Dave’s Evansville Ace Hardware, Evansville, Wisconsin

July 2010

Volume 8 Number 7

Paul’s Comments
I hope your garden is growing well. As I drive around town and see some of the local gardens, I marvel at how great they look. Some of the tomato plants are huge. Hopefully we won’t have the blight that we had last year and you’ll have a bountiful harvest. The fields of corn and soy beans in the country are looking about as good as I’ve ever seen them at this time of year! Knee high by the 4th no longer applies . . . at least not this year. Recently, ACE Hardware was ranked “tops” among home-improvement retailers for customer service, by a national trade magazine, for the third year in a row. Nationally, this means that ACE Hardware stores continue to rank higher in customer service than the big box home improvement stores and all other hardware/ home improvement stores. Locally, this confirms what Dave and I continually stress to our employees—our service to our customers makes us stand out. Sure, we have some great bargains in our newspaper advertising supplements which encourage customers to shop here, but the service is what our customer remembers (how he/she is treated by our employees). We appreciate having you shop at our store, your locally-owned friendly hardware store. I stopped at my parents’ home last night and while out on their deck, I got bit by a mosquito. They live in the woods and they have lots of those nasty blood suckers visit them each year. My dad says he was a little late getting his mosquito magnet running this year, but it’s working well now and the mosquito population is rapidly decreasing with the mosquito magnet running. Stop in the store and we’ll be happy to explain the advantage of having a mosquito magnet in your back yard.

Look For Barn Quilts In Rock County
A group of Rock County citizens were attracted to the American Barn Quilt Movement, and with the help of Barn Quilt groups in Green and Walworth Counties, formed Barn Quilts of Rock County. That group made a barn quilt for the warehouse at the Milton store and is working on one for our Evansville store too. Barn Quilts got their start in 2001 when Donna Sue Groves of Adams County, Ohio, painted a quilt block on her tobacco barn to honor her mother, a master quilter. Local artists painted traditional quilt blocks on weathered barns and the project began to attract travelers to the area. The Rock County Barn Quilt Project has the following objectives: ∗ Promote rural heritage of Rock County ∗ Highlight the architecture and history of barns in the county through relevant quilt blocks ∗ Encourage economic development by promoting ag-tourism and local businesses ∗ Educate the public about the art and history of quilting ∗ Forming youth-adult partnerships to help teach all ages about the project and our heritage If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help with the project or how you can get a quilt to mount on your own barn (or warehouse), call Jeanette Beard at 608-868-4240, Phil Woodworth at 608-295-5112 or Ronna Morton-Ballmer at 608-758-9600. Keep your eyes open for more quilts to come!

Meet Our Friendly Hardware Folks

Sal Sireno joined the team at Dave’s ACE Hardware in April and has quickly learned his way around the store. A graduate of Downey High School in Modesto, California, Sal went on to Modesto Junior College and earned an associates degree in electronics. He had additional schooling in electrical contracting. Past employment for Sal includes 20 years in school maintenance and 2 years working with alarms/security surveillance. Sal’s wife, Alice works part time as a substitute aide for Milton schools. They have a very active 8-year-old son who is in 2nd grade. In his spare time, Sal likes to sketch, paint, air brush, repair electronics, and do electrical and house repairs. Working at Dave’s ACE is enjoyable for Sal when he can assist customers in accomplishing their projects . . . and seeing people happy when he can help them find what they’re looking for and need. He really like interacting with people . . . and Dave’s ACE is a great place to do it. Dave’s Evansville Ace Hardware 755 Brown School Road Evansville, WI 53536
PHONE 608 882-4646 — FAX 608 882-6405

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Dave’s Evansville Ace Hardware, Evansville, Wisconsin

