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911 emergency communications network, Actions ABETTING (See AIDING AND ABETTING)
statewide enhanced system affecting title to real property, lis pendens
automatic location identification 38.52.505 cancellation on 4.28.320 ABORTION
calls from interconnected voice over internet none if cause of action survives 4.20.050 Articles or drugs for
protocol service companies 38.52.561 personal injury action causing death to injured advertising for sale 9.68.030
calls from radio communications service person, action does not abate 4.20.060 exposing for sale, penalty 9.68.030
companies 38.52.561 survival of actions 4.20.046 Clinics
counties, implementation and funding duties tort feasors death does not abate cause of interference with facilities or providers Ch.
38.52.510 action 4.20.046 9A.50
county automatic number or location Alcoholic beverages, unlawful keeping Concealing birth of fetus or child 9.02.050
identification database information 66.36.010 Defenses to prosecution 9.02.130
public inspection and copying exemption Injunctions, malicious structures 7.40.030 Definitions 9.02.170
38.52.575 Malicious structures, injunction 7.40.030 Health department, duties 9.02.005
enhanced 911 account, creation and uses Military post or encampment nuisances, Individual right to choose or refuse declared
38.52.540 abatement procedure 38.32.120 public policy 9.02.100
enhanced 911 advisory committee 38.52.530, Mosquitoes, generally Ch. 70.22 Infants right to medical treatment 18.71.240
No abatement if cause of action survives Physicians right to provide 9.02.110
state enhanced 911 coordination office,
establishment and duties 38.52.520, 4.20.050 Refusal to perform 9.02.150
38.52.525 Nuisances Reproductive privacy
uniform national standards 38.52.535 damages not precluded 7.48.180 public policy 9.02.100
Enhanced 911 service execution 7.48.280 State regulation 9.02.140
business service requirements 80.36.560 expenses of 7.48.030, 7.48.260, 7.48.280 State-provided benefits, services, or information
priorities for funding 38.52.545 military post or encampment 38.32.120 availability 9.02.160
residential service requirements 80.36.555 moral nuisances 7.48.090 Unauthorized, penalty 9.02.120
school service requirements 28A.335.320 bond 7.48.058 Womans right to have 9.02.110
Excise tax on telephones Ch. 82.14B costs, taxing of 7.48.076
dismissal, condition 7.48.076
211 INFORMATION SYSTEM Attachment against
Disasters, natural and nonnatural immunity from prosecution of public
officials 7.48.058 bond unnecessary, when 6.25.080
health and human services information Ch. ground for 6.25.030
43.211 judgment 7.48.076
bond, renewal 7.48.078 Contracts, enforcement of, ne exeat proceedings
24/7 SOBRIETY PROGRAM (See DRIVING costs 7.48.078 7.44.010
UNDER THE INFLUENCE) order of abatement 7.48.078 Execution against, personal exemptions
unavailable to 6.15.050
ABANDONMENT (See also UNCLAIMED penalty 7.48.078
PROPERTY) Service of process on 4.28.100
property, disposition, sale, destruction
Actions 7.48.078 Supplemental proceedings against, See
dismissal of action on grounds of 4.56.120 release of property to innocent owners SUPPLEMENTAL PROCEEDINGS
nonsuit on ground of 4.56.120 7.48.078 ABSENTEE
Animals, procedures when deemed abandoned persons authorized to maintain action Armed forces, etc., personnel missing in action,
Ch. 16.54 7.48.058 interned or captured construed as 11.80.120
Attachment, surplus of property attached subject to 7.48.056 Ejectment and quieting title actions
6.25.120 order of abatement authorized, when 7.48.250, appointment of trustee for defendant absentee
Cemeteries 7.48.260 7.28.010
notice of abandoned cemetery document, places of prostitution 7.48.240 service by publication against absent
recording 65.04.033 assignation or lewdness 7.48.110 defendants 7.28.010
Cemetery lots, abandonment procedures Ch. punishment, as 7.48.250 Estates, administration of Ch. 11.80
68.36 special assessment by city or town, notice Executors of letters testamentary or of
Children requirements 35.21.955 administration
unattended in parked car 9.91.060 special assessment by code city, notice procedure 11.28.040
Children, See also DESERTION AND requirements 35A.21.405 qualifications of nonresident 11.28.040
NONSUPPORT warrant of abatement 7.48.020 Partition proceedings, lien creditors absent from
Escheated property, See ESCHEATS authorized, when 7.48.250, 7.48.260 state on sale of property, service on 7.52.200
Escheated property, See UNCLAIMED
PROPERTY stay of 7.48.270 Probate, absentee distributee, unclaimed estate
Explosives, unlawful 70.74.295 stay of issuance 7.48.040 11.76.200
Family abandonment and nonsupport Ch. 26.20 Personal injury causing death to injured person, Tolling statute of limitation of action 4.16.180
Highways action does not abate 4.20.060 ABSENTEE VOTING (See ELECTIONS)
transfer to counties, procedure 36.75.090 Public nuisances
airport encroachments 14.08.030 ABSTRACTS
Homesteads Evidence, as, hearing to replace court records lost
acknowledgment of declaration of junkyards adjacent to highways 47.41.010,
47.41.070 or destroyed 5.48.040
abandonment, nonabandonment 6.13.050
execution of declaration of abandonment, procedure 9.66.040 Index, abstract of, admissible in action to
nonabandonment 6.13.050 public body or officer, by 7.48.220 replace court records lost or destroyed
Motor vehicles, See MOTOR VEHICLES, Railroad crossings, abatement of illegal crossing 5.48.040
subtitle Abandoned, unauthorized, and junk 81.53.190 Judgments, of
vehicles Survival of actions 4.20.046 contents 4.64.090
Office, See VACANCIES IN OFFICE Tort feasors death does not abate cause of action entry into execution docket by clerk 4.64.120
Refrigeration equipment accessible to children, against 4.20.046 indexing of by clerk 4.64.120
penalty Ch. 9.03 Transportation department, certain structures, Partition proceedings, part of costs 7.52.480
River and stream channels, counties, granting signs or devices on city streets, county roads Preparation by county auditor 65.04.140
title to 86.13.110 or state highways as public nuisances, duties Records of, rights of public to use 65.04.140
Vulnerable adults relating to 47.36.180, 47.42.080 Registration of land titles, filing with application
protective services Ch. 74.34 Water pollution protection in cities and towns 65.12.085
Wells, failing to cover 7.48.140 Ch. 35.88 Verdict, of 4.64.100

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ABUSE (See CHILD ABUSE; CRIMES; qualifications 18.04.105 Higher education construction account
DEPENDENT ADULTS) reciprocity 18.04.180 28B.10.851
ABUSE OF PROCESS registration of offices 18.04.205 Homesteads, redemption period, accounting not
Instituting suit in anothers name, penalty Certified public accountants account 18.04.105 required during 6.23.110
9.62.020 Certified public accounting scholarship program Military, adjutant general to maintain 38.12.020
administrative costs, fee appropriations for Municipal corporations, See STATE AUDITOR,
ACCESS DEVICES 18.04.065 subtitle Municipal corporations accounting
Definitions 9A.56.040, 9A.56.140, 9A.56.160 certified public accounting scholarship Mutual open accounts
Fraud, use in committing 9A.60.010 transfer account 28B.123.050 accrual of actions 4.16.150
Theft and robbery, use in committing 9A.56.010 generally Ch. 28B.123 limitations of actions on 4.16.150
ACCESS ROADS (See also COUNTY Client rights 18.04.390 Partition proceedings
ROADS AND BRIDGES; HIGHWAYS) Confidentiality of information, allowed guardian or limited guardian of incompetent
Public lands or state forest lands Ch. 79.38 disclosure 18.04.405 person or person with disability 7.52.460
Definitions 18.04.025 proceeds on sale of property 7.52.430
(See INSURANCE, subtitle Disability Fees
setting and disposition 18.04.065 Dissolution
insurance) Personal representative
Firms, corporations, or partnerships
ACCIDENT FUND (See INDUSTRIAL licenses chargeable with whole estate 11.48.030
INSURANCE, subtitle Accident fund) requirements and fees 18.04.195 final report and petition for distribution
ACCIDENTS (See also MOTOR VEHICLES) revocation, suspension, or refusal to renew 11.76.030, 11.76.060
Aircraft 18.04.305, 18.04.320, 18.04.335 loss or destruction of estate, not liable for if
department of transportation to investigate Foreign countries, certification of accountants not in default 11.48.030
47.68.280 from 18.04.183 receipts or canceled checks for expenses by
reports to be furnished to department of Injunctions 18.04.360 personal representative, necessity of
transportation 47.68.290 Licenses 11.76.100
Cities and towns continuing education 18.04.215 revocation of letters, upon death, resignation,
claim fund for 35.31.050 foreign countries, certification of accountants absence of 11.28.290
Common carriers from 18.04.183 Pleading of accounts
investigation by utilities and transportation issuance and renewal 18.04.215 district court civil proceeding 12.08.060
commission 81.04.460, 81.28.290 nonresidents 18.04.185 Probate
notice to utilities and transportation requirements and fees 18.04.195 partnership interest of decedent 11.64.008
commission 81.04.460, 81.28.280 revocation, suspension, or refusal to renew revocation of letters, accounting and
Elevators, lifting devices, and moving walks 18.04.295, 18.04.305, 18.04.320, settlement upon 11.28.290
70.87.190 18.04.335 settlement, generally Ch. 11.76
Evidence, payment of accident claim, medical suspension for noncompliance with support special administrators 11.32.060
service lien 60.44.060 order 18.04.430 Public officer falsifying account, penalty
Head injury prevention suspension for nonpayment or default on 42.20.070
driver information 43.70.420 educational loan or scholarship 18.04.420 Public utilities, See PUBLIC UTILITIES,
helmet removal, training of emergency Nonresidents, license 18.04.185 subtitle Accounts
medical personnel required 43.70.430 Offices Redemption period, rents and profits during
program 43.70.410 registration 18.04.205 6.23.090
training and education guidelines, preparation Professional service corporations Ch. 18.100 Referees
and distribution of 43.70.430 Prohibited practices 18.04.345, 18.04.390 examination of accounts by referee, reference
Industrial insurance, See INDUSTRIAL Public accountancy act Ch. 18.04 without consent 4.48.020
INSURANCE Records and documents are property of licensee taking of account by referee, reference without
Insurance, See INSURANCE, subtitle Disability or licensed firm 18.04.390 consent 4.48.020
insurance Violations, penalties 18.04.370 Rents and profits during redemption period
Tort claims against state, See STATE, subtitle 6.23.090
ACCOUNTS AND ACCOUNTING (See also Savings associations
Actions against FUNDS; PUBLIC FUNDS) falsification of books and accounts 33.36.040
ACCOUNTANTS Cities and towns Savings banks
Accountacy, board of under 20,000 35.37.010 accounting regulations 32.12.050
certified public accounting scholarship accounting and reporting procedure for street records, books and accounts, competency as
program, board role 18.04.065 expenditures 35.76.020 evidence 32.04.070
Accountancy, board of Cities and towns, See also STATE AUDITOR refusal to submit accounts to inspection,
certification duties 18.04.105 Cities of second class, power to examine official grounds for supervisor to take possession of
certified public accounting scholarship accounts 35.23.440 bank 32.24.040
program, board role Ch. 28B.123 Corporations State, See STATE FISCAL MATTERS, subtitle
compensation and travel expenses 18.04.080 falsification of reports 9.24.050 Accounts and accounting
fees, setting and disposition 18.04.065 County accounts, See STATE AUDITOR State investment board expense account, created
membership, terms, vacancies, and removals Crimes relating to 43.33A.160
18.04.035 public officer falsifying 42.20.070 Transportation, department of, transfers of
officers and staff 18.04.045 public works accounts, falsification 39.04.110 airport facilities from federal government to
powers and duties 18.04.045 Evidence, competent as evidence when certified the state, department authorized to establish
rule-making authority 18.04.055 32.04.070 required accounts or administrative
Advertising falsely, effect 18.04.380 Executors and administrators procedures 47.68.185
Allowed practices 18.04.350 chargeable with whole estate 11.48.030 Trustees Ch. 11.106
Certified public accountants final report and petition for distribution Veterans guardianship 73.36.100
allowed practices 18.04.350 continuance of hearing if incorrect 11.76.060 ACCUSED (See also CRIMINAL
continuing professional education 18.04.105 liability of executor or administrator, PROCEDURE)
examination requirements 18.04.105 judgment against 11.76.060 Rendition of accused persons act Ch. 10.91
foreign countries, certification of accountants objections to 11.76.060 Right to, confrontation of witnesses 10.52.060
from 18.04.183 loss or destruction, not liable for if not in
grandfathered certificates 18.04.105 default 11.48.030 ACHIEVING A BETTER LIFE
licenses receipts for expenses by executor or EXPERIENCE PROGRAM (See
continuing education 18.04.215 administrator, necessity of 11.76.100 DISABILITIES, PERSONS WITH,
issuance and renewal 18.04.215 special administrators 11.32.060 subtitle Achieving a better life experience
requirements and fees 18.04.195 Executors and administrators, See also program, Washington)
revocation, suspension, or refusal to renew PROBATE, subtitle Accounting ACID RAIN
18.04.295, 18.04.320, 18.04.335 Fiduciaries, investment in common trust funds Alpine lake monitoring 70.94.820
nonresidents, certification or license 11.102.020 Critical levels
18.04.185 Guardianship, See GUARDIAN AND WARD, consideration 70.94.880
prohibited practices 18.04.345, 18.04.390 subtitle Accounting establish 70.94.875

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notify legislature if reached 70.94.875 army, navy, marine and coast guard officers Attorneys fees as costs in damage actions, seven
Definitions 70.94.805 73.20.010 thousand five hundred dollars or less
Evaluation of information and research clerks of supreme, appeals and superior court 4.84.250
70.94.875 2.32.050, 64.08.010 Bonds, See BONDS, subtitle Actions on
Intent 70.94.800 county auditor 64.08.010 Building wardens, immunity from liability
Monitoring alpine lakes by department of court commissioners 2.24.040, 64.08.010 4.24.400
ecology 70.94.820 inferior judicial officers 2.28.090 Cemetery endowment care funds, actions to
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS judges 2.28.080, 64.08.010 protect 68.05.170
Administration, county auditor 36.22.030 notary public 64.08.010 Certiorari, See CERTIORARI
Army, navy, marine and coast guard officers United States commissioner 64.08.010 Change of name 4.24.130
authorized to take 73.20.010 Real property, See REAL PROPERTY, subtitle Charitable trusts, attorney general may bring
Certificate of Acknowledgment action in order to secure compliance with
contents 64.08.050 Sales under execution, personal property, orders concerning 11.110.120
evidence 64.08.050 acknowledgment of payment 6.21.070 Child support, See CHILD SUPPORT
Satisfaction of judgments Children
forms 64.08.060, 64.08.070
execution against local governmental entity change of name 4.24.130
out-of-state taken 64.08.020 requirement 6.17.080
Cities and towns, city clerk, taking 35.17.105 injury or death of, action for 4.24.010
payment of money only 4.56.100 maliciously injuring person or property, action
Confession of judgment statement in writing specific designation required 4.56.100
4.60.040 against parent 4.24.190
Signature seduction of child or ward 4.24.020
Conveyances of real property unable to sign name
certification and taking of Chiropractor, professional negligence
procedure 64.08.100 limitation on 4.16.350
by court commissioners 2.24.040 Unable to sign name
by inferior judicial officers 2.28.090 standard of proof, evidence, exception
procedure 64.08.100 4.24.290
by judges of superior and supreme court
2.28.080 ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY Cities and towns
deeds, requisite of 64.04.020 SYNDROME (See AIDS) accident claims against 35.31.050
foreign 64.08.040 ACQUITTALS claims against 35.31.020, 35.31.040
homesteads 6.13.060 Bars to subsequent prosecution Ch. 10.43 in corporate name 4.08.110
power of attorney authorized 6.13.060 Several defendants, conviction or acquittal of one generally 4.08.120
taking and certifying the proof of, clerk of or more 10.61.035 pleadings, termination of trust, property
supreme and superior court may do Verdict of, no reconsideration of 10.61.060 acquired at local improvement or utility
2.32.050 local improvement foreclosure proceedings
who may take acknowledgment 64.08.010 CIVIL ACTIONS AND PROCEDURES;
Correctional institution officers, authority to Cities and towns, See CITIES AND TOWNS
RESTRAINING ORDERS) Collaborative law, uniform act Ch. 7.77
administer 64.08.090 Against 4.08.120
Deeds Commencement of actions 4.16.005
By 4.08.110 Commencement of actions, See also
court commissioners power to take 2.24.040 Abandonment, See ABANDONMENT
evidence, certificate as 64.08.050 COMMENCEMENT OF ACTIONS
Abatement, See ABATEMENT Common carriers, See COMMON CARRIERS,
foreign 64.08.040 Absconding debtors, See DEBTS AND
forms 64.08.060, 64.08.070 subtitle Actions against
DEBTORS Condemnation, See also EMINENT DOMAIN
homesteads 6.13.060 Adverse possession, See ADVERSE
out-of-state 64.08.020 horticultural pests and diseases, See
required for validity 64.04.020 Affecting title to real property in federal court
requisite of 64.04.020 Condominiums
4.28.325 violations of chapter, declaration, or bylaws
who may take 64.08.010 Agricultural activities
Evidence right of action 64.34.455
nuisance lawsuits protection Construction contracts 4.16.300
telegraphic or electronic communications Ch. agricultural activity, defined 7.48.310
5.52 limitation on 4.16.310, 4.16.325
farmland, defined 7.48.310
Foreign, who may take 64.08.040 legislative finding and purpose 7.48.300 negligence, public policy against
Forms 42.44.100 presumption of reasonableness 7.48.305 indemnification for 4.24.115
Homesteads recovering costs to investigate, agencies Construction defect claims Ch. 64.50
abandonment, nonabandonment 6.13.050 7.48.320 Construction liens
Instruments recovering lawsuit costs, farmers 7.48.315 application of chapter 281, Laws of 1991, to
acknowledgment 64.08.010 Agricultural marketing, See AGRICULTURAL actions pending as of June 1, 1992
county auditors 64.08.010 MARKETING 60.04.904
superior court judges 64.08.010 Agricultural marketing fair practices, violations Consumer protection, actions for damages
supreme court judges 64.08.010 15.83.070 19.86.090
court of appeals judges 64.08.010 Alcoholic beverages, nuisance abatement Contempt, See CONTEMPT
Irregular instrument, effect of recording, notice 66.36.010 Contractors
65.08.030 Animals actions by contractors, registration
Judgments dogs killing or injuring livestock Ch. 16.08 prerequisite to suit 18.27.080
certified copies of assignment of 4.56.090 trespassing animals Ch. 16.04 claims against contractors, grounds and
satisfaction of Arbitration, See also ARBITRATION AND procedures 18.27.040
certification and taking of AWARD Contractors bond 39.08.030
inferior judicial officers 2.28.090 Arbitration, uniform act Ch. 7.04A Contracts, See CONTRACTS
judges of supreme and superior courts Assigned choses in action, on Corporations
2.28.080 assignee can sue in own name 4.08.080 actions against, venue 4.12.025
execution against local governmental entity defenses, counterclaims and setoffs 4.08.080 directors, removal by judicial proceeding
6.17.080 Assignment for benefit of creditors 23B.08.090
payment of money only 4.56.100 requirements and procedures 7.08.010, Corporations, See also CORPORATIONS
Judicial sale, payment received on 6.21.070 7.08.030 Costs
Leases, necessity 59.04.010 Assignment of, costs taxable against assignees civil procedure Ch. 4.84
Mortgages 64.08.010 4.84.160 Counties
court commissioners power to take 2.24.040 Attorney fees 4.24.005 sewerage, water and drainage systems,
Notary public Attorneys fees, allowable costs 4.84.080 delinquency, actions for 36.94.150
deeds, mortgages, other instruments Attorneys fees and costs incurred to enforce Counties, See also COUNTIES
64.08.010 provisions of contract or lease, prevailing Crime victims
Out-of-state 64.08.020 party entitled to attorneys fees, waiver right of action 7.68.050
Partition proceedings, consent to sale of estate for prohibited 4.84.330 Crimes, See CRIMINAL PROCEDURE
life or years 7.52.310 Attorneys fees as costs in damage actions, five Damages
Plats, necessity 58.08.030, 58.10.010 thousand dollars or less 4.84.260, 4.84.270, crime victims rights 7.68.050
Power to take 4.84.280, 4.84.290, 4.84.300 criminal records privacy act 10.97.110

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false, unfounded, malicious, without probable exception for parties immune to liability powers and duties of liquidator 48.31.131
cause, part of conspiracy, claim or under workers compensation laws special procedural rules 48.31.131
counterclaim for damages may be litigated 4.22.070 Insurers, rehabilitation of
in principal action 4.24.350 Fines, recovery of, action for 4.24.150 action to which insurer subject to
five thousand dollars or less, attorneys fees as Fires, See FIRES rehabilitation order is party
costs 4.84.260, 4.84.270, 4.84.280, Forcible entry and detainer, See FORCIBLE special procedural rules 48.31.045
4.84.290, 4.84.300 ENTRY AND DETAINER Interpleader, See INTERPLEADER
gang tagging and graffiti, criminal street Forest practices Irrigation districts, actions by and against
4.24.330 nuisance lawsuits protection 87.03.155
investigative information, criminal justice forest practice, defined 7.48.310 Joint debtors, procedure to bind after judgment
agencies, available to victim to obtain civil legislative finding and purpose 7.48.300 Ch. 4.68
redress 10.97.070 presumption of reasonableness 7.48.305 Judgments, interest on 4.56.110, 4.56.111
seven thousand five hundred dollars or less, Forfeitures Judicial bonds, premium as part of recoverable
attorneys fees as costs 4.84.250 collusion, payment by does not bar subsequent cost 48.28.030
Death recoveries 4.24.170 Judicial review of agency action
actions for death of child by parent, etc. recovery of, action for 4.24.150 award of fees and expenses 4.84.350
4.24.010 Fraudulent conveyances, See FRAUDULENT definitions 4.84.340
contracts, action on survives 4.20.046 CONVEYANCES land use decisions, appeals and award of fees
personal injuries, survival 4.20.046 Gambling losses, recovery of 4.24.070 and costs 4.84.370
Debts and debtors, action to recover in district Gambling tax collections 9.46.350 payment of fees and expenses, report 4.84.360
court Garnishment, See GARNISHMENT Jurisdiction
filing of claim 12.04.020 Guardians, See GUARDIAN AD LITEM; actions to be brought where defendant resides
summons, issuance, form 12.04.020 GUARDIAN AND WARD 4.12.025
Declaration concerning validity of a marriage Habeas corpus, See HABEAS CORPUS actions to be commenced where subject matter
26.09.010 Health care activities, unfair labor practices is situated 4.12.010
Declaratory judgments, See DECLARATORY 49.66.040, 49.66.050 actions to be tried in county where cause arose
JUDGMENTS Health care claims 4.12.020
Defamation, correction or clarification of, mediation district courts 3.66.020
uniform act Ch. 7.96 exemption of mediated action from superior Jurisdiction, See also JURISDICTION
Dentistry, professional negligence court arbitration or settlement conference Land use decisions
limitation on 4.16.350 requirements 7.70.130 appeals and award of fees and costs 4.84.370
standard of proof, evidence, exception mandatory mediation required, procedures Landlord and tenant, residential 59.18.090
4.24.290 7.70.100 Legal separation 26.09.010
Deposits in court, actions against tenant on right to trial not abridged by unsuccessful Limitation of actions, See LIMITATION OF
failure to pay rent 7.28.250 attempt 7.70.120 ACTIONS
Desertion and nonsupport, See DESERTION tolling of statute of limits for, requirements Lis pendens
AND NONSUPPORT 7.70.110 in actions affecting title to real property
Digital signatures Health maintenance organizations, professional 4.28.320
jurisdiction, venue, and choice of laws negligence effect on unknown heirs and claimants
19.34.503 limitation on 4.16.350 4.28.160
Directors Highways liability of claimants 4.28.328
board of directors construction and maintenance of, actions for Livestock
corporate action without meeting labor and materials used in, limitation damaged or stolen, action for, treble damages,
23B.08.210 47.28.120 attorneys fees 4.24.320
For hire motor vehicle operators, against Livestock markets 16.65.240, 16.65.260,
meetings 23B.08.200 46.72.060 16.65.270, 16.65.280, 16.65.290, 16.65.300,
notice requirements 23B.08.220 Hospitals, professional negligence 16.65.310
participation by means of communication limitation on 4.16.350 Lost or destroyed records, proceedings to replace
equipment 23B.08.200 standard of proof, evidence, exception Ch. 5.48
compensation 23B.08.110 4.24.290 Malicious harassment
vacancies 23B.08.100 Husband and wife 26.16.180, 26.16.190, civil action, actual and punitive damages
Dissolution of marriage 26.09.010 26.16.200 9A.36.083
Dog handler using police or accelerant detection Immunity from suit Mandamus, See MANDAMUS
dog in line of duty, immunity from liability health care disciplinary actions 4.24.250 Mandatory arbitration Ch. 7.06
4.24.410 Industrial insurance, See INDUSTRIAL Mediation, uniform act Ch. 7.07
Dogs killing or injuring livestock Ch. 16.08 INSURANCE Medical malpractice suits
East Asian medicine practitioners, professional Injunctions, See INJUNCTIONS admissibility, gestures of apology 5.64.010
negligence Injuries resulting from health care arbitration of health care actions Ch. 7.70A
standard of proof, evidence, exception declaration of modification of procedure attorneys fees 7.70.070
4.24.290 7.70.010 certificate of merit 7.70.150
Ejectment and quieting title Injuries to persons, aiding a police officer or closed claim reporting 7.70.140
appointment of receiver to protect rents and other officer of the law, exception, limitation compensation by a defendant health provider
profits 7.28.230 9.01.055 7.70.080
rents and profits, appointment of receiver to Injury or death of child 4.24.010 compensation from other suits 7.70.080
protect 7.28.230 Instituting action in name of another, penalty consent to treatment 7.70.060
Ejectment and quieting title, see also 9.62.020 declaration of modification of procedure
EJECTMENT AND QUIETING TITLE Insurance actions 7.70.010
Electrical licensees, liability 19.28.361 attorney general, duties 48.02.080 definitions 7.70.020
Embezzlement, probate, for restoration of estate contract limiting 48.18.200 elements of proof 7.70.040
11.48.060 disability insurance 48.20.142 frivolous claims 7.70.160
Eminent domain, See EMINENT DOMAIN duty of commissioner 48.02.080 informed consent, elements 7.70.050
Equity, original jurisdiction of superior courts no insurable interest, action to recover benefits mental health advance directives
2.08.010 48.18.030 informed consent 7.70.068
Escheats, See ESCHEATS prosecuting attorney, duties 48.02.080 Mental illness
Executors and administrators, See EXECUTORS venue 48.05.220 commitment proceedings Ch. 71.05
AND ADMINISTRATORS, subtitle Insurance examinations, civil actions arising Metals mining and milling operations
Actions and proceedings from the conduct of citizen action suits 78.56.140
False arrest civil immunity and indemnification Militia members 38.40.010
reasonable cause a defense protections for commissioner, Mining shafts, damage action for injuries
civil action 4.24.220 commissioners representatives, sustained in abandoned shaft preserved
Fault examiners, and good faith providers of 78.12.070
determination of percentage of fault among information 48.03.075 Minor plaintiff, appointment of guardian to act
multiple parties 4.22.070 Insurers, liquidation of for 12.04.140, 12.04.150

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Mobile home or travel trailer manufacturers, complaint not to include statement of Quieting title, see EJECTMENT AND
against, limitation on recovery from bond damages, request for statement 4.28.360 QUIETING TITLE
46.70.075 contributory fault Ch. 4.22 Quo warranto, See QUO WARRANTO
Motor carrier transportation contracts injured person, death of does not abate action Real property
agreement to indemnify against liability for for personal injuries 4.20.060 child maliciously injuring, action against
negligence 4.24.115 injury or death of child 4.24.010 parent allowed, limitation 4.24.190
Motor vehicle business practices 46.70.070, investigative information, criminal justice improvements to, public policy against
46.70.075, 46.70.190 agencies, available to victims 10.97.070 agreements indemnifying for negligence
Motor vehicle financial responsibility law, action parents liability for childrens acts 4.24.190 related to 4.24.115
on bond 46.29.540 survival of on death of injured person 4.20.060 purchase money, recovery of 4.08.100
Motor vehicle law, under tort feasors death does not abate action specific performance of contract to purchase
damages due to illegal movement of vehicles 4.20.046 4.08.100
under size, weight and load limitations Personal property unknown heirs 4.28.140
46.44.110 actions for recovery of 4.56.080 waste 64.12.010
Motor vehicles limitation of action 4.16.080 Receivers Ch. 7.60
disregarding notice of highway closure or trial of issues of fact, by whom tried 4.40.060 Receivers, See also RECEIVERS AND
restrictions, civil actions for damages variance in pleading, effect of 4.36.210 RECEIVERSHIPS
47.48.040 child maliciously injuring, action against Recreational, woodcutters use of land, water,
odometers, tampering with or replacing, right parent allowed, limitation 4.24.190 owners liability, limitation 4.24.210
to civil action 46.37.590 injury to Registered nurse, professional negligence
venue 4.12.025 negligently permitting fire to spread limitation on 4.16.350
Municipal corporations 4.08.120 4.24.040 Remedies and enforcement 62A.1-305
in corporate name 4.08.110 Pharmacist, professional negligence Replevin, See REPLEVIN
Names, change of 4.24.130 limitation on 4.16.350 Residential landlord-tenant act 59.18.040
Ne exeat, See NE EXEAT Physical therapists, professional negligence Restitution, See RESTITUTION
Negligence, permitting fire to spread 4.24.040 limitation on 4.16.350 Sales
Negotiable instruments, See UNIFORM Physician and surgeon, professional negligence sellers remedies for breach of obligations
COMMERCIAL CODE, subtitle Negotiable limitation on 4.16.350 62A.2-709
instruments standard of proof, evidence, exception third party actions 62A.2-722
Nuclear incidents, storage or transportation 4.24.290 School districts 4.08.110, 4.08.120
liability 4.24.450, 4.24.460 Physicians assistant, professional negligence Seduction
Nurses, professional negligence limitation on 4.16.350 barred, when 4.24.020
standard of proof, evidence, exception Physicians trained mobile intensive care child or ward 4.24.020
4.24.290 paramedic, professional negligence Service of process
Nursing homes, professional negligence, claims limitation on 4.16.350 corporations, service on secretary of state
arising from 4.16.350 Pleadings nonprofit corporations 24.03.060
Official bonds action to recover property distrained, answers Settlement conferences
judgment for one delinquency no bar to action 4.36.140 supreme court to adopt rules 2.04.215
42.08.040 actions by cities and towns to terminate trust, Settlement offers
leave of court required, when 42.08.030 property acquired at local improvement or time period 4.84.280
by person not named on bond 42.08.030 utility local improvement foreclosure Sewer districts, See SEWER DISTRICTS
who may maintain 42.08.020, 42.08.080 proceeding 35.53.050 Sewerage, water and drainage systems, counties,
Opticians, professional negligence Pleadings, See also PLEADINGS delinquent charges, action for 36.94.150
limitation on 4.16.350 Podiatric physicians and surgeons Sexual assault protection orders
Optometrists, professional negligence professional negligence accountability, conduct of others 7.90.100
limitation on 4.16.350 limitation on 4.16.350 administrative office of the courts
Podiatrists duties 7.90.180
Osteopathic physicians professional negligence advocates, sexual assault 7.90.060
professional negligence standard of proof, evidence, exception burden of proof 7.90.090
limitation on 4.16.350 4.24.290 contents 7.90.130
standard of proof, evidence, exception Port districts counsel, appointment 7.90.070
4.24.290 garnishment of employees wages 53.08.170 court initiated issuance 7.90.150
Osteopathic physicians assistant, professional toll facility damages 53.34.200 data, law enforcement agencies 7.90.160
negligence Practical nurse, professional negligence definitions 7.90.010
limitation on 4.16.350 limitation on 4.16.350 evidence 7.90.080
Pain and suffering of deceased person Private conversation, interrupting 9.73.060 ex parte temporary or final orders, renewal of
personal representative may recover only on Prizes, promotional advertising of prizes 7.90.121
behalf of the decedents beneficiaries damages from deceptive act, action against ex parte temporary orders 7.90.110, 7.90.120,
4.20.046 sponsor or promoter authorized 19.170.060 7.90.190
Parentage Probate, See PROBATE fees not permitted 7.90.055
uniform parentage act Ch. 26.26 Product liability actions Ch. 7.72 firearm or license surrender and receipt and
Parties to actions Product liability/hazardous substance claims nonsurrender forms 9.41.802, 9.41.804
interlocal cooperation, real party in interest confidentiality 4.24.611 firearm or license surrender by persons subject
39.34.040 damages and costs 4.24.611 to orders 9.41.800
spouse or domestic partner public right to information 4.24.611 firearm possession, unlawful, by persons
sue on behalf of community 4.08.030 Professional negligence subject to orders 9.41.040
when they may join, defend 4.08.040 claims arising from 4.16.350 hearings prior to issuance 7.90.050
Partition proceedings, See PARTITION Prohibition, See PROHIBITION, WRIT OF legislative declaration 7.90.005
Partnerships Ch. 25.05 Property damage, aiding a police officer or other modification or termination 7.90.170
Paternity, See UNIFORM PARENTAGE ACT officer of the law, limitation, exception personal jurisdiction over nonresident
Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers 9.01.055 individuals 7.90.155
recovery action by owner of goods 19.60.062 Property damages caused by removal, waste or petition for
Pay-per-call information delivery services injury, liability 4.24.630 additional requirements 7.90.040
violations, action for damages 19.162.070 Psychologist, professional negligence creation, contents 7.90.020
Penalties limitation on 4.16.350 who may file 7.90.030
amount of recovery 4.24.160 Public hazards disclosure 4.24.601 renewal of ex parte temporary or final orders
collusion, payment by does not bar subsequent Public participation lawsuits 7.90.121
recoveries 4.24.170 special motion to strike claim service
Pensions, See RETIREMENT AND PENSIONS damages, costs, attorneys fees, other relief issuance following service by publication or
Personal injuries 4.24.525 mail 7.90.054
settlement agreements, effect of 4.22.060 Public utilities, See PUBLIC UTILITIES, by mail 7.90.053
Personal injury action subtitle Actions by publication 7.90.052
actions limited to three years 4.16.080 Public utility districts 54.16.110 to respondent 7.90.140

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 5]


Shoplifting, unpaid restaurant meals, additional AD VALOREM TAX (See TAXES - ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE
penalty, judgment for, assignability 4.24.230 PROPERTY) COURTS (See ADMINISTRATOR FOR
Special open consignment horse sales 16.65.260 ADAMS COUNTY THE COURTS)
Stalking protection orders Boundaries, tracing of 36.04.010 ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE (See also
firearm or license surrender and receipt and Superior court judges, number of 2.08.063 RULES AND REGULATIONS)
nonsurrender forms 9.41.802, 9.41.804 Accountancy, board of
firearm or license surrender by persons subject ADDICTION TO ALCOHOL AND DRUGS rule-making authority 18.04.055
to orders 9.41.800 (See ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG Actions by agencies, significant
firearm possession, unlawful, by persons ADDICTION) information sources used, identification and
subject to orders 9.41.040 ADDITIONS categorization of
hearing and service 10.14.070 Real property, recording of plats 58.08.020 ecology, department of 34.05.272
Jennifer Paulson stalking protection order act fish and wildlife, department of 34.05.271
State appeal to supreme court or court of appeals
against, See STATE, subtitle Actions against STATE, subtitle Address confidentiality
program) 34.05.526
State, See also STATE applications, actions on 34.05.419
Statute of limitations, See LIMITATION OF ADJOURNMENTS (See also brief proceedings 34.05.482, 34.05.485,
ACTIONS CONTINUANCES) 34.05.488, 34.05.491, 34.05.494
Support, child, See CHILD SUPPORT Courts commencement 34.05.413
Support, child and spousal while jury is out 4.44.350 conferences 34.05.431
uniform interstate family support act Ch. Insurance hearings 48.04.060 conversion of proceedings 34.05.070
26.21A Judges, power of 2.28.120 cross-examination 34.05.452
Sureties, See SURETIES Justice and inferior courts act of 1961 3.30.060 decision not to conduct 34.05.416
Survival of actions, See SURVIVAL OF Justices of the peace default 34.05.440
ACTIONS power of 2.28.120 discovery 34.05.446
Taxation Referees power of 4.48.060 effective date of orders 34.05.473
action by other state to enforce collection Superior courts emergency proceedings 34.05.479
4.24.140 hearings 7.36.110 evidence 34.05.452
Tort actions ex parte communications 34.05.455
power of 2.28.120
contributory negligence functions, separation of 34.05.458
while jury is out 4.44.350 intervention 34.05.443
effect of 4.22.005
Supplemental proceedings 6.32.050 judicial review
fault, defined 4.22.015
joint and several liability ADJUSTERS (See INSURANCE, subtitle court of appeals
contribution Adjusters, independent, public, and crop) direct review authorized 34.05.518
enforcement of 4.22.050 ADJUSTMENT, BOARD OF refusal of review 34.05.522
settlement agreements, effect of 4.22.060 licenses 34.05.422
Cities and towns, providing for 35.63.080 notice 34.05.434
Trade secret misappropriation Ch. 19.108 Counties, See COUNTIES, subtitle Plans and
Transportation companies, See orders
planning entry, exception 34.05.461
subtitle Actions ADJUTANT GENERAL (See MILITIA AND initial, review of 34.05.464
Travel business, actions for damages 19.138.280 MILITARY AFFAIRS) petition for review 34.05.514
Trust and estate dispute resolution Ch. 11.96A ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS AND pleadings, briefs 34.05.437
Trustees, See TRUSTEES AGENCIES (See STATE presiding officers 34.05.425
Unclaimed property, See ESCHEATS; DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES) procedure at hearing 34.05.449
UNCLAIMED PROPERTY procedures 34.05.410
ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS, OFFICE protective orders 34.05.446
Uniform adult guardianship and protective OF
proceedings jurisdiction act Ch. 11.90 public inspection of records, indexes, and
Administrative hearings revolving fund digests 34.05.220
Unsolicited goods or services are gifts when
provided, complete defense 19.56.020 employment security department, payments rate changes 34.05.422
into fund 34.12.140 reconsideration 34.05.470
Usury Ch. 19.52
defense, exceptions 19.52.080 financial management, role of director of record of each proceeding 34.05.476
34.12.140 representation of parties 34.05.428
Vehicle business practices
generally 34.12.130, 34.12.140, 34.12.150 secure community transition facility
damages, limitation 46.70.190
Administrative law judges Ch. 34.12 34.05.4791
Vehicle dealers, limitation on recovery from stay 34.05.467
bond 46.70.070 Agency hearings, conduct by administrative law
judges subpoenas 34.05.446
Venue, See VENUE Adjudicative proceedings
Water districts, See WATER DISTRICTS generally Ch. 34.12, 34.12.040, 34.12.050
human rights commission proceedings support of dependent children
Water pollution department of social and health services
civil penalty 90.48.144 34.12.037
landlord-tenant proceedings 34.12.036 participation 74.20.057
liability for damages 90.48.142 Administrative hearings, office of Ch. 34.12
Water rights local government whistleblower proceedings
34.12.038, 34.12.039 Administrative procedure act Ch. 34.05
ground waters determination and Administrative rules, See CODE REVISER
appropriation Ch. 90.44 records 34.05.220, 34.12.070
request by agency for assignment of judge Agency rule-making activity, quarterly report
surface waters, determination and 1.08.112
appropriation Ch. 90.03 34.12.050
state patrol disciplinary hearings 34.12.035, Agency rule-making procedure, requirements
Wrongful death actions 4.20.010 34.05.220, 34.05.270, 34.05.271, 34.05.272
contributory negligence 34.12.060
Agency subpoenas
fault, defined 4.22.015 Bilingual services enforcement
settlement agreements, effect of 4.22.060 public assistance applicants and recipients petition to superior court 34.05.588
74.04.025 Agenda for rules under development 34.05.314
ACTS (See ORDINANCES AND Chief administrative law judge
RESOLUTIONS; SESSION LAWS; Air pollution control 70.94.410
administrative hearings revolving fund Appeal to supreme court or court of appeals
STATUTES) 34.12.140, 34.12.150 34.05.526
ACTUARY (See STATE ACTUARY, appointment and salary 34.12.010, 34.12.100, Appeals, victims of crimes, compensation of
OFFICE OF) 34.12.120 7.68.110, 7.68.111
ACUPUNCTURE AND ACUPUNCTURISTS duties Appeals to court of appeals 2.06.030
Immunity from civil action when charging generally Ch. 34.12 Appearance of fairness doctrine Ch. 42.36
another with incompetency or gross procedure, model rules of 34.05.250 Associations of agricultural producers 24.34.020
misconduct 4.24.250 Office, generally Ch. 34.12 Auctions and auctioneers 18.11.200, 18.11.205
Osteopathic physicians assistants, authorization Transfer of employees and equipment of Bail bond agents, application of administrative
and limitations 18.57A.070 agencies to office 34.12.090 procedure act 18.185.200

[RCW Indexpage 6] (2016 Ed.)


Business professions, regulation guidelines Ch. Interpretive statements rules review committee objection as outside
18.118 review by rules review committee 34.05.630 legislative intent 34.05.640
Businesses Judicial conduct commission Pollution control hearings board, jurisdiction and
rules coordinator, duty to provide list of investigations and proceedings not subject to duties Ch. 43.21B
applicable agency rules to business act 2.64.092 Private investigators 18.165.270
assistance center 43.17.310 Judicial review 34.05.570 Procedures of various agencies to accord with
Camping resorts, regulation 19.105.530 agency record 34.05.566 administrative procedure act
Charitable solicitations 19.09.430 court of appeals associations of agricultural producers
Child welfare services direct review authorized 34.05.518 24.34.020
complaint resolution process 74.13.045 refusal of review 34.05.522 insurance commissioner 48.03.070,
Commercial feed law 15.53.9012 enforcement 48.30.010, 48.44.020
Contempt of court agency subpoenas 34.05.588 limited access highways, review and appeal on
sanctions, petition to court for imposition of appellate review 34.05.594 petitions of abutters 47.52.195
7.21.060 defenses, limitation 34.05.586 social and health services, department of
Contested cases petition by agency 34.05.578 mentally ill, charges 43.20B.335
appeals to court of appeals 2.06.030 petition by other than agency 34.05.582 state lottery commission and director
Contractors evidence, new, when allowed 34.05.562 67.70.280
registration infractions Ch. 18.27 exclusive means of 34.05.510 Public assistance
Conversion of proceedings 34.05.070 exhaustion of administrative remedies grievances, review 74.08.080
Decisions 34.05.534 Public livestock markets 16.65.020
appeals to court of appeals 2.06.030 facts, confined to record 34.05.558 Rate changes
Declaratory orders by agency 34.05.240 frivolous petitions 34.05.598 adjudication 34.05.422
Definitions 34.05.010 incorporation of other provisions 34.05.590 Regulatory fairness, See also REGULATORY
Domestic partnerships, state registered limitation on new issues 34.05.554 FAIRNESS
rights and responsibilities, extension of petition 34.05.542, 34.05.546 Regulatory fairness act Ch. 19.85
34.05.120 petition for 34.05.514 Relief, remedies 34.05.574
Ecology, department of relief, type available 34.05.574 Rules
five-year formal process of reviewing existing standing 34.05.530 adoption, amendment, or repeal
rules 43.21A.081 stay and other temporary remedies 34.05.550 appeal 34.05.330
Ecology department, administrative procedure Judicial review of agency action petition for 34.05.330
act application 43.21A.070 award of fees and expenses 4.84.350 state register, contained in 34.08.020
Egg handlers and dealers licenses 69.25.040 definitions 4.84.340 agency web sites for rule-making information
Electronic distribution of rules 34.05.260 land use decisions, appeals and award of fees 34.05.270
Elevators, lifting devices and moving walks and costs 4.84.370 agenda for rules under development 34.05.314
70.87.090 payment of fees and expenses, report 4.84.360 amendment incorporating editorial
Emergency medical care and transportation Labor and industries, department of corrections 34.05.390
services 18.73.200 five-year formal process of reviewing existing amendment of
Emergency rules 34.05.090, 34.05.350 rules 43.22.052 state register, contained in 34.08.020
Employment agencies 19.31.130, 19.31.260 Land use decisions compliance
Enforcement appeals and award of fees and costs 4.84.370 technical assistance programs Ch. 43.05
appellate review 34.05.594 Legislative intent 34.05.001 concise explanatory statement 34.05.325
defenses, limitation 34.05.586 Legislative review of rules 34.05.610, 34.05.620, conversion of proceedings 34.05.070
petition by agency 34.05.578 34.05.660 declaratory orders 34.05.240
petition by other than agency 34.05.582 Licenses
Environmental rules docket 34.05.315
adjudication 34.05.422
challenges to consistency, procedure Limited access highways, petitions by abutters ecology, department of, review of existing
43.21B.250 47.52.195 rules 43.21A.081
Escrow agents or officers, licensing 18.44.270 Liquor and cannabis board effective dates 34.05.380
Exclusions from chapter 34.05.030 permits and licenses 66.08.150 electronic distribution 34.05.260
Exclusive means of judicial review 34.05.510 Livestock, inhumane slaughter Ch. 16.50 emergency 34.05.090
Exhaustion of administrative remedies 34.05.534 Low-level radioactive waste disposal sites emergency rules 34.05.345, 34.05.350
Feasibility studies rate setting state register, contained in 34.08.020
pilot projects 34.05.313 complaints, hearing procedure 81.108.080 filing and publication 34.05.385
Federal requirements in conflict with exemption from regulation absent a filing with code reviser 34.05.380
construction 34.05.040 monopoly situation 81.108.100 final rule, substantial variance with proposed
Fishing licenses monopoly situation, determination of rule
commercial license limitation programs, existence, criteria 81.108.100 determination 34.05.340
review of decisions 77.70.040 Mediation proceedings format and style 34.05.390
Food, drug, and cosmetic act enforcement Ch. mediation by state or federal agency, existing sections, amending of 34.05.395
69.04 determination of questions of privilege and failure to comply, effect 34.05.395
Food processing licenses 69.07.070 confidentiality 5.60.072 new sections, adding 34.05.395
Forest practices appeals board Milk and milk products standardization by code reviser 34.05.385
appeals board review 76.09.205 chapter 34.05 RCW, application 15.36.025 gender-neutral language 43.01.160
Franchise investments, stop orders 19.100.120, Milk and milk products for animal food goals and specific objectives, detailed
19.100.130 15.37.020, 15.37.080, 15.37.090 statement to include 34.05.328
Frivolous civil actions 34.05.598 licenses health, department of, review of existing rules
Health, department of requirements 15.37.030 43.70.041
five-year formal process of reviewing existing Milk pooling act 15.35.100 hearings 34.05.325
rules 43.70.041 Model rules of procedure 34.05.250 incorporation by reference, authority
Health professions Mortgage brokers, application 19.146.230 34.05.365
regulation criteria Ch. 18.120 Nursing homes 18.51.065 interpretive and policy statements 34.05.230
uniform administrative provisions Ch. 18.122 Open public meetings, matters governed by Title judicial notice 34.05.210
uniform disciplinary act Ch. 18.130 34 RCW, exception from open public labor and industries, department of, review of
Hearings, See ADMINISTRATIVE meetings law 42.30.140 existing rules 43.22.052
HEARINGS, OFFICE OF Optometry board 18.54.090 negotiated rule making 34.05.310
Horticultural plants and facilities 15.13.260, Pesticide application 17.21.040, 17.21.050, notice of hearing, contents, filing, and
15.13.360 17.21.060 distribution 34.05.320
Housing finance commission Pesticide control act 15.58.040, 15.58.260 notice requirements 34.05.345
rule adoption 43.180.110 Pilot projects 34.05.313 numbering system 34.05.390
Incorporation by reference, authority 34.05.365 Plumbers order adopting rule 34.05.360
Informal settlements 34.05.060 infractions 18.106.250 pilot rules 34.05.310
Insurance commissioner 48.03.070 Policy statements, guidelines, and issuances postadoption notice 34.05.362
Interpretive and policy statements 34.05.230 review by rules review committee 34.05.630 prenotice inquiry, contents 34.05.310

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 7]


procedural rules 34.05.220, 34.05.250, mentally ill, charges 43.20B.335 Juveniles

34.05.375 Standing 34.05.530 records
proposed State agency action reviewable under act or land keeping and release by administrative office
adoption, time and manner 34.05.335 use petition act of the courts 13.50.010
concise explanatory statement 34.05.325 certiorari, mandamus, and writ of prohibition state identification number
notice of hearing, contents, filing, and do not apply 7.16.360 state patrol to furnish 10.98.080
distribution 34.05.320 Stay and other temporary remedies 34.05.550 Legal financial obligations
register information, accuracy of 34.05.325 Support of dependent children collection and distribution 2.56.190
variance with final rule 34.05.340 adjudicative proceedings No-contact orders
withdrawal of 34.05.335 department of social and health services duplicate or conflicting orders, reconciling of
written summary of comments received participation 74.20.057 2.56.240
34.05.325 Time limits, variation 34.05.080 Office created 2.56.010
public participation 34.05.325 Transportation department, rest areas, historic Performance audits 2.56.200
register sites and viewpoints 47.38.010 Pistol licenses, concealed
filed rules, kept by code reviser 34.05.380 Vehicle dealers, salespersons, and manufacturers work group on revocation and information
publication by code reviser 34.05.210 46.70.102 transmittal 2.56.250
repeal Victims of crimes, compensation and assistance Powers and duties 2.56.030
state register, contained in 34.08.020 7.68.030 Practice of law 2.56.020
respectful language requirements 34.05.100 Waiver of rights 34.05.050 Protection orders
review by rules review committee 34.05.630 Washington Administrative Code, See CODE duplicate or conflicting orders, reconciling of
rule-making file 34.05.370 REVISER 2.56.240
scope of agencies rule-making authority Water pollution control, application of ex parte, law enforcement information form
34.05.322 administrative procedure act 90.48.230 order against person with disability, brain
significant agency actions, identification and Water rights Ch. 90.14 injury, or impairment 26.50.230
categorization of information sources used Weights and measures, grievance procedure master petition pattern form for
ecology, department of 34.05.272 19.94.265 antiharassment and stalking protection
fish and wildlife, department of 34.05.271 orders 10.14.800
significant legislative rules ADMINISTRATOR FOR THE COURTS School attendance violation petitions, report
rule-making requirements 34.05.328 Appellate indigent defense 2.56.140
substantial compliance with rule-making public defense, office of Ch. 2.70 Training and education programs for judicial
procedures 34.05.375 Appointment of 2.56.010 personnel 2.56.030
technical assistance programs to encourage Assignment of judges, recommendations for Vulnerable adults
compliance Ch. 43.05 2.56.040 petition, order for protection 74.34.115
telefacsimile or recorded telephone Assistants to 2.56.020 Warrant processing pilot program 2.56.160
comments, acceptance in regard to Child support Weighted caseload analysis 2.56.030
proposed rules 34.05.325 data report 26.18.210
Cost bills in felony cases, audit of, duties ADMINISTRATORS (See EXECUTORS
variance between proposed and final rule AND ADMINISTRATORS)
34.05.340 10.46.230
Rules coordinators Courts of limited jurisdiction ADMIRALTY (See also VESSELS AND
businesses, duty to provide list of applicable electronic recording equipment, installation SHIPPING)
agency rules to business assistance center and operation, role of administrator Liens on boats and vessels 60.36.020
43.17.310 3.02.040
Disabilities, persons with ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE
designation 34.05.312 Business records
Rules review committee court access and accommodations coordinator
2.56.210 copies of business and public records as
advisory boards, appointment 34.05.671 evidence, uniform act Ch. 5.46
created 34.05.610 Domestic relations
as evidence, uniform act Ch. 5.45
enforcement of committee subpoena standard forms and format rules, duties Certified copies of public records and documents
34.05.681 26.18.220 5.44.040
membership, terms, vacancies 34.05.610 Domestic violence Civil rights, copies of instruments restoring
no presumption of legality 34.05.660 forms, instructions, and informational 5.44.090
objections to agency action 34.05.640 brochures, preparation 26.50.035 Court records and proceedings 5.44.010
petition for review 34.05.655 Enhanced enforcement district Foreign statutes 5.44.050
powers and authority 34.05.675 duties 2.56.110 Medical malpractice suits
procedure 34.05.620 Family and juvenile court improvement program gestures of apology 5.64.010
recommendations to the legislature 34.05.650 2.56.220, 2.56.230 Moral nuisances
reports on findings or recommendations Family law handbook 2.56.180 injunction proceedings
34.05.671 Guardians ad litem admission or guilt in criminal proceedings
review procedure 34.05.630 mandatory use and certification, review of 7.48.072
scope of review authority 34.05.630 advisability and feasibility 2.56.150 reputation 7.48.074
state employees submitting rules warranting Guardians ad litem curriculum 2.56.030 Ordinances of city or town 5.44.080
review, protection 34.05.665 Harassment, model forms and brochures Public records, copies of business and public
suspension of rule 34.05.640 10.14.050 records as evidence, uniform act Ch. 5.46
Savings associations Home detention Recorded and filed instruments, copies as
conversion 33.44.130 pattern form order for use by courts, office to evidence 5.44.060, 5.44.070
conversions of savings and commercial bank create 9.94A.735 Testimony, decision of court as to 4.44.080
to association 33.46.130 Information and statistical data supplied to Transcripts of county commissioners
Security guards 18.170.210, 18.170.280 2.56.050 proceedings 5.44.070
Shoreline management act Ch. 90.58 Judge pro tempore appointments 2.56.170
Small business economic impact statement and Judicial impact notes ADMISSION CHARGE
rule-making procedure Ch. 19.85 copies to be filed 2.56.120 Cities and towns, taxation 35.21.280
Small business export finance assistance center development of with office of financial Counties, taxation 36.38.010, 36.38.020,
rule-making authority 43.210.060 management 2.56.120 36.38.030
Small businesses legislators may request 2.56.120 Public facilities districts, taxation 35.57.100,
paperwork violations procedure, establishment of 2.56.120 36.100.210
waiver of first-time violations 34.05.110 Judicial information system ADOPTION
Social and health services, department of Ch. duties of administrative office of the courts Adoption support program
43.20A 2.68.060 children with special needs, interstate
fines, civil, assessment of Juvenile justice agreements for adoption Ch. 74.13A
procedure, appeals 43.20A.215 laws and court processes and procedures, generally, including assistance payments Ch.
licenses informational materials 2.56.130 74.13A
denial, suspension, revocation, or offender information, collection and reporting Background investigations of prospective
modification, procedure, appeals generally, plan for improvement 2.56.031 adoptive parents 43.43.830
43.20A.205 youth-level secure detention data 2.56.032 Birth certificates, issuance of, contents 70.58.210

[RCW Indexpage 8] (2016 Ed.)


