George’s Preschool Newsletter
Calendar of Events:

November: Remember to SET YOUR CLOCK BACK!

1 T Staff Meeting – NO LUNCH BUNCH
10/11 Th/F Veteran’s Day Holiday, no school
14 M Parent board meeting, LSH, 9:15 a.m.
18 F Thanksgiving Feast for MWF & Pre-K, Children & Staff only
21-25 M-F Thanksgiving Holiday, no school
28 M Lead teacher meeting, Lib. 12:30 p.m.
1/2 Th/F TOY FAIRE with Playopolis
Come and visit on the patio, coffee & goodies
6 T Staff Meeting – NO LUNCH BUNCH
20 T Christmas Chapel with parents for BLUE & GREEN
11:30 A.M.
21 W Christmas Chapel with parents, Church, 11:15 a.m.
22-Jan. 6 Christmas Vacation
January 2017
9 M Back to school
Parent board meeting, LSH, 9:15 a.m.
10 T Staff Meeting, NO LUNCH BUNCH


We end our holiday activities with Christmas Chapel. The two day three-year-old
parents from the BLUE and GREEN Doors will come and enjoy Chapel with their
children and then join them in their classrooms for goodies, beverage and little gifts for
the children from the teachers. We ask you to PLEASE be in the Chapel by 11:10 a.m.
on December 20. The two day two-year-old parents will meet in the RED door
classroom at 11:30 for goodies, beverage and little gifts for the children from the

On December 21, all parents from the Pre-K and MWF classes gather in the Chapel by
11:10 a.m.

Christmas is the time we think about giving gifts. The children will be makings little keepsakes for their
parents, teachers will be making little keepsakes for the children and of course parents are busy thinking
about just the right gift for their children.

We do ask you not to put favors, gifts or goodies in the children’s cubbies. Invitations to parties or
gatherings are fine as long as everyone is invited. If you would like to bring a special snack for school,
check with the lead teacher.

Toy Faire
By Playopolis Toys
With: Christina Wallerstein

Please join us on the UPPER PATIO on December 1 st and 2nd for some TOY SHOPPING for the
holidays. Christina has amazing and unique interactive toys for children. They are a bit more, but
are made well and many are open-ended for creative play which will be used for years to come.
Many of our manipulatives are purchased from Playopolis and are well loved by the children.

You can check out the website at: if you would like to order items from
the website and have them shipped to the preschool, there will be NO shipping charge.


Magformers – A Favorite at St. George’s Preschool
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This product contains magnets and
small parts. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines
causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention
if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Not for children under three-years-
Combining translucent rainbow colors, easy to manipulate geometric
shapes, and powerful magnets, Magformers invite play at its best.
Children explore colors and shapes and discover different ways to
combine them. They learn about magnetism and how it affects their
building. They devise plans and carry through, evaluating and problem
solving along the way. In the process they develop cognitive, language,
and spatial skills, enhance motor skills, and exercise their budding

(AKA: Scrip)
By: CherBear

Let me introduce to SCRIP! Scrip is a program that provides gift cards
from national and local retailers! Places you shop everyday! They’re the
same gift cards that you buy at the store. When you purchase these gift
cards through Dragon Dollar$, the retailers donate back a certain
percentage of the gift card’s value to our school. The beauty of Scrip is
that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work to earn
money for our school without spending and additional penny! Scrip gift
cards are wonderful for normal household purchases and make great gifts
too! Keep a few around for those last minute gifts and purchases.
Anybody can order Scrip ~ Grandpas, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles and even
friends! There are two ways to order; by marking your choices on our
order form and turning it in with a check or by placing your order online
at In order to place your order on the website, you
must register first using our enrollment code. When you order online, you
can turn in a check to the office or pay online by registering for Presto
Pay. We will be placing November’s order soon, so if you haven’t turned
in your order form yet ~ have no fear! Orders are due in by noon on
Thursday, November 16th. We will be placing another order in December
to ensure delivery well before Christmas for holiday gift giving. If you
have any questions, please let me know. Thank you to the families who
continue to purchase Scrip each month! Every dollar adds up!

Joyce Davison, Librarian

Christmas will be here before we know it. So, very soon I will have lots of Christmas
books and DVDs on the book cart for you all to enjoy. Please keep them only for one week
so others can enjoy what you have read and seen. This is a limited collection. Thank you!

