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H. Q.

Mitchell - Marileni Malkogianni

Full Blast
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

is an exciting course that takes learners from Beginner to

Pre-Intermediate level. The course follows the modular approach,
which enables students to deal with topics in depth.

Intermediate Stage
Second Intermediate Grade
Second Semester

Blast 4 KSA - Edition


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Special Edition for the

Ministry of Education of the Edition 2016/2017
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Blast 4
Intermediate Stage
KSA - Edition
Second Intermediate Grade
Second Semester
Test: Module 1.............................................................................................................2

Test: Module 2............................................................................................................5

Test: Module 3 ............................................................................................................8

Test: Module 4..........................................................................................................11

Final Test: Modules 1-4...............................................................................................14

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Test: Module 1 Full Blast 4

A. Match.

1. mouse a. species
2. recycling b. bin
3. public c. bear
4. endangered d. pad
5. polar e. whale
6. killer f. transport

Score 6

B. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

out on down up off

1. A: So, do you want to meet outside the skatepark later?

B: Hold ! I cant come tonight. Im going to my cousins. Sorry!
2. I think Im going to cut the tree in the front garden.
3. Danny! Can you turn the tap, please? We must all save water!
4. Dan didnt go to the match and missed on a great game.
5. Dont throw that can in the street! Pick it now!

Score 5

C. Circle the correct words.

1. A: Come on. I think its time to leave.

B: Youre right. Wheres the exit / entrance?
2. I think its important to plant / protect the environment.
3. Your hands are very dirty. Do you need some more air / soap?
4. Swimming in the ocean / jungle is more fun than swimming in a river.
5. Did you send an invitation / organisation to your cousin in Norfolk?
6. I cant find the cursor / mouse on this screen.
7. I went to my cousins house to help him rearrange / prepare the furniture in his bedroom.
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8. How about / Why dont we going to the museum next Thursday?

Score 8

Full Blast 4
Complete the dialogue with the phrases a- d.

a. It sounds great but Im afraid I cant make it.

b. Do you fancy coming?
c. How could I say no?
d. Anyway, if you decide to come, call me.

Danny Hey Scott, Ted is having a get-together. He asked me to invite you.

(1) All our friends are going to be there.
Scott (2) Ive got a Science test tomorrow and I need to study because
Im really bad at Science.
Danny Thats unlucky. (3)
Scott OK. Ive got an idea! Ill start studying right after school and try to come later.
Will you help me if I have any problems? Youre good at Science.
Danny (4) Youre my best friend and I want you to come tonight. Ill come
to your house after school and help you study.
Scott Thanks, Danny.
Score 8

A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets to form Conditional Sentences Type 1.

1. If Peter (break) the laptop, his brother (not give) it to him again.
2. The park (look) great if we (plant) more trees there.
3. If we (read) the leaflet, we (learn) all about the castle.
4. I (take) these bottles to the recycling bin if you (clean) them for me.

Score 8

B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of going to and the verbs in brackets.

1. I (stay) at home and read. I (not go) out.

2. A: (you / buy) a new monitor from the computer shop?
B: No, I (look) around a bit.
3. A: What (the boys / do) next summer?
B: They (travel) but they (not be) away for more than a month.

Score 7

C. Match.
Copyright MM Publications

1. Greg had an accident and hes in hospital. a. Thanks.

2. Ill go to the supermarket. You stay here and relax. b. If you dont, you wont go out at the weekend.
3. I promise I will tidy my room tomorrow. c. Dont shout or I wont tell you.
4. Will you help me take out the rubbish? d. Ill go and visit him.
5. Why are you late again? e. Of course I will. Give me some bags.
Score 5

Full Blast 4
D. Circle the correct words.

1. Gareths got a new job and he mustnt / doesnt have to work on Thursdays any more.
2. You dont have to / mustnt put your cup on your computer!
3. The jeans didnt fit me so I had to / must change them.
4. Mike arrived early so he doesnt have to / has to wait for ten minutes before the shop opens.
Score 4
Listen to three short dialogues and complete the sentences.

1. Kevin is going to get from the computer fair.

2. The woman will turn off .

3. The two brothers are going to this afternoon.

Score 6
Read the text and write T for True or F for False.

