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GEA17904 (10/2009)
Experience, Reliability, Results Achieving ZLD: Equipment Overview
Complying with stringent wastewater treatment regulations simplify the permitting process, thereby accelerating your plant Variable waste flowsGEs largest single brine concentrator
and reducing water usage are critical considerations in industry development schedule and alleviating environmental concerns. treats 1,200 gpm, while small units treat as little as 10 gpm.
Brine Vent
today. Numerous environmental regulations, rigorous permitting Distributors Energy-efficient operationIn the vapor compression
Our strong vendor relationships enable strategic sourcing
processes, and lack of water availability, among other factors, configuration, the brine concentrator uses 21 to 37 BTU
agreements and, in turn, offer you the most competitive pricing Waste
are driving many industrial facilities to implement zero liquid Deaerator per pound of waste feed. This converts to 50 to 90 kWh per
available. With multiple contracting methods, a variety of system Brine
discharge (ZLD) systems as a solution. Heat Exchanger 1,000 gallons of feed, which is 25 to 50 times more efficient
options, and highly experienced design and delivery teams, GE Wastewater
GEs ZLD systems eliminate liquid waste streams from your plant can custom-design a system for your maximum benefit. than conventional single-effect, steam-driven evaporators
and produce high purity water for reuse. In many cases, your Ability to run on electricity or steamTypical operation
plants water consumption can be reduced by up to 90 percent is by mechanical vapor compression, but brine concentrators
saving money and helping to protect the environment. You may Robust Solutions Pump
may also run on steam in a multiple-effect configuration.
even be able to capture valuable by-products and sell them to
offset your costs. for Demanding Applications Recirculation
Compressor Fully automated operationMaintain precise system control
while minimizing operator interaction
GEs large installed base of robust systems is proven to perform
With more than 35 years of experience in the design, delivery,
across a broad range of applications, including:
commissioning and service of ZLD systems, GE provides a
Brine Concentrator
comprehensive portfolio of technologies for ZLD applications,
GE brine concentrators recover up to 95% of industrial wastewater
including brine concentrators, evaporators, and crystallizers. Synthetic fuels Mist Eliminator
as high purity distillate. This can be used for boiler makeup, NOx
Proven performers and Primary metals processing Vapor Compressor
control, cooling tower makeup and process use. The remaining
highly reliable, GE ZLD Microelectronics five percent is a slurry concentrate that may be sent to a small
systems offer 95%
Chemical solar pond, reduced to dry solids in a crystallizer or spray dryer,
availability and are up to Flash Vessel
Pulp and paper or used for ash wetting. Steam
30 percent more energy
efficient than conventional Coal mining
designs. These technologies Battery manufacturing
Brine Concentrators Can Recycle:
can often be combined Cooling tower blowdown
PVC manufacturing Feed
with other GE equipment, Oil and gas field Heating
Uranium mining Condensate Element Recirculation
such as ultrafiltration (UF), produced water
Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Project, Petroleum and petrochemical Pump
reverse osmosis (RO), Inner Mongolia, 590 gpm, 2009 Demineralizer waste
electrodeionization (EDI) Oil refining Waste
Reverse osmosis reject
and ion exchange to provide the optimal solution. Our specialists SAGD heavy oil recovery
Electrodialysis reject
can tailor a system to fit your wastewater characteristics, flow
rates, and end-product requirements.
FGD wastewaters Crystallizer
Boiler blowdown Meeting stringent zero-liquid-discharge requirements also
As the pioneer of thermal ZLD systems, GE is continually developing Solid waste (leachate and secondary sewage effluent)
Softener waste requires a crystallizer, to reduce brine concentrate to a dry solid.
new thermal solutions that respond to changing market needs. Our
Coal liquefaction Recovered water can be recycled back to plant processes, while
extensive global experience can help you tackle the challenges of Plant drains
Ethanol production an easy-to-handle dry solid can be safely disposed of in an
stringent discharge regulations, process optimization and effective Salty effluents
approved landfill.
water and wastewater management. GE ZLD systems can help Mine drainage
Ease of useWith simple color graphic controls and an
Landfill leachate PEMEX Cadereyta Refinery, Monterrey,
Mexico, 116 gpm, 1998 automatic wash system, GEs crystallizers are easy to operate.
Ease of installationSkid-mounted, fully packaged systems
Benefits: with all auxiliary equipment and controls.
Corrosion resistant titaniumHigh grade construction
Valuable product recoverySystems can be designed to
materials mean GE brine concentrators will last for decades
recover specific salts from a waste stream.
and provide reliable operation.
Expertise in zero liquid dischargeGE has more than
Scale controlProprietary seeded slurry technology controls
35 years of experience developing and implementing thermal
scale, often limiting cleanings to only once per year.
technologies to solve zero liquid discharge challenges for
Patented brine distributorsIndividual tube distributors customers worldwide.
ensure a smooth flow of brine, avoiding scale formation.
Huntington Power Station, Huntington, UT, Indiantown Generating Plant, Indiantown, FL, Gila River Power Station, Gila Bend, AZ,
200 gpm, 1974 580 gpm, 1995 2,400 gpm, 2003