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Special feature


February, 2017 / No.294


Two Schools
Musubi Tabuchi

Two Schools Together
The Unity of the Whole of

SIS Kwansei Gakuin




11 KG ! OIS

13 KG



Two Schools, One campus, One Mission
20 Vol.7



No.43 SOIS
We are Kwansei!


SOIS Aspiring for a True International Education
1 TOP EYES Senri International School (SIS) and Osaka International School (OIS), the two
Musubi Tabuchi

International Schools of Kwansei (collectively known as SOIS), have, since they
Chancellor were first established, engaged in education under the banner of Two Schools,
One Campus, One Mission. Today, local Japanese students, Japanese students
2 Special feature
who have returned from living abroad, and foreign-national students, and teach-
Two Schools Together ers from some 30 countries study and work at the Senri International Campus.
For thirteen years from 1997, I served as University Chaplain
under President Hiroshi Imada. Not long after I started, the then In an educational environment in which a diverse range of values, cultures, and
KWANSEI GAKUIN languages mingle, how do these two schools work together, making the most
Dean of the School of Policy Studies, Dr. Akihiro Amano, rebuked of their respective strengths, to hone the individual characters and talents of
9 Cutting-edge Research
me quite strongly at the Council, saying that I knew nothing about their students? This article will present the education that SOIS provides, with
What is Creative Purchasing
the Kobe Sanda campus. I personally did not think that that was a focus on their highly unique educational programs and activities.
For Pleasure?
Jyunya Ishibuchi
the case, but later, when I transferred to the School of Education at
Professor, School of Business Administration the Nishinomiya Seiwa campus, and then started working at the
Senri International School campus, I finally understood how Dr.
Amano felt back then. Until then, I had not been thinking about
Course Report! Informed, caring, creative individuals contributing to a global
Kwansei Gakuin in terms of its multiple campuses. community
Thinking about Nuclear Power,
from Fukushima Today, Kwansei Gakuin has nine schools on seven campuses, and
each of those campuses has nurtured the individual character and
independent spirit of each school. It seems to me that the unity of
The Clock Tower

Kwansei Gakuin as a whole is created when we make the most of that
Projection Mapping Project

individuality and independence of each school and bring them all
14 Retirees of KG together. My consistent calls of We are Kwansei! since becoming
19 A Letter from OVERSEAS Chancellor are an appeal to you all that, while each school exercises
Valuable experience in New York its own independence, they are all the same Kwansei Gakuin. I would School Mission
urge you all to go out and see as many of the other campuses as you Informed, caring, creative individuals contributing to a global com-
20 Global Academic Port Progress Report munity
can. I want you to experience both this individual character and
Vol.7 The Reform of Academic Affairs for Five Respects
the same Kwansei Gakuin with your own being.
The Senri International campus has no detailed school regulations or
student guidance. Instead, it upholds what it calls the Five Respects
respect for self, respect for others, respect for learning, respect for the
23 LEsprit de Kwansei Gakuin environment, and respect for leadership/authority. Students base their
decisions on these principles and take responsibility for their actions.
No.43 Lorne Crescent
and the Crescent Cottage

1 294 2017 February 2


2016 40


ASP 10
Two Schools together

Audrey! with a smile, and say lines




very good! 60
Udy ClaireSIS ASP

You look back
All School


Frances Namba

16 16:30

17 18:00
18 14:00

18 18:00

Little Shop of Horrors

2017 Performances
Schedule: Thursday, February 16 Curtains open 16:30
to the other students and apply it Friday, February 17 Curtains open 18:00
their own roles, whispering their Saturday, February 18 Curtains open 14:00 (Matinee)
own lines to themselves and tak- Saturday, February 18 Curtains open 18:00 (Final performance)
Venue: Senri International Campus Theater
ing notes. When it comes to one of
Program: Little Shop of Horrors
the singing scenes, a highlight of the
show, things really heat up.
Seymour! Audrey! After school, Because the time available for re- year levels. The atmosphere that is appear on stage as the chorus. Thrice- Ms. Namba comments, The teach- seems to click and they come out
SOIS students are working hard at hearsal every day is limited, everyone created allows the students to take weekly rehearsals began shortly after ers give the students clear instruc- of their shell. By the fourth perfor-
is completely in earnest. Even so, their own initiative naturally. the October auditions, increasing in tions only at the very beginning. mance, they are acting and singing
Respecting Each Other
rehearsals for the ASP in the Campus
Theater, which has been set up almost the atmosphere is always friendly The ASP is about four months in frequency to daily rehearsals in Janu- The students will hit a wall many like different people. Sometimes, some
as it would for the real performance. and cheerful and full of smiles. the making, from the auditions in ary. Although the cast face a tough times due to anxiety, nerves, and the students even feel relaxed enough to

