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A note from your Director of Missions ⋅ Glenn Davis

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Why we should Pray?
“Then Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” Luke 18:1 NIV The choices that Jesus gives for His disciples are only two. Either we will pray, or we will give up. Either we will pray or we will faint. Prayer connects us to our Father in heaven. Jesus prayed throughout His time on earth. He rose very early in the morning, He left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed. When it was time for Jesus to select the 12 who would be His disciples, Jesus spent the night in prayer. As Jesus spent His last time with the disciples we have His recorded prayer in John 17. When Jesus was facing the cross, He prayed in the Garden. And even as Jesus was nailed to the cross, Jesus prayed. Do we pray? Do we pray as we ought? If Jesus gave His time to prayer, to spending time with the Father, do we think that our lives will matter for the Lord and His kingdom when we fail to pray? As an association of churches, we need the power of prayer. That is why we have made prayer our first strategy. Without prayer we will be like an army in the desert without water. We can have all the weapons, we can have all the strategy, we can even have all the best soldiers. But without the power of the Lord through prayer, we will never prevail. How can you pray? We have resources on the HOKSBA website, www.hoksba.org/prayer, to assist you in praying for the churches of the association. There you can download a Prayer Guide and connect with a prayer list that will send you the needs of the churches of HOKSBA as we are made aware of them. The Lord Jesus prayed and taught us to do the same. Do we think that we can get by without prayer? I don’t know why our prayers matter to the Almighty Sovereign God of heaven. But His Word assures us, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” Will we pray?

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Weekly Prayer Emphasis for
IG Emmanuel • Pastor Jeronimo de la Cruz

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Articles by Loren Phippen, Director of Evangelism Evangelism Rally
The annual HOKSBA Evangelism Rally this year will be at Country Acres Baptist Church at 6:30pm. We will also have a small mission fair before the Rally. Please contact the office if you are interested in displaying your ministry and we will reserve a table for you. The speaker this year will be Dr. Thom Rainer, president of LifeWay. Formerly He was the Director of the Billy Graham School of Evangelism at South Baptist Seminary. Dr. Rainer has written many books on evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Please come and join us for this inspiring meeting.

Juvenile Detention Ministry
God continues to bless us in this ministry. We see many lives changed at JDF and at the Boy’s ranch. Also, one of our church members is ministering at the Spartan Lake Side academy where he is able to touch lives with the Gospel. I recently gained clearance to help at Spartan. The ranch has allowed me for the last year or so to sign out 2 boys every Saturday morning at 5 a.m. to take them fishing. For some of them this has been their first time fishing or going to the lake. A couple of weeks ago I took a young gang member who caught his first fish ever and he was thrilled! It has helped to deepen the relationships to the point that some of them stay in contact with me after getting released. I am able to disciple them and get them connected to one of our churches. Please continue to pray for this ministry and your involvement in it by donating your time or providing funds for Bibles and other needs. In particular, we need youth pastors and workers who could give a Friday night every few months or so to help in JDF. This would give a connection for them to continue being discipled after they are released. Some of these kids have never really had someone who loved and cared for them and they desperately need that.

Evangelistic Mission Trips
This year, three of us from HOKSBA churches went to Orlando Florida for and Intentional Community Evangelism event the week before the SBC convention. We worked with the ICE team, seminary students and church members to partner with 15 churches in the Orlando area to take the Gospel to the streets. During that week we had over 800 professions of faith. Praise God! The Orlando churches are committed to follow up on each decision. It is not too early to start praying about going on an evangelistic mission trip next year. Each year we take a group to an evangelistic event the day before the Rose Bowl parade. We usually leave on December 30th and return January 1st. Each year we see numerous lives changed and many people touched by the Gospel. Also, in mid February we take a group to New Orleans to do street evangelism at Mardi Gras. We hand out over 50,000 tracts each year and share the Gospel with many people. This is a very important mission field that we need to reach. We usually leave early Thursday morning and return late Sunday afternoon.

