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BOASTS BIG AFTERNOON Its getting hot in
In his first start for the Tar Heels, Tyler here.
THEY TALK ABOUT IT Baum pitched nearly six innings and H 81, L 48
For National Eating Disorders Aware- showed hes more than ready for the
ness Week, Embody Carolina is focusing job. The baseball team defeated Win- Thursdays weather
on groups underrepresented in the eat- throp in a shutout Wednesday after- I got chills, theyre
ing disorder conversation. Page 3 noon at Boshamer Stadium. Page 7 multiplying.
H 59, L 35

Serving UNC students and the University community since 1893

Volume 125, Issue 4 Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Paris Kea
return to
the state she
calls home
By C Jackson Cowart
Sports Editor

Paris Kea sat in the locker

room and shuffled through her
gospel playlists. The wait was
nearly over.
Kirk Franklin one minute,
Donnie McClurkin the next.
Then the readings five
psalms and a proverb.
I just feel like I kind of
need a message from the
Bible, she said. Or just a way
of understanding that this is
bigger than me.
The North Carolina guard
hadnt played a real game in
over 600 days. Carloads of
her family members from
Greensboro and Tarboro
lined the aisles of Carmichael
Arena to cheer on the
redshirt sophomore. Whats a
performance without a chorus?
Theyre the loudest ones in
the crowd, teammate Destinee
Walker said.
Paris scored 22 points in her
Tar Heel debut topping the
career high from her lone year
at Vanderbilt in a 30-point
win. After the buzzer, droves
of children stormed the court,
demanding autographs from
UNCs newest star.
A year away from family and
taken their toll. At last, shes Paris Kea (22) celebrates a triumphant return to the sport of basketball after transferring from Vanderbilt and sitting on the sidelines at UNC for a year.
back where she belongs.
It just feels good having a hours as her dad showcased his Kea signed her daughter up confidence and perseverance. Odom, coached a local AAU understanding of the other.
place to call home, she said. vision and versatility against for Upward Basketball at She would be literally under team. Eddies approach? Simply get
church league opposition. Lawndale Baptist Church a the basket wide open and (the) She said, This was the out of the way and allow her
*** I wanted to be like him, league that interwove sports coach would tell her not to best kid youve ever seen play to showcase the skill set that
Paris said. and scripture. She instantly shoot, Willie Kea said. basketball, Eddie Odom said. Upward confined.
Paris eyes darted back and Soon, she would be. carved up opposing defenses, In recreation leagues, Paris The coach installed Paris She carried her athleticism
forth, studying the players In third grade, Paris moved but her coaches had a problem: dominance caught the eye of as the starting point guard of into high school, where she
tendencies on the court. from Tarboro two hours west The constant winning her school bus driver, Kim the Lady Phoenix, and the two
The toddler watched for to Greensboro, where Swanee interfered with the lessons in Odom, whose husband, Eddie formed an almost telepathic SEE KEA, PAGE 6

Board of Court halts SBP elections indefinitely

Aldermen Travis Broadhurst filed
a complaint against the
Supreme Court Tuesday. The
complaint asks the court to review
the signatures gathered by the
Elizabeth Adkins and Maurice Grier

talks body
BOE Tuesday. campaigns.
Adkins and Grier were the only
By Brinley Lowe and Molly Looman two candidates to make it on the
Staff Writers ballot, after Joe Nail and Matthew

McKnight were disqualified.
After hearing a complaint from Everything is up in the air again
Travis Broadhurst against the essentially, BOE Chairperson Paul
UNC Board of Elections, the UNC Kushner said.
Student Supreme Court has halted Before the injunction Tuesday
The board also amended town the student body president elections
until further notice. Students
night, Adkins and Grier participated
in two debates. One was hosted
codes for chickens and rabbits. will still vote on the graduate by the UNC Young Democrats,
governance referendum and other which endorsed Adkins, and one
By Lauren Talley positions Thursday. by The Dialectic and Philanthropic
Staff Writer Broadhurst, who the BOE Societies, which endorsed Grier.
determined did not gain enough DTH/CALLIE WILLIAMS
The Carrboro Board of Aldermen held signatures to be on the ballot, filed UNC Young Democrats held a debate for the two remaining student
a public hearing Tuesday night on the the complaint with the Student SEE ELECTIONS, PAGE 6 body presidential candidates in Hamilton Hall on Tuesday evening.
implementation of body-worn cameras by

GPSF executive board will be paid positions

the Carrboro Police Department.
The board also heard presentations
on the Orange County 2017 property
revaluation results, a review of facility
conditions within the town, and an
amendment to town code on keeping
If the referendum and professional student fees will
pay for the stipends.
about supporting themselves.
Because many graduate and
set by the senate, so the stipends
also ensure that GPSF executives
residential chickens and rabbits. passes, GPSF will be its GPSF secretary Madelyn Percy
said new positions were created to
professional students are either
funding their own education or rely
and the executive branch are
responding to the needs of the
A body camera policy aimed at
improving transparency and accountability own government. be similar to undergraduate student on departmental stipends, GPSF democratically-elected senate, she
within the police department has been government positions. has a long history of ensuring that said.
in the works in Carrboro for the past By Anish Bhatia The executive director positions the GPSF leaders receive a small GPSF Vice President for Internal
two years. Members of the town, police Staff Writer were created to more closely stipend in exchange for their work, Affairs Brian Coussens said the
department, the Board of Aldermen, the mirror the undergraduate student she said. A graduate or professional paid positions are justified in the
ACLU and police attorneys have worked on A referendum in Thursdays government executive branch student who may otherwise have GPSF constitution. Coussens said
the policy. election will determine whether because we think that they do a to work a second or third job, and new positions and methods for
Body camera footage will be helpful to UNCs student government will really good job of streamlining the therefore be unable to participate in compensation are currently being
officers in writing their reports, Carrboro split into an undergraduate council executive branch, she said. These GPSF, can use the stipend to help discussed.
Police Chief Walter Horton said, but in and a graduate council, with a joint positions will be paid at a similar support themselves. The constitution recognizes that
instances of officer-involved shootings, an council for both groups. level as the GPSF Attorney General. Percy said the distribution of reality of graduate and professional
officer cant view the video until they make To make sure the two councils Percy said the stipend-supported stipends is approved and overseen student life and attempts to offset
a written statement. are similar, the Graduate and positions will allow executive board by the GPSF Senate. even if to a very small the
We have a solid policy, and weve worked Professional Student Federation members of GPSF to commit (The senate has) a vested lost potentiality of income with
Senate approved paid positions for themselves to student government interested in ensuring that the
SEE ALDERMEN, PAGE 6 the GPSF executive board. Graduate while not having to worry as much executive board performs to a level SEE REFERENDUM, PAGE 6

Im a vegetarian and I aint fucking scared of him.

2 Wednesday, March 1, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel
Established 1893
124 years of editorial
Sakai guy reflects: fame, glory, tiger
By Bonnie Meyer featured on Sakai.
JANE WESTER Staff Writer We freaked out, he said.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Evidently, Sakai models
The front page of Sakai, have become a source of UNC
HANNAH SMOOT the home of the mysterious bucket-list inspiration for some
MANAGING EDITOR and elusive Sakai cat, features students.
different photos of students Its weird because there
DANNY NETT enjoying campus every are a lot of girls who have
ONLINE MANAGING EDITOR semester. One of those students actually made it their goal to
this semester is Harrison get pictures with both of the
JOS VALLE Toohey, a junior Global guys on Sakai, he said. Which,
VISUALS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Studies major. Toohey said he you would think that no one
sometimes gets recognized by ever thinks about that because
ALISON KRUG his fans on campus. before my face was on the
DTH@DAILYTARHEEL.COM There have been a lot of, front, I never even glanced at
like, weird encounters at bars, the photo.
you know, people will come up Tooheys friends said they
INVESTIGATIONS and be like Are you the dude appreciate his celebrity status.
SPECIAL.PROJECTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM on Sakai? he said. I think the fame has gone
ACY JACKSON Landing a place on Sakais to his head a little bit, first-
UNIVERSITY EDITOR front page can sometimes year Addi Oliver said. I mean,
UNIVERSITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM happen by chance. The main he already has a big head to
JANE LITTLE requirement is that the student begin with.
CITY EDITOR uses technology in the photo. But senior Brian Riefler said
CITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Toohey and his friend, Toohey has remembered the DTH/NILE IVERSON
COREY RISINGER Thomas, started a conversation little people. Junior Harrison Toohey is one of the two students featured on the home page of Sakai.
STATE & NATIONAL EDITOR with a Student Services Harrison and I were
STATE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM employee with a camera, who already friends before his Oliver said. Every time I walk says is rightfully called the the Sakaiger. So I think its
SARAH VASSELLO photographed them using their celebrity status, so I feel like around campus with him I feel Sakaiger. hysterical.
SWERVE DIRECTOR phones outside. our friendship hasnt changed, twice as cool. Theres actually, like, For Toohey, being on
That was like a year ago, he he said. Hes very humble Many students are also a history of the Sakaiger Sakais front page has added
C JACKSON COWART said, The next semester rolled about it but its definitely familiar with Tooheys online, he said. It talks something to his time at UNC.
SPORTS EDITOR around it wasnt our photo and brought a lot of attention. co-star, the Sakai cat, who is about, like, basically how I feel like its a bucket list to
so we forgot about it. The status that comes with photoshopped in most Sakai its been hidden in different get on, like, the Sakai page for
ZITA VOROS At the start of this semester, hanging out with a Sakai photos. schools webpages for years. UNC students, he said.
DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR a friend texted them to tell model has its perks. Toohey said hes a fan And theres not just one,
them that their photo was It feels great, honestly, of the Sakai cat, which he there are, like, ancestors of


