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IV Grammar1



1. Verbs
2. Simple Present Tense
3. Present Continuous Tense
4. Simple Past Tense
5. Can, May, Should, Must
6. Subject-Verb Agreement
7. Adverbs
8. Prepositions
Q.1. [A] Underline the verbs in the following sentences and state its tense. (Simple Tenses)
[B] Fill in the blanks with Simple Present Tense of the verbs given in the bracket.
[C] Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense of the verbs given in the bracket.
Q.2. [A] Fill in the blanks with Simple Past Tense of the verbs given in the bracket.
[B] Make the following sentences Negative. [4]
[C] Form questions for the following sentences from the question word given in the
bracket. [4]
Q.3. [A] Fill in the blanks with is/ are/ am. [4]
[B] Fill in the blanks with was / were. [4]
[C] Fill in the blanks with have / has [3]
Q.4. [A] Complete the following sentences using can/cannot. [3]
[B] Complete the following sentences using may/may not. [3]
[C] Complete the following sentences using should/shouldnt. [4]
[D] Complete the following sentences using must/mustnt. [4]
Q.5. [A] Underline Adverbs and state its kind. (Manner/ time/ frequency/ place)
[B] Fill in the blanks with suitable Adverbs from the given bracket. [4]

[C] Match the following verbs with Adverbs [4]

IV Grammar2

[D] Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions from the brackets given. [4]
Q.6. [A] Informal letter [5]
[B] Story writing [5]
[C] Comprehension [5]
Q.1. [A] Underline the verbs in the following sentences and state its tense. (Simple Tenses)
1. As a student, I was good in studies.
2. You will be in Bhopal next week
3. I am Rajvis best friend
4. We go to play everyday.
5. Jyoti writes well.
6. We usually studied in the library before exams.
7. They met Mrs. v will be in Bhopal next week
8. I am Rajvis best friend
9. We go to play everyday.
10.Jyoti writes well.
11.We usually studied in the library before exams.
12.They met Mrs. Verma at the station.
13.Nishant books my ticket.
14.The porters carry the luggage.
15.We will participate at the cultural event.
16.We said our prayers in the assembly.
17.I will clean my room in the morning.
18.We learn French on weekdays.
19.I complete my classwork before others.
20.Farah shall miss the school on Monday.
21.My mother baked a cake for me.
22.He will leave for Goa tomorrow.
23.Our teacher was absent yesterday.
24.Sita is very talented girl.
25.She meets me every day in the park.

[B] Fill in the blanks with Simple Present Tense of the verbs given in the bracket.
1. Piya ____ (speak) fluent English.
2. The rain water _____ (fill) the rivers and ponds.
3. Mita _____ (carry) a huge bag to school.
4. Manoj and Vijay _______ (play) Badminton together.
5. The boys ______ (swim) in the pool on weekends.
6. His handwriting _______ (be) very good.
7. He ______ (writes) very attentively.
8. Jyoti _____ (learn) western music every Saturday.
9. The baby ________ (laugh) whenever it is happy.
10.Suhana _______ (help) the poor.
11.Mina ________ (reach) the school on time.
IV Grammar3

12.Tanya and Tanu ______ (talk) in the class.