Stacy Armillei, President

Hello St. George’s Parents! Fall is upon us again, even if the weather and leaves don’t quite agree.
It is a wonderful time to see the children’s excitement over the fall festivals, pumpkin carving, and
of course Halloween. To me there is a magic to fall. It somehow makes everything seem a bit
cozier and is a special time for family adventures. Whether you are picking apples or setting up
spooky decorations, I hope this season brings your family many special moments and memories.

Thank you to Mary Ellen Sather, April Costigan, Amber Papier, Jessica Loos, and all the
volunteers for putting on an absolutely fantastic Fall Family Dinner. I am in awe of the hard
work, organization, and attention to detail that went into this event. And a very special thank you
to Diablo Restaurant and the Wiele family for catering the dinner. The food and Diablo Pops
were spectacularly delicious! I hope you all had a fantastic time meeting new families, connecting
with old friends, and watching your children play with classmates. I enjoyed seeing each of you
there and feel so lucky to be part of such a wonderful community of families!

On January 26th and 27th we will hold our annual Clean Out Your Closet Sale! NOW is a
good time to start cleaning out all those closets and drawers to make room for new items to
come during the holidays.

We need gently used children’s clothes up to 6x, shoes, and toys. Please make sure all items
are clean and in the condition you would want to buy them in. We will have a box outside of
the office for you to place your bags of goodies in. If you have large items, please see Miss
Brenda in the Red Door.

All the money raised goes right back to the school.

By: Katie Valdes MS RD CSSD

The other evening it was my turn to host the monthly moms dinner. Since it was October, I
told all the moms to bring a pumpkin and some carving tools. A few were apprehensive and
all but one showed up with a pumpkin and tools in hand. I thought it would be fun to do
something different and carve pumpkins as adults without having your child dictate what the
face should look like or the added pressure of making sure it looked perfect.
Doing things “different” seemed to be the theme as the night continued. A couple of the
moms talked about how they had put on weight in the last several years, yet they weren’t
doing anything different. They both spoke about how they eat a relatively healthy diet and
throw some exercise into the mix everyone once in a while. But that is just the thing;
sometimes you have to do things differently if you want to get a different result.
Different is not bad. Different is good. So as this holiday season approaches remember that
it is okay to do things differently. Whether that means eating more whole foods and less
sugar, actually getting off of the couch to exercise, or even saying no to one of the gazillion
holiday activities, make the pledge to do something differently. Let’s look at how doing
things differently can make a difference.
Instead of walking for 30 minutes, walk for 3 minutes and run for 1 minute for a total of 30
minutes. Making your heart rate go up and down burns more calories and you use your
muscles in different ways. Have to keep those muscles guessing! Especially as we age. :(
Start a strength routine. This can be as simple as using canned goods or tennis shoes as
weights and ordering some resistance bands from Amazon. Doing strength work for as little
as 10 minutes a day can make a big difference.
Have you always wanted to do yoga but can’t find the time in your schedule. YouTube has a
ton of yoga videos for free and they range from 20 minutes to an hour. Yoga with Adrienne
is one of the videos from You Tube I like to use.
Take a look at your diet. Are you sneaking bites off of your kid’s plates? Trying all the
samples at the grocery store? Suffering from portion distortion? Pick one thing to work on
and focus on that. Don’t follow the latest fad. Instead do what is going to make the most
sense for you.
Always eating the same meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Change it up! If you are
always eating the same foods your body could be deficient in certain nutrients. Pick up the
latest issue of Eating Well or Cooking Light for some meal inspiration. And if that is too
much for you to handle, you can always leave the cooking to WellMade Provisions.
WellMade is a local business that offers lunches for kids and adults, family dinners, treats
and sport snacks. Order ahead and they deliver. I know they are great because it’s my
business. (Shameless plug I know).
But in all seriousness if you want to see a change you must do something different. Here’s
to a great holiday season.