While Creating
The conversations during rehearsals, A positive attitude permeates the October until the actual performances schedule every day, they engage in stress of juggling their work on the throw in clever ad libs, and they are
the instructions, and the actors lines group, with students praising each in February. the task with complete seriousness. production with their schoolwork, all brimming with confidence and
are all in English. OK! Very good! other when they act a scene well, and In the auditions, six teachers test While the acting rehearsals are but we encourage them to think for able to enjoy the performance from

Something Together Acting coach, SIS teacher Claire Udy,

calls a stop to the acting. With advice
freely giving their opinions when
they have suggestions. Everything
each applicant on their singing ability,
acting ability, and English language
going on, the students in the back-
stage crew are busy preparing the
themselves and to join forces to over-
come those struggles. In the last days
their hearts. In fact, after the fourth
performance, almost all of the stu-
such as, Look back with a smile, is in English, but there are no bar- ability. Ms. Namba comments, Every sets, props, costumes, background before the performance, the entire dents burst into tears from the sense
then say your lines, she uses gestures riers of language or nationality, and year, the students who audition are our music, live band, hair and make-up, campus goes into ASP mode. of achievement that wells up inside
Various Initiatives of SOIS and body movements to show the the students have no trouble com- most ambitious students, those who subtitles, advertising, and many other There are four full performances. them. Many of our students have
students ways to improve the delivery municating with each other. As SIS want to take on a difficult challenge, tasks. Students apply to take part in Ms Namba says that, no matter how citied the ASP as the best memory
The All School Production (ASP) and Winter Concert,
which SOIS students come together to produce, are of their lines. Detailed advice about Principal, Frances Namba, who has lead a fulfilling high school life, or this work. This year, there are about much they have rehearsed, every year, of their school days. The students
traditional cultural activities that symbolize the Two tone of voice and where to look also overall charge of the ASP, says, Ev- stretch their special skills further. 60 students in the backstage crew. many of the students are stiff with English language abilities improve
Schools Together ideal. They provide a forum for the flies around the theater. The students ery day, the group becomes more All of the applicants are capable, but Because these elements play such an nerves during the first performance. by leaps and bounds, and they grow
students to present the fruits of their efforts to the public take the teachers advice on board tight-knit as the students strive to we are looking for something more. important role in determining the They come up against the kind of as people, developing leadership and
together. Every year, the students put on performances and interpret it in their own way to create something good together Securing a role in this production is success or failure of the ASP, the difficulty that can only come from teamwork. More than anything, that
of a high standard. hone their performance. Students not and develop friendships. There is not easy. Forty students auditioned backstage crew all takes responsibility actually performing in front of an experience of success makes them
appearing in this particular scene no sense whatsoever of any division in 2016, from which 11 were selected for their roles and exchange ideas audience. However, as they perform ambitious to take on new challenges
also listen to the advice being given between the two schools or between for the main cast, and the rest will with each other. once, twice, three times, something and gives them self-esteem.

