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Read the two texts below. Write an essay summarizing and evaluating the key
points from both texts. Use your own words throughout as far as possible, and include
your own ideas in your answers.

The effects of Music

We humans are a musical species no less than a linguistic one. This takes many
different forms. All of us (with very few exceptions) can perceive music, harmony and
rhythm. We integrate all of these using many different parts of the brain. And to this
largely unconscious appreciation of music is added an often intense and profound
emotional reaction. Shakespeare referred to music as the food of love, and for most
people their lives would be poorer without music. Music is capable of stimulating both
passion and compassion, speaking to our very core and taking us to the heights and
depths of emotion.

Music in Schools?
There is little doubt that regular exposure to music, and especially active
participation in music, may stimulate development of other abilities. Some argue that
music is as important educationally as reading or writing, and suggest that a musical
education advantages those with mathematical aptitude. What people do not agree
about, however, is which kind of music that should be taught in schools. However,
leaving aside the problem of defining classical in different cultural contexts, there is a
strong cause that all types of music are equally valid in stimulating an individuals

Once upon a time, Plato said that Music is the movement of sound to reach the
soul for the education of its virtue., and he hit the nail on the head.
First of all, music has great influence on emotions because, throughout songs,
many people put their own feelings into words, which can be both attractive and
profound. For example, comparing a song with a nut, it is noticeable that every human
being develops a feeling of curiosity and thus they are trying, either successfully or the
other way around, to elucidate the mystery by breaking all the appearances and seeing
through each and every meaning of a word.
Contrary to popular belief, a musical education is required so as to consider oneself
rational, with both critical and analytical thinking. Furthermore, the exposure to it help us
acquire new skills which contribute to our personality, and even to aptitudes in domains
that are as different as chalk and cheese. This hobby leaves its marks on us in a positive
way in terms of either mental or emotional development.
From my point of view, music has had a significant impact on my way of thinking,
fact that helped me discover new depths inside me, organise my time and life and turn
off whenever I feel overwhelmed with feelings. Apart from relaxing every one of us,
songs tell us different stories that not only makes us feel on cloud nine, but it also
develops harmoniously some of the skills we possess.
To conclude, music can be perceived in a million ways, and it is of utmost
importance to expose ourselves to it because it has a lot of benefits, including the
feelings of calmness, relaxation, melancholy and the development of our personalities
and intelligence.