Volume X Issue 3 March 2017

S O N S O F C O N FE D E RAT E V E T E RAN S CAM P # 2 6 5




COMMANDER’S QUOTE: “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not- you’ll find an excuse.”

Can you believe that my grass needs to be cut halfway through February? Anywho, our speaker this month
will be Miss Cindy Gardner from the MS. Dept. of Archives and History. We will be discussing our
upcoming Civil War Relic Show in June. We will also have our two candidates for the fourth Brigade
Commander's position present at the meeting. They will give a brief speech on why they are running and
why we should vote for them. Then, we need to decide which one to support. It's going to be another great
meeting so, come early, bring someone with you, and as sure as Spring will follow Winter, I will probably
see you at Penn's in Brandon on March 4th at 7pm.
-Tim Cupit

February’s Guest Speaker
The Rankin Rough & Ready’s guest speaker for the month of February was
Civil War historian and author, Mr. Brandon Beck. His latest book,
“Winchester’s Three Battles - A Civil War Driving Tour Through Virginia’s
Most War Torn Town” made it’s public debut at our February meeting –
what an honor! As always, he was able to take us back in time and witness
some of the most strategic battles between the North and South. We hope
he will return again soon, as it is always a pleasure to hear him speak.

Agenda for March 4, 2017 - Blair E. Batson OCR/SCV adopt a floor campaign
- Open with prayer at 7pm sharp report by Charla Lewis
- Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag and salutes - 4th Brigade picnic in Forrest, MS March 25th, 2017,
- Trivia 1030 W. 3rd St., (Hwy 80), potluck lunch, voting for a
- Guest speaker; Cindy Gardner from the MDAH - new 4th Brigade Commander and 4th Brigade
topic will be State Museums - Q&A Councilman, MC business
Unfinished Business New Business
- Adopt Minutes from February 4th meeting. - Set an Adopt-a-hwy date
Motion, 2nd, Discussions, Vote. - New members
- Camp T-Shirts are $20 – proceeds go to fund the - 4th Brigade Commander candidates, Bill Hinson and
Relic Show Chris Bryant, will each have three minutes to give
- www.scv265.com & Stats from Chris Merck their campaign speech.
- First Thursday Coin Club meeting at Brandon library - Did everyone sign in?
6:30pm - Does everyone have a door prize ticket?
- OCR Report by Brandi Gray - Please leave $1.00 for the girls to clean up behind
- Kroger card program report by Chris Merck us!
- Grant secured for 2017 Relic Show $6,000 Report by - Door prizes
Charles Lewis - Open floor
- Dixie National Parade by Ian Powell - Close meeting with prayer at approximately 8:25pm
by Tom Fortenberry

The Greatest Commandment
In the years prior to the first cannon shot of the Matthew 22:36-40 , 36 Master, which is the great
Civil War. The Southern States had and continued commandment of the law?
to experience increasing tariffs on their goods 37 Jesus said to him thou shalt love the Lord thy
which were in turn restricted to be sold only to God with all of your heart, and with all of thy
the North. John C. Calhoun stated that some tried soul, and with all of thy mind. 38 This is the first
to hide the tariffs under the issue of slavery. It and great commandment. 39 And the second is
was the issue of life itself which forced Southern like unto it, Thou shall love thy neighbor as
men and women to rise up against the thyself. 40. On these commandments hang all of
aggressiveness of the North and break away from the Law and the Prophets.
a government which had brought them to only
one action. SECESSION. Today each of you the carry on the remembrance
of our Southern soldiers and women who having
Secession brought separation. Separation of been over come by force of men and materials
families, goods, and lives. Much could be said of were never defeated in their love for God and
what was required of men and women on both their fellow man. Look around today and you will
sides of the conflict. And yet there remained an see that the South never fell. You are the South
unbroken faith shown by those who fought for who carry on the faith. And having stood the test,
what they believed was right. God will lift you up and through your witness
your neighbor will be lifted up in unity to a
Writers who have left us with accounts of the War stronger Nation.
of Aggression often write the demise of the one
and the exaltation of the other. While others May God bless and keep you.
proclaim,”The South will Rise Again.” Thomas Fortenberry, Chaplain. Camp 265
I believe that the South never fell.

