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There’s nothing like the “power of a wish come true.”

CHAIRMAN T Hinds om CHAIR-ELECT James “Jamie” Chustz TREASURER Derek Holmes SECRETARY Jerri Harvey BOARD MEMBERS Paul Arguelles James “Bob” Bunting Jeanne For tenberry Kenneth W. Gray William Head Brad McMullan Tammy Rubinsky Richard Schwar tz Donna B. Simmons Sharon Wilt Kenny Windham STAFF PRESIDENT & CEO Paul G. Jones, III REGIONAL DIRECTOR, SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Shellie Marengo Moses DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, CENTRAL MISSISSIPPI Jane Walsh DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, NORTH MISSISSIPPI Cari L. Taylor PROGRAM MANAGER Judy Phillips WISH COORDINATOR Shaye Smith

What do a rapper, a Pope, a physician, a playwright and the Mississippi Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® have in common? (Sounds like a bad joke setup!) Russell Simmons of the famous Run DMC trio recently stated, “I’m not a policitian. I only want to help relieve in the suffering in communities, and I want to help people see their community in each other.” Pope John Paul II encouraged the faithful, “A community needs a soul if it is to become a true home for human beings. Y the people, must give your community a soul.” ou, Social critic and physician, Dr. Patch Adams, extols us, “We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our citizens a sense of belonging.” Henrick Ibsen contends that, “A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.” Though very different, each person believed in the power and importance of communities.
So, wait a minute, what does the Make-A-Wish Foundation have to do with community? When we say, We All Have the Power to Grant a Wish®, I have admittedly been focusing my thoughts on individuals. However, I am beginning to change my tone; the power within the mission of the MakeA-Wish Foundation actually finds its sustainable source within the communities of our state. The cornerstone of our chapter’s continued growth will be community involvement. Margaret Wheatley is famous for saying, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Our goal is to reach every community within our state and empower them to discover how they can bring hope, strength and joy to the children closest to them. To that end we have invested in three community builders to serve as liaisons with you and your communities as we grant wishes, raise funds, secure volunteers and share the Make-AWish® message in your hometowns. Cari Taylor will be serving the Delta and Golden T riangle communities, Jane Walsh will be serving the Central Mississippi communities and Shellie Moses will be serving the River Region, Pine Belt and Gulf Coast communities. As your communities become the wish granting centers of our state, you will quickly see how your work enriches the human experience on all levels, especially the well-being of wish children. Wish granting provides uplifting experiences to everyone involved, and it instills hope, strength and joy in everyone who hears about wishes being granted. So, if you and your community want to be part of a whimsical and fun, yet professional organization and be surrounded by a mission that is inspiring, captivating and joyous, then give us a call! I ask you to “take the helm,” create a “sense of belonging,” “help people,” and “give your community a soul” by opening doors in your schools, campuses, workplaces, houses of worship, businesses, homes and social clubs. This is your chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation so we need each and every community of our state to get engaged to make sure every eligible child in Mississippi finds strength, hope and joy. In common purpose with you,

OFFICE VOLUNTEERS Betty Clements Marlene Crews Etta Hicks

We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with strength, hope and joy.


Make-A-Wish® Summer 2010




Over the past few months, 18 wishes have been granted in Central Mississippi and 34 children are waiting on their wishes to come true. Ten-year-old Karl was granted his wish through the generosity of our friends at Madison Middle School. They raised funds for his therapeutic bike and had a celebration at their school to meet Karl and see the joy on his face as he rode his bike through their gym! I doubt they will ever forget his radiant smile and the joy it expressed. My goal for our friends in Central Mississippi is that they will come together to raise funds for wishes and then experience a wish first-hand. Our friends at Madison Middle School worked hard to raise the funds for Karl’s wish and it was wonderful that they got to share Karl’s wish experience with him. Fundraising and sharing a wish experience are equally impor tant. Our annual golf tournament was held May 14, 2010 at Colonial Deerfield Country Club in Madison. The highlight of this year’s tournament was having Barksdale Cadillac join us as our Presenting Sponsor! This tournament raised almost $50,000.00! Thanks to our golf committee, our sponsors, the golfers and the many volunteers who helped, this was our most successful tournament! During the 2009-2010 school year the Millsaps College Chi Omegas contributed $17,567.20. A 5K Walk was held Nov. 7, 2009 and they had a Drawdown this past spring. We appreciate their continued suppor t! Best wishes, Jane