13.The students _______ (stand) in a queue.
14.Tanmay _______ (carry) the water bottle in a bag.
15.They ____ (sing) well.
16.He ______ (watch) cartoons after his studies.
17.We ______ (read) stories everyday.
18.The man ______ (go) to the office.
19.The trains ________ (stop) only at this station.
20.Books ____ (give) us knowledge.
21.The washerman _____ _______________ the clothes. (wash)
22.The students ______________________ in the class. (study)
23.Do you __________________ pop music? (enjoy)
24.All the ladies _______________________ shopping. (like)
25.I _____________________________ with my friends in the garden. (play)
26.The train ___________________ on time. (arrive)
27.An eagle ___________________ high in the sky. (fly)
28.Our teacher _________________ politely. (speak)
29.All children _______________ neatly in their books. (write)
30.Sam _______________ his duty. (do)
[C] Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense of the verbs given in the bracket.
1. She ______ (ride) a bicycle.
2. Nitu _____ (learn) music from Mrs. Sen.
3. The children _________ (swim) in the river.
4. Mansi ______ (watch) cartoon on television.
5. Prashant ______ (write) a letter to his friend.
6. The woodcutter _____ (tie) the logs together.
7. I _____ (brush) my teeth now.
8. They _______ (go) to school now.
9. The dog ______ (bark) now.
10.I ______ (talk) to Varun.
11.He _____ (play) cricket in the park.
12.We ______ (carry) our own luggage.
13.Neha and I _____ (walk) in the garden.
14.Soma _____ (cook) food for us now.
15.He ______ (return) from his swimming class.
16.We _____ (wait) for you at the gate.
17.I ______ (read) a book.
18.The baby _________ (sleep) silently in the cot.
19.He ______ (eat) an ice cream.
20.All the hunters _______________________ a tiger in the jungle. (hunt)
21.My teacher ______________________ English very nicely. (teach)
22.I _______________________ a letter to your parents. (write)
23.She _____________________ a house nearby the railway station. (build)
24.John ____________________ well to win the Paramvir Chakra. (fight)
25.Your friends ___________________ at you. (laugh)
26.His friend _____________________ very fast to get the gold medal. (run)
IV Grammar4

27.Miss. Shah _______________ back from Paris. (return)

28.Nishi ______________________ her mistakes. (show)
29.Your brother ________________ his pen in the pocket of red jacket. (put)
Q.2. [A] Fill in the blanks with Simple Past Tense of the verbs given in the bracket.
1. I _____ (know) the answer to that question.
2. The Indian team _____ (lose) the match.
3. We ____ (Keep) the sharp objects away from the babys reach.
4. The fisherman ____ (row) his boat.
5. The bird _____ (fly) over the tree.
6. Father _____ (buy) a new bicycle for me.
7. The dog ____ (bite) Vani when she was playing with the puppies.
8. My mother ______ (meet) Mrs. Verma in the market.
9. She ____ (tell) us about the new book she had read.
10.They ____ (come) late to school today.
11.We ____ (give) alms to poor and needy.
12.Vinit _____ (buy) this book yesterday.
13.The Australian team ______ (win) the match.
14.When my team _____ (lose), I ____ (be) sad.
15.The cat ______ (sit) by the window.
16.My mother _______ (teach) me a history chapter.
17.They _______ (watch) a movie yesterday.
18.My mother _______ (cook) my favourite dish for me.
19.It was raining when I _______ (wake) up.
20.The trains _____ (run) late because of bad weather.
21.She _________________ in the temple for you. (pray)
22.Rocky __________________ him fool on 1st April. (make)
23.Swami Vivekanand _________________ everywhere to guide the people towards
happiness. (preach)
24.Undertaker ___________________ himself to be the best wrestler in the world.
25.My mother ____________________ food for everybody yesterday. (look)
26.Milton _______________________ a great poet. (be)
27.You ___________________ food to the poor people. (feed)
28.I ______________________ to meet her. (wish)
29.Sunanda __________________my sister into the well. (push)
30.Sushmita Sen was _____________ with the award of Miss Universe. (crown)

[B] Make the following sentences Negative. (Does not/ do not/ did not)
1. Fahim writes well.
2. Sonal spoke politely.
3. The baby wanted biscuits.
4. I study in his school.
5. Swati loves to read.
6. Sudha danced gracefully.
7. She practices tennis every day.
IV Grammar5

