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PREFACE Reflection aims at laying bare the motives behind our many actions; the resultant effects and consequences of our neglect, hypocrisy and seeming lack of conscience. While taking into consideration some factors such as environment and imperfection, we had been and still are the chief architect of our many woes. The title Reflection aptly fits the overall statement as most poems in this collection calls for deep and sober reflection even on subject matters that may seems to have no direct bearing to us, it’s pragmatic bluntness advocates the need for home truth, sincere appraisal and practical assessment of what we’ve achieved and what we tend to achieve. A lover of poetry will find Reflection interesting, exciting and very readable.


For my mum who means the world and more to me And to everyone who directly or indirectly have affected my life for good or bad. As we all await the one to whom we have an accounting.


Table Of Content -------------------------1 Animal Farm 2 Anointed Tribe 3 Ecclesiastical 4 P.D.P 5 For Chinua Achebe 6 The Invalid 7 The Colony 8 The Anthem 9 Africa 10 Bats In Africa 11 Men In Blacks 12 Democracy 13 Reflection 14 passengers 15 My Child 16 Transition 17 Alone 18 Sunrise In Ihembosi 19 Miracle 20 Self Pity 21 Street Light 22 Ode To Kerry 23 Lover’s Poem 24 Matters Of The Heart 25Hearts In Transit 26 Stranger In Paradise 27 Thinking Of You 28 Serenade 29 For Adaeze Linda 30 27th Friday 31 Bayelsa 32 These Days


Animal Farm The plot was hatched That heap of ruin overgrown with weeds Gathers the “saints”. He was chosen The sow destined for the abattoir Napoleon with the goggles deem it fit Snowball’s a traitor. What’s it with power It blind s and intoxicate This animal is worse Unprecedented in history of animal farm. Napoleon with the goggle Will smile in the grave This plot takes credulity to insanity Snowball is king. The plot is now hatched That house on the rock Gathering of the rouges Were animals are selected and imposed. The apple of the farm, The milk and honey Up for grabs Only for higher animals The fat and big thieves These animals are more equal than others These animals are rats. These lesser animals Chained to the night Held hostage in smoldering embers of oddity; Freeze in time for their lifetime These animals are donkeys Molehills spring on their backs These donkeys seen suffering Never imagined for a life time In just eight years


Down the drain Everything their need With love in sacrifice For an amorphous reforms Without a human face Mandate stolen in daylight The watchmen close by Aiding and abetting Like pimps against hard core prostitutes In a sham meant for their rights These animals are also Christmas fowls No rights in animal constitution Citizen of no nation Trapped in modernized slavery Napoleon was a tar rant Snowball defy quantification Routing and looting Like putrid cancer spread in phenomenal proportions That heap of ruin Overgrown with weeds Beat even Alexandra Now litters with jaspers and rubies Greatest wonder of the world Seen only in animal farm One more “how” screaming for reason Like caged animal desperate for freedom A widow bereaved of husband This farm is suck dry Friends and associates Between dogs of no moral qualms In pursuit of a life time on the rock Or a deus ex machina to cover his tracks If option former came to naught The devil will attain sainthood This animal compared to him The sow’s killing machine Crushes anything on its part Like hyenas sure to have the last laugh Stalk helpless preys Defenseless and exposed


What is flesh? Against fast moving metals Ugly machineries of death From Zaki Biam to Odi Stray metals hungry for blood Creeping masked terror Rain down like summer rains Protagonist of assassinations Stealthy footsteps of death Sneak in and out spilling blood Cold and bitter Till date unsolved The list is endless. These animals are victims Expendables in power play The shepherd must die for the sheep to be won These animals are Boxer Martyr against a tyranny Even vampires called sickle cell Baleful loudspeaker heralding the coming of torture Like air in water pots Sold their conscience with their souls For a mere pat on the back These animals are zombies Sheep of his pasturage Just one-way traffic. Bodies filled the morgue The earth growing plumy with manure Faces united in death Fighters united by pains Will hunt their days for the rest of it. This is animal farm Some animals don’t talk The rest of us Long suffering cows good for milk and meat Big for noting Maybe many for noting One way or another You will understand Where you belong When you see through the ballyhoo Of this animal called man.


