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Motivation Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to express my interest in King Fahad University of Petroleum and
Minerals for Graduate studies program 'MS in Mechanical Engineering (Design and
Vibration)'. I believe that my educational background and professional experience in
Mechanical Design enables me to be a strong candidate for this program.
I have completed Bachelors degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, from
the University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan in 2011 with an overall
aggregate of 2.98 CGPA. During my undergraduate studies, my favorite subjects were
Machine Design, Mechanics of Materials, Industrial Materials, Manufacturing Processes,
Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, and Computer Aided Design.
Through my engineering studies I came to know that the knowledge of Mechanical
Design is now the back-bone of many design and research fields. My career aspiration
is to excel in the field of designing complex models and mechanisms and to solve the
problems related to design with the help of computer simulation. To strengthen my
theoretical and practical knowledge in this field, I want to join the COSSE Master's
Degree Program.
My ultimate aim is to establish my own Design firm at the international level which will
provide comprehensive solution to the technical problems of engineering companies.
Along-with my undergraduate studies, I did a computer simulation of heat transfer and
fluid flow through a concentric tube heat exchanger for the major project of my
Bachelors Degree. This work helped me prepare for the advanced studies in area of
computer simulation for engineering problems.
The Erasmus Mundus Master's program COSSE has two main attractions for me:
1- The mobility scheme offered is excellent in a sense that all the partner universities
have very good world ranking which shows the extreme hard-work and dedication of
the universities towards the students.
2- The sound financial support while studying abroad in a very competitive academic
environment is of utmost importance to succeed.
I have achieved many educational and professional milestones. During my
undergraduate studies, I was amongst the top 5% students of Mechanical Engineering.
Professionally, I have hands on experience of working with CAD/CAM/CAE softwares in
an engineering consultancy firm.
The ambitions which I have just exposed to you would not be realized without a solid
theoretical background and a strong real world experience specialized in Computer
Simulation. I am deeply convinced that this Master degree course is the best way of
securing my future because of its well-structured curriculum as well as the financial
support to solely concentrate on studies. A completion of this Masters Degree will be
an excellent springboard for my future career and will provide me the knowledge and
confidence to realize my dreams. Furthermore, the courses this program combines
match perfectly my professional projects and academic expectations.
Abdul Rehman
BSc Industrial and Engineering
University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Pakistan