Set Free Ministry
As I have mentioned before, an intricate part of the Set Free ministry is to have a discipleship “ranch” to take people to after they come in off the street. They would stay there sixty plus days. The property needs to be a good distance from town, but close enough for churches to help with Bible Studies and other volunteer ministries. An ideal location would have an old farm house and about 5 acres, either donated or have a reasonable long term lease. Please keep this in prayer and let us know if you know someone who could help with this. In the last couple of weeks we had a mission team from Arkansas work at the Set Free house and got a good start on the electrical installations. They bought ceiling fans for all the rooms and got most of them installed. They also installed most of the electrical outlets. This team contacted Mark after they got home and want to come again and do more toward finishing the building. We still need work groups from our churches to finish up the drywall and painting. Over 95% of the drywall is hung and the second floor has been painted. Once we finish hanging the drywall and painting, we can start the flooring, cabinets and finish carpentry. Please contact Loren Phippen at HOKSBA with questions.

Good Neighbor Centers
Our Good Neighbor Centers are still touching lives in our community through benevolent ministries. We have seen many people coming to our centers give their lives to Christ. Our GNCs are in need of funds and food to meet the great needs in the community. The needs in Wichita are continually growing and all of our centers need your assistance. Many laid off workers in Wichita are running out of unemployment and we have seen a large increase of new families coming to our centers. At 16 cents per pound, we can purchase food at the Food Bank which makes our dollars go so much farther. I would love to come and speak to your church or SS class on the needs of the GNCs and how we can help. The Midtown Good Neighbor center is temporarily closed. Richard and Sam Simmons have decided to leave that ministry and concentrate on Harmony Baptist Church where Richard has been called as the pastor. Victory Baptist, under the leadership of Pastor Jermaine Pennington, is going to start a church there and very soon restart the Good Neighbor Center. Several churches in Arkansas have been bringing food up with them when they come for mission trips which has been a great help to all of our GNCs.

State Fair Outreach
After the successful use of the horseshoe ministry at River Fest this year, one of our members came to me to see if we could take that ministry to the Kansas State Fair. We could have the potential to touch hundreds to thousands for Christ. There is space available at the fair. In order to make this happen at this years fair and/or next year, many of our churches would need to be involved. Some of the most important things needed would be funds for the space rental and to purchase the horse shoes, and also people to volunteer to work the booth the week. If you are interested, please contact Loren at the association office ASAP.

Summer Interns
Brad Simmons, Campus Ministry

The Great Commission Fulfilled
Abraham Arevalo, Hispanic Church Planter Strategist

This summer, HOKSBA is hosting twenty-three summer interns! With that many students working in our association, the chances are pretty good that your church will be impacted by their service. The twentythree students are divided into six different teams. The Association Team will be working in at least five different Vacation Bible Schools, helping with promotion for a couple of others, serving as staff at Kids Kamp, and going door to door in neighborhoods with our Director of Evangelism, Loren Phippen. Catrina Gibson, a student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, is working closely with Mark Jackson to organize, follow-up with and support the hundreds of volunteers coming to Wichita this summer for a mission trip to serve our churches and ministries. Journey the Way, True Life Church, and Aviator Church all have intern teams helping with the events they have planned for the summer. Each of these churches are using the interns to reach out to their neighborhoods through service projects, day camps, and other creative outreach events. Aviator Church has used intern teams for the last three years, and they have been key to their success in reaching families in the Derby area. Journey the Way and True Life Church hope to do the same in their communities. Finally, a team of six Hispanic students from Rio Grande Bible Institute are working with our Hispanic Church Planter Strategist, Abraham Arevalo, and the four Hispanic churches scattered throughout Wichita. They are also helping with a new church that is just beginning to form in Newton. You can follow some of the intern’s activities, as well as stay updated with what’s going on in the association at our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/hoksba. Click on “Like” to connect with us, and share the stories we post with your friends. Let’s let others know what God is doing in the Heart of Kansas!

