The Mysterious Forbidden Garden for a Youth with Objectives

Innovative campaign that prevents alcoholism, drug addiction, violence and massacre episodes such as the Virginia Tech School and Columbine High School cases, with a constructivist method providing continuous emotional development and improvement in scholars and their families, enhancing self esteem, quality of life, conscience and leadership, with high levels of Bloom’s Marzano’s taxonomies. ¿Qué es lo que hace que tu idea sea única? Being a method that reverses depressions and frustrations of empty lives that end up in addictions and violence is a unique idea, because it will be delivered free of charge in public schools and institutes, meeting the mental health requirements among student and parents with motivation and school texts approved by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, producing a change in the way of thinking and creating awareness of their importance as leading actors; the development of multipliers networks (Bloom: Conscious execution). Thus, being able to express themselves, being listened to and taken into account, students share affection and attention and learn by means of action, contributing to solve problems of adaptation and acceptance from the group and parents, and this provides them with self confidence and fills the existential emptiness with objectives and social and ecological values. In line with the UN World Program of Action for Youth” “Youth can be the solution, not only to their problems but the solution to other important challenges that the world is facing”, it combines opportunity with generosity, by balancing the logical, physical and emotional features, thus achieving a continuous improvement of the quality of live aimed at sustainable social wellbeing, accomplishing the UN Millennium Objectives. The method is copyright protected and has a team of facilitators, so it can be replicated internationally without charge for official educational institutions. In order to guarantee a long term financial support, it can be implemented in private institutions at a symbolic amount in order to recover costs. Commercial Sponsoring may provide it with self sustainability, benefiting sponsors with tax reductions and advertisement of brands or products. Learn more: ¿Tu innovación está patentada/registrada? Si Nombre Guillermo Apellido Bermùdez S. Email Página Web Organization Guatemala Nombre de la Organization ONG ORGANICEMOS UN MUNDO MEJOR Página Web de la organización Teléfono de la organización 502-22203532 La organización es ONG/OSC País donde se encuentra la organización Guatemala ¿Cuál fue el impacto obtenido hasta el momento? (2008) The Directorate General of Accreditation and Certification of scholar books –DIGEACE acknowledged and approved its use as a school book, pursuant to official decision number 536-2008. The North Departmental Directorate of Education, institutional educational projects section from the Guatemalan Ministry of Education acknowledged the project and authorized it to be given to students and parents from official and private sectors (March 2009). The educational development unit DIDEDUC SACATEPÉQUEZ Education Departmental Directorate of the Guatemalan Ministry of Education acknowledged the project and authorized it to be delivered to students and parents from the official and private sectors (March 2009). Some educational institutes became interested in the project and requested it, among them the Escuela Nacional Para Niñas Nº 7; Instituto Experimental de Educación Básica Lcda. María Magdalena Ponce Veliz. It has been delivered for teenagers and teachers at the Municipal Center of Zumpango, Sacatepéquez and for children at School called Colegio Vanguardia de la Enseñanza; the ecological subject for children at República de El Salvador in Mixco. Workshops for parents at the School called Republica de Argentina and at Catholic school called El Deber; Workshops to students at National Institutes such as Institutos Nacionales Rafael Aqueche and Normal Centro América INCA and to students and parents in the NGO premises, as from 2008 gathering1.000 beneficiaries approximately. Watch all the videos at Problem

In the World there are more than 1.100 million young people and the 85%, in countries such as Guatemala, with the highest rates of addictions and criminality, with backgrounds that lack social and ecological values, dysfunctional homes and family ill-treatment, causing depressions, frustrations, existential emptiness and low self esteem. Young people feel alone, without opportunity to express themselves, they are not listened to nor taken into account and thus they succumb to alcoholism, drug addictions, gangs called Maras and promiscuous urban tribes, with early pregnancies, abortions, STI and HIV AIDS, scholar violence and suicides. Weak attempts are not efficient, as evidenced by the excessive growth of the problem. Religious people, ministers, sociologists and educators in Guatemala stated that: “Teachers do