8. They sold dry fruits in their shop.

9. Mrs. Verma teaches us chemistry.
10.The bird made a nest in that tree.
11.Mona likes comedy movies.
12.Neena and Tina like to watch cartoons.
13.Mahi knew the truth.
14.Vanita learned to swim.
15.The new students follow the rules.
16.Arnav and Anita study hard.
17.They ate pizzas.
18. Monali speaks French fluently.
19.They bought many flowers.
20.This dress costs a lot.
21.He goes to the parks.
22.She watches Hollywood movies.
23.They eat breakfast early morning.
24.She mailed the letter.
25.I made toys.
26.Shiva finished his project.
[C] Form questions for the following sentences from the question word given in the
1. Megha is in the park. (where)
2. Jay came late to school because he missed the bus. (why)
3. They came walking. (how)
4. Jia likes to read. (what)
5. Tarun and Tia watch cartoons (what)
6. Vinay sang well. (How)
7. He looked for him everywhere. (where)
8. They watched that movie yesterday. (when)
9. Mom bakes yummy cakes. (what)
10.Chefs cook in hotels. (where)
11.Neha goes to the gym on Sundays. (when)
12.I wished my teacher in the morning. (when)
13.Her friend takes a cold shower every morning. (what)
14.We always talk about examinations. (what)
15.She bought some food. (what)
16.She sweeps her room on holidays. (when)
17.I went to the zoo today (when)
18.They finished their homework upstairs. (where)
19.She cleaned her shoes. (what)
20.We lived in a rented house. [Where]
21.Sugar takes sweet. [How]
22.My parents built a new house. [What]
23.Meena got a prize. [What]
24.They came from Jalandhar. [Where]
25.They ate pizzas last night. [when]
IV Grammar6

Q.3. [A] Fill in the blanks with is/ are/ am

1. Children ____ fond of ice-creams and chocolates.
2. We _____ tired and need some rest.
3. Kohli ____ the captain of the team.
4. A panel of judges ______ appointed to solve the case.
5. An apple as well as an orange ____ is a juicy fruit.
6. Neither Sunil nor Sunita ___ to blame for this.
7. Raju and Sanju _______ obedient students.
8. The Government of India _____ trying to get rid of black money.
9. People _____ ready to face the situation.
10.Sumans hair _____ long and strong.
11.Ahmedabad _____ situated on the banks of Sabarmati.
12.A Library ____ a place where you can read books in silence.
13.I _____ fed up of my lazy servant.
14.______ you going to Mumbai tonight?
15._______ she having the permission to go early.
16.I ____ planning to go at hill station.
17.Raj and I ______ watching the comedy movie.
18.A clump of trees _____ destroyed.
19.All ____ invited to join our party.
20.Ram and Krishna ______ Hindu Gods.
21.He _____ very lazy.
22.Her all dresses _____ clean.
23.This water _____ not for drinking.
24._____ she angry?
25.These ____ very useful.
26.I _______ very tired today.
[B] Fill in the blanks with was / were
1. All the vegetables _____ fresh and green.
2. That boy _____ standing near the wall.
3. There ___ a red carpet on the floor.
4. Our leaders ______ honest and hardworking.
5. He ____ wearing a woollen cap in the morning.
6. Kolkata _____ the head quarter of the British.
7. The Gurkhas ______ known for their bravery.
8. Innocent persons ______ pardoned and left.
9. The convict _____ sentenced to death.
10._______ you ready to sacrifice your money?
11.______ it going to harm anybody?
12._____ all the children comfortable?
13.The journey _____ long and tiring.
14.He _____ irritating and troublesome.
15.The participants ______ informed before the show began.
16.She ____ excited about the fishing trip.
17.The horses ______ asleep in the stable.
18._____ the tickets available?
IV Grammar7

19.We ____ thinking of gifting him a pen.