COPY CHIEFS Someone broke into and equipment trailer, reports The person threatened to according to Chapel Hill Someone reported
entered a vehicle on the 1000 state. beat up the victim if he was not police reports. public consumption on the
block of Burning Tree Drive given his money, reports state. The person got locked out 700 block of Martin Luther
VIDEO EDITOR at 3:25 p.m. Wednesday, Someone communicated of their residence, reports King Jr. Boulevard at 9
MULTIMEDIA@DAILYTARHEEL.COM according to Chapel Hill threats on the 100 block of Someone reported a state. p.m. Thursday, according to
police reports. East Franklin Street at 4:11 need for assistance on the Chapel Hill police reports.
The person stole a blower p.m. Wednesday, according to 200 block of Chateau Place Someone trespassed at
Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St. valued at $350 from an Chapel Hill police reports. at 11:36 p.m. Wednesday, Carolina Ale House on the Someone reported loud
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 400 block of West Franklin music and a party on the
Jane Wester, Editor-in-Chief, 962-4086
Advertising & Business, 962-1163 Street at 1:30 a.m. Thursday, 100 block of N.C. 54 at 2:30
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 CORRECTIONS according to Chapel Hill a.m. Saturday, according to
Distribution, 962-4115
police reports. Carrboro police reports.
One copy per person; The Daily Tar Heel reports any inaccurate information published as soon as the error is discovered.
additional copies may be purchased
at The Daily Tar Heel for $0.25 each. Editorial corrections will be printed on this page. Errors committed on the Opinion Page have corrections Someone disturbed Someone reported
Please report suspicious activity at printed on that page. Corrections also are noted in the online versions of our stories. the peace on Little John loud noise on the 100 block
our distribution racks by emailing
Contact Managing Editor Hannah Smoot at with issues about this policy. Road at 1:36 a.m. Thursday, of Ruth Street at 11:19
2015 DTH Media Corp. according to Chapel Hill p.m. Sunday, according to
All rights reserved Like: Follow: @dailytarheel on Twitter Follow: dailytarheel on Instagram police reports. Carrboro police reports.

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change and availability.
The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, March 1, 2017 3

Now a force to be reckoned with

Embody sponsoring a screening of
the documentary Miss
Carolina Identities like people of
color, men and members of

wants to the LGBTQ community are

not usually thought to be
affected by eating disorders,
include all Hoffman said. Were trying to
break these stereotypes that
students only young, white, wealthy
women get eating disorders,
because thats not the case at
By Charlie McGee all.
Staff Writer Embody has recently been
working with UNC to change
Embody Carolina, a group material in LFIT classes that
that raises awareness of eating could be triggering, such as
disorders, is working to reach requiring students to weigh
a wider range of students themselves.
during National Eating Each fall, the organization
Disorders Awareness Week, holds Southern Smash, a
which is happening through scale-smashing event on
Saturday. campus meant to promote
We are not a support body image confidence.
group, co-chairperson Brooke Wheeler, a first-year
Rebecca Hoffman said. We psychology major, said she
are an advocacy and education has personally experienced
group. an eating disorder. She joined
Hoffman said the Embody Carolina this year
organizations primary way of to use her experience to help
educating people is through other people.
public training sessions. These I just want to promote
sessions teach participants recovery to anyone thats
what eating disorders are, struggling because eating
how to spot their symptoms in disorders are very prevalent
friends, how to approach these on college campuses, Wheeler
friends and how to assist them said. By sharing my story, Im
in recovery. able to help others who may
This weeks sessions be struggling but are scared DTH/ASHLEY CRAM
focus on identities that are to seek help because theyll be Colleen Daly discusses founding Embody Carolina, an organization on campus to train and educate students about eating disorders.
traditionally underrepresented judged.
when talking about eating Colleen Daly, a 2013 I am just so incredibly it was more about getting it an impact beyond addressing In seemingly insignificant
disorders. graduate who helped start impressed by the activism, the off the ground with training eating disorders. moments, we are capable of
On Tuesday, Embody Embody Carolina, said she passion, the energy and the students. What it is now is a What I want students to making the greatest change
Carolina held a panel in thinks the group has come thought these students have force to be reckoned with. learn from Embody is that when it comes to our friends.
the Student Union, and a long way since first being brought to Embody, Daly Daly said she thinks they are worthy simply for
on Thursday they will be established at the University. said. When we were there Embody Carolina can have being themselves, Daly said.

NAACP leaders propose statewide economic boycott

The proposal gives six conditions about making democracy real for all people, not
just those with the right bank account, right
the past, she said.
Several Republican legislators, including
based enterprises, Guillory added.
Richards said these populations have already
for ending the boycott. sexuality or right skin, Barber said.
The NAACP set forth six conditions under
NC Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger,
called on Gov. Roy Cooper to denounce the
been affected.
People are hurting already in our state,
By Jared Weber which it would end the proposed economic boycott. more than some (other states), she said.
Staff Writer boycott, it said in the press release. Its time for him to show some leadership as Consequences have been felt beyond
Among them are a full repeal of House Bill North Carolinas governor, condemn William bathroom restrictions, Richards said, adding
The NAACP is calling for a full economic 2; a repeal of Senate Bill 4, one of the final Barbers attempt to inflict economic harm on that minimum wage and suits for employment
boycott of North Carolina to protest recent laws signed by former Gov. Pat McCrory that our citizens and work toward a reasonable discrimination were further affected by HB2.
legislation pushed through by the states limited the powers of the incoming governor; compromise that keeps men out of womens A bill to repeal HB2 filed Feb. 22
Republican-dominated General Assembly. and a complete replacement of racially bathrooms, Berger said in a statement. which was touted as a compromise by some
NAACP National President Cornell William gerrymandered voting districts with fair Ferrel Guillory, a UNC School of Media Republican legislators has received criticism
Brooks and N.C. NAACP President Rev. alternatives. and Journalism professor, has his reservations from LGBTQ rights advocates for not providing
William Barber proposed the boycott in a press Anna Richards, president of the Chapel about the boycott. He said HB2 has already cost enough protections for transgender people and
conference on Friday in Raleigh. Hill-Carrboro branch of the NAACP, said the the state millions of dollars in business, with from Cooper for putting the fate of a minority
The NAACP refuses to accept this attack boycott became necessary when other methods plenty of organizations pulling out of North group into the hands of the majority.
on democracy or the commoditization of bias of protest proved ineffective. Carolina after the laws passage. Guillory said the best resolution is a full
against people due to racial or gender identity Sometimes, when you appeal to the moral The kind of boycott theyre proposing repeal of the bill but that Republican legislators
here in North Carolina or anywhere else around conscience of people who dont appear to would it end up hurting some of the people that feel obligated to appease their constituencies.
the nation, Brooks said in a statement. This have one, you have to hit them in language the NAACP wants to help. Guillory said. Its become difficult (for) Republicans
we will fight against with all of our resources that they understand, Richards said. That is, There is already a large amount of pressure because they are in very conservative
until we win. economically. on the General Assembly to repeal HB2, constituencies and theyre expected to get
North Carolinas situation represents Richards cited the Montgomery Bus Boycott Guillory said and any additional pressure something out of voting for a repeal, he said.
the state of the country, Barber said in the and the Greensboro sit-ins of segregated lunch from an economic boycott might be offset by its The state is polarized, and a large segment of
statement. counters as evidence of effective economic potential costs. Republican contingencies dont want a straight
What has happened in North Carolina boycotts. My worry is whether a consumer boycott repeal.
makes this state a battleground over the soul This is not a new tactic, but it has proven to would end up being to the detriment of the @jared_webby
of America and whether our nation is sincere be effective in the face of a lack of morality in low-wage workers who work in consumer-