Anointed Tribe Anointed Tribe Ordained for God Filled with natural potentials Home of heroes Rise and fall Men as great The gods has quaked From the ziks The ones whose hearts In the resting place Of the gods All it takes To rule the world They strong and smart Strike a torrent From the rock The dews on the ground Has made the land Springs with gold. Anointed Tribe Of Amusement One more case Of embarrassment The one tribe Of creative minds Have lost their minds For the lust of greed Anything and everything Shall be weighed In a pot of gold Every man will show his balls By what he’s got For all to see And the thieves Have got it all For all to see. You’ll curse their gods And rape their lands Bash their heads And kill their sons Push their backs Up against the wall


Then you’ll thought They’ll bite and claw Dip your hand And stretch the notes Their tails will wag And they’ll lick your feet They’ll turn their backs On their word When they said They’ll seek respite. They rather lick the stew And stab their own Deep in their backs And ruin their home Their only home Is the gold And not the home That maketh a man A land was home Filled of great minds Families born as thieves From the loins Of the devil’s seed Act the script of a demi-god And took the home Of all as theirs An Ape anointed one The other one Is a rascal thug All the tribe I feel l know The anointed one Stood no chance Of going there Discordant tune They all do sing Very proud too If you must know To beat their chest And tell the world They have no king Even the gods Of their lands Which is theirs? Has all in all Lost their balls. 9

They fought To live as one To speak as one And be strong as ox Dreams of hero’s Rise and fall Blood was sold For dreams to live Things fall apart For the anointed tribe Right from the war That was fought but lost Maybe men Of virtue lives Who weep and pray And hope for change I heard of one Who called for change And stood for it Sing for freedom With guts and zeal Now his freedom Lives and sleep Deep in a fortress That’s huge and locked Safe in the hands Of an ugly Ape And they all Have gone to sleep. Tell me how Judas looks Even you could your mama sold So as much the price is right Not to talk of a mere kinsman A monkey’s name Sounds as fear When said in a white man’s tongue Close his door To his brother face And embrace a toy That only looks and drools Who got cold and slumped In a game of squash


And with the toy The god Ape came To a city that’s filled with coal Then smear faces on their face This ugly and bore Ape Don’t even know how old I am Fathers bastards by your whores They all clap and sing and shout Who’s there to help? Cause shame is dead And my own people Their Dignity sold For a pot of porridge yam.


Ecclesiastical Born again bandit Dressed in fine suit Robbers behind pulpit God as gambit To rob your profit Billboard crazy leader God’s house as founder God for higher bidder Quick money breeder Empire like no other Riches to manipulate Prosperity to dominate Break through to frustrate Possession to prostrate Losers only deflate While sybarites elevate Sooth Sayers with obsessions Fleet of cars, jets and mansions Cable and local stations Schools and institutions Bought with their destitutions Then multiply their frustrations Confused breed Blasphemous creed Three gods was triad Then came and died From then till third Wonder who was God Creating the earth is just formality Since heaven is for all humanity Even if that’s pure calamity Perdition was his penalty Eighty years for eternity Yet justice was his quality Husband and wife advertisement Pastor and Mrs. ‘agreement’ Stage different entertainment Packaged secular excitement Miracle babies’ part of enticement Not a word of God’s commandment


Paid crusades actors shake In phony panacea, that make Hypnotized fools to gape Pure unadulterated fake To imprison your faith And butter their cake.


P.D.P People dilapidation party Hail hail hail Demolition one party state Hail! Hail!! Hail!!! Welcome to paso rock Now party headquarters Of a great family Hail! Hail!! Hail!!! Meet our family Obnoxious airborne baboon Always on caftan If one can imagine Baboon on suit Your royal fiefdom sir Hail! Hail!! Hail!!! Dudu innocent ogle First Chairman of our party Greeting royal stooge Move bone to your throat Small time farmer P.D.P salute you (Thief) Tonia I Too Know Old political warhorse Strategist and technician Spiritual Esau Of modern politics Though birthright was people And stew was, Naira in millions Generals of our party High-ranking men Lawless clique of moneybags Renegade godfathers [Apologies Chinua Achebe] Can’t think of Something better Shameless gormless godsons Obey before complain Or face state of emergence Joshua Chicken Deyeye Can explain better Even others whose Names you know 14