For 45 years Woodland Baptist Church has served the Lord faithfully, sharing the gospel of Christ in the north of Wichita. In the mean time, the north of Wichita has experimented a huge transformation with the arrival of many Hispanic families to our city. The Church Building located at 2835 N Woodland is now in the middle of the Hispanic community in Wichita. Moved by the desire to fulfill the Great Commission and a clear awareness of the changes in the community, Woodland BC has decided to offer its building to Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida, a Spanish speaking church so they can continue the task of sharing Christ with people in north Wichita. On July 27th, after a beautiful message, Pastor John Minor from Woodland BC handed the keys of the building to Carlos Carreon, pastor of Nueva Vida. The emotion and meaning of this moment is difficult to explain. After the service, the two churches had a great time of fellowship. Throughout the celebration God received all of the honor for His faithfulness and His work in the north part of our city. Woodland Baptist Church is an example of lives totally submitted to God and a total commitment to the proclamation of the gospel. We thank God for each member of Woodland Baptist Church and their great gift they have made to the Hispanic community in Wichita.

Great Expectations
From the Sunday School Team

After more than two hundred years, Sunday School is still a church’s best tool for teaching the Bible, ministering to members, and reaching the lost. But your Sunday School’s effectiveness at these tasks may depend on your own expectations as a leader. Have you ever questioned – “What do we expect from the Sunday School ministry of our church?” If you have not, I challenge you to begin to do so. Statements such as the four listed below can guide us in planning, implementing, and leading an effective Sunday School ministry:
• • • •

Regional Sunday SchoolthEvent Coming August 20
The Kansas City area has been selected as one of only three locations in the United States for TRANSFORM, a training event that can make a genuine difference in your Sunday School teachers and their teaching. It is designed to lead teachers to understand what it means to have a Sunday School class with a central focus on seeing lives transformed through the teaching and ministry of the class. The 13 focus conferences (from babies through senior adults, plus SS directors, pastors, ministers of education, and special needs) will concentrate on the specific segment of an age group a teacher teaches Transform Lives through Teaching will be Saturday, August 21, 2010, from 8:30 am-12:30 pm at First Baptist Church, Raytown, Missouri. In order to make the conference available to more Sunday School leaders, LifeWay has adjusted the original two-day schedule to Saturday only, and reduced the registration fee to $25 per person. For medium- and larger-sized churches, there is a maximum cost of $500 per church. Kansas-Nebraska and Missouri Baptists have partnered with LifeWay Church Resources to bring this training opportunity to our region. For information, go to the www.kncsb.org under Bible Study Ministries or contact Marie Clark, 1-800-984-9154. To register, go to http:// www.lifeway.com/event/?id=360 or call 1-800-254-2022.

We expect newcomers in Sunday School every week. We expect participants to have a dynamic Bible study experience each week. We expect members to say “yes” to opportunities to serve God. We expect each class to grow and to plant new classes.

Within the past few weeks, your church received a copy (or perhaps several) of David Francis’ new booklet “Great Expectations: Planting Seeds for Sunday School Growth”. I encourage you to find this resource and read it. Pull together the leadership of your Sunday School ministry and discuss the contents. Begin to assess the condition of your Sunday School ministry and prescribe changes that could be made. Emphasize your strengths. Minimize your weaknesses. Growth does not come quickly, nor does it come easily. However, as Sunday School leaders we are to be faithful stewards to the task which God has given us. Expect more of yourself, your Sunday School leadership and the Sunday School ministry of your church. UPCOMING SUNDAY SCHOOL TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES “TRANSFORM” August 20-21 at First Baptist Church, Raytown, MO For more information and to register go to: http://www.lifeway.com/event/?id=360 or call 1-800-254-2022 “FLIGHT SCHOOL” Monday, August 23rd from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. Metropolitan Baptist Church, Wichita This is a FREE training event. No Registration is Necessary.