Boy is it hot outside! That can only mean one thing, it’s summer time, a time when people everywhere are traveling to that special destination and creating magical memories. The same is especially true for us here at Make-A-Wish®. With the majority of our kids requesting for that ever popular, “I want to go…” wish means kids all across our area are experiencing pure joy that only a fulfilled wish can bring thanks to our very own fairy godmothers (and godfathers, too). Recently the ladies of the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Chi Omega (University of Southern Mississippi) picked up their magic wands and made one little girl and the community of Hattiesburg truly understand the power of a wish. Wishes come in all shapes and sizes – this par ticular wish was “To be a STAR for the day”. These young ladies arranged for the red carpet to be rolled out as adoring fans lined the streets all screaming her name and assisting with every detail right down to choosing the perfect color polish. What made this wish so incredible was the simple fact that it wasn’t just a few people coming together to make this dream possible – it was the community. Because when the communities in which these children live help make a wish possible – Everyone Wins! Over the past few months we have granted 10 amazing wishes in the southern region of our state with each and every one of them being just what the doctor ordered. However with an ever increasing number of wish referrals coming in each day and the 39 children currently waiting to have their wish granted, we need all of our suppor ters to join with us and help grant the wishes to the children living in your communities. Warmest Wishes, Shellie

Wow, I can’t believe two months have already flown by since I’ve been on board at Make-A-Wish®. I guess time flies when you’re having fun! Fun is a word that we don’t physically say here at Make-A-Wish a lot but it’s something that everyone touched by our mission has tons of. Whether it’s the person who organizes the Walk for Wishes® in your hometown, the wishgranter interviewing our Wish Kids and their families, the volunteer planning the wish reveal par ty or the Wish Kid who is so overwhelmed with joy when his or her wish comes true, fun is everywhere in the Make-A-Wish world. And fun is what I believe suppor ting the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Mississippi is and should forever be. That’s why we are committed to sharing the stories of the amazing, brave and incredibly fun kids in your community. Being par t of any child’s wish, but especially one in your hometown, is the most fun, hear t-warming and lifeaffirming experiences one can have. I am so happy and proud to be par t of the Make-A-Wish team and of the six wishes we’ve granted over the past few months in the nor th region of our state. I can’t wait to have a little fun with all of you, right in your own hometown. I hope that you will all join me in helping grant the wishes of the 24 children in your region currently waiting on their wishes to come true. I promise, you’ll have the time of your life and that you’ll make a kid in your community’s smile brighter than it already was. Thanks for welcoming me onboard and let’s get ready to have a little fun! Best of wishes, Cari



Karl, 10, loved to play outside with his friends, but his medical conditions, cerebral palsy and spinal muscular atrophy, prevented him from being able to do so for extended periods of time. Karl had been riding a therapeutic bike during his physical rehabilition sessions and knew that if he had one of these at home, he’d be able to play outside with his friends all the time. Once Karl wished for his new therapeutic bike, Madison Middle School got down to work planning how they were going to adopt Karl’s wish. The school held several fundraisers, organized by a student committee led by Mrs. Suzanne Ray, that raised over $5,000 for Karl’s wish.
PICTURED 1. Karl with his mom, Lu’Andrea and stepdad T rent. 2. Karl with Mrs. Suzanne Ray 3. Karl on his new bike for the first time. 4. Karl, his mom and sister join us at the 2010 Golf Tournament.

Karl’s new bike was revealed at a par ty, complete with pizza, games and prizes graciously donated by Gattitown in Ridgeland. Upon seeing his new shiny blue bike, Karl exclaimed, “It’s just like the one in the picture!” A few weeks later, Madison Middle School held an amazing pep rally in honor of Karl. Karl rode around the gym on his new bike while the band played, the cheerleaders danced and the crowd of over 1,200 students clapped and yelled cheers from the stands. Karl was also surprised with a new computer system by the school’s Beta Club members. During the pep rally, Karl gave a speech that brought everyone to tears. “Thank you for my bike. Y are all good people...and God ou bless you all. Karl has now had his bike for two months and his mom repor ts that he is riding it every day and having so much fun. “Thank you all very much for making Karl’s wish come true. God did a great thing,” says Lu’Andrea, Karl’s mom. She added, “Thank you so much.” Karl is just one of the amazing children whose life will forever be changed by having his wish come true. His infectious smile and wonderful attitude has forever changed ours. 4

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Hope, Strength & Joy
The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Mississippi grants over 80 wishes every year thanks to the support of people just like you! Below are some of the wishes that still need to be adopted. Y can find out more about how to Adopt-A-Wish® at ou or by giving us a call at 601-366-WISH (9474).