Our great party People Dilapidation party P D p Rancor and bitterness Our family traits Ask Chris Ngwo-Ngwo OON Our over ambitious god son Kidnapping and anarchy Our discipline What! Kidnapping? Why to naïve? It’s just a slap Ordinary family affair After all Rep. probe No official report Senate nko? No official report Just owerri accord With no accord Even more deadly ones If not repent Lest you forgot Infantry of our party Demolition useless thugs Zombies without brains On stand by for arson order To come from above And will come from above The one with a sore throat That lives after the bridge Should know better A tip of the iceberg Is what he’s got He’s noting but a prawn A means to an end For the end justify the means You can’t beat us Just join us The nation’s balls Tights in our hand And all you Lazarus Shall die of hunger When our reforms are through Hail! Hail!! Hail!!! 15

All hail our great party People dilapidation party P. D. P. We love you And will die for you After all Is do or die.


For Chinua Achebe Through gobbet drops of ink Pouring from vermilion veins That bubble with fountains of knowledge We’ve drank and gotten drunk So we like peacocks Flaunt our literary plumage From the golden feet of an icon Ode I compose to you Men as you Should stay close to home From the rivers of apotheosis We could bath In the indelibility of metamorphosis To ethological sanctity From our invertebrate ethics So like u virtue can precede us Ode I compose to you Through repugnance of cheap popularity You sacrificed for the common good Stood up against potentates Of lawlessness and anarchy So we know pretenders from leaders Ode I compose to a crusader Staunch stand without ostentation Certain as the sun For refusing such edifice of national hyperbole So we in the pool of ossified narcissism do not drown Ode I wrote to a living legend Ode to you For giving us faith So we could feel safe In belief In men Of our own race.


The invalid I sang a line I wrote a rhyme Drunk with anger Dizzy with pity An observer yes! An invalid looks Leaders are they For leaders they create Hungry they wield the cane Naked they bore the chalk Day after day They toil in vain Their gains Between lion jaws Taxes they pay Levies imposed by leaders Who become leaders by them I sang a line I wrote a rhyme Full of hatred Over flowing with disgust For greedy lions With bludging jaws Of teachers sweats Making vain promises So the one who toils Never reaps And they fight For their rights But the youth dies I cry; An invalid looks I sang a line I wrote a rhyme


The colony Hers a beauty Of hedges and rhododendron Milk and honeys Gold and sliver Flowing in her Colonies of people Negligent of colonies in her Living out their lives Ostrich With pomp and arrogance To merg colonies To a colony Lingua Franca Ostrich’s dream Higgledy – higgledy Ostrich gamble Hers a beauty Of god and heroes Wise and intellectuals Now a colony In a parlous state Slave in freedom Victims of an environment Colonies against themselves Ethnic vendetta of a colony Litany of complaints Excuse for intertribal wars Ossified political system Breeding dirty politician In her flowing Bread and water A colony of dehydrated And hungry people Lucid lyric Of a proud black race Hate in love Poor in riches Story of colonies Merged to a colony 19

Africa If you want to know I’ll tell you Why these people Embrace strife like a newly married bride POWER! It all boils down to who get what North, south, east, west and central The unenviable acme Each set to emulate Interest shall be looked after With bazooka, mortar and machine gun Don’t disparage that ride on the hearse Cowardice is analogous to effete It all boil down to who get what Everywhere u go Same old bedlam rape your eyes Same old anecdote abrade your ears Grand old fools with idiosyncrasies Of colonial mentality Hell bent to die than abdicate their seats When all around his people groan and sigh Because of the mere sight of him If you want to know I’ll tell you Why these people will forever be backward GREED! A man will grab As much a million could feed His people will die of starvation, Oliver Twist Only want to have and get more Billons meant for amenities Sleeping in big vaults Enclosed with steel doors, Overseas. 20

Astute con bandits Praying for a Twist in Oliver’s life So the bounty Will feel at home, Overseas. If you want to know I’ll tell you Why these people are never united. POLITICIANS! Which one of these Have not gone to the trenches Because of her Gave them anathema to smoke As ganja With blood shot eyes Oozing antipathy. Perpetrators in mansion With tummies that bulge And buttocks that flab Heroes of wars Ethnic propaganda Like bait For gormless victims. If you want to know ill tell you more Why these people Like alpha and omega Have no past no future. ABASEMENT! Wanton piety For any balderdash With as much as much A whiff of foreign aura. Juxtaposition of black and white If is in the affinity Then it’s the antithesis or ambrosia.