July 2010

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Dave’s Getting Serious About Go-Karting
Regular readers of our monthly newsletters and facebook page know Dave’s kind of a go-kart fanatic. It all began about 2 years ago when he first attended a race at the Sugar River Raceway (www.sugarriverraceway.com) in Brodhead. Since then, he’s become hooked. Last year he spent several evenings renting go-karts at the track and racing against friends, but this year, after a lot of coaxing from his wife, Lori, he finally bought his own. Not wanting an ordinary looking kart, he had a Janesville company wrap it in vinyl flames and plaster his name and Dave’s ACE hardware logos all over it. He was even able to choose his own number . . . 49, to commemorate the age he began seriously racing. He’s competing in a class called Honda Masters which consists of people age 35 and over who own their own go-karts. The karts are all set up very similarly including the engines which are inspected and wired shut to prevent any highperformance tinkering. Fuel is siphoned from each kart’s tank before the race and mixed with everyone else’s before being pumped back into the tanks to ensure no one is unfairly benefiting from a higher-octane racing fuel. About the only thing they can change is tire pressure, gearing, and the muffler configuration. They can also make some chassis adjustments. As the new guy in his class, he’s still one of the slower drivers out there, but he is getting faster with each race experience. On July 3, he raced in a street race in Durand, IL. That was interesting. In the first heat, after running in the middle of the pack, he got pushed out on a corner and ended up in last place. And the worst thing was he got his beautiful finish scraped on one side of the kart. He did better in the 2nd heat, finishing 5th out of 9. In the finals, he ended up in 6th place. If you’re interested in getting a taste of go-kart racing, just let us know. There are still plenty of opportunities to join one of our upcoming private races at the Sugar River Raceway. We have informational sheets at the store. The next one is on Tuesday, July 20. Everyone (over age 18) is welcome, and you don’t need to own your own kart—you can rent them at the track! That’s what I do!

Repellants For All Culprits
Do the critters around your home like things in your yard as much as you? Are dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, skunks, raccoons or groundhogs driving you crazy? Short of setting traps or shooting the culprits, what else can you do? Messina Wildlife makes a complete line of proven effective, safe and organic animal repellants. Unlike other repellants, the Messina Wildlife line actually smells good and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With prices ranging from $9.99 to $19.99, there’s sure to be a product that’s just right to send those critters packing . . . probably to the neighbors yard!

He’s Got Tomatoes
Last month we shared the story of how Dave’s been using one of those Topsy Turvy Tomato Trees to grow a “garden” in his driveway. As we mentioned, his home is surrounded by trees and the driveway is about the only place that gets a steady supply of sun. Last month he was cautiously optimistic about the results he’d achieved, but now he’s really beginning to get excited. Not only are his three tomato plants growing and spreading beyond his expectations, but they’re already producing several green tomatoes and lots of extra blossoms! At this rate, we may need to open up some produce stands in front of our stores to share the bounty (that may be a slight exaggeration). In addition to the three tomato plants, he also has parsley, oregano and rosemary growing from the upper spots in the bag. Those too are thriving. It’s a bit late now to be planting tomatoes in one of these Topsy Turvy upside down planters. But at least you might consider one next year. And, of course, you know we’ll be having them available in our store.

Camp Rotamer On Saturday, July 10
Young boys and girls used to attend summer camp at Camp Rotamer. Owned by the Janesville Rotary Club since 1927, the camp has hosted boys, girls and families for many years. Offering swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts and other wholesome outdoor activities, the camp was a favorite summertime diversion for both kids and parents alike. Unfortunately, the organized summer camp program ended in the 1970s due in part to the camp’s inability to meet more stringent requirements for its kitchen and bath. Through the efforts of countless volunteers, the camp is beginning to sparkle again. A newly renovated kitchen, shower house, fireplace and more have transformed the aging facility back to its previous natural splendor. The secret at 5245 East Rotamer Road is beginning to be shared. On Saturday, July 10th, from 8:00 am – 11:00 pm. the Janesville Noon Rotary Club is inviting everyone to a free open house. Family activities will include games, face painting, geocaching, canoeing, volleyball, camp tours, music and dancing. Food is available for purchase or you can bring your own and have a picnic! Come watch the stars and view a planet or two with the help of a local astronomer. Watch how paranormal researchers conduct an investigation into the unknown. If you’re feeling adventurous you can take a hike with a guide in search of owls and other native wildlife. But if quiet is your thing . . . just bring a lawn chair and watch the sun set over Spaulding Pond. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend, but children under 16 must have adult supervision. Although not required, an RSVP to Laura at 608-743-0059 is appreciated. Hope to see you there!