at sad parties, appendage-shaped goodies
but I’m supposed to go to sleep small jar in my room where I keep 5. Saucy meat that’s between even saucier bread! And makes a huge mess
My surgery was successful to start two other teeth I had removed from 6. Those things chickens make but all whipped up into a mixture that’s like lettuce stuff but not
at.11a.m. bythtey we’re late so it a surgery a few years ago. ACROSS
started at 12 Why do I keep a jar of my teeth 3. Those big, stacked sandwiches with gross microwave bacon—a pub tradition
Mm y nursewenr to ryerson too, in my room? I’m not really sure. I 4. The chicken of the sea all mixed up just for you! (with mayo)
what a wild time just wanted to see what they looked 7. “Five dollar, five dollar, five dollar foot longs...”
Live update****my dad took my like once they had been pulled 8. A bunch of smooth, blended nuts paired with some liquefied fruits (_ _ AND _)
ice away and it hurts so bad (which was pretty cool by the way. 9. Best breakfast sandwich EVER (hint: it’s abbreviated)
Anyway it went well and they let They’re a lot longer than I thought 10. Melted dairy betwixt two slices of toasted bread
me keep my teeth which is exhibiting they’ d be and quite bloody). And
I can’t feel my face *view song when the time came that the nov-
from that Scarborough guy* hah elty of seeing my teeth in a jar had
It hurts a lot worn off (a few hours? Days? Who
Have a lovely day, Skyler Ash knows!), I thought it would be

Bring in this ad by March 18th
Eight days after surgery weird to just walk out to my gar-
Good news! After all the IV meds bage bin and throw my teeth away,
wore off, I stopped crying. I cried be- so I didn’t.

for a chance to win an Apple Watch!
cause my cat jumped off my bed/my Anyway, I probably have some
mom told me to go to sleep/my sis- deep-seeded psychopathy, but let’s
ter was going to work and effectively move on. I’ll deal with that later.
leaving forever/my friend who lives Today, I got a piece of cauliflow-
in another city wasn’t in my city/my er stuck in one of the holes at the
face doesn’t look as hideous as it did back of my mouth. There was a mo- MATTAMY ATHLETICS CENTRE
post surgery/the freezing wore off ment when I thought that perhaps
and I can distinguish my lips from it would never come out, and my
my chin/the bleeding stopped! gums would seal up over the cau-
So things are pretty good, minus liflower. After closing up, the cau-
the gross yellow-green bruises on liflower would rot, causing a chain FULLY FURNISHED & NEWLY RENOVATED SUITES
my jaw that seem to glow like a bea- reaction where my whole lower jaw
con screaming: “Look at her! Look would decompose away to nothing IN-SUITE HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING CONTROLS
at her face! What a monster! Hide and I’d have to have it removed and
your children! Head for the hills!” live a joyless, jaw-less life. ALL-INCLUSIVE DINING PROGRAM
Contrary to what the two-year- But it came out after a few min-
old I babysit thinks, I only had four utes, so I guess I’m safe. 24-HOUR FITNESS CENTRE WITH PRIVATE YOGA SPACE
teeth removed, not all of my teeth. I still can’t really open my mouth
My wisdom teeth were heavily im- much more than an inch or so. I OUTDOOR ACTIVITY SPACE & PRIVATE STUDY ROOMS

pacted (sideways) and none of them asked my nurse at my follow-up
had broken through my gums yet. appointment and she said that was
That got me thinking: I had all normal. That’s good to hear, be- SECURED BICYCLE STORAGE AND ON-SITE REPAIR
these teeth that I had never seen be- cause for the past week I’ve been STATION
fore, which is weird. living with the constant fear that 24-HOUR, ON-SITE MANAGEMENT
So before my surgery, I asked something went wrong during my
to keep my teeth and they sent me surgery, and that my jaw would PER PERSON CONTACTS & ROOMMATE MATCHING
home with them in a special blue never regain its full range of mo-
bag for medical waste. They only tion, therefore I’d never be able to
gave me back three, because they open my mouth enough to eat a
had to crack one into a few pieces good burger ever again. Apply online today at

to take it out. I’m kinda pissed I She said it should be fine in an- 111 Carlton St | Toronto, ON M5B 2G3 | 416.977.8000
didn’t get to keep the pieces, be- other week or so.
cause they’re my teeth. But whatev- So, I’m doing pretty well. Except Date, prize, amenities & utilities included are subject to change.
See office for details.
er. I guess they made that decision for the whole creepy jar of teeth
without me (something about not thing.
12 Wednesday, March 1, 2017

To the first 500 students*
Green beer & more!

For more information visit:
@ryersonrams #WeRRams *Ryerson Students with a valid OneCard

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