Governor to attend Clean Tech Summit NC county bans solar

This is the fourth annual farm construction
summit and attendance is Currituck County will in the right order, Edwards said.
The policy enacted makes it
supposed to exceed 670. consider consequences of more difficult for businesses and
residences to tap into the suns
By Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez additional solar farms. energy through solar farms, Rachel
Staff Writer Weber, campaign organizer at
By Hanna Grimm Environment North Carolina, said.
Gov. Roy Cooper will be on Staff Writer (The solar farms) certainly do
campus this Thursday delivering the protect our clean air and clean
keynote address at the fourth annual Currituck County has issued a water, Weber said. Meanwhile,
UNC Clean Tech Summit. ban on all new solar farms after they provide thousands of local
The event, which will take place a hearing Feb. 20 because of jobs; they increase the reliance on
Thursday and Friday, is expected to residents agricultural and aesthetic the grid and are really important
attract over 670 participants from concerns. for economic development in North
across North Carolina. The ban has been a subject of Carolina, especially in rural areas.
The summit, put on through debate in the county. In January, North Carolina ranked fifth
a collaboration between UNCs the county began a 60-day in 2016 for solar energy and gets
Institute for the Environment and moratorium on discussions of about 3 percent of its electricity
Kenan-Flagler Business Schools adding more solar farms, which will from solar energy, according
Center for Sustainable Enterprise, end in March. to the Solar Energy Industries
will focus on the themes of The county is suspending all Association.
innovation, clean energy, water and DTH/RYAN HERRON applications for new solar farms As you can imagine there are
energy, and the newly added theme Tracey Triggs-Matthews is a part of the Center for Sustainable Enterprise at until it has evaluated arguments many citizens on both sides of the
of food. UNC Kenan-Flagler and one of the main leaders of the Clean Tech Summit. from both sides and decided the issue, Edwards said.
Environment and ecology best course of action, Randall Citizens oppose the farms
professor Greg Gangi came up with I think that its a really cool way Sustainable Enterprise, said the Edwards, spokesperson for because they think they will
the idea for the summit after taking for students and potentially also summit is a great way to match Currituck County, said. decrease the nearby property
students on a Burch Fellowship non-environmental major students professionals in the clean tech field The county is already home to values, destroy the wildlife and
program to Germany. or just people in general, to learn to students who are interested in a two solar farms one is owned disrupt the landscape. Others
I could only take 24 students from these really experienced related internship or job. by Duke Energy and another, support the farms because of the
but I thought I would like to speakers that are coming to talk, There have been students that owned by SunEnergy1, is under tax revenue they could bring to the
provide a similar experience for a he said. have obtained jobs or connections construction. county, Edwards said.
large group of students on campus, Emily Williams, spokesperson for to jobs from this, which I think is The board voted to amend the Weber said the land in this part
he said. the Institute for the Environment, definitely a positive outcome in countys Unified Development of North Carolina has already been
Gangi said he looks forward to said the subject of this conference is addition to just making some more Ordinance to remove solar array developed for agriculture, and if
the collaboration of representatives relevant for everybody. connections with people in industry, projects as an allowable use, farmers want to sell their land to the
from government, industry and No matter who you are, youre she said. Edwards said. This does not affect solar companies for revenue, it is
universities at the summit. affected because this is affecting Triggs-Matthews said any the two current ones. their decision as a landowner.
If you could find a way for our planet and the world we live in, individual interested in clean tech Currituck County will likely Agriculture is obviously really
universities to bring in industry Williams said. should get involved with the summit revisit the policy in the future, important for North Carolina for
with the support of government, For the second year in a row, in in the future. though an exact date has not been jobs and for our food, Weber said.
that would be a very powerful an attempt to foster connections If you are interested in the set. Edwards said the policy does But if the energy alternative is
innovation, he said. between industry and students at clean tech space, this is definitely not mean Currituck is not taking an some polluting power plant that is
First-year environmental science local universities, a select number of something to get involved in and anti-solar energy stance. toxic to the air that we breathe and
major Cameron Champion said he applicants will be matched up with a going forward I think its just going The board just wants to take a the water that we drink, well, thats
is excited to see all of the expert mentor in the industry. to continue to grow, she said. step back and take a comprehensive not visually appealing either.
speakers who will be attending the Tracy Triggs-Matthews, look at solar projects and solar farms
conference. associate director in the Center for and make sure weve got our policies
4 Wednesday, March 1, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

East Chapel Hill High will go solar

A group of students sustainability and how we
as students can go into our
Our goal is to bring
received a grant to community and help with awareness and
sustainability, Doherty said.
install solar panels. Dohertys passion for the
education about
environment led her to other alternative energy.
By Isabela Zawistowska environmentally-conscious
Randy Wheeless
Staff Writer students at ECHHS. The group
then contacted Dan Schnitzer, Duke Energy spokesperson
Megan Doherty may only sustainability coordinator at
be a senior in high school, but Chapel Hill-Carrboro City and a group of selected solar
she is already advocating for Schools. installers to assist with the
renewable energy. I knew that Carrboro High installations.
She is part of a group School had solar panels before He said East Chapel Hill
of students at East Chapel and so we contacted Dan High has until the end of
Hill High School who Schnitzer, Doherty said. We 2018 to decide where the solar
received a grant from Duke got a couple of other teachers panels will be installed.
Energy in partnership with involved and we wrote a grant Duke Energy spokesperson
Raleigh-based nonprofit NC with Duke Energy and figured Randy Wheeless said working
GreenPower to install solar out that we won. with NC GreenPower allows
panels at their school. ECHHS sophomore Emily schools to pay for projects they
Many schools find it difficult Liu also helped spearhead the otherwise couldnt afford.
to fund sustainable initiatives. application for a grant from We are targeting schools
Duke Energy alleviates the Duke Energy. that may have shown some
financial burden for students in With the grant there will interest in the past but maybe
up to 10 schools across North be a curriculum so people are the funding was not there,
Carolina who are interested in able to learn about renewable Wheeless said. It is an
installing solar panels at their energy, Liu said. educational opportunity to
schools. ECHHS will be receiving help them learn more about
Dohertys initial interest a weather station, solar panel how solar panels work and DTH FILE/ALEX KORMANN
in solar panels arose after and monitoring equipment to some of that power will help An East Chapel Hill High School student has won a grant to have solar panels installed at the school.
attending a week-long program determine how much energy is power the school as well.
at UNC called the Climate produced by the school. Schnitzer said it was Our goal is to bring think differently as they about things in the same way
Leadership and Energy A timeline of when they necessary to create an energy awareness and education about mature. but from a conservationist
Awareness Program or will be installed has not been audit of the building to alternative energy, he said. When they graduate and standpoint, he said.
Climate LEAP. established, Schnitzer said. understand how and where Schnitzer said he hopes the move on to get good jobs, @izawistowska
It taught students about We have to get an engineer energy is consumed. installations will help students they are not just thinking

JV basketball falls late to Hargrave Military Academy

The team lost despite three hours before the varsity
It was a lot smaller. The rims felt different. UNC barreled off to a 62-58
lead to start the second half,
sealed the Tar Heels fate: a
17-point loss in a game they
a big crowd and But tonight was all about Everything about it was a great experience. but turnovers 18 in total once controlled.
the JV team. All about Dean would come to haunt them, But despite the loss, the
historic atmosphere. Smith. And all about a historic
Preston Smith
First-year forward
and the Tar Heels would never sheer experience of playing in
arena, even if the result was again see the lead. Carmichael allowed the Tar
By Kiley Burns less than ideal. It really was turnovers, Heels to file out with their
Staff Writer Ive been begging (varsity (Playing in Carmichael) when the magic of Carmichael Davis said. Thats heads held high.
head) coach (Roy) Williams to was a lot different, obviously, seemed to wear out. something we talked about I wanted these guys to
For the first time since play one nonconference game first-year Preston Smith said. Hargrave, the 2016 in the beginning of the experience playing in here
2010, mens basketball saw and one conference game in It was a lot smaller. The rims National Prep Championship game always make the where Michael Jordan and
some action in Carmichael Carmichael, head JV coach felt different. Everything about winners, came into the game easy play. We dont need a James Worthy and Matt
Arena. Hubert Davis said. it was a great experience. boasting 10 players committed SportsCenter play, we just Doherty and Kenny Smith
On Feb. 28, 1931, Dean I think this place is But the atmosphere was to college programs. The Tar need singles, and thats played, and Im thankful
Smith was born, and it was beautiful. The crowd not enough motivation for the Heels fell to Hargrave 92-78 in something that we got away that Hargrave allowed us
in his honor that the North atmosphere is just fantastic, Tar Heels to pull out a win, their 2016 matchup. from in the latter part of the to play them here tonight,
Carolina JV team (9-4) played and I wanted the guys to play dropping their third game in A 3-pointer by sophomore second half. Davis said.
on Tuesday night in a 97-80 here. a row. Jeremy Werden sent UNC into UNC found itself slipping Perhaps Coach Williams
loss to Hargrave Military The contest drew the teams Overall, UNC didnt seem halftime with a 42-41 lead. behind in a matter of will follow suit with the varsity
Academy. largest crowd of the season headed to a loss but the The momentum seemed to seconds. First by eight team.
Typically, the team takes and fueled North Carolina. score reflects a collapse in the favor the Tar Heels. points, then by 13, and
the court in the Smith Center, Well, for the first half at least. final four minutes of the game, Led by junior Kane Ma, finally, two Hargrave dunks

February Greek Spotlight LiqUiD PLEAsUrE

performing @ the 25th annual
BEAT DUKE event at Pantana Bobs
Lana Abutabanja Thursday, March 2
Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.
Greek Alliance Council
Lana Abutabanja is a junior majoring in Economics with a minor in
Education. Since joining Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.
in the Spring 2016, she has been a tremendous asset to her chapter.
She is currently serving as Dean of Intake and Treasurer for her
chapter, as well as, Secretary for her council, the GAC. Outside of
her involvement in the Greek community, she is a tutor at Culbreth
Middle School as a tutor of UNCs America Counts. Additionally, she
a member of the NC Fellows Class of 2018.