The chain of slavery Still hang on their neck Now on their own these lands weep of neglect After the fats 21

With diaphanous passion it reeks. Blind know not way forward But the ways back Should stuck vivid in his mind Knowledge they bought Everything but life. Culture and tradition An anachronism ambivalently discarded. Do you want to know? I’ll tell you Why these people are bedeviled Like spiritual Job. FOOLISHNESS! Their well contain water But they sold their well And purchase their water So may know why this is so Is not the well? And the water theirs for keep? What of the power to bargain For the good of all of us. Now you’ll know If you read the holy book These ones know their ills But will never get a cure by themselves. A CURSE! The sons of ham Were cursed for life! “Cursed be Cannaan Servant of servants Shall he be unto his brethren”

If you want to know Let me tell you We need not a soothsayer To tell us Why we are befuddled with misery.


The Female Gender

(Ajike hostel University of Ibaban)

The night bleeds, Pure blood of a life time burden Sweet succulent flesh, Packed into emotional disaster, Smiling shells with so ugly a burden. Small hurts and jealousies All part of their quarrelsome greed Noting is worth dying for The kind of life they live. The night, calls Restless blood, Boiling with heated passion, Eyes bulging from their sockets, Weighed down with the scent of a million evil spirits. Their lovers, All soft and woolly Absorb, streams of flowing waters, Dumb soul mate, Envelops like thick cloudy blanket. I saw them, Faded ghosts, Bedraggled by demons of nightmares, Now barren, Their faces Bleak, Their stories, The pains of their hearts, Ink marked on foreheads of lonely survivors, Falling apart to the sound of their very own tears. The winner takes all, In this game of the hearts The night sees, Restless souls on the brink of hell, Bitter sorrows falling, Opens up its heart and cried. Tears from the gods Drizzling; Calling; I wonder how they’ll laugh, Is more than I don’t know When the spirit is low. The night, though, 23

Of times, Content the Venus, Purring like overfed cat, Flowing in the arms of love, Hopping tomorrow never ends, Nibbles and love and mate. A winner takes all in the game of the heart. The night bleeds For the circle to roll I wonder how they’ll live, If the circle ever brake..


Bats In Africa Bats in kingdom of blacks Flying with legs Walking on wings At night it mingled With your women In the morning light A virgin Your blood it banked Only to suck in the Dead of a night Heads of a tortoise Body of a chameleon Revolution, revolution Mischief it kept igniting Wars and unrest Neo colonialism it’s weapon To suppress anything Ever threaten its superpower Exploiting our environment To install leaders of favor That turns leaders to robbers A level field of corruption The bats to gain The leaders as scapegoats Conference rooms As large as the world Tears flowing more Than the rivers of Niger They cry, More than the bereaved

Sleepless nights Of the bats To solve the problems Of my people Dancing of the masquerades Charade! Charade! Every day becomes than tomorrow. 25

Reflection Man calls for help And prays for self Saw his life Go down the drains Feel so sick He only groans No one sees Him crawls and cries No one cares If he lives or die Man beg for mercies And hope for answers All seem to care Only for self Then love to take And never gives How good his makes When he gives Oh! What an ass When he needs What man need is reflection To gives his life attention He’ll understand his situation For he’ll lives Or he dies While he keep living Will be to stand So his fears can be tamed Oh reflection Like the mirror on the wall With so many people in the world Only one looks at you From your reflection in the glass Is just you on your own.


Passengers Faces all of us Different species Of Homo sapiens Sharing laughers Toneless soprano Meant to amuse Anyone but you. Their face beam like drunken sailors In senseless stupor. How much bonding In just hours of mutual understanding When destination Are what we share in common People who try to be someone else Looking down their nose leave you Feeling exposed Like a butterfly newly emerged From its chrysalis The maybe poor Acting like the sultan Paying more for something less These feelings of hypocrisy Like models in cat walk Thrills down your spine Like the caress of a lover’s finger Deep inside we are not different Like make believe as an antidote For emotional equilibrium We are the mirrors of each other Their pain communicate to you Like Alpha male claming his mate Crawled with pressure Of a thousand longing Shoulders weigh down With luggage’s filled with dreams Sliced through the thickness Of moody silence Like animals poised to spring


When the romance is over Some hurried home To loved ones Others to empty shell And the memories lingers Like the scent of a cheap whore.