Yellow Door
The Yellow Door has been busy with fall and Halloween projects! Our back bulletin board is an
"autumn" seasonal mural brainstormed by your children. The children decided together
(through consensus) to create fall trees and pumpkins, they also wanted to add flying crows!
This time of year we are filling our room with Halloween projects; You will find ghosts,
pumpkins and witches flying around our room! The children have learned several new seasonal
songs and you may hear them singing: “The witch has an itch”, “Five little pumpkins”, “Autumn
leaves are falling down” or “Did you ever see a pumpkin?” Hopefully, everyone a will have a nice
assortment of projects to decorate homes for Halloween.
In November, we will begin our “counting unit” with Number Days. Each day the children will
bring to class objects for the Number Box. They will count out the objects during circle time.
The number of items will match the number of the day. They will also make a “number train”
which will come home at the end of the unit.
I encourage all of you to check out the classroom bulletin boards on a regular basis. New
projects are displayed regularly. Many/most of our projects require a number of fine motor
skills practice. Cutting, squeezing glue bottles, adding small details and tying knots all work
those small finger muscles... this helps get the children get ready for holding a pencil and
writing. Class projects provide a great opportunity to talk with your child about class activities.
Which projects are their favorites? Do you see a theme in your child's projects? I often see
children showing preference for colors or certain patterns that they repeat over and over
throughout many projects. I love how each child’s personality is reflected in his or her projects!
In a few weeks, we will be having our Thanksgiving Feast. Each class will prepare part of the
menu and all of the classes will gather in Lower Softly Hall for a community meal. The Yellow
Door will be making pumpkin bread. The recipe will be in your cubbies so you can make it at
The Yellow Door teachers look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Chapel and at the
classroom get-together after the program. Have a safe and relaxing Holiday Season!

Blue Door
We have had such a fun time doing reptiles, community service helpers and Halloween activities.
With the beginning of the school year behind us, we are settling into a nice routine. The children
are comfortable with what to expect from us and the teachers are getting to know the children
In November, we will talk about the changes to the weather and what autumn is all about. We will
do a unit on apples, fall and the colors of the season. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, we will
learn about being thankful. Since being thankful is an abstract concept and difficult for the
preschoolers to understand, we will also talk about what makes us happy. We will talk about
what we are thankful for, share family traditions, sing turkey songs and enjoy other related
activities. On Friday, Nov. 18th, we will gather with the other classes and have a feast to share the
meaning of Thanksgiving with our family at school. Each class prepares a snack to share and we
eat together and then join in singing songs.
In December, we will feel the magic of Christmas and the excitement this time of year brings. We
will be making special keepsakes, ornaments and other holiday-related items. We look forward to
you joining us after the Christmas chapel for a special snack in the classroom. It is one of the
highlights of the school year to see the excitement on the children’s faces when they perform the
special songs for you.
Thank you for taking time to meet with me in October for our conference. I enjoy having the
chance to meet and catch up with you about your child’s progress from the home front
perspective and love sharing with you how your preschooler is doing in the classroom.
The M-W-F children have completely submerged themselves in their preschool experience.
Sports Blitz with Coach Andy on Monday mornings has become a new favorite for them. They
enjoy the sports activities that he has been introducing them to. Chapel has started again and the
children are anxious to learn new chapel songs. Each one of them will be given the chance to ring
the bell and love doing so. Show and Tell on Friday has become a huge success. The children are
so excited to spend a few minutes sharing what they have brought from home with their friends.

We enjoyed our first music class in October which reunited us with Miss Amy. The addition of
music in our schedule will enrich the preschoolers’ cultural experiences and expose them to songs
and instruments.

Throughout the school year, the M-W-F children will be challenged with multi-step directions.
This is an opportunity for us to help them be ready for the multi-tasking that occurs in the
elementary school classroom. This early in the school year, we start with a simple two-step
process. For example, on the day they made their Jack ‘O Lanterns, the directions included doing
the magic cutting and then creating the Jack ‘O Lantern faces on the pumpkin. These instructions
are presented to them at circle time and then should be remembered when it becomes their turn
to participate at the activity table. As each child comes to the table to have their turn to create the
activity planned for the day, we gently remind and prompt them with questions that pertain to the
instructions that were given during circle time. If the child remembers what to do, great! If they
don’t, we offer them suggestions about what to do to remind themselves. Maybe they can ask a
friend already at the table, check what the other kids are doing, or ask one of the teachers. All of
this is a part of the learning process. Not everyone is listening when they should be, we recognize
and acknowledge this. So, I feel it’s important for us to offer them the tools to help them problem
solve and be comfortable knowing they can ask questions.