Birth parent search ADULT DEPENDENT PERSONS (See public lands exception 7.28.090
confidential intermediary 26.33.343 DEPENDENT ADULTS) vacant and unoccupied lands 7.28.080
release of information, conditions 26.33.347 ADULT FAMILY HOMES counterclaim for permanent improvements
Child selling, buying Adult family home quality assurance panel report and taxes paid 7.28.160
lawful and unlawful acts 9A.64.030 recommendations included in report, enacting Greenbelts or open space not subject to adverse
Children with special needs 70.128.270 possession 36.70A.165
interstate agreements 74.13A.090, Complaints, dispute resolution process Heirs
74.13A.095, 74.13A.100, 74.13A.105, 18.20.195, 70.128.167 action under color of title and payment of
74.13A.110, 74.13A.115, 74.13A.120, Comprehensive provisions, including licensing taxes 7.28.070
74.13A.125 Ch. 70.128 public lands exception 7.28.070
Consent, when not required 26.33.170 Elder care 70.128.220 vacant and unoccupied lands 7.28.080
County clerk Homeowners associations connected title deducible of record 7.28.060
search for birth parents or children governing documents 64.38.060 Incompetent persons 7.28.090
clerks duty to provide information Indian tribes, duties of department regarding Infants 7.28.090
regarding sources of assistance 36.23.090 homes licensed by tribes 70.128.122 Limitation of action, persons under legal
Descent and distribution Long-term care ombuds program, interference disability 7.28.090
included as of the blood of ancestor 11.04.035 with duties prohibited, penalty 70.128.150 Minors 7.28.090
lawfully adopted child not an heir of natural Medication assistance 69.41.085 Prevailing party
parents 11.04.085 Producers requirements, attorneys fees 7.28.083
Disposal of infants Title 41 RCW, not applicable to 41.04.810 Public lands 7.28.090
agencies for children, expectant mothers, Residents rights Ch. 70.129 School lands 7.28.090
developmental disabilities, care and Rules and standards State lands 7.28.090
placement, licensing 74.15.100 adoption by department of social and health United States lands 7.28.090
Family and social history reports, requirements services 70.128.040 Use of property by public for recreational
26.33.380 Tax exemption 82.04.327 purposes, nonsupportive of 4.24.210
Generally Ch. 26.33 ADULT RESIDENTIAL CARE (See LONG- Vacant and unoccupied lands 7.28.080
Guardian ad litem, appointment of 26.33.070 TERM CARE) persons under legal disability 7.28.090
Home recruitment program 74.13.325 public lands exception 7.28.090
Indian child welfare 26.33.040, 26.33.270, ADULTERATION
Commercial feed 15.53.902 ADVERTISING
26.33.310 Abortion, articles or drugs for 9.68.030
Indians, assumption of state jurisdiction Cosmetics 69.04.670
Drugs 69.04.410, 69.04.420, 69.04.430, Accountants, effect of false advertising
37.12.010 18.04.380
Inheritance, children adopted by parents, effect 69.04.440
Eggs and egg products 69.25.080 Adoption services
11.02.005 prohibited practices, exceptions, and penalties
Insurance coverage 48.01.180 Fertilizers 15.54.414
Food products 69.04.210, 69.04.220, 69.04.231, 26.33.400
health care 48.20.500, 48.21.280, 48.44.420, Agricultural commodities
48.46.490 69.04.240
Pesticides 15.58.140, 15.58.150 Washington state grown, restrictions on use
Interstate compact on placement 26.34.010 for labeling or advertising 15.04.410
Issue, defined 11.02.005 Poisons in edible products Ch. 69.40
Alcoholic beverages, liquor and cannabis board
Medical reports on childrens mental or physical ADVANCEMENTS restrictions 66.08.060
history, requirements 26.33.350 Joint operating agencies, advancements by Apple commission Ch. 15.24
Nonprofit organizations members, interest 43.52.391 Auctioneers and auction companies
provision of adoption services 26.33.903, Liens for transportation, storage, and newspaper advertisement requirements
74.13.902, 74.15.903 advancements, See LIENS, subtitle 18.11.210
Open adoption agreements 26.33.295 Transportation, storage, and advancements Banks, commercial, See BANKS AND
Parental leave Probate BANKING, subtitle Advertising
application, determination of effective date death of advanced descendant 11.04.041 Billboards
49.12.370 defined 11.04.041 highway advertising control act Ch. 47.42
discrimination prohibited 49.12.360 exceeding distributive share 11.04.041 railroad grade crossings, regulation of
legislative findings 49.12.350 how considered 11.04.041 36.86.100, 47.32.140
Petitions less than distributive share 11.04.041 Blind made products 19.06.030
court commissioners power to hear and value, how determined 11.04.041 Bus shelters 47.36.141
determine 2.24.040 ADVERSE PARTIES Charitable solicitations, conditions 19.09.100
hearing, notice, disposition 26.33.240 Notice of change and substitution of attorney Consumer leases
Indian child welfare act, federal 26.33.040 given to 2.44.050 unlawful acts or practices 63.10.045
servicemembers civil relief act, federal, Removal or death of attorney of opposing party, Contractors 18.27.100, 18.27.102, 18.27.104
application to proceedings 26.33.040 duties 2.44.060 Cosmetics
Postadoption contact between siblings ADVERSE POSSESSION false advertising 69.04.710
duty of court 26.33.430 Action to quiet title by known heirs after ten County, publication in official county paper
intent, findings 26.33.420 years possession 7.28.010 36.72.071, 36.72.080, 36.72.090
Preplacement 26.33.190 Assessments or taxes Crimes, See CRIMES, subtitle Advertising
Race, color, or national origin, consideration in reimbursement, payment 7.28.083 Dairy products commission 15.44.130
placement 26.33.045 Color of title, counterclaim for permanent Debt adjusters, false or misleading statements
Recording of decree with department of improvements and taxes paid 7.28.160 prohibited 18.28.120
registration of births 70.58.210 Color of title and payment of taxes, action under Dentistry, prohibited practices 18.32.665,
Records and reports, standards for locating 7.28.070 18.32.755
26.33.385 public lands exception 7.28.090 Drugs
Records sealed, conditions for inspection vacant and unoccupied lands 7.28.080 false advertising 69.04.710, 69.04.720
26.33.330 Connected title deducible of record 7.28.050, False, untrue, or deceptive
Religious organizations 7.28.060 assurance of discontinuance of practice, filing
provision of adoption services 26.33.903, Counterclaim for permanent improvements and of, use of evidence 9.04.080
74.13.902, 74.15.903 taxes paid 7.28.160, 7.28.170, 7.28.180 injunctive or restraining action against
Siblings, postadoption contact between Devisees and legatees 9.04.060
duty of court 26.33.430 action under color of title and payment of penalties 9.04.070
intent, findings 26.33.420 taxes 7.28.070 penalty for violations of order or injunction
Teenage applicants for general assistance connected title deducible of record 7.28.060 against 9.04.070
referral services 74.04.0052 public lands exception 7.28.090 prohibited 9.04.050
Teenage applicants for temporary assistance for vacant and unoccupied lands 7.28.080 prohibited, penalties 9.04.010
needy families Forest lands 7.28.085 False advertising or misleading labeling, how
referral services 74.12.255 Good faith determined 69.04.016
Voluntary adoption plan and termination of action under color of title and payment of Flags, use of in advertising prohibited, penalty
parental rights 13.34.125 taxes 7.28.070 9.86.020

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 9]


Food and food products Timeshare regulation, See TIMESHARE eminent domain 47.68.100, 47.68.120
false advertising 69.04.710 REGULATION lease of airports 47.68.140
Franchise investments, requirements 19.100.100, Transportation department may contract with lien for states charges concerning lease to
19.100.110 public utilities and municipal corporation airport 47.68.150
Gasoline prices without advertising 47.01.210 eminent domain
service stations 9.04.090 Trust companies, See TRUST COMPANIES, county roads 36.85.020
Going out of business sales Ch. 19.178 subtitle Advertising municipalities 14.07.020
Health care service contractors, prohibited Trust institutions, See TRUST INSTITUTIONS, encroachments, public nuisance 14.08.030
practices 48.44.110 subtitle Advertising hazardous structures
Highway advertising control act of 1961, See Truth in music advertising act 19.25.100 determination 47.68.340
HIGHWAYS, subtitle Highway advertising AERONAUTICS (See also marking of required 47.68.340
control TRANSPORTATION, DEPARTMENT reporting location of by owners, etc.,
Horticultural plants and facilities OF) required 47.68.350
false advertising 15.13.425 Accidents, investigations, hearings, subpoenas, structures marked according to federal
unlawful acts 15.13.420 joint hearings 47.68.290 regulations exempted 47.68.360
House to house sales by minors Aerospace and advanced materials subpoena power to require reporting as to
employment advertisements, requirements manufacturing 47.68.350
and prohibitions 49.12.310 program review and analysis of training Indian tribes
Injunction or restraining action against false or system 28B.50.903, 28C.18.190 department of transportation aid to
deceptive advertising 9.04.060 Aerospace and advanced materials 47.68.090
Insurance manufacturing pipeline advisory committee federal aid moneys, disbursement by
deceptive and misleading 48.30.040 28B.50.903, 28C.18.190 department of transportation, authorized
health care service contractors 48.44.110 Aerospace assembler, entry-level, training 47.68.090
Insurance, See also INSURANCE, subtitle program metropolitan park districts, regulation of
Advertisements grants to high schools 28A.700.100 35.61.130
Insurance companies, organization, false exhibits Aerospace training student loan program Ch. municipal
48.06.190 28B.122 acquisition of
Lease-purchase agreements 63.19.090 air easements 14.08.030
Legal notices Air ambulance services, private, by subscription
property authorized 14.07.010, 14.07.020,
rates 65.16.091 exemption from insurer provisions 48.01.280 14.07.030
Limousine service operators 46.72A.080 Aircraft validation 14.08.070
Marriage by courts of limited jurisdiction, aviation biofuel demonstration project aircraft noise abatement, authorization
advertising prohibited 3.66.110 state university or foundation income from 53.54.010
Mobile homes commercialization 28B.10.924 airport property, use of
dimensions 46.70.135 business and occupation tax leasing or licensing at less than fair market
Motor freight carriers, violations 81.80.355 commercial airplanes or components, rental value 14.08.120
Moving companies manufacturing 82.04.260 appropriations for 14.07.030, 14.08.080,
advertisements, contents 81.80.357 certificate required 47.68.230 14.08.100
Moving sales, restrictions 19.178.100 dealers certificate 14.20.040 assistance to other municipalities authorized
Musical performances and productions, live display of 14.20.060 14.08.310
truth in music advertising act 19.25.100 fees 14.20.050, 14.20.060 bonds
Optometry, unlawful advertising 18.53.140, dealers license Ch. 14.20 authorized, purpose, special fund,
18.53.145 federal licensing of required 14.16.020 redemption 14.08.112
Osteopathic medicine and surgery, regulations registration authorized to issue, security 14.08.090
18.57.140 certificate required 47.68.230 funding or refunding bonds 14.08.114
Parks, state excise tax evasion 47.68.255 charges, use and rental 14.08.122
commercial advertising, conditions and fees 47.68.250 definitions 14.08.010, 14.08.015
standards 79A.05.087 requirements 47.68.250 eminent domain 14.07.020
Pay-per-call information delivery services, seizure, See DRUGS, subtitle Controlled encroachments prohibited, abatement
advertisement requirements and restrictions substances 14.08.030
19.162.040 tax imposed on fuel Ch. 82.42 federal aid 14.08.160
Pharmacies, unlawful practices of nonresident Airline employees funds, airport fund authorized 14.08.120
pharmacies 18.64.400 overtime pay, application 49.46.130 industrial and commercial development,
Physical therapists Airman and airwoman commission for 14.08.120
limitations 18.74.085 certificate required 47.68.230 joint operations, board for, creation of,
violations 18.74.090 federal licensing required 14.16.030 organization, powers and duties
Political advertising license or certificate suspension for 14.08.200
national advertising rate applies to 65.16.095 noncompliance with child support order jurisdiction and control 14.08.330
Political advertising, See also PUBLIC 47.68.235 concurrent, over adjacent territory
DISCLOSURE Airport district commissioners, board of 14.08.330
Port districts, promotion of facilities 53.08.160 14.08.304 five code enforcement by agreement
Prizes, promotional advertising of prizes Ch. Airports 14.08.330
19.170 aid to persons connected with airport leased premises, tenant improvements to
Promotional contests of chance 9.46.0356 47.68.090 14.08.120
Sales, going out of business sales Ch. 19.178 airport district commissioners, board of municipal airport commission 14.08.120
Savings associations 14.08.302, 14.08.304 operation of airports and property 14.08.030
use of misleading words 33.08.010 capacity and facilities assessment 47.68.390 operators
Savings banks, misleading advertising as to capacity and facilities market analysis definitions 14.08.015
surplus or guaranty fund 32.12.080 47.68.400 use and rental regulations 14.08.122
Scenic vistas act Ch. 47.42 cities and towns, See AERONAUTICS, port districts
Service stations subtitle Airports, municipal aircraft noise abatement
gas prices 9.04.090 condemnation authorized programs 53.54.030
State buildings county roads and bridges 36.85.020 fund authorized, sources 53.54.040
commercial advertising, conditions and municipalities 14.07.020 impacted areas 53.54.020
standards 79A.05.087 counties, See AERONAUTICS, subtitle investigation, monitoring of noise impact
State publications Airports, municipal 53.54.020
advertisers placing advertisements in state county airport districts 14.08.290, 14.08.300 property deemed in impacted areas
publications, prerequisites for placing county property, lease for 36.34.140 53.54.030
40.07.070 department of transportation police officers, appointment, jurisdiction
Surplus or donated food commodities, school hot acquisition and disposal of airport and air 53.08.280
lunches, advertisement not necessary navigation facilities, etc. 47.68.100 power as 53.04.015
28A.235.050 contracts or leases of facilities in airports powers of municipalities operating airports
Telephone buyers protection act Ch. 19.130 operated by 47.68.130 14.08.120

[RCW Indexpage 10] (2016 Ed.)


regulations 14.08.122 aircraft, federal licensing required 14.16.020 Change of venue 4.12.030
rental car company facilities and customers personal possession required 14.16.040 affidavit, application for 10.25.070
14.08.120 aircraft dealers affidavit of prejudice 4.12.050
revenue, disposition of 14.08.100 application 14.20.020, 14.20.030 Court commissioners power to take 2.24.040
sale or lease of property 14.08.120 branches and subagencies 14.20.080 Eminent domain
state and municipal agencies to cooperate dealers certificate 14.20.040, 14.20.060 notice requirement 4.28.120
47.68.300 fees 14.20.050 Evidence, requirements as new testimony
taxation, use of taxes for 14.08.100 definitions 14.20.010 4.76.070
tenant improvements to leased premises denial, suspension, revocation 14.20.090, Exemptions from execution, appraisers to furnish
14.08.120 14.20.100 6.15.060
municipalities display of 14.20.060 Fees and surcharges
department of transportation aid to fees 14.20.050, 14.20.060 collection by superior court clerk 36.18.020
47.68.090 surety bond required 14.20.070 Forma pauperis
federal aid moneys, disbursement by airman, federal licensing required 14.16.030 for habeas corpus 7.36.250
department of transportation, authorized personal possession required 14.16.040 Garnishment
47.68.090 airwoman, federal licensing required application for writ by 6.27.060
operators 14.16.030 Habeas corpus
definitions 14.08.015 personal possession required 14.16.040 in forma pauperis proceedings 7.36.250
port districts, See AERONAUTICS, subtitle penalty for noncompliance with requirements warrant to prevent removal or irreparable
Airports, municipal 14.16.060 injury 7.36.190
state aeronautics commission Operation of aircraft Injunctions
eminent domain reckless or under the influence of alcohol or disobedience, contempt shown by 7.40.150
county roads and bridges 36.85.020 drugs unlawful 47.68.220 motion to reinstate injunction 7.40.210
warrants, authorized 14.08.118 Penalties for violations 47.68.240 reading of on hearing 7.40.060
zoning and property acquisition Ch. 14.12 Pesticide application act Ch. 17.21 vacation or modification of superior court
Baggage Port districts judgment or order 4.72.070
limitation upon amounts recoverable acquisition and operation of air transfer and Joint debtor, action against to bind after judgment
81.29.050 terminal facilities 53.08.020 4.68.030
Biofuels aircraft noise abatement Judgment creditor, prior to issuance of writ of
facilities and production for aviation authorization 53.54.010 execution 6.17.100
bond issuance and financing powers of authorized programs 53.54.030 Mandamus application by 7.16.170
housing finance commission 43.180.265 fund authorized, sources 53.54.040 Ne exeat
sustainable aviation biofuels work group impacted areas 53.54.020 commencement of action by 7.44.010
28B.30.904 investigation, monitoring of noise impact contents 7.44.010
Contempt, violation of court prohibition to 53.54.020 filing 7.44.010, 7.44.040
operate aircraft 47.68.240 authority to New trials
Contracts, secretary of transportation may enter acquire and operate air transfer and terminal newly discovered evidence ground,
into 14.08.160 facilities 53.04.010 requirements of 4.76.070
Crimes relating to establish 53.04.015 Nuisances, trial of contempt for violation of
dealers license police officers, appointment, jurisdiction injunction by 7.48.080
unlawful without 14.20.020 53.08.280 Partition proceedings
downed aircraft rescue transmitter, unlawful Recreational land, aviation activities on judgment creditors, proof of amount due on
to operate aircraft without, exceptions landowner immunity from liability for sale of property, by 7.52.180
14.16.080 unintentional injuries 4.24.210 lien creditor absent from state or residence
jurisdiction of state 9A.04.030 Search and rescue operations 47.68.380 unknown on sale of property 7.52.200
operation of aircraft under influence of State airways system, department of party not known or nonresident 7.52.050
alcohol or drugs 47.68.220 transportation to provide 47.68.170 Perjury 9.81.110, 10.25.065
survival kits, unlawful to operate aircraft Statewide transportation planning Ch. 47.06 Prejudice of judge of superior court or court
without, exceptions 14.16.090 Student loans commissioner 4.12.050
unlicensed operation 47.68.230 aerospace training student loan program Ch. Probate
Definitions 14.16.010, 47.68.020 28B.122 estates under ten thousand dollars
Downed aircraft rescue transmitter Survival kits moneys on deposit of deceased credit union
requirements, exceptions 14.16.080 requirements, exceptions 14.16.090 member transferred by, effect 11.62.030
Enforcement of aeronautic laws, police powers Prohibition, writ of, application by 7.16.300,
Towers, guyed, safety requirements 14.16.100 7.16.320
47.68.310 Traffic rules, compliance with federal rules
Hazardous structures Publication of legal notices 65.16.030, 65.16.150
required 14.16.050 fee payment 65.16.110
determination 47.68.340 Transportation, department of, statutory
marking of required 47.68.340 Redemption
reference changes 47.68.015 assignment verified by 6.23.080
reporting location of by owners, etc., required Western regional short haul air transportation
47.68.350 lien creditor to make 6.23.080
compact Ch. 81.96 Service of process
structures marked according to federal
regulations exempted 47.68.360 AFFIDAVITS forcible entry and detainer action 59.12.040
subpoena power to require reporting as to Action against joint debtor after judgment, proof of service
47.68.350 pleading component 4.68.050 district court proceedings 12.04.070,
Insurance Adverse claims to property levied on 6.19.030 12.04.090, 12.04.110
exemption from Agreed cases, for 4.52.010 Supplemental proceedings involving judgment
rate filing 48.19.010 Army, navy, marine and coast guard officers debtors 6.32.010, 6.32.030, 6.32.070,
surplus line 48.15.160 authorized to take 73.20.010 6.32.120, 6.32.130, 6.32.140
limitation of liability for Attachment Title to real property, lost or destroyed 65.12.375
group life 48.24.210 amendment of 6.25.280 Unknown heirs, as to 4.28.140
industrial life 48.25.230 examination of defendant as to his property Unsworn written statements, in place of
life insurance 48.23.260 6.25.170 affidavits in official proceedings 9A.72.085
memorandum of or duplicate policy, grounds Vacation or modification of superior court
requirement for, contents and delivery debt not due 6.25.040 judgments or orders, petition for must be
48.18.260 writ, for 6.25.030 verified by affidavit 4.72.030
Joint center for aerospace technology innovation Attachment bonds, sureties, of 6.25.080 Wills, witnesses to, effect 11.20.020
board of directors 28B.155.010 Certification and taking of AFFINITY (See CONSANGUINITY AND
creation, powers, duties 28B.155.010 court commissioners 2.24.040 AFFINITY)
gifts, grants, donations 28B.155.020 inferior judicial officers, by 2.28.090
termination and repeal 43.131.417, judges of supreme and superior courts, by AFFIRMATIONS (See OATHS AND
43.131.418 2.28.080 AFFIRMATIONS)
Legislative statement of policy 47.68.010 Certiorari proceedings, application for writ by AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
Licenses 7.16.050 Civil service 41.06.150

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 11]


Discrimination or preferential treatment Landlord, designated, when 59.18.060 license fees and parimutuel betting, fees to go
prohibited 49.60.400 Livestock dealer into, disposition 67.16.100
Financial management, office of, director of bond 20.01.210 Fair fund, use of moneys 15.76.115
41.06.150 Nonprofit miscellaneous and mutual Fair land
Legislative findings, purpose 49.74.005 corporations annexation to cities 35.13.010, 35A.14.490
Noncompliance registered agent 24.06.050 annexation to city or town 35.13.490
conciliation, order issued 49.74.030 registration 24.06.050 Fairs commission, membership and duties
failure to reach conciliation, referral to Registration of land titles, appointment by 15.76.170
administrative law judge for hearing nonresident 65.12.070 Funding allocations
49.74.031 Sales representatives and principals application 15.76.130
procedure 49.74.020 contractual relationship between authorization 15.76.100
superior court, remedies 49.74.050 contracts and agreements, required eligibility 15.76.140
State patrol 43.43.015, 43.43.340 provisions 49.48.160 formula for allocations, considerations
AFFORDABLE HOUSING ACT definitions 49.48.150 15.76.150
Affordable housing program Ch. 43.185A payment of wages and commissions payment, purposes and method 15.76.160
49.48.170 Funds for 36.37.040
AFRICAN-AMERICAN AFFAIRS, personal jurisdiction, principal considered to
COMMISSION ON Health and safety improvements to grounds or
be doing business in state for purposes of facilities 15.76.165
Creation 43.113.010 49.48.180
Members Intercounty participation 36.37.050
rights and remedies supplemental to other Lease of
appointment, terms, vacancies, quorum, and rights and remedies of sales
reimbursement of expenses 43.113.020 county property to nonprofit corporations for
representatives 49.48.190 36.34.145
Powers and duties 43.113.030 waiver of provision prohibited 49.48.190 state-owned lands for county fairgrounds
AGE Service of process 36.37.150
Apprenticeship program, generally 49.04.910 district court proceedings 12.04.120 Northern State Hospital, lands adjacent to
Children secretary of state, See SERVICE OF 36.37.160
crime, age of legal responsibility 9A.04.050 PROCESS AND PAPERS, subtitle Management 36.37.040
employment 26.28.060 Secretary of state Multiple counties 36.37.050
school attendance mandatory, exceptions Unclaimed property 63.29.120 Property acquisition 36.37.020
28A.225.010 Usury, violations by agent, effect 19.52.030 Seasonal employees
Contract, disaffirmance 26.28.040 Vessels, liens created by agent 60.36.010 overtime compensation 49.46.130
Crimes, age of responsibility of children AGING, COUNCIL ON Southwest Washington fair Ch. 36.90
9A.04.050 Aged, Federal Older Americans Act, State fair fund
Discrimination, employment 49.44.090 participation 74.36.100
Discrimination, unfair practices 49.60.205 license fees and parimutuel betting fees to go
Bylaws 43.20A.695 into, disposition 67.16.100
Insurance Established 43.20A.680
annuities, misstatement of, effect 48.23.180 Unclaimed property
Meetings 43.20A.690 presumed abandonment rule, exception for
disability policies Membership and terms 43.20A.685
limit 48.20.312 premiums paid by fairs 63.29.020
Powers and duties 43.20A.695
group life, misrepresentation, effect 48.24.150 Travel expenses 43.20A.690 AGRICULTURAL LABOR
industrial life, misrepresentation, effect Agricultural safety standards
48.25.080 AGISTERS (See LIENS, subtitle Agister establishment and adoption, limitation and
life, misstatement, effect 48.23.060 liens) requirements 49.17.041
Life insurance, misstatement of, effect 48.23.060 AGREED CASES Agriculture, department of
Liquor identification cards, evidence of age Agreed cases, provisions concerning Ch. 4.52 directors powers and duties 43.23.030
66.20.170 Children
Majority Ch. 26.28 AGREEMENTS (See also ARBITRATION
AND AWARD; CONTRACTS) berry harvesting by workers under twelve
Marriage years of age 15.04.150, 15.04.160
minimum age 26.04.010 Conveyances of real property
earnest money Definitions 49.30.010
person deemed of majority age 26.28.020 Farm labor contractors, licensing and duties Ch.
Motor vehicles deposit forfeiture 64.04.005
interpleader action, service of summons 19.30
drivers licenses Farmworker housing
minimum age 46.20.031 4.28.080
interpleader action, summons and complaint advisory group 43.330.165
instruction permit 46.20.055 construction manuals and plans, to develop
intermediate drivers license 46.20.075, forms for 64.04.220
procedures and definitions 64.04.220 and make available 43.63A.500
46.20.267 one-stop clearinghouse 43.63A.505
juvenile agricultural operators 46.20.070 owner-occupied real property
release of security interest, outstanding debt, proposal review and funding
Process server, district court proceedings recommendations 43.330.165
12.04.050 notice to borrower 64.04.007
Credit agreements, enforceability Ch. 19.36 Hours and pay, recordkeeping 49.30.020
Public assistance recipients, See PUBLIC Liens, See LIENS, subtitle Crop liens
ASSISTANCE, subtitle Age Hydroelectric reservoir extending into British
Columbia, watershed agreement 35.21.417 Pesticides
School bus and for hire vehicle drivers 46.20.045 recordkeeping requirements 49.70.119
Indemnifying for negligence
AGED PERSONS (See DEPENDENT construction, alteration of improvements to Temporary worker housing
ADULTS; SENIOR CITIZENS) real property, against public interest building permit 43.70.337
AGENCIES (See STATE DEPARTMENTS 4.24.115 definition 43.70.334
AND AGENCIES) motor carrier transportation contracts electricity requirements 49.17.300
4.24.115 food storage, handling, and preparation
AGENTS 49.17.300
Commission merchant, license required Reciprocal or proportional registration of motor
vehicles 46.85.040 health and safety regulation Ch. 70.114A
20.01.040 inspection fund, deposit of inspection fees
Corporation Rental or lease of personal property
conversion, destruction, sale, removal, etc. of 43.70.340
nonprofit corporations licensing, operation, and inspection 49.17.310
registered agent 24.03.050 property, penalty 9.45.060
failure to return property, penalty 9.45.060 operating license 43.70.335
nonprofit miscellaneous and mutual operation standards 49.17.320
corporations Statute of frauds Ch. 19.36
registered agent, change of 24.06.380 Written agreements, when required Ch. 19.36 Unemployment insurance
County legislative authority as state agents AGRICULTURAL FAIRS legislative intent 49.30.005
36.75.020 Authorization for 36.37.010 Violations of chapter
Health care providers Classification of fairs 15.76.120 civil infraction, issuance and enforcement
malpractice County agricultural fairs and poultry shows Ch. 49.30.040
actions for injuries resulting from 7.70.010, 36.37 AGRICULTURAL LANDS
7.70.030, 7.70.040, 7.70.050, 7.70.060, Definitions 15.76.110 Agricultural conservation easement program
7.70.070, 7.70.080 Fair fund 89.08.530, 89.08.540

[RCW Indexpage 12] (2016 Ed.)


Columbia basin project, irrigation and contributions and support 28B.30.543 department of agriculture powers and duties
reclamation districts within Ch. 89.12 director 28B.30.539 43.23.035
Demonstration farms, property tax exemption duties 28B.30.537 development and promotion matching fund
84.36.570 primary functions 28B.30.535 program 43.23.275
Executions, rents and profits 6.23.090 research and services, fees 28B.30.541 director of agriculture departments powers
Family farm water act producers, producer associations, and and duties 43.23.030
water withdrawal permits Ch. 90.66 handlers, fair practices Ch. 15.83 Marketing agreements, orders, or amendments
Federal reclamation areas, state lands within Ch. storage of agricultural commodities, licensing Ch. 15.65
89.12 and regulation Ch. 22.09 Milk products, See DAIRIES AND DAIRY
Forcible entry and detainer, holding over, effect warehouses, licensing and regulation Ch. PRODUCTS
59.12.035 22.09 Notices, See NOTICES
Growth management weighing and weight certification for highway Nurseries and nursery stock, See
zoning techniques, innovative 36.70A.177 transport Ch. 15.80 HORTICULTURE
Lease of state lands to nonprofit organizations weights and measures 19.94.340, 19.94.350, Orchards, See FRUITS
deposit of rental funds into fair fund 15.04.090 19.94.360 Organic food products, See ORGANIC FOOD
Liability for damages caused by removal, waste, Commodity boards Ch. 15.65 Pest control compact Ch. 17.34
or injury 4.24.630 Commodity commissions Ch. 15.66 Pests, See INSECTS
Reclamation Controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and Plants, See HORTICULTURE
federal reclamation areas, state lands within vegetables, See FRUITS; VEGETABLES Poultry, See POULTRY
Ch. 89.12 Cooperative associations Ch. 23.86 Producers, producer associations, and handlers
Reclamation by state Ch. 89.16 Dairies and dairy products, See DAIRIES AND fair practices
Reclamation districts of one million acres or DAIRY PRODUCTS advisory committee 15.83.110
more Ch. 89.30 Eggs and egg products, See EGGS AND EGG agriculture directors authority and duties
Soil and water conservation districts, See PRODUCTS 15.83.060
CONSERVATION DISTRICTS Export market development projects definitions 15.83.010
Soil conservation confidentiality of records 43.23.270 handlers, unlawful practices 15.83.030
conservation commission, powers and duties Fair practices negotiating agents, accreditation 15.83.020
Ch. 89.08 producers, producer associations, and producer associations and members,
conservation districts, organization and handlers Ch. 15.83 unlawful practices 15.83.040
operation Ch. 89.08 Fairs, See AGRICULTURAL FAIRS rule-making authority 15.83.100
Transfer of development rights programs Farm marketing research Ch. 15.64 violations, procedures 15.83.050, 15.83.070,
local infrastructure project areas Ch. 39.108 Farmers home administration loan guaranty 15.83.080, 15.83.090
Voluntary stewardship program Ch. 36.70A program Ch. 31.35 Signs
Water pollution control Feed lots, licensing and fees Ch. 16.58 temporary agricultural directional signs
enforcement 90.48.450 Flour, See FLOUR 47.42.120
Weed control, See WEEDS Food, drug, and cosmetic act Ch. 69.04 Soft tree fruits, See FRUITS
Food and food products, See FOOD AND FOOD Storage of agricultural commodities Ch. 22.09
subtitle Crop liens) PRODUCTS Tax imposed on manufacturing and processing
Food processing, See FOOD PROCESSING businesses 82.04.260, 82.04.440
AGRICULTURAL MARKETING Fruit grades and packs, See FRUITS Trade promotion
Agricultural fairs, youth shows, and exhibitions, Fruits, See FRUITS department of agriculture powers and duties
See AGRICULTURAL FAIRS Fur farming Ch. 16.72 43.23.035
Agricultural lenders Ginseng director of agriculture departments powers
farmers home administration loan guaranty certification and grower registration Ch. 15.19 and duties 43.23.030
program Ch. 31.35 Grain trade barrier matching fund program
Agricultural produce exempt from county dealer license 22.09.035, 22.09.045, 43.23.280
peddlers licensing 36.71.010 22.09.055, 22.09.060 Trade promotion and development expenditures
Agricultural products, commission merchants, bond or security 22.09.090 15.04.200
dealers, brokers, buyers and agents, See deferred price contract 22.09.175 Trees and shrubs, See HORTICULTURE
COMMISSION MERCHANTS issuance, duration 22.09.075 Uniform commercial code, applicability Title
Agriculture, department of multiple applicants, single bond 22.09.095 62A
directors powers and duties 43.23.030 Grain indemnity fund program 22.09.405, Vegetable grades and packs, See VEGETABLES
powers and duties 43.23.035 22.09.411, 22.09.416, 22.09.421, 22.09.426, Vegetables
Animal health, See ANIMAL HEALTH 22.09.431, 22.09.436, 22.09.441, 22.09.446, sale of as exempt from county peddlers
Animals 22.09.451, 22.09.456, 22.09.461, 22.09.466, licensing 36.71.010
importation, certificates required 16.36.050, 22.09.471 Warehouses, See WAREHOUSES
16.36.140 Hardwoods commission Ch. 15.74 Warehouses storing agricultural commodities,
Animals, See ANIMALS Honey, See HONEY licensing and regulation Ch. 22.09
Apiaries, See BEES AND BEEKEEPING Horse sales, special open consignment Ch. 16.65 Washington state grown, restrictions on use for
Aquaculture Horses, See HORSES labeling or advertising 15.04.410
department of agriculture powers and duties Horticulture, See HORTICULTURE Weeds, See WEEDS
43.23.035 Inspection Weighmasters and commodity weighing Ch.
director of agriculture departments powers custom slaughtering and custom meat 15.80
and duties 43.23.030 facilities, licensing and inspection Ch. Wine commission Ch. 15.88
Aquaculture disease inspection and control 16.49
program Ch. 77.115 Inspectors, See AGRICULTURE, AGRICULTURAL TAXATION (See TAXES
Beef commission Ch. 16.67 DEPARTMENT OF - PROPERTY)
Bees and beekeeping, See BEES AND International marketing program for agricultural AGRICULTURE (See also FARMS AND
BEEKEEPING commodities and trade (IMPACT) center FARMING)
Brands and marks contributions and support 28B.30.543 Agricultural conservation easement program
livestock Ch. 16.57 director 28B.30.539 89.08.530, 89.08.540
Brands and marks, See BRANDS AND MARKS duties 28B.30.537 Agricultural cooperatives Ch. 23.86
Butter, See DAIRIES AND DAIRY primary functions 28B.30.535 Agricultural extension work, county programs
PRODUCTS research and services, fees 28B.30.541 36.50.010
Cheese, See DAIRIES AND DAIRY Interstate commerce, provisions affecting, See Agricultural fairs, youth shows, and exhibitions,
Commission merchants, See COMMISSION Intrastate commerce in food, drugs, and Agricultural labor, See AGRICULTURAL
MERCHANTS cosmetics Ch. 69.04 LABOR
Commodities Labels and labeling, See LABELS Agricultural lenders
export market development projects, Liens, See LIENS farmers home administration loan guaranty
confidentiality of records 43.23.270 Livestock, See LIVESTOCK program Ch. 31.35
fair practices Ch. 15.83 Livestock markets Ch. 16.65 Agricultural marketing and fair practices Ch.
international trade center, IMPACT Market development 15.83

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 13]


Agricultural processing and marketing reflectors on 46.37.160 Hay or straw transporting

associations slow moving vehicle emblem, required vehicles may be stopped 20.01.610
monopoly or restraint of trade 46.37.160 From the heart of Washington program
complaints, procedures for 24.34.020 tire restrictions 46.37.420 definitions 15.105.010
complaints, role of attorney general Farm implements, machinery, parts findings 15.105.005
24.34.020 business relations between independent retail gifts, grants, or endorsements 15.105.060
who may organize, when 24.34.010 business and manufacturers and logo 15.105.050
Agricultural produce as exempt from county distributors, regulation Ch. 19.98 successor organization 15.105.020,
peddlers licensing 36.71.090 repurchase requirements Ch. 19.98 15.105.030, 15.105.040
Agricultural safety standards, See INDUSTRIAL Farm marketing research Ch. 15.64 Hemp
SAFETY AND HEALTH, subtitle Farm tractors or implements, vehicle operators industrial research program Ch. 15.120
Agricultural safety standards license unnecessary for operation of Home economics extension work, county
Agricultural structures 46.20.025 programs 36.50.010
permit and plan review fees 19.27.087 Farmers Honey, See HONEY
Agriculture, department of, See beginning farmer financing program Honey bee commission Ch. 15.62
AGRICULTURE, DEPARTMENT OF 43.180.290 Horse sales, special open consignment Ch. 16.65
Ammonia emissions from agricultural or judgments, execution of Horticultural pests and diseases, See
silvacultural fertilizer use, regulation exempt property 6.15.010 HORTICULTURE
prohibited 70.94.645 license requirements for peddling, exemption Horticulture, See HORTICULTURE
Animal facilities from, exceptions 36.71.090 Industrial safety and health
criminal acts against low income agriculture, definition 49.17.022
definition 9.08.090 definitions 35.82.260 Injunctions, See INJUNCTIONS
legislative intent 9.08.080 housing application 35.82.250 Insect pests and plant diseases, quarantine and
Animal health, See ANIMAL HEALTH housing projects 35.82.240 regulation of movement Ch. 17.24
Animals Farmers home administration loan guaranty Integrated pest management Ch. 17.15
quarantine Ch. 16.36 program Ch. 31.35 Irrigation, See IRRIGATION DISTRICTS
Apiaries, See BEES AND BEEKEEPING Farmland preservation Ch. 89.10 Labor
Apple commission Ch. 15.24 Farms and farming, See also FARMS AND agricultural labor skills and safety grant
Aquaculture marketing Ch. 15.85 FARMING program 43.330.450
Beef commission Ch. 16.67 Farmworker housing Ladybugs and other beneficial insects Ch. 15.61
Beekeeping, See BEES AND BEEKEEPING advisory group 43.330.165 Land, limitation on liability of owners when used
Berries, See BERRIES construction manuals and plans, to develop by public for recreational purposes without
Brands and marks and make available 43.63A.500 charge 4.24.200, 4.24.210
livestock Ch. 16.57 proposal review and funding Land, See AGRICULTURAL LANDS
Brassica seed production Ch. 15.51 recommendations 43.330.165 LandCurrent use, See OPEN SPACE LAND,
Carcasses, disposal Ch. 16.68 Federal conservation reserve program, economic subtitle Open space, farm, agricultural, and
Cholinesterase monitoring 49.17.285, 49.17.288 development finance authority advance timber land, current use assessment
Commercial feed, See FEED financing program for farmers eligible for Liens
Commercial fertilizer act Ch. 15.54 contract payments under 43.163.040 agricultural products
Commission merchants Feed lots, licensing Ch. 16.58 definitions 60.13.010
presumptive licensee is acting as commission Fences Ch. 16.60 crop liens Ch. 60.11
merchant 20.01.475 Fertilizers, See FERTILIZERS preparer lien
Commodities Fireworks 70.77.141 duration, discharge 60.13.060
boards Ch. 15.65 license 70.77.311 filing statement evidencing lien 60.13.040
commissions Ch. 15.66 Food and environmental quality laboratory, foreclosure, enforcement 60.13.070
weighing and weight certification for highway purpose and activities Ch. 15.92 generally 60.13.030
transport Ch. 15.80 Foreclosure of real property, loss of redemption priority 60.13.050
Commodities, See also AGRICULTURAL rights proceedings, agricultural property processor lien
MARKETING excepted 61.12.095 duration, discharge 60.13.060
Common carriers, See COMMON CARRIERS Fruit filing statement evidencing lien 60.13.040
Controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and berries, generally, sale of exempted from foreclosure, enforcement 60.13.070
vegetables Ch. 15.30 county peddlers licensing 36.71.090 generally 60.13.020
Cooperative associations Ch. 23.86 controlled atmosphere storage Ch. 15.30 priority 60.13.050
Counties, extension work 36.50.010 fresh fruit sales limitation act Ch. 15.21 wine producer liens 60.13.010, 60.13.038,
Crops sale of as exempt from county peddlers 60.13.040, 60.13.053, 60.13.060,
energy crops, dedicated, purchase contracts licensing 36.71.090 60.13.070
for 54.04.190 Fruit commission, See FRUIT COMMISSION Livestock markets Ch. 16.65
Crops, See also CROPS Fruit commodity committees 15.28.140, Marijuana, See MARIJUANA
Dairies and dairy products, See DAIRIES AND 15.28.150 Marketing, See AGRICULTURAL
DAIRY PRODUCTS Fruits and vegetables MARKETING
Dairy nutrient infrastructure account 43.79.530 country of origin information 15.04.415 Measurement
Dairy products commission, See DAIRY Fur farming Ch. 16.72 inaccurate measure, crime 9.45.124
PRODUCTS COMMISSION Gardeners, license requirements for peddling, inducing inaccurate measurement, crime
Definitions 15.04.010 exemption from 36.71.090 9.45.126
Department of agriculture, See General provisions Ch. 15.04 public policy against certain conduct 9.45.122
AGRICULTURE, DEPARTMENT OF Grades and packs Ch. 15.17 Meat
Driving permits, agricultural juvenile 46.20.070 containers 15.17.050 custom slaughtering and custom meat
Economic development finance authority inspection and certification 15.17.050 facilities, licensing and inspection Ch.
loan pooling, authority 43.163.050 standards 15.17.050 16.49
Eggs and egg products, See EGGS AND EGG Grain, See GRAIN Milk and milk products Ch. 15.36
PRODUCTS Grain commission Ch. 15.115 Milk and milk products, See also DAIRIES AND
Erosion control, See CONSERVATION Grain preparer DAIRY PRODUCTS
DISTRICTS lien 60.13.030, 60.13.040, 60.13.050, Milk and milk products for animal food Ch.
Extension work 36.50.010 60.13.060, 60.13.070 15.37
Farm employees Granges, incorporation Ch. 24.28 Milk pooling act Ch. 15.35
overtime compensation 49.46.130 Grass, state, designation of bluebunch Mint
Farm equipment wheatgrass as 1.20.025 sales and use tax exemptions 82.08.220,
emblem, slow moving vehicle emblem Grass burning research advisory committee, 82.12.220
required 46.37.160 duties Ch. 43.21E Motor vehicles
hazard warning lights, required 46.37.160 Hardwoods commission Ch. 15.74 farmer, defined 46.04.182, 46.04.183
lamps on 46.37.160 Hay or straw preparer Nonprofit corporations, authorized 24.03.015
motor vehicle overall width limit not to apply lien 60.13.030, 60.13.040, 60.13.050, Noxious weeds, See WEEDS
to, when 46.44.092 60.13.060, 60.13.070 Nuisance lawsuits protection

[RCW Indexpage 14] (2016 Ed.)


agricultural activity, defined 7.48.310 Seed potatoes Agricultural fairs, youth shows, and exhibitions
farmland, defined 7.48.310 restricted production areas, establishment Ch. Ch. 15.76
legislative finding and purpose 7.48.300 15.15 Agricultural local fund
presumption of reasonableness 7.48.305 Seeds, See SEEDS animal disease traceability account
recovering costs to investigate, agencies Shoreline management guidelines, application creation within agricultural local fund
7.48.320 90.58.065 43.23.230
recovering lawsuit costs, farmers 7.48.315 Soft tree fruits Ch. 15.28 establishment 43.23.230
Odors, clean air act exemption 70.94.640 Soil and water conservation districts, See Agricultural marketing, See AGRICULTURAL
liens, See LIENS, subtitle Orchards and Soil conservation Agricultural marketing and fair practices Ch.
orchard lands conservation commission, powers and duties 15.83
Organic food products Ch. 89.08 Animal disease traceability account
marketing Ch. 15.86 conservation districts, organization and creation within agricultural local fund
unfair business practices act, applicability operation Ch. 89.08 43.23.230
19.86.023 State institutions Animal health, See ANIMAL HEALTH
Outdoor recreation use, limitation on liability of farm and food activities allowed 72.01.140 Apiaries, See BEES AND BEEKEEPING
owners of agricultural land when open to Sustaining agriculture and natural resources, Apple advertising commission, See APPLE
public without fee 4.24.200, 4.24.210 purpose and activities Ch. 15.92 ADVERTISING COMMISSION
Pest control Temporary worker housing Aquaculture marketing Ch. 15.85
integrated pest management Ch. 17.15 building permit 43.70.337 Assistant directors 43.23.010
Pest control compact Ch. 17.34 definition 43.70.334 Beef commission Ch. 16.67
Pest districts Ch. 17.12 inspection fund, deposit of inspection fees Beekeeping, See BEES AND BEEKEEPING
Pesticide application act Ch. 17.21 43.70.340 Bequests
Pesticide control act Ch. 15.58 operating license 43.70.335 authority of director to accept, expend, and
Pesticide registration, commission on, Tenant holding land after expiration of term, retain 43.23.115
membership and duties 15.92.090, effect of 59.12.035 Brands and marks
15.92.095, 15.92.100, 15.92.105, 15.92.110 Tractors livestock Ch. 16.57
Pesticides, See also PESTICIDES lamps on 46.37.160 Bulletins and reports, publication and
Pests, See INSECTS tire restrictions 46.37.420 distribution 43.23.110
Pests and diseases, horticultural, See Trade promotion and promotional hosting Chemists
HORTICULTURE commodity commission expenditures duties of official chemists 43.23.200,
Pests and plant diseases, quarantine and 15.04.200 43.23.205
regulation of movement Ch. 17.24 Tree fruit research act and commission, See Civil service exemptions
Plant pests FRUITS enumeration 41.06.084
governor Truck farmers, license requirements for Commercial feed, See FEED
emergency action 43.06.010 peddling, exemption from 36.71.090 Commercial fertilizer act Ch. 15.54
Planting stock, See HORTICULTURE Vegetables Commodity boards Ch. 15.65
Port districts controlled atmosphere storage Ch. 15.30 Commodity commissions Ch. 15.66
revenue bonds 53.40.020 sale of as exempt from county peddlers Conservation commission and conservation
Port districts, agricultural development, studies, licensing 36.71.090 districts Ch. 89.08
investigations, surveys for 53.08.160 Vehicles exempted from motor freight carrier Contributions
Potatoes laws 81.80.040 authority of director to accept, expend, and
certified seed potatoes Vocational agriculture education in secondary retain 43.23.115
restricted production areas, establishment schools, See SUPERINTENDENT OF Controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and
Ch. 15.15 PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, subtitle vegetables Ch. 15.30
Preparer lien Vocational agricultural education Cottage food operations, department powers and
dairy products 60.13.035 Warehouses, See WAREHOUSES duties Ch. 69.22
duration, discharge 60.13.060 Washington state grown, restrictions on use for Created 43.17.010
filing statement evidencing lien 60.13.040 labeling or advertising 15.04.410 Dairies and dairy products, See DAIRIES AND
foreclosure, enforcement 60.13.070 Wastewater DAIRY PRODUCTS
generally 60.13.030 reclaimed water use Ch. 90.46 Dairy nutrient management, powers and duties
priority 60.13.050 Water flows or levels, establishment of minimum Ch. 90.64, 90.64.901
Private sector, department of agriculture duty to for stockwatering requirements Ch. 90.22 Dairy products commission, See DAIRY
advance capability to produce food and fiber Water pollution control PRODUCTS COMMISSION
15.04.402 enforcement 90.48.450 Definitions 43.23.001
Processor lien Water resources Deputy director
duration, discharge 60.13.060 director of agriculture departments powers powers and duties 43.23.005
filing statement evidencing lien 60.13.040 and duties 43.23.030 Diagnostic service program, livestock diseases
foreclosure, enforcement 60.13.070 Water resources act Ch. 90.54 prevention and control Ch. 16.38
priority 60.13.050 Water rights Director
Produce railcar pool, See RAILROADS, subtitle ground waters determination and agricultural marketing fair practices, authority
Rail freight service appropriation Ch. 90.44 and duties 15.83.060, 15.83.100
Produce stands, license requirement for peddling, registration, waiver, and relinquishment Ch. animal diseases and quarantine, powers and
exemption from 36.71.090 90.14 duties Ch. 16.36
Promotion and protection of agriculture surface waters, determination and animal health, powers and duties 16.36.060,
department of agriculture duties 15.04.400 appropriation Ch. 90.03 16.36.140, 16.36.150
from the heart of Washington program Ch. Yakima river basin integrated water resource annual report to governor 43.23.130
15.105 management plan Ch. 90.38 appointment 43.17.020
Recreational use of land, limitation on liability of appointment by governor 43.23.002
Yakima river basin water rights Ch. 90.38
landowner when land used without fee bulletins and reports, publication and
4.24.200, 4.24.210 Water use, See WATER AND WATER RIGHTS distribution 43.23.110, 43.23.120
Redemption of agricultural land, rents, profits Weather modification, See WEATHER chief assistant director 43.17.040
and expenses during redemption period MODIFICATION AND CONTROL enforcement authority 43.23.170
6.23.090 Weeds, See WEEDS general powers and duties Ch. 43.23
Rendering plants Ch. 16.68 Weights and measures Ch. 19.94 horse sales, special open consignment Ch.
Rural housing projects, authorization for Weights and measures, See also WEIGHTS 16.65
35.82.240 AND MEASURES insect pests and plant diseases, powers and
Rural rehabilitation program, agreements with Wildlife damage control Ch. 77.36 duties Ch. 17.24
and funds from federal government Ch. Wine commission Ch. 15.88 lease of state lands to nonprofit organizations
15.70 Woodcutters use of land, owners liability, 15.04.090
Sabotage, interference or injury to agriculture limitation 4.24.210 livestock, humane slaughter Ch. 16.50
constitutes 9.05.060 AGRICULTURE, DEPARTMENT OF livestock diseases, diagnostic service program
Seed bailment contracts Ch. 15.48 Acquisition of property 15.14.085 Ch. 16.38

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 15]


livestock identification, powers and duties Ch. Integrated pest management Ch. 17.15 department role in pest and disease control
16.57 Ladybugs and other beneficial insects Ch. 15.61 70.95.095, 70.95.165, 70.95.180,
livestock markets, powers and duties Ch. Lease of state lands to nonprofit organizations 70.95.200, 70.95.205, 70.95.300,
16.65 15.04.090 70.95.315
milk and milk products, directors authority Lien for disinfection of infected horticultural Spartina control program Ch. 17.26
Ch. 15.36 property costs, See HORTICULTURE State veterinarian
milk and milk products for animal food, Limited outdoor burning appointment and qualifications 43.23.010
directors authority Ch. 15.37 permit program, establishment and exceptions powers and duties 43.23.070
milk pooling act, directors authority Ch. 70.94.6524 Sustaining agriculture and natural resources,
15.35 Livestock diseases, diagnostic service program center for, purpose and activities Ch. 15.92
noxious weed control, powers 17.10.074 Ch. 16.38 Trade barrier matching fund program 43.23.280
oath 43.17.030 Livestock markets Ch. 16.65 Tree fruit research act and commission, See
pesticide application, powers and duties Market development and promotion matching FRUITS
17.21.030, 17.21.320 fund program 43.23.275 Vegetables and fruits, controlled atmosphere
pesticide control act Meat storage Ch. 15.30
disposal of unusable pesticides, rules custom slaughtering and custom meat Weeds, See WEEDS
15.58.045 facilities, licensing and inspection Ch. Weights and measures, duties of director and
rule-making authority 15.58.040 16.49 department Ch. 19.94
powers and duties 15.13.260, 15.13.480, Milk and milk products Ch. 15.36 Wine commission Ch. 15.88
15.14.035, 15.14.075, Ch. 43.23, 43.23.050 Milk and milk products for animal food Ch. AID TO DEPENDENT CHILDREN (See
rulemaking authority, pesticide application 15.37 PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, subtitle
17.21.030 Milk pooling act Ch. 15.35 Temporary assistance for needy families)
vacancy 43.17.040 Moneys owed to department
weighmasters and commodity weighing, AIDING AND ABETTING
assessments are personal debt 43.23.255 Persons punishable 9A.04.030
duties 15.80.410 dishonored check or negotiable instrument
weights and measures, duties Ch. 19.94 Treason 9.82.010
Divisions of department 43.23.010, 43.23.015 interest on unpaid balances 43.23.260 AIDS
Eggs and egg products, department powers and use of collection agencies 43.23.250 Advisory committee 70.24.410
duties Ch. 69.25 Motor vehicle fuel quality, department directors Assault in the first degree 9A.36.011
Farm families powers and duties Ch. 19.112 Clearinghouse for AIDS educational materials
guide to state and federal assistance programs Noxious weeds, See WEEDS 70.24.240
15.04.300 Offices Colleges and universities
Farm marketing research Ch. 15.64 branch offices 43.17.050 curriculum and materials 28B.10.730
Feed lots, licensing and fees Ch. 16.58 state capital, office maintained at 43.17.050 Community and technical colleges
Fertilizers, See FERTILIZERS Organic food products curriculum and materials 28B.50.205
Food, drug, and cosmetic act, department powers marketing Ch. 15.86 Correctional facility inmates
and duties Ch. 69.04 powers and duties 15.86.060, 15.86.070, liberty interest not created 70.24.430
Food and environmental quality laboratory, 15.86.120, 15.86.130, 15.86.140 testing and counseling 70.24.370
purpose and activities Ch. 15.92 Organization and operation Ch. 43.23 Counseling
Food assistance programs Pest control definitions 70.24.320
administration 43.23.290 mandatory for certain persons 70.24.340
Food donation and distribution, information and integrated pest management Ch. 17.15
Pest control compact Ch. 17.34 rules 70.24.380
referral 69.80.040 Definitions 70.24.017
Food processing, powers and duties of Pest districts Ch. 17.12
Detention 70.24.034
department Ch. 69.07 Pesticide application act Ch. 17.21 Detention and treatment facilities, designation
Food storage warehouses, licensing requirements Pesticide control act Ch. 15.58 70.24.070
Ch. 69.10 Pesticide registration, commission on, Diagnosis requires confirmation by laboratory
Fruit commission, See FRUIT COMMISSION membership and duties 15.92.090, 70.24.050
Fruits and vegetables, controlled atmosphere 15.92.095, 15.92.100, 15.92.105, 15.92.110 Disclosure of testing or treatment 70.24.107,
storage Ch. 15.30 Pesticides, See PESTICIDES 70.24.450
Fur farming Ch. 16.72 Pests and diseases, horticultural, See Discrimination protections 49.60.172, 49.60.174
Gifts HORTICULTURE Drug offenses
authority of director to accept, expend, and Pests and plant diseases, quarantine and testing and counseling 70.24.350
retain 43.23.115 regulation of movement Ch. 17.24 Drug treatment participants, AIDS counseling
Grades and packs Ch. 15.17 Planting stock, See HORTICULTURE 70.24.095
Grain, See GRAIN Plants and facilities, horticultural, See Education and training material repository and
Grants HORTICULTURE clearinghouse 70.24.250
authority of director to accept, expend, and Poison prevention packaging, department duties Emergency medical personnel, education and
retain 43.23.115 Ch. 70.106 training 70.24.260
Hemp, industrial research program Poisons Funding 70.24.420
department role Ch. 15.120 caustic or corrosive poisons, department Health, department of
Honey, department powers and duties Ch. 69.28 duties Ch. 69.36 assumption of powers and duties of
Honey bee commission Ch. 15.62 Predatory birds, control of 15.04.110, 15.04.120 department and secretary of social and
Horse sales, special open consignment Ch. 16.65 Private sector, departmental duty to advance health services and of department of
Horticulture, See HORTICULTURE capability to produce food and fiber licensing under chapter 70.24.005
Informational materials, recovery of publishing 15.04.402 grants, department duties 70.24.400
and dissemination costs 43.23.037 Promotion and protection of agriculture, duties Health care facilities employees, education and
Insect pests and plant diseases, quarantine and 15.04.400 training 70.24.310
regulation of movement Ch. 17.24 Publication of bulletins and reports 43.23.110 Health professionals, education and training
Inspectors Purple loosestrife control program Ch. 17.26 70.24.270
condemnation of infected horticultural Rendering plants, licensing and regulation Ch. HIV antibody testing
property 15.08.050, 15.08.060, 15.08.070, 16.68 insurance eligibility requirement
15.08.080, 15.08.090, 15.08.100, Rule-making authority 43.23.025 consent and counseling requirements
15.08.110, 15.08.120 Rules 43.17.060 70.24.325
disinfection of horticultural property Rules compliance Information, emphasis on abstinence 70.24.200
15.08.130, 15.08.140, 15.08.150, technical assistance program Ch. 43.05 Insurance programs
15.08.160, 15.08.170 Rural rehabilitation program, agreements with health, department of 43.70.670
fee for inspection and certification 15.13.380 and funds from federal government Ch. Interviews, exams, counseling 70.24.022,
horticultural pests and diseases inspection 15.70 70.24.024
board 15.08.180, 15.08.190 Seed bailment contracts Ch. 15.48 Investigation of infected persons 70.24.022,
horticultural premises, right to enter for Seeds, See SEEDS 70.24.024
inspection 15.08.040 Soft tree fruits, See FRUIT COMMISSION Jail detainees
request for services 15.13.370 Solid waste management testing and counseling 70.24.360

[RCW Indexpage 16] (2016 Ed.)


Legislative finding 70.24.015 air pollution episodes, legislative finding, schools, model program 70.162.050
Marijuana declaration of policy 70.94.710 state building code council duties 70.162.030
medical use of cannabis act Ch. 69.51A declaration of air pollution emergency by Integrated climate change response strategy Ch.
Office on AIDS governor 70.94.720 43.21M
center for AIDS education, establishment of episode avoidance plan, contents, source Interlocal cooperation, application of chapter to
70.24.400 emission reduction plans, authority, 39.34.020
establishment, duties 70.24.250 considered orders 70.94.720 Metals mining and milling operations 70.94.620
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, orders to be effective immediately 70.94.730 Motor vehicle emission control
education and training 70.24.280 restraining orders, temporary injunctions to clean-fuel performance and clean-fuel vehicle
Pregnant women, AIDS counseling 70.24.095 enforce orders, procedure 70.94.725 emissions specifications 70.120.210
Prostitution Carbon dioxide mitigation definitions 70.120.010
testing and counseling 70.24.350 fees, authority to assess and collect 70.94.892 departmental authority
Public employees generally Ch. 80.70 supplemental to clean air act authority
exposure hazard, education and training Catalytic converter for emergency vehicles 70.120.130
70.24.300 43.21A.430 diesel motor vehicles
immunity, good faith performance 70.24.150 Causing or permitting pollution unlawful smoke opacity test 70.120.150
Regional service networks 70.24.400 70.94.040 emission contributing areas, designation by
Reporting requirements, rules 70.24.125 Clean air act, See AIR POLLUTION department of ecology 70.120.150
Rules to implement and enforce chapter CONTROL, subtitle Washington clean air emission contributing areas, vehicle emission
70.24.130 act inspection requirements 70.120.170
School curriculum 28A.230.070 Clean fuel matching grants emission inspection requirements
School employees, education and training public transit, vehicle mechanics, and state agencies 70.120.170
70.24.290 refueling infrastructure 70.94.960 noncompliance areas, annual review
School information, emphasis 70.24.210, Control authorities 70.120.160
70.24.220 adjudicative proceedings, authority of noncompliance areas, designation by
Sexual intercourse, when unlawful 70.24.140 pollution control hearings board department of ecology 70.120.150
Test reporting to department 70.24.050 43.21B.240 programs required to be conducted 70.120.020
Testing pollution control hearings board, jurisdiction rules, adoption 70.120.120
definitions 70.24.320 and duties Ch. 43.21B scientific advisory board, membership and
HIV, consent, exceptions 70.24.330 regulations and amendments filed with duties 70.120.230
pollution control hearings board used vehicles 70.120.190
HIV, opting out of screening 70.24.335 43.21B.260
mandatory for certain persons 70.24.340 vehicle emission and equipment standards
Control officer 70.120.150
rules 70.24.380 authority for 70.94.170
Unfair practices 49.60.172, 49.60.174 vehicle inspection
investigation of conditions 70.94.200 certificate of acceptance for vehicles which
University of Washington Counties, See COUNTIES, subtitle Air pollution
center for AIDS education 70.24.400 fail test, conditions 70.120.070
Definitions 70.94.030 diesel motor vehicles 70.120.080
training and educational materials 70.24.250 Diesel emissions
Vocational education fleets 70.120.080
diesel engine idling reduction projects, loans repairs, quality of, complaints 70.120.100
curriculum and materials 28C.04.600 for Ch. 70.325
Districts testing stations, complaints 70.120.100
AIR GUNS Motor vehicle emission standards
Aiming or discharging at person or in public dissolution, when 70.94.231
Ecology, department of generally Ch. 70.120A
place, penalty 9.41.230 Municipal pollution control facilities and
School premises or facilities approved plans, enforcement 70.94.785
limitation on other governmental units or bonding, See POLLUTION CONTROL
prohibited, penalties, exceptions 9.41.280 MUNICIPAL BONDING
persons 70.94.370
AIR POLLUTION CONTROL powers and duties 70.94.331 Odors, agricultural activities, exemption
Acid rain Emission credits banking program 70.94.640
alpine lake monitoring 70.94.820 amount of credit 70.94.850 Outdoor burning
critical levels implementation authorized 70.94.850 agricultural burning
considerations 70.94.880 Environmental excellence program agreements agricultural burning practices and research
establish 70.94.875 Ch. 43.21K task force 70.94.6528
notify legislature if reached 70.94.875 Federal clean air act permits 70.94.6528
definitions 70.94.805 compliance 70.94.011 aircraft crash rescue fire training 70.94.6546
evaluation of information and research department of ecology may accept delegation definition 70.94.6511
70.94.875 of and delegate 70.94.860 firefighters, training of 70.94.6546
intent 70.94.800 Forest practices, air pollution laws not modified grasses grown for seed, open burning of
monitoring alpine lakes by department of 76.09.905 alternatives 70.94.6532
ecology 70.94.820 Gasoline vapor recovery devices, when required Indian ceremonies or smoke signals, fire
Advisory council, generally 70.94.240 70.94.165 necessary for 70.94.6550
Air operating permits Grass burning research advisory committee, limited outdoor burning
environmental impact statements, exemptions duties Ch. 43.21E authority of local air pollution control
43.21C.0381 Hazardous substance remedial action authority or department of ecology not
Air pollution episodes procedural requirements of chapter not restricted 70.94.6522
declaration of air pollution emergency by applicable 70.94.335 establishment of program 70.94.6518
governor 70.94.720 Indoor air pollutants permits issued by political subdivisions
episode avoidance plan, contents, source compliance with building and material 70.94.6526
emission reduction plans, authority, standards program, exceptions 70.94.6524
considered orders 70.94.715 defense to action for injuries caused by provisions, construction 70.94.6520
orders to be effective immediately 70.94.730 4.24.560 types of fires permitted 70.94.6526
procedure for calling 70.94.715 compliance with radon resistive construction management of storm or flood-related debris
restraining orders, temporary injunctions to requirements 70.94.6548
enforce orders, procedure 70.94.725 defense to action for injuries caused by permits
Ammonia emissions from agricultural or 4.24.560 abating or prevention of forest fire hazards
silvacultural fertilizer use, regulation Indoor air quality 70.94.6534, 70.94.6538
prohibited 70.94.645 interim and final requirements for agricultural burning 70.94.6528
Authorities maintenance 19.27.190 burning and regeneration of rare and
claims against Ch. 53.48 Indoor air quality in public buildings endangered plants 70.94.6544
disincorporation of special districts in counties definitions 70.162.010 cooperation between department of natural
with population of two hundred ten department of labor and industries duties resources and air pollution authorities
thousand or more Ch. 57.90 70.162.020 70.94.6540
dissolution, when Ch. 53.48 public agencies, ventilation and filtration delegation of issuance and enforcement to
Burning permits systems 70.162.040 political subdivisions 70.94.6530

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 17]


ecosystem management, instruction, or recording officer 70.94.120 term 70.94.100

silvicultural operations 70.94.6534, civil penalties 70.94.431 borrow money, authorized 70.94.096
70.94.6538 classification of contaminant sources budget, adoption of, contents 70.94.092
issuance by political subdivisions 70.94.151 confidentiality of certain records and
70.94.6516 clean fuel matching grants for public transit, information 70.94.205
silvicultural forest burning, program to vehicle mechanics, and refueling contaminant control technology
reduce emissions from 70.94.6536 infrastructure 70.94.960 requirements 70.94.161
weed abatement, setting fires for 70.94.6552 combined heat and power systems county assessor, certification of taxable
prohibition engines, stationary natural gas, permitting valuation of property within 70.94.095
in certain cases 70.94.6512 process and emission limits for 70.94.991 county withdrawal from multicounty
exceptions 70.94.6512, 70.94.6514 commute trip reduction authority 70.94.262
where 70.94.6514 definitions 70.94.524 creation 70.94.053
rules adoption employer program, review and penalties deactivation 70.94.260
departments of ecology and natural resources 70.94.534 emergency expenditures 70.94.092
70.94.6542 joint comprehensive commute trip reduction hearings to determine effectiveness of local
tumbleweeds, disposal of 70.94.6554 plan 70.94.551 program 70.94.405
Personnel, employment of 70.94.350 plan for state agencies 70.94.551 meetings 70.94.053
Pollution control hearings board, jurisdiction and requirements for counties and cities merger of active and inactive authorities
duties Ch. 43.21B 70.94.527 procedure 70.94.068
Pollution disclosure act of 1971 Ch. 90.52 requirements for employers 70.94.531 merger of authorities to form multi-county
Port districts, powers and duties as to acquisition state leadership 70.94.547 authorities 70.94.068
and construction of facilities, etc. 53.08.040, commute trip reduction board multi-county
53.08.045 membership and duties 70.94.537 formation 70.94.057
Radionuclides, emissions technical assistance 70.94.541 mergers to form 70.94.068, 70.94.069
enforcement powers of department of health use of funds 70.94.544 pollution regions 70.94.053
70.94.422 contaminant sources powers and duties 70.94.081
Smoking, See SMOKING, subtitle Washington fees 70.94.161 excess tax levy authorized 70.94.091
clean indoor air act operating permit fees to cover costs of permit preemption of uniform building and fire
Solid fuel burning devices program 70.94.162 codes 70.94.157
residential and commercial construction operating permits, generally 70.94.161 resolution to activate, procedure 70.94.070
standards 70.94.455 permits 70.94.161 rules and regulations, generally 70.94.081
standards 70.94.455 reasonably available control technology state aid 70.94.385
Studies, special (RACT) requirements 70.94.154 superseding local rules, regulations, etc.,
contracts for contaminants effect 70.94.230
apportionment of costs between cities, classification of sources 70.94.151 supplemental income 70.94.092
towns, and counties 70.94.097 investigation by control officer 70.94.200 treasurer, designation, duties 70.94.094
Transportation activities proposed new sources, procedure, permits uniform building and fire codes, preemption
conformity criteria 70.94.037 70.94.152 70.94.157
Washington clean air act registration of sources 70.94.151 withdrawal from multicounty authority
activation of authorities by department, regulation of particular type or class of 70.94.262
procedure 70.94.390, 70.94.400 source 70.94.395 control officer
administrative procedure act, application variance, procedure 70.94.181 generally 70.94.170
70.94.211 contaminants, existing stationary source of investigation authority 70.94.200
air operating permit account 70.94.015 emission control technology alteration or cooperation by state agencies and departments
air pollution, causing, unlawful, exception replacement 70.94.153 70.94.420
70.94.040 contracts, agreement for use of personnel by cost-reimbursement agreements 70.94.085
air pollution control account 70.94.015 department, reimbursement, merit system counties, apportionment of cost to 70.94.093
subaccount 70.94.017 exemption 70.94.350 county assessor, certification of taxable
air pollution control advisory council control authorities valuation in boundary of authority
creation 70.94.240 activated authorities, by action of law 70.94.095
expenses and per diem 70.94.240 70.94.053 deactivation of authorities 70.94.260
air quality program activation, department action for, procedure declaration of policy and purpose 70.94.011
technical assistance for regulated community 70.94.390, 70.94.400 definitions 70.94.030
70.94.035 activation in counties, when 70.94.055 deminimus new sources, definition 70.94.152
approval orders 70.94.152 air pollution control studies, special dissolution of prior districts 70.94.231
authorities, inclusion or exclusion of county, 70.94.097 districts
authority of department 70.94.331 apportionment of costs, payment to dissolution of prior 70.94.231
biogas produced by anaerobic digesters, 70.94.093 ecology, department of
generators fueled by 70.94.302 assumption of control by department, confidentiality of certain records and
board of directors reestablishment of program 70.94.410 information 70.94.205
reorganization pursuant to merger 70.94.069 assumption of jurisdiction by department enforcement of approved plans 70.94.785
boilers 70.94.395 quarterly reports to from all authorities
industrial, commercial, or institutional auditor, designation, duties 70.94.094 70.94.600
assessment and reporting requirements board of directors wood stove burn ban and prohibition
70.94.992 alternates, authority of members to appoint requirements, revised
borrow money, authority for 70.94.096 70.94.130 attainment for areas of nonattainment,
burning used oil as fuel city selection committee department role 70.94.605
prohibited, exceptions 70.94.610 creation 70.94.110 emission control
carbon dioxide mitigation duties 70.94.120 adoption by department 70.94.331
fees, authority to assess and collect meetings 70.94.120 bubble concept 70.94.155
70.94.892 membership 70.94.110 generally 70.94.152
generally Ch. 80.70 notice 70.94.120 requirements 70.94.380
causing air pollution, unlawful, exception quorum 70.94.110 schedule of compliance 70.94.155
70.94.040 recording officer 70.94.120 emission control technology alteration or
cities and towns, apportionment of costs to compensation 70.94.130 replacement
70.94.093 composition of 70.94.100 existing stationary source of contaminants
city selection committee meetings 70.94.130 70.94.153
creation 70.94.110 members 70.94.100 enforcement 70.94.395
duties 70.94.120 officers 70.94.130 additional means 70.94.435
meetings 70.94.120 powers 70.94.130 restraining orders or injunctions 70.94.425
membership 70.94.110 powers and duties of 70.94.141 enforcement actions by air authority
notice 70.94.120 quorum 70.94.130 70.94.211
quorum 70.94.110 rules and regulations 70.94.141 enforcement actions by department 70.94.332

[RCW Indexpage 18] (2016 Ed.)


environmental excellence program timetables for compliance to standards ALCOHOL (See also ALCOHOLIC
agreements, effect 70.94.033 70.94.155 BEVERAGES)
exceptions, historic buildings, wood burning transportation activities Denatured or wood, exemption from liquor law
70.94.041 conformity criteria 70.94.037 66.12.060
excusable excess emissions 70.94.431 transportation demand management Fuel in motor vehicles, farm implements, and
federal aid 70.94.143 findings 70.94.521 machines
federal programs, cooperation with 70.94.510 variances, application for, consideration, exclusion from liquor control 66.12.130
fees limitation, renewals, review 70.94.181 Nonbeverage form
schedule 70.94.162 violations purchased directly from supplier 66.12.145
source operating permit fees to cover costs of generally 70.94.040 ALCOHOL AND DRUG ADDICTION
permit program 70.94.162 hearings, civil penalty, distribution of fines TREATMENT (See ALCOHOLISM
fiscal 70.94.431 AND DRUG ADDICTION)
federal aid 70.94.143 notice to violators 70.94.211
funding amounts, adoption by department order ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (See also
70.94.385 affirmation, modification, or revocation ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG
state aid 70.94.385 70.94.221 ADDICTION; DRIVING UNDER THE
gasoline vapor recovery devices, when penalties for 70.94.430 INFLUENCE)
required 70.94.165 procedure 70.94.211, 70.94.221, 70.94.332 Airports
hazardous substance remedial action wood burning, historic buildings, permitted VIP airport lounge operator license,
procedural requirements not applicable 70.94.041 conditions and qualifications 66.24.610
70.94.335 wood stoves Alcohol poisoning
hearings burn ban and prohibition requirements, minors seeking medical assistance for self or
administrative procedure act, application revised other 66.44.270
70.94.211 attainment for areas of nonattainment, Alcohol servers
control authorities 70.94.211, 70.94.221 department role 70.94.605 definitions 66.20.300
determination of effectiveness of control wood stoves, burning violations education program 66.20.320
authorities 70.94.405 condominium owners or residents fees 66.20.320, 66.20.350
subpoena power, witness 70.94.142 associations not liable for acts of rules 66.20.330
violations individual residents 70.94.475 violations, penalties 66.20.310, 66.20.340
procedures 70.94.211, 70.94.221 Wood stoves Amusement device maintenance persons,
historic buildings, wood burning, permitted burning wood for heat, limitations 70.94.473 eighteen years and older permitted on
70.94.041 premises 66.44.316
injunction power to enforce 70.94.425 AIR SPACE CORRIDORS Armory vicinity, license for sale of prohibited
investigations, authority 70.94.200 Eminent domain without permission of adjutant general
lien for enforcement of act 70.94.431 costs, award on abandonment or defeat of 38.32.120
merger of authorities to form multi-county condemnation proceedings 8.25.073 Arrest without warrant 66.44.010
authorities 70.94.069 AIRMAN AND AIRWOMAN (See Art galleries
metals mining and milling operations AERONAUTICS) beer and wine, on-premises consumption
70.94.620 66.12.240
AIRPLANE COMPANIES Banquet permits Ch. 66.20
odors, agricultural activities, exemption Taxation Ch. 84.12
70.94.640 Bed and breakfasts, special permits Ch. 66.20
affirmation, modifications, or rescission of Commuter air carrier, aircraft owned and Breach of duty imposed by statute, ordinance, or
70.94.221 operated by rule
orders of approval 70.94.152 property tax 84.36.133 negligence per se 5.40.050
outdoor burning Ch. 70.94 Criminal jurisdiction of state 9A.04.030 Business activities, special permits Ch. 66.20
penalties 70.94.430 Emergency medical transportation services Candy
permitting air pollution, unlawful, exceptions property tax exemption when owned by liquor content regulated 66.12.160, 66.12.170
70.94.040 nonprofit organization 84.36.575 Cash payments
pollution regions Emergency response caused by intoxication electronic funds transfers, requirements
delineation 70.94.053 recovery of emergency response costs from 66.28.270
evaluation of 70.94.053 convicted person 38.52.430 Chemical dependency professionals,
powers and duties 70.94.420, 70.94.425, Explosives, damages to 70.74.280 certification Ch. 18.205
70.94.431 Historic aircraft, state-owned resources, salvage Child abuse
powers and duties of department 70.94.331, 27.53.110, 27.53.120, 27.53.130, 27.53.150 alcohol or controlled substances as
70.94.385 Private airplanes, large contributing factor, evaluation of alleged
process heaters sales and use tax exemptions 82.08.215, perpetrator 26.44.170
industrial, commercial, or institutional 82.12.215 Children
assessment and reporting requirements Registration 47.68.250 leaving child unattended in parked automobile
70.94.992 Seizure, See DRUGS, subtitle Controlled to enter tavern, penalty 9.91.060
public policy 70.94.011 substances Cider
reasonably available control technology Tax imposed on aircraft Ch. 82.48 grocery store license and restricted grocery
(RACT) requirements 70.94.154 store license
AIRPORTS (See also AERONAUTICS; sales by licensees 66.24.360
regulated 70.94.970 sale in container brought by purchaser
OF) 66.28.360
rules, enforcement provisions, and First class cities, in unincorporated area, subject
limitations 70.94.990 Cities and towns
to county zoning and planning law 35.22.415 first class, enforcement of state laws
unlawful acts 70.94.980 General aviation airports
reports to the department of ecology, 35.22.280
siting 35.63.250, 36.70.547, 36.70A.510 second class cities, regulation of 35.23.440
quarterly, requirement 70.94.600
Recycling state preemption 66.08.120
rules and regulations, control authority, effect
70.94.230 receptacle placement and signing 70.93.095 Clubs
source categories not requiring permit Subdivision plats near bottle clubs, license 66.24.480
air emissions, recommendations to reduce department of transportation private club beer and wine license 66.24.452
70.94.163 notice 58.17.080 spirits, beer, and wine private club license,
recommendations to reduce air emissions VIP airport lounges conditions and qualifications 66.24.450
70.94.163 VIP airport lounge operator liquor license spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license,
source fees 70.94.152 66.24.610 conditions and qualifications 66.24.400,
state aid, procedure, regulations 70.94.143 ALASKA 66.24.410, 66.24.420, 66.24.425
state air pollution control board Pacific marine fisheries compact Ch. 77.75 Colleges or universities
defined 70.94.030 Pacific Northwest economic region, See liquor or illegal drug use, complaint
powers and duties 70.94.093, 70.94.096 PACIFIC NORTHWEST ECONOMIC procedures and sanctions 28B.10.575
subpoena power, generally 70.94.142 REGION liquor-free housing areas 28B.10.575

