Merlin·s Return

Monthly Newsletter July 2010

Crystal of the month is Black Kyanite
Black Kyanite is the crystal representing the month of JULY. This crystal does not take on any negativity it helps you move between the worlds accessing multidimensional aspects of yourself. It helps you to see the future outcome of your current creations. It is a great mental cleanser as well as a powerful cleanser of the aura. It helps to deepen your psychic and intuitive abilities so that you are more in tune with your true self. Merlin told us last month that the outward chaos would continue but that you would find if you looked peace at the centre point of your heart. It is vital this month to stay inwardly connected whilst outwardly observing. We are still in an intense cauldron of energy from the full moon and lunar eclipse on the 26th June and that will continue until the solar eclipse and new moon on the 11th. Many people are more tired than they have ever felt before. It is okay to go with that, as there has been this year a huge purification process going on within all humanity and that stuff we have carried within us for ions is being transmuted to light. Carrying this stuff these issues these reactions has exhausted us, so those who are exhausted are now in a period of observation and

learning building their resources strength and energy for the next phase or cycle. Those who are not exhausted are getting an onslaught of mental body symptoms, all undealt with issues, hurts pains traumas are continuing to show up daily until they are embraced as the learning that they are and transmuted to light. It is no longer appropriate to release what comes up it now has to be looked at accepted and embraced until it once again is transmuted to light and power. Some are dealing with the exhaustion and the onslaught. IT IS TRULY A TIME TO OWN YOUR POWER. A lot of people are suffering with mental body symptoms due to the highest aspect of our selves no longer tolerating lower vibrational reactionary energies. The old way of doing or being no longer works so many are under pressure as they feel unable to let go of the old because of the fear of the new. If you are worried about anyone in your life stop, the more you worry the more you add to their issues creating a great ball of stressful negative energy for them to deal with on top of the current crisis they may be having. The only way to help those you love when they have issues is to stay strong in your own light and know in your heart and soul that the person has the strength and ability to conquer any adversary thus empowering them. If you interfere or help too much you can put the lesson they are currently living through off for another day when it may come back harder and tougher. Hold your light, find your peace be careful of your thoughts and projections as they are manifesting at a much faster pace. Staying centred you will have an amazing high energy month or if you still refuse to let go of old reality then it will be a continuing roller coaster of light and dark. Either way,be good to yourself, nurture yourself and love

yourself more than ever before BECAUSE YOUR WORTH IT. Thursday 1 st July. This month beginning today the focus is on your intuition. Let your faith not your sight guide you. For what you see is not always the truth. Feel and know your way through this month. Remember that when in doubt the answer to your question almost always lays within the question itself. Friday 2nd July. You will be feeling the energy from the planet Sirius those with strong Egyptian connections will feel it even more. Sirian energy reminds you of your sacred sexuality stimulating your passion and juice for yourself, life and your mission. Saturday 3rd July. Routine causes deadness within your soul doing the same thing, the same way, every day without fail. A certain amount of routine daily is vital for your home and work life to run smoothly yet it is equally important to be more spontaneous and open to opportunities that present themselves daily so you can then manifest a life and lifestyle more in keeping with your spiritual beliefs. Sunday 4th July. See today what continues to restrict you and strive to push the boundaries you have created that keep that restriction in place. Be open to flux and change and a new way of being in your life. Monday 5th July. Continue to listen to your own inner guidance for that is the only thing that will bring you peace amidst the chaos. Be aware though if you are not dealing in the moment with your issues as they arise, if you continue to suppress your ¶stuff·

then you may perceive your reactionary hurt self as your inner guidance. Listening to this voice that is hurt and reactionary will keep you in the chaos. Wednesday 7th July. Today is also known As Sirius Day and the Ancient Egyptian New Year remember your origins. Acknowledge your gifts and talents in a balanced way for as long as you don·t restriction will continue. Feel the power of love within your heart. Thursday 8th July. Breath and feel the activation of your causal chakra (higher mind) connect through your upper chakras to the cosmos feel the expansion within your whole being. Connect to your galactic aspects and you will spend the day far removed from hurt reactionary 3 dimensional energies. Balance, union, peace, passion, timelessness are all energies you will experience today if you so choose. Friday 9th July. Happy Birthday to our great friend Mary Stack. Again today is a day to test your perceptions. Are they healthy or distorted be awake today and aware for you will be shown. Saturday 10th July. Consciously connect to mother earth today especially the elemental kingdom who have so much wisdom to impart to you. In this time of huge flux and change it is important to connect to the wisdom that is consistently available to you. Sunday 11th July. Happy Birthday to my lovely niece Jennifer.New Moon in Cancer and total solar eclipse. The new moon is a time to go within and sow the seeds for the coming month. This new moon encourages the energy of nurturing yourself and appreciating all those you love. The solar eclipse awakens pre coded energies

