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Mission: The mission of Robbinsdale Area Schools is to inspire and educate all learners to develop their unique potential

and positively contribute to their community.

Unified District Vision: Strategic Priorities:

1. Implement policies and practices that open 1. Kindergarten readiness: Provide high-quality early learning programs to ensure all students are kindergarten
pathways to academic excellence for all ready.
students. 2. Third grade proficiency: Provide differentiated learning experiences to ensure all third grade students achieve
2. Utilize culturally responsive teaching and grade level literacy.
personalized learning for all students. 3. High school graduation: Ensure every student graduates from high school career and college ready.
3. Engage family and community members as 4. Standards: All staff will teach the state standards K-12.
partners. 5. Central office capacity: Build central office capacity to deliver services in a timely manner to influence student
4. Engage and empower students by amplifying academic achievement.
student voice. 6. Middle school re-design completed




What are the root causes of your current culture (reflection)? Leadership Change What will you do differently to create your desired culture (leadership)?


Focus/Direction Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration Accountability Deepening Learning

What is the purpose? Reflect on policies and practices that impact Internal who, what, how, when and why? How will you facilitate teacher learning to
culture (staff handbook). impact student achievement through data
How clear is your strategy? How will you progress monitor? and evidence-based best practices?
How will you support student and teacher
voice through collaboration? How will you guarantee that the standards are
Capacity building (Leadership)
being taught (monitoring formative
How do we support learning and innovation? assessments in alignment to standards)?
(Leadership) External