not have educational technical tools to teach values and these are not being implemented (Prensa Libre April 19th 2009 99s 2-3). Will these young people be able to guarantee a sustainable future and social wellbeing? Actions Performed: Registration of copyright and intellectual property. Obtaining of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). First edition of the constructivist method called the Mysterious Forbidden Garden. Procurement of ministerial authorizations. Training to volunteers. Education of teams of facilitators. Promotional lectures to the supervisor from the Guatemalan Ministry of Education and directors from official and private educational centers. TV interview at Channel 7 from Guatemala. Radio promotional interviews such as one hour at TGW, the Guatemalan national Radio station. Pending: Advertisement campaign aimed at public spreading and presentation to possible sponsors. Acquisition of enough copies. Free massive distribution. Results: The intention is to procure sponsoring or financing in order to pay for educational material printing and facilitators’ fees in order to provide all students, teachers, parents with support and funds aimed at IT equipments and slides projectors to improve the performance. Results expected in students: 1. They will grow up in terms of attitude, emotions and feelings (affective dimension: there is an emotional reaction. Psychomotor objectives: Bloom). 2. They will produce changes of behavior (Psychomotor dimension: Conscious execution: Bloom). 3. They will develop critical thinking abilities mainly in the superior level: Cognitive dimension (analyze, summarize and assess Bloom). 4. They will fill their existential emptiness 5. They will be able to express themselves. 6. They will meet the need to be listened to. 7 They will feel that they are not alone anymore. 8. They will realize that they are taken into account. 9 They will improve their self esteem. 10 They will be empowered for a social mobilization. ¿Qué necesitas para que tu proyecto tenga éxito durante los próximos tres años? Describe cada uno de los años por separado 1st Year. The aim is to carry out a spreading campaign with public presentation in convention centers and media, within the aim to call the attention of the business sector, donors and collaborators, in order to finance or sponsor the project. Acquisition of the educational material required; implement the method in the highest number of educational centers in Guatemala; aim at the expansion to countries in the Central American isthmus; equip the premises more appropriately in order to improve services; implement psychological services to students and parent from educational centers assisted by the project. 2Nd Year: The aim is to replicate the project in Mexico and the United States to the Latin population; translate it into English; equip laboratories for productions and video projections. Develop audiovisual educational material. To start up a center aimed at providing training and guidance on arts, crafts and handicrafts; implement with drama performances. 3rd Year. To film a movie on the Mysterious Forbidden Garden; buy transport units. Expand at international level in different languages. Celebrate agreements for film productions. Create partnerships with publishing companies worldwide. ¿Cuáles serían los obstáculos que impedirían que tu innovación se desarrolle con éxito? Insufficient copies of the method. Scarce or inappropriate spreading. Lack of funding to cover the resources required for expanding the project to Central America and other countries. Scarce donors, collaborators or sponsors’ support. Lack of advertisement on the media. Deficient equipment and transport. Small premises. Lack of an appropriate and spacious training center La organización es ONG/OSC ¿La organización posee un Consejo de Administración o una Comisión Asesora? Si ¿La organización tiene alguna alianza de colaboración no monetaria con organizaciones sociales? No Por favor, cuéntanos como todas estas alianzas son fundamentales para el desarrollo de tu innovación. The project provides support in the education area regarding values thus backing the National Curricular issued by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education. Given that teachers lack texts on the subject, the application is appropriate and has been accepted and authorized at ministerial level. ¿Cuáles son las tres acciones más importantes que necesitas para hacer crecer tu innovación u organización? 1. Carry out an advertising campaign in order to make the project known and thus generate interest and support for the constant sponsoring aimed at providing national and international coverage, encouraging governmental entities, collaborators an donors nationally and internationally. 2. Apply and employ the suitable staff to convey the method in the educational centers. 3 Equip a sufficiently spacious property to welcome all activities related to this project and accommodation for international volunteering.