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 19]


promotion and sales restricted 66.28.160 rule adoption 66.28.320 alcohol offenses 46.20.710, 46.20.720,
sales on campus, Washington products undue influence, determination by liquor and 46.20.740, 46.20.745, 46.20.750,
66.44.193 cannabis board 66.28.300 46.20.755
Construction of law, generally Ch. 66.98 Distributors definition 46.04.215
Consuming in public places, penalty 66.44.100 business meetings, providing food and Illegal possession, penalty 66.44.160
Contraband liquor, possession 66.32.010 beverages for 66.28.042 Illegal purchases, penalty 66.44.150
Convention centers Drivers license ineligibility 46.20.031 Import from another state for personal use
spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license, Driving privileges of juveniles, revocation 66.12.120
conditions and qualifications 66.24.420 66.44.365 Importers
Counties Driving under the influence admission to athletic and entertainment
action to abate nuisances 66.36.010 child is present, arrest of vehicle operator events, provision to retailers permitted
County licenses 67.14.020, 67.14.040, when 26.44.250 66.28.043
67.14.050, 67.14.060, 67.14.070, 67.14.080, personal injury, wrongful death, contributory business meetings, providing food and
67.14.090, 67.14.120 fault 5.40.060 beverages for 66.28.042
Courses of instruction authorized 66.28.150 Driving while under the influence of intoxicating license 66.24.160
Crimes and offenses liquor or any drug Infants, drug and alcohol-affected
acting without license 66.44.090 traffic safety commission to inform and definition 13.34.801, 13.34.802
alcohol-related driving offenses educate 43.59.140 model project 13.34.800
child is present, arrest of vehicle operator Drug-affected babies, prenatal newborn Inspection of books and records 66.08.130,
when 26.44.250 screening Ch. 70.83E 66.08.140
consumption in public places 66.44.100 Duty free exporters license 66.24.530 Inspection of licensed premises or banquet
elections, candidate purchasing or giving Duty free for personal use, excess amounts permit premises authorized 66.28.090
liquor on election day prohibited 66.44.265 66.12.110 Interstate passenger carriers, licenses 66.24.395
identification, supply of facsimile Educational or consumer product information on Intoxicated persons, sales to or purchases and
identification unlawful 66.44.328 retail premises 66.28.155 consumption by prohibited, penalty
identification, transfer to a minor 66.44.325 Effect on competency of witnesses 5.60.050 66.44.200
identification cards, unlawful use 66.20.200 Elections Intoxication
illegal possession 66.44.160 local option, See ALCOHOLIC places of, abatement as nuisance 7.48.240
illegal purchases 66.44.150 BEVERAGES, subtitle Local option Janitors, eighteen years and older permitted on
illegal transportation or sale 66.44.140 elections premises 66.44.316
intoxicated persons, sales to or purchases and Emergency response caused by intoxication Juveniles
consumption by prohibited 66.44.200 recovery of costs from convicted person driving privileges affected by violations,
license requirements 66.24.481 38.52.430 revocation and reinstatement 13.40.265
mash, illegal possession 66.44.140 Enforcement of laws Labels
minors, violations, enforcement, and penalties arrest without warrant 66.44.010 malt liquor 66.28.120
Ch. 66.44 certified analysis as evidence of alcoholic spirits 66.28.100
obtaining liquor for ineligible persons content 66.44.070 wine 66.28.110
66.44.210 complaints and information, sufficiency Law enforcement officers and security
official seal, unlawful possession or use 66.44.040 personnel, eighteen years and older,
66.44.120 liquor and cannabis boards authority permitted on premises 66.44.316
outdoor music festival, campground 66.44.010 Law enforcement training or investigation, use of
detention, investigation of drug or alcohol liquor enforcement officers, powers 66.44.010 forfeited liquor 66.08.095
abuse 4.24.710, 9A.16.120 offenses, description and proof 66.44.050 Leaving children unattended in parked
penalties 66.44.175, 66.44.180 proof of intent 66.44.060 automobile to enter tavern, penalty 9.91.060
possession with intent to sell, when illegal prosecution of violations 66.44.010 Legislative gift center
public conveyances, drinking in, penalty and resisting or opposing officer, penalty wine, selling for off-premises consumption
exception 66.44.240, 66.44.250 66.44.370 44.73.015, 66.12.195
sales by drink or bottle, penalty 66.44.130 service on corporations 66.44.080 Licensee
sales to minors, defense 66.20.210 Exemptions from liquor law Ch. 66.12 definition 66.20.160
sales unlawful without government seal or Fire fighters, eighteen years and older, permitted Licenses
stamp, exception 66.44.140 on premises 66.44.316 acting without, penalty 66.44.090
Culinary, restaurant, or food fermentation First class cities, enforcement of state laws administrative procedure act, application
courses 35.22.280 66.08.150
use authorized 66.12.140 Food products beer and wine gift delivery license 66.24.550
Day spas liquor content regulated 66.12.160, 66.12.170 beer and/or wine restaurant license 66.24.320
beer or wine by the glass, permit for offering Forfeiture, adjudication 66.32.040, 66.32.070 beer distributors 66.24.250
66.20.400 Funds, See ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, beer importers 66.24.261
Definitions 66.04.010, 66.04.021 subtitle Liquor revolving fund bonded wine warehouse storage 66.24.185
Disc jockeys, eighteen years and older permitted Giving away liquor prohibited, exceptions bowling alleys, sales, service, consumption
on premises 66.44.316 66.28.040 66.24.455
Distillers Grain commission caterers license 66.24.690
craft distillery 66.24.145 liquor produced from wheat or barley combined license, for sale of beer and wine for
licensees operating as spirits retailers/ promotional use when donated 15.115.170, consumption on or off premises 66.24.354
distributors 66.24.640 66.12.230 conditions and restrictions 66.24.010
licenses 66.24.140 Growers license 66.24.520 counties 67.14.020, 67.14.040, 67.14.050,
liquor warehouse receipts, fraud concerning, Hospitals 67.14.060, 67.14.070, 67.14.080,
penalty 9.45.160, 9.45.170 authorized use 66.12.150 67.14.090, 67.14.120
monthly reports 66.28.060 Hotels distillers 66.24.140
orders for spirits, accepting and delivering license, fee, limitations 66.24.590 distillers operating as spirits retailers/
66.20.410 spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license, distributors 66.24.640
Distillers, See also DISTILLERIES conditions and qualifications 66.24.400, domestic breweries 66.24.240
Distribution system for beer and wine 66.24.410, 66.24.420, 66.24.425 domestic wineries 66.24.170
three-tier system Identification cards duty free exporters 66.24.530
definitions 66.28.285 evidence of age 66.20.170 electronic benefit card provisions, failure to
direct or indirect interests, allowed activities false cards, use or possession 66.20.200 comply with 66.24.013
66.28.295 presentation 66.20.180 grocery store license and restricted grocery
finding 66.28.280 questionable age of holder, procedure store license 66.24.360
industry members, affiliates, and retailers, 66.20.190 grocery store licensees, beer and wine tasting
interests between 66.28.290 sales to minors, defense 66.20.210 endorsement 66.24.363
money advances, prohibition 66.28.305 unlawful use, penalties 66.20.200 growers license 66.24.520
promotional items 66.28.310 Ignition interlocks, biological and technical interstate passenger carriers 66.24.395
recordkeeping 66.28.315 devices laboratory stills 66.24.140

[RCW Indexpage 20] (2016 Ed.)


licensing and enforcement system Liquor and cannabis board, See LIQUOR AND treats, gifts, or purchases of liquor for minors
modernization project account 66.08.260 CANNABIS BOARD in public places 66.44.300
limitations 66.24.010 Liquor control board, renamed as liquor and Motor vehicles
liquor and cannabis board, regulatory power cannabis board 66.08.012 driving under the influence 46.61.502
66.98.070 Liquor enforcement officers operating under influence of intoxicants or
liquor importers 66.24.160 generally 66.44.010 drugs 9.91.020
manufacturers 66.24.150 resisting or opposing, penalty 66.44.370 physical control of while under the influence
microbreweries 66.24.244 Liquor excise tax fund 82.08.160, 82.08.170 46.61.504
microbrewery licensees, offering beer samples Liquor revolving fund Music and dancing upon licensed premises,
at farmers markets 66.24.175 border areas, distribution 66.08.195, permit 66.28.080
motel license 66.24.540 66.08.196, 66.08.198 Musicians, eighteen years and older permitted on
music and dancing upon licensed premises, cities and towns, distribution 66.08.210 premises 66.44.316
permit 66.28.080 counties, distribution 66.08.200 Nightclubs
nonprofit arts organization license 66.24.495 deposits and disbursements 66.08.170 spirits, beer, and wine nightclub license
nonprofit corporations near Canadian border distribution 66.08.180 66.24.600
66.12.110 excess funds, disbursement 66.08.190 Nonbeverage form
nonprofit organizations or societies, special proceeds from sale of illegal property purchased directly from supplier 66.12.145
occasion license for sales at specified event 66.32.070 Nuisances
domestic winery sales of own wine at event, transfer of funds 66.08.240 militia post or encampment, abatement of sale
conditions 66.24.170 Liquor stores 38.32.120
generally 66.24.375, 66.24.380 state liquor store closure 66.24.620 places where liquor unlawfully kept
private club beer and wine license 66.24.452 Local option elections Ch. 66.40 abatement 66.36.010
public house license 66.24.580 Malt liquor public nuisance, when 7.48.140
representatives 66.24.310 labeling 66.28.120 Nursing homes
required, penalty 66.24.481 Malt liquor, reports of sales 66.24.270 authorized use 66.12.150
retail licensees Manufacturers Operation of while intoxicated
gift certificates 66.24.700 admission to athletic and entertainment railroad, steamboat, or vehicle 9.91.020
retailers events, provision to retailers permitted Packages
nonrefundable application fee 66.24.015 66.28.043 labeling 66.28.100
rules adoption, board authority 66.08.0501 business meetings, providing food and Perfumes, culinary preparations, or flavoring
sampling of beer and wine on licensee beverages for 66.28.042 extracts, exemptions 66.12.070
premises, exceptions 66.24.675 licenses 66.24.150 Permits
senior center license 66.24.680 storage exemptions 66.12.030 administrative procedure act, application
serving to standing or walking patron Medicinal, culinary, and toilet preparations, 66.08.150
permitted 66.28.130 labeling 66.12.070 alcohol server permit 66.20.300, 66.20.310,
snack bar license 66.24.350 Medicinal use 66.20.100, 66.20.110, 66.20.120 66.20.320, 66.20.330, 66.20.340,
specialty shop license Medicines 66.20.350
generally 66.24.371 exemptions 66.12.060, 66.12.070 cancellation or suspension 66.20.070,
wine retailer reseller endorsement 66.24.179 Military installations 66.20.080, 66.20.150
spirits, beer, and wine nightclub license abatement of places of sale as nuisance classifications 66.20.010
66.24.600 38.32.120 day spas 66.20.400
spirits, beer, and wine private club license, special permits Ch. 66.20
conditions and limitations 66.24.450 duration 66.20.060
Militia property
spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license, license for sale of prohibited in vicinity false or fictitious names 66.20.020
conditions and limitations 66.24.400, without permission of adjutant general issuance and fees 66.20.010
66.24.410, 66.24.420, 66.24.425 38.32.120 permit requirements and exemptions
spirits, beer, and wine restaurant licensees, prohibition of sale, penalty for disobedience 66.20.310
rights 66.98.060 38.32.120 reissuance after cancellation or suspension
spirits, retail Minors 66.20.140
license issuance fee, failure to submit alcohol poisoning, seeking medical assistance signatures 66.20.040
payment, penalty 66.28.370 for self or other 66.44.270 suspension for noncompliance with support
reports, failure to submit, penalty 66.28.370 application for permit prohibited 66.44.280 order 66.20.085
spirits, wine, and beer license application and arrest without warrant 10.31.100 transferability 66.20.020
renewal fee, additional 66.08.2601 delivery off premises, limitation 66.44.340 wrongful presentation, retention 66.20.090
spirits distributor or retail licensee, sale of driving privilege revocation for alcohol or Personal injury, contributory fault 5.40.060
spirits by 66.24.620 drug violations 66.44.365 Pilots of vessels 88.16.100
spirits distributors 66.24.055 eighteen years and older, certain persons Possession
spirits importers, fee 66.24.160 permitted on licensed premises 66.44.316 contraband liquor 66.32.010
spirits license fee distribution 66.24.065 employees eighteen to twenty-one Possession, See also ALCOHOLIC
spirits retailers 66.24.630 handling, transporting, and possessing of BEVERAGES, subtitle Search and seizure
license issuance fee exemption 66.24.632 beer and wine on nonretail premises Possession with intent to sell, when illegal
single-serving samples, providing 66.24.670 66.44.318 66.44.170
spirits retailers/distributors, licenses distillers taking orders for, serving, and selling liquor Powdered alcohol
operating as 66.24.640 on licensed premises 66.44.350 defined 66.04.010
sports/entertainment facility license 66.24.570 exhibition of effects of consuming liquor prohibitions 66.44.380
suspension for noncompliance with electronic 66.44.270 Public nuisance
benefit card provisions 66.24.013 frequenting off-limits areas 66.44.310 places where kept for unlawful use, sale,
suspension for noncompliance with support furnishing liquor to minors unlawful, distribution 9.66.010
order 66.20.085, 66.24.012 exceptions 66.44.270 when 7.48.140
tavern license 66.24.330 identification, supply of facsimile Public places
temporary licenses 66.24.010 identification unlawful 66.44.328 license requirements 66.24.481
theater license identification, transfer to a minor unlawful Public places, certain parks and picnic areas not
beer, strong beer, and wine sales 66.24.650 66.44.325 included as public places for purposes of
spirits, beer, strong beer, and wine sales misrepresentation of age 66.44.300, 66.44.310 alcoholic beverage control 66.04.011
66.24.655 possession or use of liquor unlawful, Regulatory authority and scope of powers of
transfer 66.24.025 exceptions 66.44.270 liquor and cannabis board 66.08.030,
vacation of suspension 66.24.120 purchase or attempt to purchase liquor 66.08.050
VIP airport lounge operator license, unlawful, penalty 66.44.290 Representatives
conditions and qualifications 66.24.610 sale by minors, limitation 66.44.340 licenses 66.24.310
wine distributors 66.24.200 sales to minors Restaurants
wine importers 66.24.203 defense 66.20.210 spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license,
winery licensees, offering wine samples at sales to minors by licensee or employees, conditions and qualifications 66.24.400,
farmers markets 66.24.175 notification of hearings 66.44.292 66.24.410, 66.24.420, 66.24.425

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 21]


Retail liquor licenses, See ALCOHOLIC license issuance fee exemption 66.24.632 managed care contracting to include
BEVERAGES, subtitle Licenses reports, failure to submit, penalty 66.28.370 chemical dependency and mental health
Sacramental liquors or wine 66.20.020 single-serving samples, retailers providing services 71.24.850, 74.09.522
Sale by drink, See ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, 66.24.670 medical and behavioral health services,
subtitle Licenses spirits, delivery of, accepting by licensee of integrating medicaid purchasing and
Sales 66.28.340 delivery of 74.09.758
board exemptions 66.12.020 retailers, regulating for theft prevention integrated behavioral health services, task
liquor and cannabis board regulatory authority 66.28.350 force on
and scope of powers 66.08.030, 66.08.050, retailers/distributors, licensed distillers aligning primary care and behavioral health
66.28.350 operating as 66.24.640 regulations 71.24.860
local option, See ALCOHOLIC sales requirements and restrictions 66.28.330 integrating
BEVERAGES, subtitle Local option sales tax medical and behavioral health services,
elections delinquent reporting or remitting, penalties medicaid purchasing and delivery of
self-checkout registers, requirements for 82.08.155 71.24.850, 74.09.522, 74.09.758,
66.24.660 imposed 82.08.150 74.09.860
Sales tax remittance 82.08.160 substance use and mental health disorder
distribution of tax 82.08.170, 82.08.180 seized spirits, purchase restrictions 66.28.070 treatment Ch. 71.24
spirits tax senior center license 66.24.680 substance use disorder and mental health
delinquent reporting or remitting, penalties theater license to sell spirits, beer, strong beer, involuntary treatment systems
82.08.155 and wine 66.24.655 crisis responders, designated Ch. 71.05,
imposed 82.08.150 Spirits and malt beverages, distributors and 71.05.760
remittance 82.08.160 suppliers, contractual and other relationships evaluation of effect, institute for public
Sales to or purchases and consumption by Ch. 19.126 policy to conduct 71.05.810
intoxicated persons prohibited, penalty Sports/entertainment facility license 66.24.570 jails, persons incarcerated in, federal
66.44.200 State liquor stores, See ALCOHOLIC expenditure authority for services
Search and seizure BEVERAGES, subtitle Liquor stores 74.09.671
claimants rights 66.32.060 State of emergency, limitations on sale or medicaid coverage
disposition of property 66.32.070 purchase of during 43.06.250 inmates in work release and similar
forfeiture actions no bar to criminal State preemption of control 66.08.120 programs 74.09.672
prosecution 66.32.080 Stills, illegal operation, penalty 66.44.140 providers and services, minimum standards
forfeiture and disposal of liquor 66.32.040 Subpoena issuing authority 66.08.145 71.24.037
hearing 66.32.050 Title liberally construed 66.08.010 purchasing
judgment of forfeiture 66.32.070 Trade fairs, shows, or expositions, special contracting process 43.20A.894
law enforcement officers, duty to board permits Ch. 66.20 medical and behavioral health services
66.32.090 Transportation unlawful without government 74.09.758
receipt for seized property 66.32.030 seal or stamp, exception 66.44.140 mental health and chemical dependency
report to board 66.32.090 Transshipment in interstate or foreign commerce treatment services 74.09.522
warrants 66.32.020, 66.32.030, 66.32.050 66.12.030 regional service areas
Servers, See ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, Violations, enforcement, and penalties Ch. 66.44 establishment 43.20A.893
subtitle Alcohol servers Warehouses managed care integration, reporting on
Serving to standing or walking patron permitted receipts, fraud concerning, penalty 9.45.160, 71.24.850
66.28.130 9.45.170 social and health services, department of
Solicitation of orders prohibited, exceptions Wedding boutiques contracting process 43.20A.894
66.28.050 beer and wine, on-premises consumption
Sound or lighting technicians, eighteen years and medical and behavioral health services,
66.12.240 integrating medicaid purchasing and
older permitted on premises 66.44.316 Wholesalers
Special permits Ch. 66.20 delivery of 71.24.850, 74.09.522,
admission to athletic and entertainment 74.09.758
Spirits events, provision to retailers permitted
caterers license 66.24.690 mental health and chemical dependency
66.28.043 treatment services, managed care
certificate of approval holders 66.28.035 Wine commission Ch. 15.88
definitions 66.04.021 contracting for 74.09.522, 74.09.758
Wines, See also WINE AND WINERIES providers and services, minimum standards
delivery of spirits, accepting by retail licensee Wrongful death
of 66.28.340 71.24.037
defense, contributory fault 5.40.060 single state authority for substance use
distribution system, three-tier 66.28.280,
66.28.285, 66.28.290, 66.28.295, ALCOHOLICS (See ALCOHOLISM AND disorders 71.24.035
66.28.300, 66.28.305, 66.28.310, DRUG ADDICTION) state behavioral health authority 71.24.035
66.28.315, 66.28.320 ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG ADDICTION task force on integrated behavioral health
distributor license 66.24.055 (See also DRIVING UNDER THE services
distributor or retail licensee, sale of spirits by INFLUENCE) aligning primary care and behavioral health
66.24.620 Behavioral health services and organizations regulations 71.24.860
distributors access to chemical dependency and mental Behavioral health services and organizations,
food and food ingredients, nonliquor, sales health professionals 43.20A.896 See also MENTAL ILLNESS, subtitle
of 66.28.190 authority Behavioral health services and
price list, contents 66.28.180 DSHS as single state authority for substance organizations; MENTAL ILLNESS, subtitle
giving away spirits prohibited, exceptions use disorders 71.24.035 Community services
66.28.040 DSHS as state behavioral health authority Chemical dependency
importer license, fee 66.24.160 71.24.035 ambulance services
labeling 66.28.100 behavioral health organizations work group concerning alternative facility
license application and renewal fee, additional contracting process 43.20A.894, 74.09.522, guidelines 70.168.170
66.08.2601 74.09.758 behavioral health system
license fee distribution 66.24.065 definitions 70.96A.020 tribal-centric 43.20A.897
orders for generally Ch. 70.96B, Ch. 70.97, Ch. 71.05, behavioral health system, adult
distillery and craft distillery acceptance and Ch. 71.24 improvement strategy 43.20A.895
delivery of 66.20.410 behavioral health system chemical dependency specialists, behavioral
price, discrimination in to purchaser for resale improvement strategy for adult system health organization-designated 71.24.625
prohibited 66.28.170 43.20A.895 defined for insurance purposes 48.21.195,
price list, contents 66.28.180 tribal-centric system 43.20A.897 48.44.245, 48.46.355
purchase restrictions 66.28.070 children, access to services, report 74.09.495 drug courts, See COURTS
restaurant retailers, accepting delivery of definitions expenditures and funding priorities 71.24.615
spirits 66.28.340 behavioral health services and organizations hospitals Ch. 71.12
retail license 66.24.630 70.96A.020 juvenile offender chemical dependency
issuance fee, failure to submit payment, health care authority disposition alternative 13.40.165
penalty 66.28.370 contracting process 43.20A.894 medical assistance

[RCW Indexpage 22] (2016 Ed.)


ambulance transport to treatment program, voluntary substance abuse monitoring expenditures and funding priorities
reimbursement for 74.09.330 programs 18.130.175 71.24.615
border communities, contracts for medicaid Insurance coverage chemical dependency arrests
services for 74.09.171 rules 48.21.197 diversion for treatment, pilot program
managed care contracting to include Integrated crisis response and involuntary 10.31.120
chemical dependency and mental health treatment, pilot programs Ch. 70.96B chemical dependency program 71.24.520
services 74.09.522 Involuntary commitment 70.96A.140, chemical dependency specialist services
medical and behavioral health services, 70.96A.145 children and family services offices
integrating medicaid purchasing and Involuntary commitment, See also MENTAL 71.24.515
delivery of 74.09.758 ILLNESS, subtitle Involuntary commitment chemical dependency specialists, designated
offenders with Juvenile offenders superseding with designated crisis
screening and assessment process, chemical dependency or mental disorder, responders Ch. 71.05, 71.05.760
integrated and comprehensive detention of juvenile with 13.40.042 children Ch. 70.96A
use by department of corrections chemical dependency or mental health children, access to behavioral health services,
72.09.755 disposition alternative 13.40.165 report 74.09.495
persons with Minors city or county without facility, liquor tax
indecent liberties by health care provider access to behavioral health services, report contribution prerequisite to use of anothers
9A.44.100 74.09.495 facility 71.24.550
rape by health care provider 9A.44.050 chemical dependency assessment for inpatient client assessment, treatment, and support
professionals treatment 70.96A.245 services 74.50.040
certification Ch. 18.205 chemical dependency assessment for clubhouses
specialists, designated outpatient treatment 70.96A.250 standards for certification or licensure
superseding with designated crisis inpatient treatment 70.96A.097, 70.96A.235 71.24.650
responders Ch. 71.05, 71.05.760 medical assistance, eligibility 70.96A.265 community mobilization against substance
suicide assessment, treatment, and outpatient treatment 70.96A.230 abuse
management training, requirements for payment for treatment 70.96A.240 grant program and additional strategies Ch.
professionals 43.70.442 release from treatment facility 70.96A.255, 43.270
program 71.24.520 70.96A.260 cost, inability to contribute to
regional service areas, establishment of substance use disorder and mental health no bar to admission 71.24.600
43.20A.893 treatment systems, integrating county expenditures, review of 43.20A.065
regional service areas, managed care crisis responders, designated Ch. 71.34 county multipurpose diagnostic center or
integration by 71.24.850 Motor carriers detention center 74.50.070
Chemical dependency, See also ALCOHOLISM alcohol and controlled substance testing court-ordered, information-sharing
AND DRUG ADDICTION, subtitle program 81.04.530 concerning 4.24.558
Treatment Offender sentencing 9.94A.607 court-ordered, notification requirements
Child abuse Opioid overdose medication 70.96A.155
alcohol or controlled substances as prescriptions for 69.41.095 court-ordered evaluation and treatment for
contributing factor, evaluation of alleged Sponsors in alcohol or drug addiction recovery parent or guardian of dependent child
perpetrator 26.44.170 fellowships breach of court order 13.34.174
Children testimony in civil action or proceeding violation of conditions 13.34.176
access to behavioral health services, report 5.60.060 court-ordered treatment or supervision
74.09.495 Substance use disorder 70.96A.157
age of consent for treatment 70.96A.095 ambulance services courts, drug court programs, various,
chemical dependency assessment for inpatient work group concerning alternative facility authorized 2.30.010
treatment 70.96A.245 guidelines 70.168.170 criminal justice treatment account 71.24.580
chemical dependency assessment for integrating treatment with mental health criminal laws limitation 71.24.575
outpatient treatment 70.96A.250 involuntary treatment system
crisis responders, designated Ch. 71.05,
drug-affected and alcohol-affected mothers crisis responders, designated, role of Ch. 71.05.760, Ch. 71.34
and infants 71.05, 71.05.760
evaluation of effect, institute for public deferred prosecution program Ch. 10.05
comprehensive services 13.34.390 definitions 70.96A.020
policy to conduct 71.05.810
inpatient treatment 70.96A.097, 70.96A.235 single state authority for substance use dentistry, impaired dentist program 18.32.534
medical assistance, eligibility 70.96A.265 disorders, DSHS as 71.24.035 discontinuance of services when funds
outpatient treatment 70.96A.230 treatment program provided are expended 74.50.080
payment for treatment 70.96A.240 generally Ch. 71.24 drug courts 71.24.540
release from treatment facility 70.96A.255, program establishment, authority, eligibility 74.50.055
70.96A.260 requirements 70.96A.110 emergency service patrol, purpose and
school referral to inpatient treatment, notice to substance use disorder, definition of functions 71.24.570
parent 70.96A.096 70.96A.020 enhanced services facilities Ch. 70.97
substance use disorder and mental health Substance use disorder, See also ALCOHOLISM evaluation and treatment facilities
treatment systems, integrating AND DRUG ADDICTION, subtitle standards for certification or licensure
crisis responders, designated Ch. 71.34 Chemical dependency; ALCOHOLISM 71.24.640
Definitions 70.96A.020 AND DRUG ADDICTION, subtitle facilities, programs, and services, local sales
Drivers licenses Treatment and use tax for 82.14.530
ineligibility, certain persons 46.65.060 Treatment family court authority
Drug courts, various, See COURTS acceptance into approved program, standards evaluation, monitoring, and treatment
DUI courts, authorized 2.30.010 71.24.565 services 26.12.170
Educational materials at colleges and universities admission procedures 70.96A.120 fetal alcohol screening and assessment
28B.10.295 age of consent 70.96A.095 services 71.24.605, 71.24.610
Emergency medical services ambulance services fetal alcohol syndrome prevention Ch. 70.83C
ambulance services for chemical dependency work group concerning alternative facility funding prerequisites 71.24.530
emergencies guidelines 70.168.170 funding priorities 70.96A.915
work group concerning alternative facility behavioral health services health insurance, group contracts
guidelines 70.168.170 jails, persons incarcerated in, federal contracts, requirements 48.21.180
Family dependency treatment courts, authorized expenditure authority for services legislative declaration 48.21.160
2.30.010 74.09.671 health services practitioners
Group disability insurance behavioral health system voluntary substance abuse monitoring
benefits 48.21.160, 48.21.180 adult system, improvement strategy for programs 18.130.186
right of renewal 48.21.190 43.20A.895 hospitals Ch. 71.12
Health care service contractors tribal-centric 43.20A.895, 43.20A.897 inpatient treatment
benefits 48.44.240 chemical dependency parental consent, exception 70.96A.235
Health maintenance organizations 48.46.350 chemical dependency specialists, behavioral inpatient treatment of children 70.96A.097
Health services practitioners health organization-designated 71.24.625 insurance

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 23]


chemical dependency, definition 48.21.195, suicide assessment, treatment, and Property, aliens right to own 64.16.005
48.44.245, 48.46.355 management training, requirements for Unemployment compensation
integrated crisis response and involuntary professionals 43.70.442 benefits, eligibility 50.20.099
treatment, pilot programs Ch. 70.96B public assistance eligibility eligibility 50.20.098
integrating substance use disorder and mental limited application of chapter 74.08 RCW ALLEGATIONS (See PLEADINGS)
health involuntary treatment systems 74.08.900
crisis responders, designated, role of Ch. regional service areas, establishment of ALLEYS (See STREETS AND ALLEYS)
71.05, 71.05.760 43.20A.893 ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES (See MOTOR
evaluation of effect, institute for public regional service areas, managed care VEHICLES, subtitle Off-road and
policy to conduct 71.05.810 integration by 71.24.850 nonhighway vehicles)
integrating substance use disorder and mental rule-making authority 74.50.080
health treatment systems school referral to inpatient treatment, notice to ALPACAS (See ANIMALS)
crisis responders, designated, role of Ch. parent 70.96A.096 ALTERATION
71.34 screening and assessment process 71.05.027 Insurance applications 48.18.070
intensive case management pilot projects screening and assessment process, integrated AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS
71.24.620 comprehensive 71.24.510, 71.24.630
services 74.50.050 Antennas
interlocal cooperation act, agreements
authorized under 71.24.525 shelter assistance program 74.50.060 local regulation to conform with federal law
involuntary commitment 70.96A.140, shelter services, eligibility 74.50.035 35.21.315, 35A.21.260, 36.32.600
70.96A.145 substance use disorder AMBULANCE SERVICES
involuntary commitment or detention definition 70.96A.020 Aid vehicles
71.05.040 integrating treatment with mental health licenses 18.73.140
involuntary treatment system involuntary treatment system self-inspection program 18.73.145
crisis responders, designated, role of Ch. crisis responders, designated, role of Ch. Air ambulance services, private, by subscription
71.05, 71.05.760 71.05, 71.05.760 exemption from insurer provisions 48.01.280
integrating substance use disorder and evaluation of effect, institute for public Ambulance personnel, requirements 18.73.150,
mental health involuntary treatment policy to conduct 71.05.810 18.73.155
systems integrating with mental health treatment Blanket disability insurance for volunteer
evaluation of effect, institute for public systems organizations 48.21.040
policy to conduct 71.05.810 crisis responders, designated, role of Ch. Certificate of advanced first aid qualification
jail, evaluation upon release from 70.96A.142 71.34 18.73.120
joinder of petition for commitment substance use disorder program 70.96A.110 Chemical dependency emergencies
70.96A.141 vehicular assault or homicide work group concerning alternative facility
juvenile offender chemical dependency alcohol and drug evaluation and treatment of guidelines 70.168.170
disposition alternative 13.40.165 offenders, requirements 46.61.524 Cities and towns
legislative finding and intent, purpose of visitation and communication with patient ambulance utilities, study and review
chapter 70.96A.011 70.96A.160 35.21.7661
liquor tax and profits, dedicated funds voluntary treatment 70.96A.110 establishment authorized 35.21.766
required 71.24.555 Treatment, See also ALCOHOLISM AND operations of 35.27.370
medicaid coverage DRUG ADDICTION, subtitle Behavioral Counties
inmates in work release and similar health services and organizations authority to furnish financial assistance to
programs 74.09.672 Treatment, responsibility, and accountability on political subdivisions 36.32.470
medical assistance campus (Back on TRAC) courts, authorized authority to operate, restriction 36.01.100
border communities, contracts for medicaid 2.30.010 emergency medical services 36.01.095
services for 74.09.171 Veterans treatment courts, authorized 2.30.010 County transportation authority 36.57.040
managed care contracting to include ALIEN BANKS (See BANKS AND Emergency medical care and transportation
chemical dependency and mental health BANKING, subtitle Alien banks) services
services 74.09.522 administrative procedure 18.73.200
medical and behavioral health services, ALIENATION (See also REAL PROPERTY)
Public assistance grants 74.04.280 county operation 36.01.095
integrating medicaid purchasing and definitions 18.73.030
delivery of 74.09.758 Restraints on
port district property 53.25.160 state preemption of authority 18.73.020
minors Ch. 70.96A unlawful practices, penalties 18.73.190
minors, access to behavioral health services, public lands, See PUBLIC LANDS
report 74.09.495 Emergency medical personnel
ALIENS violent injuries, disclosure of information
opiate substitution treatment Alien property custodian, notice to of actions
certification of program 71.24.590 about 18.73.270
affecting property of 4.28.330, 4.28.340, Epinephrine, authority to administer 18.73.250
pregnant women, programs for 71.24.560 4.28.350
regulation by state 71.24.585 Aliens rights and interests in land, same as Fire protection districts
standards, treatment and program operation native citizen 64.16.005 interlocal agreements 52.12.135
71.24.595 Certain titles confirmed 64.16.140 First aid
outpatient treatment Committed to correctional facility, jail, etc., duty course requirements 70.54.060
notice to parent 70.96A.230 to notify immigration authorities 10.70.140 equipment requirements 70.54.060
payment 70.96A.180 Conveyances to or by aliens 64.16.140 penalty for violations 70.54.065
payment for minors treatment 70.96A.240 Criminal offenders committed to department of Inspection
pregnancy, alcohol and drug use treatment corrections self-inspection program 18.73.145
associated with Ch. 70.83C conditional release for deportation 9.94A.685 Licenses, when required, exceptions 18.73.130
pregnant women Deportation consequences of guilty plea Liens for services Ch. 60.44
opiate substitution treatment programs advisement 10.40.200 Nonmedical facilities, transport of patients to
71.24.560 Enemy during war, tolling of statute of 18.73.280
private establishments limitations of actions 4.16.210 Other transportation vehicles, allowed use
licensing requirements and operating Firearms, possession of 18.73.180
standards Ch. 71.12 alien firearm license Requirements
program establishment, authority, and requirements, penalty 9.41.173 secretary of health, duties 18.73.081
requirements 71.24.535, 71.24.545 possession without firearm license, conditions variance 18.73.101
protective custody 70.96A.120 9.41.175 Stretchers and personal mobility devices
providers requirements, penalty 9.41.171 guidelines, safe transport of persons requiring
certification of chemical dependency Industrial insurance, See INDUSTRIAL 18.73.260
professionals Ch. 18.205 INSURANCE Uniform disciplinary act, application 18.73.240
indecent liberties with person with chemical Insurers, See INSURANCE, subtitle Alien Volunteer personnel
dependency by health care provider insurers city or town legislative body members
9A.44.100 Mental illness, deportation Ch. 72.25 35.21.770
rape of person with chemical dependency by Offenders, camp within correctional facility code city legislative body members
health care provider 9A.44.050 boundaries authorized 72.09.560 35A.11.110

[RCW Indexpage 24] (2016 Ed.)


Complaint toll-free telephone number ANATOMICAL GIFTS Diseases
70.230.160 Account, organ and tissue donation awareness animal disease traceability activities
Coordinated quality improvement 70.230.080 68.64.210 16.36.150, 16.36.160
Data related to quality of patient care 70.230.110 Authorized to make gift 68.64.030, 68.64.080 inspections and tests 16.36.040
Definitions 70.230.010 Bone marrow prevention 16.36.040
Discipline of provider, reports 70.230.120 donor recruitment and education program reporting 16.36.040
Exclusions from chapter 70.230.040 70.54.280, 70.54.290, 70.54.300 Emergencies, actions authorized 16.36.070
Information, disclosure 70.230.140, 70.230.170 minors 70.54.305 Fees, rules 16.36.023
Licenses Corneal tissue for transplants Fur farming Ch. 16.72
applicants, renewal 70.230.050 presumption of good faith 68.50.290 Importation
denial, suspension, revocation 70.230.070 Coroner or medical examiner, duties 68.64.190 veterinary inspection, certificate of 16.36.050
operating without 70.230.030 Declarations or advance health directives Importation of animals
Licensing fees 68.64.180 health certificates, exceptions 16.36.050,
report to legislature 70.230.200 Definitions 68.64.010 16.36.140
Licensing systems of other states Documentation 68.64.105, 68.64.110 unlawful acts and willful misconduct
report to legislature 70.230.200 Drivers license 16.36.050, 16.36.140
Restrict or terminate practitioners, records organ donor registry, information 46.20.1131 Infection danger, actions authorized 16.36.070
70.230.130 statement 46.20.113 Inspections and tests 16.36.040, 16.36.060,
Safety and emergency training, facility Gift of life award Ch. 1.50 16.36.140
70.230.060 Hospitals, agreements with organizations Investigations
Secretary of health, duties 70.230.020 68.64.140 fee for time and mileage 16.36.113
Standards, rules 70.230.090 Illegal activities, penalties 68.64.150, 68.64.160 Live nonambulatory livestock, transporting or
Surveys 48.39.030, 70.230.090, 70.230.100 Interpreter services and translations 68.64.130 accepting delivery
certain facilities 70.230.190 Liability 68.64.170 monetary penalty 16.36.116
Unanticipated outcomes 70.230.150 Procedure for donating 68.64.040, 68.64.090 violations 16.52.225
amending, revoking, making gift 68.64.050, Livestock diseases, diagnostic service program
AMENDMENTS 68.64.070 Ch. 16.38
Attachments, pleadings 6.25.280 refusal to make 68.64.060 Livestock markets
Cities and towns Procurement organizations 68.64.120 examinations and testing 16.65.340,
comprehensive plans 35.63.120 Receiver of gift, qualifications 68.64.100 16.65.350
Habeas corpus Registry, organ and tissue donor 68.64.200 facilities, unlawful acts 16.65.370
process 7.36.240 Scope of chapter 68.64.020 sanitation requirements 16.65.360
writs of habeas corpus 7.36.240 Warranties, immunities from implied warranties Massage practitioners [therapists], animal
Pleadings and civil liabilities 70.54.120 18.108.230
district court, civil 12.08.090, 12.08.110 certification Ch. 18.240
habeas corpus 7.36.240 ANATOMICAL SCIENCE Pet animals infected with diseases communicable
minor defects, effect 4.32.250 Human remains, use for instructional purposes to humans, control Ch. 16.70
variance in action to recover personal property 68.50.060, 68.50.070, 68.50.080, 68.50.090 Quarantine
4.36.210 ANCHORAGE (See also VESSELS AND destruction of diseased or quarantined animals
Revised code, See REVISED CODE OF SHIPPING) 16.36.090
WASHINGTON Boats and vessels, liens created 60.36.010 hold order 16.36.010
ASSOCIATION) violations, penalty 16.36.110, 16.36.113
AMMUNITION GAS) (See FERTILIZERS, subtitle examination, director authority for 16.36.060,
Product liability actions 7.72.030 Ammonia gas) 16.36.140
TESTING) Agriculture director, powers and duties State veterinarian
16.36.020, 16.36.023, 16.36.040, 16.36.060, powers and duties 43.23.070
AMPHIBIAN, STATE 16.36.140, 16.36.150 Tests, examinations, or inspections
Pacific chorus frog 1.20.150 Aquaculture disease inspection and control violations 16.36.060
AMUSEMENT GAMES program Ch. 77.115 Title 77 RCW, application 16.36.128
Authority 9.46.0321 Biomedical waste Transporting, requirements 16.36.045, 16.36.116
Authority to conduct 9.46.0331 definitions 70.95K.010 Veterinarians, duty to report certain diseases
Defined 9.46.0201 legislative findings 70.95K.005 16.36.080
Rules, minimum rules for conduct of games state preemption of local definitions Veterinarians, licensing and regulation Ch. 18.92
9.46.0331 70.95K.011 Violations, penalty 16.36.110, 16.36.113
waste treatment technologies ANIMAL TECHNICIANS (See
AMUSEMENT RIDES evaluation by department of health
Administrative procedure 67.42.050 VETERINARIANS)
Bungee jumping Carcasses, disposal Ch. 16.68 ANIMALS (See also ANIMAL HEALTH)
permission from public or private property Costs, recovery 16.36.025 Abandoned animals, procedures Ch. 16.54
owner required 67.42.090 Cows, goats, and other mammals Animal facilities
Bungee jumping device health requirements 15.36.161 acts against agricultural or veterinary facilities
fees 67.42.060 Definitions 16.36.005 liability for damages 4.24.575
inspection 67.42.020, 67.42.040 Diagnostic service program, livestock diseases acts against research and educational facilities
permits 67.42.060 prevention and control Ch. 16.38 liability for damages 4.24.570
Decals 67.42.030 Diseased animals criminal acts against
Definitions 67.42.010 destruction 16.36.090 definition 9.08.090
Federal standards, federal land, possible destruction, indemnity payment 16.36.096 legislative intent 9.08.080
exemption 67.42.050 duty to bury carcass, livestock 16.36.102 injunctive relief to prevent harassment or
Fees 67.42.060 emergencies, actions authorized 16.36.070 occurrence of tort 4.24.580
Inspections 67.42.020, 67.42.025, 67.42.040 exposure to other animals unlawful 16.36.082 Carcasses, disposal Ch. 16.68
Insurance 67.42.020 importation unlawful 16.36.080 Carcasses, use by department of fish and wildlife
Local ordinances 67.42.080 intergovernmental cooperation 16.36.100 as trap bait 16.68.190
Materially rebuild or modified, new permit, new milk sale prohibited, exception 15.36.151 Carcasses as public nuisances 7.48.140
inspection 67.42.040 owners liability 16.36.086 Cats
Orders to cease operations 67.42.050 quarantine, hold order, or destruct order, bait, use as training bait prohibited, seizure of
Penalty for noncompliance 67.42.070 hearing 16.36.098 animals 16.52.300
Permits 67.42.020, 67.42.030, 67.42.040, reporting requirements 16.36.080, 16.36.084 Cities and towns, control of 35.27.370
67.42.060 sale unlawful 16.36.082 Control of pets infected with diseases
Rules 67.42.050 unlawful conduct 16.36.084 communicable to humans Ch. 16.70

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 25]


Crimes involving bait, use of domestic dog or cat as training bait Metropolitan park districts 35.61.250, 35.61.260,
indictment or information 10.37.070 prohibited, seizure of animal 16.52.300 35.61.270, 35.61.280
research institutions, transferring stolen pet biomedical research, penalties for use Port districts, provisions for 53.04.080,
animals to 19.86.145 53.04.100
penalties 9.08.072, 9.08.074, 9.08.076, definitions 9.08.065 Public hospital districts 70.44.200
9.08.078 research institutions, transferring stolen Public utility districts
Cruelty to animals to territory within service area 54.04.035
acts constituting, penalty 16.52.080 penalties 9.08.072, 9.08.074, 9.08.076, Water-sewer districts, assumption of jurisdiction
animal fighting 16.52.117 9.08.078 by city or town Ch. 35.13A
bait, use of domestic dog or cat as training bait research use, requirements 16.52.220, Water-sewer districts, generally Ch. 57.24
prohibited, seizure of animal 16.52.300 16.52.230 ANNUAL LEAVE (See VACATIONS)
confinement without food and water, penalty taking, concealing, injuring, killing, etc.,
16.52.100 penalty 9.08.070 ANNUITIES (See INDUSTRIAL
cutting ears, penalty and exception 16.52.095 Pet food and specialty pet food INSURANCE; INSURANCE;
definitions 16.52.011 RETIREMENT AND PENSIONS,
registration requirements 15.53.9014 subtitle Life insurance)
docking horses, penalty 16.52.090 Places for fighting of, public nuisance, penalty
dog breeding, limit on number of dogs 9.66.010 ANNULMENT
16.52.310 Poisoning 16.52.190, 16.52.193 Letters of administration 11.28.160
enforcement authority 16.52.015 Quarantine, See ANIMAL HEALTH Will 11.24.040
exclusions 16.52.185 Registration ANSWERS
first degree 16.52.205 falsification, penalty 9.08.030 Actions to recover property distrained, pleadings
hook, unlawful use of 16.52.305 Removal for feeding and care, procedures 4.36.140
humane societies, enforcement authority and 16.52.085 Appearance, answer constitutes appearance
duties 16.52.020, 16.52.025 Rendering plants Ch. 16.68 4.28.210
inhumane slaughter of livestock Ch. 16.50 Research facilities, exemption from cruelty to Assessment of damages without 4.28.290
liability principles 16.52.011 animal provisions 16.52.180 Attachment, debt not due 6.25.050
limitations on application of chapter Research facilities, penalties for unfair and Confession of judgment authorized before or
16.52.180 deceptive practices 19.86.145 after 4.60.010
livestock, nonambulatory 16.36.116, Research use, requirements 16.52.220, 16.52.230 Defenses
16.52.225 Running at large, See LIVESTOCK district court proceeding 12.08.020
motor vehicle or enclosed space, unattended, Scientific experiments, exemption from cruelty Distrained property, actions to recover, pleadings
leaving or confining animal in 16.52.340 to animals provisions 16.52.180 4.36.140
old or diseased animals, permitting to run at Service animals and trained guide dogs District judges, requisites of answers 12.08.020
large, penalty 16.52.110 unfair practices of food establishments Ejectment and quieting title actions, substitution
penalties 16.52.165, 16.52.200 49.60.218 of landlord in action against tenant 7.28.110,
poisoning 16.52.190, 16.52.193 unfair practices of places of public resort 7.28.130
railroad shipment of livestock 81.48.070 49.60.215 Forcible entry and detainer, pleadings 59.12.121
removal of animals, procedures 16.52.085 Strays (estrays) Frivolous 4.32.170
second degree 16.52.207 abandoned animals Joint debtors in proceedings after judgment
veterinarian reporting requirements, immunity duty of sheriff 16.54.030 defenses by, authorized 4.68.040
16.52.330 impounding in stock pounds denial by
Dangerous dogs, See DOGS second-class cities 35.23.440 authorized 4.68.040
Dangerous wild animals, keeping of Ch. 16.30 towns 35.27.370 verdict limitation 4.68.060
Dead, disposal in watersheds 70.54.030 Strays (estrays), See also LIVESTOCK, subtitle pleading component 4.68.050
Destruction by law enforcement officer, Strays Libel and slander, justification in mitigating
immunity 16.52.210 Theft of livestock 9A.56.080, 9A.56.083 circumstances 4.36.130
Diseases, See ANIMAL HEALTH Logging liens 60.24.140
Trespassing animals Mandamus proceedings 7.16.200
Dogs, See DOGS damages, liability, actions for damages and
Euthanasia 16.52.085 Material allegations, defined 4.36.170
costs 16.04.010, 16.04.015, 16.04.030, Objection on same grounds as demurrer may be
False certificate of registration or false 16.04.040, 16.04.045, 16.04.050,
representation of breed, penalty 9.08.030 taken by, when 4.32.070
16.04.060, 16.04.070 Partition proceedings, contents 7.52.060
Feed, See FEED fences Ch. 16.60
Feed containing noxious weed seeds or toxic Prohibition proceedings 7.16.320
livestock running at large on United States Quo warranto proceedings 7.56.050
weeds, penalty 17.10.235 military reservations 16.04.080
Fighting exhibitions, prohibited behavior Requisites of
owner unknown, procedure 16.04.025 district court civil procedure 12.08.020
16.52.117 restraint 16.04.020
Fur farming Ch. 16.72 Setoff, pleading of in answer 4.32.150
via fence damaged by wildlife 16.04.100 district court civil procedure 12.08.020,
Herd laws, See LIVESTOCK Trusts Ch. 11.118
Horse racing Ch. 67.16 12.08.120
Horse racing, live horse racing compact Ch. ANNEXATION Stricken, when 4.32.170
67.17 Cities and towns Uncontroverted allegations
Importation elections district court civil procedure 12.08.080
health certificates, exceptions 16.36.050 canvass of votes 35.10.240 ANTI-HARASSMENT ACT (See
Importation of animals indebtedness, ratification and funding after HARASSMENT)
health certificates, exceptions 16.36.140 35.40.030 ANTIQUES
Information or indictment for injury to, Cities and towns, See also CITIES AND Pistols, excepted from restrictions on carrying
description of 10.37.070 TOWNS, subtitle Annexation 9.41.060
Insurance for 48.11.060 Conservation districts 89.08.180 Slot machines, excluded from prosecution
Killing in state park, penalty 79A.05.165 Counties 9.46.235
Livestock, See LIVESTOCK simultaneous consideration of incorporation
Low-income households and annexation 36.93.116 ANTWERP PIGEONS (See BIRDS)
veterinary services 18.92.250, 18.92.260 Diking and drainage districts erected and APARTMENTS (See CONDOMINIUMS;
Mammals, official state, See WILDLIFE, operated by United States 85.05.610, LANDLORD AND TENANT)
subtitle Mammals 85.05.620, 85.05.630, 85.05.640, 85.05.650 APIARIES (See BEES AND BEEKEEPING)
Massage practitioners [therapists], animal Fire protection districts
certification Ch. 18.240 cities and towns APOTHECARY (See PHARMACIES AND
endorsement 18.108.230 annexation by 35.02.200, 35.02.205, PHARMACISTS)
Milk and milk products for animal food Ch. 35.13.249 APPEALS
15.37 fire protection services, benefit charge Administrative agencies
Nursing homes, contact with animals authorized 35.13.256 court of appeals 2.06.030
18.51.320 newly incorporated city or town Administrative agency decisions
Pet animals annexation by 35.02.202 direct review authorized 34.05.518

[RCW Indexpage 26] (2016 Ed.)


refusal of review 34.05.522 Department of transportation ruling regarding Reversal, eviction of judicial sale purchaser on
Administrative procedure, See aeronautics 47.68.320 reversal of judgment 6.21.130
ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE Discrimination, unfair practices involving real Review
Administrative procedure act property 49.60.225 sentences 9.94A.585
supreme court or court of appeals 34.05.526 District court, from verdict reduction or increase as alternative to
Agreed cases 4.52.030 costs 4.84.130 new trial 4.76.030
Agricultural processing and marketing District courts 10.10.010 Savings associations, actions and decisions of
associations, monopoly hearing before District courts, from director of financial institutions 33.04.060
attorney general 24.34.020 criminal proceedings Schools and school districts
Assessments costs, payment of 10.10.060 eminent domain, See EMINENT DOMAIN
local improvements, See LOCAL default in prosecuting 10.10.060 employees, dismissal, appeal, alternate
IMPROVEMENTS AND failure to appear, conviction, sentencing procedure 28A.405.380
ASSESSMENTS 10.10.060 Small claims, restrictions and setting aside
Attorneys fees as costs, damage actions, five District judges, from judgments 12.40.120
thousand dollars or less 4.84.290 small claims action Ch. 12.36 State
Board of equalization decisions 35.55.080 traffic infractions Ch. 12.36 actions against 4.92.030
Bonds Eminent domain by state eminent domain, See EMINENT DOMAIN
actions against state 4.92.030 damages 8.04.130, 8.04.150 State civil service
criminal cases 10.73.040 Exceptions suspension, dismissal, or demotion of
Cities and towns when to be taken 4.80.020 employee 41.06.170
board of equalization, local improvement of Fees, supreme court, courts of appeal State employees retirement system 41.40.078,
lowlands 35.55.080, 35.56.090 fee schedule 2.32.070 41.40.082
metropolitan park district assessments Forcible entry and detainer actions 59.12.180 State patrol identification and criminal history
35.61.230 Foreign judgments, enforcement of, uniform act section
municipal courts 35.20.250 6.36.045 application for information upon refusal
proceedings declaring dwellings unfit Habeas corpus 43.43.705
35.80.030 federal questions raised by pleadings 7.36.140 purge or modification of personal records
Condemnation actions, See EMINENT Harmless error disregarded 4.36.240 43.43.730
DOMAIN Highways State patrol officers from disciplinary actions
Costs upon 4.84.130 advertising control, action of department 43.43.100
attorneys fees 4.84.080 47.42.060 Superior court final judgments 7.16.350
damage actions, five thousand dollars or less Indigent party, fees and costs to be paid by state Superior courts
4.84.290 4.88.330 appellate jurisdiction 2.08.020
county, against 4.84.170 Industrial insurance, See INDUSTRIAL county commissioners, from 36.32.330
district court, from, appellants bond for costs INSURANCE, subtitle Appeals Supreme court or court of appeals
4.84.130 Injunction, court of appeals jurisdiction 2.06.040 appellate jurisdiction 2.04.010
state, against 4.84.170 Insurance fee schedule 2.32.070
Counties orders of commissioner, See INSURANCE, state employees retirement system 41.40.082
actions against 4.84.170 subtitle Appeals Taxation
eminent domain, See EMINENT DOMAIN rating organizations 48.19.290 property taxes, See TAXES - PROPERTY
proceedings declaring dwellings unfit Joint operating agencies 43.52.360, 43.52.430 Time extended for proceeding to replace lost or
35.80.030 Judgments destroyed records 5.48.050
County board of adjustment execution docket entry of appeal 4.64.080 Traffic infractions 46.63.090
notice of time and place 36.70.850 Unemployment compensation
Justices of the peace, from
scope of authority 36.70.860 mailing appeal or petition, when deemed filed
civil actions and received 50.32.025
time limit 36.70.830 justice and inferior courts act of 1961,
County commissioners Verdict reduction or increase as alternative to
pending appeals not affected 3.74.900 new trial 4.76.030
drawbridge, width of draw determination Justices of the peace, from, See also JUSTICES
35.74.030 Victims of crime 7.68.110, 7.68.111
OF THE PEACE, subtitle Appeals from
expenditures for emergencies, taxpayers right Juvenile offenders 13.40.230 APPEARANCE OF FAIRNESS DOCTRINE
36.40.150 Licenses Application
procedure 36.32.330 generally 43.24.120 campaign contributions 42.36.050
Court commissioner proceedings 2.24.050 Local improvements 35.44.200, 35.44.210, candidates, public discussion by 42.36.040
Court of appeals 35.44.220, 35.44.230, 35.44.240, 35.44.250, decision-making bodies
appeals to supreme court 2.06.030 35.44.260 disqualification of member, time limitation
jurisdiction Lost or destroyed records, time extended on for challenging members 42.36.080
decision of administrative agencies 2.06.030 filing of application for replacement of court local, members of 42.36.020
limitation 2.06.030 records lost or destroyed 5.48.050 land use decisions, local 42.36.010
Courts of limited jurisdiction 3.02.020 Mandamus legislative action 42.36.030
Criminal court of appeals, jurisdiction 2.06.030 quasi-judicial proceedings
bail pending appeal 10.73.040 Municipal courts 35.20.250 advisory proceedings 42.36.070
court of appeals, jurisdiction 2.06.030 Municipal local improvements 35.44.260 ex parte communications prohibited,
criminally insane, right of either party superior court 35.44.200, 35.44.250 exceptions 42.36.060
10.77.230 Pollution control hearings board, See quorum implications 42.36.090
district courts, from POLLUTION CONTROL HEARINGS Judicial restriction, elimination of doctrine
costs, payment of 10.10.060 BOARD allowed
default in prosecuting 10.10.060 Prohibition, writ of, court of appeals jurisdiction expansion disallowed 42.36.100
failure to appear, conviction, sentencing 2.06.040 Land use decisions, local 42.36.110
10.10.060 Public utilities, See PUBLIC UTILITIES, Limitations Ch. 42.36
jail time pending appeal, credit for 9.95.062 subtitle Appeals to supreme court or court of APPEARANCES
sentence commences when convicted person appeals Actions against state, attorney general 4.92.030
returned to custody 9.95.060 Quo warranto Arraignment, See ARRAIGNMENT
sentences 9.94A.585 court of appeals, jurisdiction 2.06.030 Assessment of damages without answer, after
stay of execution judgment, conditions of Railroad crossing findings and orders 81.53.170 appearance 4.28.290
release 9.95.064 Records of court lost or destroyed, time extended Attachment
stay of execution of judgment, when on filing application for replacement defendant for examination as to his property
prohibited 9.95.062 5.48.050 6.25.170
subversive activities, discharge from Referees Attorneys
employment 9.81.090 decision reviewed in same manner as court appearance without authority, procedure
Cross-appeals unnecessary, appeal of verdict decision 4.48.120 2.44.020, 2.48.220
reduction or increase as alternative to new Refusal of highway contract proposal form, from Debtors
trial 4.76.030 47.28.070 ne exeat, bail bond 7.44.030

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 27]


Deemed general appearance, when 4.28.210 State facilities through city or town, board of Committees 49.04.040
Default on defendants nonappearance, district review 47.52.150 Community and technical colleges
court civil action 12.20.020 State otologist 70.50.010 associate degree pathway 28B.50.890,
Disbarment for appearing without authority Trustees in ejectment and quieting title action for 49.04.150
2.48.220 absent or nonresident defendant 7.28.010 responsibility for instruction 28B.50.880
Dismissal on plaintiffs nonappearance 4.56.120 APPORTIONMENT transferable course credits within
district court civil action 12.20.010 Public funds, See PUBLIC FUNDS apprenticeship program 28B.50.891
District judges State funds, See PUBLIC FUNDS waivers, apprentice education 28B.50.895
hour allowed for 12.04.160 Washington state redistricting act Ch. 44.05 Discrimination 49.04.100, 49.04.110, 49.04.120,
time for 12.04.160 49.04.910
Forcible entry and detainer actions 59.12.060 APPRAISERS AND APPRAISALS Electrical construction trade 19.28.161,
General, deemed as, when 4.28.210 Absentees estates 11.80.020 19.28.171
Homestead alienation in case of incompetency or Buildings, newly constructed, county assessor Industrial insurance coverage 51.12.130
disability of spouse or domestic partner 36.21.070, 36.21.080 Limitation 49.04.070
prosecuting attorney to appear 6.13.210, County assessor Minimum wages, exceptions for 49.46.060
6.13.220 continuing education requirements for persons Ocularists 18.55.060
assessing real property 36.21.015 On-the-job training agreements and projects
Injunctions, contempt for disobedience, bond for employment and classification plans for
7.40.170 administration of federal funds 49.04.090
appraisers 36.21.011 agreements with federal departments or
Mandamus proceedings 7.16.190 qualifications and examination of persons
Ne exeat, bail bond 7.44.030 agencies 49.04.090
assessing real property 36.21.015 promotion of by supervisor of apprenticeship
New trial, defendant where discovery of grounds Debtors personal exemptions 6.15.060
after verdict, report, or decision 4.76.080 authorized 49.04.080
Diking and drainage improvement districts, Public works
Nonappearance of maintenance, special benefits, appraisal of
defendant, effect 4.28.210, 12.20.010 apprenticeship utilization advisory committee,
factors considered 85.16.090 creating 39.04.320
plaintiff, nonsuit 4.56.120 generally 85.16.080
Nonsuit on plaintiffs nonappearance 4.56.120 bidder responsibility criteria 39.04.350
report and schedule 85.16.090 rate of pay where
Nuisances, voluntary abatement of prostitution, separate appraisals for diking and drainage
assignation or lewdness 7.48.110 apprenticeship agreement 39.12.021
benefits 85.16.110 no apprenticeship agreement 39.12.021
Orders of court, application for constitutes Eminent domain proceedings
appearance 4.28.210 training programs
order for production and exchange of contracts, adjustment of specific projects
Partition proceedings, judgment creditors, notice conclusions 8.25.120
on sale of property to require 7.52.180 39.04.320
Exemptions from execution definitions 39.04.310
Pleadings, answer constitutes 4.28.210 appraisal, procedure if appraised value purpose 39.04.300
Quo warranto proceedings, defendants 7.56.050 exceeds exemption 6.15.070 wood products, compliance with 39.35D
Right to by one not served personally 4.28.200 Exemptions from execution, fees of appraiser RCW 39.04.330
Special, how made 4.28.210 6.15.060 Regulatory apprenticeship council
Supplemental proceedings involving judgment Fish marketing associations, appraisal of creation 49.04.010
debtors 6.32.010, 6.32.030, 6.32.180, expelled members property 24.36.290 decisions of council, appeal of 49.04.065
6.32.190 Homesteads duties 49.04.010
Unauthorized, by attorney, procedure 2.44.020 value of, appraisal by appointed appraiser expenses and compensation 49.04.010
What constitutes 4.28.210 6.13.100, 6.13.110, 6.13.120, 6.13.130, generally 49.04.010
APPELLATE COURTS (See SUPERIOR 6.13.140, 6.13.150, 6.13.190, 6.13.200 Standards 49.04.050
COURTS; SUPREME COURT) Hospital districts 70.44.300 Student opportunities
Personal exemptions of debtors 6.15.060 building and construction related 49.04.190
APPELLATE REVIEW (See APPEALS) Port district leases 42.23.030 centers of excellence 49.04.170
APPLE ADVERTISING COMMISSION Probate educational outreach program 49.04.180
Trade promotion and development expenditures partnership interests of decedent 11.64.002 findings 49.04.160
15.04.200 real property for sale purposes 11.56.090 Supervisor of 49.04.030
APPLE COMMISSION Probate, See also PROBATE, subtitle Inventory Veterans
and appraisement outreach effort 39.04.340
Duties, members, administration, and
assessments Ch. 15.24 Public water systems Voluntary conformity 49.04.070
valuation 8.25.280 Work force training programs
APPLE HEALTH, WASHINGTON (See Real estate programs for energy audits and energy
MEDICAL ASSISTANCE) cities and towns, pedestrian malls, efficiency services 49.04.200
APPLES (See FRUITS; HORTICULTURE) determinations 35.71.050
professionally designated APPRENTICESHIP COUNCIL (See
APPLIANCES hospital districts 70.44.300 APPRENTICES)
Appliance efficiency rebate program 43.330.340 port district leases 42.23.030 APPROACHES (See COUNTY ROADS AND
Consumer leases, See CONSUMER LEASES Real estate, See also REAL ESTATE BRIDGES; HIGHWAYS)
Energy efficiency standards Ch. 19.260 APPRAISERS
Obscuring identity of a machine 9A.56.180 APPROPRIATION OF PRIVATE
Savings banks, appraisal of real property PROPERTY (See EMINENT DOMAIN)
Public utility districts required 32.12.050
repair service 54.16.380, 54.16.385 School district property 28A.335.120 APPROPRIATIONS
Service contracts Ch. 48.110 Accounting for by state treasurer 43.08.010
APPREHENSION (See ARREST) Advance right of way revolving fund,
LICENSED BEHAVIOR ANALYSTS APPRENTICES appropriation for deposit to 47.12.244
Applied behavior analysis advisory committee Age requirements 49.04.910 Attorney general to enforce proper application
18.380.040 Agreement 43.10.030
definition of 49.04.060 Budget and accounting
Licensing and certification, unauthorized
practices, and exemptions Ch. 18.380 public works projects employment 39.12.021 deemed maximums for purposes of 43.88.070
Apprenticeship and training council governors control over expenditures of
APPOINTMENTS (See also POWERS OF work force training programs, prioritization 43.88.080
APPOINTMENT) curriculum development and funding lapsing of at end of fiscal period 43.88.140
Appraiser 6.13.130 28B.50.281 matching funds, state moneys disbursed in
Executors and administrators, See EXECUTORS programs for energy audits and energy proportion to 43.88.150
AND ADMINISTRATORS efficiency services 49.04.200 not required as to refunds of trust fund
Governor, See GOVERNOR, subtitle Apprenticeship council payments 43.88.180
Appointing power on-the-job training agreements and projects, priority of expenditures between appropriated
Guardians, See GUARDIAN AND WARD promotion of 49.04.080 and nonappropriated funds 43.88.150
Logging liens, receiver appointment 60.24.130 registration and approval of apprenticeship Capital projects
Partition proceedings, partition of property, agreements 39.12.021 transfer of excess amount to another project
appointment of referees 7.52.080 transportation opportunities 49.04.141 43.88.145

[RCW Indexpage 28] (2016 Ed.)