Wishmakers At Work®
Workplace giving in America raises approximately $2 billion every year through employee payroll deductions. By starting a Wishmakers At Work campaign with your employer, you can impact the lives of courageous children and help make their wishes come true! Talk to your employer today about starting a workplace-giving campaign to help share the power of a wish®. For information on how to start a Wishmakers At Work campaign, visit or give us a call at 601-366-WISH (9474). Benefits for your workplace: • Social Responsibility • Brand Recognition • Employee Satisfaction • Company Loyalty • Volunteer Opportunities

Central Mississippi
Zachary, Age 18, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - “I wish to go surfing in Hawaii.” Madison, Age 11, Congenital Heart Disease - “I wish to feed the dolphins in St. Lucia.” Shelby, Age 4, Lymphocytic Lymphoma - “I wish to go to Disney World.” John, Age 14, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - “I wish to meet my favorite baseball team

South Mississippi
Keishon, Age 9, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - “I wish to go on a shopping spree.” Ernest, Age 6, Acute Lymphatic Leukemia - “I wish to go to Disney World.” Stephen, Age 15, Acute Lymphatic Leukemia - “I wish to go on a shopping spree.” Skylar, Age 9, Cerebral Palsy - “I wish to ride the waterslide at the Atlantis.” Janee, Age 18, Kidney Disease - “I wish to relax on the beach in Hawaii.” Jaidyn Pittman, Age 6, Acute Lymphatic Leukemia - “I wish to go to Disney.”

Tanner, Age 10 “I wish to meet a talent scout.”

North Mississippi
Sha’Kimbria, Age 7, Cerebral Palsy - “I wish to go to Disney World.” Danielle, Age 14, Glioblastoma - “I wish to have my own laptop.” Juan, Age 10, End Stage Renal Disease - “I wish to go on a shopping spree.” Hunter, Age 9, Sanfilippo’s Syndrome - “I wish to go to Disney World.”


“HE WAS SO NICE...IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE.” 17-year old Jermarquis loves the game of basketball and couldn’t wait to get to Los Angeles to meet his favorite player. Jermarquis is from Meridian and has large cell lymphoma.
Wish Adopted by Southeast Meridian Middle & High Schools

ALI GOT THE PEACEFUL ROOM OF HER DREAMS Living with antiplastic astrocytome, 11-yearold Ali just wanted a room where she could be in peace. Ali received her new turquoise room, decorated with peace signs in April. Ali is from Clinton.
Wish Adopted by Anonymous Donor.

“IT’S EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED.” Jason, a lifelong Yu-Gi-Oh card player, always wanted a space where his friends could come over to play and trade cards with him. If you’re ever in Braxton, stop on by to see his brand new card shop! Jason is 16-years-old and has desmoplastic sarcoma.
Wish Adopted by Blizzard Enter tainment, Inc.

“There is hope in dreams, imagination and in the courage of those who wish to make those dreams a reality.”


Make-A-Wish® Summer 2010

A SURPRISE SHOPPING SPREE Monquez was surprised with a shopping spree at his favorite stores and a brand new remote control truck in May. Monquez is 13-years-old and has acute myelocytic leukemia. He is from Jackson.
Wish Adopted by Rosa Scott Middle School

THE STAR FOR THE DAY If 6-year-old Danica is’s a star! Danica spent the day being pampered and treated like royalty by everyone around her. Danica is from Sumrall and has acute lymphatic leukemia.
Wish Adopted by International Workplace Professionals

BRANDON GETS TO SURF THE WAVES Being treated for spinal tumors, Brandon wished for a trip to Hawaii to surf the waves and relax in the warm sand with his family. He’s a 16-year-old from Tyler town.
Wish Adopted by Hinds Co.unty School District

I REALL WANT TO GO TO Y DISNEY WORLD 8-year-old Lexi wanted to spend the week at the Disney Theme Park’s with her family and meet all the characters. Lexi is from Biloxi and has B-cell lymphoma.
Wish Adopted by Beau Rivage Resor t/MGM Voice Foundation

CHRIS GETS TO MEET HIS IDOL Christopher couldn’t wait to meet his favorite custom car designer at his studio in California. Christopher’s wish came true in June. Christopher is a 15-year-old from McComb. He has Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy.