Samone Oates-Bollock
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.
Samone Oates-Bullock, a member of the Omega Iota Chapter of Zeta Phi
Beta Sorority, Inc. was featured on WRAL for her acts of service for two
different local organizations in Durham and Chapel Hill community.
Samone takes time out of her busy life to mentor youth after school
by positively influencing young girls lives and assisting student in the
transition from education to career. Her goal is to give young people the
access to living a successful life. With this, she was honored by WRAL with
the 2017 Celebrating Black History Month award. Samone served on the
National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. as the 2016 Vice President.

Emerson Schulz
Phi Mu
Panhellenic Association
Emerson Schulz is a Junior majoring in Communications and minoring in
Entrepreneurship. While she is balancing her education, she is also the founder
and CEO of the non-profit Concussion Awareness Recovery Run Inc. (C.A.R.R.).
C.A.R.R.s mission is to develop awareness of concussions, the signs and
symptoms, the recovery process. In addition, we provide financial donations for
concussion research, and financial assistance for tutors to concussed students,
enabling them to stay on track with their education. In 2012, Emersons little
brother, Nolan, sustained a severe concussion while on the playground, he was
in 5th grade at the time. Subsequently, he received 2 additional concussions
within the span of a year. After watching Nolans difficulties trying to get back
on track with his education and a healthy lifestyle, Emerson decided to bring awareness to these such struggles, thus
forming Concussion Awareness Recovery Run, Inc. and the Get Your Motor Running 5k. This 5k is taking place March
26th in Chapel Hill and the money is going to The Matthew Gfeller Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research
Center at UNC. You can learn more about Emersons non-profit by visiting their website:

Hayden Vick
Kappa Alpha Order
Interfraterntiy Council
Hayden Vick is a junior originally from Wilson, NC, majoring in History with
minors in Education and Southern Studies.
Last Fall, Hayden was elected President of the Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha
Order, rising to the highest leadership after serving in several organizational roles.
As President, Hayden represented the Upsilon Chapter at the national Kappa Alpha
Order conference over winter break. While representing, Hayden was elected by
other KA Presidents across the country to serve as the organizations National
Undergraduate Chairman. In this role, Hayden acts as the chief representative for
all undergraduate KAs, serves on the national executive board, and assures that a
student voice is constantly heard by those making decisions at the top.
Despite all of this, the fraternity world does not even come close to describing who Hayden Vick is. Over his time at Carolina,
Hayden has fallen in love with the Chapel Hill community and has volunteered in nine different classrooms since his freshman
year, fostering as many positive relationships as possible with teachers and students in Chapel Hill/Carrboro City Schools. He
serves as the school systems UNC Student Volunteer Ambassador, working closely with the volunteer office to recruit more student
volunteers for schools in the community each semester. He was recently named a Hometown Hero by the Town of Chapel Hill
for his efforts in its public schools. On campus, Hayden serves as an Undergraduate Admissions Ambassador, Chairman of College
Republicans, and Ambassador Coordinator for Order of the Bell Tower. In his free time, Hayden writes for his own blog, From
Franklin to You, and is a contributing college writer to the Huffington Post. Hayden also babysits for several families in Chapel Hill
and Wilson and will be returning to Falling Creek Camp as a counselor this summer.
In all, Hayden is exactly what we look for in the IFC. A young man who strives for success, provides leadership to his community,
and gives back in every way he can. It is for this reason that we set him in the spotlight and say job well done, brother.
The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, March 1, 2017 5

Pop-up art show supports student artists

HARC Collective will they could have made it, but
they didnt have a car.
kind of tough to do that
when youre an art major
hold the show below Creissen said the name of
the organization was chosen
and the only place you have
is the Hanes Art (Center).
Cosmic Cantina. in reference to UNC and the Orange County Arts
founders hometowns. Commission Coordinator
By Lydia Tolley The H comes from the Katie Murray said the show
Staff Writer home of Chapel Hill, the AR is will give student artists a
from the AR in Cary, and the chance to make a profit from
HARC Collective, a student- C is from Charlotte because their work.
led art organization, will host thats where were all originally The whole point of their
a pop-up show in hopes of from, Creissen said. (HARC) group is to find exhibit space
helping student artists reach also references the UNC alma off campus so that students
their artistic goals. mater song, Hark the Sound. can actually sell their work,
The organizations second HARC manager and UNC Murray said. If they display
show, called Underground: sophomore Divya Agarwal on campus, they cant sell
A Pop-Up Art Show, will be said HARC has been working their work.
held Saturday from 4-11 p.m. with the Orange County Creissen said the group
HARCs first pop-up gallery Artists Guild and the Orange has earned recognition
was held in April 2016. County Arts Commission to through the University.
HARC manager and UNC plan for the fall. Were a growing
sophomore James Creissen The Arts Guild has this organization and were Bryan
said the show will be held art tour every fall that lasts Fellowship recipients this year,
below Cosmic Cantina on East two weeks, Agarwal said. so were hoping well keep this
Franklin Street. People make pieces and going during the time were at
He said they would also post them in their garage Carolina, he said.
have the space open on Sunday for people to look at during The APPLES Service-
from noon to 5 p.m. the tour. Its very likely Learning Robert E. Bryan
Creissen said the location that theyre going to allow Fellowship is designed for
was chosen because its student artists from UNC teams of undergraduates
accessible for both the to participate in this show working on projects that
community and UNC students. and pair up with someone address community needs,
The only thing we were associated with the guild. locally or around the world.
lacking in that first pop- Agarwal said the tour could Agarwal said she is hopeful
up show was the venue, help student artists ease into that with the Bryan Fellowship
Creissen said. The only the Chapel Hill art scene. and help from the Orange
space we could find was off People can find resources County Arts Guild, HARC can
campus, so we didnt get to future jobs and showcase have a permanent office space
quite the turnout that we their artwork in a more in the future.
could have had. We had a lot informal environment than PHOTO COURTESY OF ANNA CRESSIEN
of people saying they wish on campus, she said. Its HARC Collective is a student-led organization that helps promote UNC students art.

Q&A with rape crisis center director Alyson Culin

UNC graduate Alyson DTH: What have you learned awarded the Purple Ribbon We have excellent relations
Culin is the new executive from your experience at the award for our safety and pre- with other providers and with
director of the Orange County center? vention education programs folks on campus. When peo-
Rape Crisis Center. Staff writ- and that was really exciting. ple come to us, we help them
er Molly Horak talked with AC: Im very glad to have And thats also where I got my figure out where they want to
Culin about her work with the learned a great deal of com- start, so I feel very connected go next, whether thats a com-
center and her plans for her passion for those who have to that part. Its great to get munity resource or a campus
new role. experienced such a violence recognition for the work that resource.
and their loved ones. Some of we are doing in the commu-
The Daily Tar Heel: When did you my coworkers who have done nity. DTH: What are your goals for
know you wanted to do this excellent service work have the future?
sort of work? taught me how to have that DTH: Why is the center impor-
compassion for folks and how tant? AC: About a year ago, we
Alyson Culin: When I was at to support them in a way that launched our first-ever capi-
UNC, I was a member of is empowering. And thats a AC: There are very few stand- tal campaign. Its a multiyear
Project Dinah and was really huge part of what we do alone rape crisis centers in campaign to help expand
impressed with the work they allowing folks to heal in their the country anymore, but as some of our programs and PHOTO COURTESY OF ALYSON CULIN
were doing. I came to the own way. a stand-alone we are able to services but to also purchase The Orange County Rape Crisis Center has brought on UNC
cause both through academic provide more in-depth ser- our own office space. We are graduate Alyson Culin as the new executive director.
feminism from what I was DTH: Are there any particular vices to survivors of sexual continuing to do some fun-
learning in my coursework, moments that stand out to assault. I think its great that draising in the next couple also have a forever home. community events and proj-
but also through experiences you during your time at the we are serving all of Orange of years in the hope that we April is coming up soon ects that were really looking
that friends had had that center? County so we can be a great can purchase a larger space and thats Sexual Assault forward to.
made me very passionate source of support for both the to continue to accommodate Awareness Month, so well @molly_horak
about the cause. AC: This past fall we were campus and the community. our growing services and to have a lot of campus and