Cities and towns AQUATIC INVASIVE SPECIES (See FISH agreement with county to handle 35A.11.200
statewide city employees retirement system, AND FISHING; FISH AND WILDLIFE, Dispute resolution centers
certification of amount needed 41.44.080 DEPARTMENT OF) alternative to judicial setting Ch. 7.75
unexpended appropriations 35.32A.080 AQUATIC LANDS (See also PUBLIC Estates and trusts, dispute resolution procedures
Colleges and universities LANDS) Ch. 11.96A
needy student financial aid 28B.15.065 Aquatic plant control Health care actions, arbitration of Ch. 7.70A
reductions 28B.15.066 cities and towns, authority for local International commercial arbitration Ch. 7.05
Counties improvement 35.43.040 Labor disputes
budget limitations 36.40.100 Archaeological resources generally, including board of arbitration Ch.
lapse at end of year 36.40.200 contracts for discovery and salvage 27.53.110, 49.08
planning agencies 36.70.290 27.53.120, 27.53.130, 27.53.150 health care activities Ch. 49.66
report of auditor, monthly 36.40.210 discovery and report 27.53.100 Landlord and tenant 59.18.320, 59.18.330,
supplemental appropriations, unanticipated Capitol purchase and development account 59.18.340, 59.18.350
funds 36.40.100 43.79.455 relations 59.18.110
Industrial insurance Coastal protection fund 90.48.390, 90.48.400 Mandatory arbitration Ch. 7.06
Fish and wildlife department-managed lands, Manufactured/mobile home landlord-tenant act
appropriation not required for payment of arbitration, any controversy may be submitted
43.88.180 exchange with landowners if in public
interest 43.300.070 59.20.260, 59.20.270, 59.20.280,
Judges retirement fund, biennial appropriation 59.20.290
to guarantee solvency of 2.12.060 Leased from state 90.48.386
Public lands mediation
Legislative audit and review committee, any dispute may be submitted 59.20.250
examination 44.28.080 beds of navigable waters Ch. 79.130
easements and rights of way Ch. 79.110 termination or nonrenewal of tenancy or
State funds occupancy 59.20.080
duty of legislature to appropriate from for generally Ch. 79.105
harbor areas Ch. 79.115 Medical malpractice
schools 28A.150.380 burden of proof 7.70.030
marine plastic debris Ch. 79.145
APRICOTS (See FRUITS) oysters, geoducks, shellfish, and other New motor vehicle arbitration boards
aquacultural uses, and marine aquatic 19.118.080, 19.118.090, 19.118.095,
AQUACULTURE 19.118.100, 19.118.110
Agriculture, department of plants Ch. 79.135
tidelands and shorelands Ch. 79.125 New motor vehicle arbitration program
directors powers and duties 43.23.030, 19.118.160
43.23.035 waterways and streets Ch. 79.120
Purple loosestrife control program Ch. 17.26 Public works, contract to provide for arbitration
Aquatic farmers, registration 77.115.040 of disputes 39.12.060
Aquatic invasive species enforcement Shellfish reserves on public lands, establishment
77.60.100 Railroad crossing costs 81.53.130
account 43.43.400 Residential landlord-tenant act 59.18.110
Spartina control program Ch. 17.26
Disease inspection and control Trespass Solid waste disposal
development of program 77.115.010 definitions 9A.52.010 city charges against county for impact
diagnostic field services 77.115.030 36.58.080
violations 77.115.010 AQUATIC PLANTS (See also FISH AND Uniform arbitration act Ch. 7.04A
Fishways, flow, and screening Ch. 77.57 FISHING, subtitle Invasive species; FISH
Game farm license, exemption 77.12.570 Designated 1.20.060
Game fish mitigation Ch. 77.18 subtitle Invasive species)
Aquatic invasive species ARBORETUM, STATE
Licenses, exemptions 77.65.490
infractions, arrest without warrant for State arboretum designated 1.20.120
Licenses and permits for commercial fisheries, 10.31.100
exemption 77.65.010 Aquatic invasive species enforcement ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES AND
Market development account 43.43.400 RESOURCES (See HISTORIC
agriculture department directors powers and Ballast water management Ch. 77.120 PRESERVATION, subtitle
duties 43.23.030 Freshwater and saltwater aquatic algae control Archaeological sites and resources)
agriculture department powers and duties account, program 43.21A.667 ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORIC
43.23.035 Freshwater aquatic weeds account 43.21A.650 PRESERVATION, DEPARTMENT OF
Marketing Freshwater aquatic weeds management program (See also HISTORIC PRESERVATION)
agriculture department designated principal 43.21A.660, 43.21A.662 Abandoned cemeteries, preservation and
state agency 15.85.030 Noxious weed removal maintenance 68.60.030
definitions 15.85.020 rules and pamphlet 77.55.081 Advisory committees, councils 43.334.070
private sector cultured aquatic products, Public lands, aquatic Cemeteries and burial sites, database 27.34.415
identification 15.85.060 oysters, geoducks, shellfish, and other Created 43.17.010
program to assist marketing and promotion aquacultural uses, and marine aquatic Definitions 43.334.010
15.85.050 plants Ch. 79.135 Departmental divisions 43.334.040
rules adoption 15.85.040 Spartina control program Ch. 17.26 Deputy and assistant directors 43.334.050
Private sector cultured aquatic products, Spartina/purple loosestrife Director
identification 15.85.060 hydraulic permit exception 77.55.051 appointment 43.17.020, 43.334.020
Private sector cultured aquatic products not game AQUATIC REHABILITATION ZONES chief assistant director 43.17.040
fish 77.08.020 Findings, intent 90.88.005 delegation 43.334.060
Salmon Forest practices, nonapplicability 90.88.040 oath 43.17.030
release and recapture prohibited 77.12.459 Hood Canal, zone one powers and duties 43.334.030
Steelhead established 90.88.010 vacancy 43.17.040
release and recapture prohibited 77.12.459 program, lead agency, local management Federal and state cooperation 43.334.080
Trespass on commercial aquaculture structures board 90.88.020, 90.88.030 Historic graves
definitions 9A.52.010 Scope of chapter 90.88.050 destruction or damage 68.60.050
Trout historic cemetery preservation capital grant
AQUIFER PROTECTION AREAS program, Washington state 27.34.420
state purchase of privately-grown Ch. 77.18 Creation process 36.36.020
Warm water game fish violations, penalties 68.60.060
Delinquent fees, lien 36.36.045 Main street program
purchase for mitigation of environmental Dissolution process 36.36.050
damage 77.44.060, 77.44.070 definitions 43.360.010
Fee revenues, use of 36.36.040 department duties 43.360.020
AQUARIUMS Fees for withdrawal of water or sewage disposal designation of specific programs 43.360.030
Management contracts, issuance by cities 36.36.030 findings, intent 43.360.005
35.64.010, 35.64.020 Low-income persons, reduced fees 36.36.035 tax incentives Ch. 82.73
Park and recreation service areas ARBITRATION AND AWARD trust fund account 43.360.050
administration 36.68.400 Code cities, municipal court Office, powers transferred 43.334.900
Sales and use tax 82.14.400 criminal cases Offices
Zoo and aquarium advisory authority 36.01.180, agreement with county to handle 35A.11.200 branch offices 43.17.050
36.01.190 Criminal cases in code cities state capital, office maintained at 43.17.050

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 29]


Physical anthropologist, state 43.334.075 entry and use of true name 10.40.050 escapees from detention facilities 13.40.045
Rules 43.17.060 Pleadings to 10.40.060 Liquor violations, arrest without warrant
Skeletal human remains account 43.334.077 ARREST 66.44.010
ARCHITECTS Absconding debtors, See ARREST, subtitle Ne Mental disorders, individuals with 10.31.110
Agreements to indemnify against liability for exeat Militia members
negligence, validity 4.24.115 Alcohol violations by minors 10.31.100 exemption from civil arrest, when 38.32.030
Application of chapter 18.08.410 Apprehension of defendant any place in state Misdemeanors
Architects license account 18.08.240 authorized 10.34.010 warrantless arrest for, when authorized
Authorization to practice, requirement for Arrest and fingerprint form 10.31.100
18.08.310 defined 10.98.040 Motor vehicles
Board for architects judges duties 10.98.050 enforcement, procedure governing
disciplinary authority 18.08.460 state patrol sole recipient for federal nonexclusive 46.64.030
transmission 10.98.070 Ne exeat
membership, terms, and compensation
18.08.330 unique number system 10.98.060 bail has right of 7.44.030
Boat operation, negligent manner, under the order of arrest and bail
powers and duties 18.08.340, 18.08.440 directed to sheriff 7.44.021
Business entities, authorization to practice influence 10.31.100
Breaking and entering to make 10.31.040 issuance 7.44.021
18.08.420 return 7.44.021
Continuing professional development 18.08.430 Chemical dependency arrests
service 7.44.021
Contracts with public agencies Ch. 39.80 diversion for treatment parolee, grounds
Definitions 18.08.320 pilot program 10.31.120 issuance 7.44.021
Emergency worker exemption from liability Citizens, force, use of, when lawful 9A.16.020 service 7.44.021
applies to architect serving as volunteer Commission of crime in another state, charge or right to bail 7.44.030
emergency worker 38.52.1951 complaint, warrant of arrest 10.88.320 Nuisances, contempt for violation of injunction
Examinations District courts 7.48.080
application requirements 18.08.350 offense committed in view of judge, verbal Order of arrest and bail, return 7.44.021
procedure 18.08.360 arrest 10.04.020 Out-of-state witnesses testifying in this state,
Grandfather process for prior registrants Domestic violence exemption from arrest and service of process
18.08.390 immunity for police officer 10.31.100 10.55.100
Professional service corporations Ch. 18.100 peace officers powers 10.99.030 Parole violator 9.95.120
Registration certificates restraining order violation 10.31.100 School premises, firearms possession on
experience and training requirements warrantless arrest, when authorized 10.31.100 warrantless arrest, when authorized 10.31.100
18.08.500 Drugs Sentences
issuance 18.08.370 dangerous drugs, cannabis, warrantless arrest violation of condition or requirement, penalty
practice without unlawful 18.08.310 for possession of, when authorized arrest and confinement in jail 9.94A.631
qualifications 18.08.350 10.31.100 security searches, authorization 9.94A.631
reciprocity 18.08.400 Escape Sheriffs, duty in regard to 36.28.010
reinstatement or replacement 18.08.380 pursuit and retaking of any place in state State identification number
renewal 18.08.430 authorized 10.34.020 patrol to furnish to originating agency and
suspension, revocation, or refusal to issue retaking in foreign state, extradition 10.34.030 prosecutor 10.98.080
18.08.440 Extradition Strip, body cavity searches
suspension for noncompliance with support governors powers and duties as to 10.34.030 alternatives, less intrusive 10.79.140
order 18.08.480 Extradition agents application of law 10.79.120
suspension for nonpayment or default on appointment of 10.34.030 authorization for 10.79.080
educational loan or scholarship 18.08.470 False arrest conducting, standards for 10.79.100
violations and penalties 18.08.460 insurance for law enforcement personnel damages, actions for 10.79.110
withdrawal and reinstatement 18.08.430 cities of second class or towns 35.23.460 definitions 10.79.070
Seal 18.08.370 counties 36.16.130 injunctive relief 10.79.110
Suits arising on design, planning, architectural Fingerprints legislative intent 10.79.060
services 4.16.300 judges duties 10.98.050 medical care not precluded by procedural
limitation on 4.16.310, 4.16.325 Firearms possession on school premises requirements 10.79.090
Uniform regulation of business and professions warrantless arrest, when authorized 10.31.100 physical exams for public health purposes are
act 18.08.490 Force not searches 10.79.160
Violations and penalties 18.08.460 in making 10.31.050 reasonable suspicion, probable cause
ARCHIVES (See RECORDS AND use of, when lawful 9A.16.020 10.79.130, 10.79.140
DOCUMENTS; SECRETARY OF Fresh pursuit, uniform act Ch. 10.89 report of 10.79.080
STATE) Fugitives search delayed, nonliability of government for
out-of-state, extradition 10.34.030 damage 10.79.170
ARCHIVIST, STATE (See STATE pursuit and retaking of any place in state uncategorized searches 10.79.140
ARCHIVIST) 10.34.010, 10.34.020 unnecessary persons prohibited at search
ARMED FORCES (See MILITIA AND Gross misdemeanor 10.79.150
MILITARY AFFAIRS) warrantless arrest for, when authorized warrant for 10.79.080
ARMORED VEHICLE GUARDS (See 10.31.100 warrant requirement 10.79.130
SECURITY GUARDS) Harassment, civil proceeding 10.31.100 written record required 10.79.150
Health care facilities, interference with Supplemental proceedings
ARMORIES (See also MILITIA AND warrantless arrest, when authorized 10.31.100 authorized, when 6.32.010
MILITARY AFFAIRS, subtitle Homicide, by public officer, justifiable when service of warrant 6.32.140
Armories) 9A.16.040 vacation and modification 6.32.020
Cities and towns, acquisition of sites for Identification, records of arrested persons Telegraph, arrest by 10.31.060
36.64.050, 38.20.020 43.43.735 Teletype, arrest by 10.31.060
Counties, acquisition of sites for 36.64.050, Immunity from Town marshal, pursuit and arrest of violators
38.20.030 militia personnel 38.32.030 beyond town limits 35.27.240
Rental of 38.20.010, 38.20.040 securing attendance of witness from without Tracking of arrest charges 10.98.060
Use of 38.20.010 the state in criminal proceedings, uniform Traffic infractions
ARMS (See also FIREARMS) act 10.55.020 officer observing infraction, presence not
Indecent exposure required 10.31.100
ARMY (See MILITIA AND MILITARY warrantless arrest 10.31.100 Trespass
AFFAIRS) Injunctions, contempt of court for disobedience warrantless arrest, when authorized 10.31.100
ARRAIGNMENT 7.40.160 Warrant
Arrest and fingerprint form Jail booking and reporting, electronic statewide service
judges duties 10.98.050 system and standards committee how made 10.31.030, 10.31.060
Indictments, See INDICTMENTS 36.28A.040, 36.28A.050 sheriffs fee 36.18.040
Name Juveniles showing of 10.31.030

[RCW Indexpage 30] (2016 Ed.)


utilities and transportation commission, arrest ARTESIAN WELLS (See WELLS) second degree 9A.36.130
without warrant, when 80.04.470, ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION (See third degree 9A.36.140
Without warrant duty to report 9.69.100
authorization 10.88.330 ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION (See Child sexual assault
procedure 10.31.030 CORPORATIONS, subtitle Articles of identity of victim not to be disclosed at any
when authorized 10.31.100 incorporation) court proceeding 10.52.100
ARREST OF PROCEEDINGS (See ARTICLES OF WAR (See MILITIA AND information identifying victims of juvenile
PROHIBITION, WRIT OF) MILITARY AFFAIRS) offenders is confidential 13.50.050
ARTS COMMISSION (See STATE ARTS information in criminal records identifying
ARSON (See also FIRES) victims is confidential 10.97.130
Arson investigation information system COMMISSION)
Poet laureate 43.46.085 Correctional facilities 9A.36.041, 9A.36.100
43.43.952 Correctional facilities, assaults by offenders,
Defined, classifications Ch. 9A.48 Port laureate 43.46.081
reimbursement 72.09.240
Insurance ASBESTOS Costs and disbursements, limitation on recovery
cancellation of policy Building materials, labeling when containing of by plaintiff 4.84.040
conditions 48.53.030 asbestos Ch. 70.310 Custodial assault, correctional facilities
procedure 48.53.040, 48.53.050 Complaints, discrimination against employee 9A.36.041, 9A.36.100
classification of areas 48.53.020 prohibited 49.26.150 First degree 9A.36.011
fraud 48.53.010 Maritime workers Fourth degree 9A.36.041
Insurance fraud reporting immunity act benefits for asbestos-related disease 51.12.102 Injury to person, erroneous allegation in
definitions 48.50.020 Projects indictment or information as to person
evidence, release of by insurer 48.50.030 administration, asbestos account 49.26.130 injured, immaterial 10.37.090
immunity from liability 48.50.070, 48.50.075 certificate required 49.26.110 Pregnancy, unborn quick child 9A.36.021
local ordinances not precluded 48.50.090 contractors 49.26.115 Second degree 9A.36.021
notification by insurer 48.50.040 workers or supervisors 49.26.110 Sexual assault examination kits
release of information 48.50.050, 48.50.055 complaints, discrimination against employee laboratory examination of kit, law
Limitation of actions 9A.04.080 prohibited 49.26.150 enforcement agency request for 70.125.090
Prosecution by state patrol chief 43.44.080 definitions 49.26.100 Sexual assault of child
Reporting requirements of insurers 48.50.030, enforcement 49.26.140 identity of victim not to be disclosed at any
48.50.040 fire cleanup, power of department to establish court proceeding 10.52.100
policy and procedure 49.26.120 information identifying victims of juvenile
ART inspection of construction projects, exceptions offenders is confidential 13.50.050
Art dealers accepting work of fine art on 49.26.013 information in criminal records identifying
consignment, duties and contract inspection of construction projects, penalties victims is confidential 10.97.130
requirements Ch. 18.110 49.26.016 Sexual assault protection orders Ch. 7.90
Cities and towns notice requirements 49.26.120 Strangulation 9A.36.021
authority for local improvement 35.43.040 notice requirements, exemptions 49.26.125 Suffocation 9A.36.021
Cultural arts, stadium and convention districts qualified asbestos workers and supervisors, Third degree 9A.36.031
Ch. 67.38 exceptions 49.26.120 Witnesses
Cultural organizations Use child abuse, duty to report 9.69.100
cultural access programs, funding of enforcement 49.26.040
organizations by Ch. 36.160, 84.52.821 legislative declaration 49.26.010 ASSAY (See also MINES AND MINING)
local sales and use tax for 82.14.525 products, containers 49.26.030 Altering, penalty 9.45.210
Dealers and artists, contracts subject to chapter regulations 49.26.040 False assay, penalty 9.45.220
18.110 RCW 62A.1-110 standards 49.26.020 ASSEMBLIES (See also MEETINGS AND
acquisition procedure 43.19.455 Savings banks, investment in obligations of ASSESSMENT DISTRICTS (See LOCAL
interagency reimbursement for expenditure by 32.20.217 IMPROVEMENTS AND
visual arts program 43.17.205 ASSESSMENTS)
purchase of works of art 43.17.210 ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN AFFAIRS
required percentage of construction cost COMMISSION ASSESSMENTS
43.17.200 Asian Pacific American heritage month Apple commission Ch. 15.24
Purchases 43.117.110 Banks, See BANKS AND BANKING, subtitle
colleges and universities 28B.10.025 Definitions 43.117.020 Levy of assessments
school construction 28A.335.210 Duties 43.117.070 Cities and towns, See LOCAL
Salmon stamp program, purpose and procedures Established 43.117.030 IMPROVEMENTS AND ASSESSMENTS,
77.12.850, 77.12.852, 77.12.854, 77.12.858, Executive director 43.117.040 subtitle Cities and towns
77.12.860 Gifts, grants and endowments 43.117.100 Counties, See LOCAL IMPROVEMENTS AND
State arts commission, See STATE ARTS Hearings 43.117.090 ASSESSMENTS, subtitle Counties
COMMISSION Information from other state agencies and Drainage systems, See DIKING AND
Tax exemption 82.08.031, 82.12.031 departments 43.117.090 DRAINAGE
Visual arts program Meetings 43.117.040, 43.117.050 Ejectment and quieting title actions
allocation of funds by agencies 43.17.200 Membership and terms 43.117.040 counterclaims for assessments paid 7.28.160
director of enterprise services to have Promotion of equal opportunity and benefits by defendant 7.28.170
consultant duties 43.19.455 43.117.080 counterclaims for permanent improvements
Rules and regulations 43.117.050 and taxes paid 7.28.180
established 43.46.090 Specialized forest products
interagency reimbursement for expenditure Fire protection districts
minority groups, assistance and training special for local improvement districts
43.17.205 76.48.241
maintenance costs 43.19.455 52.20.010
Staff 43.117.060 Fish marketing associations 24.36.360
purchase of works of art 43.17.210
schools 28A.335.210 ASOTIN COUNTY Flood control districts, assessments filed with
state art collection 43.46.095 Boundaries, tracing of 36.04.020 county assessor 86.09.442
Superior court judges, number of 2.08.064 Improvement districts, See also LOCAL
Works of art, acquisition for public buildings and IMPROVEMENTS AND ASSESSMENTS
land, declaration of policy 43.46.090 ASPHALT PLANTS Incorporated towns on United States land
ART MUSEUMS (See also ART) Cities and towns, acquisition and operation of 58.28.090
Cities and towns 35.92.030 Insurance
acquisition and control 35.21.020 ASSAULT liquidation and rehabilitation proceedings,
first class cities 35.22.290, 35.22.300 Action on limited to two years 4.16.100 generally 48.31.320, 48.31.330, 48.31.340,
Nonprofit organizations AIDS 9A.36.011 48.31.350, 48.31.360
grant program to fund acquisition, Child, assault of a mutual insurers, subscribers, liability for
rehabilitation, or construction 43.63A.750 first degree 9A.36.120 48.09.230

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 31]


reciprocal insurers, subscribers, liability for standing bond for numerous actions 4.84.220 Spousal maintenance
48.10.270 Choses in action, of, suits in own name 4.08.080 uniform interstate family support act Ch.
Insurance companies, liquidation and Costs taxable against assignee of action 4.84.160 26.21A
rehabilitation proceedings, generally Judgment creditor, of, satisfaction of judgment wages 26.18.070, 26.18.090, 26.18.100,
48.31.320, 48.31.330, 48.31.340, 48.31.350, for payment of money only 4.56.100 26.18.110, 26.18.120, 26.18.140
48.31.360 Judgments hearing to quash, modify, or terminate
Irrigation districts, See IRRIGATION execution of in name of assignee 6.17.030 26.18.140
DISTRICTS, subtitle Fiscal matters setoffs against 4.56.070 Teachers retirement rights unassignable
Local improvements, See LOCAL Liens on franchises, earnings, property of certain 41.32.052
IMPROVEMENTS AND ASSESSMENTS companies, payment priority 60.32.050 Tort claims against state 4.92.120
Local utility districts, See LOCAL UTILITY Satisfaction of judgments Unlawful detainer by assignment of lease
DISTRICTS specific designation required 4.56.100 59.12.030
Mining claims, See MINES AND MINING, Small claims, cannot be filed or prosecuted by Wage, assignment of
subtitle Mining claims assignees in small claims department requisites to validity 49.48.090
Port districts 12.40.070 Wages
annexed territory 53.04.100 ASSIGNMENT FOR BENEFIT OF child support 26.18.070, 26.18.080,
dissolution 53.48.060 CREDITORS 26.18.090, 26.18.110, 26.18.120,
harbors 53.20.040 False representations concerning, penalty 26.18.130, 26.18.140
power of levying 53.08.010 9.45.100 form 26.18.100
taxes and assessments against property sold by Misrepresentation by assignee 9.45.100 hearing to quash, modify, or terminate
contract 53.08.091, 53.08.092 Requirements and procedures 7.08.010, 7.08.030 26.18.140
toll facilities 53.34.160 spousal maintenance 26.18.070, 26.18.090,
Public utility districts ASSIGNMENTS 26.18.110, 26.18.120, 26.18.140
collection by county treasurer 36.29.160 Actions, costs actionable against assignee form 26.18.100
Real property, registered title subject to 4.84.160 hearing to quash, modify, or terminate
65.12.195 Attachment, assignor liability 6.25.080 26.18.140
Reclamation districts of one million acres or Attachment ground, when 6.25.030
more Ch. 89.30 Child support ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES
School directors association, state, for uniform interstate family support act Ch. Fire protection 18.20.130
28A.345.050 26.21A Intellectual disabilities, persons with
Storm water control facilities 90.03.500, wages 26.18.070, 26.18.080, 26.18.090, purchase of medical care services 74.09.120
90.03.510, 90.03.520, 90.03.525 26.18.100, 26.18.110, 26.18.120, Licensure, regulation, and operation, including
Town plats, certificate of payment 58.08.030 26.18.130, 26.18.140 resident rights and violations Ch. 18.20
Unincorporated towns on United States land hearing to quash, modify, or terminate Medicaid program, withdrawal from 18.20.440
58.28.300 26.18.140 Religious organizations, facilities operated by,
Water-sewer districts Choses in action exemption from chapter 18.20.170
generally 57.16.070, 57.16.100, 57.16.110 assignee of can sue in own name, when Taxes
4.08.080 deductions 82.04.4337
ASSETS nonprofits, room and domiciliary care
Corporate, See CORPORATIONS, subtitle defenses, counterclaims and offsets 4.08.080
Contracts exemption 82.04.4264
Assets room and domiciliary care 82.04.2908
Insurance companies judgment on setoff against plaintiff assignee
alien insurers, See INSURANCE, subtitle 4.56.070 ASSOCIATIONS
Alien insurers County property, leases 36.34.180 Agricultural, See AGRICULTURAL
bonds, valuation of 48.12.170 Execution sales, redemption 6.21.020, 6.23.020, MARKETING
conservation of, See INSURANCE, subtitle 6.23.070, 6.23.080, 6.23.090, 6.23.100, Attachment of stock, procedure on execution of
Liquidation 6.23.110 writ 6.17.160
contingent liability as domestic mutuals Group insurance policies, when 48.18.375 Bar associations, See BAR ASSOCIATION
48.09.250 Insurance policies Benevolent societies, See BENEVOLENT
defined 48.12.010 generally 48.18.360 ORGANIZATIONS
deposits, special for alien insurers 48.05.270 group insurance 48.18.375 Building and loan associations, See BUILDING
distribution Judgments, of 4.56.090 AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS
mutual insurers 48.09.360 acknowledgment of 4.56.090 Cemetery, See CEMETERIES
reciprocals 48.10.320 execution in name of assignee 6.17.030 Charitable societies, See CHARITABLE
false advertising 48.30.070 filing 4.56.090 ORGANIZATIONS
insurers notice of, procedure 4.56.090 Child care agencies, See CHILD CARE
exclusions 48.12.020 by parties, execution docket entry 4.64.080 AGENCIES
property, valuation of property held by Labor and industries, department of Cities, See CITIES, ASSOCIATION OF
48.12.190 wage collection WASHINGTON
what considered 48.12.010 reciprocal enforcement agreements, other Cooperative, See COOPERATIVE
mutual insurers states 49.48.075 ASSOCIATIONS
contingent liability of members 48.09.250 Lease, unlawful detainer 59.12.030 Counties, See COUNTIES, ASSOCIATION OF
distribution on liquidation 48.09.360 Liens County officers, See COUNTY OFFICIALS,
not allowed 48.12.020 franchises, earnings and property 60.32.050 ASSOCIATION OF
property, valuation of held by 48.12.190 Mortgages, See MORTGAGES, subtitle Credit unions, See CREDIT UNIONS
purchase money mortgages, valuation of Assignment Development credit corporations, See
mortgages held by 48.12.200 Motor freight carrier permits 81.80.270 DEVELOPMENT CREDIT
share of Police pensions in first class cities as CORPORATIONS
members of domestic mutuals 48.09.360 unassignable 41.20.180 Educational corporations, See EDUCATIONAL
subscribers of reciprocals 48.10.320 Probate CORPORATIONS
stocks, valuation of stocks held by 48.12.180 contracts to purchase real estate by deceased Elected county officers, See COUNTY
Limited partnerships, See PARTNERSHIPS vendee 11.56.210 OFFICIALS, ASSOCIATION OF
Misrepresentation, penalty 9.38.010 deed held by decedent pursuant to contract to Examining bureaus, See INSURANCE, subtitle
Partnerships, See PARTNERSHIPS sell real estate 11.56.210 Examining bureaus
Public assistance grants 74.04.280, 74.08.210 Federal national mortgage association, See
ASSIGNEES appointment of receiver to protect, when ASSOCIATIONS
Actions 7.28.230 Fish marketing, See FISH MARKETING
bond in lieu of separate security for costs real property, right to assign 7.28.230 ASSOCIATIONS
4.84.220 Retail installment contracts, buyers right against Fraternal societies, See FRATERNAL
costs taxable against 4.84.160 seller are not cut off by assignment SOCIETIES
dismissal for failure to give security for costs 63.14.020 Granges, See GRANGES
4.84.230 Shoplifting or unpaid restaurant meals, Homeowners associations, See
security for costs, judgment on 4.84.240 additional penalty, judgments for 4.24.230 HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS

[RCW Indexpage 32] (2016 Ed.)


Humane societies, See HUMANE SOCIETIES inspectors and employees, employment Washington tennis license plates 46.04.6913
Industries, See INDUSTRIES, ASSOCIATION authorized 67.08.007 Trainers
OF WASHINGTON license, renewal, and event fees 67.08.105 advisory committee 18.250.030
Insurance licenses, experience and training requirements definitions 18.250.010
group life insurance, when permissible for 67.08.320 health carrier contract 18.250.100
48.24.045 licenses, fees 67.08.100 license
Insurance, See also NATIONAL licenses, unprofessional conduct 67.08.110 applicant requirements 18.250.060
ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE licenses for events 67.08.010, 67.08.040 application procedures, fees 18.250.080
COMMISSIONERS military spouses, licensing of 67.08.321 limitations of chapter 18.250.050
Nonprofit, See CORPORATIONS penalties, general 67.08.150 required 18.250.040
Nonresident, service of summons on, personal physicians attendance 67.08.090 practice setting 18.250.090
service 4.28.080 promoters, participation in fake or sham purpose 18.250.005
Port district association, See WASHINGTON events, penalty 67.08.110 secretarys authority 18.250.020
PUBLIC PORTS ASSOCIATION promoters of events treatment, referral 18.250.070
Quo warranto proceedings, judgments of ouster bond and medical insurance requirements
or forfeiture against 7.56.100 ENERGY AND RADIATION)
subject to information, when 7.56.010 regulatory duties of department of licensing
Religious or apostolic, See RELIGIOUS 67.08.015 AT-RISK YOUTH (See CHILDREN, subtitle
CORPORATIONS reports, failure to make 67.08.130 At-risk children and families)
Savings and loan, See SAVINGS security, promoters responsibilities ATTACHMENT (See also LIENS)
ASSOCIATIONS 67.08.170 Adverse claims 6.19.030, 6.19.040, 6.19.050,
Sheriffs and police chiefs, See SHERIFFS AND telecasts, report, and event fee 67.08.055 6.19.060
POLICE CHIEFS, ASSOCIATION OF uniform regulation of business and application of statute, common law 6.19.020
Stock, attachment of, procedure 6.17.160 professions act 67.08.310 definitions 6.19.010
Uniform prudent management of institutional unprofessional conduct, procedures Affidavits
funds act Ch. 24.55 67.08.200, 67.08.220 amendment of 6.25.280
Washington generals, See LIEUTENANT unprofessional conduct, prohibited acts debt not due 6.25.040
GOVERNOR 67.08.180 Amendments permitted 6.25.280
Washington insurance guaranty association act unprofessional conduct, what constitutes Appearance, redelivery bond deemed as 6.25.190
Ch. 48.32 67.08.240 Application of chapter to district courts 6.25.010
Washington life and disability insurance urinalysis 67.08.090 Assignor with interest, liability of 6.25.080
guaranty association Ch. 48.32A wrestling license plates, Washington state Bonds 6.25.080, 6.25.100, 6.25.280
46.04.6912 redelivery bonds 6.25.190
ASSUMED NAMES (See NAMES) Bungee jumping
sureties 6.25.080, 6.25.090
ASTORIA-MEGLER BRIDGE (See permission from public or private property
owner required 67.42.090 Chapter liberally construed 6.25.280
BRIDGES, subtitle State toll bridges) Complaint, amendment of 6.25.280
Business and occupation tax exemption
ATHLETE AGENTS 82.04.340 Concealment by debtor, grounds for 6.25.030
Uniform athlete agents act Charter schools Construction of chapter, liberally construed
student athletes, athlete agents, and interschool athletic activities, participation in 6.25.280
educational institutions Ch. 19.225 28A.710.300 Contracts, attachment ground, when 6.25.030
Community and technical colleges Costs 6.25.120
ATHLETIC CLUBS (See HEALTH Custody of property or proceeds received by
STUDIOS) coaches of intercollegiate athletics
28B.50.195, 28B.50.196 sheriff 6.25.230
ATHLETIC FIELDS Community athletics programs Custody of property when action removed from
Cities and towns, acquisition and control sex discrimination justice to superior court 4.14.040
35.21.020 definitions 49.60.500 Debt not due
ATHLETIC ORGANIZATIONS nondiscrimination policy requirement affidavits 6.25.040
Nonprofit corporations, authorized 24.03.015 49.60.505 commencement time 6.25.040
prohibition 35.21.910, 35.61.380, grounds 6.25.040
ATHLETICS AND SPORTS procedure 6.25.050
Athlete agents act 35A.21.350, 36.01.280, 36.68.120,
36.69.500, 49.60.500 Decay of property, sale of property before
student athletes, athlete agents, and judgment 6.25.220
educational institutions Ch. 19.225 Community outdoor athletic fields 79A.25.830
advisory council and strategic plan Defects, amendment of 6.25.280
Baseball Defendant becomes bankruptcy debtor,
generally, including corrupt playing, contracts 79A.25.800, 79A.25.820
Crimes procedure 6.01.050
with minors, and bonuses Ch. 67.04 Discharge, motion for
influencing outcome of sporting event
Billiard and pool halls 9A.82.070 grounds 6.25.180
licenses 67.14.050, 67.14.060 Fraud in sporting contests 67.24.010 notice 6.25.180
rural areas, licenses and fees 67.12.110 Horse racing, See HORSE RACING; HORSE time for application 6.25.180
Bowling RACING COMMISSION Discharge of writ
licenses 67.14.050, 67.14.060 Kickboxing Ch. 67.08 judgment for defendant, by 6.25.270
liquor sales, service, consumption 66.24.455 Martial arts Ch. 67.08 redelivery bond, by 6.25.190
rural areas, licenses and fees 67.12.110 Mixed martial arts Ch. 67.08 Dismissal of prohibited, when 6.25.280
Boxing, martial arts, mixed martial arts, and Professional sports District courts
wrestling ownership by city or county 35.21.695 form of 12.04.205
amateur events 67.08.015 Racketeering 9A.82.070 service of writ 12.04.050
exemption from department of licensing Seattle Seahawks license plates 46.04.523 District judges
regulation 67.08.015 Seattle Sounders FC license plates 46.04.524 form of 12.04.207
ambulance or paramedical unit at location Skiing and winter sports Evidence, compelling witness to testify 5.56.070,
required 67.08.160 conduct standards and responsibility Ch. 5.56.080
conducting events without license, penalty 79A.45 Examination of defendant as to his property
67.08.140 conveyances, generally Ch. 79A.40 6.25.170
definitions 67.08.002 safe and adequate facilities Ch. 79A.40 Execution of writ 6.25.110, 6.25.120, 6.25.150,
director of licensing, powers 67.08.017 Sporting contests, fraud in 67.24.010 6.25.160
events and championships, rules and Stadium and exhibition center, See STADIUM, personal property, real property, stocks,
regulations 67.08.080 CONVENTION CENTER, AND ARTS procedure for 6.17.160
examination of contestants, physicians report FACILITIES Executions, sale on, how levied 6.17.130
67.08.090 Steroid use, See STEROIDS Executors and administrators
fee for events 67.08.050 Student athletes, athlete agents, and educational actions against, attachment allowed 11.48.200
immunity of licensing director 67.08.300 institutions money in hands of 6.27.050
inspectors, duties, fees, and expenses uniform athlete agents act Ch. 19.225 Exemptions
67.08.060 Tennis absconding debtor 6.15.050

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 33]


employee benefit plans, transfer of spouses purpose held for 6.25.230 Appropriated funds, enforcement of proper
interest at death 6.15.020 Quashing of prohibited, when 6.25.280 application 43.10.030
insurance proceeds from exempt property Quo warranto proceedings Assistants
exempt 6.15.030 attachment to enforce delivery of books and authority 43.10.060
nonresidents 6.15.050 papers 7.56.080 compensation fixed by attorney general,
pension money 6.15.020 collection of costs from corporation by limitation 43.10.070
pensions 6.15.020 attachment 7.56.110 employment of 43.10.060
exceptions 6.15.020 Real property Attorneys
personal property 6.15.010 bond unnecessary, when 6.25.080 authority 43.10.060
police pensions in first class cities 41.20.180 Redelivery bond of defendant compensation fixed by attorney general,
public assistance grants 74.04.280 effect 6.25.190 limitation 43.10.070
public assistance payments 74.08.210 requirements 6.25.190 employment of 43.10.065, 43.10.067,
spouse and minor heirs, exempt from debts of Registered land 65.12.400 43.10.070
husband 6.15.040 Release of writ Bond issues
state employees retirement benefits, prohibited, when 6.25.280 housing authorities, certification by 35.82.160
exceptions 41.40.052 Removal, secreting, or assigning property to irrigation districts, certification by 87.25.030
teachers retirement system rights, exceptions avoid 9.45.080 Bonds
41.32.052 receiving property 9.45.090 appeal and surety in judicial actions, execution
waiver 6.15.050 Restitution, security insufficient 6.25.090 by 43.10.050
Foreign corporations 6.25.030, 6.25.080 Restitution by bond 6.25.190 mobile home or travel trailer manufacturers
Fraudulent conveyances, attachments and Sale of property before judgment 6.25.220 surety bond approved by 46.70.075
executions, removal, secreting or assigning Sale on execution of judgment 6.17.130 vehicle dealers surety bond approval
property to avoid 9.45.080 Satisfaction of judgment 46.70.070
Garnishment insufficient property 6.25.250 Bonds of attorney general, official 43.10.010,
contempt of court for failure to deliver effects proceeds from sales 6.25.240 43.10.020
to sheriff 6.27.280 sale of property 6.25.240 Boundary review board, legal counsel for
Grounds, debt not due 6.25.040 unsatisfied execution 6.25.260 36.93.070
for writ 6.25.030 Security bonds, See also ATTACHMENT, Bugging, eavesdropping, court order permitting
Habeas corpus, attachment for refusal to make subtitle Bonds 9.73.040
return 7.36.090 Service of writs Charitable solicitations
Homesteads exempt, when 6.13.070 sheriffs fee 36.18.040 cease and desist orders, attorney general may
Injunctions, contempt for disobedience 7.40.150, Sheriffs issue 19.09.277
7.40.160, 7.40.170 inventory 6.25.160 investigations, powers 19.09.410
Inn keepers liens, priority 60.64.010 return of writ investigations and publication of information
Inventory of sheriff 6.25.160 inventory included in 6.25.160 19.09.400
Issuance of writ 6.25.030 State employees retirement rights, exemption, records availability 19.09.420
debt not due 6.25.040 exceptions 41.40.052 unfair practices, procedures 19.09.340
different counties, to 6.25.120 Stock, procedure for executing writ 6.17.160 Charitable trusts
several may be issued 6.25.120 Sureties 6.25.080, 6.25.090 investigations related to, authorized
Judgment for defendant, procedure 6.25.270 Surplus of attached property 11.110.100
Judgment to compel conveyance enforced by abandonment 6.25.120 notification of legal proceedings regarding
6.28.080 costs 6.25.120 11.110.120
Justice courts Teachers retirement system rights, exemption, orders of attorney general related to procedure
bond amount 6.25.080 exceptions 41.32.052 to secure compliance 11.110.120
Legal holidays, hearing applications and Time for granting 6.25.020 trustees to appear before when ordered to so
issuance of writ 2.28.100 debt not due 6.25.040 do 11.110.110
Levy, manner of 6.25.140 Trial, debt not due 6.25.050 powers and duties related to are in addition to
Lis pendens in actions affecting title to real Vacation of, security insufficient 6.25.090 other powers 11.110.120
property 4.28.320 Waste, sale of property before judgment 6.25.220 production of books, papers and records
Malicious Witnesses pursuant to orders of attorney general
assignor liability for 6.25.080 to compel testimony 5.56.070 11.110.100
bond liability 6.25.080, 6.25.100 compelling attendance 5.56.080 trusts not exclusively for charitable purposes
exemplary damages 6.25.100 district court civil action 12.16.030 access to information 11.110.075
Money in hands of Writ of 6.25.060, 6.25.070, 6.25.110, 6.25.280 violations, may bring civil action for
executors and administrators 6.27.050 gambling tax collections 9.46.350 11.110.130
judgment debtor 6.27.050 Wrongful 6.25.080, 6.25.100 Child support duties, See PUBLIC
sheriff, constable, or peace officers 6.27.050 ASSISTANCE, subtitle Support of
Motion to discharge ATTESTATION (See also OATHS AND dependent children
grounds 6.25.180 AFFIRMATIONS) Colleges and universities, legal advisor
notice 6.25.180 Court records and proceedings for admission in 28B.10.510
time for application 6.25.180 evidence 5.44.010 Commercial ferry penalties, recovery action by
Notice of sale of property before judgment Foreign will 11.20.090 attorney general 81.84.050
6.25.220 Signatures of public officials and notaries public Common carriers, action to collect treble
Nuisances, contempt for violation of injunction secretary of state, authority to attest to damages for rebates, discounts, refunds, etc.,
7.48.080 authenticity 43.07.032 duties concerning 81.28.220
Oppressive ATTORNEY GENERAL Consumer protection, duties Ch. 19.86
assignor liability for 6.25.080 Actions against state Contractor registration infractions 18.27.300
bond liable for 6.25.080 duties, counsel for state 4.92.030 Contracts, state procurement of goods and
Perishable property, sale before judgment governor may direct attorney general to services, report 39.26.220
6.25.220 appear for 43.06.010 Contracts and instruments for state, drafting of
Personal property, procedure for executing writ service of summons and complaint on 43.10.030
6.17.160 4.92.020 Corporations
Personal representative, actions against, Actions against state officers and employees, See governor may require attorney general to
attachment 11.48.200 ATTORNEY GENERAL, subtitle State inquire into affairs of 43.06.010
Probate, judgment against personal officers involuntary dissolution proceedings
representative, attachment as remedy Advertising, action against false, untrue, or nonprofit corporations 24.03.255
11.48.200 deceptive advertising 9.04.060 County legislative authority, special attorneys,
Property, execution on attached property Agricultural processing and marketing employment, contract duration 36.32.200
insufficient property 6.25.250 associations, monopolistic practices, hearing Criminal cases, appellate review
procedure 6.25.240 procedure 24.34.020 prosecuting attorney may request assistance
unsatisfied 6.25.260 Antitrust revolving fund, expenditures 43.10.250
Property and money received by sheriff authorized 43.10.220 prosecuting attorneys may turn cases over
custody 6.25.230 Appearances for state 43.10.030 43.10.250

[RCW Indexpage 34] (2016 Ed.)


Criminal investigations and prosecutions managed competition Private vocational schools, duties concerning
43.10.090 anti-trust immunity 43.72.310 28C.10.140, 28C.10.190
Criminal profiteering cases duties 43.72.310 Prosecuting attorneys
assistance to local law enforcement agencies Highway eminent domain for toll facilities, advice and assistance to 43.10.030
43.10.260 duties 47.56.110 concurrent prosecution authority, court
Criminal prosecution and investigation, Highway lands transfer to United States, determination in conflict 43.10.234
concurrent authority with prosecuting certification by 47.12.080 criminal laws, failure to enforce, powers and
attorneys, costs 43.10.232 Homicide investigative tracking system duties of attorney general 43.10.090
Debt adjusters, consumer protection duties of supervision management and recidivist investigation and prosecution of crimes,
attorney general Ch. 18.28 tracking system (SMART) 43.10.095, concurrent authority, costs 43.10.232
Declaratory judgments 7.24.110 43.10.097 Prosecutorial powers, deemed to be a prosecuting
Defense of criminal charges against state Hospital regulation, legal representation attorney 10.01.190
employees 10.01.150 70.41.160 Public meetings, notices of, contained in state
Delinquencies in revenue collection Hospitals register 34.08.020
prosecution of 43.09.050, 43.10.035 sale or acquisition of nonprofit hospitals, Public records act, role of attorney generals
Dependency and termination of parental rights duties Ch. 70.45 office 42.56.155
legal services to supervising agencies under Installment sales of goods and services, action by Puget Sound ferry system, attorney generals
state contract 43.10.280 attorney general to prevent violations powers and duties relating to Ch. 47.60
Deputies and assistants, private practice of law 63.14.190 Qualifications 43.10.010
prohibited 43.10.120 Insurance code, representation of commissioner Records, keeping of 43.10.030
Drug asset forfeiture cases 48.02.080 Records committee, member of 40.14.050
assistance to local law enforcement agencies Intercepting private conversations, bugging,
43.10.260 court order to 9.73.040 Reports
Elevators, lifting devices, and moving walks Irrigation districts, certification of bonds, legality annual report to chief of state patrol 43.10.240
injunction for operation without permit of 87.25.030 Salary, amount of 43.03.010
brought by 70.87.140 Juvenile court, duties 13.04.093 Sales, going out of business sales, duties Ch.
powers for enforcement of regulations Juvenile court orders of support, enforcement by 19.178
70.87.036 13.34.161 Service members civil relief
Eminent domain by state Law enforcement medal of honor Ch. 41.72 civil action by aggrieved service member,
duties Ch. 8.04 Legal services attorney general role 38.42.140, 38.42.150
Eminent domain proceedings for acquisition of direct payment of agencies for services, when Special assistant attorneys general, private
toll bridge property, attorney general to required 43.10.190 practice of law, permitted 43.10.125
represent transportation department Legal services revolving fund State department of social and health services,
47.56.110 agencies to pay into 43.10.160 representation, hospital regulation 70.41.160
Employees allocation of costs to funds and agencies State employees
authority 43.10.060 43.10.180 defends actions against 43.10.030
compensation fixed by attorney general, allotments from 43.10.160 State lottery
limitation 43.10.070 created 43.10.150 investigations authorized 67.70.300
employment of 43.10.060 deposits of recovered costs 43.10.200 State officers
Employment security records, unauthorized direct payment by agencies for legal services advice to 43.10.030
release, enforcement Ch. 50.13 43.10.190 defends actions against 4.92.070, 43.10.030
Energy facilities, site location, counsel for the disbursement from 43.10.170 opinions as to duties of 43.10.030
environment 80.50.080 purpose 43.10.150 prosecution of actions for 43.10.030
Ethics rate increases, calculation changes, subject to represents before administrative tribunals
additional investigative authority 42.52.530 approval 43.88.350 43.10.040
attorney general actions 42.52.490 records 43.10.180 State patrol, chief of
complaint against attorney general, state transfers of funds to 43.10.160 annual report to 43.10.240
auditor to conduct investigation 42.52.450 Legislature Supervision management and recidivist tracking
recission of state action 42.52.510 advice to members 43.10.030 system (SMART) 43.10.095, 43.10.097
Experts and technicians, employment of counsel, legislature may retain own 43.10.045 Support enforcement
43.10.080 opinions for members and committees uniform interstate family support act Ch.
Extradition proceedings, duties concerning 43.10.030 26.21A
10.88.230 Malfeasance or nonfeasance in public office, Support of dependent children
Filings, with, charitable trusts, related to, duties 43.09.330
generally Ch. 11.110 Medicaid fraud false claims act, role of attorney agreements between attorney general and
Fiscal responsibilities of state officers and general Ch. 74.66 prosecuting attorneys to initiate petition for
employees Militia and military affairs support under uniform act 74.20.210
malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance by officers and enlisted persons, attorney general divorce or separate maintenance actions,
officer or employee, duties 43.88.310 to defend actions against 38.40.010 appearance by attorney general 74.20.220
Flammable fabrics, childrens sleepwear, actions Motor freight carriers establishment, enforcement, and modification
to prevent violations 70.110.050 violations, attorney general to assign assistant of support orders, authority 74.20.220
Foster parents to enforce compliance 81.80.330 intercounty proceedings, attorney general may
to provide defense 4.92.060, 4.92.070 Motor vehicle unfair business practices act, represent petitioner 74.20.210
Fraternal benefit societies, dissolution, duties enforcement 46.70.220 petition for order upon spouse to provide
concerning 48.36A.320 Natural resources department counsel 78.52.035 support, attorney general may apply for,
Going out of business sales, duties Ch. 19.178 Nonprofit corporations, distribution of assets, when 74.20.230
Good faith reports by citizens to government approval required 24.03.230 representation of financial interest and actions
agencies Notice, nonprofit corporations, distribution of of state, authority 74.20.220
intervention and defense of citizen against suit assets, required 24.03.230 Term of office 43.01.010
4.24.520 Oath of office 43.01.020, 43.10.010 Timeshares 64.36.220
Governor Official bond 43.10.010, 43.10.020 Tort claims against state, authority to settle,
advice to 43.10.030 Opinions, published in state register 34.08.020 compromise and stipulate for judgment
may require attorney general to aid any Powers and duties 4.92.150
prosecuting attorney 43.06.010 generally 43.10.030, 43.10.110 Transfer of highway lands to United States,
Grand jury, criminal investigation, duties related to charitable trusts municipal subdivision or public utility,
10.27.070 addition to other powers and duties attorney general to adjudge if in public
Hazardous waste cleanup 11.110.120 interest and certify 47.12.080
enforcement actions 70.105D.050 generally Ch. 11.110 Transportation, department of
settlement authority 70.105D.040 Private practice of law tort claims against department, report
Health, department of deputies and assistants, prohibited 43.10.120 43.10.101
prosecution of violations, duty to assist exceptions, permissible 43.10.130 Unemployment compensation, representation of
43.70.100 prohibited 43.10.115 department 50.12.150
Health care reform special assistants, permitted 43.10.125 Utilities and transportation commission

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 35]


compliance with law by persons or Delivery of money or papers, court order offenders liability for legal financial
corporations regulated, duty to enforce 60.40.020 obligations Ch. 72.11
80.01.100, 80.04.510 Dependency proceedings orchards and orchard land liens 60.16.030
duty to represent 80.01.100, 80.04.510 attorneys appointed in, state funds distribution partition proceedings 7.52.480
Vehicle dealers licenses, attorney general to to 2.53.045 payment of fee on discharge of attorney
approve application 46.70.070 Disbarment of 2.44.040
Vehicle unfair business practices act, barratry grounds 9.12.010 plaintiff to recover costs, exception where
enforcement 46.70.220 board of governors power 2.48.060 wrongly brought in superior court 4.84.030
Violence reduction grounds of 2.48.220 plaintiff to recover when debtor fails to appear
conflict resolution and mediation program opposing attorney 2.44.060 6.32.010
28A.300.280 during proceedings 2.44.060 prevailing party entitled to, district court
Vital statistics, duty to enforce laws of 70.58.050 student loan nonpayment or default 2.48.165 12.20.060
Volunteers of the state Discipline of prevailing party in frivolous action or defense,
attorney general to provide defense 4.92.060, board of governors power 2.48.060 award to 4.84.185
4.92.070 Dispute resolution centers probate 11.48.210
defined 4.92.005 alternative to judicial setting Ch. 7.75 contestant of incorrect account to be entitled
Wiretaps District court commissioner, qualification to 11.76.070
court order to obtain 9.73.040 3.42.010 disallowed to attorney for bank or trust
illegal drug transactions District court judge may act as, when 2.28.040 company which drew will 11.36.010
violations Employment by state, restrictions 43.10.067 public works contracts 39.08.030
investigation and prosecution 9.73.240 Fees radioactive waste storage 70.99.050
air space corridor, award on abandonment or real property, action for waste 64.12.020
ATTORNEYS AT LAW schedule of fees 4.84.080
defeat of condemnation proceedings
Address confidentiality program for criminal 8.25.073 sexual exploitation of children, minor
justice participants 40.24.030 appeals 4.84.130 prevailing in civil action 9.68A.130
Admission to practice attachment 6.25.100 solar easements, interference with 64.04.170
bar membership requisite 2.48.170 bar association 2.48.130, 2.48.140, 2.48.150, supreme court appeals by indigent party
board of governors powers 2.48.060 2.48.160 4.88.330
fees 2.48.150 cases wherein allowed, court to fix amount theatrical enterprises wage action
oath 2.48.210 4.84.020 prevailing party, fees and costs 49.38.050
out of state bar members 2.48.170 chattel liens 60.08.050 tort actions 4.24.005
qualifications, generally 2.48.190 condominiums wages, actions to recover 49.48.060
support order noncompliance 2.48.166 violations of chapter, declaration, or bylaws Washington state bar association
veterans award of fees 64.34.455 admission fees 2.48.150
disability discharge, effect 2.48.100 contract or leases providing for award of fees membership 2.48.130, 2.48.140
fees 2.48.110 4.84.330 suspension for nonpayment 2.48.160
proof of requirements costs, as, damage actions, five thousand will contests 11.24.050
after discharge 2.48.090 dollars or less 4.84.260, 4.84.270, 4.84.280, wiretap litigation 9.73.060
before discharge 2.48.080 4.84.290, 4.84.300 Fees, See also LIENS, subtitle Attorneys
requirements 2.48.070 costs, as, damage actions, seven thousand five Garnishment, See GARNISHMENT, subtitle
Appearance without authority hundred dollars or less 4.84.250 Attorneys at law
effect 2.44.020, 2.48.220 damaged or stolen livestock, actions for Grand jury, criminal investigations, witnesses
Authority 2.44.010 exemplary damages 4.24.320 entitled to 10.27.080
proof of, may be required 2.44.030 declaratory judgment of bond issue validity Insurance, reciprocal insurers
Bar association, See ATTORNEYS AT LAW, 7.25.020 bond of 48.10.140
subtitle Washington state bar association dissenting shareholders action for payment, actions on 48.10.160
Barratry, defined, penalty 9.12.010 equitable assessment 23B.13.310 deposit in lieu 48.10.150
Certificate for admission to practice, fee 2.32.070 district court contributions by, repayment 48.10.190
Change of prevailing party entitled to 12.20.060 defined 48.10.080
court order, by 2.44.040 eminent domain proceedings misconduct of in general 48.30.120
judges order to 2.44.040 award to condemnee 8.25.070 Interpreters at legal proceedings
notice to adverse party 2.44.050 award to condemnee or plaintiff 8.25.075 appointment Ch. 2.42
payment of fee upon 2.44.040 fixing amount by court 4.84.020 Irrigation districts
request of attorney 2.44.040 foreclosure of mortgages, amount fixed by delinquent collections 87.03.445
request of party 2.44.040 court 4.84.020 Judgments, execution of
Clerk of supreme or superior court, practice of garnishment exempt property 6.15.010
law prohibited 2.32.090 taxing of 6.27.230 Judicial officers, as
Code of ethics, American bar association code of guardianship, payment for services 11.92.180 disqualification of judge if attorney for party
ethics adopted 2.48.230 hazardous waste disposal violations 2.28.030
Collaborative matters 70.105.097 Jurors, challenge of, attorney-client relationship
uniform collaborative law act Ch. 7.77 installment sales of goods and services, as grounds for implied bias 4.44.180
Compensation collection of attorneys fee prohibited Juveniles
agreement, left to 4.84.010 unless contract provides 63.14.090 dependent children custody proceedings
fees, See ATTORNEYS AT LAW, subtitle interest on unpaid public contracts 39.76.040 13.34.090, 13.34.100
Fees legal aid 2.50.110 shelter care hearings 13.34.092
Contempt of court liens for 60.40.010, 60.40.030 Legal aid, See LEGAL AID
refusing to deliver clients money or papers logging lien action 60.24.180 Liability for appearance without authority
60.40.020 malicious prosecution claims by public 2.44.020
Coroners, prohibition from practice of law officials 4.24.350 Liens
36.24.170 mandatory arbitration 7.06.060 client giving security 60.40.030
Corporations manufactured/mobile home landlord-tenant conditional court order 60.40.030
shareholders exclusively attorneys actions, entitlement 59.20.100 creation 60.40.010
corporation may be personal representative medical malpractice suits 7.70.070 filing of notice 60.40.010
11.36.010 moral nuisance, injunction, abatement judgments 60.40.010
Costs proceedings, allowance of 7.48.076 procedure when claimed 60.40.030
plaintiff considered prevailing party 4.84.015 negotiable instruments Material witnesses, right to attorney,
prevailing party authorized to recover cases wherein allowed, court to fix amount appointment for indigent 10.52.040
4.84.010 4.84.020 Money of client
County auditor, prohibition from practicing law contract provision for allowance, court to fix lien creation 60.40.010
36.22.110 amount, limitation 4.84.020 order to compel delivery 60.40.020
County legislative authority, employment of nonintervention estates, personal Note of issue to name 4.44.020
attorneys by 36.32.200 representative removed or restricted Oath on admission to practice 2.48.210
Death or removal of, proceedings 2.44.060 11.68.070 Out-of-state attorney

[RCW Indexpage 36] (2016 Ed.)


practice in state 2.48.170 Unlawful practice, penalty 2.48.180 electronic media, conducted by 36.16.140,
practice of law without admission 2.48.190 Washington state bar association 36.16.145, 36.34.060, 36.34.080,
Papers of client active members only may practice 2.48.170 36.34.090, 36.35.120, 84.56.070,
lien creation 60.40.010 board of governors Ch. 2.48 84.56.090, 84.64.225
order to compel delivery 60.40.020 membership in, including veterans Ch. 2.48 judicial sales, by 6.21.050
Parole violators, right to representation, rules Ch. 2.48 unclaimed property
indigency 9.95.122 Witness fees disallowed to 2.40.040 police in possession 63.32.010, 63.32.020
Parties, See PARTIES, subtitle Attorneys Witnesses sheriff in possession 63.40.010
Partition proceedings grand jury, criminal investigation, entitled to Real estate auctions 18.11.250
fees as costs 7.52.480 10.27.080 Rule-making authority of licensing director
service of notice to on sale of property material witnesses, appointment to represent, 18.11.200
7.52.200 right to 10.52.040 Sales and use tax exemption 82.08.0257
Partnerships, clerk of supreme or superior court Sales by auction, procedures 62A.2-328
cannot be law partner 2.32.090 AUBURN GENERAL DEPOT Sales under execution conducted by 6.21.050
Payment of fee upon change of 2.44.040 Cession of jurisdiction to United States Second-hand property
Personal representative 11.48.210 37.08.260 retention requirements, exemptions 18.11.075
duties as attorney entitles to additional fees as Civil and criminal jurisdiction of state preserved Taxation by cities and towns 35.21.690
11.48.210 37.08.260 Unclaimed property
Plea agreements AUCTIONS AND AUCTIONEERS police in possession 63.32.010
court approval or disapproval 9.94A.431 Administrative fines, imposition and collection sheriff in possession 63.40.010
criminal history, submission to court 18.11.205 Uniform commercial code, sales by 62A.2-328
9.94A.441 Advertising, name and license number required Uniform regulation of business and professions
discussions, contents of agreement 9.94A.421 18.11.210 act 18.11.280
Practice of law Auctioneers and auction companies AUDIOLOGISTS (See HEARING AND
qualifications for 2.48.190 certificates of registration SPEECH SERVICES)
restrictions on certain officers 2.48.200 display and availability 18.11.150
Privileged communications of clients 5.60.060 experience and training requirements for AUDITOR, LEGISLATIVE (See
Probate, agent for service of process for auctioneers 18.11.290 LEGISLATIVE AUDIT AND REVIEW
nonresident personal representative requirements 18.11.085, 18.11.095 COMMITTEE)
11.36.010 suspension for nonpayment or default on AUDITOR, STATE (See STATE AUDITOR)
Probate fees 11.48.210 educational loan or scholarship 18.11.270 AUDITORIUMS (See also STADIUM,
contestant of incorrect account to be entitled to clients rights 18.11.220 CONVENTION CENTER, AND ARTS
11.76.070 compensation of nonlicensed person FACILITIES)
disallowed to attorney for bank or trust unlawful, penalties 18.11.180 Cities and towns
company drawing will 11.36.010 licenses acquisition and control 35.21.020
nonintervention estates, personal cities and towns 35.21.690 local improvement, authority for 35.43.040
representative removed or restricted denial, suspension, or revocation 18.11.180
11.68.070 First class cities
renewal 18.11.060 acquisition and use 35.22.290
trust company or national bank shall not renewal card display and availability
receive the benefit either directly or leasing of land for 35.22.300
indirectly of an attorneys fee 11.36.010 required, exceptions 18.11.070 AUDITS
Professional conduct, board of governors power suspension, disciplinary action 18.11.160 Cities and towns, See STATE AUDITOR
2.48.060 Coroners account, county commissioners
suspension for nonpayment or default on 36.24.180
Professional service corporations Ch. 18.100 educational loan or scholarship 18.11.270
Prosecuting attorney Counties, See STATE AUDITOR
nonlicensed persons, compensation by Districts, See STATE AUDITOR, subtitle
private law practice restricted, when licensees unlawful 18.11.180, 18.11.190
36.27.060 Municipal corporations accounting
nonresident license, reciprocity 18.11.100 Energy, state facilities
qualifications 36.27.010 records, retention requirements 18.11.140
Public assistance recipient, tort action by definitions 43.19.670
surety bond required 18.11.121 lease terms 43.19.685
Referees, qualifications 4.48.040 taxation by cities and towns 35.21.690 Fraud by public officer 42.20.060
Registrars of titles, practice of law 65.12.065 trust accounts for client funds 18.11.230 Irrigation districts, contract with United States
Registration of land titles, filing actions affecting unauthorized practices, penalties 18.11.170 87.68.100
65.12.530 written contract, with owner or consignor Military claims and compensation 38.24.010,
Reinstatement required 18.11.130 38.24.020
board of governors powers 2.48.060 Bidding requirements and prohibited practices Motor vehicle fund, audit of county road
Removal, procedure upon 2.44.060 18.11.240 engineer, expenses paid from 36.80.080
Service of process, nonresident personal Consumer protection act, application 18.11.260 Motor vehicle violation citations, of 46.64.010
representative in probate, agent for County licensing requirements 36.71.070, Municipal corporations, See STATE AUDITOR,
11.36.010 36.71.080 subtitle Municipal corporations accounting
Settlement offers Definitions 18.11.050 Performance, See STATE AUDITOR
time period 4.84.280 Fees 18.11.060 Public officer making fraudulent audit, penalty
Sheriffs, private practice of law prohibited Fraud concerning, penalty 9.45.070 42.20.060
36.28.110 Judicial sales, by 6.21.050 State, See STATE FISCAL MATTERS, subtitle
Small claims, prohibition on representation by Licenses Audits
attorney 12.40.080 cities and towns 35.21.690 State international trade fairs, post audit of
Small claims, self-representation without counties 36.71.070, 36.71.080 participating fairs, reports 43.31.840
2.48.190 Licensing department duties 18.11.060 AUTISM (See DEVELOPMENTAL
Suspension Military post or grounds, prohibition of auctions, DISABILITIES, PERSONS WITH,
board of governors powers 2.48.060 disobedience of order 38.32.120 subtitle Autism spectrum disorders)
grounds of 2.48.220 Mock auctions
student loan nonpayment or default 2.48.165 fraud concerning, penalty 9.45.070 AUTO TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES
support order noncompliance 2.48.166 Motor vehicles (See MOTOR VEHICLES, subtitle Motor
Theatrical enterprises wholesale vehicle auction dealers 46.70.330, vehicle transporters;
wages 46.79.130, 46.80.200 TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES)
cash deposit or bond required Municipal governments authorized to purchase at AUTO WRECKERS
action against auctions, conditions 39.30.045 Actions against, limitation on recovery
attorneys fees for prevailing party Partition proceedings, sale of property by 46.80.070
49.38.050 7.52.270 Definitions 46.80.010
Tort action by recipient of public assistance Probate, sale of estate real property at auction Established place of business
43.20B.070 11.56.060 enclosed 46.80.130
Traffic infractions Professional service corporations Ch. 18.100 keeping vehicles or parts in other than
right to counsel 46.63.080 Public auction sales unlawful 46.80.130