On another day in October, the children laced a pumpkin and were given markers to write their
name and draw a Jack ‘O Lantern face on the pumpkin. While it is still early in the school year, we
don’t feel it’s too soon to help the children accomplish the goal of being able to write their own
name and hope to give them as much practice as they need. Some of the children are already
doing this by themselves. Some of them are able to start their name and then Miss Bonnie or I can
help them finish the name. Still others are not as interested in learning how to write their names
yet, but are willing to let us do it with them. As the year progresses, we continue to emphasize the
practice from the children and are able to back off more and more in having to aid them in this
accomplishment. Be sure to watch the projects that go home for the progress in this achievement.
Praise and encouragement can go a long way in helping them want to be able to do this on their
own. Activities at home that encourage these accomplishments are a great idea too.

The T-Th children have come a long way in a short time. Some of them have started letting us
know when they need to use the bathroom and already show progress in self-sufficiency. Music
with Miss Amy has been a wonderful addition to our days’ routine. Miss Amy has such a knack at
including the children in everything she does and making it fun and easy. Don’t be surprised to
hear your children singing new songs all the time now! Chapel is now a part of our weekly
schedule as well. We will select a child to ring the bell for us and each of them will be given a turn
before the school year is over. The children like learning the new songs that we sing in chapel
with Rev. Amy.
Progress in creating an end product starts with open-ended projects. As I wrote about in the
previous newsletter, allowing the children to create without a specific end product in mind allows
the child to satisfy their curiosity about how all of this works. How much glue do I need? How
many objects can I pile on to a glue collage project? How much paint do I use on a marble
painting project? These questions, and many more, are running through the three year olds’
minds as they experience the activity first hand. One day during October, the activity was to
create a Jack ‘O Lantern. The supplies were available without limit and the children created their
interpretation of what a Jack ‘O Lantern should look like. This is a project they will do again next
year as a four year old. It is a perfect example of progress in development when you compare the
two year’s Jack ‘O Lanterns. A four year olds’ project will resemble a more traditional Jack ‘O
Lantern. This, by no means, says that the three year olds’ is wrong; it’s an experience in gluing
and creating.

Your children are so eager to gain knowledge about the world around them. We continue to work
with them to help them express themselves in a positive way. They are learning to use their
words, share, take and wait their turn and enjoy new experiences. They arrive each day with the
confidence that the new day will be a fun experience.

November and December are busy months and this is reflected in our activities at school. We will
create fun, age-appropriate activities that fit the holiday and season while we continue to
encourage exploring in an open-ended project. For example, right around Thanksgiving we will
present the preschoolers with a turkey cut from paper and provide them with glue and feathers.
They are free to attach as many or as few feathers on their turkey as they feel is right. In
December, we offer them a tree cut from paper and give them a lot of items that can decorate
their tree; again, as much or as little decorating as they want to do.
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me for our first conference. I enjoyed getting to know
each of you a little better and gaining insight about your beautiful children that I learned from
having the opportunity to share with you.
Miss Bonnie, Miss Babs and I wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season.