CLEAN UP! Torbiton Beach

Next weekend, the organisation Clean up! will be at Torbiton Beach. The beach is very dirty and people
never go there to swim. If lots of people help out next weekend, then Torbiton Beach will become a
wonderful place to spend a summers day. Clean up! are hoping over a thousand people will join in and
help them clean up the beach. If you want to join in, you are welcome. Work will begin at seven oclock
in the morning and finish at eight in the evening on both days. There will be food and drinks to buy at
the car park near the beach. Clean up! hope the people of Torbiton will continue to keep the beach clean
after they finish work there. If the project is successful and the beach becomes more popular, then Clean
up! will get to work on other beaches in the area.

1. Torbiton Beach is a popular place for swimmers.

2. One thousand people from the organisation Clean up! will clean the beach.
3. Work will finish on Sunday evening at eight.
4. Food and drink will be free.
Score 8

Write an e-mail to invite a friend to come to your house for the weekend. Mention what you are going to do. Use
Copyright MM Publications

some or all of the ideas in the box.

read / book play / computer games surf / Net eat / pizza

study / Science exam watch / TV go / shopping
Score 10

Total Score 75

Test: Module 2 Full Blast 4

A. Circle the correct words.

1. Sorry, Ive changed my question / mind. I dont want pasta, I want pizza.
2. All of the artists were very talented / champion.
3. I really like ice cream, correctly / especially chocolate ice cream.
4. I was sitting in the garden when a bee / fox stung me on my arm.
5. My uncle is a reporter / newsreader for the local newspaper.
6. The football player kicked the ball and it hit a spectator / uniform.
7. I always follow my fathers advice / pitch.
8. Greg lives in a(n) outdoors / nearby city. Score 8

B. Choose a, b or c.

1. The firefighter his life to save the child.

a. returned b. risked c. expected

2. Look at that cat. Isnt it ?

a. cute b. similar c. enjoyable

3. At some during the night, it was raining very hard.

a. way b. result c. point

4. Who won the this afternoon?

a. race b. practice c. court

5. Luckily, the arrived only twenty minutes after the accident happened.
a. heroes b. electricians c. paramedics

6. Saud went on a diet and lost lots of .

a. weight b. exercise c. fit

7. D o you think United will win the this year?
a. point b. league c. national

8. How did the building fire?

a. catch b. burn c. put out
Copyright MM Publications

9. I wanted to play tennis but I forgot my .

a. stick b. goggles c. racket

10. Ali is thinking about taking a sport.

a. on b. up c. part Score 10

Full Blast 4
Complete the dialogue with the phrases a-e.

a. Well, Im more interested in adventure sports. b. I suppose it is. c. Let me know.

d. Not really. e. In other words, we can all go hiking this weekend.

Billy Hey, lets join a water polo team. Billy What can we do then?
Paul Why? Paul (3) What about hiking?
Billy Well, we need the exercise. Billy Ive never been but it sounds good. Ill call James
Paul OK, but why water polo? and Mike. (4)
Billy I dont know. Dont you like it? Paul Great idea! (5)
Paul (1) In my opinion, its boring. Billy Sure.
Billy (2) What about basketball?
Paul I dont think so. I sprained my ankle last year and I
havent played since then.
Score 10

A. Complete with the Present Perfect Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. A: (you / ever / see) a polar bear?

B: Yes. I (visit) London Zoo many times and I (see) lots of polar bears.

2. A: (Ali / tell) you about the hiking trip he went on?

B: No, I (not speak) to him yet.

3. A: (your brother / finish) his homework?

B: Yes, he (already / do) his homework and hes listening to the radio now.

4. A: (the kids / already / have) lunch?

B: Yes, I (never / see) them so hungry.

Score 9

B. Complete with the Past Simple or the Present Perfect Simple of the verbs in brackets.

Dan (1) (always / love) travelling. Two weeks ago when he (2)
(finish) school, his parents (3) (give) him a wonderful present: a trip around Europe for a month.
He (4) (leave) a week ago and he (5) (already / be) to Italy and
Germany. When he (6) (be) in Italy, he (7) (go) to many museums and
art galleries. He loved them!
Copyright MM Publications

Score 7

Full Blast 4

C. Circle the correct words.

1. A: Have you ever / never read this magazine before?
B: Yes. Ive read it once / since before.
2. Ive taken part in three bike races so far / yet.
3. A : How long / When have you had this car?
B: Ive had it for / since March.
4. A : How long / When did you buy your new bike?
B: Two weeks ago / since.
Score 7

Reading Listening
Read the e-mail Mark sent to his brother Ted and complete Listen to three people talking about their jobs and match the
the sentences. name with the correct job. There is one extra job that you do
not need to use.