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 37]


Exempted from motor vehicle carrier laws, when development and implementation in public vacation of forfeiture judgment if person
81.80.040 schools 70.95C.120 produced 10.19.105
Inspection of records and premises 46.80.150 BACKGROUND CHECKS (See FIREARMS, victim of crime penalty assessment 7.68.035
Junkyards adjacent to highways subtitle Background checks for sales or Habeas corpus
abatement 47.41.070 transfers; STATE PATROL) orders of commitment, from 7.36.150
acquisition of property by department writ may be used for admission to 7.36.160
47.41.040 BAD DEBTS (See DEBTS AND DEBTORS) Hazardous materials, transportation of 46.48.175
definitions 47.41.020 BAGGAGE Home detention
legislative declaration 47.41.010 Bicycles declared to be baggage on commercial conditions, when 10.21.090
other laws not affected 47.41.060 ferries 81.28.260 definition 10.21.017
prohibited, exceptions 47.41.030 Common carriers Justice and inferior courts act of 1961, posting
public nuisances limitation of liability by contract or agreement and forfeiture procedure 3.30.090
abatement 47.41.070 81.29.020 Justification of recognizance 10.19.040
nonconforming 47.41.010 maximum amounts recoverable 81.29.050 Juveniles
regulations 47.41.050 Hotel guests, liability for loss or injury release from detention 13.40.040
review 47.41.050 19.48.030, 19.48.070 Keep the peace 10.64.070
screening 47.41.040 Ne exeat 7.44.030
United States secretary of transportation, BAIL AND RECOGNIZANCE (See also order of arrest and bail
agreements with 47.41.080 BAIL BONDS) directed to sheriff 7.44.021
violations, penalty 47.41.070 Action on not barred for defect or failure to issuance 7.44.021
License record default 10.19.120 return 7.44.021
application 46.80.030 Appeal bonds in criminal cases 10.73.040 service 7.44.021
bond refusal, suspension or revocation Approval of bail 10.19.040 Nonresident traffic violators to post 46.64.015,
46.80.100 Arrest without warrant in possession, bail 46.64.035
bond requirements 46.80.070 procedure 10.31.030 Sureties
expiration, renewal, fee 46.80.050 Bail bond agents Ch. 18.185 liability 10.19.150
false or unqualified application 46.80.121 Certification and filing 10.19.060 return of bond 10.19.140
fees 46.80.040, 46.80.050 Criminal procedure surrender of person under bond 10.19.160
plates required, fees 46.80.060 action on not barred for defect or failure to Taking and entering 10.19.065
refusal, suspension or revocation 46.80.110 record default 10.19.120 Traffic violations bail under justice and inferior
required, penalty 46.80.020 appeal bond 10.73.040 courts act of 1961 3.30.090
Municipal compliance 46.80.160 determination of bail under Article I, section Witnesses 10.16.145, 10.16.160
Ownership, evidence 46.80.090 20 of state Constitution appearance in court
Record-keeping requirements, inspection and conditions of release compromise of misdemeanors 10.52.040
penalty for noncompliance 46.80.080 ignition interlock device and 24/7 sobriety material, fees, food, and lodging 10.52.040
Records to be kept by program monitoring requirements minors 10.16.150
inspection of, certificate of inspection 10.21.055
46.80.150 conditions of release and detention BAIL BONDS (See also BAIL AND
Reporting requirements 46.80.090 generally Ch. 10.21 RECOGNIZANCE)
Rules and regulations 46.80.140 Agencies
extradition proceedings, fugitive from another
Violations state 10.88.350 advertising, required use of license number
cease and desist orders 46.80.180 18.185.050
felonies, class A or B, judicial officer to bond requirements 18.185.070
civil and criminal penalties 46.80.110 determine bail 10.19.055
fines 46.80.180 branch office management 18.185.220,
fines and costs, recognizance with sureties to 18.185.230
penalties 46.80.170 pay stays execution for 10.82.020
subpoenas 46.80.190 collateral or security
forfeiture agency as fiduciary 18.185.100
Wall specifications 46.80.130 action by prosecuting attorney 10.19.110 disposition 18.185.100
AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINES (See judgment against principal and sureties, contracts 18.185.270
BANKS AND BANKING, subtitle execution 10.19.090, 10.19.105 definitions 18.185.010
Automated teller machines) stay of execution of forfeiture judgment, discharge of firearm, notice 18.185.090
bond 10.19.100 licenses
AUTOMOBILE PARKING ELEVATORS vacation of forfeiture judgment if person
(See ELEVATORS, ESCALATORS AND applications 18.185.040
produced 10.19.105 branch offices 18.185.230
DUMBWAITERS) habeas corpus certificates, issuance and display 18.185.050
AUTOMOBILES (See MOTOR VEHICLES) orders of commitment, from 7.36.150 requirements 18.185.030
AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR (See MOTOR writ may be used for admission to 7.36.160 local government regulation and taxation
VEHICLES, subtitle Automotive repair) preliminary hearings 18.185.080
witnesses 10.16.145, 10.16.160 recordkeeping requirements 18.185.100
HUMAN REMAINS, subtitle Autopsies status, notice concerning changes 18.185.090
and postmortems) witnesses 10.16.145, 10.16.160 uniform regulation of business and
appearance in court 10.52.040 professions act 18.185.240
AVENUES (See STREETS AND ALLEYS) material witnesses, fees, food and lodging unprofessional conduct 18.185.110,
AVIATION (See AERONAUTICS) 10.52.040 18.185.115
minors 10.16.150 Agents
AWARD) District courts administrative procedure act, application
cash bail 10.04.040 18.185.200
AWARD IN LIEU OF HOMESTEAD (See Electronic monitoring advertising, required use of license number
PROBATE, subtitle Family allowances) conditions, when 10.21.090 18.185.050
AWARDS Extradition proceedings, fugitive from another bond requirements 18.185.070
County employees safety award programs state 10.88.350 collateral or security
36.32.460 Fines and costs, furnishing recognizance with agent as fiduciary 18.185.100
Environmental excellence awards program for sureties to stay execution against defendant disposition 18.185.100
products 43.21A.520 10.82.020 complaints
Gift of life award Ch. 1.50 Forfeiture immunity of complainant 18.185.130
Governors award for excellence in teaching action by prosecuting attorney required investigation 18.185.130
history 27.34.350 10.19.110 statement of charges 18.185.140
Medal of merit Ch. 1.40 financial responsibility law, bail forfeiture unlicensed activity 18.185.170
Medal of merit, See MEDAL OF MERIT grounds for requiring proof 46.29.280 consumer protection act, application
Medal of valor Ch. 1.60 judgment against principal and sureties, 18.185.210
Warren Featherstone Reid award for excellence execution 10.19.090, 10.19.105 contracts 18.185.270
in health care 43.70.045, 43.70.047 stay of execution of forfeiture judgment, bond definitions 18.185.010
Waste reduction and recycling awards program 10.19.100 directors powers 18.185.120

[RCW Indexpage 38] (2016 Ed.)


discharge of firearm, notice 18.185.090 Federal, state exemption, duplication prohibited alien banks Ch. 30A.42
licenses 6.13.080 bank stabilization act Ch. 30A.56
applications 18.185.040 Industrial insurance, lien for payments due capital notes or debentures Ch. 30A.36
continuing education 18.185.060 51.16.160, 51.16.170 checks Ch. 30A.16
experience and training requirements Labor claims, priority 49.56.040 community credit needs Ch. 30A.60
18.185.310 Motor vehicle dealers or manufacturers, notice of conservatorship Ch. 30A.46
license cards, issuance and use 18.185.050 proceedings required 46.70.183 construction Ch. 30A.98
prelicensing training and testing 18.185.060 Personal property exemption definitions Ch. 30A.04
requirements 18.185.020 federal, state duplication prohibited 6.15.050 deposits Ch. 30A.20
suspension due to electronic benefit card Police pensions in first class cities as exempt federal loan agencies, dealings with Ch.
violations 18.185.056 from operation of 41.20.180 30A.32
suspension for noncompliance with support Priorities, labor claims 49.56.040 financial institution individual account
order 18.185.057 State employees retirement benefits, exemption deposit act Ch. 30A.22
suspension for nonpayment or default on 41.40.052 general provisions Ch. 30A.04
educational loan or scholarship Taxing district relief act Ch. 39.64 insolvency and liquidation Ch. 30A.44
18.185.055 Teachers retirement system rights, exemption interstate banking Ch. 30A.38
local government regulation and taxation 41.32.052 merger, consolidation, and conversion Ch.
18.185.080 BANKS, COMMERCIAL (See BANKS AND 30A.49
recordkeeping requirements 18.185.100 BANKING, subtitle Commercial banks) officers, employees, and stockholders Ch.
recovery agents 30A.12
continuing education 18.185.260 BANKS AND BANKING (See also TRUST organization and powers Ch. 30A.08
generally 18.185.280 COMPANIES; TRUST INSTITUTIONS) satellite facilities Ch. 30A.43
license requirements 18.185.250 Accounts supervisory direction, conservatorship Ch.
out-of-state 18.185.290 commercial banks Ch. 30A.20, Ch. 30A.22 30A.46
planned forced entry 18.185.300 vulnerable adults, financial exploitation of trust funds, investment of Ch. 30A.24
training and testing 18.185.260 authority to refuse transaction 74.34.215 Community credit needs
training for financial institution employees commercial banks Ch. 30A.60
status, notice concerning changes 18.185.090 concerning 74.34.220
uniform regulation of business and Conservatorship
Acting in place of designated trustee, liability commercial banks Ch. 30A.46
professions act 18.185.240 11.100.130
unprofessional conduct 18.185.110, Consolidation
Administration and interpretation of title commercial banks Ch. 30A.49
18.185.115 30A.04.030
Forfeiture Conversions
Administrative hearing or judicial review banks, savings or commercial
action by prosecuting attorney 10.19.110 30A.04.470
judgment against principal and sureties, savings association, converting bank to Ch.
Advertising 33.46
execution 10.19.090, 10.19.105 alien banks 30A.42.170
stay of execution of forfeiture judgment, bond savings association, converting to bank Ch.
legal services, furnishing 30A.04.260 33.44
10.19.100 words indicating banks and trust companies
vacation of forfeiture judgment if person commercial banks Ch. 30A.49
30A.04.020 savings association
produced 10.19.105 Alien banks
Ne exeat 7.44.030 federal association, converting savings
commercial banks Ch. 30A.42 association to or from Ch. 33.43
Sureties Automated teller machines
liability 10.19.150 savings or commercial bank, converting
access fee or surcharge 19.245.010 association to Ch. 33.44
return of bond 10.19.140 compliance with safety standards evidence of savings or commercial bank, converting to
surrender of person under bond 10.19.160 adequate measures 19.174.090 association Ch. 33.46
Violent offenders definitions 19.174.020 savings bank
release without bail, statement of reasons lighting requirements 19.174.040, 19.174.050 capital stock savings bank, converting to Ch.
10.19.170 local government security regulation, chapter 32.32
BAILIFFS supersedes 19.174.080 converting to and/or from savings bank Ch.
Courts of record safety evaluation, procedures 19.174.030 32.34
appointment 2.32.330 safety precautions, customer notice Corporations
number 2.32.330 19.174.060 articles of incorporation Ch. 30A.08
Municipal courts, appointment 35.20.230 security, exceptions to requirements crimes relating to 9.24.030, Ch. 30A.12,
Superior courts, compensation 19.174.070 30A.44.110, 30A.44.120
amount 2.32.360 Bank holding companies filing of records by banks with or seeking
payment of 2.32.370 definition 30A.04.010 certificate of authority 23B.01.204,
generally Ch. 30A.04 23B.14.394
BAILMENT out-of-state holding companies, acquisitions
Seed bailment contracts Ch. 15.48 generally Ch. 30A.08, Ch. 30A.12, Ch.
by 30A.04.232 30A.44
BAILOR AND BAILEE subsidiary of holding company, bank insolvency
Seed bailment contracts Ch. 15.48 reorganization as 30A.04.550, 30A.04.555, receiving deposit while insolvent
Unclaimed property, duty in regard to Ch. 63.24 30A.04.560, 30A.04.565, 30A.04.570, penalty 9.24.030, 30A.44.120
BALD EAGLES 30A.04.575 officers and employees
Habitat buffer zones 77.12.655 Business trusts Ch. 32.34 receiving deposit while insolvent
Protection and essential habitat 77.12.650 Capital notes or debentures penalty 9.24.030, 30A.44.120
commercial banks Ch. 30A.36 stock
BALLOT TITLES Capital stock savings bank, conversion of generally Ch. 30A.12
Initiative and referendum, See INITIATIVE savings bank Ch. 32.32 County clerks fund, deposits 36.48.080
AND REFERENDUM, subtitle Ballot titles Certificate of authority Credit needs, community
BALLOTS (See also ELECTIONS) filing of corporate records by banks with or commercial banks Ch. 30A.60
Ballots and other voting forms Ch. 29A.36 seeking 23B.01.204, 23B.14.394 Credit unions, See CREDIT UNIONS
Mail, elections by Ch. 29A.40 Charitable trusts, See CHARITABLE TRUSTS Crimes relating to
Port district formation 53.04.020 Checks insolvent bank receiving deposit 9.24.030,
commercial banks Ch. 30A.16 30A.44.120
BANKHEAD-JONES FARM TENANT ACT Checks or drafts, See also UNIFORM various crimes, penalties Ch. 30A.04, Ch.
Investment by state investment board in loans COMMERCIAL CODE, subtitle Negotiable 30A.12, Ch. 30A.16, Ch. 30A.44
secured by 43.33A.080 instruments Debentures or capital notes
BANKRUPTCY (See also ASSIGNMENT Cities and towns housing authority bonds, legal commercial banks Ch. 30A.36
FOR BENEFIT OF CREDITORS) investments 35.82.220 Definitions
Attachment or execution defendant becomes Collections commercial banks Ch. 30A.04
bankruptcy debtor, procedure 6.01.050 uniform commercial code Art. 62A.4 Deposit accounts
Counties, readjustment and relief from debts Ch. Commercial banks false statement by applicant, penalty 9.38.015
39.64 Washington commercial bank act Title 30A Depositaries

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 39]


surplus and donated food commodities United States corporation bonds, authorized valuation disclosure requirements Ch. 19.149
revolving fund 28A.235.090 investment 39.60.010 Safe deposit boxes
Depositaries, See also PUBLIC Letters of credit Art. 62A.5 unclaimed property 63.29.160
DEPOSITARIES Liability when acting in place of designated Satellite facilities
Deposits trustee 11.100.130 commercial banks Ch. 30A.43
commercial banks Ch. 30A.20 Licenses Savings account, See also BANKS AND
federally guaranteed obligations 39.60.040 business licensing service exemption BANKING, subtitle Deposits
insured deposits and accounts by federal 19.02.800 Savings associations, See SAVINGS
government, use of as collateral security Life insurance, use of trust funds authorized ASSOCIATIONS
39.60.040 11.100.120 Savings banks, See SAVINGS BANKS
receiving deposit while insolvent Limited liability companies, conversion to Savings deposits, See BANKS AND BANKING,
penalty 9.24.030 30A.08.025 subtitle Deposits; SAVINGS
uniform commercial code Art. 62A.4 Liquidation and insolvency ASSOCIATIONS, subtitle Deposits;
vulnerable adults, financial exploitation of commercial banks Ch. 30A.44 SAVINGS BANKS, subtitle Deposits,
authority to refuse transaction 74.34.215 Loans earnings, dividends, interest
training for financial institution employees federal loan agencies, dealings with Stabilization
concerning 74.34.220 commercial banks Ch. 30A.32 bank stabilization act
Development credit corporations, membership in various Ch. 30A.04, Ch. 30A.12 commercial banks Ch. 30A.56
31.20.070 Merger, consolidation or conversion commercial banks Ch. 30A.56
Director of financial institutions commercial banks Ch. 30A.49 Stock savings banks, incorporation and operation
generally Ch. 30A.04, Ch. 30A.46 Mortgage insurance Ch. 61.10 Ch. 32.35
Electronic funds transfers Art. 62A.4A Mutual savings banks, See SAVINGS BANKS, Stockholders
Employees, See BANKS AND BANKING, subtitle Mutual savings banks commercial banks Ch. 30A.12
subtitle Officers and employees Negotiable instruments, See BANKS AND Supervisory direction, conservatorship
Executors and administrators BANKING, subtitle Checks or drafts commercial banks Ch. 30A.46
bond not required when acting as 11.32.020 Night depositories Trust companies, See TRUST COMPANIES
disqualified to act as when will drawn by compliance with safety standards evidence of Trust funds, investment of
11.36.010 adequate measures 19.174.090 commercial banks Ch. 30A.24
probate fees disallowed to banks or bank definitions 19.174.020 Trust institutions, See TRUST INSTITUTIONS
attorneys 11.36.010 lighting requirements 19.174.040, 19.174.050 Trustees
Fairness in lending act 30A.04.500, 30A.04.505, local government security regulation, chapter change in form of corporate trustees 11.98.065
30A.04.510, 30A.04.515 supersedes 19.174.080 Unclaimed property, uniform act
Federal loan agencies, dealings with safety evaluation, procedures 19.174.030 bank deposits and funds 63.29.060
commercial banks Ch. 30A.32 safety precautions, customer notice checks, drafts 63.29.050
Federal savings bank, conversion to domestic 19.174.060 safe deposit boxes 63.29.160
savings bank Ch. 32.34 security, exceptions to requirements Uniform common trust fund act
Financial institution 19.174.070 short title 11.102.050
defined for purposes of public depositary law Nonprofit corporation act, excluded from Uniform money services act Ch. 19.230
35.38.060 24.03.015 Washington savings association act Title 33
Financial institution individual account deposit Nonroutine transactions Washington savings bank act Title 32
act notice and procedure 11.100.140
commercial banks Ch. 30A.22 Notes, See BANKS AND BANKING, subtitle BANQUETS
Financial services regulation fund 43.320.110 Capital notes or debentures Liquor permits Ch. 66.20
Fraud, insolvent bank receiving deposit 9.24.030 Officers and employees BAR ASSOCIATION (See also
Funds transfers commercial banks Ch. 30A.12 ATTORNEYS AT LAW)
uniform commercial code Art. 62A.4A receiving deposit while insolvent Active members only may practice law 2.48.170
General provisions penalty 9.24.030 Board of governors
commercial banks Ch. 30A.04 Online banking legal aid bureau
Guardian, as digital assets, fiduciary access to, uniform act authority over 2.50.060
authority to act as 11.36.010 Ch. 11.120 creation of 2.50.060
Holding companies, See BANKS AND Organization and powers supervision of 2.50.080
BANKING, subtitle Bank holding commercial banks Ch. 30A.08 legal aid committee, member of chosen from
companies Personal representatives 2.50.070
Identity theft to improperly access financial disqualified to act as, when will drawn by powers and membership Ch. 2.48
information Ch. 9.35 11.36.010 Judge pro tempore must be member of 2.08.180
Incapacitated persons Powers of banks Legal aid
access to and control over assets to be commercial banks Ch. 30A.08 bureau
provided to guardian 11.92.096 Probate authority over 2.50.060
Industrial loan companies, See INDUSTRIAL final distribution 11.76.095 creation of 2.50.050
LOAN COMPANIES personal representative, oath 11.28.170 supervision of 2.50.080
Insolvency Promotions county committee
receiving deposit while insolvent contests of chance 9.46.0356 authority over 2.50.060
penalty 9.24.030 Public depositaries creation of 2.50.070
Insolvency and liquidation cities and towns 35.38.010 legal aid supervisory powers 2.50.080
commercial banks Ch. 30A.44 counties membership 2.50.070
Insurance designation 36.48.010 Membership in, including veterans Ch. 2.48
life, use of trust funds authorized 11.100.120 financial institution, defined 36.48.060 Rules 2.48.050
Insurance premium finance company act, Public employees
application to 48.56.030 payroll deductions at request of employee State bar act Ch. 2.48
International bank for reconstruction and authorized when institution meets Statute law committee
development, savings banks may invest in necessary conditions 41.04.245 code correction orders filing 1.08.016
obligations of 32.20.210 Public employees payrolls, direct deposit to bank Washington state bar association Ch. 2.48
Interstate banks and banking account authorized, limitation 41.04.240 BAR TO ACTIONS
commercial banks Ch. 30A.38 Records Challenge to sufficiency of the evidence,
Investments compliance review information, judgment for defendant bars another action
common trust funds, generally, uniform act confidentiality Ch. 7.88 4.56.150
Ch. 11.102 disposal of personal information Ch. 19.215 Compromise of misdemeanor bar to another
community renewal obligations 35.81.110 filing of corporate records by banks with or prosecution for same offense 10.22.020
metropolitan municipal corporation seeking certificate of authority 23B.01.204, Dismissal, effect as bar to another action
obligations 35.58.510 23B.14.394 4.56.120
trust funds 39.60.050 Reorganization, See BANKS AND BANKING, Merits, judgment on bars another action 4.56.120
trust funds, investment of Ch. 11.100, Ch. subtitle Merger, consolidation or conversion Nonsuit, not bar to another action, when
30A.24 Residential mortgage loan closing 4.56.120, 4.56.150

[RCW Indexpage 40] (2016 Ed.)


Official bonds, judgment no bar to another action Prostate cancer screening 70.47.210 Membership 16.67.040, 16.67.060, 16.67.070
42.08.040 Public assistance Plans, programs, projects
BAR TO PROSECUTION (See also notice to applicants of plans availability approval and oversight 16.67.091, 16.67.095,
IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION; 74.04.033 16.67.195
SELF-INCRIMINATION) Reimbursement rates for hospitals 70.47.220 Positions and terms 16.67.051
Conviction bars subsequent prosecution Removal of enrollees 70.47.090 Powers and duties 16.67.090
10.43.020, 10.43.030, 10.43.040, 10.43.050 Rights of individuals to receive services Promotional programs 16.67.110
Discharging defendant to give evidence for state 70.47.160 Public disclosure exemption 16.67.180
or codefendant, bars subsequent prosecution Rights of providers and facilities to refuse to Records as evidence 16.67.080
10.46.110 participate in services for reason of Reimbursement for costs 16.67.097
Former acquittal or conviction conscience or religion 70.47.160 Research 16.67.110
acquittal or conviction in Rules 70.47.050 Subpoenas 16.67.093
another county 10.43.030 Stabilization account 43.79.487 Trade promotion and development expenditures
foreign state or country 10.43.040 Subscription account 70.47.030 15.04.200
different degrees of offense and included Timber impact areas
enrollment of persons in 70.47.115 BEER AND BREWERIES (See also
offenses barred 10.43.020, 10.43.050 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES)
Immunity from prosecution, witnesses not Time-loss claimants
notice to claimants 51.28.090 Art galleries
excused from giving self-incriminating beer, on-premises consumption 66.12.240
testimony if given immunity from Trust account 70.47.030
Unemployment compensation Beer
prosecution 10.52.090 distributors license 66.24.250
notice to claimants 50.20.210
BARBERS temporary increase, leaving out of income importers license 66.24.261
Cosmetologists, hair designers, barbers, determination 70.47.0601 imports, certificate of approval and report
manicurists, and estheticians Ch. 18.16 66.24.270
BATTERIES out-of-state, certificate of approval and report
BARLEY (See GRAIN COMMISSION) core charges 70.95.630, 70.95.640 purchase restrictions 66.28.070
BARRATRY defined 70.95.610 Beer commission
Defined, penalty 9.12.010 disposal donations to and use of beer or malt beverages
Disbarment for 9.12.010 noncompliance, issuance of warnings and 66.12.185
District judge or deputy, by, penalty 9.12.020 citations, fines 70.95.660 generally Ch. 15.89
restrictions, penalties for violations Breweries
Telecommunications may be intercepted authorized and prohibited sales 66.24.290
persons accepting used batteries, distributors or retailers 66.24.240
9.73.030 identification procedure 70.95.620 licenses 66.24.240
BASEBALL (See ATHLETICS AND retailers, acceptance of used batteries, notice microbreweries, licenses 66.24.244
SPORTS) 70.95.630 Cash payments
retailers notice, distribution by department of electronic funds transfers, requirements
BASIC FOOD (See FOOD STAMPS; ecology 70.95.660
PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, subtitle Food 66.28.270
rule-making authority, department of ecology
stamps) 70.95.670 Courses of instruction authorized 66.28.150
BASIC HEALTH PLAN wholesalers, acceptance of used batteries, Day spas
Administration, staff, technical advisory suspension orders for noncompliance by the glass, permit for supplying 66.20.400
committees 70.47.040 70.95.650 Definitions 66.04.010
Administrator, powers and duties 70.47.120 Distribution system for beer
BATTERY (See ASSAULT AND BATTERY) three-tier system
Annual reporting requirement 70.47.170
Benefits from other coverages not reduced BAYS (See also TIDELANDS) definitions 66.28.285
70.47.070 Cities and towns adjacent to direct or indirect interests, allowed activities
Contracts for services 70.47.120 calculation for purposes of determining area 66.28.295
Coordinate with managed health care system of a town 35.21.160 finding 66.28.280
projects 74.09.522 jurisdiction 35.21.160 industry members, affiliates, and retailers,
Definitions 70.47.020 Obstructing is nuisance 7.48.120 interests between 66.28.290
Director, powers and duties 70.47.060 BEACH BUGGIES money advances, prohibition 66.28.305
Eligibility determination and coordination Inspection and approval required 46.37.520 promotional items 66.28.310
70.47.010 recordkeeping 66.28.315
Enrollee premium share 70.47.015 BEACH MANAGEMENT DISTRICTS (See rule adoption 66.28.320
Enrollment, participation limitations 70.47.080 also LAKES, subtitle Lake or beach undue influence, determination by liquor and
Exemption from insurance code 70.47.130 management districts) cannabis board 66.28.300
Expedited application and enrollment process Generally Ch. 36.61 Distributors
70.47.015 BEACHES (See AQUATIC LANDS; authorized and prohibited sales 66.24.290
Federal basic health option TIDELANDS) conduct, responsibility for 66.28.030
health care authority directors duties BEARS (See WILDLIFE) price list, contents 66.28.180
70.47.250 reports of sales 66.24.270
Income determination BEDS OF NAVIGABLE WATERS (See also restricted transactions 66.28.260
temporary unemployment compensation PUBLIC LANDS, subtitle Aquatic lands) sale of nonliquor food and food ingredients
increase 70.47.0601 Public landsaquatic lands 66.28.190
Legislative findings and purpose 70.47.010 beds of navigable waters Ch. 79.130 Distributors and suppliers of spirits and malt
Managed health care systems easements and rights of way Ch. 79.110 beverages, contractual and other
participation 70.47.100 generally Ch. 79.105 relationships Ch. 19.126
Medical assistance recipients enrollment harbor areas Ch. 79.115 Educational or consumer product information on
70.47.110 oysters, geoducks, shellfish, and other retail premises 66.28.155
Medical records aquacultural uses, and marine aquatic Exemptions from liquor law Ch. 66.12
confidentiality 70.47.150 plants Ch. 79.135 Family beer or wine, removal from home for use
Mental health services tidelands and shorelands Ch. 79.125 at tastings or competitions 66.28.140
definition, coverage required 70.47.200 waterways and streets Ch. 79.120 Farmers markets, beer sampling at, farmers
rules, authority to adopt 70.47.201 BEEF COMMISSION market endorsement to allow 66.24.175
Powers, duties, and functions transferred to Assessments 16.67.120, 16.67.122, 16.67.123, Farmers markets, sales at 66.24.240, 66.24.244,
health care authority 70.47.005 16.67.130, 16.67.140 66.28.260
Preexisting condition Comprehensive scheme 16.67.035 Gallonage tax 66.24.290
previous coverage prior to applying 70.47.240 Definitions 16.67.030 Giving away beer prohibited, exceptions
Proprietary information submitted to support rate Funding staff support 16.67.190 66.28.040
filing Liability and immunity 16.67.160 Home manufacture and use
confidentiality 70.47.150 Meetings 16.67.100 exemptions from liquor law 66.12.010

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 41]


removal from home for use at wine or beer Definitions 15.60.005 enforcement, rules 70.132.040
tastings or competitions 66.28.140 Diseases penalty 70.132.050
Keg registration quarantine and regulation of movement Ch. legislative finding 70.132.010
container identification, rules, violations 17.24 sale 70.132.030
66.28.220 Hives Refilling by others for sale prohibited,
fees 66.28.220 registration 15.60.021 presumption 19.76.110, 19.76.120
furnishing to minors, penalties 66.28.230 Honey, See HONEY Trade name or trademark, filing 19.76.100
purchasers duties 66.28.210 Honey bee commission, See HONEY BEE Violations, penalties 19.76.130
sellers duties 66.28.200 COMMISSION BEVERAGES (See also ALCOHOLIC
state preemption 66.28.240 Pests BEVERAGES)
Labels on malt liquor 66.28.120 quarantine and regulation of movement Ch. Food and beverage workers permits Ch. 69.06
Licenses 17.24
application and renewal fee, additional Plants, pollen- or nectar-rich, for pollinators BIAS
66.08.2601 noxious weeds, replacing with native forage Actual
beer and wine gift delivery license 66.24.550 plants 17.10.145, 43.220.260 defined 4.44.170
beer and/or wine restaurant license 66.24.320 Violations of chapter or rules, penalty 15.60.055 grounds for challenging juror 4.44.190
caterers license 66.24.690 order of taking challenges of jurors for
BEGGARS (See also INDIGENTS) 4.44.220
combined license, for sale of beer and wine for Child employed as 26.28.070
consumption on or off premises 66.24.354 particular cause of challenge of juror 4.44.170
grocery store license and restricted grocery BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES AND Implied
store license 66.24.360 ORGANIZATIONS (See ALCOHOLISM defined 4.44.170
grocery store licensees, beer and wine tasting AND DRUG ADDICTION; HEALTH grounds 4.44.180
endorsement 66.24.363 CARE AUTHORITY; MENTAL order of taking challenges of jurors for
nonprofit organizations, special occasion ILLNESS; PUBLIC ASSISTANCE; 4.44.220
license for sales at specified event SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES, particular cause of challenge to juror 4.44.170
66.24.375, 66.24.380 DEPARTMENT OF) BICYCLE ROUTES
private club beer and wine license 66.24.452 BENEFICIAL INTERESTS (See TRUSTS) Comprehensive street programs to include
retail licensees BENEFICIARIES (See also RETIREMENT 35.77.015
gift certificates 66.24.700 AND PENSIONS) Counties
sampling of beer and wine on licensee Accounting county road fund, expenditures for 36.75.240
premises, exceptions 66.24.675 guardian ad litem to represent 11.106.060 standards 36.75.240
senior center license 66.24.680 Disability insurance 48.20.152 Establishment, authorized, directed 47.26.305
snack bar license 66.24.350 Distributions to beneficiaries, power of trustees Legislative declaration 47.26.300
specialty shop license to make 11.98.070 Transportation improvement board funds, use
generally 66.24.371 Group life insurance 48.24.160 47.26.305
wine retailer reseller endorsement 66.24.179 Industrial insurance, See INDUSTRIAL BICYCLES
tavern license 66.24.330 INSURANCE, subtitle Beneficiaries Bicycle transportation management program
theater license Industrial life insurance, standard provision department of transportation duties 47.04.190
beer, strong beer, and wine sales 66.24.650 regarding 48.25.150 state bicycle program manager
spirits, beer, strong beer, and wine sales Life insurance, generally 48.18.440 duties 47.04.200
66.24.655 Personal injury action on death of injured person position established 47.04.190
Malt beverages and spirits, distributors and survives 4.20.060 Brakes 46.61.780
suppliers, contractual and other relationships Trust estates, of, setoff against 4.32.120 Carrying articles, one hand on bars 46.61.775
Ch. 19.126 United States savings bonds, effect of survival of Cities and towns
Microbreweries beneficiary 11.04.230 bicycle road fund 35.75.050
beer samples, offering at farmers markets Wrongful death actions 4.20.020 facilities for bicycles
66.24.175 standards, adoption by design standards
licenses 66.24.244 BENEVOLENT ORGANIZATIONS (See
also CORPORATIONS, subtitle committee 35.78.030
Minors licenses 35.75.030, 35.75.040
employees eighteen to twenty-one Nonprofit corporations)
Beneficial corporations, authorized 24.06.015 paths for 35.75.010, 35.75.020, 35.75.030,
handling, transporting, and possessing of 35.75.040
beer and wine on nonretail premises Nonprofit corporations, authorized 24.03.015
regulation of 35.75.010
66.44.318 BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES Clinging to vehicles 46.61.765
Price, discrimination in to purchaser for resale Nonprofit corporation act Ch. 24.03 Counties
prohibited 66.28.170 Nonprofit miscellaneous and mutual facilities for bicycles
Price list, contents 66.28.180 corporations act Ch. 24.06 standards, adoption by design standards
Public house license 66.24.580 committee 36.82.145
Seized beer, purchase restrictions 66.28.070 BENTON COUNTY
Boundaries, tracing of 36.04.030 Crimes relating to, hitching on to another vehicle
Serving beer to employees and visitors 66.28.040 46.61.765
Serving to standing or walking patron permitted Hanford area economic investment fund
advisory committee membership and duties Crosswalks, right of way 46.61.235, 46.61.261
66.28.130 Defined, motor vehicle law 46.04.071
Taxation of beers 43.31.425
committee membership and duties 43.31.428 Design standards committee, duties concerning
payment and use 66.24.290 43.32.020
refunds on unsalable products 66.24.305 established 43.31.422
Superior court judges, number of 2.08.064 Electric personal assistive mobility device
Violations, enforcement, and penalties Ch. 66.44 46.04.1695, 46.61.710
Wedding boutiques BENZINE (See EXPLOSIVES)
Electric-assisted bicycle
beer, on-premises consumption 66.12.240 BEQUESTS AND DEVISES (See DEVISEES defined 46.04.169
BEES AND BEEKEEPING AND LEGATEES; PROBATE; WILLS) drivers license, exception 46.20.500
Agricultural local fund 15.60.040 BERRIES equipment requirements 46.37.530
Agriculture, department of Harvesting by workers under twelve years of age operating requirements 46.61.710
directors powers and duties 15.60.021 15.04.150, 15.04.160 Ferries, bicycle as baggage 81.28.260
Apiaries Weights and measures 19.94.470 General penalty for violations 46.61.750
definitions 15.60.005 Hand signals 46.61.758
registration 15.60.021, 15.60.031 BETTING (See GAMBLING) "Hitching on" to vehicles 46.61.765
Apiary advisory committee, membership and BEVERAGE CONTAINERS Intersection with inoperative vehicle detection
duties 15.60.010 Milk-based, soy-based products device, at 46.61.184
Apiary coordinated areas not covered in pull-tab law 70.132.020 Intoxicated bicyclists, procedures 46.61.790
boundary changes 15.60.085 Pull-tab openers Lighting 46.61.780
designation of areas within certain counties milk-based, soy-based products not included No hands on bars 46.61.775
15.60.095 70.132.020 Number of persons riding on 46.61.760
hearing to establish 15.60.065 prohibited One way roads
order describing 15.60.075 definitions 70.132.020 rules of the road 46.61.770

[RCW Indexpage 42] (2016 Ed.)


Operating, one hand to be kept on handle bars Contractors, registration requirements Ch. 18.27 offer of increased bid 11.56.110
46.61.775 Counties deposit, form of 11.56.110
Paths advertisements 36.32.245 offer 11.56.110
authorized, expenditure of available funds competitive bidding requirements, private sales 11.56.080
47.30.030 exemptions 39.04.280 sealed bids, when accepted, notices 11.56.110
for bicycles, to be used 46.61.770 hospitals, purchases 36.32.240 Procurement, state Ch. 39.26
city street funds, use, authorized public works 36.32.235 Public hospital districts
standards 35.75.060 requirements 36.32.245 materials and labor contracts, bid procedures,
county road funds, use, authorized streets and alleys, construction 35.77.030 alternatives, and exemptions 70.44.140
standards 36.82.145 County leases Public utilities, sale or lease of 35.94.010,
included in county road comprehensive plan competitive bids, procedure 36.32.253 35.94.020, 35.94.030
annual revisions 36.81.122 County leases and purchases Public utility districts, work and materials
public highways, paths as 47.30.070 competitive bids 36.32.240 alternative bid procedure 54.04.082
transportation committee review of County property requirements 54.04.080
comprehensive plans 44.04.290 leasing 36.34.190 Public works, See PUBLIC WORKS, subtitle
Paths, lanes, routes, roadways, county road fund, sale of 36.34.070 Bids and bidding
construction of, standards 36.75.240 trade-in equipment 36.34.070 Puget Sound ferry system
Person propelling to ride upon seat 46.61.760 County public works contracts bonds of Ch. 47.60
Reflectors 46.61.780 competitive bids, procedure, deposits, bonds Purchasing, state Ch. 39.26
Regulations, where applicable 46.61.750 36.32.250 Schools and school districts
Restrictions on use of limited-access roadways County purchases school work and purchases, bidding required,
46.61.160 competitive bidding exemptions 36.32.270 procedure 28A.335.190
Road rights and duties, generally 46.61.126, competitive bids 36.32.240 surplus food commodities, school hot lunch
46.61.755 competitive bids, advertisements 36.32.245 program, bidding suspended 28A.235.050
Routes, included in comprehensive street competitive bids, requirements 36.32.245 telephone or written solicitation of
programs 35.77.015 County roads and bridges competitive bids, procedure 28A.335.190
Rules of the road for 46.61.770 construction 36.77.020, 36.77.030, 36.77.040 State procurement of goods and services Ch.
Safety program for bicyclists and pedestrians maintenance materials 39.26
43.59.150 multiple awards 36.32.256 State purchases
Seat, person propelling to ride on 46.61.760 small works roster process, when used recycled products procurement, notice of
Sidewalks, right of way 46.61.261 36.77.075 requirements 43.19A.080
State patrol bicycle awareness program Crimes relating to Subcontractors
43.43.390 agreement outside state no defense to identification by bidder 39.30.060
Statewide transportation planning Ch. 47.06 prosecution for suppression of competitive Timber
Traffic control signals, vehicle-activated bidding on public works 9.18.150 timber or other personalty on state highway
47.36.025 collusion to prevent competitive bidding on lands, bids and bidding for 47.12.140
Traffic laws applicable to 46.61.755 public works, penalty 9.18.130 Toll bridge bonds on 47.56.140
Traffic safety education 46.20.093, 46.20.095, suppression of competitive bidding on public Toll roads, sale of property authorized 47.56.254
46.82.430 works, penalty 9.18.120 execution, delivery of deed 47.56.255
Trails or paths Deeds of trust, bids at foreclosure and sale Transportation department may contract with
use of 46.61.770 proceedings 61.24.070 public utilities or municipal corporations
Two abreast on roadways, not more than Federal power projects, county property, state or without bids 47.01.210
46.61.770 United States 36.34.250, 36.34.260 Water-sewer districts, labor and materials
Violations, penalties 46.61.700 Federal property, bids by state or political contracts 57.08.050
civil liability 46.61.750 subdivision for 39.32.070 BIENNIAL BUDGETS (See BUDGETS,
Forest fire suppression equipment, requirement subtitle Biennial budgets)
BIDS AND BIDDING to use lowest responsible bidder 76.04.177
Bid deposits, county public works contracts Government housing projects, county property, BIGAMY
36.32.250 state or United States 36.34.250, 36.34.260 Limitation of actions 9A.04.080
Bond issues Highway construction and maintenance, BILINGUAL INSTRUCTION PROGRAM
Puget Sound ferry Ch. 47.60 contract, by, bids, call for bids 47.28.050 (See SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL
refunding bonds of counties and cities and Irrigation districts DISTRICTS, subtitle Bilingual
towns Ch. 39.52 construction contracts 87.03.435 (transitional) instruction program)
Bond issues, See also BOND ISSUES Judicial sales
Cities, first class BILL OF EXCEPTIONS
resale, on 6.21.110 Lost or destroyed, substitution of copy 5.48.010
public works sale to highest bidder 6.21.100
competitive requirements 35.22.620 Local governments BILL OF SALE (See also SALES)
electrical distribution systems exempt from preferential purchase of products made from BILLBOARDS AND SIGNS (See also
competitive bid requirements 35.22.640 recycled materials authorized 39.30.040 ADVERTISING; HIGHWAYS, subtitle
requirements 35.22.630 tax revenue may be considered 39.30.040 Signs; SIGNS)
small works roster 35.22.620 violations, penalties 39.30.020 Highway advertising control
public works contracts Local improvements, cities, towns and public agreements to secure federal aid authorized
minority employment clause 35.22.650 corporations, work done for assessments 47.42.110
Cities and towns 35.43.190 commercial and industrial areas
competitive bidding requirements, Military installations, county property, state or permissible signs, requirements 47.42.062,
exemptions 39.04.280 United States 36.34.250, 36.34.260 47.42.063
lease and lease back agreements 35.42.080 Minority and womens business enterprises preexisting signs 47.42.063
leases with or without option to purchase, highway construction and maintenance compensation for removal of signs
when bids required 35.42.220 47.28.050 action to determine amount 47.42.103
off-street parking facilities 35.86A.120 Off-street parking, involving public park or civic agreements to secure federal aid 47.42.110
operation of 35.86.040 center property, bids required, when authorized 47.42.102
public works 35.22.635, 35.23.352 35.86.010 federal share of payment 47.42.104
real property in community renewal areas Partition proceedings, sale of property by auction local government actions 47.42.107
35.81.090, 35.81.095 7.52.270 payment 47.42.103
recycled products procurement, notice of Performance-based contracts for water removal not required if federal share
requirements 43.19A.080 conservation, solid waste reduction, and unavailable 47.42.105
refunding bonds Ch. 39.52 energy equipment Ch. 39.35A signs to which applicable 47.42.102
streets and alleys, construction 35.77.030 Port districts states share of payment 47.42.103
supplies, material, and equipment 35.23.352 labor and material contracts, procedure definitions 47.42.020
Colleges and universities 53.08.120, 53.08.130 existing statutes, resolutions or ordinances
community and technical college facilities property sales 53.25.150 unaffected 47.42.070
28B.50.330 small works roster 53.08.120 highways and streets not part of any system,
construction projects 28B.10.350 Probate, sales of estate property regulations 47.42.065

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 43]


highways designated as scenic areas False certificate of registration or false BIRTHS (See also VITAL STATISTICS,
47.42.140 representation of breed, penalty 9.08.030 subtitle Births and birth certificates)
informational signs authorized for state, Hunting, See HUNTING Concealing birth of fetus or child, abortion,
counties, city or town 47.42.050 Migratory waterfowl penalty 9.02.050
number of signs permitted 47.42.045 definitions 77.08.045 Registration of, requirement 70.58.070
permissible signs in protected areas 47.42.040 stamp, license validation, sale and use of Unwed mothers, birth certificates for infants
permits to erect or maintain signs revenues 77.12.670 70.58.080
assignment of 47.42.120 stamp design, administration, sale, and BIRTH-TO-THREE INTERAGENCY
fees 47.42.120 distribution 77.12.690 COORDINATING COUNCIL
permit identification number 47.42.130 Natural area preserves Early intervention services for infants and
revocation, grounds 47.42.090, 47.42.120 bird areas, important 79.70.110, 79.70.120 toddlers with disabilities 43.215.470,
preexisting signs, date for removal 47.42.100 Oil and hazardous materials spills 43.215.472, 43.215.474, 43.215.476
prohibited signs as public nuisance, abatement wildlife rehabilitation 90.56.110
procedure, penalty 47.42.080 wildlife rescue coalition 90.56.100 BLACKLISTING (See LABOR, subtitle
purpose 47.42.010 Pheasants Prohibited practices)
regulations to implement, judicial review eastern Washington pheasant enhancement BLASTING CAPS
47.42.060 account, funding 77.12.810 Limit on storage 70.74.040
roadside area information panel or display eastern Washington pheasant enhancement Storage, rules 70.74.030
authorized 47.42.055 account, use 77.12.820
eastern Washington pheasant enhancement BLIGHTED AREAS (See CITIES AND
scenic and recreational system TOWNS, subtitle Urban renewal)
highways excluded from 47.42.025 program 77.12.790
signs visible from prohibited 47.42.030 juvenile hunting opportunities 77.12.800 BLIGHTED PROPERTY (See
signs Pigeons, antwerp racing pigeons CONDEMNATION, subtitle Blighted
maintained under permit to bear permit killing, injuring, or detaining unlawful property)
number and permittees name 47.42.130 9.61.190 BLIND
prohibited in protected or scenic areas removing stamp, band, or other marks Aid to the blind, See PUBLIC ASSISTANCE,
47.42.030 unlawful 9.61.200 subtitle Aid to the blind
visible from highway systems prohibited, Places for fighting of, public nuisance, penalty Braille instruction in schools
exceptions 47.42.040 9.66.010
Predatory birds, control by director of agriculture definitions 28A.155.105
tourist facilities, business, or agricultural signs provision in students curriculum
47.42.045 15.04.110, 15.04.120
State bird 1.20.040 28A.155.115
Railroad grade crossings, regulation 36.86.100, student assessment 28A.155.115
47.32.140 BIRTH CERTIFICATES (See also VITAL Business enterprises program
Scenic vistas act Ch. 47.42 STATISTICS) definitions 74.18.200
BILLIARDS AND POOL (See ATHLETICS Heirloom birth certificates purposes 74.18.210
AND SPORTS, subtitle Billiard and pool fund disposition 43.121.100 vending facilities in public buildings, operator
halls) BIRTH CONTROL licenses 74.18.220
BILLS OF EXCHANGE (See NEGOTIABLE Family planning services Business enterprises revolving account
INSTRUMENTS, subtitle Bills of definitions 74.09.790 74.18.230
exchange) eligibility and available services 74.09.800 Department of services for the blind
expansion of services 74.09.657 administrative hearing, appeal of decision
BILLS OF LADING Individual right to choose or refuse declared 74.18.120
Common carriers, See COMMON CARRIERS, public policy 9.02.100 children and their families
subtitle Bills of lading Reproductive privacy services offered 74.18.190
Crimes relating to public policy 9.02.100 consult with the rehabilitation council for the
fictitious bill 22.32.020 Self-administered contraception, drug therapy blind 74.18.100
Fictitious, penalty 22.32.020 related to created 74.18.030
BILLS OF LEGISLATURE pharmacies initiating or modifying, sticker or definitions 74.18.020
Engrossed bill, filing with secretary of state sign to identify 18.64.008 director
44.20.010 Sexual assault victims, emergency contraception appointment 74.18.040
Fiscal notes, local government Ch. 43.132 for 70.41.350, 70.41.360 exempt positions 74.18.050
Fiscal notes, state government Ch. 43.88A BIRTH DEFECTS (See PREGNANCY, personnel appointment 74.18.050
Numbering when becoming law 44.20.020 subtitle Birth defects) salary 74.18.040
Alternative method of land division 58.17.035 Confidentiality of information 18.46.090 background checks 74.18.123
Definitions 18.46.010 confidentiality of personal information
BINGO 74.18.127
Authority 9.46.0321 Down syndrome, when diagnosis provided by
center exempt positions 74.18.050
Defined 9.46.0205 gifts, grants, and bequests may be received
parents, information for 18.46.150
BIOMEDICAL WASTE Fire protection 18.46.110 74.18.110
Definitions 70.95K.010 Health department rule-making authority habilitation facilities authorized 74.18.170
Legislative findings 70.95K.005 18.46.060 independent living, services for 74.18.180
Sharps waste Inspection 18.46.080 legislative intent 74.18.010
collection 70.95.715 Licenses personnel appointment 74.18.050
residential sharps waste collection application and fee 18.46.030 powers and duties 74.18.060
70.95K.040 denial, suspension, or revocation 18.46.050 rehabilitation facilities authorized 74.18.170
residential sharps waste disposal 70.95K.030 issuance, display, and renewal 18.46.040 telephonic reading service 74.18.045
State preemption of local definitions 70.95K.011 operating without a license 18.46.120, vocational rehabilitation
Waste treatment technologies 18.46.130 eligibility 74.18.130
evaluation by department of health required 18.46.020 grants of equipment and material 74.18.150
70.95K.020 suspension for nonpayment or default on services 74.18.140
BIOSOLIDS (See SLUDGE) educational loans or scholarships 18.46.055 Discrimination, public accommodations,
Malpractice insurance prohibited 70.84.010
BIOTECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURING joint underwriting association, midwives and Dog guides
BUSINESSES, TAX DEFERRALS birthing centers Ch. 48.87 driver responsibilities and liabilities 70.84.040
Annual survey requirement 82.75.070 New facilities, approval 18.46.080 killing or injuring, liability 49.60.370
Generally Ch. 82.75 Religious organizations, birthing centers license fee waiver 49.60.380
BIRDS (See also POULTRY) operated by exempt from chapter 18.46.140 unauthorized use 70.84.060
Bald eagles and essential habitat Rules and regulations Employment
habitat buffer zones 77.12.655 compliance 18.46.070 white cane law, discrimination in hiring
protection 77.12.650 standards 18.46.060 prohibited 70.84.080

[RCW Indexpage 44] (2016 Ed.)


Governmental agency purchases of blind-made employment, discrimination in prohibited negligent operation, under the influence
goods and services 19.06.020, 39.24.060, 70.84.080 10.31.100
39.26.285 impersonating blind person, prohibited, Assault by watercraft 79A.60.060
Interference with, violations, penalty 70.84.070 penalty 70.84.060 Ballast water management Ch. 77.120
Malicious harassment 9A.36.080 penalty for violation 70.84.070 Boater environmental education and boat waste
Nonprofit agencies for the blind, public agency public accommodation, discrimination management program 79A.60.560,
purchases from 39.24.060 prohibited 70.84.010 79A.60.570
Nonprofit agencies for the blind, state agency rights of blind persons 70.84.050 Boating activities program 79A.60.670,
purchases from 39.26.285 state policy 70.84.010 79A.60.680, 79A.60.690
Prevention of blindness, See PUBLIC transportation, discrimination prohibited Boating fire prevention education program
ASSISTANCE, subtitle Aid to the blind 70.84.010 79A.60.610
Prevention of blindness program Youth Boating offense compact Ch. 88.01
established 74.09.720 educational service district superintendents Boating safety education
Products duty 72.40.070 parks and recreation commission powers and
advertising limitations 19.06.030 parents duty 72.40.080 duties 79A.05.310
governmental agency purchases of goods and school districts duty 72.40.060 Charter boats, regulation of boats operating on
services 19.06.020, 39.24.060, 39.26.285 BLOOD state waters Ch. 88.04
labeling requirements, prohibited acts Blood and/or tissue banks Charter fishing boats, See FISH AND FISHING,
19.06.010 business and occupation tax exemption subtitle Charter boats
violations, penalty 19.06.040 82.04.324 Convicts, transportation into state prohibited
Rehabilitation council for the blind cord blood banks 70.54.220, 70.54.222 88.08.030
created 74.18.070 sales tax exemption 82.08.02805 Crimes
department of services for the blind to consult use tax exemption 82.12.02747 decriminalization of certain boating safety
74.18.100 Blood donors, minors 70.01.020 offenses Ch. 7.84
governor to appoint 74.18.070 Blood establishments for blood collecting or operating steamboat while intoxicated
meetings 74.18.080 distributing 9.91.020
membership registration, regulation, and enforcement Ch. Crimes, See also CRIMES, subtitle Boats and
terms 74.18.070 70.335 vessels
travel expenses 74.18.080 Immunity from implied warranties and civil Deconstruction of vessels
powers 74.18.090 liability in procurement, use, etc., extent sales tax exemption 82.08.9996
Self-support aid, See PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, 70.54.120 use tax exemption 82.12.9996
subtitle Aid to the blind Minors, blood donation, necessity of parental Decriminalization of certain boating safety
Service animals permission, not needed over eighteen years offenses Ch. 7.84
defined 70.84.021 of age 70.01.020 Definitions 79A.60.010
driver responsibilities and liabilities 70.84.040 Derelict vessels 43.21B.305, Ch. 79.100
killing or injuring, liability 49.60.370 BLOOD TESTS (See DRIVING UNDER
THE INFLUENCE) Emergency response caused by intoxication
license fee waiver 49.60.380 recovery of emergency response costs from
state agency employees with sensory BOARD OF EDUCATION (See STATE convicted person 38.52.430
disabilities BOARD OF EDUCATION) Environmental education for boaters,
need for service animal training 49.90.010 BOARDING AND LODGING HOUSES (See establishment 79A.60.510
unauthorized use 70.84.060 also HOTELS; TRANSIENT Environmental education for boaters, funding
State school for ACCOMMODATIONS) 79A.60.590
account 72.40.300 Lien on property of guests, See LIENS, subtitle Equipment, failure of vessel to contain safety
admittance 72.40.040, 72.40.050 Inn keepers equipment 79A.60.150
appropriations 72.40.120 Unlawful occupant conducting, service of notice
behavior management 72.40.220 Equipment standards 79A.60.110
of forcible entry and detainer actions Fire prevention education program 79A.60.610
board of trustees 59.12.040
creation of new congressional districts or Fishing boats and vessels, See FISH AND
boundaries, affect of 72.41.025 BOARDS (See also STATE DEPARTMENTS FISHING, subtitle Vessels
expenses 72.41.060 AND AGENCIES) Freshwater aquatic weeds management program
meetings 72.41.070 Compensation 43.21A.660, 43.21A.662
powers and duties 72.41.040 class five groups 43.03.265 Hire, vessels for
rules and regulations 72.41.020, 72.41.030 class four groups 43.03.250 requirements, including safety 79A.60.710
child abuse and neglect class one groups 43.03.220 Homicide by watercraft 79A.60.050
behavior management 72.40.220 class three groups 43.03.240 Hydroplane races
employees and volunteers, supervision class two groups 43.03.230 admission fee, charged by city or town,
72.40.250 Rule-making authority, quasi-judicial, policy authorized 35.21.810
residential staffing requirement 72.40.240 direction, certain regulatory or licensing cities and towns, public purpose 35.21.815
sexual victimization, protection from functions Insurance
72.40.270 class three groups 43.03.240 marine insurance policies
staff orientation and training 72.40.230 Sunset act, entities scheduled for termination Ch. used vessels, upon transfer of ownership
student instruction 72.40.260 43.131 79.100.170
employee hours of labor 72.40.110 BOATS AND BOATING (See also VESSELS vendor single-interest or collateral protection
establishment 72.40.010 AND SHIPPING) coverage, requirements 48.22.110,
student life-threatening illness, Accidents 48.22.115, 48.22.120, 48.22.125,
hospitalization, death duty to render assistance, immunity 48.22.130, 48.22.135
reports to parents 72.40.210 79A.60.200 Invasive species, See FISH AND WILDLIFE,
student safety and protection from abuse and hit and run, penalties 79A.60.200 DEPARTMENT OF, subtitle Invasive
neglect 72.40.200 investigation 79A.60.220 species
superintendent reports 79A.60.210 Jet skis, prohibited activities 79A.60.190
defined 72.41.015 Agents Licensing department authority and duties Ch.
powers and duties 72.40.022, 72.40.024 immunity for vehicle and vessel titling and 88.02
qualifications 72.40.020 registration 46.01.310 Life jackets and preservers
teachers 72.40.028 Alcohol, drugs, or marijuana, operation of boat inspection and approval 79A.60.140
terms 72.40.031 under the influence 79A.60.040 penalty for failure to carry 79A.60.160
weekend transportation 72.40.090 Alcohol, drugs, or THC, testing for, refusal to Lighthouses
Teachers of visually impaired, qualifications submit to injury to prohibited, penalty 88.08.050
28A.410.032 class 1 civil infraction and inadmissibility as Lights or signals
Vending facilities in public buildings 74.18.220 evidence 79A.60.700 tampering with prohibited, penalty 88.08.020
White cane law Aquatic invasive species, See FISH AND Lights or signals, tampering with prohibited
dog guide WILDLIFE, DEPARTMENT OF, subtitle 79A.60.120
defined 70.84.020 Invasive species Liquid petroleum gas leak warning devices
driver responsibilities and liabilities 70.84.040 Arrest without warrant 79A.60.600

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 45]


Loading or powering beyond safe operating negligent operation 79A.60.030 BODY CAVITY SEARCHES (See ARREST,
ability 79A.60.180 reckless operation 79A.60.040 subtitle Strip, body cavity searches)
Marine recreation land Water pollution, See WATER POLLUTION BOILERS AND PRESSURE VESSELS
duties of interagency committee for outdoor CONTROL Boilers
recreation Ch. 79A.25 Water skiing safety 79A.60.170 industrial, commercial, or institutional
Moorage, parks and recreation commission Watercraft excise tax imposed Ch. 82.49 assessment and reporting requirements
facilities Waterway access facilities 79A.60.510 70.94.992
abandoned vessels Waterway marking system 79A.60.500 Damages, insurance covering, See
determination of abandonment 79A.65.020 Waterways access facilities, funding 79A.60.590 INSURANCE, subtitle Casualty insurance
disposal 79A.65.030 Wharves, docks, and landings Ch. 88.24 Generally, including inspections and board of
public sale and use of proceeds 79A.65.030 Whitewater passenger vessels, See boiler rules Ch. 70.79
definitions 79A.65.010 WHITEWATER RAFTING Inspectors, access to premises 70.77.230
unauthorized vessels Miniature hobby boilers 70.79.070
delinquent charges, action to recover BODIES (See HUMAN REMAINS)
Operating without spark arresters 9.40.040
79A.65.030 BODY ART, BODY PIERCING, AND Steam, liability for negligent use 70.54.080
securing procedures, notice 79A.65.020 TATTOOING
Moorage facilities Breach of duty imposed by statute, ordinance, or BOMB THREATS (See also CRIMES,
abandoned vessels, public sale 53.08.320 rule subtitle Government property, bomb
definitions 53.08.310 negligence per se 5.40.050 threats)
insurance requirements 53.08.480 Consumer protection act, application of Hoax no defense 9.61.160
rules 53.08.320 18.300.140 Prohibited 9.61.160
vessel information requirements for long-term Definitions 18.300.010 BONA FIDE HOLDER
moorage 88.02.420 Director of licensing, authority 18.300.020 Negotiable instruments, See NEGOTIABLE
Moorage facilities, private Ch. 88.26 Disciplinary action by director of licensing, INSTRUMENTS, subtitle Holders in due
abandoned and impounded vessels 88.26.020 grounds 18.300.100 course
delinquent charges 88.26.020 Finding 18.300.005
insurance requirements 88.26.030 BONA FIDE PURCHASER (See GOOD
Mufflers or underwater exhaust systems, appeal of directors refusal to issue license,
requirements and enforcement 79A.60.130 procedure 18.300.120 BOND ISSUES (See also SECURITIES)
Oil pollution, See WATER POLLUTION experience and training requirements Airports, municipal 14.08.090, 14.08.112,
CONTROL, subtitle Oil pollution control 18.300.160 14.08.114
Operating steamboat while intoxicated, penalty expiration of licenses 18.300.060 Alternative method of issuance 39.46.150,
9.91.020 fees 18.300.050 39.46.160
Paint, antifouling, copper-based individual license and shop or business license Appropriations, financing Ch. 43.99H, Ch.
prohibiting sale for, and use on, recreational required 18.300.090 43.99I, Ch. 43.99J, Ch. 43.99K, Ch. 43.99L,
vessels Ch. 70.300 issuance requirements 18.300.040 Ch. 43.99P, Ch. 43.99Q, Ch. 43.99R, Ch.
Personal flotation devices late renewal penalties 18.300.050 43.99S, Ch. 43.99T, 43.99W.010,
inspection and approval 79A.60.140 license in good standing, requirement 43.99W.020, 43.99W.030, 43.99W.040,
penalty for failure to carry 79A.60.160 18.300.030 43.99W.050, Ch. 43.99X, Ch. 43.99Y, Ch.
Personal watercraft, prohibited activities reinstatement and duplicates 18.300.050 43.99Z
79A.60.190 Appropriations, financing, 2011-2013 and 2013-
reissuance after suspension due to
Puget Sound small boat facilities 79A.05.185 2015 biennia Ch. 43.99Y
noncompliance with support order
Records 18.300.130 Appropriations, financing, 2011-2013 biennium
owner records, disclosure by department of Ch. 43.99X
suspension due to electronic benefit card Biofuels facilities and production for aviation
licensing 88.02.430 violations 18.300.095
Recreational vessels, regulation Ch. 79A.60 housing finance commission, bond issuance
suspension due to noncompliance with and financing powers of 43.180.265
Registration support order 18.300.130
credit or debit cards, payment of fees Bond retirement accounts Ch. 43.99M
uniform regulation of business and Bridge districts, investment of savings banks in
46.01.235 professions act 18.300.150
Retail installment contracts 32.20.110
Secretary of health, authority Canada
service charge 63.14.130
Safety education rules, sterilization 70.54.340 savings associations, investment in 33.24.020
account, boating safety education certification Shop or business requirements savings banks, investment in 32.20.030
79A.60.650 authority of director of licensing 18.300.070 statewide city employees retirement system
commissions duties 79A.60.630 inspections 18.300.070 funds, investment in 41.44.100
requirements to operate motor driven boats notice to consumers 18.300.080 Capital and operating appropriations acts, 2015-
79A.60.640 shop or business license and individual license 2017 bond issue Ch. 43.99Z
Sewage pumpout or dump units required 18.300.090 Capital projects
location and installation 79A.60.530, Spread of disease, precautions against general obligation bonds Ch. 43.99G, Ch.
79A.60.540, 79A.60.550 secretary of health authority to adopt rules 43.99H, 43.99W.010, 43.99W.020,
sewage disposal initiative 79A.60.510 70.54.340 43.99W.030, 43.99W.040, 43.99W.050
Sewage pumpout or dump units, funding Sterilization requirements 70.54.340 Capitol building lands Ch. 79.24
79A.60.590 Uniform regulation of business and professions Capitol facilities, revenue bonds1969
State ship, Lady Washington designated as act 18.300.100, 18.300.150 refunding bonds1974
1.20.160 Violations general obligation, issuance, authorization
Teak surfing, platform dragging, bodysurfing appeal of revocation or suspension of license 43.83F.010
restrictions, penalty 79A.60.660 18.300.120 state finance committee, powers and duties
Vessels adrift, notification and claims complaint reporting by consumers 18.300.080 43.83F.020
79A.60.230, 79A.60.240, 79A.60.250, consumer protection act, application of Cities and towns
79A.60.260, 79A.60.270, 79A.60.280, 18.300.140 cities and towns under 20,000 35.37.040,
79A.60.290, 79A.60.300 disciplinary action by director of licensing, 35.37.090, 35.37.110, 35.37.120
Violations and penalties grounds 18.300.100 community renewals 35.81.100, 35.81.115
assault by watercraft 79A.60.060 disciplining of licensees 18.300.150 declaratory judgments 7.25.010
criminal and civil violations 79A.60.020 individual license and shop or business license definitions 7.25.005
eluding law enforcement vessel 79A.60.090 required 18.300.090 eminent domain
enforcement to supplement federal laws inspections 18.300.070 authority 8.12.390
79A.60.100 license in good standing, failing to obtain and bondholders remedy for nonpayment,
failure to stop for law enforcement officer maintain 18.300.030 limitations 8.12.450
79A.60.080 penalties 18.300.110 collection, enforcement by bond owner
hit and run 79A.60.200 suspension of license due to noncompliance 8.12.440
homicide by watercraft 79A.60.050 with support order 18.300.130 installment payment of assessments
lights or signals, tampering with prohibited uniform regulation of business and 8.12.420, 8.12.430
79A.60.120 professions act 18.300.100, 18.300.150 issuance, conditions 8.12.400

[RCW Indexpage 46] (2016 Ed.)