Oh My Child Oh my child The light of my life Born as fair Black as night Twice; your name I change To tame the spirit Of darkness in you. Oh my child Full of epilepsy 46 years, am counting, you’re crawling How old will you get? My millions and billions Gobbled by different embezzlers All responsible for your illness. Oh my child Abiku ómó Constant thing is change; Every thing changed but ómó mị Whose evil spirit Now roams free Monies sacrificed on candles Diviners proposed cure Yet I pay their bills For more darkness than light.


Transition Canons of rhythm Enchanted tune Vibrant halcyon Redolent of love and pain Early dawn Flowing from the rivers of life Shining like the sun Saturated with promise Spirit bound of life and death Lost souls Seeking redemption Lifetime spent On the journey Hide and seek Test of the gods Unwary the walks Unaware they stalks Desperation his blankets Agonies of a thousand mistakes Skewed off Very flow, very strong Resigned and resilient Drifting away, Slow and steady Chasing shadows Deceptions illusion Of our folly Year’s roll bye Journey of no return The road to his past Open the door Of my mind Time that burn within Filled with sorrowful regrets Growing weary A victim of inequities Find comfort in pains


Inside I have so much Deeper bound of true virtue Total fragility Against a black back drop Syncopate, Sad and slow Drum in a night Dance to the music of death Endless darkness Melt with stars Oh! The night Can’t the day Stay a while longer? The ultimate drama Silence became sound Whistles dirge A still night Refuse to dance Canons of rhythm Enchanted tune Vibrant halcyon Redolent of life to death.


Alone World goes around People go about Smiling faces Fast moving world The shadow of a man A deep void in me Why felt alone Cause I feel alone Been a stranger all my life A burning ache To find a would Full of laughter and joy Why cry inside Cause l live inside me Beside me, Love sleeps A face on the pillow Warm sensual blanket Flowing your arms Why felt cold Cause I feel cold as ice Been running All my life Crying in the night Hope the morning Will find the road A moment that mine When loved And happy in loving Why felt noting Cause I got left behind Smile with faces Known all my life An empty pit that’s me Look in your eyes Why felt rejected Cause l feel not needed


Still where I was Try to rise Above vain promises Thought I’ve found Friends, in deed and need Why felt doubt Cause I see And know charade.


Sunrise in Ihembosi Beauty imagined Of an early morning dawn Blurred silhouette Cast eerie shadows On a village At peace with itself Harlequin phantoms Trotting to Eke Foot steps rise and fall Old as well as young Men as well as women All heed the call Of the ancient clock The crow of the cock Beauty imagined Of a rising sun Melodies of singing bind Sleek thread of nature gift Serenades Joy of being alive Beauty imagined Of serene atmosphere Shadow against a golden sun The thickness of silence Felt in vibrations Around the hills Through the rugged Beauty of Ihembosi My Ihembosi


Miracle Miracle, miracle Something wonderful Within natural Felt the wind Make love to me Such a lover That can’t be seen Thought the miracle unbelievable. Miracle, miracle Something abnormal Within normal Seen the cloth That’s my skin For eighty years Without wear and tear Felt this miracle Over looked Miracle, miracle Something awesome Within mortals Seen a tiny cell Grows to look like me Struck speechless by Miracle so grand Miracle, miracle Something heavenly Within earthly To love and be loved The greatest miracle of living.


Street light On distant horizon Slivery lining of a setting sun Gray of an evening sky Lights blinking Stars of the street Hell’s angel Jagged road of endless lie What you give is what you get Pains of one’s own heart Is more than I care to give Inventions of a past Molds their future To see the sun again Through the loneliest sparkle Of a street light Beside tarred street Neon splendor of la-motels Every one is going somewhere Weakness became strength Reason got lost in time Feelings rooted deep in The soul To steal dreams away In this sad life The sun will shine again? Through the dark secret Of a street light On the lovely street Saw miracles of sacrifice Can’t be yourself You’ve got noting to live My hate and love My fear and hope In the greatest wish In the darkest dreams A life that went sour Under a street light. Based on The novel Street light.