On the wire: national and world news

Sessions comments on Justice would use the federal U.S. government too much rewriting the rule over the College of the Holy Cross in and had back surgery in
law banning marijuana to power to regulate waterways next several years. Worcester, Mass., leading 2000. He also played for
marijuana policy crack down on recreational nationwide, according to a that team to the state finals Great Britain in the World
WASHINGTON (MCT) pot sales while allowing senior White House official. UNC alum, Game of in 1999. At North Carolina, University Games in China
Attorney General Jeff states to regulate the drug Trump is set to sign Fingleton was the Tar Heels and professionally in Spain
Sessions said Tuesday that he for medical use. a directive on Tuesday Thrones star dies center until he was injured and Greece.
is dubious about marijuana, The Obama administra- compelling the U.S. Army (MCT) Neil Fingleton,
hinting that the Trump tions Justice Department gave Corps of Engineers and the one of Britains tallest men
administration could be ready states the green light to tax Environmental Protection and an actor who was best
to block states from selling it and regulate the drug as long Agency to review and known for playing the giant
for recreational use. as they promised to do a good reconsider the 2015 Waters Mag the Mighty on HBOs
States, you know, can pass job of policing themselves. of the U.S. rule, according Game of Thrones, has died.
whatever laws they choose, but But it will be up to Sessions to the official, who spoke The 7-foot-7 actor died
Im not sure were going to be to decide whether he wants on condition of anonymity Saturday, according to The
a better, healthier nation if we to continue the largely hands- to describe the document Associated Press. He was 36.
have marijuana being sold at off approach or lead a new before its release. The Trump The cause of death was heart
every corner grocery store, he national crackdown. administration also will failure, according to British
said in a speech at the winter ask a federal court to halt media reports.
meeting of the National Trump order to rewrite consideration of a lawsuit The actor was born in
Association of Attorneys from dozens of states and Durham in northeast England
General. Well have to work
waterway regulations an assortment of businesses in 1980 and was one of three
our way through that. WASHINGTON (MCT) and agricultural groups towering siblings in a long line
Sessions made his President Donald Trump challenging the rule while the of tall family members.
remarks after White House will order his administration measure is being reviewed. His stature facilitated

Press Secretary Sean Spicer to rescind and rewrite an Trumps decision sets a basketball career and he
told reporters last Thursday Obama-era environmental in motion a slow-moving played at both the University
that the Department of rule that critics say gave the regulatory process aimed at of North Carolina and at the

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6 Wednesday, March 1, 2017 From Page One The Daily Tar Heel

KEA Eddie was unsure how Paris

freelance approach would work
called Balcomb, the coach told
her Paris just wasnt prepared
met Paris in Colorado with
the 2014 USA U18 National
It just feels good having a place to call
FROM PAGE 1 within the Commodores rigid for collegiate ball. Team and lauded her humor home.
seized the starting point guard offense. But her father was Swanee was shocked. and humility gave her seal
impressed by the parent-like Isnt that what yall of approval, UNC head coach
Paris Kea
spot for the Page Pirates.
Recruiting letters rolled in for approach of assistant coach supposed to do? she said. Sylvia Hatchell recruited the Redshirt sophomore guard
both basketball and soccer, the Tom Garrick, and Paris was The campus camaraderie Greensboro product.
sport she calls her first love. enamored with the family feel that initially drew Paris I wish we would have She sprinted to the sideline If the kid was 6-foot-2,
But after tearing her right and intimacy of the campus. to Vanderbilt was gone. had her from the beginning, and smacked hands with Hatchell said, Aint no doubt
labrum, she had to make a Seven hours away, it felt like Upperclassmen here, Walker said. her dad. Then, she turned to shed be an All-American.
sacrifice: leave her Pirate home. underclassmen there. The Tar Heels secured Paris Walker and let out two years of Tonight at 6:30 p.m., Paris
teammates stranded for the She was alone. commitment on April 27, 2015. frustration in two words. will be expected to shoulder
season or miss spring soccer. *** You can only call Mom Two months later, UNCs three Im back. the load for the 14th-seeded
I didnt want to sit out or FaceTime Mom, she said. best players had announced Tar Heels (14-15, 3-13 ACC)
basketball season, she said. She was ready to go. And not like lay up under her their intent to transfer. *** against 11th-seeded Pittsburgh
That would have killed me. I The four-star commit put or snuggle in her bed with her, But it didnt deter Paris, (13-16, 4-12 ACC) in the
had to play. on a show early in the season, have her to tell you everythings who was willing to leave a toxic Every January, Paris opening round of the ACC
With her focus solely on but the Vanderbilt system took OK. environment for a tenuous sacrifices something she values. Tournament in Conway, S.C.
basketball, another decision hold. Pass here, shoot there. It Midway through the one and spend a year on the When she was younger, it a game originally scheduled in
drew near. A few points on her was Upward all over again. season, Paris grandmother, sidelines. She lifted weights was TV and soda. Now, its Greensboro.
ACT separated her from a spot Paris can play any style Yvonne, developed ANCA before games and shot for social media. But whats an extra three
on Harvards squad, and her of basketball, Eddie said. vasculitis forcing her into hours after. During, she studied Usually a fast means giving hours to the North Carolina
parents childhood favorite But Vanderbilt kind of kept a chemotherapy-like process. her teammates tendencies and up, she said. Like sacrificing native? The HTC Center crowd
UNC already had a stacked something in her way all the Every trip home, Paris would UNCs run-and-gun offense. for God. awaits.
backcourt, led by Allisha time. head straight to the hospital We were always like, Oh But shes no stranger to Those are the games I live
Gray and Jessica Washington. After years of an inseparable and stay all night. But seven my gosh, we cant wait til she sacrifice shes been doing it for, she said.
Vanderbilt set its sights on connection with Eddie, she hours was too far from family. can play, Hatchell said. her whole life. Last season, UNC fell in
the cerebral guard, but Paris couldnt find the same spark I just wanted to be back On Nov. 11, 2016, she did. This season, Paris has given overtime to the Panthers to
parents acted as a filter in the with Balcomb. The first-year home, she said. Six minutes in, she drove everything. Shes played power end its season. But that team
recruiting process. guard looked like a shell of Paris announced her along the baseline and hit an forward for the first time, and was without Paris. And with a
It was academics first, and herself. transfer request after the Alabama State defender with a shes commanded fast breaks North Carolina jersey and
Vanderbilt passed the test. Nearly 500 miles away, season, narrowing her search hesitation move. She followed and jump balls. She leads her team on her back, shes
Paris mother felt uneasy in Swanee could see the to ACC schools in North it with a floater and drew the team in points and assists finally home.
her interactions with head confidence drain from her Carolina. foul for her fourth bucket of and at 5-foot-9, shes second in @CJacksonCowart
coach Melanie Balcomb, and daughters game. But when she And after Walker who the game. rebounds.

ALDERMEN until the incident ends, and

the footage will be disclosed
member Damon Seils said.
While most of the board
public record.
I feel like weve done a lot
cameras to update the board
on the policys effects.
amending the town code with
regard to livestock provisions
FROM PAGE 1 to subjects in the video if approved of the policy, Board of good work on this policy, She said shes interested for chickens and rabbits.
on it very hard, Horton said. requested. The cameras of Aldermen member Sammy but I dont feel we have a in the training value of Chickens will continue to
Theres no way to capture are also not to be used for Slade said he had some policy because of the local the footage, the number be allowed, but residents will
everything in this policy, but surveillance purposes. concerns. work, but the state work thats of disclosure requests the be required to have at least
weve done a great job. We want to disclose He said he does not agree been thrown at us, Slade said. department receives, and three birds due to their social
The policy stipulates that footage whenever were asked with the recent N.C. General Board of Aldermen member any outcomes that might nature.
the person must be notified to disclose unless theres a Assembly statute which Bethany Chaney requested have changed because of the
that they are being recorded, really strong reason why we states that body camera and that Horton return a year after footage. @laurentalley13
the recording cannot end shouldnt, Board of Aldermen dashboard footage are not implementation of the body The board also discussed

ELECTIONS involves placing the burden

on the entire community, as
Mental health Its OK to not REFERENDUM seems much more oriented
toward serving itself rather
FROM PAGE 1 well as the Greek system. Adkins said she wants to be OK. Its OK to FROM PAGE 1 than serving its community,
Sexual assault We dont wanna say
youre the only one doing it,
end stigma around sexual
assault on campus. She also need help. a modest stipend for time
given in service to their fellow
he said. Not to take away
anything from the GPSF, but
Both candidates said sexual he said. said the LFIT curriculum Elizabeth Adkins graduate and professional they get a lot of money from
assault is the most important He said giving students should change so the eating Student body presidential candidate students, he said. me every year and do little
issue that the Board of Trustees engraved PID bracelets would section is not triggering to GPSF Campus and Personal to nothing to help me or my
should address. be one of the steps in his sexual people with eating disorders. for the University to take a Safety Advocate Calvin program with it.
Adkins said she wants to assault plan. Its OK to not be OK, she stance against HB2. Deutschbein said he does GPSF President Dylan
form a committee on sexual said. He said areas designated for not believe paid positions are Russell said executive board
assault in student government Environment Its OK to need help. minority groups like Pride necessarily appropriate for members commit significant
so that when people who are Grier said he has suffered Place in Cobb and the Sonja executive positions, which time to hold these positions.
vocal on the issue graduate, Grier said he thinks from depression and thinks Haynes Stone Center for Black would be funded by graduate These positions require
sexual assault continues being UNC should convert its UNC should provide vouchers Culture and History should student fees. He said the paid students to spend a lot of
discussed. energy system from coal to so students can seek mental be moved to the center of positions are inconsistent their free time in meetings
Grier said he wants renewable energy, and the health services off campus. campus. with GPSFs expressed with administrators or on
to tear down the narrow dining hall shouldnt use Adkins said she reached wishes to break apart from University committees or
heteronormative definition plastic utensils. Diversity out to minority groups undergraduate student carrying out the platform
of sexual assault, and thinks, Adkins said UNC should and asked them what they government. of the president or working
as a survivor of sexual look to other universities Both Adkins and Grier said wanted, then incorporated I joined the GPSF on social and professional
assault, he is suited to be a for cost-effective and they will advocate for UNC realistic goals into her because I had some clear programming, he said. And
leader on the issue. environmentally friendly to be a sanctuary campus platform based on the and actionable plans to meet paying executives creates a
He wants to create a discrete ideas, like putting computers for undocumented students if suggestions she gathered. what I perceived as needs in level of accountability.
reporting system on campus. on sleep mode when they are elected. my community, and I find
Griers sexual assault plan not being used. Grier said he will advocate it deeply concerning that it