payment 8.12.460 sewerage systems 35.67.140, 35.67.150, industrial development program Ch. 39.84
sale, application of proceeds 8.12.410 35.67.160, 35.67.170, 35.67.180, interest
energy or water conservation program 35.67.194 coupon interest payments on registered
revenue bonds 35.92.105 sanitary fills, improvement district bonds bonds 39.44.120
facsimile signatures 35.73.070 registration 39.44.120
destruction of plates 39.44.100 statewide city employees retirement system interest payments 36.67.070
fraud by printer or engraver, penalty funds, investment in 41.44.100 investment of public funds in Ch. 43.84
39.44.101 street grades, sanitary fills, improvement juvenile detention facilities, bond issue for
sufficiency 39.44.100 district bonds 35.73.060 authorized 13.16.070
first class cities subway construction 35.85.070 maturity 39.44.070
execution by proxy Ch. 35.36 tunnel construction 35.85.070 park and recreation districts
transfer of funds 35.22.590 United States, sale of bonds to at private sale general obligation bonds, limitations
general obligation bonds Ch. 39.48 36.69.140
public utility acquisitions 35.92.080 use to finance pedestrian malls 35.71.060 public health and safety facilities 36.89.040
general obligation or revenue bonds, cities utility bonds, refunding with general refunding bonds
under 300,000, limitation on use of receipts obligation funding bonds Ch. 39.52 authority to issue 39.52.010
35.33.121 water redemption bonds Ch. 35.89 bankruptcy readjustment and relief from
housing authorities 35.82.130 waterworks, refunding with general obligation debts Ch. 39.64
certification by attorney general 35.82.160 funding bonds Ch. 39.52 "corporate authorities", defined 39.52.050
covenants and pledges of 35.82.150 world fairs or expositions, participation in indebtedness limitations not to be exceeded
form and sale 35.82.140 35.60.030 39.52.020
housing authority power in regard to Cities and towns, public facilities districts tax levy to meet payments and interest
35.82.150 authorized to acquire and operate regional 39.52.035
obligees remedies 35.82.170, 35.82.180 centers Ch. 35.57 validation of prior issues 39.52.015
improvement bonds, payment from general Cities and towns under 300,000, expenditures registered bonds, statements and signatures
revenues, procedure 35.45.065 from proposed in budget 35.33.031 39.44.102
improvement district bonds Colleges and universities registration of bonds
sanitary fills 35.73.070 bonds for buildings and facilities1957 act principal payable to payee or assignee
street grades, sanitary fills 35.73.060 definitions 28B.20.705 39.44.110
industrial development program Ch. 39.84 interest, terms, form 28B.20.715 treasurer as registration officer, designation
interest powers of regents 28B.20.710 of fiscal agent 39.44.130
coupon interest payments on registered purpose 28B.20.700 registration of bonds and interest
bonds 39.44.120 generally 28B.10.300, 28B.10.310
coupon interest payments 39.44.120
registration 39.44.120 proceeds, deposit in state higher education
construction account 28B.10.851 roads and bridges, See COUNTY ROADS
local improvement AND BRIDGES, subtitle Bond issues
lowland filling 35.55.120, 35.55.130, validation of prior bond issues 28B.10.335
Washingtons future bond issue Ch. 28B.14H savings associations, investment in 33.24.050,
35.55.140, 35.56.130, 35.56.140, 33.24.060, 33.24.070
35.56.150 Community and technical colleges
authority savings banks, authorized investment for
local improvement districts 32.20.070, 32.20.090
1974 act
refunding bonds, limitations 35.45.170 refunding sewerage, water and drainage systems,
as repayment for installment notes 35.45.155 state finance committee consent counties
local improvements, See also LOCAL 28B.50.409 general obligation, revenue, improvement
IMPROVEMENTS AND additional incidental powers 28B.50.380 district bonds 36.94.200
ASSESSMENTS, subtitle Cities and towns bonds, form, term, sale, etc. 28B.50.350 revenue and general obligation bonds
maturity 39.44.070 community and technical college bond 36.94.210
metropolitan park districts 35.61.190, retirement fund statewide city employees retirement system
35.61.200 source of funds 28B.50.370 funds, investment in 41.44.100
municipal revenue bond act Ch. 35.41 community and technical college capital storm water control facilities 36.89.040,
notices of sale projects account 36.89.100
maturity 39.44.070 creation, use, deposit of tuition 28B.50.360 rates and charges, county imposition in
nuclear, thermal, electric generating power legislature may provide additional sources annexed or incorporated areas 36.89.120,
facilities 54.44.040 28B.50.400 36.94.470
parking facilities, off-street 35.86.020 limited obligation, nature of bonds utility local improvement districts, special
parking commission 35.86A.090 28B.50.400 assessment authority 36.89.110
public mass transportation system 39.33.050 pledge to collect building fees for payment of transportation, department of, county
public utilities 35.23.525 bonds 28B.50.370 assistance 36.76.140
public utility acquisitions procedures, repayment 28B.50.330 United States, sale of bonds to at private sale
general obligation bonds 35.92.080 refunding 28B.50.390 Ch. 39.48
revenue bonds, lien against 35.92.100 repayment 28B.50.340, 28B.50.370 County park and recreation service areas
refunding bonds Washingtons future bond issue Ch. 28B.14H 36.68.480
authority to issue 39.52.010 Community and technical colleges funds, County road improvement districts, See
bankruptcy readjustment and relief from depositaries, surety bonds 28B.50.320 COUNTY ROADS AND BRIDGES,
debts Ch. 39.64 Community redevelopment financing Ch. 39.88 subtitle County road improvement districts
"corporate authorities", defined 39.52.050 Community revitalization financing Ch. 39.89 Court commissioners power to approve
indebtedness limitations not to be exceeded Corporations 2.24.040
39.52.020 savings banks, investment in 32.20.370 Debt-limit general fund bond retirement account,
tax levy to meet payments and interest Counties use of funds from 43.99W.030
39.52.035 airports 14.08.112, 14.08.114 Declaratory judgments as to validity 7.25.010
validation of prior issues 39.52.015 county hospitals 36.62.060, 36.62.070 Definitions 7.25.005
registered bonds, statements and signatures declaratory judgments 7.25.010 Depositaries, community and technical college
39.44.102 definitions 7.25.005 boards of trustees, funds of colleges
registration of bonds facsimile signatures 28B.50.320
principal payable to payee or assignee destruction of plates 39.44.100 Diking and drainage improvement districts
39.44.110 fraud by printer or engraver, penalty excess and extraordinary expenditures
treasurer as registration officer, designation 39.44.101 85.16.180
of fiscal agent 39.44.130 sufficiency 39.44.100 maintenance assessments 85.16.030
registration of bonds and interest highwaysopen spaces, issuance and Diking districts, See DIKING AND
coupon interest payments 39.44.120 submission of proposition to voters DRAINAGE, subtitle Diking districts
revenue bonds 35.41.030 36.89.040 Drainage districts, See DIKING AND
energy or water conservation programs indebtedness contracted 36.67.060 DRAINAGE, subtitle Drainage districts
35.92.105 interest payment 36.67.070 Drainage systems
public utility acquisitions 35.92.100 maturity 39.44.070 generally 85.05.078

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 47]


Drainage systems, See also DIKING AND HighwaysOpen spaces, issuance and subject and subsequent bonds equal charges
DRAINAGE submission of proposition to voters against pledged fuel tax revenues
East capitol site, 1969 36.89.040 47.10.809
refunding bonds1974 Housing finance commission Irrigation districts
general obligation, issuance authorization disposition of proceeds 43.180.170 elections 87.03.200
43.83F.010 disposition of revenues 43.180.180 generally 87.03.200
state finance committee, powers and duties legal investments 43.180.190 limitation of actions on 4.16.060
43.83F.020 not debt of state 43.180.030 Irrigation districts, See also IRRIGATION
Elections to authorize terms, issuance 43.180.150 DISTRICTS, subtitle Fiscal matters
counties Housing for state offices, departments and Issuance
canvass 39.40.030 institutions Ch. 43.82 alternative method 39.46.100
certification of result 39.40.030 I-90 completion1979 act definitions 39.46.020
existing election laws apply 39.40.020 administration and amount of bond sales issuer authorized to establish lines of credit
vote required 39.40.010 47.10.791 39.46.050
metropolitan park districts alternate use permitted issuer to determine amount, terms, conditions,
canvass 39.40.030 limitations 47.10.790 interest 39.46.040
certification of result 39.40.030 appropriation, expenditure limitation payment of costs of issuance and sale
existing election laws apply 39.40.020 47.10.799 39.46.070
vote required 39.40.010 charge against fuel tax revenues 47.10.798 purpose of chapter 39.46.010
port districts excess funds, early retirement, authorized reproduction of physical instrument 39.46.060
canvass 39.40.030 47.10.796 Jobs now act, 2012 43.99X.100, 43.99X.110,
certification of result 39.40.030 excise taxes, pledge of 47.10.793 43.99X.120, 43.99X.130, 43.99X.140,
existing election laws apply 39.40.020 general obligation, declaration 47.10.793 43.99X.150, 43.99X.160
vote required 39.40.010 issuance authorized, amount, limitations Joint operating agencies 43.52.3411
Emergency public works Ch. 39.28 47.10.790 bidding 43.52.343
Eminent domain by cities legal investment for public funds 47.10.797 negotiation or advertisement of 43.52.343
bondholders remedy for nonpayment, motor vehicle fund, priority of payment from powers as to 43.52.3411
limitations 8.12.450 47.10.794 sale by negotiation or advertisement and bid
collection, enforcement by bond owner proceeds, deposit, use 47.10.792 43.52.343
8.12.440 repayment procedure 47.10.795 Juvenile correctional institution in King county,
installment payment of assessments 8.12.420, Industrial development revenue bonds See CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS,
8.12.430 commingling with municipal funds prohibited subtitle Juvenile correctional institution in
payment 8.12.460 39.84.130 King county
sale, application of proceeds 8.12.410 community economic revitalization board Libraries and library districts 27.12.222,
Eminent domain by city or town authority 39.84.200 27.12.223
authority 8.12.390 default, procedures to be taken 39.84.160 Liens against
issuance, conditions 8.12.400 definitions 39.84.020 nonpayment or underpayment of wages by
Energy financing voter approval act department of commerce public works contractor 39.12.050
cost-effectiveness wages, nonpayment or underpayment by
responsibilities 39.84.090 public works contractor 39.12.050
priorities 80.52.080 facility revenue sufficiency requirement
definitions 80.52.030 Local government
39.84.150 alternative method of issuance 39.46.150,
election approval required
bonds 80.52.040, 80.52.050, 80.52.060, issuance requirements 39.84.100 39.46.160
80.52.070 legislative finding and declaration 39.84.010 notice of intent to sell general obligation
purpose 80.52.020 public corporations bonds 39.46.120
short title 80.52.010 audit by state 39.84.070 out-of-state issuers for projects within state
Facsimile signatures board of directors 39.46.170
destruction of plates 39.44.100 conflict of interest 39.84.050 Local government bond information
fraud by printer or engraver, penalty establishment 39.84.040 rule adoption 43.63A.155
39.44.101 creation 39.84.030 submittal to department of commerce
legal sufficiency 39.44.100 dissolution 39.84.030 publication 43.63A.155
Ferries eligibility determination by department of Local government general obligation bonds
passenger-only ferry service districts commerce 39.84.090 payment 39.46.110
public transportation benefit areas, issuance limitations 39.84.060 Local improvements
of bonds by 36.57A.226 powers 39.84.080 savings associations, investment in 33.24.080
Fire protection districts, See FIRE public corporations authorized to transfer savings banks, investment in 32.20.120
PROTECTION DISTRICTS, subtitle Fiscal unencumbered funds to creating statewide city employees retirement system
matters municipality 39.84.130 funds, investment in 41.44.100
Fiscal agents, state refunding 39.84.110 Loss or destruction of bond
appointment subleases and assignments 39.84.140 cancellation of original 39.72.020
registered bond duties 43.80.125 trust agreements 39.84.120 issuance of duplicate 39.72.010
Flood control districts, generally, See FLOOD Insurance companies, See INSURANCE, notification of fiscal officers 39.72.020
CONTROL, subtitle Districts1937 act subtitle Investments records to be kept 39.72.020
Flood hazard mitigation Ch. 43.99U Interest Maturity
General obligation bonds county road improvement district bonds county, city and town, school district, port
capital and operating appropriations acts, 36.88.140 district, metropolitan park district bonds
2011-2013 and 2013-2015 biennia Ch. revenue bonds, issuance at greater interest rate 39.44.070
43.99Y than that contained in ballot, ordinance or Metropolitan municipal corporations
jobs now act, 2012 43.99X.100, 43.99X.110, resolution, authorized 39.90.050 general obligation bonds
43.99X.120, 43.99X.130, 43.99X.140, Interstate highways, category A, category C authorized 35.58.450
43.99X.150, 43.99X.160 improvements1981 act limitation on indebtedness 35.58.450
local government bond proceeds, deposit, use 47.10.803 public mass transportation system 39.33.050
notice of intent to sell 39.46.120 excess funds, use 47.10.807 Metropolitan park districts
school construction assistance grant program general obligation statement, excise tax elections to authorize
conditions and limitations 43.99V.020 pledge 47.10.804 certification of result 39.40.030
issuance of bonds 43.99V.010 issuance authorized, amounts, limitations vote required 39.40.010
payment of principal and interest 47.10.801 facsimile signatures
43.99V.050 legal investment for public funds 47.10.808 destruction of plates 39.44.100
pledge and promise, remedies 43.99V.040 repayment funds, designation 47.10.805 fraud by printer or engraver, penalty
retirement of bonds 43.99V.030 repayment procedures, bond retirement fund 39.44.101
Highway construction bonds Ch. 47.10 47.10.806 legal sufficiency 39.44.100
Highways, See HIGHWAYS, subtitle Bond sales procedure, amounts, limitations interest, payment of 35.61.200
issues 47.10.802 maturity 39.44.070

[RCW Indexpage 48] (2016 Ed.)


registered bonds, statements and signatures Public waterway districts, See PUBLIC treasurers as registration officers, designation
39.44.102 WATERWAY DISTRICTS of fiscal agent 39.44.130
retirement 35.61.190 Puget Sound ferry and toll bridge system, See Registration of ownership, requirements
revenue bonds, issuance and sales, PUGET SOUND FERRY AND TOLL alternative method 39.46.100
authorization 35.61.115 BRIDGE SYSTEM definitions 39.46.020
United States, sale of bonds to at private sale Purchase of bridges or ferries by transportation fiscal agents 39.46.030
Ch. 39.48 department, bond issue authorized for issuer authorized to establish lines of credit
Multi-purpose community centers financing of 47.56.050 39.46.050
general obligation bonds 35.59.060 Readjustment of debts in bankruptcy, for Ch. issuer to determine amount, terms, conditions,
revenue bonds 35.59.070 39.64 interest 39.46.040
Municipal airports Refunding bond act payment of costs of issuance and sale
funding or refunding bonds 14.08.114 authorization 39.53.040 39.46.070
issuance of authorized, security 14.08.090 bonds that may be refunded 39.53.040 purpose of chapter 39.46.010
revenue bonds 14.08.112 contracts for safekeeping of proceeds registration system 39.46.030
Municipal corporations 39.53.070 reproduction of physical instrument 39.46.060
declaratory judgments 7.25.010 definitions 39.53.010 Revenue bonds
definitions 7.25.005 disposition of reserves to secure bonds to be funds for reserve purposes may be included
United States, sale of bonds to at private sale refunded 39.53.050 39.44.140
Ch. 39.48 electric power contracts, amendments to issuance at greater interest rate than rate
Municipal corporations, See also MUNICIPAL reflect savings resulting from refunding restriction, authorized 39.90.050
CORPORATIONS, subtitle Short-term 39.53.130 River and harbor improvement districts, See
obligations exchanges 39.53.030 RIVER AND HARBOR IMPROVEMENT
Nonliability of treasurer for funds received by expenses of issuance 39.53.060 DISTRICTS, subtitle Fiscal matters
state fiscal agents for payment of bonds general obligation bond retirement, use of Sale of to United States at private sale Ch. 39.48
43.80.150 deposit moneys and investments in amortization 39.48.020
Notice of intent to sell general obligation bonds computing indebtedness 39.53.100 chapter optional 39.48.040
local governments 39.46.120 issuance authorized 39.53.020 "issuer", defined 39.48.030
Nuclear, thermal, electric generating power issuance of bonds in combination 39.53.110 Savings associations investing in, See SAVINGS
facilities, joint development 54.44.040 issuance of bonds to be in accordance with ASSOCIATIONS, subtitle Investments
Outdoor recreational facilities bond issue, See applicable laws 39.53.120 Schools and school districts
PARKS AND RECREATION, subtitle issuance to refund general obligation or credit enhancement program Ch. 39.98
Outdoor recreational facilities bond issue revenue bonds 39.53.140 facilities, generally Ch. 28A.525
Out-of-state issuers maturities of bonds issued to refund voted school construction assistance grant program
issuance of bonds for projects within state general obligation bonds 39.53.090 conditions and limitations 43.99V.020
39.46.170 ordinances, contents 39.53.040 issuance of bonds 43.99V.010
Park and recreation districts payment of bonds, pledge 39.53.070 payment of principal and interest
general obligation bonds, limitations principal amount 39.53.050 43.99V.050
36.69.140 proceeds of sale 39.53.060, 39.53.070 pledge and promise, remedies 43.99V.040
revenue bonds, See PARK AND purposes 39.53.020 retirement of bonds 43.99V.030
RECREATION DISTRICTS, subtitle redemption times 39.53.040 skill centers Ch. 28A.527
Revenue bonds revenues for payment, pledge 39.53.080 Sewer districts, See WATER-SEWER
Payment on bonds when no state fiscal agent is sale, manner 39.53.030 DISTRICTS, subtitle Bond issues
designated 43.80.120 special assessments Sewerage, water and drainage systems, counties
not subject to refunding 39.53.045 general obligation, revenue, improvement
Port districts district bonds 36.94.200
facsimile signatures trustee
revenue and general obligation bonds
destruction of plates 39.44.100 appointment 39.53.070 36.94.210
fraud by printer or engraver, penalty Refunding bonds Special assessments
39.44.101 cities and towns Ch. 39.52 refunding, not subject to 39.53.045
legal sufficiency 39.44.100 counties Ch. 39.52 Stadium and exhibition center bond issue Ch.
industrial development program Ch. 39.84 Refunding bonds1974 43.99N
interest capitol facilities, revenue bonds1969 State
registered bonds 39.44.120 general obligation 43.83F.040 bonds, notes and other evidences of
registration 39.44.120 legal investment for public funds 43.83F.060 indebtedness, See STATE
maturity 39.44.070 payment of principal and interest, additional facsimile signatures
registered bonds, statements and signatures methods authorized 43.83F.050 destruction of plates 39.44.100
39.44.102 proceeds, use of, investment limitations fraud by printer or engraver, penalty
registration of bonds 43.83F.030 39.44.101
county treasurer as registration officer, state building refunding bond redemption legal sufficiency 39.44.100
designation of fiscal agent 39.44.130 fund, payment procedure 43.83F.040 highway, See HIGHWAYS, subtitle Bond
principal payable to payee or assignee state finance committee, powers and duties issues
39.44.110 43.83F.020 housing for state offices, departments and
registration of bonds and interest east capitol site-1969 institutions Ch. 43.82
coupon interest payments 39.44.120 general obligation 43.83F.040 institutions, See STATE INSTITUTIONS,
registration of interest 39.44.120 east capitol site1969 subtitle Bond issues
toll facilities, See PORT DISTRICTS, subtitle legal investment for public funds 43.83F.060 investment of public funds in state bonds Ch.
Toll facilities payment of principal and interest, additional 43.84
training, education, and improvement funding methods authorized 43.83F.050 registered bonds, statements and signatures
39.84.170 proceeds, use of, investment limitations 39.44.102
United States, sale of bonds to at private sale 43.83F.030 statewide city employees retirement system
Ch. 39.48 east capitol site-1969 funds, investment in 41.44.100
Public facilities districts 36.100.200, 36.100.205 state building refunding bond redemption State and local government bond information
Public hospital districts 70.44.060, 70.44.110, fund, payment procedure 43.83F.040 annual report to department of commerce
70.44.130 east capitol site1969 39.44.210
Public mass transportation system, general state finance committee, powers and duties definitions 39.44.200
revenue and general obligation bonds, 43.83F.020 submittal to department of commerce
authorized 39.33.050 Registered bonds contents 39.44.210, 39.44.230
Public utility districts appointment of state fiscal agents 43.80.125 validity of bonds not affected by failure to file
nuclear, thermal, electric generating power Registration 39.44.240
facilities 54.44.040 coupon interest payments 39.44.120 State capitol
Public utility districts, See also PUBLIC principal payable to payee or assignee housing for state offices, departments and
UTILITY DISTRICTS, subtitle Fiscal 39.44.110 institutions Ch. 43.82
matters statements and signatures 39.44.102 State fiscal agent, See FISCAL AGENTS

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 49]


State toll bridges 47.56.140 court commissioners, temporary injunctions amounts 36.16.050
Tax levies for and restraining orders 2.24.040 filing 36.16.060
county refunding bonds 39.52.035 Attachment 6.25.080, 6.25.100, 6.25.280 County road engineer 36.80.020
Taxing district relief act Ch. 39.64 redeliver bonds 6.25.190 County roads and bridges
Taxing districts, declaratory judgments 7.25.010 sureties 6.25.080, 6.25.090 contractors bond required 36.77.040
Toll bridges, See also BRIDGES, subtitle State Attorney general 43.10.010, 43.10.020 service districts 36.83.030, 36.83.040,
toll bridges Auto transportation companies 81.68.060, 36.83.050, 36.83.060, 36.83.070
Toll facilities, bond issues authorized for, 81.68.065 County sheriff 36.28.030
generally 47.56.070 Bail County treasurer
Toll roads, See HIGHWAYS, subtitle Toll roads bail bond agents Ch. 18.185 amount 36.16.050
Toll tunnels, See TUNNELS, subtitle Toll forfeiture depositaries, effect 36.48.050
tunnels action by prosecuting attorney 10.19.110 filing 36.16.060
Transportation, department of judgment against principal and sureties, Declaratory judgments, test of validity 7.25.010
construction, commission powers and duties execution 10.19.090, 10.19.105 Diking or drainage districts, commissioners
relating to Ch. 47.10 stay of execution of forfeiture judgment, 85.07.060
county assistance 36.76.140 bond 10.19.100 Economic development finance authority
highway construction bonds Ch. 47.10 vacation of forfeiture judgment if person nonrecourse revenue bonds
Transportation, See HIGHWAYS; produced 10.19.105 bond issuance and repayment, chapter
TRANSPORTATION ne exeat 7.44.030 constitutes alternative method 43.163.190
Transportation projects in urban areas, See sureties economic development activities 43.163.210
TRANSPORTATION IMPROVEMENT liability 10.19.150 financing documents 43.163.150
BOARD, subtitle Bond issues return of bond 10.19.140 issuance, terms, and conditions 43.163.130
United States surrender of person under bond 10.19.160 legal investment, bonds constitute
sale to at private sale Ch. 39.48 Cities and towns 43.163.180
statewide city employees retirement system city manager 35.18.050 manufacturing or processing activities
funds, investment in 41.44.100 city treasurer, effect of depositary designation 43.163.210
35.38.050 moneys received are trust funds 43.163.160
Urban arterial, county and city arterials commission form government 35.17.100 new product development 43.163.210
authorization, amounts 47.26.420 public depositaries 35.38.040 obligations of authority only, not of state
bond proceeds, deposit, use 47.26.423 security to city or town 42.08.010 43.163.140
general obligation statement, pledge of excise town officers 35.27.120 owners and trustees, enforcement of rights
taxes 47.26.424 Cities and towns, public facilities districts 43.163.170
repayment of authorized to acquire and operate regional payment of principal and interest only from
procedure 47.26.426 centers Ch. 35.57 special authority repayment fund
sales, legal investment for public funds Cities and towns, See also BOND ISSUES, 43.163.140
47.26.422 subtitle Cities and towns Energy efficiency services, improvements, and
series II, 1979 reenactment Civil action projects
priority of charge against fuel tax revenue court may fix amount 4.44.470 state bond authorities, involvement in
47.26.4255 money in lieu of 4.44.470 financing energy efficiency projects
repayment sources, priority 47.26.4252 Clerk 43.330.360
series III county 36.23.020 Examiner of titles 65.12.090
repayment 47.26.4254 municipal court 35.20.210 Executions
terms, conditions 47.26.421 Community facilities districts adverse claims 6.19.030, 6.19.040, 6.19.050,
Urban transportation projects, See bonds to be sole obligation of district 6.19.060
TRANSPORTATION IMPROVEMENT 36.145.130 Executors and administrators
BOARD, subtitle Bond issues payment of bonds, related costs 36.145.120 nonresidents 11.36.010
Validation Conservation bonds may serve as, bond, service of papers,
bonds authorized prior to April 3, 1982 public utility conservation interests appointment of 11.36.010
39.44.900 costs as bondable conservation investments release of surety from bond, notice to
refunding bonds of counties and cities and 80.28.309 principal, effect 19.72.110, 19.72.130
towns 39.52.015 public utility conservation investments special administrator 11.32.020
Water-sewer districts Ch. 57.20 80.28.306 suit on bond of former executor or
BONDS (See also BOND ISSUES; Contractors administrator 11.48.120
SECURITIES; SURETIES) county public works contracts, contractors Exemptions from execution, personal exemption
Absconding debtors, See BONDS, subtitle Ne bond 36.32.250 claimant to list 6.15.060
exeat county road and bridge construction 36.77.040 Facsimile signature, See BONDS, subtitle
Actions on highway construction 47.28.100, 47.28.110 Uniform facsimile signature of public
irrigation districts 87.03.435 officials act
attachment proceedings 6.25.100 port districts 53.08.140 Ferries, privately owned, licensees bond
forcible entry and detainer 59.12.090, public works 36.53.050
59.12.100, 59.12.110 nonpayment or underpayment of wages Fidelity
former personal representative 11.48.120 constitutes lien against 39.12.050 savings association officers and employees
injunctions 7.40.080, 7.40.090 public works, See also BONDS, subtitle 33.16.130
limitation of action on, tolling by part payment Public works contractor savings bank officers and employees
4.16.270 surety requirements 18.27.040 32.16.120
official bonds 42.08.020, 42.08.030, Copies of record as evidence 5.44.060 Fiduciaries, premiums as lawful expense
42.08.040, 42.08.080 Costs, security for 4.84.210 48.28.020
partition proceedings 7.52.460 actions against state 4.92.080 Flood control district officers 86.09.304,
probate, suit on bond of former personal judgment on 4.84.240 86.09.307
representative 11.48.120 in lieu of separate security for costs 4.84.220 Forcible entry or detainer actions 59.12.090,
several actions where joinder possible, private ditches and drains, proceedings 59.12.100, 59.12.110
recovery of costs limited 4.84.050 85.28.030 Gambling, validity of bond as evidence of
Adjutant general 38.12.010 standing bond for numerous actions 4.84.220 gambling debt 4.24.090
Administrators and executors, See BONDS, Counties, See BOND ISSUES, subtitle Counties Geothermal resources, operators, performance
subtitle Executors and administrators County bond or other security 78.60.130
Adverse claims to property levied on 6.19.030, approval 42.08.100 termination, when 78.60.140
6.19.040, 6.19.050, 6.19.060 filing 42.08.100 Guardianship, See GUARDIAN AND WARD,
Aircraft dealers licensing 14.20.070 insufficient bond, procedure 42.08.110, subtitle Bonds
Appeal bonds 42.08.120 Health care service contractors, surety bonds
actions against state 4.92.030 security to county 42.08.010 48.44.030
criminal cases 10.73.040 County clerk 36.23.020 High capacity transportation systems
small claims action Ch. 12.36 County commissioners 36.32.060 bond retirement, pledge of revenues for
Approval of County officials 81.104.180

[RCW Indexpage 50] (2016 Ed.)


Higher education facilities authority, See judgment for one delinquency no bar liability of sureties, amounts 42.08.170
HIGHER EDUCATION FACILITIES 42.08.040 limited to amount of bond 42.08.050
AUTHORITY leave of court required, when 42.08.030 registrars of title, ascertainment of 65.12.055
Higher education institutions, investment by person not named on bond, procedure release from bond by surety, notice and filing
authority of, generally 28B.10.928 42.08.030 of new bond 19.72.110
Highway construction contractors 47.28.090, who may maintain 42.08.020, 42.08.080 satisfaction or release, county auditor, duty of
47.28.100, 47.28.110 additional bonds 65.04.060
Indemnifying, sheriff, demand for 36.28.050 failure to give vacates office 42.08.120 second class cities 35.23.081
Industrial development revenue bonds, See force and effect of 42.08.140 secretary of state 43.07.010
COMMUNITY ECONOMIC procedure for requiring 42.08.120 security to
REVITALIZATION BOARD, subtitle when required 42.08.110 city or town 42.08.010
Industrial development revenue bonds adjutant general 38.12.010 county 42.08.010
Industrial insurance, See INDUSTRIAL approval municipal corporation 42.08.010
INSURANCE, subtitle Bonds county officers bonds 42.08.100 public corporation 42.08.010
Injunctions county superintendent of schools bond state 42.08.010, 42.08.060
contempt for disobedience of injunction 42.08.100 sheriffs, new or additional 36.28.030
7.40.170 defective, effect 42.08.090 state auditor 43.09.010
damages and costs 7.40.080, 7.40.090 state officers bonds 42.08.100 state officers
effect 7.40.130 township officers bonds 42.08.100 approval 42.08.100
public construction contracts 7.40.085 attorney general 43.10.010, 43.10.020 filing 42.08.100
moral nuisances cities and towns, security to city or town insufficient bond, procedure 42.08.130
release of property to innocent owner 42.08.010 security to state 42.08.010
7.48.068 cities and towns with council-manager plan, state officers and employees
prevention of waste on public land 64.12.050 city manager 35.18.050 liability for nonremittance of moneys to state
public construction contracts 7.40.085 city treasurer, effect of depositary designation treasury 43.01.070
Insurance commissioner 48.02.030 35.38.050 official bond required of 43.17.100
Insurance commissioners deputy 48.02.090 clerk of the district court 3.34.090 state treasurer
Insurance companies commission form of government 35.17.100 amount, filing 43.08.020
organization of insurers 48.06.110 coroners 36.16.050, 36.16.060 liability upon for acts of assistant and
Irrigation districts county deputies 43.08.120
contractors 87.03.435 approval 42.08.100 willful refusal to pay warrants, exception,
Issues, public, See BOND ISSUES filing 42.08.100 recovery 43.08.130
Judicial, premiums as part of recoverable cost insufficient bond, procedure 42.08.110, sureties
48.28.030 42.08.120 death or removal, procedure 42.08.110
Levy on personal property 6.17.190 security to county 42.08.010 insolvency, procedure 42.08.110
joint property 6.17.180 county clerk 36.23.020 insufficient, procedure 42.08.110
partnership property 6.17.180 county commissioners 36.32.060 justification 42.08.160
Library capital facility areas, organization, county officers liability 42.08.170
operation, and duties Ch. 27.15 amounts 36.16.050 number required 42.08.150
Limitation of action, tolling by part payment filing 36.16.060 qualifications 42.08.160
4.16.270 county road engineer 36.80.020 recovery limited to amount of bond
Local economic development financing and amount 36.16.050 42.08.050
financing authorities Ch. 39.110 filing 36.16.060 surety insurance for
county treasurer, depositaries, effect generally Ch. 48.28
Local government bond information 36.48.050 payment of premium 48.28.040
rule adoption 43.63A.155 defective, validation proceedings 42.08.090 town officers 35.27.120
submittal to department of commerce deputy insurance commissioner 48.02.090 vacation of public office for failure to file or
publication 43.63A.155 district court commissioner 3.34.090 late filing of bond 42.12.010
Local governments district court personnel 3.34.090 Partition proceedings, guardian or limited
investment, authorized types of, generally Ch. district judge, district judge pro tempore guardian of incompetent person or person
39.59 3.34.090 with disability 7.52.460
Local improvement districts effect 42.08.070 Partners, probate 11.64.016
cities and towns, procedure for cancellation of examiner of titles 65.12.090 Payment agreements
nonguaranteed bonds Ch. 35.47 filing state and local government authority to enter
sale of 35.45.040 county officers bonds 36.16.060, 42.08.100 into
Metropolitan park districts, See also BOND county superintendent of schools bond authority cumulative 39.96.080
ISSUES, subtitle Counties 36.16.060, 42.08.100 calculations regarding payment of
Militia officers 38.12.010 defective, effect 42.08.090 obligations 39.96.060
Mobile home or travel trailer manufacturers state officers bonds 42.08.100 credit enhancement or similar agreements,
46.70.075 township officers bonds 42.08.100 authority to make in connection with
Motor freight carriers 81.80.250 flood control district officers 86.09.307 payment agreement 39.96.050
Motor vehicle financial responsibility law, bond form 42.08.060 definitions 39.96.020
as proof of financial responsibility, See insufficient bond findings 39.96.010
MOTOR VEHICLES, subtitle Financial state officers, procedure 42.08.130 payment sources 39.96.050
responsibility law insufficient bonds status of payments 39.96.060
Motor vehicle wreckers 46.80.070, 46.80.100 county officers, procedure 42.08.110, terms and conditions of agreements
Municipal court 42.08.120 39.96.040
clerks 35.20.210 township officers, procedure 42.08.120, state and local governments authority to enter
judges 35.20.180 42.08.130 into
traffic violations bureau, director 35.20.131 insurance commissioner 48.02.030 authorization and conditions for entry into
Ne exeat judgment no bar to another action 42.08.040 agreement 39.96.030
bail bonds 7.44.030 legal effect 42.08.070 Personal representatives
damages and costs, covering 7.44.021 militia officers 38.12.010 nonresidents 11.36.010
Nonrecourse revenue bonds municipal courts suit on bond of former personal representative
local economic development financing and chief clerk 35.20.210 11.48.120
financing authorities Ch. 39.110 clerks 35.20.210 Port district contractors 53.08.140
Nuisances judges 35.20.180 Private activity bond allocation
stay of warrant of abatement 7.48.040, traffic violations bureau director 35.20.131 allocation criteria 39.86.130
7.48.270 municipal judges 3.50.097 allocation of state ceiling, procedure for
voluntary abatement of prostitution, payable to state 42.08.060 obtaining 39.86.140
assignation or lewdness 7.48.110 receiver, city and town disincorporation alternative allocation system, executive orders
Official 35.07.120 39.86.160
actions upon recovery code amendments 39.86.180

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 51]


definitions 39.86.110 submittal to department of commerce absentees estates 11.80.020

fees 39.86.170 contents 39.44.210, 39.44.230 release of surety from bond, procedure
initial allocation of state ceiling 39.86.120 validity of bonds not affected by failure to file 19.72.110
legislative findings and policy 39.86.100 39.44.240 Uniform facsimile signature of public officials
reallocation, carryforwards 39.86.150 State auditor 43.09.010 act
reports 39.86.190 State not required to furnish in any action construction 39.62.900
state bond ceiling allocation formula 4.92.080 definitions 39.62.010
39.86.155 State officers 42.08.010, 42.08.100, 42.08.130 execution of with facsimile signature,
Private ferry owners 36.53.050 State officers and employees limitation 39.62.020
Private nonprofit higher education, See HIGHER duties of director of enterprise services filing signature with secretary of state
Probate State treasurer 43.08.020, 43.08.120 fraudulent use, penalty 39.62.040
partnership interests of decedent Steam electric generating plants 43.21A.620, seal of state, agencies, counties, cities, towns,
bond required of surviving partner, when 43.21A.622, 43.21A.624, 43.21A.626, municipal corporations, etc., use of printed,
11.64.016 43.21A.628, 43.21A.630, 43.21A.632, etc. 39.62.030
failure to furnish bond 11.64.022 43.21A.634, 43.21A.636, 43.21A.638, state seal 39.62.030
personal representative, See BONDS, subtitle 43.21A.640 United States, disposal by county 36.33.190
Personal representatives Superior court, rules of court concerning United States savings
reduction of 11.28.185 clerk 36.23.020 beneficiarys survival of registered owner,
special administrator 11.32.020 Supplemental proceedings 6.32.010 effect 11.04.240
suit on bond of former personal representative injunction modification or vacation 6.32.120 co-owner, effect of death 11.04.230
11.48.120 Surety Unlawful detainer, writ of restitution 59.12.090
when not required 11.28.185 auto transportation companies 81.68.060, Unlawful entry or detainer actions 59.12.090,
Public transportation benefit area treasurer 81.68.065 59.12.100, 59.12.110
36.57A.130 business opportunity sales or lease 19.110.100 Vehicle dealers 46.70.070
Public utility conservation investments collection agencies 19.16.190 Veterans guardianship, bond of guardian
conservation bonds 80.28.306 commercial fund raisers 19.09.191 73.36.090
costs as bondable conservation investments contractors, See BONDS, subtitle
80.28.309 Contractors; BONDS, subtitle Public BONE MARROW (See ANATOMICAL
Public waterway districts Ch. 91.08 works contractor GIFTS)
Public works contractor credit permits for vehicular passage on toll BONFIRES (See FIRES)
amount 39.08.030 facilities, surety bond for 47.56.248 BOOKMAKING (See also GAMBLING)
conditions 39.08.010, 39.08.030 credit services organizations 19.134.030 Defined 9.46.0213
filing 39.08.010 employment agencies 19.31.090 Places of, public nuisance, penalty 9.66.010
liability for public officer failing to take bond establishments closed for liquor violations,
39.08.015 reopening 66.36.010 BOOKS (See also RECORDS AND
notices, condition to actions on 39.08.030, farm labor contractors 19.30.030, 19.30.040 DOCUMENTS)
39.08.065 first class district superintendents Counties, books of superior court clerk 36.23.030
Rail districts 36.60.040 28A.330.060 County auditors duty to keep 65.04.020
general obligation bonds 36.60.050 governmental construction projects, no Creditors, accounts and books, removing or
revenue bonds security required for building permit disposing of to defraud creditors 9.45.080
limitations, terms 36.60.060 issuance 36.32.590 Erotic material, distribution to minors, penalty
Receivers health studios 19.142.060, 19.142.070, 9.68.050, 9.68.060, 9.68.070, 9.68.080,
release of surety from bond, procedure 19.142.080 9.68.090, 9.68.100, 9.68.110, 9.68.120
19.72.110 highway construction contracts for 47.28.100, Information or indictment against 10.37.130
Reclamation districts of one million acres or 47.28.110 Libraries
more Ch. 89.30 for hire vehicle operators permit, for obsolete and surplus, disposal procedure
Rent default, forty dollars or less 46.72.040 39.33.070
bond to recall writ of restitution 59.08.070 inapplicability to personal vehicles under Minors, erotic material, distribution to minors,
indemnity bond by plaintiff not required Ch. 48.177 RCW 46.72.039 penalty 9.68.050, 9.68.060, 9.68.070,
59.08.100 industrial insurance self-insurers 51.14.020 9.68.080, 9.68.090, 9.68.100, 9.68.110,
Replevin, claim of immediate delivery insurance companies, organization of insurers 9.68.120
redelivery bond of defendant 7.64.050 48.06.110 Obscene materials, injunctions against 7.42.010,
Risk management mobile home or travel trailer manufacturers 7.42.020, 7.42.030, 7.42.040, 7.42.050,
receiving and enforcing of bonds by director licenses, applicant to file bond 46.70.075 7.42.060, 7.42.070
of enterprise services through office of risk mortgage brokers 19.146.205 Purchase by public agencies, method for
management 43.19.775 motor freight carriers to protect shippers and payment of 42.24.035
River and harbor improvement districts consignees 81.80.250 Schools
88.32.140, 88.32.160 port district contractors, when unnecessary obsolete and surplus reading materials,
Savings association officers and employees 53.08.140 disposal procedure 39.33.070
33.16.130 private ferry owners 36.53.050 surplus, disposal 28A.335.180
Savings bank officers and employees 32.16.120 property confiscated upon highway right of Unlawfully retaining library books 27.12.340
Schools and school districts way, affidavit to reclaim accompanied by BOOMS AND BOOMING
credit enhancement program to pledge credit bond 47.32.080, 47.32.090 Brands and marks, See FORESTS AND
of state to payment of district bonds, public depositary, when bond not required FOREST PRODUCTS, subtitle Brands and
purpose and procedures Ch. 39.98 39.58.090 marks
funding assistance for common school plant reciprocal insurance company, attorneys for Fires, kindling by persons driving logs 4.24.050
facilities aid 28A.525.162 48.10.140, 48.10.150, 48.10.160 Piling, liens for labor performed on 60.24.020
local funds for common school plant facilities suretyship, general requirements Ch. 19.72 Public shooting grounds, use 77.12.540
not needed for changes for barrier-free vehicle dealers licenses 46.70.070
Tow boats, liens for services 60.24.020
access 28A.525.162 veterans guardianship 73.36.090
Secretary of state 43.07.010 Temporary injunctions and restraining orders, BORDER AREAS
Security for costs 4.84.210 court commissioners power to approve Alcoholic beverages
actions against state 4.92.080 2.24.040 licenses for nonprofit corporations near
judgment on 4.84.240 Theatrical enterprises Canadian border, conditions 66.12.110
in lieu of separate security for costs 4.84.220 wages Border county higher education opportunity
standing bond for numerous actions 4.84.220 cash deposit or bond required 49.38.020, project 28B.15.0139
Sewerage systems 35.67.065 49.38.030 Funds, distribution 43.63A.190
Sheriffs 36.28.030 action against 49.38.040 Liquor revolving fund disbursements 66.08.195,
State, See STATE attorneys fees for prevailing party 66.08.196, 66.08.198
State and local government bond information 49.38.050 Tax on motor vehicle and special fuel Ch. 82.47
annual report to department of commerce violations, gross misdemeanor 49.38.060 Trucks, truck tractors
39.44.210 Trustees size, weight, and load limits 46.44.041

[RCW Indexpage 52] (2016 Ed.)


BORROWING (See LOANS) Surveyor, definition 58.04.003 Definitions 36.93.020

BOTTLED WATER (See also WATER Surveys and maps Disbanding or board 36.93.230
QUALITY, subtitle Bottled water) natural resources department named official Dissolution of enumerated special districts
Definitions 69.07.170 agency responsible for Ch. 58.24 subject to review by board 53.48.001
Labeling standards Surveys concerning, See SURVEYS AND Elections 36.93.030
exemptions 69.07.190 SURVEYORS Expenditures 36.93.080
requirements 69.07.180 Washington-Oregon boundary, See also Fee for review 36.93.120
BOTTLES (See BEVERAGE Water-sewer districts copy of rules and regulations with clerk of
CONTAINERS; RECYCLING; WASTE annexation of territory Ch. 57.24 court 36.93.210
REDUCTION, RECYCLING, AND dissolution when boundaries identical with establishment or change in boundaries of a
MODEL LITTER CONTROL ACT) municipality 57.04.110 water and sewer system or separate sewer
BOULEVARDS AND LANES (See also formation 57.04.030 or water system 36.93.090
HIGHWAYS; STREETS AND ALLEYS) withdrawal of territory Ch. 57.28 filing notice with of proposed action of city or
Cities and towns, authority for local BOUNDARY REVIEW BOARDS town for creation, dissolution,
improvement 35.43.040 Agricultural land protection incorporation, disincorporation,
Metropolitan park districts, regulation of consolidation, or change in boundary
additional payment, reasonable requirement 36.93.090
35.61.130 36.93.180
Fire protection districts
BOUNDARIES Annexation district actions subject to board review
Boundary review boards, See BOUNDARY provision of prior laws superseded by chapter 52.02.001, 52.04.001, 52.06.001,
REVIEW BOARDS 36.93 RCW, where applicable 36.93.220 52.08.001, 52.10.001
Cities and towns simultaneous consideration of incorporation merger of part of district with another district,
incorporation, establishment of boundaries and annexation 36.93.116 duties 52.06.090
35.02.070 Appeals from board 36.93.160 mergers subject to board review 52.06.010
incorporation proceedings Boards Flood control zone districts
use of right of way lines of streets, roads, chief clerk district actions subject to board review
highways 35.02.170 powers and duties 36.93.070 86.15.001
use of streets, roads, highways right of way compensation 36.93.070 Hearings 36.93.160
lines 35.02.170 county with population of one million or more Incorporation proceedings
right of way line permitted to be substituted members, appointment, terms and exempt from State Environmental Policy Act
for any portion of street right of way qualifications 36.93.051 36.93.170
35.21.790 hearings 36.93.070 Incorporation proposals
uncertain, towns 35.27.030 meetings 36.93.070 cities of seven thousand five hundred or more
Civil suits to establish lost or uncertain members, appointment population
apportionment of costs, liens on land effect of failure to make 36.93.067 restrictions on authority to modify 36.93.150
58.04.040 members, appointment procedure 36.93.063 Irrigation districts
notice of lis pendens, filing 58.04.040 members, commencement of terms 36.93.063 district actions subject to board review
Counties officers 36.93.070 87.03.001, 87.52.001, 87.53.001,
actions to establish, generally Ch. 36.05 other counties 87.56.001
joint surveys to establish 36.04.400 members, appointment, terms, and Irrigation districts, application of chapter to
legal descriptions, enumeration Ch. 36.04 qualifications 36.93.061 merged districts 36.93.800
park and recreation districts 36.69.050 powers and duties 36.93.070 Legal counsel 36.93.070
right of way line permitted to be substituted vacancies in office 36.93.063 Limitation on effect of decision of board on
for any portion of street right of way Cities and towns existing franchises, permits, codes,
35.21.790 annexation approval does not authorize other ordinances 36.93.190
roads and county bridges, See COUNTY annexation action 36.93.155 Metropolitan park districts
ROADS AND BRIDGES, subtitle annexation subject to board review 35.13.001 district actions subject to board review
Boundary crossings city actions not subject to board review 35.61.001
Educational service districts, creation and 36.93.105 Notice of
changes to 28A.310.020 city actions subject to board review 35.10.001, intended action, contents of 36.93.130
Lost or uncertain, establishment 58.04.001, 35.43.035, 35.67.022, 35.91.025, Objectives of board 36.93.180
58.04.007, 58.04.011, 58.04.020 35.92.027 water-sewer district annexations not deemed a
Monuments disincorporation subject to board review violation of 36.93.185
permanent control monuments, platting, 35.07.001 Optional municipal code cities
subdivision and dedication of land exclusion of area from boundaries Ch. 35.16 city action subject to board review
58.17.240 incorporation subject to board review 35A.03.001, 35A.05.001, 35A.14.001
Platting, subdivision and dedication of land, 35.02.001 city actions subject to board review
permanent control monuments, reduction of city limits Ch. 35.16 35A.15.001, 35A.16.001
establishment 58.17.240 Cooperation of counties, cities, state or regional Pending actions not affected 36.93.140
Port districts, revision 53.16.020, 53.16.030 planning agency, shall be furnished Permanent register of rules to be kept by clerk of
commissioner districts 36.93.070 court 36.93.210
redrawing district boundaries 53.16.015 Costs Practice and procedure, rules and regulations
Real property remission by state to local boards 36.93.080 governing 36.93.200
lost or uncertain boundaries Counties Public utility districts
action to establish 58.04.020 decisions to be consistent with growth district actions subject to board review
alternative procedures to fix 58.04.001 management act 36.93.157 54.08.001, 54.32.001
apportionment of costs to establish Creation district provision of water beyond its
58.04.040 county with population of two hundred ten boundaries subject to review 54.16.035
commission to survey and report to court thousand or more 36.93.030 Purpose 36.93.010
58.04.030 other counties Review, when review by board not necessary
costs of action to establish 58.04.040 date deemed established 36.93.040 36.93.110
court order establishing 58.04.020 election 36.93.030 Review of proposed action
dispute over location of point or line, petition 36.93.030 actions and determinations of board,
resolution procedures 58.04.007 procedure 36.93.030 disapproval, effect 36.93.150
mediation to resolve 58.04.020 resolution of county commissioners factors to be considered by board 36.93.170
proceedings to establish 58.04.040 36.93.030 fee for 36.93.120
surveyors authorization to enter land or Decision board incorporation of territory in county with
waters to resolve dispute 58.04.011 effect on existing franchises, permits, codes, boundary review board 36.93.153
Streams as, county power to bridge 36.75.160 ordinances, limitation on 36.93.190 jurisdiction of board 36.93.150
Survey monuments Decision of board 36.93.160 modified proposal
disturbing monument, penalty and liability for growth management act, to be consistent with restrictions on authority to make
cost of reestablishment 58.04.015 36.93.157 modifications 36.93.150

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 53]


procedure 36.93.100 containers with owners name or trademark authority to construct toll bridges 53.34.010
Rules and regulations, practice and procedure unlawful use prohibited, seizure authorized Public, trespass to repair, damages 64.12.040
36.93.200 15.36.281 Public lands, bridges or trestles across, See
Sewer districts, See WATER-SEWER Pesticides, devices, or spray adjuvants PUBLIC LANDS, subtitle Bridges or trestles
DISTRICTS misbranded 15.58.130 Public waterway districts, costs of bridging
Special purpose districts Pesticides and devices 91.08.110
annexation approval does not authorize other unlawful practices 15.58.150 Railroads, authority to construct over navigable
annexation action 36.93.155 Poultry identification Ch. 16.57 streams 81.36.100
Subpoenas, authority to issue 36.93.160 Trademarks, registration Ch. 19.77 Repair or replacement
Water districts, See WATER-SEWER BRANDY (See ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES) structurally deficient bridges, emergency
DISTRICTS work on 39.04.400, 47.28.170
Water-sewer districts BRASS KNUCKLES SEPA categorical exemption, requirements
annexation of territory Ch. 57.24 Use or possession of prohibited 9.41.250 43.21C.470
consolidation Ch. 57.32 BRASSICA SEED PRODUCTION (See SEPA exemption, requirements 43.21C.480
disincorporation of special districts in counties SEEDS) River and waterway access, public
with population of two hundred ten design and construction requirements and
thousand or more Ch. 57.90 BREACH OF CONTRACT (See feasibility report 47.01.500
merger of districts Ch. 57.36 CONTRACTS) Rural arterial program 36.79.010, 36.79.020,
provision of service beyond district BREAKING AND ENTERING (See also 36.79.050, 36.79.060, 36.79.090, 36.79.120
boundaries subject to review by board BURGLARY) Satisfaction of claim upon closing accounts
57.08.047 Arrest, breaking and entering to make authorized 47.56.243
withdrawal of territory Ch. 57.28 10.31.040 State toll bridges
BOWLING (See also ATHLETICS AND BREAST SURGERY (See HEALTH approval of tolls 47.56.031
SPORTS) SERVICES, subtitle Mastectomy) Columbia river crossing project 47.56.890,
Licenses 47.56.892, 47.56.894
BREATH TESTS (See DRIVING UNDER construction and financing procedure
generally 67.14.050, 67.14.060 THE INFLUENCE)
rural areas 67.12.110 bond issue authorized
Sweepstakes BREEDERS AND BREEDING bondholders right to compel performance,
authority 9.46.0345 Horses, racing 67.16.070 other remedies available 47.56.210
disposition of proceeds from sale of bonds
Armed forces shipboard population use for expenses 47.56.200
BRANDS AND MARKS (See also LABELS) determination, revenue allocation 43.62.030
Beverage containers form and conditions 47.56.130, 47.56.140
filing of name and marks 19.76.100 BRIBERY AND GRAFTING interim bonds authorized 47.56.140
Commercial feed Baseball games 67.04.010, 67.04.020, 67.04.030, proximity of other service limitation to
misbranded feed 15.53.9022 67.04.040 secure bonds 47.56.220
Counterfeiting 9.16.030 Labor practices, generally 49.44.020, 49.44.030 contributions to project by city, county or
forestry 76.36.120 School officials, by, penalty 28A.635.050 political subdivision authorized 47.56.250
Crimes relating to Self-incriminating evidence compulsory department of transportation
affixed, when deemed 9.16.050 9.18.080 directed to construct bridge and acquire
coin silver, use of words 9.16.110, 9.16.130 Witnesses rights of way 47.56.090
counterfeiting 9.16.030 self-incrimination, bribery, witness not resolution of necessity for acquisition of
forest products and equipment brands and excused on ground of self-incrimination rights of way to be passed, effect
marks, See FORESTS AND FOREST 9.18.080 47.56.110
PRODUCTS, subtitle Brands and marks BRIDGE DISTRICTS contributions to project by city, county or
gold, misrepresentations as to carat or fineness Bonds, savings banks, investment in 32.20.110 political subdivision authorized 47.56.250
9.16.140 Dissolution, generally Ch. 53.48 created after July 1, 2008 47.56.805,
imitating lawful brand 9.16.020 47.56.810, 47.56.820, 47.56.830,
livestock brand or mark, removal or alteration BRIDGES (See also COUNTY ROADS AND 47.56.840, 47.56.850, 47.56.860
9.16.010 BRIDGES) department of transportation
logs, See FORESTS AND FOREST Cities and towns authority to collect tolls 47.56.785
PRODUCTS, subtitle Brands and marks authority for local improvement 35.43.040 electronic toll collection and photo toll
marked, stamped and branded, defined authority to construct 35.85.010 systems 47.56.795
9.16.150 construction and repair 35.22.280 establishment and construction
petroleum products, mislabeling 9.16.080 drawbridges authorization 47.56.040
registration, fraudulent 9.16.060 authority to construct 35.74.010 establishment and construction of
removing or altering 9.16.010 construction and maintenance Ch. 35.74 transportation department to provide for
sterling silver, use of words 9.16.100, county commissioners 47.56.060
9.16.120 notice to 35.74.020 existing bridge and additional bridge as single
Explosives width of draw, determination 35.74.030 project
containers 70.74.300 navigation, effect upon 35.74.040 acquisition of property for by eminent
Feed lots, licensing Ch. 16.58 operation as toll bridge 35.74.050, domain 47.58.080
Fertilizers, minerals, and limes 35.74.060, 35.74.070 authorization for 47.58.010
misbranding 15.54.412 tolls, charging and collecting 35.74.050 bond issue for financing 47.58.040,
Food, drug and cosmetic act, duties under, See eminent domain for 47.24.030 47.58.050, 47.58.060, 47.58.070
FOOD, DRUG, AND COSMETIC ACT as part of state highway system Ch. 47.24 preliminary surveys, financing and
Forests and forest products, See FORESTS AND Franchises across bridges jointly owned or reimbursement of 47.58.020
FOREST PRODUCTS, subtitle Brands and operated 47.44.040 study of other projects authorized, specific
marks Granting of franchises on authorized 47.56.256 authorization required before construction
Fur farming, identification of animals Ch. 16.72 Insurance for, See INSURANCE, subtitle Marine and financing 47.58.090
Horses and transportation insurance tolls on
special open consignment horse sales Ch. Lewis and Clark bridge, designation of 47.04.160 amount 47.58.010, 47.58.030
16.65 Liquidation and closure of facility duration 47.58.030
Livestock identification Ch. 16.57 accounts upon removal of tolls 47.56.242 imposition authorized 47.58.010
agriculture department directors powers and satisfaction of claims 47.56.243 preliminary expenses reimbursed from
duties 43.23.160 transfer of surplus to motor vehicle fund 47.58.020
Livestock identification, See also LIVESTOCK 47.56.242 existing state franchises protected 47.56.220
Livestock markets Ch. 16.65 Manette bridge authorized 47.20.570 financial statements kept on, bondholders may
Livestock running at large, brand as evidence of Navigable streams, authority of railroads and inspect 47.56.060
ownership 16.24.100 common carriers to construct over 81.36.100 funds
Logs, See FORESTS AND FOREST Port districts construction fund 47.56.150
PRODUCTS, subtitle Brands and marks acquisition and operation of facilities agreement on deposit of moneys in
Milk and milk products 53.08.020 47.56.190

[RCW Indexpage 54] (2016 Ed.)


transfer of moneys from for bond payments Tacoma Narrows legislative authority office, ratification of
47.56.170 citizen advisory committee 47.46.091 pre-election adjustments 36.40.205
use of surplus funds in 47.56.150 photo toll rates, legislative approval, supplemental and emergency budgets
cooperative funds from state and federal adjustments, report 47.56.796 36.40.250
government for toll bridges authorized toll bridge account 47.56.165 supplemental appropriations, unanticipated
47.56.130 toll free facility, conditions 47.56.271 funds 36.40.100, 36.40.195
disposition of earned interest on funds Toll bridge construction and financing County auditors estimation 36.40.030
deposited 47.56.180 procedure, bond issues authorized County park and recreation service areas
reserve funds authorized 47.56.170 form, contents, interest and conditions of 36.68.530
toll revenue fund 47.56.160 bonds 47.56.140 County recreation districts 36.69.160
agreement on deposit of moneys in interim bonds authorized 47.56.140 Interfund transfers and loans, repayment and
47.56.190 Transfer of surplus sums 47.56.242 crediting procedure 43.09.285
payments for insurance or indemnity bonds Transportation department, retention of Libraries 27.12.210, 27.12.220
may be paid from 47.56.230 responsibility for enumerated local bridges Metropolitan municipal corporations, adoption
transfer of money from for bond payments 47.17.960 of budget 35.58.410
47.56.170 Public utility districts, See PUBLIC UTILITY
use of surplus funds in 47.56.170 BRITISH COLUMBIA DISTRICTS, subtitle Fiscal matters
general powers of officials relating to Hydroelectric reservoir extending into British Schools and school districts, See SCHOOLS
specified 47.56.060 Columbia AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS, subtitle
granting of franchises on authorized 47.56.256 commission, powers 35.21.418 Budgets
disposition of moneys received 47.56.257 watershed agreement 35.21.417 State, See STATE FISCAL MATTERS, subtitle
insurance or indemnity bond authorized for Lake Osoyoos international water control Budget and accounting system
47.56.230 structure 43.21A.450
Reciprocity, tuition and fee program BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS
Interstate 90 floating bridge toll, federal Development credit corporations, membership in
authorization 47.56.790 waiver of nonresident tuition fees differential
28B.15.756 31.20.070
notification requirements 47.56.258 Federal home loan banks, investments in stock
payment of construction costs 47.56.120 BROKERS of, authorization 30A.32.020
permits, leases, or licenses to governmental Commission merchants, licensing 20.01.040
entities to use facilities authorized Insurance, See INSURANCE, subtitle Surplus BUILDING CODE
disposition of moneys received 47.56.257 line coverage Agricultural structures
permits, leases or licenses to governmental Real estate, fees, sale, exchange, mortgage or permit and plan review fees 19.27.087
entities to use facilities authorized lease of Amending authority of counties, cities
47.56.253 guardianship, limited guardianship property 19.27.040, 19.27.060
project payments made by warrants on 11.92.125 Application 19.27.080
vouchers 47.56.180 probate estate property 11.56.265 Application to all counties and cities 19.27.031
proximity of other service limitation Application to state and local government
47.56.220 BRUCELLOSIS (See ANIMAL HEALTH) buildings 19.27.060
public-private transportation projects Ch. BUCKET SHOPS (See GAMBLING) Building permit fee
47.46 deposit in building code council account
Puget Sound ferry and toll bridge system, See (See STATE FISCAL MATTERS,
PUGET SOUND FERRY AND TOLL Carbon monoxide alarms
subtitle Budget and accounting system) residential occupancies 19.27.530
purchase of bridges by transportation BUDGET DIRECTOR (See FINANCIAL Cities and towns
department authorized 47.56.050 MANAGEMENT, OFFICE OF; STATE adoption by reference 35.21.180
rates and charges FISCAL MATTERS, subtitle Financial Climate zones, for building purposes
bond redemption and interest as lien on management, office of) changes to, limiting of 19.27.031, 19.27A.020
47.56.240 BUDGETS enumerated 19.27A.020
credit permits for vehicular traffic on Biennial budgets Counties
authorized 47.56.247 annual budget requirements inapplicable area applicable 36.43.020
cash deposit on bond requirement 35.32A.010, 35.33.020 authority to adopt 36.43.010
47.56.248 Caseload forecast council, organization and enforcement 36.43.030
duration 47.56.245 duties Ch. 43.88C penalty for violations 36.43.040
fixing of authorized 47.56.240 Cities and towns Definitions 19.27.015
insurance for interruption of 47.56.230 biennial budgets Ch. 35A.34 Electric vehicle infrastructure
standard for fixing 47.56.240 Code cities requirements 19.27.540
receipt of cooperative funds from state and Energy
biennial budgets Ch. 35A.34 state building code study 44.39.038
federal government for authorized Counties
47.56.130 Energy code
biennial budgets 36.40.250 adoption 19.27A.020
rights of way across state land, streets and
roads for, compensation 47.56.100, capital outlay climate zones, for building purposes
47.56.110 change or transfer 36.40.100 changes to, limiting of 19.27A.020
sale of property authorized 47.56.254 changes or transfers between classifications enumerated 19.27A.020
disposition of moneys received 47.56.257 36.40.100 international energy conservation code,
execution and delivery of deed 47.56.255 county hospitals possible adoption in place of 19.27A.020
sale of unneeded property to governmental board of trustees 36.62.180 nonresidential buildings
entities, execution, delivery of deed supplemental budget 36.62.270 minimum standards, authority of building
disposition of moneys received 47.56.257 estimates 36.40.030 code council to amend 19.27A.025
state boundary bridges, agreements for road and bridge construction 36.40.020 personal wireless service facilities, insulation
feasibility study of 47.56.042 expenditures in excess of budget, liability of requirement exemption 19.27A.027
Tacoma Narrows bridge official 36.40.130 residential buildings
photo toll rates, legislative approval, final 36.40.080, 36.40.090 minimum and maximum codes 19.27A.015
adjustments, report 47.56.796 appropriations fixed 36.40.100 Energy efficiency
Tacoma Narrows bridge made part of primary transfers between classifications 36.40.100 climate pollution reduction in built
highway 47.56.270 preliminary 36.40.040 environment
toll charges to be retained until costs paid hearing 36.40.070 definitions 19.27A.140
47.56.245 alternate date 36.40.071 finding 19.27A.130
Structurally deficient bridges notice of hearing 36.40.060 residential and nonresidential construction,
emergency repair or replacement 47.28.170 revision by county commissioners 36.40.050 energy consumption reduction
SEPA categorical exemption, requirements roads and bridges, See COUNTY ROADS 19.27A.160
43.21C.470 AND BRIDGES, subtitle Fiscal matters strategic plan, development and
SEPA exemption, requirements 43.21C.480 rules, classification, and forms 36.40.220 implementation 19.27A.150
Structurally deficient bridges, emergency repair salaries and wages Enforcement authority of counties and cities
or replacement 39.04.400 change or transfer 36.40.100 19.27.050

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 55]


Exceptions 19.27.060, 19.27.065 interim and final requirements for minimum standards set by building code
Fees, local authority 19.27.100 maintenance 19.27.190 council 70.92.140
Fish habitat enhancement projects Indoor air quality in public buildings waiver of standards 70.92.160
exemption, criteria 19.27.490 duties 70.162.030 symbol
Historical buildings, exception 19.27.120 Membership 19.27.070 display and signing 70.92.120
Hot water heaters Nightclubs Drugs
temperature regulation 19.27A.060 automatic sprinkler system 19.27.500, abatement order 7.43.080, 7.43.090
Housing for indigent persons, emergency 19.27.510, 19.27.520 damages not precluded 7.43.130
exemptions 19.27.042 Recycled building materials forfeiture, proceeds 7.43.100
International fire code study of building code changes to encourage lien 7.43.120
administration and enforcement 19.27.110 use 19.27.175 moral nuisances 7.48A.010
Local zoning jurisdiction reserved 19.27.090 Residential occupancies nuisances, injunctions 7.43.010, 7.43.020,
Nightclubs carbon monoxide alarms 19.27.530 7.43.030, 7.43.040, 7.43.050, 7.43.060,
automatic sprinkler system 19.27.500, Review of amendments to uniform codes 7.43.070, 7.43.110, 7.43.120, 7.43.130
19.27.510, 19.27.520 19.27.035 use for unlawful drugs 69.53.010, 69.53.020,
Owner-built residences School buildings 69.53.030
construction in counties with populations of automatic fire-extinguishing system Electric vehicle infrastructure
five thousand to less than ten thousand, requirements 19.27.113 installation, adoption of standards for
ordinance reenactment 19.27.160 Water conservation performance standards for 19.28.281
Permit applications plumbing fixtures 19.27.170 Energy code Ch. 19.27A
required contents 19.27.095 BUILDING PERMITS Energy efficiency improvements Ch. 70.260
water supply, evidence of adequate supply Agricultural structures Explosives
19.27.097 permit and plan review fees 19.27.087 damages by 70.74.280
Portable oil-fueled heaters Applications malicious placement, penalties 70.74.270
standards for sale and use 19.27A.090, required contents 19.27.095 Factory built housing, See HOUSING, subtitle
19.27A.100, 19.27A.110, 19.27A.120 water supply, evidence of adequate supply Factory built housing
Purposes, objectives, and standards 19.27.020 19.27.097 Historical buildings, state building code,
Recycled building materials Appraisal by county assessor of new construction exception 19.27.120
building code council to study changes in code 36.21.070 Interception of private conversations, owners
to encourage use 19.27.175 Contractors, registration requirements Ch. 18.27 right 9.73.110
Residential buildings County assessor to receive copy 19.27.140 Materials
building code council duties 19.27A.045 Exemptions 19.27.060, 19.27.065 asbestos, labeling materials containing Ch.
carbon monoxide alarms 19.27.530 Impact fees 70.310
Residential buildings moved without change in deferred collection of, for certain residential Public, provisions for persons with disabilities
occupancy classification construction 82.02.050 Ch. 70.92
application of building codes 19.27.180 Report on permits issued to department of Public nuisance maintained or permitted in,
electrical installation requirements 19.27.180 enterprise services 19.27.150 penalty 9.66.030
School buildings State or local government building projects Public works
automatic fire-extinguishing system optional municipal code city may not require performance-based contracts for water
requirements 19.27.113 government entity to provide bond or other conservation, solid waste reduction, and
Temporary growing structures for commercial security as condition of issuance of permit energy equipment Ch. 39.35A
horticultural purposes, exemption 19.27.065 35A.21.250 Residential, moved without change in occupancy
Temporary worker building code 70.114A.081 classification
Uniform codes BUILDINGS (See also PUBLIC application of building codes 19.27.180
adoption by reference 19.27.031 BUILDINGS) electrical installation requirements 19.27.180
amendments, review by building code council Agreement to indemnify for negligence in Safety
19.27.035 construction, maintenance of, against public intrastate building safety mutual aid system
Uniform fire code policy 4.24.115 Ch. 24.60
Agricultural structures Standards for use and occupancy, cities and
administration and enforcement 19.27.111
permit and plan review fees 19.27.087 towns, counties, providing for 35.80.030
Water conservation performance standards
Asbestos, labeling building materials containing State
plumbing fixtures 19.27.170 Ch. 70.310
Blind persons, preference right to operate definitions 43.19.670
Administrative and support services for council vending stands 74.18.220
transfer of duties from department of lease terms 43.19.685
Building code Ch. 19.27 high-performance public buildings
commerce to department of enterprise Building wardens, immunity from liability
services 43.330.907 LEED silver standard Ch. 39.35D
4.24.400 tree plantings for energy conservation
Building code council account 19.27.085 Carbon monoxide alarms
Carbon monoxide alarms encouraged 43.19.668
residential occupancies 19.27.530 State facilities
residential occupancies 19.27.530 Cities and towns
Compensation and travel expenses 19.27.070 landscape objectives to include energy
first class cities, control over location and conservation 43.19.682
Disabilities, persons with construction 35.22.280
building access standards 70.92.140, Threatening to bomb, penalty 9.61.160
lease and lease back agreements 35.42.070 Unfit dwellings, demolition assessment lien
70.92.150 newly constructed, county assessors appraisal
building access standards, exception against property 35.80.030
36.21.070, 36.21.080 Unfit for human habitation, action by cities and
70.92.170 towns 35.27.370
Duties 19.27.074 towns Ch. 35.80
Cities and towns, See also CITIES AND World fair or exposition
Electric vehicle infrastructure TOWNS, subtitle Buildings
requirements 19.27.540 use by cities after 35.60.060
Construction permits World fair or exposition, See also WORLD
Energy code newly constructed, county assessors appraisal
adoption 19.27A.020 FAIRS OR EXPOSITIONS
36.21.070, 36.21.080
construction Counties BULLETS (See AMMUNITION)
residential and nonresidential construction, newly constructed, appraisal by assessor BULLS (See LIVESTOCK)
energy consumption reduction, council 36.21.070, 36.21.080
report 19.27A.160 Crack houses Ch. 69.53 BUNGEE JUMPING (See AMUSEMENT
international energy conservation code, nuisances, injunctions Ch. 7.43 RIDES)
possible adoption in place of 19.27A.020 Defined for arson, reckless burning, malicious BURDEN OF PROOF (See also EVIDENCE)
nonresidential buildings mischief 9A.48.010 Conditions precedent, performance of 4.36.080
minimum standards, authority of council to Disabilities, persons with Judgments, validity of, facts conferring
amend 19.27A.025 access to jurisdiction 4.36.070
residential buildings definitions 70.92.130 Libel and slander, application of defamatory
council duties 19.27A.045 exception 70.92.170 matter to plaintiff, pleadings 4.36.120
Indoor air quality legislative intent concerning 70.92.100 Will contest 11.24.030

[RCW Indexpage 56] (2016 Ed.)