3 294 2017 February 4


William KralovecOIS

SIS 2015





OIS 2013IBSIS 1,000

Concert Villapando Vernon


OISCreativity, Action

and Service




Students Moving Forward

Towards Their Dreams
Towards Further Integration
There are moves at SOIS to integrate group of students taking the Peace
various initiatives that, until now, the Studies course, delivered presenta-
1 SGH Program
two schools have conducted sepa- tions in the gymnasium.
rately. One such move took place Ms. Ito comments, We believe in SIS was designated as a Super Global High School (SGH) in 2015.
The SGH Program entails a systematic curriculum, a mentor
in 2013, when the IB program was actively working on the integration of program in which all teachers give the students individual guid-
made available to students at SIS Se- any aspects that we determine would ance, and other school-wide support programs. The students
nior High School. These students be more effective if SOIS were to do research outcomes are of a particularly high standard nationally.
In the Shared Programs, the two music teacher, Vernon Villapando. Programs. Even as they clash with turbulent change, I want our students can obtain the IBDP alongside their it together, and we want to produce Fumika Nakayama, a Senior (12th Grade) at SIS attended
the 1st SGH National Forum, held in December at Ochanomizu
schools conduct arts, music, physi- The language of instruction is, of each other, the students learn to ac- to keep close sight of themselves and Japanese high school diploma, which results in multicultural education.
Womens University, where SGH designated schools and asso-
cal education, and foreign language course, English. The ease with which knowledge each others differences continue to learn new things when opens up to them increased options Next academic year, we will start an ciates came together. She was one of six students from SGH
classes jointly. These classes follow the the students play would lead one and build personal relationships. This they go on to university and beyond. for higher education both in Japan IBDP course in Japanese. We are also designated schools chosen to take part in a panel discussion
OIS curriculum and are conducted to assume that they have all been leads to diversity and self-reliance, The perfect way to achieve this is and overseas. looking into linking up with SGH in English. In front of an audience of some 1,000 people, she
talked confidently about her research and future, and enthu-
in English. learning the violin since they are and brings clarity to their future path. the International Baccalaureate (IB) Until 2015, Presentation Day was field studies and with OISs Creativity,
siastically exchanged views with students from other schools.
Students taking Music, one of the small children. However, many of OIS Head of School, William Kra- programs offered by OIS. We will an event that only SIS students par- Action and Service (one of the CAS
most popular courses, learn orchestra, the students started learning only after volec, comments, Precisely because continue to create an environment ticipated in, but in 2016, OIS students IB programs, in which the students Nakayama I was very nervous many people at the SGH National
brass band, and choir in earnest, and enrolling at SOIS. This is a testament the cultures of the two schools are that will bring about favorable changes also participated. A total of four stu- themselves plan and carry out extra- at the SGH National Forum, but Forum was a valuable opportunity,
they have various opportunities to to the effort that have put into their different, the students and teach- in our students lives. dents from SIS and OIS, along with a curricular activities). thanks to life at SIS and the SGH so I talked about myself, with a focus
perform outside the school. At the instruments. Although this is a formal ers are experiencing cross-cultural Program, I was able to enjoy myself. on the concept of global citizen,
Winter Concert held in December, class, it also has elements of a club exchange on a daily basis. OIS stu- Club Activities I am very grateful for the teachers and remained conscious of the fact
the schools hire out Maple Hall in the activity. Like the ASP, the students dents make friends with SIS students SOIS Students Participate in Club Activities Together and learning environment at SIS. that I was holding a dialogue with
The Student Representative Council, which has a say in school management,
city of Mino, where the seniors (12th gain confidence from experiencing in their classes and club activities, draws its membership from both SOIS schools, and both English and Japanese
From about August of my senior the listeners as I spoke. After I fin-
Grade) give their final performance. the opportunity to perform, and they giving them real-life models of the can be heard in the meetings. There are diering views between Japan and other year, I began to hold my own mis- ished, many people came up to me
Orchestra practice begins with make irreplaceable memories with virtues of the Japanese people, such countries about issues such as the positioning of school events and their prepara- sion statement of encouraging all with warm comments, saying that
tuning, led by the student concert their orchestra mates. as their diligence, consideration of tion, and dierences of opinion and clashes are not uncommon. However, based people to see themselves as global they enjoyed my talk and that they
on the Five Respects, the students nd compromises, think up convincing propos-
master. The students then begin to SIS Head of School, Mayumi Ito, others, and respect for teachers. citizens. Speaking in front of so were rooting for me, and I really
als, and plan and manage events through repeated trial and error.
play under the conducting of OIS describes the benefits of the Shared Because we live in an age of such