DYLAN GETS WISH TO GO TO THE E3 CONVENTION IN LA 17-year-old Dylan loves video games and could not wait to go to “the most impor tant video game convention of the year.” Dylan’s wish came true in June. Dylan is from Byram and has lymphocytic leukemia.
Wish Adopted by Hinds County School District

KAYLA GETS TO VISIT THE MAGICAL WORLD OF DISNEY Six-year-old Kayla got her wish to visit the Walt Disney World Resor ts® in April. Kayla is from Boyle and has Alagille Syndrome, a liver disorder.

“I WANT TO VISIT MY HOME.” Justin, a 16-year-old orginially from New Y ork, wanted to go back to visit his home. Justin was surprised with his wish live on the news at Fox 40 in Jackson in May. Justin lives in Centreville and has lupus.


wishes come true

Partnerships and Fundraising Events Help Provide the

Magic & Memories

The Pass Christina High School Lady Pirates raised over $6,000 in their annual charity softball game against the Gulfpor t High School Lady Admirals.

Tom Ramsey, host of At the Cook’s Table, a local TV and radio show, enjoys the company of Brianna Barbour of Jackson who is waiting to meet her favorite TV chef.

Victoria Hooks and her siblings of Liber ty show off their Make-A-Wish® t-shir ts signed by the USAF Thunderbirds and Columbus AFB pilots after a private aerial show.

Madison Middle School students pose for a picture with Karl Evans. Madison Middle School was able to raise over $5,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Rosa Scott Middle School students form a tunnel as Monquez McInnis runs through to star t his wish to go on a shopping spree. Rosa Scott raised over $5,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The ladies of the Chi Delta Chapter of Chi Omega at Millsaps College raised over $17,000 this year with their Walk for Wishes and Drawdown. That’s enough to grant two wishes!

The 17th Annual Make-A-Wish Golf Tournament raised over $48,000 thanks to Barksdale Cadillac and our other great sponsors.

Team Barksdale Cadillac. From left, David Beard, Ted Enstrom, Michael Denny and Scott Hodges.

The Ladies from Schwar tz and Associates stop from their donation and refreshment duties to pose for a picture at the 2010 Golf Tournament.


For eight years, Make-A-Wish® has held their annual gala in Jackson to suppor t the organization. This year’s gala raised over $125,000 to help make wishes come true.
PICTURED 1. TC, whose wish was to have brand new musical instruments, stops for a picture with former Wish Kid and entertainer for the Gala, Kevin Sharp. 2. Program Manager, Judy Shoemaker is all smiles with Lily, whose wish was to go to Disney World. 3. President & CEO Paul G. Jones, III and his wife, Missy enjoy the evening of wishes.


8 years

PICTURED 1. TC, with his new guitar, performs with his band, No Limits, 2. Kevin Sharp performs one of his hit singles for the crowd. 3. Volunteer Coordinator, Betty Clements with MAW Intern, Lily and her friend smile for the camera. 4. Paul and Shirley McKenzie share their personal wish stories with gala attendees. 5. Kevin Sharp and gala guests capture the fun of the evening.


For the 3rd year, the Ricky Peden Make-A-Wish® Golf Tournament will take place at The Oaks Golf Club in Pass Christian. Registration and lunch will begin at 11:00 a.m. with a shotgun star t at 1:00 p.m. This special event, honoring the memory of a true believer in making wishes come true, will include tons of prizes, a player’s par ty at the Blow Fly Inn, lunch, beverages, t-shir ts, a team photo and a $50 gift card.
PICTURED 1. Tournament participants practice their swings on the driving range. 2. 2009 tournament organizers stop to show off the tournament’s official t-shirts. 3. Tournament participants enjoy the day golfing with friends. 4. Tournament participants prepare to start the fun-filled day.

Team sponsorships star t at $500. Individuals may register for $125. Other sponsorship oppor tunities are also available. If you like to golf and want to help make wishes come true for kids in South Mississippi, please call Shellie at 228-575-8691 or email her at smoses@ms.wish. org to reserve your team.