(See SECURITY GUARDS) maximum amounts recoverable 81.29.050 Business license
BURGLARY Conduct on transit vehicles, unlawful 9.91.025 application and renewal fees 19.02.070,
Insurance against, See INSURANCE, subtitle Confidentiality of user information 47.04.240 19.02.075
Casualty insurance Discrimination to deny public accommodations business application handling and renewal
Insurance for banks and trust companies against because of race, color, or creed, penalty fees 19.02.075
30A.12.030 9.91.010 exempt businesses or professional activities
Drivers 19.02.800
BURIAL AND INTERMENT (See also overtime compensation 49.46.130 expanded list of licenses issued under business
CEMETERIES; CREMATION; Equipment, See MOTOR VEHICLES, subtitle licensing service 19.02.110
HUMAN REMAINS) Equipment requirements expiration and renewal 19.02.090
Authorization 68.50.170 Passenger, flares and warning devices carried issuance 19.02.070
Burial places, exemption from execution 46.37.440 issuance and renewal conditions 19.02.100
68.24.220 Passengers licensing information
Burial-transit permit ejecting of, use of force, when lawful authorized disclosure, penalties for improper
duty of registrar of vital statistics 70.58.030 9A.16.020 disclosure 19.02.115
requirement 70.58.230 Private carrier bus minors, when seeking work permit for
Certificate of authority required 68.05.240 defined 46.04.416 employment of 19.02.320
Cities and towns, authority 68.52.030 flashing light 46.37.190 performance-based grant program 19.02.310
Counties overtaking or meeting 46.61.375 regulatory agency approval 19.02.070
authority to provide 68.52.030 sign required 46.37.193 renewal 19.02.075
indigent persons 36.39.030 stop signal 46.37.190 Business license account
Cremated remains 68.05.195 stopping at railroad crossing 46.61.350 receipts and expenditures 19.02.210
Definitions relating to cemeteries, morgues, and School buses Business license fund
human remains Ch. 68.04 acquisition and purchase procedures application and renewal fees 19.02.075
Discrimination, refusing burial to non-Caucasian 28A.160.195, 28A.160.200 delinquency fee 19.02.085
68.50.035 bus routes, service requirements 28A.160.115 Definitions 19.02.020
Funerals, See FUNERALS crossing arms, installation required 46.37.620 Duties 19.02.030
Interment rights, cemetery plots Ch. 68.32 defined, motor vehicle law 46.04.521 Fees
Mausoleums and columbariums, construction insurance business license application and renewal
standards Ch. 68.28 transporting of 19.02.070, 19.02.075
No person in charge of burials 70.58.260 children to school or school activities delinquency fee 19.02.085
Private cemeteries, prevention of interment 28A.160.010 disposition 19.02.080
68.20.065 elderly 28A.160.010 Information compilation and distribution
Records of individual in charge of premises lighting and safety devices regulated by 19.02.035
70.58.260 commission on equipment 46.37.290 Performance-based grant program 19.02.310
Records of remains 68.50.240 private school buses, standards 46.37.630 Purpose 19.02.010
Unlawful interment 70.58.260 sign required 46.37.193 State agencies, agency implementation
Washington veterans and soldiers homes signal lamps, displaying alternately flashing coordinator requirement 19.02.055
72.36.110 red lights 46.37.190 State agencies, participation required 19.02.050,
BURNING PERMITS special lighting equipment on 46.37.290 19.02.055
Abating or prevention of forest fire hazards, transport of
general public to interscholastic activities BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FRAUD
management of ecosystems, instruction or Administration of chapter 19.110.190
silvicultural operations, issuance and fees 28A.160.100
parent, guardian or custodian of student in Application of chapter 19.110.040
70.94.6534 Bond or trust account 19.110.100
Air pollution episodes, legislative finding, School buses, See also SCHOOLS AND Cease and desist orders 19.110.150
declaration of policy 70.94.710 SCHOOL DISTRICTS, subtitle Consumer protection act, application 19.110.170
Damages 52.12.104 Transportation Contract, contents, cancellation 19.110.110
Declaration of air pollution emergency by Stages Damages, remedies 19.110.130
governor 70.94.720 auto stages, defined, motor vehicle law Definitions 19.110.020
Episode avoidance plan, contents, source 46.04.050 Disclosure document
emission reduction plans, authority, licensing alternatives 19.110.080
considered orders 70.94.715 mileage fees 81.24.100 contents 19.110.070
Fire protection districts speed restrictions 46.61.405, 46.61.410 Financial institutions, department directors
authority 52.12.101 Stations authority 19.110.140, 19.110.180
content, issuance 52.12.103 conduct at transit stations, unlawful 9.91.025 Injunctions 19.110.160
forest lands, exemption for 52.12.101 Transit stations Investigations 19.110.140
penalty for violations 52.12.105, 52.12.106 conduct at, unlawful 9.91.025 subpoenas 19.110.143
permittees, duties 52.12.104 Unlawful conduct on transit vehicles 9.91.025 Offers to sell or lease occur in Washington, when
resolution of commissioners 52.12.101 19.110.030
publication and posting 52.12.102 BUSINESS AND OCCUPATION TAX (See Penalties 19.110.075, 19.110.160
Fire suppression costs, liability 52.12.108 TAXES - BUSINESS AND Receivers 19.110.160
Grasses grown for seed 70.94.6532 OCCUPATION) Registration
Indian ceremonies 70.94.6544 BUSINESS ASSISTANCE CENTER fees 19.110.060
Liability 52.12.104 ISO-9000 quality standards, duties 43.31.088 requirements 19.110.050
Liability for fire suppression costs 52.12.108 Regulatory fairness act Ch. 19.85 Service of process 19.110.090
Orders to be effective immediately 70.94.730 Rules coordinator provide list of applicable Unlawful acts 19.110.120
Rare and endangered plant regeneration agency rules effecting specific type of BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS
70.94.6544 business at the centers request 43.17.310 Business organizations code, uniform
Restraining orders, temporary injunctions to BUSINESS CORPORATION ACT (See administrative dissolution Ch. 23.95
enforce orders, procedure 70.94.725 CORPORATIONS) filing Ch. 23.95
Smoke signals if part of religious ritual foreign entities Ch. 23.95
BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS; general provisions Ch. 23.95
BUSES (See also COMMON CARRIERS; CORPORATIONS) miscellaneous provisions
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION) electronic signatures 23.95.710
Advertising BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY various Ch. 23.95
bus shelters 47.36.141 ACT name of entity Ch. 23.95
Auto stage Generally Ch. 31.24 registered agent or entity Ch. 23.95
defined 46.04.050 BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT AREAS Organizations, business
mileage fees, penalty 81.24.100 Parking and business improvement areas, business corporations Title 23B
speed restrictions 46.61.405, 46.61.410 establishment and authority to levy special general cooperative associations Ch. 23.86
Baggage assessments Ch. 35.87A limited liability companies Ch. 25.15

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 57]


limited liability limited partnerships Ch. 25.10 international labor recruitment agencies, federally guaranteed small business loan
limited liability partnerships Ch. 25.05 human trafficking disclosure statement Ch. program Ch. 31.40
limited partnerships Ch. 25.10 19.320 paperwork required by state agency
nonprofit corporations Gift certificates or credit waiver of first-time violations 34.05.110
nonprofit corporations Ch. 24.03 unclaimed property 63.29.140 regulatory fairness act Ch. 19.85
nonprofit miscellaneous and mutual Going out of business sales, See SALES, subtitle retirement
corporations Ch. 24.06 Going out of business sales small business retirement marketplace
BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS CODE, High risk consumer loans Ch. 31.04 43.320.180, 43.330.730, 43.330.732,
UNIFORM (See BUSINESS High technology businesses 43.330.735, 43.330.737, 43.330.740,
ORGANIZATIONS) tax credits and deferrals Ch. 82.63 43.330.742, 43.330.745, 43.330.747,
Highway right of way, public nuisance 47.32.120 43.330.750, 43.330.912
BUSINESS PROFESSIONS, REGULATION Human trafficking small business incubator program Ch. 43.176
OF disclosure statement to foreign workers Ch. state purchasing
Applicants for regulation, process 18.118.030, 19.320 model plan for increasing small business
18.118.040 Information technology participation 43.19.725
Definitions 18.118.020 stolen or misappropriated Ch. 19.330 web-based information system for increasing
Legislative intent 18.118.005 Inmate work programs small business participation 43.19.727
Personal informationNotice of security automated data input and retrieval system Small business development center 28B.30.530,
breaches Ch. 19.255 72.09.106 28B.30.533
Purpose 18.118.010 International commercial arbitration Ch. 7.05 business assistance account 28B.30.531
Uniform regulation of business and professions ISO-9000 quality standards Small business economic impact statement and
act Ch. 18.235 business assistance center duties 43.31.088 rule-making procedure Ch. 19.85
BUSINESSES Late night retail establishments, crime Tax credit program for eligible projects in rural
Administrative rules prevention counties Ch. 82.62
duty of rules coordinator to provide list of definitions 49.22.010 Taxation, See TAXES - BUSINESS AND
applicable agency rules to business employers duties 49.22.020 OCCUPATION
assistance center 43.17.310 enforcement 49.22.030 Telephone
Arbitration, international commercial Ch. 7.05 License fees or taxes, certain business activities cities and towns, taxes
Art galleries single uniform rate 35A.82.050 network telephone service 35.21.714
beer and wine, on-premises consumption uniform rate, maximum rate established toll telephone service, taxable amount
66.12.240 35.21.710 35.21.714
Business licensing service Ch. 19.02 voter approval for excess 35.21.711 city license fees or taxes, uniform rate
Business licensing service, See also BUSINESS Licenses, See BUSINESS LICENSE CENTER 35.21.712
LICENSING SERVICE Limited liability companies Ch. 25.15 Telephone business, license fee, tax 35A.82.055
Business opportunity fraud act Ch. 19.110 Limited liability companies, application to Uniform regulation of business and professions
Business organizations code, uniform, See businesses or professions licensed under act Ch. 18.235
BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS Title 18 Ch. 18.190 Veteran-owned
Business professions, regulation guidelines Ch. Limited liability partnerships Ch. 25.04, Ch. certification by department of veterans affairs
18.118 25.05 43.60A.195
Capital Limited liability partnerships, See LIMITED public works procurement contracts, awarding
Washington economic development finance LIABILITY PARTNERSHIPS of 28B.10.024, 39.04.162
authority, See ECONOMIC Limited partnerships Ch. 25.05, Ch. 25.10 state agency procurement contracts, awarding
DEVELOPMENT FINANCE existing prior to June 6, 1945 Ch. 25.12 of 43.60A.200
AUTHORITY Massage practitioners [therapists] Wedding boutiques
Colleges and universities, commercial activities optional code cities 35A.82.025 beer and wine, on-premises consumption
Ch. 28B.63 Master licenses, See BUSINESS LICENSE 66.12.240
Commerce, department of CENTER BUSING (See SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL
departmental responsibilities 43.330.060, Moving sales, restrictions 19.178.100 DISTRICTS, subtitle Transportation)
43.330.062, 43.330.280 Musical performances and productions, live BUTTER (See DAIRIES AND DAIRY
Competitive advantage, comparative, truth in music advertising act 19.25.100 PRODUCTS)
documenting clusters of 43.330.280 Novelty lighters, prohibition of distribution and
Computers sales Ch. 70.255 BYLAWS
hardware trade-in or exchange information, Out-of-state residents or nonresidents, acts Corporations
recordkeeping requirements Ch. 19.194 submitting person to state jurisdiction emergency corporations 24.03.070
Consumer loans Ch. 31.04 4.28.185 nonprofit corporations 24.03.070
Consumer protection Ch. 19.86 Partnerships Ch. 25.05 Fish marketing associations 24.36.130
Conversion of goods or merchandise from store Permits, management and issuance by state Insurance
to own use, liability and penalty 4.24.230 agencies domestic mutuals in general 48.09.130
Cooperative associations, commencement of permitting assistance and timelines, filing 48.05.070
business information concerning, making available policies, how included in 48.18.160
businesses and activities 23.86.020 to public Ch. 43.42A CABLE TELEVISION
number of incorporators required 23.86.010 Product liability actions Ch. 7.72 Connection of nondecoding and
Cottage food operations Ch. 69.22 Professional employer organizations nondescrambling channel frequency
Database of property crimes business and occupation tax 82.04.540 converter
liability of merchants for sharing information taxation, generally 82.02.240 permissible 9A.56.260
from database 4.24.340 Promotional contests of chance 9.46.0356 Right of way
Dissolution Radiology benefit managers telecommunications and cable television
unclaimed property 63.29.110 registration with business licensing service service use Ch. 35.99
Economic gardening pilot project Ch. 19.365 Rights of way
strategic assistance services for second-stage Rebates for consumers, protections Ch. 19.315 telecommunications and cable television
companies 43.330.475 Regulatory compliance service use 35A.21.245
Electronic submission of documents, forms, or technical assistance programs Ch. 43.05 Subscription television services
fee payments to state agencies 43.17.095 Regulatory fairness, See REGULATORY civil cause of action 9A.56.250
Energy efficiency improvements Ch. 70.260 FAIRNESS forfeiture and disposal of device 9A.56.240
Environmental laws information and assistance Roofing and siding contractors and salespersons, theft 9A.56.220
to businesses 43.21A.515 business practices regulated Ch. 19.186 unauthorized use defined 9A.56.010
Environmental profile of state 43.21A.510 Self-service storage unlawful sale 9A.56.230
Exchange facilitators, standards and prohibited insurance producers Ch. 48.170 Telecommunications, See
practices Ch. 19.310 Siding and roofing contractors and salespersons, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, subtitle
Foreign workers business practices regulated Ch. 19.186 Systems installations
domestic employers of, human trafficking Small business Television reception improvement districts Ch.
disclosure statement Ch. 19.320 economic impact statements Ch. 19.85 36.95

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CAKE WALKS exemption for items sold 82.04.363 right of entry 35.43.045
Amusement game Sales tax Obstructing is nuisance 7.48.120
defined 9.46.0201 exemption for items sold 82.08.830 Obstructing or interfering with a public nuisance,
CALIFORNIA CANADA penalty 9.66.010
Coastal ecosystems compact and agreements Ch. Bonds or obligations Port districts, acquisition and operation of
77.75 authorized investment for facilities 53.08.020
Pacific marine fisheries compact Ch. 77.75 savings associations 33.24.020 Private ditches and drains, appropriation of land
CAMAS SLOUGH savings banks 32.20.030 for
Closure 88.28.055 statewide city employees retirement system generally Ch. 85.28
funds, authorized investment in 41.44.100 Railroads, crossings over 81.36.030
CAMPAIGN FINANCING Border crossing Rivers and streams, crossing or along 81.36.040
Disclosure and contributions Ch. 42.17A drivers licenses, identicards 46.20.202, Safeguarding 35.43.040, 35.43.045, 35.44.045,
Legislators 46.20.2021 36.88.015, 36.88.380, 36.88.390, 36.88.400,
mailing restrictions 42.52.185 Electric power 87.03.480, 87.03.526
Mailings by legislators, restrictions 42.52.185 joint operating agencies, negotiations with
subtitle Camper units) Industrial insurance, jurisdiction agreements Breast and cervical cancer screening program,
51.04.020 early detection
CAMPING RESORTS medical advisory committee 43.70.665
Administration of chapter 19.105.530 Pacific Northwest economic region, See
PACIFIC NORTHWEST ECONOMIC Cancer research endowment authority and
Administrative procedure act 19.105.540 program
Advertisements REGION
Pacific salmon treaty Ch. 77.75 cancer research endowment fund match
filing 19.105.360 transfer account 43.348.080
prohibitions, remedies 19.105.365 Prescription drugs 18.64.360, 18.64.480,
18.64.490 CARE fund 43.348.060
availability requirements 19.105.336 Sewerage systems generally Ch. 43.348
availability requirements, protections cities and towns, contracts with Canadian independent expert scientific review and
19.105.340 corporations 35.92.410 advisory committee 43.348.050
blanket encumbrances 19.105.336 Water systems Comprehensive cancer centers
Cease and desist orders 19.105.470 cities and towns, contracts with Canadian business and occupation tax exemption
Consumer protection act, applicability corporations 35.92.400 82.04.4265
19.105.500 CANAL COMPANIES Controlled substances therapeutic research
Contracts Eminent domain authority 81.36.010 program Ch. 69.51
application of law, exemptions 19.105.510 Labor liens, See LIENS, subtitle Franchises, Marijuana
cancellation by purchaser 19.105.390 earnings, property of certain companies medical use of cannabis act Ch. 69.51A
estoppel 19.105.400 Right of entry authority 81.36.020 Registry, statewide program
filing 19.105.360 CANALS, DITCHES, AND DRAINS (See also authorized 70.54.230
misrepresentation DIKING AND DRAINAGE) confidentiality of data obtained 70.54.250
statute of limitations 19.105.480 Cities and towns immunity from liability for providing required
permit to market required 19.105.310 drainage systems, authority to provide information 70.54.260
prohibited actions 19.105.340 35.21.210 reporting requirements 70.54.240
registration required 19.105.310 lowland filling Ch. 35.56 rule-making authority 70.54.270
reserve fund to protect purchasers 19.105.350 safeguarding 35.43.040, 35.43.045
voidable 19.105.400 Commercial waterway districts, See CANDIDATES (See also ELECTIONS)
Definitions 19.105.300 WATERCOURSES AND WATERWAYS Alcoholic beverages, candidate purchasing or
Disclosures to prospective buyer Counties, construction, joint authority 36.64.060 giving liquor on election day prohibited
filing 19.105.360 County roads improvement districts, See 66.44.265
requirements 19.105.370 COUNTY ROADS AND BRIDGES, Cities and towns, See CITIES AND TOWNS,
Impoundment of funds 19.105.340 subtitle Canals and ditches subtitle Elections
Injunctions 19.105.470 Diking district powers, See DIKING AND Counties, See COUNTIES, subtitle Elections
Investigations 19.105.450 DRAINAGE Disclosure, See PUBLIC DISCLOSURE
Occupational licensing Eminent domain Disqualification for conviction of subversive act
military spouses 19.105.571 private ditches and drains, See CANALS, 9.81.040
Purchaser lists, authorized uses 19.105.405 DITCHES, AND DRAINS, subtitle Private Filing for office Ch. 29A.24
Registration ditches and drains Municipal court judges, majority of votes in
actions against 19.105.350 Harbor improvement districts, See RIVER AND primary, effect 35.20.150
application procedure 19.105.320, 19.105.330 HARBOR IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS Vacancies Ch. 29A.28
approval is not state endorsement 19.105.520 Health and safety 35.43.040, 35.43.045,
exemptions 19.105.325, 19.105.345 35.44.045, 36.88.380, 36.88.390, 36.88.400, CANDY
experience and training requirements 87.03.480, 87.03.526 Alcohol content regulated 66.12.160, 66.12.170
19.105.570 Highways, logs on highway right of way or in CANNABIS (See DRUGS, subtitle Controlled
fees 19.105.411 drainage ditch as public nuisance 47.32.130 substances)
renewal and amendment 19.105.420 Irrigation districts
signature requirements 19.105.333 hydroelectric generation development CANS (See BEVERAGE CONTAINERS;
uniform regulation of business and legislative intent 87.03.013 RECYCLING; WASTE REDUCTION,
professions act 19.105.560 powers, generally 87.03.015 RECYCLING, AND MODEL LITTER
unprofessional conduct, disciplinary action Irrigation districts, See also IRRIGATION CONTROL ACT)
Sales promotion literature, filing 19.105.360 Joint county and United States canal
Salesperson registration CAPITAL NOTES AND DEBENTURES
construction, authority 36.64.060 Banks, See BANKS AND BANKING, subtitle
required, exemptions 19.105.430 Lake Washington ship canal
unprofessional conduct 19.105.440 Capital notes or debentures
additional right-of-way 37.08.250
Violations consent of state given to United States to CAPITAL PUNISHMENT (See
consumer protection act, applicability construct and operate 37.08.240 SENTENCES, subtitle Capital
19.105.500 lowering and raising waters, liability for punishment)
gross misdemeanors 19.105.480 damages 37.08.240
penalties 19.105.380 CAPITAL STOCK
Local improvements and assessments Banks, See BANKS AND BANKING, subtitle
referral to attorney general or prosecuting fences, culverts, syphons, or coverings, open
attorney 19.105.490 Capital stock savings bank
canal hazards Corporations, See CORPORATIONS, subtitle
remedies 19.105.470 assessments for 35.43.040
statute of limitations 19.105.480 Capital stock
authority for 35.43.040
Business and occupation tax installation of safeguards 35.43.045 Conversion of savings banks Ch. 32.32

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CAPITOL (See STATE CAPITAL) restoration, maintenance, and protection failure to deposit minimum amount
CAPITOL BUILDING LANDS 68.60.030 68.05.160
Designation of land - bonds - uses Ch. 79.24 violations, penalties 68.60.060 preservation and protection 68.05.170
Abandoned cemetery document, notice and reinvestment 68.05.170
CAPTURE BY ENEMY recording 65.04.033 reporting requirements 68.05.180
Federal missing persons act, written finding of Abandoned lots, procedures Ch. 68.36 nonendowed sections, identification
federal officer or employee prima facie Arrangements, notice requirements 68.24.250 68.40.025
evidence 5.40.030 Authorization for burial or cremation 68.50.170 property received in trust 68.40.060
CAR POOLS Buildings and grounds representation of fund as perpetual 68.40.085
High occupancy vehicle lanes damage or destruction 68.60.040 violations, penalty 68.40.090
use restrictions 46.61.165 Cease and desist orders 68.05.320, 68.05.340, Exemption from execution 68.24.220
68.05.350, 68.05.360, 68.05.370 Exemptions from regulation by board 68.05.400
CARBON Cemetery board Fees 68.05.205
Oil and gas, when products considered waste forfeiture of office 68.56.070 Funeral and cemetery board
78.52.140 Cemetery districts, establishment and operation administrative authority Ch. 68.05
CARBONATED BEVERAGES Ch. 68.52 definitions 68.05.020
Syrup tax imposed Ch. 82.64 Certificate of authority enforcement authority 68.05.120
expiration 68.05.115 examination of reports 68.05.190
CAREER EDUCATION (See WORK exemptions from regulations 68.05.400
proof of compliance 68.05.210 immunity from suit 68.05.290
CAREER LADDERS (See SCHOOLS AND required for interment 68.05.240 powers and duties 68.05.090, 68.05.105
SCHOOL DISTRICTS, subtitle Career revocation, suspension, or termination program administrator or manager 68.05.095
ladder) 68.05.173 rule-making authority 68.05.100
CARNAL KNOWLEDGE transfer or sale of ownership or control Grave robbing 68.60.040
Prevention of procreation as punishment 68.05.115 Historic cemeteries
9.92.100 unprofessional conduct, disciplinary action dedication 68.60.020
68.05.300, 68.05.310 definitions 68.60.010
CARNIVALS historic cemetery preservation capital grant
Safety regulation of amusement rides Ch. 67.42 violations, revocation 68.05.330
Cities and towns program, Washington state 27.34.420
CARRIERS (See COMMON CARRIERS) acquisition and maintenance 68.52.040 violations, penalties 68.60.060
annexation of territory for 35.13.180 Interment, rights of
CARS (See MOTOR VEHICLES) commission on sales prohibited 68.24.140
cemetery board 68.52.045
CASCADIA DIAGNOSTIC CENTER (See exemptions from regulation by board indivisible 68.24.120
STATE INSTITUTIONS) 68.05.400 multiple interment, disclosure 68.24.250
CASCARA BARK first class cities, regulation of 35.22.280 ownership and transfer records 68.24.150
Specialized forest products improvement fund 68.52.050, 68.52.060, sale 68.24.110
defined as 76.48.021 68.52.065, 68.52.070, 68.52.080 sale for resale prohibited 68.24.130
second class cities, establishment and Interment, rights to
permit required 76.48.031
regulation 35.23.440 authority to use 68.32.050
CASELOAD FORECAST COUNCIL conveyance to cemetery authority 68.32.160
College bound scholarship program Cities and towns, See also CITIES AND
TOWNS, subtitle Cemeteries co-owners 68.32.100
estimating anticipated program caseload inheritance 68.32.040
28B.118.075 Conveyances, cemetery plots, generally Ch.
68.32 joint tenants 68.32.070, 68.32.080, 68.32.090
Criminal justice forecasting order 68.32.100, 68.32.110
recordkeeping responsibility 10.98.140 Counties title 68.32.010
exemptions from regulation by board vested rights 68.32.020, 68.32.030
Judgmental sentence documents 68.05.400
delivery to council 9.94A.480 Licenses
Counties, See COUNTIES, subtitle Cemeteries revocation, suspension, or termination
Juvenile court and detention facility records, Cremation
release to council 13.50.010 68.05.173
burial or scatter of remains 68.05.195 unprofessional conduct, disciplinary action
Organization and duties Ch. 43.88C permit or endorsement 68.05.175, 68.05.390 68.05.300
CASKETS (See FUNERAL DIRECTORS Crematories violations, penalties 68.05.330
AND EMBALMERS) permit or endorsement 68.05.245 Liens subordinate to dedication 68.24.160
CASKS (See BEVERAGE CONTAINERS) Crimes Maintenance funds
damage or destruction of tomb, monument, or endowment care 68.05.030
CASUALTY INSURANCE (See enclosure 68.60.040
INSURANCE, subtitle Casualty Maps and plats
grave robbing 68.60.040 amendment 68.24.060
insurance) Dedication of property 68.24.030, 68.24.040, filing 68.24.030
CATHETERIZATION 68.24.050, 68.24.070, 68.24.080, 68.24.100, requirements 68.24.020
Schools, authority of common schools to allow 68.24.160 Mausoleums and columbariums, construction
28A.210.280, 28A.210.290 Dedication of property, removal 68.24.090 standards Ch. 68.28
CATS (See ANIMALS) Definitions relating to cemeteries, morgues, and Nonendowed sections
human remains Ch. 68.04 identification 68.40.025
CATTLE (See LIVESTOCK) Department Nonendowment care
CEDAR defined 68.05.024 establishment prohibited 68.40.100
Specialized forest products Director Nonprofit associations
defined as 76.48.021 defined 68.05.028 tax exempt land 68.20.110, 68.20.120
permit required 76.48.031 Discrimination, refusing burial to non-Caucasian Nuisances
Specialty wood 68.50.035 obstruction of way to burial place 7.48.140
buyers and processors Districts when 68.56.040
business license, display requirement dissolution Ch. 53.48 Platting, subdivision and dedication of land act,
76.48.121 establishment in all counties and islands exemption 58.17.040
documentation of purchase, possession, or 68.52.090 Plots
retention 76.48.101 Endowment care abandoned lots, procedures Ch. 68.36
establishment of nonendowment care authority to use 68.32.050
CELL PHONES (See TELEPHONES, cemeteries prohibited 68.40.100 commission on sales 68.24.140
subtitle Wireless services) exemptions from law 68.40.095 conveyance 68.24.115
CEMETERIES (See also BURIAL AND fiscal reports, filing and review 68.40.040 conveyance to cemetery authority 68.32.160
INTERMENT; FUNERAL DIRECTORS fund requirements 68.40.010, Ch. 68.44 co-owners 68.32.100
AND EMBALMERS) funds family plots, sale 68.32.060
Abandoned cemeteries defined 68.05.030 indivisibility 68.24.120
dedication 68.60.020 examination by board 68.05.150, 68.05.254, inheritance 68.32.040
definitions 68.60.010 68.05.259 inheritance tax, exemption 68.32.170

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interment vacancies 68.52.155 group disability, certificates for 48.21.080

order 68.32.110 Community revitalization financing 68.52.195 group life insurance 48.24.170
joint tenancy 68.32.070, 68.32.080, 68.32.090 Disincorporation of special districts in counties use as evidence 48.02.130
ownership and transfer records 68.24.170 with population of two hundred ten thousand Liens
placement, waiver 68.32.130 or more Ch. 57.90 cessation of judgments, certificates of to
sale 68.24.110 Dissolution 68.52.320 another county 4.64.100
sale for resale prohibited 68.24.130 Elections 68.52.155 services of sires, auditors certificate to
title to plot 68.32.010 Eminent domain 68.52.200, 68.52.210 owners 60.52.020
vested rights 68.32.020, 68.32.030, 68.32.140, Establishment Motor vehicles
68.32.150 authority 68.52.090 license registration, See MOTOR
Police authority and enforcement 68.56.060 commissioners 68.52.140 VEHICLES, subtitle Certificate of license
Prearrangement contracts election 68.52.150, 68.52.160, 68.52.170, registration
cease and desist orders 68.05.320 68.52.185 ownership, See MOTOR VEHICLES, subtitle
generally Ch. 68.46 hearing 68.52.110, 68.52.130 Certificate of ownership
Prearrangement services notices 68.52.120 Partition proceedings, judgment lien unsatisfied
cease and desist orders 68.05.320, 68.05.340, petition, contents 68.52.100 7.52.160
68.05.350, 68.05.360, 68.05.370 petition, publication and posting 68.52.120 Registration of contractors, See
contracts Ch. 68.46 review 68.52.180 CONTRACTORS
examination by board 68.05.150 Indebtedness, limitation 68.52.310 Shellfish sanitary control, certificates of
failure to comply with statutory requirements Joint operation, purchasing, or contracting compliance Ch. 69.30
68.05.160 68.52.192 Stock, transfer of, See STOCK TRANSFER
reporting requirements 68.05.180 Merger and annexation Ch. 68.54 CERTIFICATES OF RESTORATION OF
reports, filing 68.05.235 Powers 68.52.190 OPPORTUNITY
sales licenses Special elections 68.52.250 Generally Ch. 9.97
application 68.05.155 Taxation 68.52.290, 68.52.310
revocation, suspension, or termination CENSUS Census of cities and towns 43.62.030
68.05.173 Annexation Chemical dependency professionals Ch. 18.205
terms and fees 68.05.225 annexed territory, certification, basis for Copies of instruments restoring civil rights
unprofessional conduct, disciplinary action allocation of state funds 35.13.260 5.44.090
68.05.300, 68.05.310 basis for allocation of state funds 35.13.260 Department of licensing, certified copies of
violations, penalty 68.05.330 times for making 43.62.030 records, restrictions, fee 46.01.250
Prearrangement trust funds Annexed territory, certification 35.13.260 Digital signatures
examination by board 68.05.150, 68.05.254, Cities and towns electronic authentication and certification
68.05.259 allocations of state funds based upon, finality authority Ch. 19.34
Private corporations 43.62.020 Drainage districts, assessment roll 85.32.090
control of property 68.20.061 annexation 35.13.260 Elections, See ELECTIONS, subtitle Certificates
county, city, and town regulation 68.20.080 assistance to office of financial management and certifications
improper assemblages, prevention 68.20.066 in making 43.62.040 Electronic authentication
incorporation 68.20.010 certification of 43.62.030 authority of consolidated technology services
interment, prevention 68.20.065 determination of 43.62.030 agency as certification authority 43.19.794
markers, monuments, and structures, disincorporation 43.62.030 Injunctions, order of 7.40.100
regulation 68.20.062, 68.20.063 incorporation, procedure 43.62.030 Instruments affecting real property
organization 68.20.020 times for making 43.62.030 effect of recording 65.08.110
plants and shrubs, regulation 68.20.064 Counties recording 65.08.100
powers 68.20.030, 68.20.050 classification and census Ch. 36.13 separate parcels situated in different counties,
prior corporations, effect 68.20.040 determination and certification of population, recording 65.08.110
rule making and enforcement 68.20.060 office of financial management 43.62.035 Mandamus, verdict 7.16.240
rules and regulations 68.20.067, 68.20.070 Financial management, office of, powers and Public records and documents, admissibility of
Property, right to acquire 68.24.010 duties of planning and community affairs evidence 5.44.040
Public utilities through cemetery 68.24.180, agency transferred to 43.41.050 Redemptions
68.24.190 CENTRAL BUDGET AGENCY judgment docket copies 6.23.080
Records of remains 68.50.240 Abolished 43.41.940 mortgage record copies 6.23.080
Remains not disposed of 68.50.230 Supplemental proceedings, referee to judge
Removal of remains, procedure 68.50.200, CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY
68.50.210, 68.50.220 Writ of certiorari 7.16.060
Reports, filing 68.05.235 REGIONAL UNIVERSITIES)
Roads and railroads through cemetery 68.24.180, CEREBRAL PALSY CERTIFIED CHECKS (See also UNIFORM
68.24.190 Cerebral palsy center, powers, functions, for COMMERCIAL CODE, subtitle
Sale, transfer, or creation of new 68.05.115 operation of, transferred to department of Negotiable instruments)
Taxation social and health services 70.82.050 CERTIFIED MAIL
exemptions 68.24.240 Diagnosis 70.82.040 Use where registered mail authorized in Revised
Uniform regulation of business and professions Eligibility for services and facilities 70.82.030 Code of Washington 1.12.060
Unlawful damage appropriations from 70.82.021 ACCOUNTANTS)
civil liability 68.56.020 transfer to state general fund 70.82.021
exceptions 68.56.030 warrants 70.82.024 CERTIORARI
penalty 68.56.010 Purpose and aim of program 70.82.010 Affidavit, application for writ by 7.16.050
Unlawful employment of others to dispose of Application for writ 7.16.050
CERTIFICATED EMPLOYEES (See Charitable trusts, order of attorney general
human remains 68.24.150 SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS)
Veterans cemetery Ch. 72.36 related to, court review 11.110.110
Violations CERTIFICATES (See also County board of adjustment ruling 36.70.890
CERTIFICATION; LICENSES) Courts, power to grant 7.16.040
enforcement 68.05.090 Corporations, See CORPORATIONS, subtitle superior courts 2.08.010
liability 68.56.050 Certificate of incorporation; supreme court 2.04.010
CEMETERY DISTRICTS CORPORATIONS, subtitle Certificates of Definitions
Annexation and merger Ch. 68.54 stock certiorari 7.16.030
Cemetery district fund 68.52.280, 68.52.290, Docket, certificate of lien, cessation entry, effect judgment 7.16.020
68.52.300 4.64.100 motion 7.16.020
Cities and towns, inclusion 68.52.210 Elections, See ELECTIONS, subtitle Certificates order 7.16.020
Commissioners and certifications Grounds 7.16.040
election and compensation 68.52.220 Falsifying by public officer 42.20.050 Hearings 7.16.110
oaths 68.52.260 For hire vehicles, permit to operate Ch. 46.72 judicial determinations 7.16.120
organization and operation 68.52.270 Insurance time of 7.16.330

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Judgment 7.16.110 contracts and partnerships 41.04.0332 sales and use tax exemptions 82.12.225
copy, transmittal to inferior tribunal, board, or powers and duties 41.04.039, 41.04.0331 Hunger programs
officer 7.16.130 Donation bins, deposit of trash in city utility customers, donations from
Judgment roll 7.16.140 misdemeanor 9.91.130 35.92.395, 35A.80.060
Notice of application for writ 7.16.050 Event sponsorship for or contributions to public utility districts customers, donations
Orders to show cause why notice for application organizations from 54.16.405
of writ should not be allowed 7.16.050 insurance producers, by, when 48.30.135 Names or emblems
Parties, designation of 7.16.010 Eyeglasses or hearing instruments, donation of use prohibited without consent 19.09.230
Rules of practice 7.16.340 liability immunity 4.24.800 Organizations
State agency action reviewable under Finances annual report, secretary of state to publish
administrative procedure act or land use advisory council 19.09.550 19.09.440
petition act charitable organization education account change of information 19.09.085
inapplicability of chapter 7.16.360 19.09.530 conditions, who may conduct 19.09.100
Stay of proceedings 7.16.070, 7.16.080 education program 19.09.510, 19.09.530 contracts with commercial fund raisers
Superior courts power to issue 2.08.010 reciprocal agreements, other states 19.09.560 19.09.097
Supreme court Food banks financial statements 19.09.210
jurisdiction as to 2.04.010 city utility customers, donations from recordkeeping requirements 19.09.200
Writ 35.92.395, 35A.80.060 records requests 19.09.210
certification 7.16.060 public utility districts customers, donations registration
contents 7.16.070 from 54.16.405 application 19.09.068, 19.09.071, 19.09.075,
directed to whom 7.16.060 Gambling 9.46.0209, 9.46.0311, 9.46.0321, 19.09.081
return 7.16.110 9.46.0351 failure to file, late filing fee 19.09.271
return with transcript required, when 7.16.060 raffles, authority to conduct 9.46.0315 fees 19.09.062
returnable, when 7.16.330 raffles, enhanced, conducting of 9.46.0323 required 19.09.065
service of 7.16.100 sharing facilities 9.46.0701
service of or return 7.16.110 reregistration 19.09.085
Nonprofit corporation act Ch. 24.03 tiered financial reporting requirements
CESSPOOLS Public employees, payroll deductions for 19.09.541
Failing to fence or cover a public nuisance 41.04.035, 41.04.036 violations, penalties 19.09.275
7.48.140 Unclaimed property, receipt of, when 63.24.160 Prohibited acts
First class cities Uniform prudent management of institutional use of another entitys name, symbol,
assessment for closing 35.22.320 funds act Ch. 24.55 statement, or emblem without consent
filling and closing 35.22.310 United fund, payroll deductions 41.04.035, 19.09.230
41.04.036 violations, penalties 19.09.275
PYRAMID SCHEMES) CHARITABLE SOLICITATIONS waiver of penalties, procedure 19.09.276
Administrative procedure 19.09.430 Sales tax exemption for nonprofit organizations
Advertising, prohibited practices 19.09.100 82.08.02573
Elections, See ELECTIONS
Jurors, See JURIES AND JURORS, subtitle Annual report, secretary of state to publish Service of process 19.09.305
challenges to jurors 19.09.440 Surety bonds, requirements 19.09.191
Legal sufficiency of evidence Business and occupation tax exemption for Telephone, regulated 80.36.390
effect 4.56.150 nonprofit organizations 82.04.3651 Ticket sales 19.09.100
nonsuit, when 4.56.120 Commercial fund raisers Unfair practices, procedures 19.09.340
procedure 4.56.150 advertising requirements 19.09.100 Violations
Referees, to 4.48.050 annual report, secretary of state to publish assessments, recovery 19.09.279
19.09.440 cease and desist orders, attorney general may
CHANGE OF NAMES (See also NAMES) change of information 19.09.085 issue 19.09.277
CHAPLAINS contracts, limitations and requirements hearing 19.09.279
Agencies 19.09.097 investigations, attorney generals powers
housing allowance 41.04.360 disclosure requirements 19.09.100 19.09.410
Public hospital districts financial statements 19.09.210 investigations and publication of information
employment authorized 70.44.059 limitations on practices 19.09.100 19.09.400
State institutions prohibited acts 19.09.230 penalties 19.09.275, 19.09.279
appointment 72.01.210, 72.01.212, 72.01.220, recordkeeping requirements 19.09.200 records availability to attorney general
72.01.230, 72.01.240 registration 19.09.420
housing allowance 41.04.360 application 19.09.068, 19.09.079 waiver of penalties, procedure 19.09.276
CHARGE DAFFAIRES failure to file, late filing fee 19.09.271
fees 19.09.062 CHARITABLE TRUSTS
Foreign acknowledgments 64.08.040 Attorney general
form, contents 19.09.097
CHARGES (See FEES; RATES AND required 19.09.065 court review of orders relating to 11.110.110
CHARGES) reregistration 19.09.085 enforcement of orders relating to 11.110.110
CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS (See also service of process 19.09.305 investigative authority 11.110.100
CHARITABLE SOLICITATIONS) surety bond 19.09.191 notification of judicial proceedings regarding
Boxing, martial arts, mixed martial arts, and telephone solicitations 19.09.100 charitable trusts, to receive 11.110.120
wrestling events, amateur ticket sales 19.09.100 orders to trustees to appear 11.110.110
contestants 67.08.015 use of another entitys name, symbol, proceedings to secure compliance with orders
Charitable gift annuities, See INSURANCE, statement, or emblem without consent 11.110.120
subtitle Charitable gift annuities 19.09.230 Court review of orders of attorney general
Charitable solicitations Ch. 19.09 violations, penalties 19.09.275 11.110.110
Children Commercial fundraisers Definitions 11.110.020
donors and distributors of items to children records requests 19.09.210 Enforcement of orders to appear 11.110.100
immunity from civil and criminal liability Conditions and requirements 19.09.100 Filings
70.200.020 Cost of solicitation 19.09.100 instrument establishing, filed with secretary of
construction of chapter 70.200.030 Definitions 19.09.020 state 11.110.060
definitions 70.200.010 Disclosure requirements 19.09.100 inventory of assets, time 11.110.060
Combined fund drive Endorsements tax or information return or report 11.110.070
account 41.04.039 conditions 19.09.230 Instruments establishing, filed with secretary of
contracts and partnerships 41.04.0332 Fees, disposition 19.09.355 state 11.110.060
definitions 41.04.035 Finances Inventory of assets, filing, time for compliance
powers and duties 41.04.0331 tiered financial reporting requirements 11.110.060
rules, authority to adopt 41.04.033 19.09.541 Investigations by attorney general, authorized
rules, procedures 41.04.036 Financial statements 19.09.210, 19.09.315 11.110.100
secretary of state Forms and procedures 19.09.315 Judicial proceedings, copies of, relating to filed
authority 41.04.033 Fund-raising activities, nonprofit with attorney general 11.110.120

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Order to appear to trustee by attorney general Tax refund anticipation loans Ch. 19.265 Commission on supreme court reports, duties
11.110.110 CHECKS AND DRAFTS (See also 2.32.160
effect 11.110.110 NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS, Utilities and transportation commission
Penalty for violations 11.110.140 subtitle Checks; UNIFORM members, removal of, tribunal appointed by
Powers and duties of attorney general related to COMMERCIAL CODE, subtitle 80.01.010
are in addition to other powers and duties Negotiable instruments) CHILD ABUSE (See also DOMESTIC
11.110.120 Bank deposits and collections Art. 62A.4 VIOLENCE)
Proceedings to secure compliance with orders of Check cashers and sellers, regulation Ch. 31.45 Adolescents, abuse of
attorney general 11.110.120 City or town employee payroll check, draft, or DSHS staff training 26.44.220
Public records, availability 11.110.040 warrant Alcohol or controlled substances as contributing
Purpose of chapter 11.110.010 city or town may cash, conditions 35.21.087 factor, evaluation of alleged perpetrator
Secretary of state Colleges and universities 26.44.170
fees check cashing for students and employees Background investigations of certain prospective
rule adoption to establish 43.07.125 28B.10.031 employees and volunteers
filing requirements 11.110.060 Credit card used as check cashing identification definitions, records 43.43.830, 43.43.834,
Tax or information return or report, filing card number not to be recorded 62A.3-512 43.43.836, 43.43.838, 43.43.840
11.110.070 Dishonored checks finger-print based 43.43.839
Tax reform act of 1969 failure to comply with requirements 62A.3- immunity of state 43.43.833
application to 11.110.200 525 records 43.43.832
amendment to existing trust 11.110.250 form for notice 62A.3-520 Birth certificates, childrens trust fund 70.58.085
trusts created after June 10, 1971 11.110.250 motor vehicle fees, procedures 46.01.230 Childrens services
rights and powers of payees rights 62A.3-515 child abuse and neglect multidisciplinary
attorney general not impaired 11.110.230 service of notice by mail 62A.3-522 teams 74.14B.030
court not impaired 11.110.230 Dishonored money orders
state implementation 11.110.200 Corporal punishment 9A.16.100
motor vehicle fees, procedures 46.01.230 Council for children and families
trust instruments deemed to contain Prizes, promotional advertising of prizes
certain provisions for distribution childrens trust fund 43.121.100
simulated or continuing obligations checks, Counseling referrals availability notice
11.110.220 prohibitions and restrictions 19.170.050
prohibiting provisions 11.110.210 74.14B.050
State Custody, taking child into without court order
Trustees, registration requirements 11.110.051 cashing checks, drafts, and warrants for state
Trusts not exclusively for charitable purposes law enforcement agency or department of
officers, employees, and others authorized social and health services 26.44.050
access to information 11.110.075 43.08.180
Uniform prudent management of institutional Deaf
Stop-payment order, unlawful center for childhood deafness and hearing loss
funds act Ch. 24.55 class C felony, amount 9A.56.060
Uniformity of laws with other state laws investigation 26.44.210
gross misdemeanor, amount 9A.56.060 Dependency petitions
11.110.090 Unclaimed property, uniform act 63.29.050
Violations physicians expert opinion 26.44.030,
Unlawful issuance 26.44.040
civil action by attorney general 11.110.130 class C felony, amount 9A.56.060
penalty 11.110.140 Drug or alcohol-related driving offenses
"credit," defined 9A.56.060 child is present, arrest of vehicle operator
refusal to defined 9A.56.060
comply with rules promulgated by secretary when 26.44.250
gross misdemeanor, amount 9A.56.060 Early learning, department of
of state 11.110.125 intent, presumption of 9A.56.060
file reports 11.110.125 home visitation programs
venue 4.12.025 definitions 43.215.146
perform duties 11.110.125
CHEESE (See DAIRIES AND DAIRY findings, intent 43.215.145
WASHINGTON STATE (See SCHOOLS home visitation services coordination or
Retrocession of criminal jurisdiction 37.12.100, consolidation plan 43.215.147
Charter schools) Emergency placement, record check 26.44.240
37.12.110, 37.12.120, 37.12.130, 37.12.140
CHARTER SCHOOLS (See SCHOOLS AND Family assessment response 26.44.020,
SCHOOL DISTRICTS) CHELAN COUNTY 26.44.030, 26.44.031, 26.44.260, 26.44.270,
Boundaries, tracing of 36.04.040 26.44.272
CHARTERS Superior court judges, number of 2.08.062
Cities Guardian ad litem, appointment 26.44.053
first class cities 35.22.030, 35.22.050, CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY (See Higher education institutions, abuse reporting by
35.22.055, 35.22.060, 35.22.070, ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG 28B.10.846
35.22.080, 35.22.090, 35.22.100, ADDICTION) Homicide by abuse 9A.32.055
35.22.110, 35.22.120, 35.22.130, CHEMICALS (See PESTICIDE Host homes and host home programs, See
35.22.140, 35.22.150, 35.22.160, APPLICATION; POISONS) CHILDREN, subtitle Host homes and host
35.22.170, 35.22.180, 35.22.190, home programs for youth in need
CHEMISTS Identification and criminal history section
35.22.200 Agriculture, department of
exercising powers and duties in accordance state patrol powers and duties 43.43.700
duties of official chemists 43.23.200, Interviewing child 26.44.030, 26.44.040
with 35.22.020 43.23.205
petition for 35.22.130 Investigation
contents of 35.22.130 CHICKENS (See POULTRY) notification 26.44.100
First class cities, amendment, petition for CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, sexual abuse investigations 26.44.180,
35.22.130 OFFICE OF THE 26.44.185, 26.44.190
Civil service exempt positions 41.06.101 Law enforcement
CHATTEL LIENS (See LIENS, subtitle training on child abuse and neglect
Chattel liens) CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, 43.101.365, 43.101.370
CHATTEL MORTGAGES (See also OFFICE OF THE STATE (See Liability of governmental entities and their
MORTGAGES) CONSOLIDATED TECHNOLOGY officers, limiting of 4.24.595, 26.44.280
Destruction, conversion, sale, removal, etc., of SERVICES AGENCY, subtitle Chief Medical exam, payment for 7.68.068
property to avoid, penalty 9.45.060 information officer, office of the state) Military families
Fees CHIEF JUSTICE OF SUPREME COURT allegations of abuse or neglect 26.44.030
sheriffs foreclosure sale 36.18.040 Administrator for the courts Near fatalities
Foreclosure, franchises subject to sale on order of assignment of judges, recommended by review of case files, investigation, when
foreclosure administrator 2.56.040 26.44.290
sheriffs fee 36.18.040 assistants appointed and compensation fixed Neglect
CHATTELS (See PERSONAL PROPERTY) under approval of chief justice 2.56.020 custody, taking child into without court order
funds disbursed under order of chief justice 26.44.050
CHEAT (See FRAUD) 2.56.090 family assessment response 26.44.020,
CHECK CASHERS AND SELLERS Assignment of judges to other county or district 26.44.030, 26.44.031, 26.44.260,
Generally Ch. 31.45 2.56.040 26.44.270, 26.44.272

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 63]


higher education institutions, abuse reporting victims, early identification and referral investigation by court regarding parenting
by 28B.10.846 74.14B.070 arrangements 26.09.220
liability of governmental entities and their Teachers, record check 28A.410.010 parental relocation, notice requirements and
officers, limiting of 4.24.595, 26.44.280 Temporary restraining order or preliminary standards 26.09.405, 26.09.410, 26.09.420,
perpetrator, right to review and amend finding injunction 26.44.063, 26.44.067 26.09.430, 26.09.440, 26.09.450,
26.44.125 Therapeutic day care and treatment 74.14B.040 26.09.460, 26.09.470, 26.09.480,
Negligent treatment, maltreatment Training in prevention for in head start and early 26.09.490, 26.09.500, 26.09.510,
offer of services 26.44.195 childhood education assistance programs 26.09.520, 26.09.530, 26.09.540,
Parenting plan 43.63A.066 26.09.550, 26.09.560
visitation, restriction on abusive parent Witnesses, duty to report 9.69.100 parenting plan
26.09.191 CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT, COUNCIL criteria for establishing permanent plan
Parenting skills and child abuse prevention FOR THE PREVENTION OF (See 26.09.187
classes 28A.620.020 CHILD ABUSE) decree of dissolution 26.09.050
Perpetrator failure to comply 26.09.184
alcohol or controlled substances as CHILD CARE (See DAY CARE) issuance of temporary plan 26.09.197
contributing factor, evaluation 26.44.170 CHILD CARE AGENCIES (See also PUBLIC issuance or modification of temporary plan,
arrest without warrant, circumstances ASSISTANCE, subtitle Child welfare required affidavit 26.09.270
26.44.130 agencies) modification 26.09.260
notification of investigation, report, and Abuse of charges, investigate prior to licensure or objectives and content of permanent plan
findings 26.44.100 relicensure 74.15.030 26.09.184
right to review and amend finding 26.44.125 Child care resource and referral services parent serving in armed forces 26.09.010
treatment for abusive person removed from business and occupation tax exemption petition 26.09.040
home 26.44.140 82.04.3395 procedure for permanent plan 26.09.181,
visitation rights, temporary restraining order Employees hired by contracting agencies 26.09.182
26.44.150 department of social and health services not proposed temporary plan 26.09.194
Prevention liable, conditions 74.15.038 restrictions 26.09.191
auditors fee, issuance of marriage license Investigate for abuse prior to licensure or policy 26.09.002, 26.09.003
additional fee to fund prevention programs relicensure 74.15.030 residential time summary report 26.09.231
36.18.010 Licenses separation contracts 26.09.070
Prevention training for parents and day cares denial, revocation, suspension, modification Parents to share equally 26.16.125
74.15.200 74.15.132 Proceedings
Records disclosure 26.44.031, 74.13.500, required 74.15.090 custodial interference, action by relative
74.13.505, 74.13.510, 74.13.515, 74.13.520, suspension for noncompliance with support 26.09.255
74.13.525 order 74.15.134 guardian ad litem, appointment 26.09.220
Reporting Maternity homes, See MATERNITY HOMES investigation and report 26.09.220
annual report by prosecutor 26.44.075 modification, supporting affidavit 26.09.270
definitions 26.44.020 CHILD CUSTODY (See also DISSOLUTION temporary custody order, supporting affidavit
failure to report 26.44.080 OF MARRIAGE) 26.09.270
false report 26.44.060, 26.44.061 Abduction of child by parent visitation rights, grandparents and other
family assessment response 26.44.020, information for parents on harmful effects persons 26.09.240
26.44.030, 26.44.031, 26.44.260, 26.09.315 Provision for in dissolution of marriage, legal
26.44.270, 26.44.272 Abuse Ch. 26.44 separation, or declaration of invalidity
immunity 26.44.060 Child custody jurisdiction act Ch. 26.27 26.09.050
investigation, duties of receiving agency Custodial interference Records access by parents, limitations 26.09.225
26.44.030 action by relative 26.09.255 Residential placement or child custody,
judicial proceedings 26.44.053 plaintiff, fees and costs 26.09.255 prerequisites for court before granting
limitations of chapter 26.44.015 Dependency order restraining order 26.50.135
methamphetamine manufacture with child on notice to noncustodial parent 26.44.120 Uniform parentage act Ch. 26.26
premises 26.44.200 notice to parents 26.44.115 Venue 26.09.280
oral, written, contents 26.44.040 Dependency proceedings Visitation
protective detention or custody 26.44.056 advise parents and children of rights concealment, etc., remedies 26.09.255
public employees, legal defense provided 26.44.105 disclosure of address via public assistance
26.44.032 Designation of custodian 26.09.285 records 74.04.060
records, maintenance and disclosure Forms grandparents and other persons 26.09.240
26.44.031 use of approved forms 26.09.006 limitations on rights 26.10.160
by whom 26.44.030, 26.44.040 Indian child welfare act Ch. 13.38 provision for in dissolution of marriage, legal
witness to report 9.69.100 Investigation by court regarding parenting separation, or declaration of invalidity
written records 26.44.035 arrangements 26.09.220 26.09.050
Resource and assessment centers, licensing Mediation proceedings 26.09.015, 26.09.016 remedies 26.09.255
74.15.311 Modification 26.09.260 CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (See SEX
Rights of child 13.34.020 Nonparental actions for custody OFFENSES)
Rights of parents and children forms
purpose 26.44.100 mandatory use of standard forms and format CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES (See
statement to parents 26.44.110 rules 26.18.220 SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES,
Risk assessment process generally Ch. 26.10 DEPARTMENT OF)
use, report to legislature 26.44.030 guardian ad litem appointment 26.10.130 CHILD SUPPORT (See also FAMILY
School curriculum 28A.300.150, 28A.300.160 Indian children 26.10.034 ABANDONMENT AND NONSUPPORT)
Schools orders, various Ch. 26.10 Adjudicative proceedings
written policy 28A.230.080 orders, various Ch. 26.10 department of social and health services
Sexual abuse and/or assault Orders, various Ch. 26.09 participation 74.20.057
criminal records Parentage act, uniform Ch. 26.26 Administrative support order
information identifying victims is Parenting act modification of
confidential 10.97.130 residential time summary report 26.18.230 petition, grounds, and procedure 74.20A.059
evidence, admissibility of childs statement Parenting act, parental custody and Aid and attendant care payments
9A.44.120 responsibilities in calculation of obligation 26.19.045
identity of victim not to be disclosed at any advice of professional personnel 26.09.210 Alternative method of enforcement Ch. 74.20A
court proceeding 10.52.100 appointment of attorney 26.09.110 Attendant services payments in cases of
information identifying victims of juvenile definitions 26.09.004 disability
offenders is confidential 13.50.050 effective date, pending actions, decrees calculation of obligation 26.19.055
investigation 26.44.180, 26.44.185, 26.44.190 26.09.907, 26.09.909 Case registry
investigator training 43.101.224 failure to comply with decree or order submission of support orders 26.23.033
recovery actions, statute of limitations 26.09.160 Central registry
4.16.340 interview with child by court 26.09.210 case registry, procedures 26.23.033

[RCW Indexpage 64] (2016 Ed.)


court order to pay 26.09.120 Guidelines issuance or modification of temporary plan,

creation, duties, procedure 26.23.030 review 26.19.025 required affidavit 26.09.270
definitions 26.23.020 Health care 26.09.105 objectives and content of permanent plan
disclosure, confidentiality, records 26.23.120 Income tax exemptions, federal 26.09.184
dishonored checks 26.23.075 allocation between parties 26.19.100 petition 26.09.040
employer liability 26.23.090 Indian tribes, cooperative agreements for procedure for permanent plan 26.09.181,
employment reporting requirements enforcement services Ch. 26.25 26.09.182
26.23.040 Inmates proposed temporary plan 26.09.194
information, partys duty to update 26.23.055 collection actions 72.09.480 restrictions 26.09.191
mandatory wage assignment 26.18.080 Internal revenue service may be informed of policy 26.09.002, 26.09.003
obligation, determination of amount, failure to support 74.20.160 separation contracts 26.09.070
procedure 26.23.110 Interstate automated enforcement Ch. 74.20A Paternity
orders Interstate family support act, uniform Ch. 26.21A genetic testing orders 74.20.360
provisions, enforcement 26.23.050 Judgment liens Payments
service of process, procedures 26.23.055 expiration 4.56.210 bad checks, clerk to accept only cash or
payments to registry, immunity 26.23.070 Judicial retirement, assignment order against certified funds 26.09.120
prohibited acts, employers 26.23.080 benefits 2.10.180, 2.12.090 office of support enforcement
records, confidentiality and disclosure Legislative findings 26.18.010 credit for other payments, when allowed
26.23.120 License suspension for noncompliance with 74.20.101
records retention 26.23.040 support order support registry
support enforcement services 26.23.045 adjudicative proceeding 74.20A.322 credit for other payments, when allowed
wage assignment certification of noncompliance 74.20A.324 74.20.101
employer duties 26.18.110 identification of responsible parents Payments to court, clerk may send directly to
form 26.18.100 74.20A.330 recipient 36.48.090
service 26.18.130 license renewal and reinstatement 74.20A.320 Periodic adjustments or modifications 26.09.100
Child support data report 26.18.210 licensing department duties 43.24.112 Provision for in dissolution of marriage, legal
Clerk of superior court, send checks to recipient licensing entities, agreements with department separation, or declaration of invalidity
36.48.090 of social and health services 74.20A.330 26.09.050
Compliance with registry 26.09.135 noncompliance notice 74.20A.350 Public assistance
Definitions 26.18.020 notice of noncompliance, procedures action by department to insure support
Delinquent support payments under temporary 74.20A.320 74.20.040
order payment schedule arrangements 74.20A.326 agreements between attorney general and
effect of final decree 26.09.060 records access 74.20A.360 prosecuting attorney 74.20.210
Department of social and health services, rules, adoption of 74.20A.328 cooperation by person having custody, penalty
designated agency under federal law Liens 26.18.055 74.20.060
74.20.055 Limitation of action divorce or separate maintenance actions
Dependent children action to be commenced within ten years after 74.20.220
parents duty to support 13.34.160 eighteenth birthday of youngest child intercounty proceedings 74.20.210
Division of child support 4.16.020 petition, order spouse to provide support
distribution of support received 26.23.035 Mandatory wage assignment 26.18.120, 74.20.230, 74.20.240, 74.20.250
payroll deduction 26.18.130, 26.18.140 purposes 74.20.010
notice 26.23.060 alternate payment plan 26.18.140 Public assistance action, See PUBLIC
Domestic partnerships employers answer, duties, and liability ASSISTANCE, subtitle Support of
extension of rights and responsibilities 26.18.110 dependent children
26.18.240 petition or motion 26.18.070 Records access by parents, limitations 26.09.225
Economic table 26.19.020 Modification 26.09.170, 26.09.175 Registry
Educational support, postsecondary 26.19.090 venue 26.09.280 procedure 74.20.101
Employee benefit plans Nonparental actions for custody Residential time summary report 26.09.231,
subject to domestic relations orders 6.15.020 forms 26.18.230
Employment status, office of support mandatory approved forms 26.10.015 Responsible parent
enforcement not to discriminate on the basis mandatory use of standard forms and format action against responsible parents earnings
of 74.20.045 rules 26.18.220 within state 74.20A.095
Enforcement of support health insurance 26.10.060 financial responsibility of, notice and finding
action against responsible parents earnings support orders 26.10.050 of
within state 74.20A.095 support schedule 26.10.045 procedure 74.20A.055
foreign country, one parent living in Notice of support or maintenance orders Schedule
uniform interstate family support act Ch. 26.23.130 allocation of support obligation between
26.21A Office of support enforcement parents 26.19.080
Indian tribes, cooperative agreements for employment status, office not to discriminate definitions 26.19.011
services Ch. 26.25 on the basis of 74.20.045 educational support, postsecondary 26.19.090
public assistance action for enforcement of payroll deduction income tax exemptions, federal
support for dependent children, See motion to quash, modify, or terminate allocation between parties 26.19.100
PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, subtitle Support 26.23.100 nonparental actions 26.10.045
of dependent children self-employed individuals, duties of office review 26.19.025
venue 26.09.280 74.20.045 standards for application 26.19.035
Execution on judgment for Out-of-home placement of child standards for determination of income
may seek issuance for ten years after support contribution by parents 13.32A.175, 26.19.071
eighteenth birthday of youngest child 13.32A.177, 13.32A.178 standards for deviation from standard
6.17.020 Parentage act, uniform Ch. 26.26 calculation 26.19.075
Family abandonment and nonsupport Ch. 26.20 Parenting act standards for establishing lower and upper
Family court jurisdiction 26.12.190 appointment of attorney 26.09.110 limits on amounts 26.19.065
Financial institution data matches 74.20A.370 definitions 26.09.004 worksheets and instructions 26.19.050
Foreign child support court orders failure to comply with decree or order Self-employed individuals
enforcement or nonenforcement, when 26.09.160 office of support enforcement duties
uniform interstate family support act Ch. interview with child by court 26.09.210 74.20.045
26.21A investigation by court regarding parenting Social security numbers
Foreign countries, one parent living in, See arrangements 26.09.220 collection and disclosure waiver 26.23.140
CHILD SUPPORT, subtitle Support parenting plan federal requirement, restricted disclosure
obligations enforcement criteria for establishing permanent plan 26.23.150
Forms 26.09.187 State patrol retirement system
mandatory use of standard forms and format decree of dissolution 26.09.050 support orders, compliance with 43.43.310
rules 26.18.220 failure to comply 26.09.184 Stepchildren
use of approved forms 26.09.006 issuance of temporary plan 26.09.197 support obligation 26.16.205

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 65]


Support obligation petition for, court commissioners power to local health department authority and
allocation between parents 26.19.080 hear and determine 2.24.040 immunity 70.05.170
day care or special child rearing expenses voluntary adoption plan and termination of Child protective services
26.19.080 parental rights 13.34.125 child taken into custody with court order
Support obligations enforcement Adoption, See also ADOPTION notice to parents 26.44.115
application of chapter 26.18.030, 26.18.035 Adverse childhood experiences, preventing and child taken into custody without court order
bond or other security 26.18.150 mitigating effects of statement to parents 26.44.110
commencement of proceedings 26.18.040 definitions 70.305.010 family assessment response 26.44.020,
contempt action 26.18.050 findings, purpose 70.305.005 26.44.030, 26.44.031, 26.44.260,
definitions 26.18.020 planning group 70.305.020 26.44.270, 26.44.272
foreign country, one parent living in Age liability of governmental entities and their
uniform interstate family support act Ch. compulsory school attendance, See officers, limiting of 4.24.595, 26.44.280
26.21A SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS, notice to noncustodial parent 26.44.120
health insurance subtitle Compulsory attendance taking child into custody without court order
liability of employer or union, penalties employment 26.28.060 26.44.050
26.18.180 legal criminal responsibility 9A.04.050 Child selling, buying
liens 26.18.055 majority Ch. 26.28 duty of witnesses to report 9.69.100
mandatory wage assignment 26.18.070, for enumerated purposes 26.28.015 lawful and unlawful acts 9A.64.030
26.18.080, 26.18.090, 26.18.120, Aid to dependent children, See PUBLIC Child welfare services
26.18.130, 26.18.140 ASSISTANCE, subtitle Temporary records or information, disclosure 74.13.042
employers answer, duties, and liability assistance for needy families Child welfare services, See PUBLIC
26.18.110 Alcohol or drug dependence ASSISTANCE, subtitle Child welfare
form 26.18.100 services, access to, report 74.09.495 services
medical support 26.18.170 Alcoholic beverages, See ALCOHOLIC Children and family services act 74.14A.020
prevailing party, costs and fees 26.18.160 BEVERAGES, subtitle Minors blended funding projects 74.14A.060
workers compensation or certain benefits Alcoholism and drug addiction treatment Ch. juvenile offenders
payments 70.96A family unit to be included in treatment
paid on behalf of child 26.18.190 At-risk children and families 74.14A.040
Temporary support in dissolution of marriage, collaborative programs with public agencies treatment in nonresidential community-
legal separation, or declaration of validity authorized based care 74.14A.030
26.09.060 program requirements 43.150.080 legislative declaration 74.14A.010
Uniform economic table 26.19.020 community public health and safety networks long-term care or assistance
Uniform interstate family support act Ch. 26.21A duties 70.190.070 identification of children requiring
associated foreign order provisions 4.24.820 expenditures, authorization and limitation 74.14A.050
Uniform parentage act Ch. 26.26 70.190.065 program development 74.14A.050
Veterans disability pensions or compensation grants for use of school facilities 70.190.180 policy goal 74.14A.025
calculation of income and support obligation inclusion in state and federal plans affecting Childrens day 1.16.050
26.19.045 children, youth, and families 70.190.160
membership and organization 70.190.060 Childrens services
Wrongful deprivation of legal custody caseworker standards and training 74.14B.010
payments, when excused 74.20.065 outcome evaluation 70.190.050
planning grants and contracts with family child abuse and neglect multidisciplinary
CHILD WELFARE AGENCIES (See teams 74.14B.030
PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, subtitle Child policy council 70.190.090
programs and plans 70.190.080 counseling referrals availability notice
welfare agencies) 74.14B.050
proposals to family policy council
CHILDHOOD DEAFNESS AND HEARING 70.190.030 therapeutic day care and treatment 74.14B.040
LOSS, CENTER FOR (See DEAF) sexual abstinence and delay of sexual Childrens sleepwear, See FLAMMABLE
activity campaigns 70.190.085 FABRICS
CHILDREN (See also CHILD CUSTODY; Commitment complaints, court commissioners
CHILD SUPPORT; JUVENILES; transfer of funds and programs to state
agency 70.190.170 power to hear and determine 2.24.040
MINORS; PARENT AND CHILD; Community health care collaborative grant
UNIFORM PARENTAGE ACT) family policy council
community services, projects program 41.05.650, 41.05.660
funds to implement 70.190.030 Community public health and safety networks
defense 9A.42.090
prioritization 70.190.030 duties 70.190.070
defined 9A.42.010
first degree 9A.42.060 community services, proposals to expenditures, authorization and limitation
criteria for consideration 70.190.030 70.190.065
second degree 9A.42.070
third degree 9A.42.080 nonoffender at-risk children and their families grants for use of school facilities 70.190.180
unattended in parked car 9.91.060 Ch. 13.32A inclusion in state and federal plans affecting
Abduction of child by parent services provided by counties 74.13.025 children, youth, and families 70.190.160
information for parents on harmful effects superintendent of public instruction lead fiscal agent 70.190.075
26.09.315 grants to improve readiness to learn liability, immunity 70.190.190
Action against minor defendant, appointment of 28A.300.555 membership and organization 70.190.060
guardian in defense of 12.04.150 Begging, employing child for 26.28.070 outcome evaluation 70.190.050
Action by minor plaintiff, appointment of Behavioral health services planning grants and contracts with family
guardian to act for minor 12.04.140 access to, report 74.09.495 policy council 70.190.090
Action by minor plaintiff to be commenced by Berry harvesting by workers under twelve years programs and plans 70.190.080
guardian, exceptions 12.04.140 of age 15.04.150, 15.04.160 proposals to family policy council 70.190.030
Actions against parent for injuries to person or Blind children and their families sexual abstinence and delay of sexual activity
property committed by minor child, services offered 74.18.190 campaigns 70.190.085
limitations 4.24.190 Car seats transfer of funds and programs to state agency
Actions for seduction of child or ward 4.24.020 immunity, safety technicians 46.61.687, 70.190.170
Adoption 46.61.6871 Concealing birth of, penalty 9.02.050
children with special needs, interstate public awareness, education 46.61.6885 Confession of judgment by, who may confess for
agreements for adoption 74.13A.090, requirements 46.61.687 4.60.020
74.13A.095, 74.13A.100, 74.13A.105, standards, state patrol duties 46.37.505 Contracts
74.13A.110, 74.13A.115, 74.13A.120, Carnal knowledge disaffirmance 26.28.040
74.13A.125 prevention of procreation as punishment personal services of infant, payment bars
insurance coverage 48.01.180 9.92.100 recovery by parent or guardian 26.28.050
health care 48.20.500, 48.21.280, 48.44.420, Chemical dependency treatment Ch. 70.96A student educational loan contracts Ch. 26.30
48.46.490 Child abuse, See CHILD ABUSE validity and effect 26.28.030
lawfully adopted child not an heir of his or her Child care, See DAY CARE Contributory negligence, not imputed 4.22.020
natural parents for purposes of Title 11 Child labor, See LABOR, subtitle Minors Corporal punishment
11.04.085 Child mortality review use of force 9A.16.100

[RCW Indexpage 66] (2016 Ed.)


