by regulating sex = immortal ...!

Self SECTION: CONTROL EROTIC 'JESUS': 'AND WHEN TWO WILL BE ONE Behold the man'. 1.) Kiss: Behind the incisor teeth (UP) is a POWER POINT THAT MAY BE ACTIVE PARTNER WITH MANIFEST tip of the tongue And then true love, SEX: energy transfer, amplification of vital energy, connecting Mentor, soul and bodily IN one body, body, soul, mind. Sex has two consequences quite different depending on how you SUPRAGHEVEM CONTROL AND MENTAL IL: NORMAL - NO ORGASM, ORGASM Because materialize is a result of uncontrolled, all cells use the energy vital, self-protection is a process ORGASM TO ENERGY COSMIC that if short-circuiting would not put it to the MASS We would burn instantly CORPURILE_FIZICE Our bodies Remaining FROM A handful of ash SUCH orgasm because people can not live more than 70 ~ 120 years, but the scrutiny of old age, sickness and death I am not BECAUSE RESPECT HUMAN LIFE AND LIFE bound man (this is DESCRIPAREA Bible 'FRUCTULUI_OPRIT' - 'Snake' is the Kundalini). IF noses are close Monad provides a PA, 2.) Serves as umbilical Penis Between the two bodies so he do not belong (Real 50%) only one partner MAN Just You should AIBE. Just MOUTH IS NOT FOR 'FOOD' As part of SISTEMUL_EROTIC, TRUE FOOD FOOD IS concerned with breathing (NOSE SO THAT IS A GENERATOR MAGNETOENERGODIMNAMIC) TANGENTEAZA SEX CONTROL USE ENERGY DUE So if our vital EROTIC ENERGY amplifier, requiring a band OTHER FOOD at a time, bringing bodies being carried out is the average frequencies Partners, FREQUENCY normally but especially during the erotic act IS rising and therefore no way for us to FORCE CAPACITY BODY FOR HIGH QUALITY AND SIA power capacity . ENERGY CAPACITY OF THE BODY IS NOT PHYSICAL EFFORT than you lose doing a certain CIRCUIT MAKES ENERGY POWER with a lower vibration is not always good or bad that there is a need simptim ... ; ENERGY LOSS only way is through the following: a.) Complete in orgasm erotic act - 100% ENERGY LOSS, weakens CAPACITY native regeneration and excitement. b) diet rich in carbohydrates BRAKE USING TOO MUCH vital energy, stopping it CONSIENTIZA ACCS U.S. AND mind control (be careful here: for a body with a weakened vitality corpul_fizic nutrition requires a lower vibration, therefore, is a traditional food necessary evil at this level should not be forced but carefully never with any food.) c) creating negative final scenario we will ensure negative, we will subtract OF MENTAL CONTROL decreasing level of consciousness that we have encouraging the Careless GENERAL high risk EROTIC When it comes to WHERE we must a thousand times more careful, ENERGIA_KUNDALINI is thousands of times more powerful than ENERGIA_ATOMICA. To facilitate the harmonization Energy STABILITY CORPULUI_FIZIC The energy to a projection entries in a script (position); to us thinking and the other because love is a human needs and raising the vibration generated U.S. PRIVATE vibration encourages LIFTING AND STABILIZATION ! 3.) SANI dynamic TANKS serve as vital energy, and They belong equally 50% partner, tous because they are on the female body JUMATATEA_FEMININA Monad OF MAN (WOMAN) has a capacity BETTER SURVEILLANCE AND BEING CONTROL_EROTIC EVENTS MANAGEMENT INDEX like her erotic act ... course is so strong empathetic communication 'filing' must give his full attention, breasts issued a very strong energy so they must be controlled carefully, look for the energy can be destructive if it is too high especially in vibration ... that is to say not enabled for that long reach to pull energy from the lower body and can not be controlled, an activation is made with ... fingers (for example) pressing rasucindule nipples and easy ..., this activation vibration lifting forces must therefore be done only when simpte need, as in fact and a faster movement of the penis has the same effect but is more easily realized by man, so the need for activating the woman is breast aware and to raise vibration level if required (corpurile_fizice can say what is necessary depending on how they simptim) DURING ACTULUI_EROTIC (Especially in a relationship that is at the top) will IF Time SATURATIE_ENERGETICA One of the reasons

may be: a.) the difference of vitality or vibration generally lead to supersaturation and vibrtationala energy unification process is not really appropriate for an event to be erotic in this case is an energy shock. Therefore it is advisable not instict but we rely on the intuition, to read the communication power of the senior centers 'red' and then when the synchronization is going well and 'red' ready to be activated for safety. b.) WAS OVER DYNAMIC PATTERNS EROTICA Breath Taking quickly to a overdraft, shortcircuit overload sensors RISK, so breathtaking to watch, constantly aware. c) CHANGE IN COMMUNICATION need an erotic, A COMMUNICATION soul, a deepening of love in its essence. and especially patience and ability to understand how to use eroticul necessary for the soul is not injured. Such information can find just ONE FOR ANYONE THAT NEED to use BUNUL_SIMT and try To explore how best this way from Emerging patterns SENZORIALULUI, animal instincts and violence, and approaching HUMAN INTUITION DESCOPOERIND imagination and intuited that ON QUALITY invaluable, will patience and WILL WIN AS IS CULT CONSTIENT_FIIND maximum speed; DEALTEFEL A (as is the man) is perfect if you have access to AutoCorrect. Tuition which is not currently made its way NEEDUCATIEI AND FOSIND it as the education stoop COMPANY CALL NEDANDU's right to freedom and a life full of imagination. We must take responsibility, THAT way, but also because if one were to Pull An institution responsible, the Institute will not, IT IS ONE ANSWER NEINDENTIFICANDU her. Courage!

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