Thank you
My family is so grateful for the granting of this wish for Jordan. He loves music and because of Make-A-Wish he can star t to make some of his dreams come true. We are so thankful for the experience. Hats off to Jenna Blaylock for her thoughtfulness and unconditional suppor t for our family.
Shaunda Weathers Mom of Jordan, Age 17 “I wish to have a MacBook Pro and music equipment.”

THE MISSISSIPPI CHAPTER WISHES TO THANK THE FOLLOWING WISH GRANTERS AND WISH ADOPTERS FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS OVER THE PAST FEW MONTHS Brandon High School City of Waynesboro Cruisin’ the Coast Enterprise School District Garden Isles Hinds County School District International Workplace Professionals Long Beach Middle School Madison Central High School Madison Middle School Mary Ann Eaton Angela Alexander Paul Arguelles Jenna Blaylock Janet Blouin Shelby Bolls Jerica Bounds Angela Brooks Vanessa Brown Barbara Buggs Betty Clements James Coney Rachel Craig Marlene Crews Mona Enstrom Rebecca Franklin Kenneth Gray Memorial Hospital Millsaps College Chi Omegas Nurses of Women’s Hospital Quitman School District Ridgeland High School Rosa Scott Middle School Southeast Meridian Middle and High Schools Sunrise Rotary Club United Healthcare United States Marine, Inc. Cealia Hull Donna Hull Shenia Jones Kimberly Keen Betty Mayo Barbara McKnight Barbara Moore Suzanne Muir Cathy Tate Judy Watts Jean West Tanya Westerfield Regina Williams Bernice Wolfe

All the volunteers were very cour teous of our needs. They fulfilled Jason’s dreams and were thoughtful and caring during Jason’s most recent hospital stay. His wish was made possible above his expectations by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Thank you so much!!!
Kathy McAdory Mom of Jason, Age 15 “I wish to have my own card shop.”

Being a child and being special feel good to know that people care and that we We enjoyed ourselves immensely. A big have such a great foundation like Makepar t of that was staying at Give Kids the A-Wish. Thank you for my bike. World. We did not want for anything. Karl Evans, Age 10 It was a stress-free fun-filled time. We “I wish to have a therapeutic bike.” are so thankful and blessed we were able to take par t in such a wonderful Dear Mr. Jones, and amazing experience. Thank you all Thank you so very much for coming to so much! speak to us! I sincerely enjoyed what Kimberly Niskala you shared with us. I want to be a Mom of Gabriel, Age 7 doctor and I feel that my calling is to “I wish to go to Disney World.” help the sick. I have always admired and appreciated what Make-A-Wish How can I begin to thank you for all does. Y guys are so wonderful and ou that you did to make Lexi’s dream come what you do is SO amazing! Thank true? I don’t know how you made it you, thank you for helping these kids. come together on such shor t notice What you do is grant miracles and that but you did. And for that our family will is unbelievably wonderful. Thank you! be enternally grateful. Thank you for Carissa making her trip possible. We all had so Student at Rosa Scott Middle School in Madison much fun and it was a trip of a lifetime. Our family was blessed with so much joy and memories to fill many seasons to come.
Tara Moore Mom of Lexi, Age 8 “I wish to go to Disney World so I can meet Cinderella and Belle.”


MAKE-A-WISH® CAN USE YOUR FREQUENT FLIER MILES Y hold the ticket to fulfulling a child’s wish ou to travel to a special destination. We hope you’ll consider donating miles or loyalty points to help make wishes come true. For more information on donating your frequent flier miles or loyalty points, please visit the MakeA-Wish Foundation® of America web site at and click on Giving or call (800) 722-WISH (9474).


The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Mississippi office is located at 4800 I-55 North, Suite 30, Jackson, MS 39202. For more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Mississippi, visit our website at www., email us at, call us at (601) 366-WISH (9474) or 1-800-819-4072 or fax (601) 362-4752.

4800 I-55 Nor th, Suite 30 Jackson, MS 39202

Join Us for These Dream Dates!!
23-24 - 1st Annual Lake Washington Bike Rally, Chatham, 10:00 AM 24 - Martini Shakedown, Biloxi, 6:30 PM
Shellie Moses, Development Director, South MS, is all smiles with Caiden at the 2009 Martini Shakedown at the Beau Rivage.


6-8 - Castlewoods Golf T ournament Brandon, MS, 11:00 AM


10 - 3rd Annual Ricky Peden Make-AWish® Golf T ournament, Pass Christian, 11:00 AM
Find out more about these events at

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