20.The crowd _____ angry.
21.We _______ careful last time.
22.Father _____ in the office at noon.
23._____ you watching a horror movie last night?
24.They _______ present today.
25._____ she a naughty girl?
26.____ your parents present for the school meeting?
[C] Fill in the blanks with have / has
1. I _______ to get up early.
2. We _____ no time.
3. Do you ____ any brother or sister?
4. They _____ a house in the city.
5. My grand mother _____ a fruit basket.
6. Do you ____ any good book to read?
7. My father _____ this car.
8. Ramu _____ a new pen.
9. _____ the shopkeeper this type of flowerpot?
10.He ____ many enemies.
11.All the soldiers ____ weapons.
12.______ your younger brother new shirt?
13.We _____ this facility in our colony.
14.Our school ____ a big playground.
15.Passengers _____ tickets.
16.We ______ a surprise gift for all.
17.She ____ no pocket money to spend.
18._____ they holiday tomorrow?
19.______ your neighbours no patience.
20.The actor ____ a good personality.
21.My brother ________ a car.
22.We ___________ surprise gifts for all.
23.He ____________ many enemies.
24._____ you any good book to read?
Q.4. [A] Complete the following sentences using can/cannot.
1. ____ you play the piano?
2. I _____ drink this juice any more.
3. Tom _____ play tennis.
4. She ____ speak Hindi but she ____ speak English.
5. _____ you swim underwater?
6. Where ____ I buy bus ticket?
7. You ___ dance, ____ you?
8. _____ you reach the ceiling?
9. Happiness ___ be purchased.
10.He ____ run faster than me.
11.You _____ go if you want.
IV Grammar8

12.Anybody _____ make a mistake.

13.I _____ tell you everything.
14.This ____ be a real diamond.
15.Which card _____ I use?
16.We _____ live without water.
17.____ you see anything from here?
18.You _____ share your problem with me.
19.Where ____ we park our vehicles?
20.How ______ it be possible?
21.I _______________ hear you at all.
22.____ you make me a cup of tea, please?
23.Susan is 10 and she ________ skate yet.
24.My brother is 6 but he ____________ play piano well.
25._____ you open the window, please?
26.Mark _______ speak Hindi, English, German and French.
[B] Complete the following sentences using may/may not.
1. You ____ buy something you wish.
2. _____ I sit with you?
3. They _____ be too busy with their work.
4. ____ we come in?
5. I ______ go to the grocery store today.
6. Jack ____ come to see us tomorrow.
7. There _____ be many people
8. We _____ be late for the meeting.
9. You ____ borrow the money until you are able to pay it.
10.____ I ask you a question?
11.They _____ arrive today as they have booked their tickets.
12.____ I use you washroom?
13.Naina ____ be at home or at work?
14.You _____ leave the table until you finish your dinner.
15.She ____ be sitting in the living room.
16.My father ____ have to be operated on the knee for injury.
17.You ____ talk as much as you like.
18.You ____ come whenever you want.
19.____ I help you to clear the table?
20.Minu ___ stay here if she wants.
21.Dont run! The dog __________ get furious.
22.John ____________ drive a car very well.
23.I ______ have to stay at work till night.
24.___________ you help me, please?
25.He _________ remain absent today as he is not well.
26.It _______ rain this evening.
[C] Complete the following sentences using should/shouldnt.
1. You _____ be so selfish.
2. I dont think you ______ smoke so much.
IV Grammar9

3. I think you ______ try to speak to her.

4. You ____________ exercise more.
5. You are overweight. You _____ go on diet.
6. Where ______ we park our car?
7. You _____ speak to your mother like this.
8. The kids ______ spend so much time in front of the TV.
9. ______ I tell her the truth?
10.When _____ I feed my dog?
11._______ I wait for you?
12.Where ______ I put my luggage?
13.Drivers _____ wear seat belts.
14.You ______ always do your best.
15.You _____ rewrite this essay.
16.The children _____ obey their parents.
17.You _______ pay your rent in advance.
18.You ________ be careful when you drive.
19.You ______ stick cartoon pictures in your fairbook.
20.You ______ spend more time in studying.
21.You _____ take an umbrella with you in rainy season.
22.You ______ waste money spending on your friends.
23.Children _______ eat too many chocolates.
24. Parents ______ spend more time with their children.
25.We ______ try it again and again till we succeed.

[D] Complete the following sentences using must/mustnt.