1. Bart a. newsreader
Hello Ted, 2. Harry b. cameraman
How are things back home? This football trip to the 3. Doug c. reporter
Netherlands is the best ever. Im having so much fun and d. photographer
were playing really well. Weve won all five matches so far
and Ive scored in every game. My new football boots are
Score 6
brilliant! I didnt play very well in the first match because
I didnt have my shin pads. I think Ive left them at home.
But I borrowed a pair from Keith, so Im OK. Weve got Writing
three more matches to play. Unfortunately, I cant play in Imagine youre on holiday at an adventure camp. Its
Thursday 9 July. Write a postcard to a friend. Look at the list
the next two matches because Ive sprained my ankle but
of activities in the table to get ideas and answer the following
the coach says Ill be OK for the last match. Anyway, were questions:
leaving on 17th August in the evening, so well be back on
How long have you been there?
the 18th, in the afternoon I think. Tell Dad to pick me up
Are you having a good time?
from the station, OK?
What activities have you done so far?
See you soon,
What did / didnt you like?
Mon 6 July explore a cave
1. Mark has played in Tue 7 July try mountain biking
matches so far. Wed 8 July try scuba-diving / see lots of fish
2. Mark forgot to take his . Thu 9 July try horse riding
3. Mark so he wont play in
Copyright MM Publications

the next two matches.

Score 10
4. Mark will be home on .

Score 8

Total Score 75

Test: Module 3 Full Blast 4

C. Label the pictures below.
A. Circle the correct words.
1. I tried to call Steve but he just hung / typed up when he
heard my voice.
2. Maybe you should take a painkiller / vitamin for that
3. What does that rule / symbol on the top of the
map mean?
4. There is a 50% discount / amount on those shoes.
5. Carries baby girl cant eat dairy / diet products at all.
6. I did / made lots of mistakes in the Geography test. 1. 2.
7. Hey! Calm down / up and tell me what happened.
8. Cheer up / in ! Things will get better soon!
Score 8

B. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

contain feel shorten cost

avoid lend choose receive

1. How much do these jeans ?

2. Did you an e-mail from Jake? 3. 4.
3. How much oil does this bottle ?
4. Could you me 50 until next week?
5. I like eating a burger. Lets go to the fast
food restaurant down the road.
6. You should eating too much meat. Its
not good for you.
7. Which bag should I buy? Could you help me ?
8. Can you this e-mail? Its too long.

Score 8
5. 6.

Communication Score 6
Complete the dialogues with the phrases a-d.
a. Whats wrong with you? b. What size is this? c. Can I try it on? d. How much are they?

1. 2.
Man Excuse me. (1) Chemist Good morning.
Shop assistant Let me see. Its a medium. Man Hello. I need some painkillers.
Copyright MM Publications

Man Good. (2) Chemist (3)

Shop assistant Of course. The fitting rooms are over Man I have a terrible headache.
there. Chemist I see. These painkillers are very good.
Man Thank you. Man Great. (4)
Chemist 3.50.
Man Thank you. Score 8

Full Blast 4

A. Complete the sentences. Use too/enough and the words in brackets.

1. He isnt going to do well in the exam because he didnt study (hard).

2. Im not going into that old house. Its (scary).
3. I wont buy that watch. Its (expensive).
4. My younger brother isnt (old) to ride a motorbike.
5. Its (noisy) in here. Lets go outside.
Score 5

B. Choose a, b or c. C. Use should or shouldnt and the prompts below to write

1. H
 as your brother got computer
games? 1. Tariqs bike has got a flat tyre. (fix / it)
a. much b. many c. lots He

2. I dont take sugar in my tea. 2. Alex has hurt his wrist. (play / tennis)
a. a few b. much c. a little
3. Lets go! We havent got time.
3. I dont know how to do this exercise. (ask / teacher)
a. much b. a few c. a little
4. How shoe shops are there in your
4. Dads got a headache. (use / computer)
a. much b. many c. a little He

5. Theyve got great doughnuts at this caf. 5. Mr and Mrs Benson dont like their neighbourhood.
a. a lot b. much c. lots of (move away)
Score 5
Score 5
D. Choose a, b or c.

