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Generating Ideas

Advert for a games console.

The advert will show the games console being used by someone and the advert will show off the products
features and how it works by explaining what power and performance it has as well as showcasing a couple of
games off. The advertisement will be a TV advert as well as an advert that can be viewed on websites such as
Facebook and YouTube etc. Cast members required only need to consist of two - three however there could be
someone else who is used for a narrator in the background of the advert. I could film at home as the advert will be
showcasing a home games console or it can be brought into college and filmed in a recording room. The advert
will be realistic as no animation or unprofessional characters will be used. A slogan can be used in the advert that
can be used to associate the console with and repetition can be used so that the product will be remembered by
the audience. Testimonial can be used so that the product looks a lot more authentic, this can be done by using a
popular video game characters game being shown off on the console. After around 30000 people seeing the
advert, the product should be bought by a lot of people causing the product to be a huge success. Mise en scene
that I would use for the commercial would be low key lighting through it all with the odd piece of higher key lighting
when using actors to give it a 90s feel and this would be because I would want to make an advert on retro game
consoles. I would close ups as well as extreme close ups when showing off the game console to show its texture,
buttons and shapes. There will be mid shots on the actors when theyre shown sat playing on the console that will
display bright, comical lights from the television screen. The advert can become a print advert too in the back of
comic books or music comics to promote the console and this will feature the slogan as well as some games in
the background.

Pepsi Max advert

The advert will show someone or a group of people quite thirsty after coming in from college/work then the
person/people will grab a can or bottle of pepsi and begin to enjoy it. A voice will be heard over the video telling
the customer to drink it as its a great drink and always quenches the thirst of people whilst focussing on the drink
and having the person blurred in the background. The advert can be radio based however the video shows a lot
more and this will be seen on television and YouTube and Facebook online. There can be around 3 to 4 people or
just 1 person enjoying the drink. If there is more than one person in the advert they can each share the same
opinion on how good the drink is. The location can be in the college grounds outside where everyone may
congregate together or in someone's house. The advert will be realistic. Repetition can be used or a slogan that
would each be associated with the drink. The touch points will be the logo of Pepsi and how it stands out. The
mise en scene used would be a low key light when showing off the drink itself as it would connote with the dark
background but then in the middle would be very bright so it can be shown being used by people as a
refreshment on a hot day at a barbecue or football game etc. There will be some extreme close ups when
showing the drink itself but then a long mid shot when showing people sharing and drinking the drink together.
The advert can go on a radio as the advert can describe the refreshment as being energetic and refreshing etc.
and you wont need to see the drink when sophisticated words are used to describe the drink.

ICT service
This advert will be on service fro computers, games consoles and tablets/phones that may need repairing due to
hardware failure or software issues. The advert could start with someone walking into a room with someone who
works for an IT company and asking them to fix their device, its broken completely says the guy but the IT
technician fixes it in less than a second. The advert will consist of at least two people. The location can be in a
college room, preferably an IT room. The advertisement will be a realist advert. The persuasive techniques used
can be a slogan, the slogan can be used to associate the IT company with. Touchpoints can be that the advert
focuses solely on IT however it can be connected to everyone who has trouble with PCs and other computer
devices. The mise en scene used will be a high key light that will be used all throughout the advert so that the ICT
aspect can connote with the lighting to show electricity and other forms of technology working together. Close ups
will be used of the computers and other devices that can be fixed as well as mid shots of the actors who would
play IT technicians. The advert would go viral as viral videos always go on the internet and the internet is on
computers, phones and other pieces of technology so it makes sense to have the advert on this platform.