DTH office is open Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm

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it illegal to advertise any preference, limita-
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affects deadlines). We reserve the right to re- newspaper will not knowingly accept any ad- Fortune smiles on your family this year, especially after
ject, edit, or reclassify any ad. Please check your vertising which is in violation of the law. Our CAROLINA STUDENT May. Discipline benefits your career. Introspection and
ad on the first run date, as we are only respon- readers are hereby informed that all dwellings Assistant planning this August lead to breakthroughs in your
isors Manager LEGAL SERVICES
Superv s
sible for errors on the first day of the ad. Accep- advertised in this newspaper are available on Head G
uards uards health and labors. October adventures await you. After
tance of ad copy or prepayment does not imply an equal opportunity basis in accordance with Lifeg
agreement to publish an ad. You may stop your the law. To complain of discrimination, call LEGAL ASSISTANT December, collaboration pays off. Together, you can
ad at any time, but NO REFUNDS or credits for the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Certifications Required: accomplish anything.
stopped ads will be provided. No advertising Development housing discrimination hotline: ARC lifeguarding, first aid, CPR CSLS is seeking candidates
for housing or employment, in accordance with 1-800-669-9777. professional rescuer. Availability
federal law, can state a preference based on preferred mid-May to mid-September.
for its legal assistant position
To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.
sex, race, creed, color, religion, national origin, MERCIA RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES: Now
showing and leasing properties for 2017/18 Mike Chamberlain, pool manager: to begin July 1, 2017.
handicap, marital status. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
school year. Walk to campus, 1BR-6BR Duties include typing, filing, Aries (March 21-April 19)
Business available. Contact via or
919-933-8143. Start a rewarding and reception, bookkeeping, and Today is a 9 -- Youre full of profit- Today is an 8 -- Youre more
occasional legal research. able ideas today and tomorrow. patient with finances over the next
Opportunities fulfilling career and earn Slow down and avoid accidents few days. Focus on practical objec-
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cies. Spontaneous actions can
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Hill February 2017. Now hiring servers, bar- downtown, affordable, 4BR/4BA. Rent includes excited about coming to work and especially Excel. Must also
tenders, hosts, kitchen positions. NO EXPERI- all utilities, parking in garage, WiFi, W/D, huge helping others! This position is Today is a 7 -- Check your course things done over the next few
ENCE REQUIRED! Apply M-Sat 9am-7pm at kitchen, rec room, security entrance with eleva- great for anyone looking for Part- be very familiar with Quicken. before speeding up. You make days. Negotiate and compromise
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infant girl and one 2-year-old toddler girl look- nastics of Durham has full time and part-time per hour. To apply visit problem solving skills.
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us at Three letters of reference
anytime from now until May. Competitive pay. instructors. Applicants with knowledge of finish things up today and tomor- Youre building long-term strength.
Hours flexible and negotiable but ideal candi- gymnastics terminology and progression skills SOUTHPOINT AREA APARTMENT community are required. row. Clarify directions, plans and Consider your health from a new
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museum, etc. Be organized, energetic, kind, proximately 15-20 hrs/wk. Must be good at touring apartments, processing applications
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and various office duties. No experience nec- 2017 and ending June 30, 2018. over the next few days. Plan and days. Avoid risky business, despite
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(5 and 8), drive to activities, home. $20/hr. RESEARCH ASSISTANT. Small behavioral sci- Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) ences research company in Durham (Off Rt. 54 Mail or email resume with Today is a 7 -- Stay home and lay
near Southpoint Mall) seeks part- or full-time NEED ESSAY WRITING HELP? Professional Today is a 9 -- Reassess what
AFTERNOON CARE NEEDED We need a re- Research Assistant. Responsibilities include Writers, Top Quality Service, Prompt Delivery. cover letter as soon as needs to get done, and take low over the next two days. Enjoy a
sponsible care provider for our son and his questionnaire development; data collection, Essays, Term Papers, Dissertations & more. Go possible but no later than charge today and tomorrow. practical, domestic phase. Conserve
service dog 2-4:30 M-F in Hillsborough. to:
Experience with Down Syndrome useful but
coding of qualitative data, entry, and manage-
ment; typing; literature reviews; report writing;
March 17, 2017, to: Prepare for examination. Enlist an your resources. Make repairs early
not required. $10-15/hour. Email sweir@ and general office work. Must have experience Summer Jobs Fran Muse, imaginative partner. Together, you to avoid unexpected costs. 919-265-9714 working with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Director can achieve amazing things. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Must have research experience or coursework SUMMER EMPLOYMENT: The Duke Faculty
in research methods, psychology, or a related Club is hiring camp counselors, lifeguards, Carolina Student Legal Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Today is a 7 -- Write and plan
WE ARE LOOKING for an energetic, depend-
able individual to help after school with 3 field. Please email your resume and 3 refer- swim coaches and instructors for Summer Services, Inc. Today is an 8 -- Educational semi- over the next few days. Research
school aged children 2-3 days/week. in ences to or 919-493- 2017. Visit our website (
PO Box 1312 nars, classes and journeys prove and edit. Dont deplete resources.
7720. EOE for applications and information. Organization allows for smooth
Carrboro. Must have clean driving record.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 valuable today and tomorrow.
Competitive wages. Contact sitter4three@ GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR: Chapel Hill Gym- action. Something bitter mellows Travel/Vacation Take time for long-range plan-
nastics has full time and part-time positions
available for energetic, enthusiastic instructors. (Use Legal ning to avoid expense and risk. A with time.
Applicants with knowledge of gymnastics ter- BAHAMAS SPRING BREAK Assistant as Subject Line) surprising development requires
www.dailytarheel. minology and progression skills preferred, must
be available 2-4 days/wk. 3:30-7:30pm, some
$189 for 5 DAYS. All prices include: Round trip CSLS, Inc. is an Equal Employment adaptation.
luxury party cruise, accommodations on the is-
com/classifieds weekends. Send a resume to hr@chapelhill-
land at your choice of 10 resorts. Appalachia Opportunity employer. (c) 2016 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.
Travel. www., 800-867-5018.
The Daily Tar Heel Sports Wednesday, March 1, 2017 7

Baum brings it factor in win over Winthrop

The first-year held found himself in a 3-2 count
in the next at-bat.
We were telling
Winthrop to zero runs But Baum came through everyone in there,
in UNCs 11-0 victory.
with a strikeout before
forcing a pop-up on the next
Lets get a run for
at-bat and ending the inning Baum.
By Jack Frederick with a fly out. The hit in the
Logan Warmoth
Staff Writer second would be one of just
two he gave up in the outing. Junior shortstop
The moment Tyler Baum Hes got that it factor;
touched his feet to the rubber he didnt look nervous at all, relief, the Tar Heels produced
Tuesday afternoon, he made Head Coach Mike Fox said. five runs in the fifth inning,
himself at home. He was very aggressive. The wearing through three
Baum was about to begin first pitch out of his hand was Winthrop pitchers.
the first start of his college a fastball down with some Logan Warmoth ignited
career for the No. 8 North velocity on it, and he never the burst of runs by scoring
Carolina baseball team (8-0), looked back. on a balk. Warmoth went on
but he came out throwing Baum continued the to pick up four RBIs, a home
strikes like a seasoned veteran momentum, plowing through run, a double and a walk.
in UNCs 11-0 win over three 1-2-3 innings. While We were telling everyone
Winthrop (4-3). Baum pitched a gem on the in there, Lets get a run for
Going through the first mound, his teammates strug- Baum, Warmoth said. Lets
inning after the first-pitch gled to score early on, leaving get one or two.
strike to start off the game, Baum without a cushion. And thats all we needed
I got more comfortable and Baums teammates had because he was lights out
settled in, Baum said. I had only accounted for three hits today.
command of my pitches today in the first four innings, and Baum retired from the
and went and attacked the despite being handed several mound in the top of the sixth
hitters. walks, they missed out on after giving up a walk and
Baum mowed through key opportunities and left a hit, but that didnt keep DTH/NILE IVERSON
the first three batters with runners stranded on base. his team from continuing to North Carolina pitcher Tyler Baum (23) allowed two hits and no earned runs in almost six innings.
ease. He moved to the Baum kept the faith. score for him. He finished
second inning with some I knew eventually they allowing zero runs and just Winthrop scoreless for the Baum was awarded his first the Tar Heels today, Baum
momentum, but it seemed were going to come through one walk and he tallied six rest of the game, thanks to a career college win an 11-0 said, and get a win for the
like his sharp command and get a clutch base hit and strikeouts. committee of pitchers: Austin shutout. team.
might falter after he gave up break the tie, Baum said. The team hammered Bergner, Taylor Sugg and Bo It meant the world to @_JACKF54_
a hit to start the inning. He And they did. To Baums across six more runs and kept Weiss. Following their efforts, come out here and start for