1. They dont like playing table tennis. Its not for . 4. Dont take that bike! Its .

a. theirs b. them c. their a. my b. me c. mine

2. new car is great. 5. There are lots of books in the bookcase.

a. Tom and Brians b. Tom and Brian c. Toms and a. childrens b. childrens c. children
Copyright MM Publications

6. The view from our room is amazing. Look at !
3. Robin likes playing in garden.
a. it b. its c. him
a. our b. us c. ours
Score 6

Full Blast 4

Listen to three short dialogues and answer the questions.
Choose a or b.

1. Whats wrong with Andrews wife? 2. Why doesnt the man buy the 3. Why is Neil upset?
a. Shes got earache. jacket? a. Hes moved to a new city and
b. Shes got toothache. a. Its too expensive. doesnt have any friends.
b. Its too small. b. His best friend isnt talking to him.

Score 6

Read the text and write T for True or F for False.

Hi Eddie, 1. Carl is writing to Eddie to ask him for advice.

How are things? Im not OK. Ive got a problem. 2. Carl knows why the goldfish died.
You see, Im looking after my neighbours goldfish 3. Carl is ill.
while theyre on holiday. Everything was fine until 4. One of the other goldfish is ill.
yesterday when one of them died. I think I gave it too
much food. Or maybe it was ill and now all the other Score 8
fish are going to get ill and die, too. Actually, Ive got
the flu at the moment. Maybe, it got the flu from me.
But goldfish dont get the flu, right? Do they get ill?
I just dont know. Anyway, what should I do? If I call
my neighbours and tell them, theyll get upset. I could
buy them a new one. Or is that a silly idea? Write back
as soon as you can.

Imagine you are a friend of Carls from the reading activity above.
Write an e-mail to him giving him advice about his problem.

Score 10

Total Score 75
Copyright MM Publications

Test: Module 4 Full Blast 4

A. Match.

1. miss a. hall

2. get b. a lesson

3. work c. marks

4. enter d. a competition

5. town e. of art Score 5

B. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

chapter design encourage confused proud colourful discuss instructions

1. Im . What is this article about?

2. Jeremys parents were very of him when he won the tennis match.
3. Follow the on the box.
4. Our teachers us to study hard.
5. Ive only read the first of this book.
6. I need to something with you when you have a moment.
7. Did a well-known architect this bridge?
8. Mrs Chaucer has many flowers in her garden. 8

C. Find the words.

1. The words at the top of a newspaper article: h
2. When you dont pass an exam: f
3. Something which is perfect: i
4. A prize such as money, etc. for something that someone has done: a
5. People living together as a whole: s
6. Something which is not true: m 6

1. Do you think youre going to win? a. Im sorry, Ive been really busy lately.
2. I can call a taxi for you if you want. b. Theres no need. It isnt far.
Copyright MM Publications

3. How come you never call me any more? c. Ill tell you what. We can ask his brother, too.
4. What is your opinion of this book? d. I dont know, but Ill give it my best shot.
5. I really enjoyed this book. e. I was disappointed.
6. What if we ask Sam to come, too? f. So did I. It was quite adventurous.
Score 6

Full Blast 4

A. Complete the sentences with who or which. If the pronouns can be omitted, put them in brackets.

1. This is the belt my aunt bought me.

2. Mr Williams is the architect we met last week.
3. Do you know the man lives at number 24?
4. Let me give you the mouse I got for free with my new computer.
5. Have you been to that new caf is on Grant Street?
6. Thats the girl is in my Spanish class.
7. The photograph is on my desk was taken in Italy last summer.
Score 7

B. Complete the sentences with so or neither + auxiliary verb.

1. My grandfather worked on a ship and Johns.

2. Stuart hasnt read that book yet and Ken.
3. Her brother is called Hussein and her cousin.
4. Hank didnt watch the documentary and his sister.
5. Barney never goes on roller coasters and Colin.
6. Hillary loves this sculpture and we.
7. I wont go to the gallery and Jack. Score 7

C. Complete the sentences using the Zero Conditional and the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. If Ray (not have) enough sleep, he cannot work.

