Mt Scott-Arleta NA – Meeting Minutes – Mar 1, 2017

Board members present: Gus Kroll, Andrew Cecka, John Green, Nicole Green, Scott Vala, Daniel Portis-
Cathers, Erika Wilson

About 20 other neighbors attended -- Meeting started at 6:35

Officer Jeremy visited and offered to answer questions from neighbors. He discussed staffing levels
being low due to a number of retirements within the police bureau, and hiring an average of 25 people a
year. Other neighbors asked about how staffing levels are affecting crime responses by the police. Gus
suggested for those wanting to research crime statistics can look at and for information by neighborhood boundary.

Vickie from Holgate Library mentioned the book group that meets the third Saturday of every month,
and the Everybody Reads book, “Evicted”, which has an author event in March 9th. She also passed
around Library events for both Holgate and Woodstock libraries.

Neighborhood Branding – Elea and Aaron, two students from Portland State University, were chosen
from a panel of five options to provide a new brand for one of the neighborhood’s key projects, the
Arleta Triangle. In previous meetings with other board members, it was suggested that the brand marks
these designers created be used both for the Arleta Triangle as well as the Neighborhood Association –
so they created two connected logos/marks to represent the two entities. They presented the options
in person at this Board meeting. A short discussion about wording on the logos generated an opinion
that we should keep “Mt. Scott” in the overall name since it is our official neighborhood association
name. Gus motioned that we accept the two logos and pro-bono artwork; and all board members voted

Neighborhood Cleanup – Andrew said May 6th at the Arleta School will be the annual clean-up. Erika
moved that we partner with Foster-Powell NA on the May 6th Cleanup. Erika passed out a volunteer
sign up sheet for day-of and flyering in advance. Erika will set up a google document and invite those
who volunteered to contribute their interest.

SEUL Update – Scott mentioned that SEUL is looking to hire an Executive Director, and at their upcoming
meeting they’ll be discussing an advocacy survey going out to multiple neighborhoods, as well getting a
city budget update as it relates to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (which helps fund SEUL

Land Use – Andrew mentioned two projects that generated official notices – re-doing the façade of the
McDonalds (on SE 82nd near Foster) and also an early hearing to turn a building at 78th and Foster into an
indoor marijuana grow operation.

Gus mentioned that Brentwood-Darlington NA reached out to our neighborhood asking to connect with
our Transportation chair, which is a vacant position at this time. He invited those present and thinking
about joining as a Board member to consider filling one of our vacant positions (Communications,
Sustainability or Transportation.)

Arleta Triangle -- The first work party of 2017 will likely be held on the last Saturday in March, which is
March 25th, at 10 a.m. The Triangle also got pro-bono help from
Gus mentioned he had been talking to the Foster Area Business Association about them hosting a
street/restaurant/pub crawl wherein every business would participate and donate to different charities.

Portland Assembly and Community Defense are both organizing around vulnerable populations in the
neighborhood at the SEIU Building on Foster. There are events like these found by searching
#MSAHateFreeZone on Facebook.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm

Minutes submitted by Meghan Humphreys, Secretary