Weekly walk-up: Brian Millers song choice

By Will Bryant Brian Miller
is a junior
when the song was popular
Yeah, it really got old. If
If you pick a If Im hitting really well, I
wont change it, but if I kinda
The value
Senior Writer
outfielder and you pick a song thats hot in song thats hot got tired of the song and I Theyre cool, a cool little
way to kinda embody you as a
The No. 8 North Carolina
baseball team starts each
the lead-off December, its gonna get old,
he said.
in December, its was hitting really poorly,
then I might change it up. player and help get the crowd
hitter for the
season with a tough task: North Carolina My favorite genre is gonna get old. Im not really superstitious into it. Im not opposed to
choosing a walk-up song. Brian country. I can never really find but I am a little bit. I think changing them, but if its work-
baseball team Brian Miller ing right now, stick with it.
Miller shared his decision a good country song to do. So, its a fun way to get a new
this season. Junior outfielder
process with senior writer Will I went with back to rock this start and a new look.
Bryant in DTH Sports new said. year, but if I can find a good The verdict: A+
weekly walk-up series. Its a Christian song, what country one I might change 60 or 70, and I think its a The opinion
I believe, so I just like having it to that later in the spring. great song, too. So, its not Millers tune possesses
The song that on a Sunday. really too invasive, if thats The overall stance the musical intangibles you
The meaning the right word, from a crowd on Millers song in the need leading off a game its
Miller has a unique style The process standpoint. clubhouse is positive. But catchy and popular. The song
with his pop song. But on Miller has a sense of his leading off put pressure on promotes a feel-good vibe that
Sundays, he reps his religion. Experience is key. Millers audience, so his walk-up song The superstition Miller to pick a good one. boosts momentum.
My original is Your Love knowledge from past walk-ups has something for everyone. Logan Warmoth Catch Millers walk-up today
by The Outfield, and then guided him to this years blue- Its a good song that For some, going 0-for-20 wanted me to do (Wanna) as UNC hosts No. 18 St. Johns
every Sunday, I wanted a song ribbon tunes. everyone knows and everyone warrants a new walk-up. But Be Startin Somethin by at 3 p.m.
called Washed by the Water, My freshman year, I did loves, he said. No matter if for Miller, its about rhythm Michael Jackson, Miller @WBOD3
by NEEDTOBREATHE, he Uptown Funk but that was youre like 10 or 11 or if youre and how the song feels. said.

Need to fulfill a Gen Ed requirement?

Think Summer!
Check out courses at Nothing finer than a summer at Carolina!

Money walks and talks

The NAACP is calling
for an economic boycott of
games the state of North Carolina.
See pg. 3 for story.
2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.

Level: 1 2 3 4 Meet Alyson Culin

The new director of the
Orange County Rape Crisis
Complete the grid Center is a UNC graduate.
so each row, column
See pg. 5 for story.
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) contains
every digit 1 to 9. JV basketball lost
Solution to The Tuesday night
last puzzle game was a close one, but
Hargrave Military Academy
won. See pg. 4 for story.

Hes the Sakai guy

Swerve talked to the guy
you probably see every day
when you log into Sakai.
See pg. 2 for story.

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

(C)2012 Tribune Media
Services, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Across Warwick 18 Sleep acronym 46 Twinings product

1 Article 59 *Peter Pan creator 22 Picketts Charge soldier 49 Sixth __
5 Die down 61 Imagine so 24 Nightmare loc. of film 50 Cast out
8 Military action toys 62 Bird on Australias coat 26 Website pop-ups, e.g. 52 Simile words
14 Something frowned of arms 29 Bordeaux buddy 53 Clothing chain ... or
upon 63 Some celebs have 30 Matriarchal nickname what the answers to
15 Graphic introduction? delicate ones 33 Wanted poster initials starred clues comprise?
16 Harm 64 Almost ready 34 __ pole 55 Played mixes at mixers,
17 *U.S. Steel co-founder 65 Dollop 35 MetLifes business: briefly
19 Roofers supply 66 Took off Abbr. 56 Jane Austen novel
20 August: __ County: 36 *Retail chain founder 58 Racket
Meryl Streep film Down 37 AAA handout 60 Mac
21 Spinal column part 1 Humor for a select few 38 Newton fruit
23 Words on a candy heart 2 On the open deck 39 Explorer Vespucci for
25 CHiPs co-star Erik 3 All together whom the New World
27 Newspaper VIPs 4 Classic music was named
28 Crche figure synthesizers 40 Turn a deaf ear to
31 Like Parmesan cheese 5 __ McMuffin 42 Cause of calamity
32 Didnt I tell you? 6 Cleaver nickname 43 Twisting force
33 Peas, for shooters 7 Talus or radius 44 Most cheerful
34 Racetrack equipment 8 Central points
36 *Whiplash Best 9 Small bay
Supporting Actor 10 *Lost co-creator
38 Wealthy campaign 11 Serious injustice
donor 12 What may be charged
41 Picture framing for books?
materials 13 French possessive
42 Orch.
45 Its not too
early to call
46 Sprain
47 Doves call
48 New York
known for its
cream ale
51 College
54 Turncoat
57 Pardon me,
in Palermo
58 Singer
8 Wednesday, March 1, 2017 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

I feel like its a bucket list to get on, like, the
Harrison Toohey, on the homepage of Sakai
To live a life free from the burden that I am
contributing to this madness is bliss.
Jesus Gonzalez-Venutra
Juice with Jesus
Junior biology and public policy
Syze Symmons, on being a vegan
major from Hope Mills.
LETTERS TO a trap but the trap is out
there. Lets not fall into it.


SBP election is
Joe Swain
Class of 77

Jesus, be embarrassing
Withdrawal of voter ID
lawsuit was right

nice to
Over the past weeks,
we have seen complaint TO THE EDITOR:
after complaint filed in Governor Cooper and

the Board of Elections Attorney General Steins
against every single SBP decision to withdraw the
candidate who made the appeal of the unconstitu-
ballot. The substance of tional voter ID act represents

efore I get on with these complaints? Some a shift back to the true values
column, have we all seen are certainly concerning. of our democracy.
the movie Get Out?
Definitely go watch that,
EDITORIAL Others are as trivial as
forgetting to put sponsored
It was a shameful
attempt to disenfranchise

Use your power to speak

and then please join me as I by the (candidate) for SBP African-American voters,
continue not trusting white campaign on an Instagram reminiscent of the poll test
people for at least 30 more account or having your used during Jim Crow.
years. OK, now on to the campaign manager joke The legal fees of defending
important issues.
I, and I am sure many of Margaret Spellings After her Washington
Post op-ed, we are pleased
Now that she has
taken to a national stage
about the election on his
Facebook page. At what cost
this bill were a waste of
taxpayers money money
you, have been troubled by
the recent acts of hatred in
made the news that Spellings has held to declare her support is winning worth? While
putting out shiny campaign
that came in part from
the same people this law
firm in this defense of for undocumented
the world and they are not in a good way. undocumented students, students, we sincerely,
videos with people smiling attempted to disenfranchise.