2. When my cousin (call), we (talk) for hours.
3. When our teacher (be) ill, another teacher (do) the lesson.
4. If I watch TV during lunch, I (eat) faster.
5. Meat (become) soft if you boil it long enough.
Score 7
Copyright MM Publications

Full Blast 4

Listen to three short dialogues and answer the questions. Choose a or b.

1. What did the man deliver to Andys house?

a. a poetry book b. a novel

2. How did the girls feel before the exam?

a. confident b. nervous

3. Who won the best architect award?

a. Jim Rogers b. Brad Collins
Score 6

Read the text and answer the questions.

The Eiffel Tower

1. Who was the designer of the Eiffel Tower?
The Eiffel Tower is a 324m high structure in the centre
of Paris, France. Over the years, it has become a symbol 
of the city and the country. When they built it, the Eiffel
2. When did they finish building the tower?
Tower was the tallest building in the world. The tower
got its name from its designer, Gustave Eiffel, and it took 
two years to build, from 1887 to 1889. On 6 May 1889, the
3. How did people feel about the tower when it opened?
tower opened to the public. However, soon after opening,
newspapers were full of angry letters from people saying 
how much they hated the new building. This soon
4. What can you see in many cities around the world?
changed, and today it is very popular with millions of
tourists who visit it every year. You can even find smaller 

copies of the structure in many cities around the world.

Score 8

Write a diary entry about something that happened at school. Answer the following questions:

When did it happen?

Copyright MM Publications

Who were with you?

How did you feel? Score 10

Total Score 70

Final Test: Modules 1-4 Full Blast 4

VOCABULARY C. Choose a, b or c.
A. Cross out the odd word.
1. I think my computer isnt working. I cant see anything
1. sore throat - earache - fever - painkiller on the .
2. unhappy - pleased - nervous - disappointed a. mouse b. keyboard c. screen
3. fail - sit for - pass - discuss 2. Which team won the last year?
4. camel - jungle - bat - tiger a. champion b. championship c. season
5. carrots - lettuce - salt - cucumber 3. I need to go on a diet. Ive put a
Score 5 lot of weight recently.
a. up b. on c. in
4. There is a 50% on all the T-shirts
B. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
in this shop.
receive overdo share plant fix a. discount b. amount c. change
5. D ont eat the leaves of that plant! Theyre
1. I sent an e-mail to Darren but I didnt
a reply.
a. adventurous b. poisonous c. embarrassing
2. Do you want to a pizza?
3. Could you my bike, please? Its 5
got a flat tyre.
4. Lets a tree in the garden.
5. You can have some chocolate cake but dont
Score 5

D. Write the words next to the correct heading.

glass shin pads peas leopard mayonnaise eagle goggles lifeguard metal builder




Copyright MM Publications


Score 10

Full Blast 4

1. We didnt like the documentary. a. Youll get in trouble. Ask her first.
2. My back really hurts. b. Nice idea.
3. What happens if you mix red and white? c. It doesnt matter. It was really old.
4. How about having pasta for dinner? d. You should see a doctor.
5. What will happen if I borrow Kellys sunglasses? e. Really? Ill buy them then.
6. Im sorry. I broke your camera. f. Ill probably travel around the country for a while.
7. Those trainers look great on you. g. Neither did I.
8. You havent seen my mobile, have you? h. No, I shouldnt eat too much sugar.
9. What will you do after you finish school? i. You get pink.
10. Would you like some cake? j. Yes, its under the sofa.
Score 10

A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words B. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect Simple of
in brackets to form Conditional Sentences Type 1. the words in brackets.

1. I (not have) an earache

1. If we go to the fast food restaurant, I
(order) some chips.
2.  you
2. You will be in trouble if you
(take) out the rubbish yet?
(not tell) your parents.
3. Turki (eat) pizza many
3.  we
times before.
(see) any dolphins if we go to the safari park?
4. My team (win) twenty
4. Please let me know if Saud
games this season.
(change) his mind.
Score 4
5. If Gary decides to buy the jacket, he

(pay) by credit card.

Score 5

C. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect Simple or the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.
Copyright MM Publications

1. you ever (travel) abroad?