Green Door
School is definitely in full swing. We have been very active and busy in the Green Door and it’s not
even the holiday season yet. This group is teeming with energy and imagination. They love
dramatic play and are constantly inventing new scenarios that involve construction sites, police
dramas, family games and booby traps. Boys and girls alike go racing across the yard and
sometimes the classroom, acting out these stories. It is fun to watch the cooperation and problem
solving that goes into this play.
In the classroom, we have gone from studying the ocean to reptiles to nocturnal animals.
Although we only touch on these themes for two weeks at a time, the discussions and projects
have become increasingly involved. Babs and I are surprised by the information and vocabulary
that your children are sharing and learning. They have been especially interested in nocturnal
animals as they excitedly tell stories about raccoons and skunks they have encountered. The
raccoon masks that they colored were worn all day as they acted out raccoon like behaviors. This
simple activity of coloring the mask with crayons strengthens their hands and helps develop their
fine motor skills. For this reason, we encourage you to provide crayons and colored pencils rather
than markers at home for your children to color and draw with.
The children have grown comfortable with our circle time routine. They love to estimate and then
count how many children are at school. They also count to figure out what day of the month it is.
They are eager to make suggestions about which numbers we need to write 14, 20 or 22. They love
to volunteer to write the number and to put the calendar piece on. They have also become familiar
with our schedule and the order of our day. It is fun to watch some of the children playing teacher
and reciting the morning meeting to and with friends during activity time.
Some highlights this past month were planting peas and pansies and poppies on the yard and the
visits from Cabrillo Aquarium and the Reptile People. Our plants are doing well so far and several
of the children water the barrels daily without being asked. They are looking forward to the day
that they can pick the peas from the vines. The ocean puppet show was particularly entertaining
and funny. The children like screaming shark whenever the shark would appear. They also
enjoyed touching and holding the live ocean animals and reptiles. The baby tortoises were
especially cute.
We have been lucky to have several guest readers come to our class to read stories. Joaquin’s first
grade sister, Aurora, came and read a “Gerald and Piggie" book to the class. She read with great
expression to a particularly respectful and engaged audience. Thank you to everyone who has
participated so far. The children have enjoyed it immensely.
We had a great Halloween in the Green Door. We made and hung bats in our bat cave. First, we
did some major roller painting to make the cave walls. Additionally, we carved a class jack o’
lantern and roasted the seeds, went on a pumpkin hunt and shared some spooky stories and
songs. I sure hope the weather gets cooler as we move deeper into Fall towards Thanksgiving.
Thank you all for taking the time to meet with me about your child. I love getting to know you
better and gaining even more insight into your children. Babs and I are loving this group. They
definitely keep us young or at least on our toes.

I have enjoyed getting to know each of you a little better during our conferences. Thank you for
taking the time to meet. I believe good communication between families and school is so
important. Your insights about your children help us provide better, individualized instruction.
A big thank you goes out to the many parents who continue to supplement our snack. The
children love it and we appreciate it, too.
The children are feeling confident and comfortable in the Green Door. We have been busy
working at play. The children enjoyed pouring juice into small cups to make popsicles—which
required patience and eye-hand coordination. They loved to marble-paint leaves, which required
moving the whole body in order to roll the paint-covered marble across the paper in a box.
Picking up a marble with a spoon and dropping it into a box can be pretty challenging, too. The
leaves are beautiful, but the process is most important.
Recently, we have been studying reptiles and dinosaurs. In the yard, the children shoveled piles of
sand high enough to build a big mountain. Then they mixed up some hot lava and watched our
mountain-volcano erupt! They enjoyed digging lakes big enough for dinosaurs and other animals
to get a drink. Inside the classroom the children extracted tiny frozen dinosaurs. To do this, they
had to carefully squeeze eyedroppers to fill with vinegar that fizzed as it dissolved the frozen
“snow” uncovering the dino. That squeezing motion develops strong pincher muscles that will
later help in holding a pencil or buttoning a shirt. We also discussed snakes and how they smell
with their tongues and swallow their food whole. Then we stuffed snakes. The children grasped
handfuls of shredded paper and then used their whole bodies to push the paper to the end of a
sock, then let go and pull their hand out. That is tricky! After the snakes were stuffed the children
used their creativity to paint them. Then the children rolled out dough to make edible snakes.
The children sprinkled them with colored sugar and baked them. Yum!
The dress up area has been very popular as children have been transformed into super heroes,
and fairy tales princesses, moms and dads and brothers and sisters. They love to care for the
babies and make dinner in the kitchen. This gives them a chance to “be the boss” and tell
someone else when it is time to go to bed. They are practicing future adult roles, using their
imagination and learning to socialize with words instead of their bodies. They are practicing
listening and using words such as, “Can I have that when you are done?” or “I don’t like when you
do that,” or “I am the mother. You are the sister. You go to school. I will come back.” They are
learning to play and use words to tell what they need and how they feel. And they are learning to
listen to their body when they need to go potty.
Outside the children are braving the tire swing and the monkey bars. They problem solve as they
determine just where to put their foot or their hand to maneuver up the equipment. They
consider how a block might give them just enough height to reach a bar or climb up onto the big
tire. They use their big muscles! They are so thrilled to be independent…as we watch close by and
As we approach autumn, harvest time and the holidays we will be using all of our senses in
decorating and planning and talking about traditions. We will count our blessings and talk about
many of the things we are thankful for in this beautiful world. Miss Amy and I are so grateful for
the wonderful children and families in the Green Door. Happy Holidays!
Red Door