just coming from the North on campus, are students now Money that then would also
Carolina General Assembly. ur board was extending her voice to the sincerely hope she will focusing on coordinating go to the paychecks of the
Whether it is the recent pleased to read national stage. In a time of do the same for those BOE attacks on each other in legislators who attempted to
wave of bomb threats targeting Margaret Spellings great uncertainty for the who are entrusted to her the background? revoke their constitutionally
Jewish community centers and defense of undocumented undocumented students on leadership. As she herself My letter is not intended guaranteed rights.
schools or the man accused of students in the Washington our campus, the projection argues, protecting DACA to paint any specific candi- I hope that with the
trying to emulate the attack Post last week. Writing of her voice on the national students is not an issue of date or campaign in a bad new administration North
on the Charleston church, we eloquently on behalf of stage is comforting. And for partisanship. Rather, its light. I write merely as a stu- Carolina will turn a new leaf,
all should be troubled by such their right to an education, all UNC students, seeing an issue of identity of dent who is deeply saddened and that our representatives,
events. she spoke out against the an administrator use her who our country and our to see that this election will on both sides, will under-
We face many problems in Trump administrations position to advocate boldly communities will accept. apparently not be fought for stand that they owe their
our state, country, society and voters but instead decided in jobs to their constituents.
threats to DACA-protected for their needs is, in itself, In the case of DREAMers,
world, but do not fret because the Student Supreme Court. The power has always been
I, Jesus Armando Gonzalez- students. entirely exceptional. America is the only country Respectfully, held by the people.
Ventura, have the solution. This isnt the first Our other administrators theyve ever known and
You guys ready for this one? hint of her support for have fallen eerily silent on our public schools are the Taylor Bates Robin OLuanaigh
It took me years in the lab undocumented students, issues like the Muslim ban only schools theyve ever RHA President Sophomore
and at least 21 years of deep which has ruffled a few and deportation threats attended. Media and journalism,
philosophical thinking to conservative feathers. that directly infringe on President Spellings ends Dont fall into the trap Peace, war, and defense
come up with this. A year ago, Margaret the freedoms of UNC her article by saying, My of controversy
Ready? Spellings arrived on students. Students who whole career, Ive advocated Donald Trump needs
There is not much to it, but campus amid a climate are not full citizens rely on for education as a civil TO THE EDITOR:
it is going to be more difficult
to end his hypocrisy
of tension and distrust. the Universitys support. right, the bedrock that I am intrigued that the
in practice than in theory. OK, UNC College Republicans TO THE EDITOR:
However, during a Chancellor Folt and others underpins our promise that
here we go. The solution is to have invited Dr. Mike If I decide to run for
be nice to people just be
student forum in the chose silence over support. this is a land of opportunity Adams to speak at UNC. office, Ill produce my tax
nice. Not much to it. spring, Spellings said But not Spellings or for all (DACA students) His name was familiar and returns. Absolutely. I would
The book of books gives something that made at least, not quite. She are our children, raised a little research shows him love to do that, said Donald
us what is referred to as The much of the campus chose to leverage her in our cities and towns to be a prolific writer and J. Trump, in a TV4 Ireland
Golden Rule, Do to others including our board sit voice to advocate for and taught in our public TV pundit, and the center interview in 2014.
as you would have them up and take note. undocumented students schools. of a recent controversy at This is only one of many
do to you (Luke 6:31 NIV, When asked about and stand against Trumps We stand with the UNC Wilmington in which hypocrisies that our current
see also Matthew 7:12). We in-state tuition for administration. But where undocumented students he wrote about a specific POTUS has obviously con-
were taught this growing up undocumented students, is the corresponding on this campus and in student by name (earning tradicted himself in. Dont
(exceptions include extremists she said, I come from a advocacy for the students the UNC system, and the wrath of many students the American people have
in NCGA), but somehow it state that thats been a long- who are actually part of the we hope to see President and faculty). the right to see his returns,
loses its strength as we age. I imagine two ways his so that we can know if there
standing policy of the state, UNC system, right now? Spellings carry through on
Treat people the way you speech can go. In the first, are any conflicts of interest?
want to be treated, and you she said. Obviously the If Spellings can launch a her pledge. We are eager students and faculty upset To those people who cite
will be ahead of the game in Board of Governors and the statement on the conditions to see how she translates by his history make their his privacy as grounds to
terms of sanity and getting legislature need to weigh of undocumented students her words into action on displeasure known, perhaps keep those returns out of
along with folks. Often the in on this, but Ive seen it nationwide, can she not our campus using her by picketing, in a way that the public eye, I counter
toughest person to treat kindly be successful in Texas in afford to lend her voice to University power on behalf doesnt disrupt the event. allowing that transparency
is not your friend, parent or a state with many, many the students who fall under of the undocumented People who choose to attend is one of the sacrifices one
even your annoying ass sister; miles of borders. her leadership? students she praises. weigh what he says, and if has to make in exchange for
it is usually yourself. given the chance to question sitting in the most powerful
Consider this: When your or respond, do so in a way position in U.S. government.
friend performs worse than theyd want their favorite To my N.C. representatives:
expected on an assignment or
makes a mistake how do SATIRICAL ADVICE COLUMN speaker to be treated. At the
end, people with different
listen to your constituency,
because we are paying

You Asked for It

you console them? If you are opinions might even talk to attention to how you vote.
anything like me, you become each other (maybe I dream In addition to written
their cheerleader and root too much). correspondence, calls,
for them to get back up and In the second scenario, voicemails, physical protests
come back better. those who find Dr. Adams and marches, we will speak
Now, how do you speak In which we hate Duke and also hate Duke and also hate Duke. odious try to have his with the ballot and remove
to yourself after making a invitation withdrawn; failing those among you that seem
mistake or not performing Alison Krug (Roy Williams have to be built on hatred. that, try to disrupt his talk, to have lost their spines in
up to standard? I suspect, if pastel menagerie of sports Theyre built on respect, on a drowning out any discourse. their aspirations for power.
you are anything like me, you coats) and Kiana Cole (Isaiah respect for excellence. At the end, people with
do not react quite the same Hicks sense of childlike But Mike Wazowski once different opinions walk away Emily Bronson
way as you would with your wonder) are the writers said, Scary monsters dont convinced the other side is First-year
friend. of UNCs premier (only!) have plaque! evil. Biology
At the beginning and end satirical advice column. Familiarize yourself In the first case, the
of the day, we are all we have. Results may vary. Kiana Cole and Alison Krug with the star players and media find virtually nothing
We live in our heads most of their accomplishments. For to report. In the latter, we CORRECTIONS
You: What are some things Assistant City Editor and
the time, and that is something Duke thats Grayson Allen, have a big debate not about
youd rather do than listen Newsroom Director
that we just cannot get away TripAdvisor campus rep. For the content of his views, but Due to an editing error,
to your friend talk about his Please submit your questions to
from. Moral of the story is: UNC, thats Justin Jackson whether another university Mondays letter to the edi-
Phase 1 Duke ticket?
Be kind to yourself, the world and our inexplicable urge to that supposedly stands for tor UNC doesnt value its
is gross enough without you You Asked for It: Sit in the ask him to prom. free inquiry shuts down students falsely attributed
being gross to yourself. middle of the Pit during washer and instead of water Look out for celebrities in an opposing point of view. a quote to UNC spokesper-
In the words of Ralph lunch rush on a stationary I accidentally used hydrogen crowd! Try to spot regulars I have no reason to think son Joanne Peters. The let-
Waldo Emerson, You cannot tandem bike with Gary the cyanide and now Im being like Michael Jordan, the UNC Republicans see ter has been retracted.
do a kindness too soon, for Pit Preacher as my tandem tossed around in a machine in Chancellor Carol Folt, the this as an way to provoke The Daily Tar Heel
you never know how soon it bike partner while dance a bath of poisonous liquid and angry Scotsman whose snowflakes into falling into apologizes.
will be too late. marathoners perform no one can hear me because kilt Roy Williams pilfered
And this really is true we a ritualistic but eerily its 3 a.m. and my roommate to make a sports coat, an
never know how soon it will
be too late. We are on this
choreographed dance around
the both of us. Fall on the
sleeps like during hibernation.
If youre also feeling passive
N.C. State fan who meant
to go to early Februarys
planet for less than a moment; ground while playing that aggressively glum about not N.C. State game but whose WRITING GUIDELINES
The Floor is Lava! game getting a ticket to the game tractor got stuck in heavy Please type. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
no one cares about anything
except the floor is actually and have $5 to your name, traffic, the ghost of Hinton Sign and date. No more than two people should sign letters.
as much as you convince
lava and now Im sitting in it. cheer yourself up this Friday James and high-ranking Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
yourself they do. You will
Listen to an infinite loop of night with some CHiPs Carolina Fever members Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
always be way more valuable
Ray Romano saying Debra! improv! #SponsoredContent Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
than your organic chemistry who didnt get Phase 1
letters to 250 words.
grade (a little projecting here, in his Ray Romano voice. tickets and are starting to
Watch that factory video
You: Ive never attended SUBMISSION
but ya feel me?) a UNC sporting event, yet I wonder why they went to all
Live tu vida be happy, about how chicken nuggets those swim meets. Drop off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
feel very entitled to my Phase NC 27514
honest and kind with yourself. get made while my head is on Treat your first sporting
1 Duke ticket. What should I Email:
fire. Eat the inner razor part event a bit like youd treat
expect at my first ever UNC
of a blender. Do my laundry a midterm: Cram all the
sports soire?

3/2: Not Your Token at 3 a.m., except instead of vocabulary, watch the EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-
Gwendolyn Smith writes on putting my clothes in the YAFI: Mike Krzyzewski once basketball Air Bud movie and resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
campus issues. washer I put myself in the said, Great rivalries dont opinions of The Daily Tar Heel editorial board, which comprises 11 board
hope for the best.
members, the opinion assistant editor and editor and the editor-in-chief.