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Summary of Experience and Skills

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 Over 18 years of experience as a Systems Engineer designing, developing, implementing and maintaining commercial and business applications for high technology industries.  Expertise in Telecommunications, Inventory, Financial, Scheduling, Manufacturing and Logistics.    Experienced and skilled in Project Leadership, Supervision and Training. Excellent communication skills, including fluency in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Extensive knowledge of Programming Languages and Utilities: • HARDWARE: IBM 9021, IBM 3090, IBM PC • OPERATING SYSTEMS: VM, MVS, VSE, WINDOWS, DOS • LANGUAGES: PL/I, JCL, COBOL, COBOL II, C, CLIPPER, PASCAL • DATABASES: IMS DB/DC, DB2, ORACLE • APPLICATION TOOLS: QMF, EASYTRIEVE PLUS, PANVALET, ENDEAVOR, ROSCOE, TSO, CSP, VISUAL BASIC 6.0, ACCESS, MS-PROJECT, ACF2, CICS, REXX

Senior System Analyst / Consultant at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, by Mastech Co. Georgetown, KY 10/2001 – 05/2010  Support Toyota logistics and manufacturing systems, including Foreign Trade Zone, Overseas Pipeline, Duty Drawback, Global Assembly Line Control System, Toyota Logistics Management System and Overseas Parts Ordering. Create and manage system documentation for Project Requirements, Scope, Business and Technical Designs, Tests, Implementation Plan, User and System Manuals; Project management for Small Projects. Provide Production Support, Analysis, Maintenance and Development of new multi-platform applications using JCL, COBOL II, PL/I, DB2, IMS/DB DC (batch-BMP and on-line-MPP), VISUAL BASIC, EXCEL, ACCESS, as well as, prepare and execute test cases.

 Prepare test data using IBM File Manager, SPUFI, QMF, IMS, DB2 FILE-AID to perform unit and system testing. Environment: TSO, PL/I, COBOL II, IMS DB/DC, DB2, REXX, ENDEVOR, XPEDITER, FILE AID, QMF, VISUAL BASIC, EXCEL, ACCESS  Produced system documentation on all levels to support the system implementation, maintenance and handover.

 Responsible for documenting and testing multiple systems (listed above) in a disaster recovery test.
Highlight Accomplishments

Supported Toyota in receiving overseas parts and US Customs issues by gathering user requirements, analyzing, developing and maintaining Foreign Trade Zone systems for 5 Toyota plants. The systems were audited by US Customs and changed Toyota status from high to low risk in Homeland Security/Customs Border Patrol. Implemented FTZ and OS PIP with approximately 140 jobs and 170 programs in each of 5 Toyota plants with less than 1% of error.
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Luiz Eduardo Oliveira

Changed OS PIP and FTZ systems from processing only one supplier to multiple suppliers. These changes were done for 2 Toyota plants in 160 hours, affecting more than 10 reports, 8 jobs and 10 programs. Recognized by co-workers, IS and user mangers for outstanding work when supporting all Toyota US and Mexico plants on the following systems: Foreign Trade Zone, Overseas Pipeline, Overseas Shipping Systems, Duty Drawback and Assembly Line Control. Determined the requirements, analyzed, developed and implemented E214 and ASN (ISF) systems requested by US Customs in a timely manner. Stabilized Overseas Parts Ordering System, eliminating the risk of stopping Toyota production in all North American assembly plants due to parts shortage. Supported a critical business system called Assembly Line Control, fixing problems that jeopardize the production. Implemented a new version of Assembly Line Control in Toyota/SIA plant. It changed around 120 jobs and 140 programs with less than 1% error. Started the process of sending reports as text files to network servers reducing paper and printing costs. Today 98% of Toyota Systems are following this procedure. Designed and presented a cost reduction solution for the Duty Drawback system on exported vehicles that reduces the processing time, increasing the stability and tax return for Toyota.

     

Senior System Analyst / Consultant at AT&T, by Mastech Co.
East Brunswick, NJ

5/1998 - 7/2001

   

Supported Card Provisioning Processing System (CPP), Calling Card System (CAS) and Organization System Support (OSS) for AT&T. Engaged in requirement determination, analysis, development and implementation of new system functions. Created and managed system documentation for Scope, Business and Technical Designs, Tests, Implementation and Back-Out plans. Provided Production Support, Maintenance, and Development of new applications using COBOL II, PL/I, DB2, IMS/DB DC (batch-BMP and on-line-MPP), as well as preparation and execution of test cases. Participated in Production Support Group to identify and fix bugs in the in CPP and CAS/OSS Systems. Prepared test data using SPUFI, Platinum, IMS FILE-AID to perform unit and system tests. Supported disaster recovery tests for the Calling Cards System (CAS).

  

Highlight Accomplishments

 

Collaborated with technical support for AT&T’s company calling cards system designing a new function to control the user’s calling records; reducing the help desk requests by 15%. Mentored team members, provided expert assistance for COBOL II, PL/I, JCL, IMS and DB2 platform. Environment: TSO, PL/I, COBOL II, IMS DB/DC, DB2, EASYTRIEVE PLUS, REXX

Luiz Eduardo Oliveira

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Systems Engineer - EDS – Electronic Data Systems
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7/1991 – 4/1998

As a Project and Technical Leader, coordinated 5 programmers and analysts, in order to develop the part ordering function of the Material Global Operations System for General Motors Brazil and US. Environment: PL/I, IMS DB/DC, EASYTRIEVE, COBOL II Contributed as Technical Leader, supervising 5 programmers and analysts, developing vehicle explosion and inventory functions for Inventory Global System for General Motors Brazil and US. Environment: PL/I, IMS DB/DC, EASYTRIEVE, COBOL II Developed the GM-Brazil financial accounting system interface covering more than 400 GM dealers. Environment: PL/I, IMS Provided support in the development of Material Scheduling System for General Motors US. Environment: PL/I, EASYTRIEVE, IMS, DB2 Directed and Implemented PL/I, IMS DB/DC training classes for EDS-Brazil (Rio de Janeiro branch), including the creation of the student workbooks and teaching a group of 50 analysts and trainees. Environment: PL/I, ROSCOE, TSO, IMS DB/DC Participated in Global Client Server Skill Enhancement Project. Topics included: Visual Basic, CSP, Access, MS-Project, Oracle Foundations, C, C/S Foundations, LAN concepts, SLC roadmap user class, project management/basic scheduling/start up/planning/execution and close down, requirements determination, C/S human computer interaction, C/S human computer workshop and C/S design considerations.

 

 

Supported Industrial and Financial systems for General Motors Brazil. Environment: PL/I, IMS/DB2, Sequential and VSAM Files, CICS Created Security access rules and procedures management for several systems and was involved in production support for Shell (Brazil). Environment: ACF2, VM, MVS, VSE

Highlight Accomplishments

Created communication, resource, assessment risks and implementation plans for Material Global Operations System for General Motors Brazil and US.

 Post-Graduate of Science - System Analysis in Information Technology Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Bachelor of Science - Engineer Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Interpersonal Skills
 Dynamic,

 Self-motivated  Focused
 Good interpersonal skills
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Luiz Eduardo Oliveira