Correctional facilities for, See Custody review hearings 13.34.145

CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES, subtitle child protective services custody rights of child 13.34.020
Juveniles notice to parents 26.44.115 rights of parties 13.34.090
Credit reports court-ordered custody rights of parties to be heard 13.34.096
protected consumers, children as, security notice to noncustodial parent 26.44.120 services, coordination 13.34.025
freezes for 19.182.220, 19.182.230 custodial interference services, description 13.34.094
Crimes against fees and costs 26.09.255 sexual contact or abuse evidence admissible
assault of a child dependency proceedings 9A.44.120
first degree 9A.36.120 sexual contact or abuse evidence admissible sexual offenses
second degree 9A.36.130 9A.44.120 state patrol duties regarding records
third degree 9A.36.140 provision for in dissolution of marriage, legal 43.43.705
internet crimes against children separation, or declaration of invalidity shelter care 13.34.055, 13.34.060, 13.34.062,
account 43.101.435 26.09.050 13.34.065, 13.34.067, 13.34.069,
school employee, conviction or guilty plea residential placement or custody, prerequisites 13.34.092
notification of state patrol and for court before granting restraining order status review, hearing 13.34.138
superintendent of public instruction 26.50.135 support order 13.34.160, 13.34.161
43.43.845 wrongful deprivation of legal custody termination of parent-child relationship
Crimes relating to support payments excused, when 74.20.065 13.34.132
age of legal responsibility 9A.04.050 Custody, See also JUVENILES visitation policy and protocols
begging, employing child for 26.28.070 Day care, See DAY CARE development 13.34.380
buying, selling 9A.64.030 Death of, parents action for 4.24.010 petition for visitation 13.34.385
cigarettes 26.28.080 Delinquent or dependent, See CHILDREN, Descent and distribution
concealing birth of child 9.02.050 subtitle Alternative residential placement; inheritance 11.04.015
employment CHILDREN, subtitle Crisis residential issue, defined 11.02.005
compulsory school attendance law centers; JUVENILE COURT; JUVENILES lawfully adopted child not an heir of his or her
28A.225.080 Delinquents natural parents for purposes of Title 11
immoral or dangerous employment family reconciliation services Ch. 13.32A RCW 11.04.085
26.28.070 Dependency Descent and distribution, See also PROBATE,
minimum ages, exceptions 26.28.060 abuse or sexual contact, admissibility of subtitle Children
prostitution houses 26.28.070 childs statement 9A.44.120 Desertion and nonsupport, See also
leaving children unattended in parked alcohol or substance abuse evaluation and DESERTION AND NONSUPPORT
automobile to enter tavern 9.91.060 treatment for parent or guardian Disabilities, children with
luring of child or person with developmental breach of court-ordered treatment 13.34.174 co-custodians
disability 9A.40.090 violation of conditions 13.34.176 consent before commitment 26.40.050
refrigeration equipment abandoned where attorney for child, appointment 13.34.100 financial responsibility 26.40.080
accessible to children Ch. 9.03 child protection and child welfare legal status of child, consent required for
school district employees, termination of racial disproportionality, evaluation and change 26.40.080
certificated employees for felony crime report 13.34.830 petition for change 26.40.070
against child child welfare proceedings who may be 26.40.040
notice to superintendent of public instruction placement, documentation 13.34.400 declaration of purpose 26.40.010
upon guilty plea or conviction civil contempt of court 13.34.165 education and training
28A.405.475 court forms, standard 13.34.035 administrative section 28A.155.030
recovery of salary or compensation by custody administrative section for created
district 28A.405.470 hearing 13.34.070 28A.155.020
right of appeal 28A.405.470 Indian child welfare act, federal 13.34.040, apportionment of state and county funds
school district employees, termination of 13.34.070 28A.155.040, 28A.155.050, 28A.155.070
classified employees for felony crime order 13.34.050 authority of districts, generally 28A.155.040
against child petition to court 13.34.040 children with disabilities, defined
crimes against children, specified definitions 13.34.030 28A.155.020
28A.400.322 disposition orders 13.34.130 early intervention services 28A.155.065
right of appeal 28A.400.320 disposition orders, entry 13.34.141 home aid 28A.155.050
schools, contractors prohibited from education coordination program for dependent joint school district cooperation
employing person convicted of felony youth 28A.300.590 28A.155.040
crime against child, penalty for violation education services, onsite individualized, for leasing buses for transporting of
28A.400.330 dependent students 28A.300.592 28A.160.040, 28A.160.050, 28A.160.060
substitution of child to deceive 9.45.020 educational liaison 13.34.045, 13.34.046 preschool age children 28A.155.020,
tobacco 26.28.080 evaluation of parties 13.34.370 28A.155.070
vapor products, See VAPOR PRODUCTS guardian ad litem, duties 13.34.105, 13.34.107 residential schools 28A.155.040
Criminal mistreatment guardian ad litem, fees 13.34.108 sites, buildings and equipment for, financing
defense, financial inability 9A.42.050 guardian ad litem or suitable person 13.34.100 28A.155.040
defined 9A.42.010 guidelines 13.34.350 special aid equipment and teachers
endangerment with a controlled substance hearings 13.34.110, 13.34.120 28A.155.040
9A.42.100 Indians health of child
first degree 9A.42.020 placement of Indian child in out-of-home consent of co-custodian required before
fourth degree 9A.42.037 care 13.34.130 health procedure 26.40.080
leaving a child in the care of a sex offender jurisdiction of court 13.34.155 petition to allow application of health
9A.42.110 juvenile court act 13.34.010 measures 26.40.080
second degree 9A.42.030 newborn, transfer 13.34.360 responsibility to state and co-custodians
third degree 9A.42.035 parents duty to support 13.34.160 26.40.080
withdrawal of life support systems not parents for parents program Ch. 2.70 multiple disabilities, medical services Ch.
applicable to chapter 9A.42.040 parents of dependent children, locator services 74.26
Crisis residential centers for 74.20.280 order of commitment
annual records, contents 74.13.035 permanency filing, notice, copies 26.40.060
licensing eligibility 74.13.035 annual report 13.34.820 petition for rescission of order 26.40.070
secure or semi-secure centers placement of child 13.34.134 parent to parent program 71A.14.120,
collaboration, collocation, licensing plan of care 13.34.136, 13.34.155 71A.14.130, 71A.14.140
requirements 74.15.255 plan of care when parent has developmental petition for order of commitment
sexually exploited children, access to person disability 13.34.136 co-custody 26.40.040
trained to work with 74.15.255 planning 13.34.145 consent required 26.40.050
Custodial interference petition 13.34.080 contents 26.40.040
custody of children by law enforcement placement 13.34.130, 13.34.141, 13.34.142 grounds 26.40.030
officer 13.34.055 placement order 13.34.130 petition for rescission of commitment order
shelter care placement 13.34.060 psychosexual evaluation for parent 13.34.410 26.40.070, 26.40.090

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 67]


provide parental training in care and education Employment security department family services Habeas corpus, granting of writ to guardian or
28A.155.020 and programs limited guardian 7.36.020
services to to be administered to promote states policy of Harboring 13.32A.080
by health department 43.20A.635 service to at-risk children and families Head start program, statewide 43.215.125
Disabilities, infants and toddlers with 50.08.030 Health insurance
birth-to-three interagency coordinating Erotic material, showing and distribution to access to coverage 74.09.402
council 43.215.470, 43.215.472, minors, penalty 9.68.050, 9.68.060, affordable health coverage 74.09.460,
43.215.474, 43.215.476 9.68.070, 9.68.080, 9.68.090, 9.68.100, 74.09.470, 74.09.480, 74.09.4701
early intervention services 43.215.470, 9.68.110, 9.68.120 apple health for kids program 74.09.470,
43.215.472, 43.215.474, 43.215.476 Escheated property, limitation of action for filing 74.09.480, 74.09.4701
Discipline claim for tolled during disability 11.08.280 Heart disease, critical congenital screening
use of force 9A.16.100 Executor or administrator, disqualified to act as infants born in a hospital 70.83.090
Discrimination against families with children 11.36.010 Home visitation programs
prohibited 49.60.222 Executors of letters testamentary, as, procedure definitions 43.215.146
Domestic violence 11.28.040 findings, intent 43.215.145
foreign protection order full faith and credit Families in conflict funding 43.215.147
act Ch. 26.52 family services and programs to be
administered to benefit 43.20A.780 home visitation services coordination or
Donors and distributors of items to children consolidation plan 43.215.147
immunity from civil and criminal liability statute administration, consistency required
43.20A.770 Homeless
70.200.020 homeless youth prevention and protection act
construction of chapter 70.200.030 Families-in-conflict
children and family services act 74.14A.020 data and outcome measures, report
definitions 70.200.010 43.330.706
Driving under the influence legislative declaration 74.14A.010
policy goal 74.14A.025 definitions 43.330.702
driver under age twenty-one findings 43.330.700
electronic monitoring or alcohol abstinence Family abandonment and nonsupport Ch. 26.20
Family and children services office of homeless youth prevention and
monitoring 46.61.50571 protection programs 43.330.705,
mandatory appearances 46.61.50571 legislative childrens oversight committee,
membership and duties 44.04.220 43.330.710
Drug or alcohol dependence programs, state-funded, review of
services, access to, report 74.09.495 Family and childrens ombuds, office of Ch.
43.06A 43.330.717
Drug-affected and alcohol-affected mothers and training programs 43.330.715
infants Family policy council
community services, projects HOPE centers for street youth
comprehensive services
funds to implement 70.190.030 requirements 74.15.250
development and expansion of 13.34.390
Drug-affected babies, prenatal newborn prioritization 70.190.030 secure or semi-secure centers
screening Ch. 70.83E community services, proposals to facilitate collaboration, collocation, licensing
Early childhood education and assistance criteria for consideration 70.190.030 requirements 74.15.255
program Ch. 43.215 Family preservation services Ch. 74.14C sexually exploited children, access to person
Early learning, department of Ch. 43.215 Family reconciliation services Ch. 13.32A trained to work with 74.15.255
Earnings Felony convictions, placement 72.01.410 Host homes and host home programs for youth in
equality of right to of wife 26.16.125 Fetal alcohol screening and assessment services need
separate property of custodial parent 71.24.605, 71.24.610 abuse and neglect reporting requirements
26.16.140 Fetal alcohol syndrome prevention Ch. 70.83C 26.44.030
Firearms registration of programs with secretary of
Education carrying firearms 9.41.050
joint liability of husband and wife 26.16.205 states office 24.03.550
exceptions to restrictions on 9.41.060 Housing, independent youth housing program
stepchildren 26.16.205 delivery to ineligible persons prohibited,
Educational records, dependent children 43.63A.305, 43.63A.307, 43.63A.309,
penalty 9.41.080 43.63A.311, 43.63A.313, 43.63A.315
transmittal to department of social and health delivery to prohibited 9.41.080
services 28A.150.510 Illegitimate
pistols, possession by person between mothers action for death or injury to 4.24.010
Emancipation of minors eighteen and twenty-one 9.41.240
decree of emancipation, notation of status Immoral activities, See also CHILDREN,
possession 9.41.042 subtitle Carnal knowledge
13.64.050 Foster care, See FOSTER CARE
eligibility to petition 13.64.010 Indecent exposure 9A.88.010
Genetic testing to establish parentage Ch. 26.26 Indecent liberties, See also CHILDREN, subtitle
forms for petition 13.64.080 Graffiti
hearing on petition 13.64.040 Carnal knowledge
parents liability for childrens acts 4.24.190 Indians
petition, contents and filing fee 13.64.020 Grandparents and other persons, visitation rights
power and capacity of emancipated minors assumption of state jurisdiction as to
26.09.240 dependent children and juvenile
13.64.060 Guardian ad litem
service of petition and notice of hearing delinquency 37.12.010
appointment for civil action 4.08.050 emergency placement of Indian child in out-
13.64.030 eminent domain proceedings 8.25.270
study authorized 74.14A.050 of-home care 26.44.240
Guardian or limited guardian as witness 5.60.030 Indian child welfare act Ch. 13.38
voiding of fraudulent declaration 13.64.070 Guardianship
Emergency management workers, entitled to Infant crib safety requirements Ch. 70.111
courts, control of children until majority
compensation benefits 38.52.270 reached 11.92.010 Infants, drug and alcohol-affected
Eminent domain proceedings dependent children definition 13.34.801, 13.34.802
guardian ad litem, appointment 8.25.270 eligible relatives appointed as guardians, model project 13.34.800
Emotional and behavioral distress in students subsidy program for 74.13.062 Inheritance by 11.04.081
coursework on distress, requiring for teacher establishment of 13.34.232 Inheritance from or by not dependent upon
certification 28A.410.035 guardianship separate from dependency marriage of parents 11.04.081
recognition, screening, and response, model guardianship, establishment of Injury to, parents action for 4.24.010
school district plan for 28A.320.1271 permanency for children in foster care Insurance, schools may provide hospital and
recognition, screening, and response, school through Ch. 13.36 medical for children injured getting off or on
district plans for 28A.320.127 guardianship subsidy, right of guardian to certain vehicles 28A.160.010
response to distress, including educator and receive 13.34.234 Intoxicating liquor
school staff training 28A.310.500, modification of order 13.34.233 leaving unattended in car to enter tavern
28A.310.501 powers and duties of guardian 13.34.232 9.91.060
Emotional disturbance review exemption 13.34.235 Investigation of state employees and providers
children and family services act 74.14A.020 termination 13.34.233 responsible for children and vulnerable
legislative declaration 74.14A.010 when dependency guardianship is subject to adults
policy goal 74.14A.025 provisions of juvenile court act, authority 43.20A.710
Employment exceptions, options 13.34.237 Jail confinement, segregation from adult
generally Ch. 49.12 Guardianship, See also GUARDIAN AND offenders 72.01.415
Employment, See also LABOR, subtitle Minors WARD Judgments against

[RCW Indexpage 68] (2016 Ed.)


errors in, ground for vacation or modification information reported by department of social prohibiting sale and manufacture when
of superior court judgment or order and health services 13.60.040 containing certain flame retardants
4.72.010 state patrol to establish 13.60.010 childrens products 70.240.025
vacation or modification of superior court superintendent of public instruction duties residential upholstered furniture 70.240.025
judgments or orders against 13.60.030 rules, adoption 70.240.060
grounds 4.72.010 toll-free hotline 13.60.010 Prostitution houses, employment 26.28.070
limitation of actions exception 4.72.030 Motor vehicle traffic records, to be provided to Public assistance, See PUBLIC ASSISTANCE
petition, by 4.72.030 parents and guardians 46.20.293 Public health services improvement plan
Juvenile justice act Ch. 13.40 Name, action for change of 4.24.130 assessment standards 43.70.555
Juvenile justice care Negligent treatment or maltreatment 26.44.020 contents 43.70.550
custody, treatment, departmental Newborn screening Ch. 70.83 Punishment
responsibility 74.13.035 Out-of-home care use of force 9A.16.100
Juvenile offenders social study, contents 74.13.065 Resource and assessment centers, licensing
community-based care, nonresidential Out-of-home placement 74.15.311
children and family services act 74.14A.030 conflict of interest 74.13.530 Rights of child 13.34.020
family unit in treatment disposition hearing and court order Runaway hotline 74.13.039
children and family services act 74.14A.040 13.32A.179 Runaway youth
Labor, See LABOR, subtitle Minors support contribution by parents 13.32A.175, law enforcement duty to identify and place
Learning and life skills grant program for court- 13.32A.177, 13.32A.178 information 13.32A.086
involved youth Ch. 13.80 Parent and child relationship Safe products Ch. 70.240
Leaving children unattended in parked private attorney representation 74.20.350 Safe routes to school program
automobile to enter tavern, penalty 9.91.060 uniform parentage act Ch. 26.26 establishment within department of
Legal disability to sue, sale of estate by guardian, voluntary adoption plan 13.34.125 transportation, purpose 47.04.300
limitation of actions on 4.16.070 Parents action for death or injury of child Savings associations, minors accounts
Legislative childrens oversight committee, 4.24.010 33.20.040
membership and duties 44.04.220 Partition proceedings School grounds, removal from during school
Limited guardianship compensation for unequal partition 7.52.440 hours 28A.605.010
courts, control of children until majority consent to partition by guardian or limited Schools
reached 11.92.010 guardian 7.52.470 compulsory attendance, See SCHOOLS AND
Long-term care or assistance interest of guardian prohibited 7.52.360 SCHOOL DISTRICTS
identification of children requiring payment to guardian on sale of interest Seat belts
74.14A.050 7.52.450 public awareness, education 46.61.6885
program development 74.14A.050 terms of sale to be directed by court 7.52.280 requirements 46.61.687
Love and companionship, action for loss of Paternity Seduction of child or ward, action for 4.24.020
4.24.010 acknowledgment of, basis for finding of Service of summons on, personal service
Luring of child or person with developmental parental responsibility, contest of finding 4.28.080
disability 74.20A.056 Sex offenses
defined 9A.40.090 affidavit, transmission to office of vital child offenders, investigation and referral
statistics 70.58.080 26.44.160
Majority sexually aggressive youth, investigation and
for enumerated purposes 26.28.015 guardian or guardian ad litem, appointment of
referral 26.44.160
Marriage, validity, legitimacy of children when not required 74.20.310
Sexual abstinence and delay of sexual activity
26.09.040 limitation of actions 4.16.360 campaigns 70.190.085
Media violence reduction reporting 43.70.560 uniform parentage act Ch. 26.26 Sexual abuse
Mental health Pay-per-call information delivery services commercial sexual abuse of a minor
first-aid training, mental health, for teachers services directed at children, prohibitions and wiretaps 9.73.210, 9.73.230
and educational staff 43.20A.765 restrictions 19.162.050 indicator recognition, screening, and response,
Mental health, See also CHILDREN, subtitle Personal protection spray devices school district plans for 28A.320.127
Emotional and behavioral distress in possession 9.91.160 temporary restraining order or preliminary
students; CHILDREN, subtitle Suicide Phenylketonuria and other heritable or metabolic injunction
Mental health services Ch. 71.24, Ch. 71.34, Ch. disorders contents, notice, noncompliance, penalty
71.36 newborn infant screening, including reporting 26.44.067
access to, report 74.09.495 and regulating of Ch. 70.83 enforcement 26.44.063
children and family services act 74.14A.010, Poison prevention packaging Ch. 70.106 Sexual assault
74.14A.020, 74.14A.025 Pornography, See SEX OFFENSES criminal records
evidence-based and research-based Posthumous, considered as living for purposes of information identifying victims is
prevention and intervention services Ch. descent and distribution 11.02.005 confidential 10.97.130
43.20C Potentially dependent children identity of victim not to be disclosed at any
inpatient admission, procedure 13.34.320, children and family services act court proceeding 10.52.100
13.34.330, 13.34.340 policy goal 74.14A.025 information identifying victims of juvenile
medication and care 74.09.490 Prevention and intervention services, evidence- offenders is confidential 13.50.050
program standards, medical assistance based and research-based Ch. 43.20C Sexual exploitation, See SEX OFFENSES,
74.09.521 Privileged communications 5.60.060 subtitle Sexual exploitation of children
system of care Ch. 74.55 Probate Sexually abused children
Minimum wage family support and postdeath creditors claim early identification and referral, victims of
information program, department of labor and exemptions Ch. 11.54 sexual assault or abuse 74.14B.070
industries duties 49.12.380 final report and petition for distribution, Special health care needs, children with
Minors access to tobacco, restrictions, See guardian ad litem or limited guardian parent to parent program 71A.14.120,
TOBACCO, subtitle Minors access, 11.76.080 71A.14.130, 71A.14.140
restrictions Probate, See also PROBATE Stepchildren
Missing and exploited children, task force on Products, safe inheritance by, escheat avoided 11.04.095
13.60.100, 13.60.110 definitions 70.240.010 limitation of liability after divorce 26.16.205
Missing children and endangered person education campaign 43.70.660 Street youth
clearinghouse flame retardant chemicals, certain, in HOPE centers 74.15.250
amber alert plan, development and childrens products and upholstered responsible living skills program 74.15.230,
implementation by state patrol 13.60.010 furniture 74.15.240, 74.15.250
computerized missing person network review of chemicals, advisory committee, Student educational loan contracts Ch. 26.30
entry, retrieval, access 13.60.020 report 70.240.035 Substance use disorder treatment program
maintenance of 13.60.010 high priority chemicals, notice 70.240.040 generally Ch. 70.96A
endangered missing person advisory plan, high priority chemicals, report 70.240.030 program establishment, authority,
development and implementation by state lead, cadmium, phthalates 70.240.020 requirements 70.96A.110
patrol 13.60.050 manufacturers of restricted products substance use disorder, definition of
information distribution 13.60.010 70.240.050 70.96A.020

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 69]


Substitute care, See FOSTER CARE sexual offenses or abuse involving, jurisdiction 18.25.190
Substitution of child to deceive, penalty 9.45.020 admissibility of childs statement membership and terms 18.25.0151
Sudden, unexplained infant death 9A.44.120 pilot project, commission authority 18.25.210
training program 43.103.100 Therapeutic family home program for youth in qualifications of members 18.25.0165
Suicide custody 74.13.170 removal of member 18.25.0161
coursework on suicide, requiring for school Tobacco, restrictions on minors access to, See successor to other boards and committees
nurse, social worker, psychologist, or TOBACCO, subtitle Minors access, 18.25.0172
counselor certification 28A.410.226 restrictions Credentials use 18.25.090
coursework on suicide, requiring for teacher Tolling of statute of limitations of actions Definitions 18.25.005, 18.25.006
certification 28A.410.035 4.16.190 Discrimination
indicator recognition, screening, and response, coexistent disabilities 4.16.260 prohibited 18.25.0192
model school district plan for when disability must exist 4.16.250 state and political subdivisions, discrimination
28A.320.1271 Transitional living programs for youth in process against chiropractic services prohibited
indicator recognition, screening, and response, of being emancipated 74.13.037 18.25.0193, 18.25.0194, 18.25.0195,
school district plans for 28A.320.127 Trust company or bank may act as guardian of 18.25.0196, 18.25.0197
prevention activities, assisting schools in estate of 11.36.010 Examinations
implementing 28A.300.288 Vaccination subjects and grade standards 18.25.030
screening, referral, and prevention including Washington vaccine association Ch. 70.290 waiver 18.25.035
educator and school staff training Vaccinations Health care authority
28A.310.500 universal vaccine purchase account 43.70.720 prepaid capitated amount for services, pilot
screening and referral, including educator and Victims and witnesses projects 18.25.200
school staff training 28A.310.501 definitions 7.69A.020 Health care coverage to include
Support identity of child victims of sexual assault not exceptions 48.44.310
custody to be disclosed at any court proceeding Health regulations 18.25.080
wrongful deprivation of legal custody 10.52.100 Immunity from civil action when charging
payments excused, when 74.20.065 information identifying victims of sexual another member with incompetency or gross
department of social and health services, assault by juvenile offenders is confidential misconduct 4.24.250
designated agency under federal law 13.50.050 Immunity from prosecution
74.20.055 information in criminal records identifying performance of duty on review committee
disclosure child victims of sexual assault is 4.24.240
unemployment compensation 50.40.050 confidential 10.97.130 Industrial insurance coverage 51.36.015
family support and postdeath creditors claim legislative intent 7.69A.010 Insurance
exemptions Ch. 11.54 rights disability, services included 48.20.412
homestead subject to execution and forced enumeration of 7.69A.030 group disability, coverage extended to include
sale to satisfy 6.13.080 notice of 48.21.142
joint liability of husband and wife 26.16.205 failure to give, liability 7.69A.040 Licenses
mandatory arbitration may be authorized Videos and video games applications
7.06.020 minors access to violent videos and games, contents and fees 18.25.020
medical support 26.09.105 library policy formulation 19.188.030 qualifications of applicants 18.25.020
video game rating system 19.188.040 continuing education 18.25.070
public assistance exempted forms of practice 18.25.190
action by department to insure support Violent acts and at-risk behaviors
data collection and reporting rules 43.70.540, inactive status 18.25.075
74.20.040 licensure by endorsement 18.25.040
agreements between attorney general and 43.70.545
Visitation renewal requirements 18.25.070
prosecuting attorney 74.20.210 required 18.25.011
cooperation by person having custody, disclosure of address via public assistance
records 74.04.060 Malpractice
penalty 74.20.060 actions for injuries resulting from 7.70.010,
divorce or separate maintenance actions jurisdiction 26.50.020
Wills 7.70.030, 7.70.040, 7.70.050, 7.70.060,
74.20.220 7.70.070, 7.70.080
intercounty proceedings 74.20.210 capacity to make 11.12.010
Witnesses Prayer treatment, chapter inapplicable 18.25.090
petition, order spouse to provide support Professional negligence
74.20.230, 74.20.240, 74.20.250 bail 10.16.150
guardian or limited guardian, child under limitation on suits arising from 4.16.350
purposes 74.20.010 standard of proof, evidence, exception
fourteen years 5.60.030
stepchildren 26.16.205 testimony by closed circuit television 4.24.290
Support, See also CHILD SUPPORT 9A.44.150 Professional service corporations Ch. 18.100
Support enforcement Youth courts, programs 13.40.580, 13.40.590, Records of review board or committee, members,
adjudicative proceedings 13.40.600, 13.40.610, 13.40.620, 13.40.630, or employees not subject to process 4.24.250
department of social and health services 13.40.640 Reporting
participation 74.20.057 Youth employment and conservation act, See abuse of child Ch. 26.44
employment status, office of support UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION, Schools and colleges
enforcement not to discriminate on the subtitle Youth employment and conservation accreditation 18.25.025
basis of 74.20.045 act educational standards 18.25.025
parent locator services 74.20.280 Youthbuild program, See YOUTHBUILD Service and fee limitations
self-employed individuals, office of support PROGRAM state health care purchasers authorized to set
enforcement duties 74.20.045 18.25.200
Tanning facilities and ultraviolet tanning devices CHILDREN AND YOUTH SERVICES (See Suicide assessment, treatment, and management
use by minors prohibited, exceptions SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES, training for chiropractors 43.70.442
18.370.020 DEPARTMENT OF) Uniform disciplinary act, application 18.25.019
Tattoos CHILDRENS SLEEPWEAR Unprofessional conduct, prosecution 18.25.112
application to minors a misdemeanor Flammable fabrics, See FLAMMABLE Violations, prosecution duties 18.25.100
26.28.085 FABRICS X-ray technicians, employment authorized
Television CHILDRENS TRUST FUND (See CHILD 18.25.180
channel blocking devices, availability ABUSE) CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS
required 19.188.020 Refrigerants
time/channel locks, availability required CHIROPODY (See PODIATRY)
regulated 70.94.970
19.188.020 CHIROPRACTIC rules, enforcement provisions, and limitations
Termination of parent-child relationship Child abuse 70.94.990
permanent placement of child 13.34.134 report by chiropractors Ch. 26.44 unlawful acts 70.94.980
petition 13.34.130, 13.34.132 Chiropractic quality assurance commission
Testimony authority and duties 18.25.025 CHORE SERVICES (See HEALTH
abuse or sexual contact, admissibility of compensation 18.25.0171 SERVICES, subtitle Chore services)
childs statement 9A.44.120 duties and powers 18.25.0171 CHOSES IN ACTION
by closed circuit television 9A.44.150 information to legislature 18.25.0181 Assignee of can sue in own name 4.08.080

[RCW Indexpage 70] (2016 Ed.)


Assignment of, defenses, setoffs and CIGARS (See TOBACCO) Airports, See also AERONAUTICS, subtitle
counterclaims 4.08.080 CITIES, ASSOCIATION OF Airports
Cities WASHINGTON Airspace, conveyance or lease of 35.22.302
consolidation, effect of 35.10.310 Budgets in cities and towns under 300,000 copy Alcohol, motor vehicles
Probate of final budget to be submitted 35.33.075 open container law
estates under sixty thousand dollars State design standards committee, appointment local ordinances authorized 46.61.5191
disposition of 11.62.010 of members 35.78.020 Alcoholic beverages
CHRISTMAS DAY Statewide city employees retirement system, driving under the influence, minimum penalty
School holiday 28A.150.050 members of board of trustees recommended 35.21.165
by 41.44.070 enforcement of laws 66.44.010
CHRISTMAS TREES fines and forfeitures, disposition 66.44.010
Growers Street expenditures of cities and towns,
consultation with state auditor on manual of liquor revolving fund distribution 66.08.210
advisory committee, program 15.13.314 local option, See ALCOHOLIC
license, fees 15.13.311, 15.13.312, 15.13.500 instructions for accounting 35.76.040
BEVERAGES, subtitle Local option
Horticulture, requirements Ch. 15.13 CITIES AND TOWNS (See also CITIES music and dancing upon licensed premises,
Injury to or removal, damages 64.12.030 OPTIONAL MUNICIPAL CODE; permit 66.28.080
Specialized forest products COURTS; LOCAL GOVERNMENTS) report of seizure 66.32.090
defined as 76.48.021 911 sale, local option Ch. 66.40
permit required 76.48.031 automatic number or location identification second class cities 35.23.440
CHURCH CORPORATIONS for 911 services, regulation prohibited state preemption 66.08.120
Annual report 35.21.895 Amateur radio antennas
failure to file, reinstatement after 24.12.055 Abandoned state highways in, procedure to regulation to conform with federal law
notice of annual requirement 24.12.051 become street in 36.75.090 35.21.315
secretary of states powers 24.12.045 Accessory apartments 35.63.210 Ambulance services
Authority to incorporate 24.12.010 incorporation of report recommendations into ambulance utilities, study and review
Corporations sole Ch. 24.12 local government development and zoning 35.21.7661
Corporations sole, prohibition under chapter regulations 43.63A.215 establishment authorized 35.21.766
24.12 24.12.005 Accident claims excise, B & O taxes authorized 35.21.768
Existing corporation sole 24.12.040 auditing and paying false claim, penalty tax revenue uses 35.21.768
Filings, articles of incorporation 24.12.030 42.20.060 towns, operation of 35.27.370
Nonprofit corporation act Ch. 24.03 charter cities, including second class charter Animal care and control agencies, powers and
Powers 24.12.020 cities duties Ch. 16.52
Property held in trust 24.12.030 charter provisions establishing procedure, Animals, prevention of cruelty to Ch. 16.52
Religious corporations, existing corporations application 35.31.020 Animals, procedures when deemed abandoned
sole 24.12.040 filing time 35.31.020 Ch. 16.54
presentment and filing of claims 35.31.020 Annexation
CHURCHES agricultural fair, territory used for 35.13.490
Bomb threats, penalty 9.61.160 provisions in charter, application 35.31.020
relative or agent verifying 35.31.020 agricultural land protection 36.93.180
Doors, swinging outward 70.54.070 application of boundary review law 36.93.220
Nonprofit corporation act Ch. 24.03 time limitation 35.31.020
first class cities approval by boundary review board does not
CIGARETTES (See also TOBACCO) cumulative provisions 35.31.020 authorize other annexation action
Distributors license Ch. 82.26 filing time 35.31.020 36.93.155
Ignition propensity relative or agent verifying 35.31.020 boundaries
generally Ch. 19.305 other than first class cities use of right of way as corporate boundary
reduced cigarette ignition propensity account accident fund 35.31.050, 35.31.060, 35.13.290
19.305.080 35.31.070 boundary review law, supersedes chapter
Indian tribes, tax contracts Accident claims, See also CITIES AND 35.13 RCW, where applicable 36.93.220
eligibility, tax rate 43.06.460 TOWNS, subtitle Claims certificate of population
Puyallup tribe 43.06.465 Accounts and accounting basis for allocation of state funds 35.13.260
requirements, definitions 43.06.455 street expenditures 35.76.030 time for submission, effect 35.13.260
Yakama Nation 43.06.466 Accounts and accounting, See also STATE community municipal corporations
Internet, purchased through AUDITOR, subtitle Municipal corporations resolution may provide for inclusion of
shipping or transporting prohibited, penalty accounting annexed area into 35.13.015
70.155.140 service areas 35.14.010
Acquisition of property
Mail, purchased by territory 35.14.010
shipping or transporting prohibited, penalty for state highway purposes 47.12.040
when may be organized 35.14.010
70.155.140 Actions against 4.08.120 county sheriffs employees, transfer of
Minors 26.28.080 Actions by in corporate name 4.08.110 civil service commission rules 35.13.390
Minors access, restrictions Adjoining states conditions and limitations 35.13.380
shipping or transporting when purchased by watershed property, authority to condemn notification of right to transfer, time frame
mail or through internet, prohibition and 8.28.050 for request 35.13.400
penalty 70.155.140 Adjustment, board of 35.63.080 purpose 35.13.360
Minors access to tobacco, See TOBACCO, Admissions tax 35.21.280 when authorized 35.13.370
subtitle Minors access, restrictions Affordable housing effect on proposed incorporation 35.02.150,
National uniform tobacco settlement accessory apartments 35.63.210 35.02.155
nonparticipating tobacco product discrimination against developments federal areas 35.13.185, 35.13.190, 35.13.200,
manufacturers Ch. 70.157 36.130.005, 36.130.010, 36.130.020 35.13.210
Novelty lighters, prohibition of distribution and Air pollution fire department employees, transfer
sales Ch. 70.255 advisory council 70.94.240 35.10.360, 35.10.365, 35.13.215,
Retailers license Ch. 82.24, Ch. 82.26 apportionment of costs 70.94.093 35.13.225
Roll-your-own cigarettes and commercial city selection committee 70.94.110, 70.94.120 fire districts
cigarette-making machines Ch. 82.24 control districts authorities, See AIR fire protection and safety in proposed
Sales below cost prohibited Ch. 19.91 POLLUTION CONTROL, subtitle annexed territory, report 35.13.252
Smoking, See SMOKING, subtitle Washington Authorities firefighter transfers 35.103.050
clean indoor air act powers, generally 70.94.141 response times in newly annexed areas
Tax imposed Ch. 82.24, Ch. 82.26 taxes for 70.94.091 35.103.050
Tobacco prevention and control account Airports territory served by, interlocal agreement
43.79.480 cooperation with department of transportation process 35.13.238
Tobacco product manufacturers Ch. 70.158 47.68.300 transfer of employees 35.13.238
Tobacco settlement account 43.79.480 first class cities, unincorporated area, subject fire protection districts
Vapor products, See VAPOR PRODUCTS to county zoning and planning law assets, ownership 35.02.200
Vending machines Ch. 82.24, Ch. 82.26 35.22.415 distribution of assets when less than five
Wholesalers license Ch. 82.24, Ch. 82.26 general aviation airports, siting 35.63.250 percent of district annexed 35.02.205

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 71]


fire protection services, benefit charge petition for election, community municipal Asphalt or stone plants, acquisition and operation
35.13.256 corporation, creation 35.13.020 35.92.030
indebtedness remains obligation of taxable petition to county commissioners Assessments for
property annexed 35.13.249 35.13.030 city property 35.44.130
newly incorporated city or town 35.02.202 community municipal corporation local improvements, See LOCAL
sixty percent of assessed valuation acquired, creation 35.13.030 IMPROVEMENTS AND
transfer of assets 35.02.190 service area 35.13.030 ASSESSMENTS
fourth class cities election of community council members Association of Washington cities, See
area restrictions 35.21.010 35.13.030 ASSOCIATION OF WASHINGTON
unplatted lands, restrictions on taking proposition deemed approved, when CITIES
35.21.010 35.13.090 Athletic fields, power to acquire, compensation
indebtedness, ratification and funding after, rate of assessment in annexed area for use 35.21.020
election 35.40.030 35.13.015, 35.13.110 Attorney, See CITIES AND TOWNS, subtitle
information may be made available to public resolution by city council 35.13.015 City attorney
35.13.350 taxation proposition 35.13.015 Auctioneers
metropolitan municipal corporations termination of proceedings by declaration licenses 35.21.690
area contiguous to a metropolitan municipal of termination, cities over 400,000 taxes 35.21.690
corporation 35.58.530 35.13.165 Auditing false claim, penalty 42.20.060
municipal purposes, second class cities petition method Auditor in first class cities, See CITIES AND
35.13.180 alternative, as 35.13.170 TOWNS, subtitle First class cities
population determination appeals from legislative body 35.13.125 Auditoriums
basis for allocation of state funds 35.13.260 commencement of 35.13.125 first class cities 35.22.290, 35.22.300
certificate to office of financial management date effective 35.13.160 local improvement, authority for 35.43.040
35.13.260 indebtedness, assumption of 35.13.125 power to acquire, compensation for use
port district property notice of hearing 35.13.140 35.21.020
transfer rights of port district fire fighters notice to legislative body 35.13.125 Authorities, commissions, and public
53.08.360 ordinance providing for annexation corporations
public service franchises in annexed areas 35.13.150 general laws, applicability 35.21.759
35.13.280 petition, content 35.13.130 Auxiliary water systems, local improvement,
sewerage, water and drainage systems, property in as subject to comprehensive authority for 35.43.040
transfer of system upon annexation of area plan 35.13.160 Bankruptcy readjustment and relief from debts
36.94.180 signatures of property owners 35.13.130 Ch. 39.64
solid waste collection 35.13.280 taxation of annexed territory 35.13.160 Bays, adjacent to
taxes collected in 35.13.270 termination of proceedings by declaration calculating the area of for determination of
territory subject to proposal 35.13.176 of termination, cities over 400,000 area of city or town 35.21.160
unincorporated areas 35.13.165 powers and jurisdiction extended 35.21.160
authority for 35.13.010 regional transit authority territory 35.13.500 Bicycle routes
community municipal corporations resolution method establishment, authorized, directed 47.26.305
certification of vote 35.13.090 community municipal corporation, creation Bicycles
creation 35.13.015, 35.13.020 35.13.015 facilities for bicycles
date deemed organized 35.13.110 standards, adoption by design standards
contents of 35.13.015 committee 35.78.030
service areas 35.14.010
territory 35.14.010 submission by legislative body 35.13.015 licenses 35.75.030, 35.75.040
when may be organized 35.14.010 review board paths for
comprehensive land use plan for area to be composition 35.13.171 city street funds, use for, authorized
annexed convening 35.13.171 standards 35.75.060
contents 35.13.177 factors guiding 35.13.173 construction and maintenance of 35.75.010
hearings on proposed plan, notice, filing favorable determination condition prohibitions on use 35.75.020
35.13.178 precedent 35.13.173 rules regulating use 35.75.040
purpose 35.13.177 findings, filing of 35.13.173 regulation and licensing of 35.75.010
county agricultural fair land 35.13.010 procedures dispensed with, when road fund 35.75.050
county commissioners, annexation election 35.13.172 Bids
date, fixing 35.13.174 termination of proceedings by declaration of lease and lease back agreements 35.42.080
election date, filing by county termination, cities over 400,000 leases with or without option to purchase,
commissioners 35.13.174 35.13.165 when bidding required 35.42.220
election method when deemed contiguous 35.13.010 public works
alternative, as 35.13.120 unincorporated island of territory cost determination 35.22.630
approval, assumption of indebtedness, notice, hearing 35.13.1822 requirements 35.22.620
majority required 35.13.095 referendum, election 35.13.1821 public works, when necessary 35.23.352
approval, indebtedness not assumed, resolution, hearing 35.13.182 public works contracts
majority required 35.13.095 unplatted lands, towns 35.21.010 electrical distribution systems exemption
approval by urban growth areas, annexations beyond 35.22.640
city legislative body 35.13.020 prohibited 35.13.005 minority employment clause 35.22.650
review board 35.13.040 water-sewer districts Ch. 57.24 streets and alleys, construction 35.77.030
certification of vote 35.13.090 when review by boundary review board not supplies, material, and equipment, when
comprehensive plan, approval by electorate necessary 36.93.110 necessary 35.23.352
of 35.13.020 Appropriations, statewide city employees tax revenue may be considered 39.30.040
costs of election 35.13.020 retirement system 41.44.080 violations by municipal officers, penalties
date effective 35.13.110 Aquariums and zoos 39.30.020
date of election, fixing 35.13.060 management contracts 35.64.010, 35.64.020 Biennial budgets
election, conducting 35.13.070 Aquatic plant control, local improvement, annual budget requirements inapplicable
hearing by county commissioners authority for 35.43.040 35.32A.010, 35.33.020
35.13.040 Area, excluding bays, lakes, sounds, rivers or generally Ch. 35.34
indebtedness, assumption of 35.13.090 other navigable waters in determining the Biomedical waste
multiple petitions or resolutions 35.13.050 area of a city or town 35.21.160 definitions 70.95K.010
notice of Armories legislative findings 70.95K.005
election, contents 35.13.080 acquisition of site, authority 36.64.050 residential sharps waste collection
hearing 35.13.040 acquisition of site for, bond issue, sale or lease 70.95K.040
ordinance providing for annexation, of 38.20.020 residential sharps waste disposal 70.95K.030
adoption of comprehensive plan, or Art museums sharps waste collection 70.95.715
creation of community municipal first class cities 35.22.290, 35.22.300 state preemption of local definitions
corporation 35.13.100 power to acquire, compensation for use 70.95K.011
petition 35.13.020 35.21.020 waste treatment technologies

[RCW Indexpage 72] (2016 Ed.)


evaluation by department of health revenue, lien against 35.92.100 Boundary line adjustment
70.95K.020 refunding bonds agreement between cities to adjust lines,
Blighted areas, See CITIES AND TOWNS, authority to issue 39.52.010 action not subject to review by boundary
subtitle Urban renewal bankruptcy readjustment and relief from review board 35.13.310
Board of adjustment, See CITIES AND debts Ch. 39.64 annexation creating need for, agreement
TOWNS, subtitle Planning commissions "corporate authorities", defined 39.52.050 between cities to adjust lines, action not
Board of equalization, local improvement of indebtedness limitations not to be exceeded subject to review by boundary review board
lowlands 35.55.070, 35.55.080, 35.56.080, 39.52.020 35.13.320
35.56.090 tax levy to meet payments and interest city, defined 35.13.300
Boilers 39.52.035 inclusion or exclusion of land partially located
local regulation of boiler exempt from state validation of prior issues 39.52.015 within city, review by boundary review
regulation prohibited 70.79.095 registered bonds, statements and signatures board, necessary conditions avoid review
Bond issues 39.44.102 35.13.340
airports 14.08.112 registration of bonds incorporation of new city creating need for,
cities and towns under 20,000 35.37.040, principal payable to payee or assignee agreement pending incorporation, action
35.37.090, 35.37.120 39.44.110 not subject to review by boundary review
cities and towns under 300,000, receipts, treasurer as registration officer, designation board 35.13.330
limitation on use 35.33.131 of fiscal agent 39.44.130 legislative purpose 35.13.300
community renewals 35.81.100, 35.81.115 registration of bonds and interest Boundary of city is county road
declaratory judgments 7.25.010 coupon interest payments 39.44.120 city to maintain road 36.75.203
definitions 7.25.005 revenue bonds 35.41.030 Boundary review boards
eminent domain Ch. 8.12 energy or water conservation programs annexation approval does not authorize other
energy or water conservation programs 35.92.105 annexation action 36.93.155
35.92.105 funds for reserve purposes may be included annexation subject to board review 35.13.001
expenditures from proposed 35.33.031 39.44.140 city actions not subject to board review
facsimile signatures public utility acquisitions 35.92.100 36.93.105
destruction of plates 39.44.100 sewerage systems 35.67.140, 35.67.150, city actions subject to board review 35.10.001,
fraud by printer or engraver, penalty 35.67.160, 35.67.170, 35.67.180, 35.43.035, 35.67.022, 35.91.025,
39.44.101 35.67.194 35.92.027
sufficiency 39.44.100 revenue sewerage systems 35.67.190 disincorporation subject to board review
first class cities sale of to United States at private sale 35.07.001
execution by proxy Ch. 35.36 amortization 39.48.020 review of proposed actions 36.93.100
transfer of funds 35.22.590 chapter optional 39.48.040 Boundary review boards, See BOUNDARY
general obligation bonds sanitary fills, improvement district bonds REVIEW BOARDS
public utility acquisitions 35.73.070 Bridges
pledge of revenue for payment 35.92.080 savings associations, authorized investment authority to construct 35.85.010
housing authorities, authority for 35.82.130 33.24.060, 33.24.070 elevated, first class cities
improvement bonds, interest payment from savings banks, authorized investment for authority to construct 35.85.010
general revenues, procedure 35.45.065 32.20.070, 32.20.100 local improvement, authority for 35.43.040
improvement bonds with fixed maturity or statewide city employees retirement system as part of state highway system Ch. 47.24
maximum annual retirement schedule funds, investment in 41.44.100 viaducts and tunnels, first class cities,
35.45.020 street grades, sanitary fills, improvement construction and repair 35.22.280
improvement district bonds district bonds 35.73.060 Bridges, See also CITIES AND TOWNS,
sanitary fills 35.73.070 subway construction 35.85.070 subtitle Drawbridges
street grades, sanitary fills 35.73.060 tunnel construction 35.85.070 Brownfield redevelopment
indebtedness limitations, subject to 39.46.110 United States, sale of bonds to at private sale brownfield renewal authority, establishment
interest Ch. 39.48 by city by resolution 70.105D.160
coupon interest payments on registered use to finance pedestrian malls 35.71.060 redevelopment opportunity zones, designation
bonds 39.44.120 utility bonds, refunding with general by city 70.105D.150
payment from general revenues, authority obligation funding bonds Ch. 39.52 Budget director, cities over 300,000 35.32A.020
35.45.065 water redemption bonds Ch. 35.89 Budgets
revenue bonds, issuance at greater interest waterworks, refunding with general obligation budgetary control accounts 35.33.151
rate than that authorized, declared legal funding bonds Ch. 39.52 cities over 300,000 Ch. 35.32A
39.90.050 Bonds cities under 300,000
local improvement annual report to department of commerce generally Ch. 35.33
general fund to local improvement fund, 39.44.210 consolidation including annexation of cities,
transfer 35.45.180 information supplied to department of effect 35.10.315
lowland filling 35.55.120, 35.55.130, commerce expenditures for streets 35.76.060
35.55.140, 35.56.130, 35.56.140, contents 39.44.210, 39.44.230 file with county for tax levy 84.52.020,
35.56.150 definitions 39.44.200 84.52.025
refunding bonds, limitations 35.45.170 validity not affected by not filing 39.44.240 first class cities under 300,000 35.33.020
as repayment for local improvement official, See CITIES AND TOWNS, subtitle leases with or without option to purchase,
installment notes 35.45.155 Official bonds budget to provide for payment of rentals
local improvements, See also LOCAL uniform facsimile signature of public official 35.42.220
IMPROVEMENTS AND act Ch. 39.62 newly incorporated city or town 35.02.132
ASSESSMENTS, subtitle Cities and towns Boulevards second class cities 35.33.020
lost or destroyed bond or warrant, procedure local improvement, authority for 35.43.040 towns 35.33.020
39.72.010, 39.72.020 maintenance and improvement of surface Building codes
maturity 39.44.070 public utilities constructed under 35.21.190 adoption by reference 35.21.180
metropolitan park districts 35.61.200 transfer to park commissioners 35.21.190 amendment of state building code 19.27.040
municipal revenue bond act Ch. 35.41 Boundaries exemptions 19.27.060, 19.27.065
notice of intent to sell general obligation annexation housing for indigent persons, emergency
bonds 39.46.120 use of right of way as corporate boundary exemptions 19.27.042
parking facilities, off-street 35.86.020 35.13.290 state building code Ch. 19.27
parking commission operation 35.86A.090 change of, filing notice of proposed action Building permit fee
payment of general obligation bonds with boundary review board 36.93.090 deposit in building code council account
39.46.110 right of way lines permitted to be substituted 19.27.085
public mass transportation system general for any portion of street right of way Building permits
obligation and revenue bonds, authorized 35.21.790 contractor registration verification required
39.33.050 uncertain, towns 35.27.030, 35.27.060 before issuance 18.27.110
public utility acquisitions Boundary changes governmental units, no security required for
general obligation bonds, pledge of revenue factual information, provision to public and permit issuance 35.21.470
for payment of 35.92.080 boundary review board 35.21.890 Buildings

(2016 Ed.) [RCW Indexpage 73]


first class cities, control over location and pedestrian malls, conflict over, effect City transportation authority - monorail Ch.
construction 35.22.280 35.71.120 35.95A
life-cycle cost analysis Ch. 39.35 powers on adopting charter 35.22.195 City treasurer
multi-family and mixed-use projects Chief of police bond
assessment exemption period for new eligibility criteria 35.21.333, 35.21.334 effect of depositaries 35.38.050
projects 35.87A.170 vacancies 35.21.335 cities of first class employees retirement fund
definitions 35.87A.020 Child care facilities custodian 41.28.080
hearing, notice 35.87A.050 family day care providers home facility collection of assessments, duties 35.49.010
hearings 35.87A.060 allowed 35.63.185, 36.70A.450 failure to call for or pay warrant, penalty
initiation petition or resolution 35.87A.030 family day-care providers home facility 35.21.320
ordinance to establish, contents and adoption allowed 35.21.688 health department pooling funds 70.08.080
35.87A.100 review of need and demand for misappropriation of funds 42.20.090
purposes 35.87A.010 definitions 35.63.170 police relief and pension board member
special assessments 35.87A.080, review, implementation of findings 41.20.010
35.87A.090, 35.87A.140 35.63.180 second class cities, See CITIES AND
newly constructed, appraisal by assessor Cities in county with a population of two hundred TOWNS, subtitle Second class cities
36.21.070, 36.21.080 ten thousand or more west of Cascades, utility local improvement districts, collection
residential structures occupied by persons utilities, support of cities, towns, counties of assessments, duties 35.49.010
with disabilities, treatment of 35.63.220 and taxing district in which facilities located Civil violations subject to monetary penalties as
restrictions on set-back, See CITIES AND 35.21.422 alternative to criminal sanctions 35.22.280,
TOWNS, subtitle Planning commissions City attorney 35.23.440, 35.27.370
structurally defective, See CITIES AND legal interns, employment 35.21.760 Claims
TOWNS, subtitle Unfit dwellings City buildings accident claims
towns 35.27.370 lease and lease back agreements Ch. 35.42 first class cities
Burial of dead, authority 68.52.030 City clerks, See CITIES AND TOWNS, subtitle cumulative provisions 35.31.020
Bus service, authority to contract with other Clerks other than first class
governmental authorities, limitation City council accident fund 35.31.050, 35.31.060,
39.34.085 budget 35.31.070
Bus stations consideration by city council 35.32A.040 auditing and paying false claim, penalty
conduct at transit stations, unlawful 9.91.025 revision by council, limitation 35.32A.040 42.20.060
Buses confirmation of budget director appointment charter cities
conduct on transit vehicles, unlawful 9.91.025 35.32A.020 filing 35.31.020
Business and occupation tax, municipal Ch. consideration of proposed budget 35.32A.040 provisions in charter relating to procedure,
35.102 members, service as volunteer firefighters, effect of 35.31.020
Canals and ditches, safeguarding 35.43.040, volunteer ambulance personnel, or reserve claims presented after the end of the fiscal year
35.43.045 law enforcement officers 35.21.770 in cities and towns under 300,000
Canals and waterways, lowland fill areas, proposed budget submitted to 35.32A.030 35.33.151
generally Ch. 35.56 unincorporated towns on United States land, first class cities
Cemeteries powers of review 58.28.520 filing 35.31.020
acquisition and maintenance 68.52.040 City council, See also CITIES AND TOWNS, local improvement bonds 35.45.070
annexation of territory for 35.13.180 subtitle Council-manager plan; CITIES noncharter cities 35.31.040
cemetery board 68.52.045 AND TOWNS, subtitle First class cities payment before approval by legislative body
exemptions from regulation by board City engineer 42.24.180
68.05.400 streets and alleys, records of funds used pedestrian malls 35.71.110
first class cities, regulation of 35.22.280 35.21.270 towns, auditing and allowance of 35.27.340
improvement fund 68.52.050, 68.52.060, City halls, jointly with county courthouses Classification
68.52.065, 68.52.070, 68.52.080 authority for 36.64.010 advancement 35.06.010, 35.06.070, 35.06.080
private corporations Ch. 68.20 contracts first class 35.01.010
second class cities, establishment and approval 36.64.030 second class 35.01.020
regulation 35.23.440 terms of 36.64.020 towns 35.01.040
Census, See CITIES AND TOWNS, subtitle funds, how provided 36.64.040 Clerks
Population determination City hardship assistance program city streets as part of state highway system
Cesspools, first class cities implementation by transportation certified to clerk 47.24.010
assessment for closing 35.22.320 improvement board 47.26.164 commission form of government 35.17.080
closing and filling 35.22.310 City jails, See CITIES AND TOWNS, subtitle ordinances recorded by 5.44.080
Charge cards for travel expenses 42.24.115 Jails police relief and pension board of trustees
Charter cities, claims against 35.31.020 City lands member 41.20.010
Charters lease and lease back agreements Ch. 35.42 streets and alleys, records of funds used
amendment 35.22.130 City limits 35.21.270
cities over 300,000 population, election of electrical energy, purchase and sale beyond Code of ethics 42.23.010, 42.23.030, 42.23.040,
freeholders, ballots 35.22.055 35.84.010 42.23.050, 42.23.060
cities over ten thousand population electrical energy facilities beyond limitation Code reenactment, 1965 Title 35
power to frame charter 35.22.030 on eminent domain 35.84.030 Codification of ordinances
first class cities 35.22.030, 35.22.050, right to acquire 35.84.020 adoption as official code 35.21.520
35.22.055, 35.22.060, 35.22.070, exclusion of area from boundaries Ch. 35.16 adoption of new material 35.21.560
35.22.080, 35.22.090, 35.22.100, fire apparatus used beyond 35.84.040 authorization for 35.21.510
35.22.110, 35.22.120, 35.22.130, firefighters injured beyond 35.84.050 copies as proof of ordinances 35.21.550
35.22.140, 35.22.150, 35.22.160, reduction Ch. 35.16 filing with city clerk 35.21.530
35.22.170, 35.22.180, 35.22.190, street railway extensions beyond 35.84.060 initial amending, adopting or rejecting of
35.22.200 urban public transportation system, extensions adopting ordinance 35.21.540
amendments to beyond 35.84.060 notice of hearing 35.21.530
exercising powers, functions and duties in water systems extended beyond single subject requirements 35.21.570
accordance with 35.22.020 acquisition of property 35.92.180 subsequent amendments 35.21.570
framing for government 35.22.030, authority for 35.92.170 what constitutes 35.21.500
35.22.050, 35.22.055, 35.22.060, City manager, See CITIES AND TOWNS, Cold storage plants, acquisition and operation
35.22.070, 35.22.080, 35.22.090, subtitle Council-manager plan 35.92.040
35.22.100, 35.22.110, 35.22.120, City property, See CITIES AND TOWNS, Columbia River Gorge commission, city
35.22.130, 35.22.140, 35.22.150, subtitle Property conformance with laws 35.22.700
35.22.160, 35.22.170, 35.22.180, City sealer, See WEIGHTS AND MEASURES, Combined city and county municipal
35.22.190, 35.22.200 subtitle City sealers and deputies corporations
petition for, contents of 35.22.130 City street fund fire protection or law enforcement
requisites of 35.22.130 bicycle paths, use authorized binding arbitration in collective bargaining,
legislative powers of charter city 35.22.200 standards 35.75.060 when 36.65.050

[RCW Indexpage 74] (2016 Ed.)


intent 36.65.010 copy of plan and regulations provided to fire districts

method of allocating state revenues 36.65.040 county assessor 35.22.695, 35.63.240 fire protection and safety in proposed
public employee retirement or disability referral to annexed territory, report 35.13.252
benefits not affected 36.65.060 community council 35.14.040 territory served by, interlocal agreement
school districts retained as political Condemnation, See CITIES AND TOWNS, process 35.13.238
subdivisions 36.65.020 subtitle Eminent domain transfer of employees 35.13.238
Combined sewerage, water, and garbage Condemnation of blighted property 35.80A.010 indebtedness
systems, statutes to govern 35.67.340 authority to enter property or buildings effect of consolidation of annexation upon
Commerce, department of 35.80A.040 35.10.331
ordinances, information pooling 35.21.185 disposition of property acquired by ordinances, former, enforcement 35.10.320
Commission government condemnation 35.80A.030 purpose of chapter 35.10.203
generally, including adoption, abandonment, financial assistance, acceptance 35.80A.040 state funds, effect upon right to receive
and organization Ch. 35.17 t