The OCR Report

The OCR will meet Feb 25th to start planning for the New Year. We have had a
busy month with meetings and really enjoyed participating in the Dixie
National Parade on Feb 11th. We wore our period dress and the crowd loved it!
March 4th is the deadline to bring non perishable food items for our project at
Blair E Batson so please don't forget. We need 350 snacks to sponsor a floor.
We appreciate our SCV Camp and all they do to support us!

“The patriot volunteer,
fighting for country and his
rights, makes the most
reliable soldier on earth.”
- Confederate General, Stonewall Jackson
by Charles Lewis
"Do your duty in all things – you cannot do more;
you should never wish to do less." – Robert E. Lee

We welcome new member Camp member Charles Lewis and OCR members
Willard Earl Chatham. He Charla Lewis, Robbie Lewis, and Winnette Lewis
was elected a member of also participated in the parade, but on another
the Rankin Rough & float. Both groups won second place awards, (The
Ready’s on the record of Delta Flaggers won a first place award.)
his great-great-grandfather The 4th Brigade picnic is March 25th in Forest
Obediah Kirkland "Obed" MS. We will be electing brigade officers at this
May; Co. G "Good" Rifles meeting. Come cast your vote, then stay for good
7th MS Infantry. food and fellowship .

Mr Brandon Beck gave a very informative talk at We have several events coming up in the next few
our Feb. meeting. We all appreciate his vast array months. Included are the Trail of Honor in May,
of knowledge on civil war history . MS Division Reunion and the Relic Show in
June. There are many ways you can help, whether
by selling ads, getting vendors, promoting the
events,or working at them. All are important.

I need delegates for the June reunion in Oxford.
Let me know if you are interested. As of now we
have 7 votes, so we can have 7 delegates. I am
sure I have 2 possibly 3 (counting myself) people
going. So, please let me know in a timely matter
if you are interested , so the delegates can be
voted on and approved at an upcoming meeting.

We had several camp members and OCR Charles Lewis
members march in the Dixie National Rodeo Adjutant
parade. Dressed in Confederate uniforms they
were Tim Cupit, Charles Tucker, Ian Powell and
riding on his scooter dressed in his Confederate
uniform James Cook. Representing the OCR (in
period dress) were Brandi Gray and Jamie
Hamblin. Other camps represented were Clinton,
Pearl, and Jackson.
At the February meeting, Mr. Jeremy Sean Bowling was elected a Cadet member of the Rankin Rough
& Ready’s Camp #265, upon the record of his Confederate ancestor Private Green Berry Lee,
Company C, of the 9th Mississippi Cavalry. He was presented a certificate of membership along with a
membership pin. We certainly welcome young people to join our ranks, as they are our future, and the
future or our organization! Congratulations to Mr. Bowling, and welcome!

Paul Revere was at Gettysburg
Paul Joseph Revere, that is—the famous Paul Revere's
grandson. Unfortunately for fans of the first Revere and his
partly mythical ride, PJR was in the infantry, not the
cavalry, with the 20th Massachusetts. He and his brother
Edward were captured at the Battle of Ball's Bluff in
October 1861. After being released in a prisoner exchange,
the Reveres rejoined the fight.

Paul was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in September,
1862, shortly before he was wounded in the brutal Battle of
Antietam (a.k.a. the Battle of Sharpsburg). Edward,
however, wasn't so lucky – he was one of more than 2,000
Union soldiers who didn't make it out of Sharpsburg,
Maryland, alive.

By the following year, Paul was promoted again to Colonel,
leading the 20th Massachusetts at Chancellorsville and, in
his final days, at Gettysburg. On July 3, 1863, he was
mortally wounded by a shell fragment that pierced his lung,
and he died the next day. He was posthumously promoted
again to Brigadier General, and is buried in Cambridge,
Portrait of Paul Joseph Revere
The Sons of Confederate Veterans
Camp #265
317 Lake Heather Road BRANDON, MS
Brandon, MS 39047 PERMIT NO. 265

Our next meeting is March 4th
at Penn’s in Brandon at 7:00pm.
Come early!