River Fest
Loren Phippen, Evangelism Director

Updates to Motivate Church Planting and Missions
Mark Jackson, Church Planter Strategist

The HOKSBA outreach at River Fest this year was very successful. This year we had 10 evangelists from around the country work with over 40 of our church members. We also had the Walking With Power strength team perform to approximately 800 people on a stage outside of the Metropolitan Baptist Church. The strength team also performed at the Eldorado prison, two performances at the Juvenile Detention Facility and one at the Judge Ridel Boys Ranch. This year we also had a horse shoe ministry that attracted hundreds of people to hear the Gospel. Between the River Fest and the detention facilities we saw 250 decisions for Christ. Praise God! Please start making plans for participating in the River Fest outreach in 2011!

One way to motivate mission participation is to share success stories. We have seen a great surge in participation and interest in missions and church planting the past two years in the Heart of Kansas. I would love to take some time at church meetings, small groups, or Sunday School classes to share these updates and our vision for reaching Wichita and beyond. Please contact me at 943-3446 or 214-3647 to discuss this possibility. We have PowerPoint’s and videos to augment this presentation.

10th Annual HOKSBA Fellowship Golf Tournament
Charley Powell, Tournament Director

The 10th Annual HOKSBA Fellowship Golf Tournament was held at Hesston Golf Park on Saturday, April 24th. We had 88 golfers, duffers, and hackers out for this event aimed at pulling our association together. The fellowship was absolutely GREAT! It was really a wonderful day! The weather was the best we’ve ever had. After the golf, we gathered for lunch where we enjoyed good food and GREAT fellowship. Brother Jerry Elder, Senior Pastor at Riverview Baptist Church, shared a few moments with us from God’s Word. 1st Place – Championship Flight Don Mackey – Immanuel Newton Carson Nuss – Immanuel Newton guest Nick Mackey – Immanuel Newton David Ayres – Immanuel Newton guest 1st Place – 1st Flight Gary Farris – Cedar Pointe Billy Cole – Cedar Pointe Scott Walker – 1st Baptist Mulvane Joe Cox – 1st Baptist Mulvane guest 1st Place – 2nd Flight C.A. Cofer – Immanuel Ross Searl - Immanuel Don Payne - Pleasantview Danny Payne – Pleasantview guest

Holes prizes included the normal closest to the pin, longest drive, and longest putts, but we also had shortest drive, closest to the line (and the line was not straight), closest to the rocks/water, and closest to the cart path. With 18 hole prize winners, we had one prize on every hole. Hole Prizes were won by (you’ll have to ask them what their claim to fame is): Dennis Brunner – Belivers Sam Dial – 1st Baptist Mulvane John LaFever – Country Acres Billy Cole – Cedar Pointe Jack Wedge – 1st Southern Hutchison Doug Shaffer – River Community Nick Mackey – Immanuel Newton Dean Kimple – Believers John Shaffer – Believers Kent Forfia – Metro East

Jim Ledbetter – Riverview Jim Pykiet – Pleasantview Mike Logue – Pleasantview Chuck Thomas – Cedar Pointe guest Carl Norton – Country Acres

Five people were recognized for having the dirtiest cars in the parking lot. They each won a free car wash. Ron Page (Cedar Pointe) had the dirtiest car in the parking lot and won a free super wash. Once again there were lots of door prizes, some were presented at check-in and then there were others drawn at the luncheon. Some of the door prizes drawn for at the luncheon included a round of golf for four with cart at Hesston, Derby Golf & Country Club, Reflection Ridge Golf & Country Club, and Rolling Hills Golf & Country Club; and a set of 4 tickets to the Kansas City Royals with seats in the first row behind the Royals dugout. This year the Grand Prize Door Prize was a hand-made diamond and gold cross pendant donated by Derby Jewelers. We also gave away a 2-night stay at the Warren Family, LLC Condo in a Branson, MO. All of the door prizes were donated by companies or individuals and we really appreciate their generosity. A special thanks to the committee for organizing this event – Charley Powell (Tournament Director), Ross Searl, Leo Helsel, Rick Bailey, and Bob Runyan. GREAT JOB! We plan on repeating this event again next spring – see you then. We will hold our 4th Annual Fall Two-Person Scramble on October 9, 2010. Watch the newsletter for more details. Note to church office administrators: Please put the following two items on your church calendars: HOKSBA Fall 2-Person Scramble – October 9, 2010 (2nd Saturday of October every year) HOKSBA Fellowship Golf Tournament – April 30, 2011 (last Saturday of April every year)

