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Those working in Hinjewadi, have three roads to access their workplace, at

least on paper. The most commonly used road is Wakad Shivaji Chowk,
which has a narrow mindlessly designed flyover to get to the other side.
Then there are Shivaji Chowk Bhumkar Chowk (1.8km) and Mezza9 Chowk
Marunji Phata Bhumkar Chowk (2.5km) roads. The two roads are in
deplorable condition. Not only are they narrow but barely usable as they
have not been repaired in a while.

Spread over 684 acres, mere one fourth potential of Hinjewadi has been
exploited till date. Of eight phases, only three phases are partially
developed. In days to come as more companies set up their base,
infrastructure experts dread to imagine what the chaos would be like then.
TGS team went around Hinjewadi to take a look at status of the five
alternative roads planned only to come back stunned.

1) Nande-Chande Road

This has been on the priority list of all the agencies concerned. Passing via
Nande and Chande villages, this road, if and when developed, will lead
straight to Sus. The 13-km project involves widening of existing road. Barring
a 2,300 metre patch in between, the road is in place. As of today it is narrow
and is potholed. Those residing in Pashan and neighbouring areas will greatly
benefit from the road. Last year the road was extensively discussed by the
planners and they decided to widen the existing road. Moreover, the 2,300
metre patch, which was the missing link between two ends, was to be filled
with several truckloads of debris, levelled and constructed afresh.

As of today, Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has

started work on the road but it will be a while before it starts taking shape.
The filling and resurfacing of missing link is progressing at snails pace.

2) Shivaji Chowk Bhumkar Chowk

This is a 10 metre wide road which would have been a boon for those
residing in PCMCs jurisdiction. But the two lane road, and on some stretches
even narrower, is nothing short of a nightmare. During meetings between
heads of various government agencies involved, it was decided to widen the
road to 18 metres. Months later, work on this hasnt started, due to hurdles
in land acquisition.

3) Mezza9 Marunji Junction Bhumkar Chowk

This is an existing road, if it can be called one. The narrow road has potholes
all along. Starting from Mezza9 restaurant, it leads to Marunji junction and
then turns onto Bhumkar Chowk. A 500 metre stretch between Mezza9 and
Marunji can be barely used because it has craters all over. Similarly, another
500 metre stretch between Marunji and Bhumkar is in pathetic state. Street
lights are a luxury that motorists using the road have never enjoyed. During
the day, motorists somehow muster courage to use this route. But after dark,
the road is seldom used.

All the authorities need to do is repair the two stretches which are in pathetic
state. While one stretch falls under state Public Works Department and the
other is in the jurisdiction of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. This is
one of the roads that have been extensively discussed by the authorities and
work has just about begun. But the pace at which it is progressing, it will be a
while before motorists will be able to use it.

4) Balewadi Hinjewadi

This would be a dream come true for those working in Hinjewadi. It would not
only be a convenient route but also the shortest one. It will save at least four
kms of drive for IT professionals working in Hinjewadi. A major part of the
road in its crudest form exists today. From NH4 or Balewadi to Mhalunge
village, the road is in place. On the end, a major stretch of the road from
Hinjewadi is in place. All that is missing is a bridge over Mula River. The
bridge is part of the plan to ease chaos at Hinjewadi. No one knows though
as to when will this dream come true.

5) Emcure-Marunji
This is another entry and exit point for those working in Hinjewadi which if
and when completed will turn out to be a boon. Connecting Marunji to
Emcure Pharma in Hinjewadi, the road as of today is barely 10 metres wide.
There is very little tar left on this road. It works better as a racing track for
four-wheel vehicles than one for office cars. As per plan, this road is to be
widened to 24 metres. Work is yet to begin on this stretch.
Some shopkeepers and house owners who have their establishments on the
road bank are opposing the road widening project. Some of them have
already file their suits in the court.

Already, the section of the road under the PCMC jurisdiction has been
widened however, work on the section under PWD purview is yet to begin.

6) Katraj Dehu Road Flyover

Work on this flyover is going on in full swing. This is the only solution that
might end up working out in the next few months. Plan is simple once the
flyover is ready, traffic from Hinjewadi wanting to go to PCMC limits or Katraj
side, will be diverted from under this flyover. Motorists will not be allowed to
take the Hinjewadi flyover and then take a U-turn to get onto the highway. If
authorities are to be believed, the flyover will address the traffic problem in a
very small way.