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Cr ittenden ’s Class
Field Trip
On Tuesday, May 11th, all of the 2nd graders will be going on a field trip. We will head to the Afton Library, the Chocolate Factory, and the Thayne Fire Department. Please read the field trip note and return the permission slip as soon as you can. Thank you.

End-of-Year and District Testing
District Reading, Writing, and Math Assessments will be held during the next few weeks. Please help your child to be well-rested and ready for testing. Thank you!


Monday, May 18th, is the last day for students to take AR tests toward their 3rd Term goals. Friday, May 21st, will be the last chance to test for the Year-Long AR Celebration. ALL students in our class have reached 100% of their goals. YEA!!! However, we have a few who need to have a higher overall “percent-correct” on tests. Please keep reading AR books. Students can strive for 150% or more. One classmate is above 300% and three others are above 200%. Nice work, kids! Please turn in your Reading Calendars for April, which came to 400 minutes. I will have a small reward for those students who turn in their minutes since the Pizza Hut Book-It campaign is over. Please turn in May calendars on Friday, May 21st, so I can include those minutes, which come to 300 minutes, as part of your child’s reading grade. Thanks for your help in reading this year! Additionally, please continue to encourage your child to read during the summer. It’s important to keep practicing reading, just like practicing a sport!

We will continue to work on Fractions and 3-digit addition/subtraction this month. Additionally, we always work on story problems (in our Math Homework) where students need to explain their thinking. This type of response helps students to think mathematically, so please make sure your child completes that part of the Math Homework. Thanks! Throughout the year we’ve worked on two-digit and three-digit addition/subtraction, as well as TIME and MONEY. Perhaps during the summer, you can have your child review these, so the math concepts won’t be lost by third grade. If you need some suggestions on math practice games or websites, please let me know.

We will continue to work on The Six Traits of Writing this month, particularly VOICE. With VOICE, the personality and feelings of the author can easily be seen in the writing. We will have a lot of fun with this topic for writing and it will help us with our District Writing Assessment.

Science and Social Studies
In science, we will finish Earth Day. It’s a really fun unit, and I hope everyone learns a lot about our environment. Additionally, we will perform some simple science experiments. For Social Studies, the students will learn about Cinco de Mayo. Please remember that your child may share an item from another culture on Fridays, along with Word-a-day “specials.”

Art and Artist
This month we learn about Georgia O’Keefe, who is the artist for 2nd grade. If you have any information about her or would like to discuss some of her paintings with our class, please let me know. We will attempt to replicate her style of painting. Wish us luck!

Renaissance Place

On Monday, May 17th, we will have the 3rd Term AR event. Then Friday, May 21st, will be our Year-End, day long AR Celebration—Disney! Students must have 100% of their AR Reading Goals all three trimesters to attend. It should be very memorable!

Have a GREAT summer!