Ode To Kerry In the quietness Of my thoughts In the coolness Of my emotions The face of a stranger In the strangest places A lonely dreamer Playing against the rules Defying the odds. Of eyes, Seductive and dark Of lips, Kissable and tempting Of fire and passion Real and imagined The strangest of desires In the wildest imagination


Lover’s poem Quietly all around, Nature’s words, Swells, in timeless harmony Flying kinder spirits Endless tune, Of molten lovers, Whisper sweet sounds Your face in the moonlight Play the game love, Some how, In the innermost awareness Amazingly fills into foiling Innocuousness; Of shadows and consciousness. Valleys of fairies Sparkling hazel eyes Gaze within split white cotton Copulating of river and moon Stalwart lovers Lying in still tussle Twilling shadows Lurk in quirk seductive Love dance; Passionate conflict Of sexuality. Some how, In the intimate bond Amazingly fill into mangle webs; Of feelings and reason Spilling lust of fantasies Divine temper of great passion Feral lovers Pains that stay And never leaves Fills the need to be one


Mirage reflection, Love greatest sadness Strange manacle of Volatile desires Some how, In the innermost craving Amazingly fills into acerbic kaleidoscope Of dreams and reality. Lover’s heath, All nightlong Beautiful fair maiden Stuck with the night Looked in faithful Graceful embrace Mystery lovers Emotions that won’t go away Do what ever it takes You’re the only one Some how, In this inner most romance Amazingly fill into lurid Lullaby; Of the greatest love poem.


Matters Of The Heart ----------------------------Emotional walking baggage How do I drop a baggage that is I Like a lost soul Floating endlessly in time Alone and lonely. The harder I run I keep falling back Faster and swift I question the reason Grief seem edge with absurdity Like seeking comfort in emptiness Whirlwind of dreams Illusion of the night Leap about, Like demons let loose From the depth of hell Closets in my mind Singing in the wind Someone for everyone I can fell it everywhere A lover’s kiss Warm against my lips Caught my heart Inside and out While golden silence dies Secrets before the antenatal Like a prostitute Careless sexuality Empty of warmth as a desest The two way tablet Endorse by the ancient one Angel’s vivid home Hunted by ghost, The mistakes Drenched my skin With aphrodisiac drops Of goose pimples Matters of the heart Cunning running deep As old as sin Like heaven’s shower, Sparks of infinity In every breath Seek the stillness of my heart. 40

Hearts In Transit Flames of desire Smolders a touch Veiled images Tangled together in Twilight depts. Complicated hearts Seeking immortality High on emotions Showing no emotions Unbroken stillness Plays the darkest tune Entwined scherzo Pours like liquid Tease with gentleness Restless hearts Violated by a stranger Walking on air Sigh of the wind Beautiful one Old as the hills Cold frozen moonlight Bestow lover’s kiss Strange heart Sees the skies Flashing clouds bleeds Colour of emotions Gone with the wind Vivid imagination Pale boiling shadows Between the devil And the sea Faint hearts Regrets becomes a soul mate Feelings of déjà vu Sleeps with the past Endless road, Of chill memories.


Trap the heart In reckless harmony Just a different world When one dies, The other moves on Hearts in transit.


Stranger In Paradise I drown in my prejudice When temptation throws the dice Desire crumbles in melting ice And burns deep within her eyes I saw a glimpse of paradise Strange tranquility of a vision When a devil embark on a mission The heart beats in slow motion And feel the heat of raw passion I saw the need for real caution The journey to Eden Angels looking so wooden Even the gate is hidden Spirit bound with such burden I feel the weakness of the body Everything that I have The procession to the grave Sacrifice for an all time rave And fight against the wave I saw the need to be brave I saw emotions got even When love ferments like leaven The heart made me a maven Imaginary promise of haven Sure feels like heaven Reason hangs on a thread Sure to get caught dead Alarms rings in my head Even the heart fears to tread Where feelings went and fled Love threw me on this part With nine lives of a cat Maybe you should know that You don’t have to act Am a stranger to your heart Once let the heart rule Then gather all it could pull Maybe you’ll feel it too Falling like I do I feel blue for you.


Every one just sits and howls This dangerous sinful soul Will stain such pretty glow Any one ever looks in the hole? Maybe is not all coal

Saint and sinner on disguise Being a saint is the price Sinner wants only to rise Wonder through if is wise Am a stranger in paradise.