1. You _____ solve maths problems again and again.
2. You ______ keep your room neat and clean.
3. Children ________ pay attention in the class.
4. Students ______ be late at school.
5. I ____ give a new dress on his birthday.
6. You _____ not touch those paintings.
7. That fox ____ have killed the hen.
8. Tina _____ have practised very hard for exams.
9. You _____ buy a ticket to get on a bus.
10.She ______ have finished her homework yesterday.
11.We _______always help each other.
12.We ______ disrespect our elders.
13.I____________ work hard to secure good marks.
14.Kids _____ run in the corridors.
15.Its too cold. We ______ close the window.
16.Everyone _____ save the natural resources of the earth.
17.The government _____ provide health care for everybody
18.I _____ complete this project by this week .
19.You _____ cheat in the test.
20.You _____ be at home on time.
21.You ______ bite the nails.
IV Grammar10

22.Its too late. You _____ make too much noise.

23.We ____ meet again tomorrow.
24.You ____ wash your hands before eating food.
25.You ______ look left and right before crossing the road.
Q.5. [A] Underline Adverbs and state its kind. (Manner/ time/ frequency/ place)
1. The horse galloped away.
A. Away- adverb of place
2. I have spoken to him already.
3. I met him yesterday.
4. He spoke earnestly at the meeting last night.
5. She sang sweetly in the concert.
6. It was raining heavily yesterday.
7. We should go there tomorrow.
8. Father came home very late.
9. I will gladly for it for your sake.
10.He went out to play.
11.I have already finished my breakfast.
12.They marched forward and fought bravely against their enemies.
13.They searched everywhere but could not find him.
14.It may rain today.
15.We can sit down and talk politely.
16.Slowly and sadly we laid him down.
17.She acted somewhat foolishly.
18.The servant is paid monthly.
19.Speak gently to the poor.
20.She gets up early and goes to bed late.
21.The servant has gone upstairs.
22.She is probably right.
23.My brother has gone out.
24.She writes badly.
25.He wrote to me yesterday.
26.Peter dressed smartly for the party.
27.He drove carelessly.
28.He arrived early.
29.The workers are moving the rubbish away.
30.Sometimes I cycle to school.
31.The man shouted loudly.
32.Lisa is always cheerful.
33.The students talked noisily.
34.It is snowing again.
35.We will finish it tomorrow.

[B] Fill in the blanks with suitable Adverbs from the given bracket.
[loudly, nicely, badly, slowly, correctly, heavily, softly, angrily, bravely, fast, early, speedily,
everywhere, soon, wisely, often, here, regularly, there, somewhere, anytime, underground,
downstairs, away, properly, suddenly, gracefully, daily, safely, weekly, tomorrow]
IV Grammar11

1. The baby is sleeping, please speak __________.

2. The doctor is coming ___________.
3. The audience laughed _______ at the joke.
4. The miners are working ___________..
5. He looked at me _______ when I laughed at him.
6. He visits this restaurant ___________.
7. King Solomon ruled __________ for many years.
8. Amandeep is playing __________.
9. The children crossed the road _________.
10.His foot was injured, yet he played ___________.
11.We had to walk ______ to get to school on time.
12.The hare hopped ________.
13.Our servants are paid ____________
14.He _______ comes to our house.
15.Can you spell the word queue, ________?
16.The lady with an injured foot walked __________.
17.The school will reopen _____________.
18.I have met this man _________.
19.A car appeared _______________.
20.Tortoise moves ____________.
21.Wash those glasses ______________.
22.My brother gets up ___________.
23.I have done ________ in the exam, so I wont pass.
24.The guests will arrive ___________.
25.The rat ran _______ and _______ in the house.
26.She scattered her things ___________.
27.The soldiers fought __________ and won the battle.
28.It rained _____, so I postponed my trip.
29.This girl dances _____________________.
30.She _______ goes to the market.