within you, its intensity will radiate your being with the energy of Christ Consciousness brining to the fore any shadow that has remained hidden so you can embrace and transform it with your ever increasing light. The intensity you have been feeling since June 26th will now lessen. Monday 12th July. Be good to yourself today no self judgement or criticism a day to indulge and nurture your mind body and spirit. Do something your passionate about it. Wednesday 14th July. Working with the energy today of positive self expression releasing the bands of restriction you have placed around your throat chakra. Speaking your truth from your heart not your mind is now vital. Friday 16th July. Connect today through meditation to the web of light that connects all living beings to totality, oneness, and cosmic consciousness. It is important at this time to keep connecting to Mother Earth. Saturday 17th July. Connect to divine feminine in whatever aspect that you honour. Giving her gratitude and allowing her to fill your heart and mind with her wisdom. Sunday 18th July. Today brings even more unexpected changes and a deepening awareness of galactic energies, connections and wisdom. Monday 19th July. Today is a further exploration of duality it may be challenging if you·re still in a hurt reactionary space, or liberating if you are in observation mode.

Tuesday 20th July. Chiron will affect humanity again today. Anything within you that remains unhealed will be exposed not to cause hurt or reaction but to give you the opportunity to transmute the hurt to light and power. Wednesday 21st July. Today you are reminded that you are multidimensional spiritual earth beings. It is only when you remember that you are multidimensional that you can feel balanced whole and connected. Thursday 22nd July. Feast Day of the Magdalene. Today is the perfect day to release yourself from the restrictive bonds that the roles you play, place upon you. That is the role of Mother/Father, Daughter/Son, Sister/Brother, and Friend-CoWorker. The Magdalene has been perceived in a certain light for eons now she is known for whom she truly is the Divine Feminine aspect of the Christ. Their union was the template for all humanity to have that sacred marriage within, the balance of feminine and masculine. By no longer identifying yourself with the roles you play you can truly welcome the sacred union of masculine and feminine within you. It is time to be your true self no longer comprising yourself by striving to fulfil the expectations of others in your life. Love yourself honour yourself nurture yourself and most importantly be your true self. Friday 23rd July. Connect again today with Lady Nada breath into your heart and feel her breath merge with yours as you breath deeper and deeper she will take you to the void within your being, your place of timeless, limitless potential. The more you

connect with your void your core the more time you will spend in a state of peace and divine connection. Saturday 24th July. Outer world chaos ensues choose inner world peace do not buy in to what is happening around you just focus on what is happening within you. Remember you always have a choice. You choose restriction or expansion, clarity or confusion, negativity or positivity. You are the creator of your reality never forget! Monday 26th July Today is the Full Moon in Aquarius always a time of completion and celebration. In Aquarius you are being pushed to be in the bigger picture to see things from a higher perspective. Connect to cosmic consciousness feel totality and oneness in your heart and mind. Expect the unexpected for the next few days. Anything is possible. Take more responsibility for the earth and your immediate environment. Wednesday 28th July. Archangel Uriel·s Feast Day. (Uriel is also the overseer of Merlin·s Divine Essence Crystal Healing System.) You will feel your passionate life force energy increase today when you consciously connect with the earth and cosmos. Anything is possible today! Thursday 29th July. Focus today on the divine masculine aspect of you. Take time today to meditate and connect to see how balanced your Divine Masculine energy is. There are opportunities, if you are willing to deal with restriction within, to aid the sacred union in your being. Friday 30 th July. Again today focus on the still point or void within your being. Take your mind body and spirit out of 3rd dimensional reality so you can be

totally fulfilled and connected. You can observe this reality without being affected by it. Feeling an activation today also in your sacral chakra. You will also feel if you check in more energy being focussed in the area of your sacred serpent (Kundalini). Saturday 31st July. As the month ends you are being asked to become more aware of your connections to family friends loved one. Are they healthy balanced and nurturing, if not make sure you look at the role you play in any form of dysfunction and transform it. Then all you relationships can be healthy and nurturing.