2. My friend (crash) into a tree a few days ago.

3. Bernie (not call) Ameen for two months.

4. We (buy) this flat in 2004. Score 4

Full Blast 4

D. Join sentences a and b. Use who or which.

1. a . Thats the author. b. He won an award last year.

2. a. After school the children go to the park. b. Its next to the school.

3. a. Heres the book. b. I read it last month.

4. a. Those are the boys. b. We met them at the skatepark.

Score 4

E. Match the sentences to form Zero Conditionals.

1. If we sleep well, a. you get toothache.

2. Pat spends a lot of money b. he visits his friends at the weekend.
3. If Mike has got time, c. when she is stressed out.
4. When you dont take care of your teeth, d. we go to bed early.
5. I eat e. when I am upset.
6. When were tired, f. we dont feel tired the next day.
Score 6

F. Choose a, b or c.

1. My bedroom is upstairs. 8. My sister married next week.

a. parents b. parents c. parents a. gets b. is getting c. going to get

2. My dad works at the hospital but luckily he 9. putting some mayonnaise on the salad?
work at weekends. a. Lets b. How about c. Why dont we
a. mustnt b. didnt have to c. doesnt have to
10. Darren didnt wear knee pads, and .
3. Im not going swimming. It isnt . a. we did neither b. so did c. neither did we
a. warm enough b. too warm c. enough warm
11. I dont eat yoghurt but I drink lots of milk.
4. A: Saleh took up basketball. a. much b. lots c. a little
B: Really? my brother.
12. My brother has got a mobile like that, so maybe its
a. Neither did b. So does c. So did
5. You to Australia twice, right? a. mine b. him c. his
a. have gone b. have been c. are going
13. Excuse me, can I ask you questions?
Copyright MM Publications

6. Its starting to rain. We go indoors. a. a little b. a few c. any

a. mustnt b. should c. has to 14. A : I wont eat junk food again.
B: .
7. This shirt is big. Ill ask for a smaller one.
a. Neither will I b. I wont c. So will I
a. enough b. too c. much
Score 14

Full Blast 4

Listen to four dialogues and answer the questions. Choose a, b or c.
1. What has Edward forgotten to do? 3. Whats the girls project about?
a. take the rubbish out a. endangered species
b. let the cat out of the house b. environmental organisations
c. turn off the lights c. polluted environments

2. How do the boys feel about their Maths marks?

4. What is Neals favourite food?
a. confident
a. meatballs with vegetables
b. confused
b. pasta with chicken
c. disappointed
c. pasta with peas Score 8
Read the e-mail and write T for True or F for False.

Hi Craig,

Im sorry I havent written for a long time, but Ive been really busy lately. As you know, we moved house a
couple of weeks ago and I havent had a chance to send any e-mails. What about you? Have you been busy lately?
I really need to get a new computer. At the moment Im using my dads because mine is too old and slow. I cant
even play computer games on it. My parents bought my older brother a new laptop last week, but he never lets
me play on it. Have you got a laptop? Im thinking about getting a part-time job at the local pizza restaurant. I can
make some extra money and maybe buy a new computer. What do you think?
Anyway, it doesnt really matter, because Im going to be famous one day. You see, Ive written a novel and its
impressive. Well, I think so anyway, but Im the only person who has read it. One day millions of people will read
my book. But dont worry, if I become a successful writer, Ill still be your friend! :-)

Write back soon and tell me all your news, OK?


1. F
 reddie couldnt send Craig an e-mail because his computer wasnt working.
2. Freddies brother has a new laptop.
3. Freddie works at a local pizza restaurant.
4. Many people have read Freddies book.
5. Freddie wants to be an author.
Copyright MM Publications

Score 10

Imagine that you are a friend of Freddies. Write an e-mail telling him your news.
Score 10 Total Score 100

Full Blast 4 Second Intermediate Grade Second Semester
H. Q. Mitchell - Marileni Malkogianni

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H. Q. Mitchell - Marileni Malkogianni

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

is an exciting course that takes learners from Beginner to

Pre-Intermediate level. The course follows the modular approach,
which enables students to deal with topics in depth.

Intermediate Stage
Second Intermediate Grade
Second Semester

Blast 4 KSA - Edition


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Special Edition for the

Ministry of Education of the Edition 2016/2017
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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