27th Friday Poignant night Of virulent fire works A maelstrom of cacophonous thunders, Apocalypse visited a sleeping dwarf. A reckless carnival of death When life is worth a nickel And fear had a soul. The street of Yenogua In phantasmagoric display Of calisthenics With huge repertoire Of survival skills Running, Screaming, Searching, Dying Terror stricken refuges Aggravated by claustrophobia Invoke feelings of pathos Like an injunction from heaven Morning emerged from hibernation With so many witness Hunted by fear Subdued with physiological scars, Invincible vestigial remains Of uncensored chaos.

27th April 2007 Yenogua Bayelsa.


Bayelsa Flanked by two giants Sprawled a sleeping dwarf Amalgamations of land and water Motionless battle of entities Governed by different principles Festering sores of puddle Eating deep and sordid Hypotyposis of bedraggled beauty Like the work of an amateur painter.


These days We go to bed Fully armored in mock resistance To battle the night marauders Ogling for our blood But these audacious anthropologist Lips drop-dead red. Like some blood starved kleptomaniac Sank their fang into our exposed cranium These days We wake, Bleary-eyed. Brains, functioning on overload Of mosquito’s serum Like some anemic maniac. These days Guilty of genocide Slaughtering buxom pregnant sloth Bulging with blood we took years to build While we gulp malaria at will Until the fever Got bored with our system and realize How useless flirting with these bugbear trios These days Our prayers evolve with catalyst attrition, Lips quivering in rambling anticyclone Like trains groaning under the sheer weight of its burden Still we hope and hope Even I began to fear for hope Lest others have no hope to hope for These days Idleness confines us to our enclosed paralysis Like prisoners of war In glorified prison Infinity emitting from every pores Like vapor from simmering kettle While we stare at the tube screen Which seen better days Our souls seeking some pile up dreams in Eldora do Like some reincarnated monks


These days Doubra, the old man and I In frail congeniality, Soliloquizing like some retards in Rehab. Our mind lapping some unshed tears Like hyssop absorbing a water fall Cursing that spontaneity that broke down In this part of such a large world While our spirit Floating recklessly, Defying every sacrifice to attain nirvana Finally will descend from golden parachute of illusion Theses days We’ve gone on sabbatical anhedonia In forced servitude to the dreaded one One choice between every two Like Osama Bin Laden Or jaws filled with boils In just a brief romance with a blade This neighborhood Stricken with poverty Like worm infested meat Who even cares? Amorphous gorillas with pimples on their chest Oh! Yes they’re feminine Won’t touch one with a pole If no wads to burn These days We depress our anatomy After eating the bumptious nature of men And digest their capricious promises with Qaudier smiles that made them look like mannequin Then we quake with fear of diarrhea That will come out of us If we have bags of wads Stashed away to rot These days We relish these frugal gelatin meals With trepidation Since oracles had lost their power of prophesy Our jaws work into a rhythm of unconscious hymn “Oh lord,” we sang 48

“Give us these day our daily bread And do let the end of our travils begin”

Employer And Employee Across the table he sat Unleashed for maximum effect Rheumy eyes in suspended animation A cat appraising his dinner “Protocols protocols You restrict my savage Criminal so common rot in Alagbon” The quaking of his arching heart A collision of conflicting currents Unspoken, Felt used and cheated Like discarded waves In his transient naivety A little dot of ink Seek the bondage of his soul Hounded by those who had taken his best You have to reap where you do not sow Camouflaged behind the curtains of policies Adrenalin zap like electricity The predator moves for the kill “Depravity depravity How allergic am I to sensitivity What do you have to pay! Even if you have to steal” Across the table he looked Stark and forlorn No one could see his pains Too late he realize his folly His life rank last in this scheme Silently he calls on the judge of man Every one sees a thief behind this shell You see the heart of every man What amount of money to pay For the years of our lives New agreements nullify old ones Camouflaged palpable agenda So jobless pantomime could ruse up hard cash 49

That’s the line between an employer And her employee.

Reflection is a poet medium of expressing his thought, observation and experiences on a varieties of issues. Danny Emex is a young poet who believes in the efficacious power of poetry as a medium of expression and communication that should never be underestimated while you reflect on the massage and lessons it tries to communicate. No doubt you will be held spell bound by its clear cut objectivity, grand simplicity and fascinating topics.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Danny Emex Poet, novelist, songwriter is working on his second novel. His fist novel is currently undergoing publication proceedings in the United States of America. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------