Heart of Kansas SBA Non-Designated Income

Celebrate Recovery
Tom Melton

Celebrate Recovery deals with many issues. We call these issues hurts, habits and hang-ups. At the present time, we have 7 small groups that are gender specific: Men’s chemical dependency; men’s mixed issue group; women’s chemical dependency; women’s sexual abuse; women’s mixed issue group; newcomers group; and a youth group. At the present time, we are looking for a children leader to deal with children of our CR parents because we believe that children experience the effects of addictions and need guidance as well. One issue that we are dealing with is “huffing”. One person in our group who started huffing at age 17 gave his testimony. He spent 4 years huffing almost every day and it has caused a lot of damage to his brain and motor skills. He accepted Christ as his Savior on April 28, 2010 and Jesus has taken away his addiction, restoring many family relationships and his health is slowly improving. Pray for him. Are you looking for a CR group? We have two in our Association: Metropolitan Baptist on Monday evenings and Midway Baptist on Tuesday evenings. Want to start a group? Contact Tom Melton at Midway Baptist.

wMu News
By Ellen Noeller, wMu Director

Our HOKSBA Women's Conference was held on April 24th at Metropolitan Baptist Church. We had 64 in attendance. The leaders in each of the conferences were Pastors wives. Everyone evaluated the conferences as good. We appreciate the Pastors wives participation very much. Alpha and Ron Goombi were our speakers. Alpha was excited by all the gifts that she received to give out at her Indian Women's Conference. We need to pray for Ron and Alpha and there work. We collected $105 for the Yvonne Keefer Memorial Fund for the elevator at Webster Conference Center. We need to pray about reaching our goal for the elevator. Coming events: Family Mission Fest July 10-16. We need hygiene items, over the counter meds for nurses to give out at the Health Fairs. We need them to the HOKSB by July 5, give to Mark Jackson.

Special Education Ministry
Mary Lou Pratt, Special Education Ministry

The special education ministry had its first annual cook out this Memorial Day weekend at Lake Afton. The response to the cookout was outstanding! We had people from all over the county attend. We missed South City Baptist Church, but hope to see them next year. Jimmy from Valley Center came with his caregiver Kay Lacy – What a gift from God! Some of our regulars brought guests and some heard about the cookout by word of mouth. God has blessed us. We handed out stickers and tracts and we pray that we made a difference in a life. Our next event is our trip to the Zoo on July 10th. I will be sending out flyers to everyone as we are growing and will need an RSVP. A special thank you to the following people for making the event a success: Mike & Judy Wilson, Fred & Carrie Reed, Greg McBride, Michelle Williams & family, Louis and Betty. See you all at the zoo!


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Homeless Ministry
Deborah Long

Men’s Ministry
The time is drawing closer for our men’s retreat at Webster Conference Center in Salina. The theme this year is “Band of Brothers” as we continue our goal to encourage our men to be more Christ like and dedicated to family, Church and community. Our guest speaker will be Bob Mills as he shares with us along this theme. As in the past there will several breakout sessions covering different areas of men’s ministry. If you are planning an event we still have the 40 day prayer plan to precede the ministry. Progress is being made on Set free house, your time and talent are still needed.

The homeless ministry is hosting a 4th of July picnic at Heritage Park on Monday, July 5th from 10 am – 1 pm. They are in need of hamburger and hotdog buns as well as desserts. If you would be willing to help in any way at this event, please contact Deborah Long at 316.204.9157.