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Monday: As the arch of the Lord, let us be vessels

that transport the life of the Holy Spirit every where.
Monday Grace hour 6.30pm-7.30pm Pray that you give the first place to the Holy Spirit in
your life. 2 Samuel 6
Wednesday Teaching 6.30pm-8.00pm
Tuesday: Pray and ask the leading of the Holy
Thursday Women meeting 6.30pm-7.30pm Spirit for his church: obey th e Spirit of God in every
thing He puts in your heart. 2 Samuel 7 To
Friday Night prayer 9.00pm-02.00am Wednesday: Pray that you may be fill by the Ho- FULL
ly Spirit: His love, peace, patience, self control, Time
Time : 08.00am - 10.30am
Saturday Rehearsals 4.00pm-6.30pm kindness. 2 Samuel 8 Venue
Venue:: Wessome
We (Near bar TaoTao)
Date: Sunday,
St 13th March 2016
Worship service 8.00am-10.30am Thursday: Offer your life as living, holy and
pleasing sacrifice to God. Pray that you may be re- Theme
Theme (Year
(Year 2016):
20 Theactiveness of the
Youth meeting 6.00pm-8.00pm
newed in your mind . 2 Samuel 9 Holy Spirit in the believers life through
Friday: Stand firm by the armor of God. Pr ay
that you may be conscious and always put on the full faith that operates in love
armor of God. . 2 Samuel 10 The vision of FGLC
Bringing man to the knowledge of Christ in its full-
ness with the Bible as foundation.
MEMORY VERSE Our mission statement
Monday: 2 Samuel 6 Setting adequate evangelism structures in order to
Tuesday: 2 Samuel 7 reach the maximum of people.
Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of Wednesday: 2 Samuel 8
Gods mercy, to offer your bodies as living Our philosophy
Thursday: 2 Samuel 9 The philosophy of FGLC is three folds :
sacrifices, holy and pleasing to Godthis is your Friday : 2 Samuel 10
spiritual e act of worship. -Faith .
Saturday: 2 Samuel 11 -Hope .
Romans 12:1 (NIV) Sunday: 2 Samuel 12 -Charity .
Pastor in charge


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E-mail: Ful90slif~chopel (Ci)
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LY SPIRIT? Sunday school 8.00am-8h45am
Text: Mth 12: 31; Hebrews 10: 29; Eph 4: 26-30 I believe and confess that God has demonstrated his
Intercessory prayer 8.45am-9.00am
We were previously told that the Holy Spirit is a person, love towards me in this: while I was still a sinner,
Fraternal greetings 9.00am-9.05am Christ in due time died for me. So I have been re-
He is like God the Father and the Son. Therefore, never
consider the Holy Spirit is any wind. The Holy Spirit is a Praise and worship 9.05am-9.30am deemed with a great price with the precious blood of
thinking person, who has emotions like any human being; Thanks giving and testimony 9.30am-9.40am Jesus.
also, he has a will: this shows us that the Holy Spirit has Song ministration 9.40am-9.50am I declare that by one sacrifice I have been made per-
the same characteristics as a human being. He is the eter- 09.50am-10.20am
fect forever. I confess that I am holy, and blameless,
Sermon elected before the foundation of the world. So I am
nal God and is not limited in time. So we need to be aware Seed time and offerings 10.20am-10.25am
that the Holy Spirit is with us anytime and anywhere. He justified and clothed with the righteousness of God.
Closing prayer and benediction 10.25am-10.30am
is not far from you, He is with you and in you. Since the I believe and confess that I was buried with Christ
Holy Spirit remains with us, we must stop sinning against and like Christ was raised from the dead by the glory
Him. of the Father, and I too walk in newness of life. I de-
clare that God's Spirit lives in me and is the source of
The first thing is to stop blaspheming against the Holy new life that flows in me.
Spirit. We must consider the Holy Spirit as a holy God in I confess that through faith in Christ Jesus, I am a
Land offering the next Sunday 20th March 2016
our relationship with him. This is not because the Holy member of Christ's body. I believe and declare that
Always invite a brother or a friend to church
Spirit dwells in your heart that you are equal; be aware the Holy Spirit has given me spiritual gifts for the
that it is Holy and that the honor due him should be re- service.
You are always reminded of your call to charity common good. I declare that I walk by the Spirit and
turned. Blaspheme is to render the honor that is from therefore the fruit of the Spirit is manifested in me. I
someone to another person; it's give the devil the honor of towards a needy brother or friend, sick or loved
declare that the love of God, his peace, joy, patience,
the Holy Spirit. When you come to bemoan, complaining ones.
gentleness, self-control..... are my everyday way of
about God, you give the Holy Spirit to the glory of the Do join a department of your choice in the vineyard living in the name of Jesus.
devil; you speak as if he is unable to act in your life. of GOD (worship team, ushers, prayer leaders,
children and adult, Sunday school teachers) I manifest towards others the love of God and I
Watches what you do not uttered evil words against the acknowledge that I am God's solution to the neigh-
Holy Spirit. Do attend teachings and prayer sessions on Mon-
bor. I declare that I am an asset to my brother or sis-
days and Wednesdays between 6.30pm-8.30pm for
ter in Christ and he is the same for me. I declare that
The second thing is to stop outrage or despise the Holy divine experience. the love of God unites us and that in humility, I serve
Spirit. Never despise the work of the cross of the Lord Do attend Friday prayer meetings between 7.00pm my neighbor with my gift.
Jesus. No matter what happens, you must know that and 9.00pm for an encounter with GOD.
Christ's work was done for you. At any time when you I declare that as Christ loved, forgave and gave him-
despise the work of the cross, you blaspheme and so you self for me, I too love, forgive and sacrifice myself
sin against the Holy Spirit. for my neighbor. By doing this, I have the assurance
BENEDICTION that I fulfill the law of Christ.
A third thing is do not grieve the Holy Spirit. The vow In the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen!!!
you made it happen along the way you say it today, I Engage yourself to win souls to God
change a little. When we refuse the allegiance weve made by your life, your attitude; your reward AMEN!!!
we lent him because of life situations that happen to you.
will be great in the kingdom of heaven
Pastor Bright DZUDZOR

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