[C] Match the following verbs with Adverbs

1. Shouting happily(___)
2. Hugged angrily(1)
3. Sleeping cautiously(___)
4. Singing carefully(____)
5. Walking soundly(___)
6. Listening loudly (___)
7. Come gently(____)
8. Meet daily (___)
9. Touched sweetly(___)
10.Crying occasionally(___)
11.Drank soundly
12.Listens hungrily
13. Sleep carefully
14.Talk angrily
15.Shout harshly
IV Grammar12

16.Announced loudly
17.Asked curiously
18.Speak politely
19.Wish respectfully
20.Published yearly
21.Faced courageously
22.Lifted easily
23.Fought bravely
24.Treated cruelly
25.Escaped smartly
26.Arrived late
27.Slept soundly
28.Dance gracefully
29.Walk slowly
30.Sing sweetly
31.Jumped quickly
32.Write neatly
33.Behave nicely
34.Donate generously
35.Wept bitterly
36.Roared loudly
37.Shines brightly
38.Dressed decently
39.Bath regularly

[D] Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions from the brackets given.
1. A big truck was parked in front of the car. (front/over)
2. Sally was sitting ______ a tree. (inside/under)
3. There was a sign board _______the door. (above/on)
4. The ball rolled ______ a car. (under/to)
5. Sam hid _____ the fence. (after/behind)
6. Tuesday comes ______ Monday. (after/behind)
7. I left the book _____ the table. (on/in)
8. My favourite TV program starts ____ 6 oclock. (on/at)
9. A large dog ran _____ the road. (from/across)
10.Seema fell _____ the stairs. (up/down)
11.A plane flew ____ their heads. (from/over)
12.Mom keeps a family photograph ____ her desk. (in/on)
13.Tamil Nadu is famous _____ silk sarees. (of/for)
14.Have you ever heard _____ the ghosts of Dhimapur? (about/above)
15.My neighbor belongs _________Jamshedpur. (to/at)
16.He jumped ____________ the river. (in/into)
17.Mohan was accused _______ stealing money. (with / of)
18.We go to school _______ foot. (by/on)
19.The students are fully engrossed __________ their studies. (with/in)
20.She cut off the thread _______________ a pair of sharp scissors. (by/with)
IV Grammar13

21.He claims to be a master ____________ all trades. (of/for)

22.There used to be a bridge ____________ the river. (across / over)
23.The farmer has been ploughing the field __________ four hours. (for/since)
24.Birds are sitting __________ the tree top. (at/on)
25.The tired travellers rested ____________ a tree. (under/beside)
26.We take our food ________a plate. (in/from)
27.God is good ___________me. (to/with)
28.Be careful ___ your health. (over/about)

29.The teacher was pleased ___ me. (to/with)

30.My book is different ___ Harrys. (from/of)
31.Have pity ___ us. (in/on)
32.He has applied ___ leave. (for/to)
33.The sky is ____ us. (over/above)
34.The book is ___ the table. (in/on)
35.She is obedient ___ her parents. (at/to)

Q.6. [A] Informal letter

1. Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to attend your elder brothers wedding.
2. Write a letter to your uncle inviting him to your younger brothers first birthday
party. [T.B.]
3. Write a letter to you friend inviting him/her to spend the vacation with you.[T.B.]
4. Write a letter to you friend who has met with an accident.(T.B.)
5. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him/her on getting first rank in the annual
6. Write a letter to your elder brother thanking him for the lovely birthday gift he has
sent for you.
[B] Story writing

1. T.B. pg-123 no-2

2. T.B. pg-124 no1,2
3. A boy falls in a bad company- father worried-gives him some good apples-places
rotten apple among them-after a few days-good apples are spoiled- moral-title.
4. A bee falls into stream- a dove flies past drops a leaf near it bee climbs on it,
escapes a hunter comes aims at the dove the bee comes stings his hand the
dove is saved moral title.
5. A lion resting in a jungle a mouse rolls over the lion the lion catches it the
mouse asks to be pardoned the lion excuses it the lion caught in a trap roars for
help the mouse cuts the net the lion rescued moral title.

[C] Comprehension- Unseen