Our class has been very busy these past few weeks. Halloween was a fun topic and the children
were really interested in making everything "spooky" whether it was with the paint, play dough,
or just paper and markers! With all of our beautiful artwork, our classroom looked like a
Halloween party! In the Red Door, we like to keep the concept of Halloween fun and light. The
favorites seemed to be playing with all the Halloween toys in the black and orange rice as well as
listening to our Halloween music CD.

Now that Halloween is over, we will be talking about the Fall season and Thanksgiving. In
addition to our Thanksgiving projects, we will be having a Thanksgiving feast with the whole
school. The Red Door will be making popcorn and dressing up like turkeys. The other classes
will be bringing yummy treats to share as well. December is always a fun month in preschool.
We will be making many Christmas themed projects and be practicing our chapel songs for our
special Christmas chapel. All of the parents are invited to come watch our Christmas chapel and
then come back to the Red Door for treats.

Show and Tell has definitely been one of the highlights of the week in the Red Door. I have been
getting such great feedback about it and the children really seem to look forward to it. They have
such great things to say and I love how confident they can be. Sports Blitz has also been a big hit
and the children love going to chapel. All of the children have really adapted to our new routine
and seem to be enjoying all of it!

The children in the Tuesday-Thursday class have become fast friends with each other. Some of
them are even starting to learn each-others' names and they are all playing together very nicely.
We have been working on some beautiful artwork all while introducing the children to all sorts of
art mediums. We have been squeezing glue bottles, shaking glitter jars, slapping fly swatters
dipped in paint and much, much more. The children seem to especially love making many
paintings at the easel! Music class is definitely a highlight of our week and the children become
very engaged during this time. It is so much fun to see them clapping and dancing along to the
songs. Everyone seems to really love being at school!

Soon we will be exploring the Fall season and making some artwork to reflect it. Christmas time
will be here before you know it so you can look forward to many Christmas themed works of art
that will be decorating our classroom. The parents are also invited to our Christmas party on our
last day before Christmas break. We gather in the classroom to enjoy donuts and milk as we
wish each other a nice Christmas vacation. This time of year is so exciting!

Happy Holidays!

Pictures Speak 1000 Words!

Lunch Bunch has been great fun so far and there is even more fun in store
coming up! November is filled with Leaf Rubbings, Bubble Wrap Painting
Apples, Fall Bingo and making Mini Apple Pies! We still have space
available! Check the folder on the patio upstairs, or contact the office if you
would like your child to stay!
A two year old playing with a (pretend) dollar bill: "Hey, there's
(George Washington)

"Today is finally my turn to ring the Doorbell!" (Chapel bell)

“I cleaned up the dishes. For Real!”

(While planting) “You know, I have a gardener that comes to my house
and does this.”

“We are going to booby you!” (referring to getting someone in their trap)

“Somebody’s overfilling again!” (pouring juice at snack)

One little girl walked into lunch bunch, looked up at the lights and flag
banners draped across the ceiling and said, “Oh! Is it my birthday

“Yesterday I was sick because I caught a sneeze.”

“I am all grown up! I go potty.”

“Hey! Do you know this is fun!?!”

“I have a hoot,” said a child pointing to an owl on his shirt.

First child: I’m strong!
Second child: I’m strong!
Third child: I’m buff!
“I hear a whee-woo,” said a child, listening to a fire engine coming down
the street.

Child #1: “I stopped playing at Sports Blitz because I was not and tired.”
Child #2: “The fastest way to get something done is to keep going.”

“My sister is 6, she is a grown-up now.”

“Guess what I am going to be for Halloween, it starts with an El….” (Elsa)

Child: “Look I already lost my tooth.”
Teacher: “Wow! How did it come out?”
Child: “Naturally.”

While letting go of mommy’s hand, and with tears in her eyes, “Drive
safely, Mommy!”

“Hey, did you know I’m not a scared-y cat? But I’m a little bit scared!
Isn’t that weird?!”