5 294 2017 February 6



SIS 2016 TPP



Marcella CooperOIS




Its OK




How are the Kwansei Gakuin pros and cons of the TPP and submitted useful. in. For this reason, I advise my students about the realities of the world that
Mission Statement and SOIS recommendations to the government. Exchanges between Kwansei Gakuin to experience a variety of environments would be unimaginable in peaceful
felt that my thoughts and feelings got principles embodied in educa- During the U.S. election campaign, University and the senior high schools so they can grow as individuals. For Japan. Even so, it is important that
through to most people. I was also 2 Middle School Student Starts Up Fashion Company tion on the ground at SOIS? we had repeated discussions and pre- are wonderful opportunities for our example, SGH, the university-high they research for themselves and learn
We spoke to teachers from
inspired by the other five students sentations about the impact that the students (and teachers) to come into school connection classes and camps, about the real world, and I think that
SIS Year 9 student, Julia Torieda, established her own company, SIS and OIS.
and had a very rewarding time. JuliaT Co., Ltd. in June 2016. Her company started offering The next U.S. administration would have contact with new environments. SIS and the KG All-Stars Camp are all it helps them improve their ability to
In the SGH program, I wrote a re- STYLES, a service that provides personal fashion coordina- Hisashi Muneo, SIS Teacher on the world, and this culminated in students have grown up in multicul- wonderful opportunities for growth. discover issues, as well as their multi-
search paper on the theme of how tion services and virtual closet services, in November. Anyone the production of guidebook for junior tural environments and are very good Going forward, treasuring the prin- lateral thinking skills and information
to increase the number of children who registers as a member can take photographs of their own At university and in graduate school, high school students. By doing more at respecting diverse values and people. ciples of SOIS, I hope to continue to literacy. I also hope that it helps them
who are healthy in body and mind in clothes and accessories to create their own virtual closet. I researched the theme of cultivating and more of these kinds of activities, On the other hand, when they move nurture young individuals who can discover the joy of learning and that
developing countries. I believe that global citizens, and I wanted to do I hope that students will start to think on to university, some students can contribute in some way to society at they will continue to learn for the
this helped me to acquire many skills, Torieda I first thought up the coming second out of the 11 teams. work in that field after graduation. for themselves more and take action become bewildered by the change in whatever level, be it global, national, rest of their lives.
such as logical thinking, creativity, service when I was in the fifth This really spurred me on to start The aspirations of SOIS and Kwan- as a matter of course. environment and find it difficult to fit or local. At SOIS, the teachers also share
and communication skills. grade. I tried to talk about fash- up my business. sei Gakuin match my own personal I also have a class in which I set large ideas about teaching methods and
In the future, to realize my mission ion to my father, but he wouldnt Through this experience of so- motivations. Every day, I stand in assignments, such as essays or research Marcella Cooper, OIS Teacher encourage them to think about these educational perspectives all the time.
statement, I first want to be a balle- listen, and that gave me the idea. ciety, I am experiencing the best front of my students with the hope papers of over 10,000 characters, as a issues not as someone elses problem I am from Canada, so I share with SIS
rina, and after that, I want to work When I was in the eighth grade learning. In the future, I want to that they will become young people way of encouraging reasoning ability At SOIS, we have many students who in a faraway land, but as their own teachers the teaching methods and
at UNICEF. To fulfill both of these at SIS, I participated in the KG become a business person and be a who pave the way in the future and and creativity. Of course, the students say that they want to make a con- problem, and get them to present case studies I built up in Canada and
dreams, I will enroll in the Depart- Business Plan Contest. I proposed success in the international arena. contribute to society. struggle with this, but I hope that, by tribution to the world in the future. their own opinions in class based on in IB programs. Conversely, the SIS
ment of Political Science in Kwansei The STYLES as a cloud-based In my classes, I am particularly overcoming that struggle, they will For this reason, I want to provide research of many media sources and teachers teach me about wonderful
Gakuin Universitys School of Law in personal fashion coordination ser- conscious of reasoning ability and become the type of students who will them with communication and criti- other literature. Our discussions are aspects of Japans education system.
April. Politics is deeply intertwined vice, and I was awarded the grand thinking. I believe that the ability pull other students in their seminars cal thinking skills, so they can face quite lively, and even if someone gets Many of the teachers at SOIS have
with global issues, so I want to learn prize in the junior high school to reason is important and, indeed, and laboratories in the right direc- any problem they encounter in this something wrong, I cheerfully tell graduate degrees. The opportunity
about it properly. I also want to deepen division. I won the right to enter necessary in any situation. Specifically, tion when they go on to university. turbulent world squarely, and come them, Its OK! to convey to them the to share in academic discussions at a
my SGH research further, and draw the Entrepreneurs Koshien, a I put great store in discussion time, It makes me happy when graduates up with the answers themselves with need to respect the opinions of others. doctoral or masters level gives teach-
closer to my dreams by taking on the national contest for high school and I make an effort to offer projects of my classes tell me that they were an international outlook. By constantly sharing their different ers the chance to inspire each other.
challenge of becoming a UN Youth entrepreneurs that was held the and assignments that will make the able to get into their university classes In my classes, we cover a variety of ideas with each other, the students I enjoy my work every day. I will
Volunteer and going overseas to following year, and I was awarded students translate their thoughts into smoothly and that they are enjoying topics from around the world, such become more and more interested in continue to treasure my time with
study ballet. the Special Adjudicators Prize for actions. In 2016, in one of my senior their research, or that even though as conflicts, atmospheric pollution, finding things out. Sometimes, they my students and to create a space for
high school classes, we discussed the my class was hard, it is now proving and elections in various countries. I receive quite a shock when they learn enjoyable learning.

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